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*Cemetery No. 14  ‑ Meadowdale Cemetery " Meadowdale 1883 Baptist Church" (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Sandyville go east on WV Rt. 13 4.9 miles. Cemetery is on a hill to the left. The road up is marked very clearly with an iron gate. Turn off WV Rt. 13 to the left in front of the Meadowdale Baptist Church.

Condition: The graveyard is fenced, manicured, very well laid out in rows.

DAWKINS (plot)
Thomas Jefferson xe "DAWKINS:Thomas Jefferson" DAWKINS  1828‑1919

Florella H. xe "HAWKINS:Florella H." HAWKINS xe "DAWKINS:Florella H., Mrs. (see Florella H. HAWKINS)" DAWKINS  1826‑1913

(2)  Dandy xe "DAWKINS:Dandy (m)" DAWKINS  1855‑1942
Martha xe "DAWKINS:Martha, Mrs.?" xe "DAWKINS:M.J.D. (see Mrs. Martha DAWKINS)" DAWKINS  1856‑1933

(fallen stone)
M. J. D.  October 8, 1935

broken footstone
xe "DAWKINS:Danny A.D.D." Danny A.D.D.

(below the DAWKINS plot above, facing the other way)
Ora L. xe "ARCHER:Ora L." ARCHER  June 11, 1897‑November  22, 1925       BACK TO INDEX

(broken in two pieces)
W. H. xe "WOODYARD:W.H." WOODYARD  born December 22, 1827, died October 11, 1889

The name is broken off the main stone, but says, December 22, 1827‑died October 11, 1897," in the upper half of that stone. The year of death is inconsistent and should be field checked.

broken footstone: xe "____:W. H. W" W. H. W

(2)  James BOGGES xe "BOGGESS:James" S  October 24, 1867‑July 22, 1943
Amanda A. xe "BOGGESS:Amanda A., Mrs.?" BOGGESS  May 25, 1870‑April 11, 1924

Charles E. son of Jas. & A. A. xe "BOGGESS:Charles E." xe "BOGGESS:A.A., Mrs. (see Amanda A. BOGGESS)" BOGGESS, born March 14, 1892, died March 1, 1920

Roy F. xe "CONNER:Roy F." CONNER  1889‑1949

(2)  James W. xe "CONNER:James W." CONNER  November 5, 1855‑June 29, 1922
Maria V. xe "CONNER:Maria V., Mrs." CONNER, his wife, April 7, 1867‑September  24, 1856

Vurness xe "DAWKINS:Vurness" DAWKINS  1892‑1972

BOGGESS (plot)
Clifton H. xe "BOGGESS:Clifton H." BOGGESS  1907‑1964  Father

Ruth E. xe "BOGGESS:Ruth E., Mrs.?" BOGGESS  1911‑1944


(Temporary metal marker)
Gilbert L. xe "MURREY:Gilbert L." MURREY  1908‑1977

(Temporary marker)
Larry Dean xe "MURREY:Larry Dean" MURREY  1955‑1955;  died 29 June 1955

Clancy Adam xe "KELLER:Clancy Adam" KELLER, November 7, 1900, departed this life June 7, 1923,  age 22 years, 7 months

Mary V. xe "KELLER:Mary V." KELLER  1874‑1925

Glendlene xe "STRAIGHT:Glendlene" STRAIGHT  1915‑1954

Florell xe "SANFORD:Florell" SANFORD  1921‑1970  Mother

James xe "MILLER:James" MILLER  1852‑1928

Alice xe "MILLER:Alice, Mrs.?" MILLER  1864‑1937

Esther Marie xe "COX:Esther Marie" COX  1918‑1942

James O. xe "GRANDON:James O." GRANDON  1911‑1937

James A. xe "GRANDON:James A." GRANDON  1933‑1935

Ida M. xe "GRANDON:Ida M." GRANDON  1887‑1935

C. B., son of S. O. & F. L. xe "GRANDON:C.B. (m)" xe "GRANDON:S.O. (see Samuel O. GRANDON)" xe "GRANDON:F.L., Mrs. (see Frances L. GRANDON)" GRANDON  October 14, 1884‑August 24, 1906

Samuel O. xe "GRANDON:Samuel O." GRANDON  1860‑1950  Father

Frances L. xe "GRANDON:Frances L." GRANDON  1861‑1939  Mother

Albert E. xe "GRANDON:Albert Earl" GRANDON,  West Virginia Pvt., Medical Dept. World War I December 28, 1894‑March 20, 1966

