Cemetery Readings Made in the Summers of 1977 and 1978

Compiled by
George W. Archer
Published by
George W. Archer
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McLean, VA 22106
Patrick Archer
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Joseph Archer
Michael Archer
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Jacob Archer
Elizabeth Archer
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Nancy Archer

Patrick Archer
Descendants in Ohio

Military Pension files
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Wood Co., WV
Jackson County, WV
Births 1853-1950
 Jackson County, WV
Cemetery Readings
Jackson Co., WV
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____ (f) Stanley       Joseph Simpson Church
____ (m) Stanley       L.M. Providence Church
Infant (f) Pleasant Ridge       Lewis R. Ravenswood
A. R. (f), Mrs.? Ravenswood       Lillie Pleasant Ridge
Albert Red Brush       Lucinda E., Mrs.
(see Lucinda E. JOHNS)
Red Brush
Alfred Red Brush       Lucus M. Silverton
Anna Red Brush       M. Pleasant Ridge
Bertha, Mrs.
(see Bertha L. WILLIAMS)
Pine Hill       M.C. Mrs. Red Brush
C., Mrs. Pleasant Ridge       M.E., Mrs. Providence Church
Catherine Temperance Chapel       Malissa, Mrs. Pleasant Ridge
Catherine, Mrs. Simpson Church       Margaret Red Brush
Celia, Mrs. Pleasant Ridge       Margaret Ellen, Mrs. Archer
Clarence Pine Hill       Marian M., Mrs.? Independence
Columbia Red Brush       Marion O. Ravenswood
Cora B. Pleasant Ridge       Marshall C. Stanley
Cornelius Red Brush       Martin Pleasant Ridge
Cynthia Ann Red Brush       Martin H. Ravenswood
Cynthia, Mrs. Pleasant Ridge       Mary Ravenswood
Dessie  Ravenswood       Mary Red Brush
Dwight M. Independence       Matilda, Mrs. Providence Church
Edmund S. Ravenswood       May Archer
Ella Mae Ravenswood       Michael Pine Hill
Elsie Red Brush       Michael Providence Church
Esau Red Brush       Michael H. Independence
Eva L. Pleasant Ridge       Mima, Mrs. Silverton
Fay G., Mrs. Pine Hill       Minnie Stanley
Frederick R. Independence       Miranda, Mrs. Red Brush
George Red Brush       Myrtle R., Mrs. Stanley
Gulia A. (f) Providence Church       Nelson E. Pleasant Ridge
Harry Red Brush       Oakey Alleh Silverton
Hattie, Mrs. Providence Church       Ora L. Meadowdale
Henry Red Brush       Osmer J. Pleasant Ridge
Hester, Mrs. Independence       Otto Pleasant Ridge
Hobart M. Independence       P. (see Peter ARCHER) Red Brush
Homer O. Independence       Peter Red Brush
Hulda, Mrs. (see Hulda HARRIS) Red Brush       R. F. (see Richmond F. ARCHER) Red Brush
Ida Red Brush       Ray C. Pine Hill
Ira Fletcher Red Brush       Rebecca A., Mrs. Independence
J. Willard Independence       Rebecca, Mrs. Pleasant Ridge
J., Mrs. (see Jane ARCHER) Red Brush       Richmond F. Red Brush
J.C. (m) Silverton       Robert Pleasant Ridge
J.L. (see John Leslie ARCHER) Archer       Ruby, Mrs.? Pleasant Ridge
James L. Pleasant Ridge       Rufus Red Brush
James W. Independence       Rupert (see Rufus ARCHER) Red Brush
James Willard Red Brush       Sadie J., Mrs., Independence
Jane Red Brush       Sarah M., Mrs. Independence
Jane, Mrs. (see Jane ARCHER) Red Brush       Sarah Margaret, Mrs.
(see Sarah Margaret LOCKHART)
Red Brush
Jane, Mrs. (see Jane MORRIS) Red Brush       Simon Red Brush
John Providence Church       Stephen Red Brush
John Stanley       Viola Providence Church
John Leslie Providence Church       Violet Pleasant Ridge
John Leslie Archer       W.S. Independence
John M. Providence Church       Weeden Pleasant Ridge
John McGarry Providence Church       William H. Independence
John Riley Archer       William Howard  Stanley
          Winonia, Mrs. Independence