(Temporary marker)
Mary M. xe "GRANDON:Mary M., Mrs.?" GRANDON  1895‑1977

(Temporary marker)
Albert Earl GRANDON  1894‑1966

Alice I. xe "REEBEL:Alice I." REEBEL  April 20, 1892‑February 14, 1933

(2)  Cora xe "PICKERELL:Cora V., Mrs.?" PICKERELL 1880‑1958
L. O. xe "PICKERELL:L.O. (m)" PICKERELL 1875‑1938

Gale xe "CLINE:Gale" CLINE  August 5, 1904‑May 29, 1940

(Temporary marker)
Cora V. PICKERELL  1888‑1958

Billie P. xe "PICKERELL:Billie P." PICKERELL  1934

Jack C. xe "RAKE:Jack C." RAKE,  West Virginia Pvt., 1 CL. 2  M.G. Bn. 1 Div. January 20, 1896‑April 5, 1944

Lulu xe "RAKE:Lulu, Mrs." RAKE  1888‑1948  Mother

BALL (plot)
(2)  J. E. xe "BALL:J.E. (m)" BALL  1885‑1970
Lizzie G. xe "BALL:Lizzie G., Mrs.?" BALL  1886‑1970

(temporary markers)
Joseph E. xe "BALL:Joseph E." BALL 1885‑1970

Elizabeth xe "BALL:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" BALL  1886‑1970.

Foot marker xe "BALL:G." G. B. but no matching headstone in same plot.

(2)  F. R. xe "CARPENTER:F.R. (m)" CARPENTER  December 15, 1846‑October 6, 1931  Father
Phebe C. xe "CARPENTER:Phebe C., Mrs." CARPENTER  November 19, 1855‑October 28, 1918  Mother

JONES (plot‑ many unreadable stones)
In the Jones plot, there are at least seven stones made of cement, none of which has any inscriptions left at all.

(temporary marker)
J. Ackley xe "JONES:J. Ackley" JONES  1878‑1960

Ella, daughter of Enos & M. E. xe "JONES:Ella" xe "JONES:Enos (m)" xe "JONES:M.E., Mrs." JONES, died August 22, 1897, aged 11 years, 9 months, 10 days

(2) James L. xe "NELSON:James L." NELSON  1860‑1948
Iva Dell xe "NELSON:Iva Dell, Mrs." NELSON  1864‑1910, wife

To the left of James and Iva Nelson ‑ left to right:
xe "NELSON:Verna M." Verna M. 1892‑1894

xe "NELSON:Addie E." Addie E. 1888‑1894

BELL (plot)
Infant son of C. E. & V. xe "BELL:____ (m)" xe "BELL:____ (f)" BELL  June 12, 1883‑June 12, 1893

Infant Daughter of C. E. & V. BELL  October 26, 1894‑October 26, 1894

Manie L., daughter of C. E. and V. xe "BELL:Manie L." xe "BELL:C.E. (m)" xe "BELL:V., Mrs." BELL  June 3, 1880‑July 15, 1891

Harry C., son of C. E. & V. xe "BELL:Harry C." BELL December 23, 1891‑June 7, 1916

(2)  Harry A. xe "HUTCHINSON:Harry A." HUTCHINSON  1891‑1971  Father
Maude C. xe "HUTCHINSON:Maude C., Mrs." HUTCHINSON 1896‑(no death date)  Mother

(2) Rufus C. xe "BOGGESS:Rufus C." BOGGESS  1893‑1962
Bessie F. xe "BOGGESS:Bessie F., Mrs.?" BOGGESS  1893‑1968

(2)  Forest L. xe "HUTCHINSON:Forest L." HUTCHINSON  April 11, 1876‑January 18, 1964  Father
Nellie B. xe "HUTCHINSON:Nellie B., Mrs." HUTCHINSON  August 16, 1880‑July 1, 1965  Mother

(The temporary marker for Forest Hutchinson was paper and has disintigrated.)

(Temoprary marker)
Nellie xe "JOHNSON:Nellie" JOHNSON xe "HUTCHINSON:Nellie, Mrs. (see Nellie JOHNSON))" HUTCHINSON  died July 1, 1965, age 84 years, 1 month, 15 days

(2)  Romie C. xe "HUTCHINSON:Romie C. (m)" HUTCHINSON  April 6, 1880‑April 2, 1972  Father
Della M. xe "HUTCHINSON:Della M., Mrs." HUTCHINSON  November 11, 1881‑May 21, 1964  Mother

(Temporary marker)
Romie C. HUTCHINSON, died April 2, 1972, age ? 11 months, 16 days.

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 151:
HUTCHINSON, Romie C. April 16, 1880-April 2, 1972]

Joe M. xe "HUTCHINSON:Joe M." HUTCHINSON  1911‑1964

Jack xe "HUTCHINSON:Jack" HUTCHINSON,  Brother

32nd Degree Mason"

Elmer C. son of K. & S. E. xe "HUTCHINSON:Elmer C." HUTCHINSON  1896‑1916

Dandy L. son of K. & S. E. xe "HUTCHINSON:Dandy L. (m)" HUTCHINSON  1878‑1890

James M. son of K. & S. E. xe "HUTCHINSON:James M." xe "HUTCHINSON:K. (m)" xe "HUTCHINSON:S.E., Mrs." HUTCHINSON  1874‑1888

Kenner xe "HUTCHINSON:Kenner (m)" HUTCHINSON  1848‑1936  Father

Sarah xe "HUTCHINSON:Sarah, Mrs." HUTCHINSON  1854‑1930  Mother

(2)  Albert C. xe "DAVIS:Albert C." DAVIS  March 7, 1879‑May 31, 1966
Ottie L. xe "DAVIS:Ottie L., Mrs.?" DAVIS  December 10, 1880‑(no death date)

(to the right of Albert and Ottie Davis)
Charles D. xe "DAVIS:Charles D." DAVIS  February 28, 1911

Hattie THROCKMORTON  1849‑1904  "Erected by D. & T. xe "THROCKMORTON:Hattie" xe "THROCKMORTON:D. (m)" xe "THROCKMORTON:T., Mrs." THROCKMORTON"

Bertha xe "MASTEN:Bertha" MASTEN  1893‑1907

In Memory of Alice Lavena xe "MASTEN:Alice Lavena" MASTEN  June 30‑December  25, 1918

In Memory of Margaret xe "RAKE:Margaret" RAKE xe "RAKE:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret RAKE) MASTEN  1892‑1938

(2) J. W. xe "SWESEY:J.W. (m)" SWESEY  1845‑1926
Margaret xe "SWESEY:Margaret, Mrs." SWESEY  1838‑1915, Wife

Roland Ray xe "REEBEL:Roland Ray" REEBEL  June 20‑21 1931

(2)  Martha A. xe "REEBEL:Martha A., Mrs.?" REEBEL  1869‑1945
John xe "REEBEL:John" REEBEL  1865‑1951

David A. xe "HUDSON:David A." HUDSON  November 10, 1848‑September 9, 1910   Father

Emma xe "BOGGESS:Emma" BOGGESS xe "SARVER:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma BOGGESS)" SARVER  1873‑1945

Lorenzo D. xe "SARVER:Lorenzo D." SARVER  1870‑1957

Charles A., son of L. D. & Emma xe "SARVER:Charles A." xe "SARVER:L.D. (see Lorenzo D. SARVER)" SARVER  September 25, 1902‑September 2, 1904

Alonzo C. xe "MALLETT:Alonzo C." MALLETT, born March 1, 1866; died February 25, 1923, age 56 years, 11 months, 24 days

(to left of Alonzo Mallett)
Viola xe "MALLETT:Viola, Mrs.?" MALLETT,  born September 4, 1865; died January 10, 1904, age 34 years, 4 months, 6 days

David H. xe "SARVER:David H." SARVER,  Co. B. 75 Ohio INF.

William xe "BROOKS:William" BROOKS,  Co. A. 170 Ohio INF.

(2)  Grovenor C. xe "MILLER:Grovenor C." MILLER  1870‑1950
M. Blanche xe "MILLER:M. Blanche, Mrs.?" MILLER  1873‑1950

Etta GILPIN,  born March 26, 1846;  died December 22, 1903

(to left of Etta Gilpin)
Engil L., son of J. D. & Etta xe "GILPIN:Engil L. (m)" xe "GILPIN:J.D. (m)" xe "GILPIN:Etta, Mrs." GILPIN  1875‑1920

E. M. xe "PARSONS:E.M. (m)" PARSONS  1868‑1906  Father

Sarah E. xe "PARSONS:Sarah E., Mrs." PARSONS  1868‑1922  Mother

W. H. xe "DAWKINS:W.H." DAWKINS,  born December 3, 1854; died September 25, 1898

(2)  A. Ross xe "HOPKINS:A. Ross" HOPKINS 1887‑1970
Addie E. xe "HOPKINS:Addie E., Mrs.?" HOPKINS 1887‑1970

Willia May, daughter of A. D. & S. V. xe "DAWKINS:Willia May" xe "DAWKINS:A.D. (m)" xe "DAWKINS:S.V., Mrs." DAWKINS  1891‑1894