Index to all 66 cemeteries
  No. 1 Archer Cemetery No. 2 Providence Church Cemetery No. 3 Sheppard's Chapel Cemetery
United Methodist Church 1845
No. 4 Gridley Cemetery (aka Lockhart Cemetery)
  No. 5 Union Chapel Cemetery
United Methodist Church
No. 6 Pleasant Ridge Church Cemetery No. 7 Fairview Cemetery No. 8 Turkey Fork Cemetery
  No. 9 Hurd Cemetery No. 10 Drift Run No. 11 Curry Cemetery No. 12 Dawkins Cemetery
No. 13 Independence Cemetery (aka McGee's Chapel) No. 14 Meadowdale Cemetery " Meadowdale 1883 Baptist Church" No. 15 Liverpool Cemetery ‑ United Methodist Church
No. 16 Baptist Grove Cemetery (aka Frozen Camp)
  No. 17 Casto Cemetery No. 18 Pantell Cemetery No. 19 Mt. Olive Cemetery No. 20 Board Cemetery (Washington Dist.)
  No. 21 Mt. Hope Cemetery (Washington Dist.)
(aka Parsons/Richards Cemetery)
No. 22 Parsons Cemetery  (Washington Dist.) No. 23 Joe's Run Cemetery (Washington Dist.) No. 24 Pine Grove Cemetery (Ripley Dist.)
  No. 25 Old Ripley Cemetery  (aka Old Settlers Cemetery) No. 26 Pine Hill Cemetery ‑ Ripley, West Virginia  (aka New Ripley) (Ripley Dist.) No. 27 Martin Chapel Cemetery (Ripley Dist.) No. 28 Pleasant View Cemetery
Pleasant View United Methodist Church ‑ (Union Dist.)
  No. 29 Barley Cemetery (on the USGS map)  (Union Dist.) No. 30 Woolley Cemetery.  (Union Dist.) No. 31 Lathem Ridge Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 32 Stanley Cemetery  (Union Dist.)
  No. 33 Palmer Cemetery ‑ (Grant Dist.) No. 34 DeBussey Cemetery ‑ on private property (Grant Dist.) No. 35 Silverton Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 36 Hawk Cemetery  (Ravenswood Dist.)
  No. 37 Cemetery in Silverton (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 38 Beckwith Cemetery  (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 39 Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 40 Flatwoods Cemetery  (Union Dist.)
  No. 41 Flinn Cemetery  (Grant Dist.) No. 42 Red Brush Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 43  Staats Cemetery ‑ (aka Klondike Cemetery) (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 44 ‑ Simpson Church M.E.  1920 (Grant Dist.)
  No. 45  Temperance Chapel Cemetery (aka Cavin Fork Church) (Grant Dist.) No. 46  ‑ Boso Cemetery (aka Cross Cemetery, according to Mrs. Rawson.) (Grant Dist.) No. 47  ‑ Rawson Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 48  Vanhorn Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
  No. 49  Chapel Hill Cemetery  (Grant Dist.) No. 50  Logston Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 51 ‑ Jordan Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 52 ‑ Willowdale Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
  No. 53 ‑  Mt. Zion Church Cemetery. (Grant Dist.) No. 54 ‑ Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, 1889 (Grant Dist.) No. 55 ‑ Morehouse Cemetery (aka Blackmore Cemetery) (Grant Dist.) No. 56 ‑ Staats Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
  Ravenswood Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 58 ‑Shaver Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 59 ‑ Rankin Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.) No. 60 ‑ Nesselroad Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
  No. 61 Nesselroad Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 62 ‑ Wade Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 63 Springston Cemetery (Grant Dist.) No. 64 ‑ Beech Grove Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
    No. 65 ‑ Alexander Cemetery (Grant Dist.) RAVENSWOOD CEMETERY ‑ NEW SECTION