Rex Calvan xe "SMITH:Rex Calvan" SMITH  May 7, 1906‑January 15, 1911

Laila xe "SMITH:Laila (f)" SMITH  xe "MC CORKLE:Laila, Mrs. (see Laila SMITH)" MC CORKLE  1914‑1954

Linda Lue xe "SMITH:Linda Lue" SMITH  April 18, 1947‑September 12, 1960

(2)  Forest I. xe "SMITH:Forest I." SMITH  1884‑(no death date)
Eva L. xe "SMITH:Eva L., Mrs.?" SMITH  1884‑1963

(3)  John xe "KNOTTS:John" KNOTTS  1818‑1906
Mary J. xe "KNOTTS:Mary J., Mrs." xe "KNOTTS:Charles E." KNOTTS  1812‑1898, Wife
Charles E.  1897‑1910

(2)  Raymond xe "UTT:Raymond" UTT  1888‑1952
Anna xe "UTT:Anna, Mrs.?" UTT  1889‑1975

Okey Lee,  only son of A. & B. J. xe "HUTCHINSON:Okey Lee" xe "HUTCHINSON:A. (m)" xe "HUTCHINSON:B.J., Mrs." HUTCHINSON, died September 30, 1894, aged 24 years, 3 months, 1 day

Nancy J. xe "WARFIELD:Nancy J., Mrs.?" WARFIELD born March 28, 1848; died July 26, 1899, age 51 years, 4 months, 3 days

Nelson D. xe "WARFIELD:Nelson D." WARFIELD born March 9, 1840; died September  29, 1908, age 68 years, 6 months,  20 days; Corporal in Co. I, 20 R. O. Vol. Inf.

Maggie wife of J. L. xe "WARFIELD:Maggie, Mrs." WARFIELD  1890‑1900 (sic‑ error in dates or in reading; inconsistent with birth dates of husband and son, Everett)

Everett, son of J. L. & Maggie xe "WARFIELD:Everett" WARFIELD  1896‑1913

James L. xe "WARFIELD:James L." WARFIELD  1871‑1941

(outside the Warfield plot is):
Homer xe "DUNHAM:Homer" DUNHAM  1870‑1872

(2)  Tommy xe "CARTER:Tommy" CARTER  1897‑1903
Lena xe "CARTER:Lena, Mrs.?" CARTER  1887‑1894

(2)  John R. xe "CARTER:John R." CARTER  1861‑1916
Jennie M. xe "CARTER:Jennie M., Mrs.?" CARTER  1862‑1941

Nellie, daughter of F. C. & E. F. xe "PORTER:Nellie" xe "PORTER:F.C. (m)" xe "PORTER:E.F., Mrs." PORTER, June 5, 1896, aged 1 year, 10 months, 2 days

Della Pauline, daughter of J. S. & L. xe "KENDALL:Della Pauline" xe "KENDALL:J.S. (m)" xe "KENDALL:L., Mrs." KENDALL  August 6, 1895‑January 1, 1899

Richard D. xe "WILCOX:Richard D." WILCOX  1912‑1939

Phinnies xe "PRATT:Phinnies" PRATT  1849‑1903

HANNAH (plot)
(2)  Archie L. xe "HANNAH:Archie L." HANNAH  June 14, 1879‑August 1, 1964
Nancy C. xe "HANNAH:Nancy C., Mrs.?" HANNAH  March 21, 1877‑March 22, 1964

(to the right of Archie and Nancy Hannah)
James U. xe "HANNAH:James U." HANNAH  1913‑1941

LEEPER (plot)
Lenniel LEEPER  1872‑(no death date)

John H. xe "LEEPER:John H." LEEPER  1869‑1949

(Temporary marker)
Lennie xe "LEEPER:Lennie, Mrs.?" LEEPER  1873‑1959

Charles A. xe "LEEPER:Charles A." LEEPER  1883‑1962

(2)  Hettie A. xe "LEEPER:Hettie A., Mrs." LEEPER  July 18, 1848‑(no death date)
Samuel xe "LEEPER:Samuel" LEEPER  November 9, 1841‑March 10, 1912

(in front of Samuel and Hattie Leeper)
R. V. R. xe "LEEPER:R.V.R" LEEPER  1920‑1921 ‑ "Baby"

Tennie, daughter of  S. P. & H. A. xe "LEEPER:Tennie" xe "LEEPER:S.P. (see Samuel LEEPER)" xe "LEEPER:H.A. (see Mrs. Hettie A. LEEPER)" LEEPER, born March 5, 1897 ‑ died July 30, 1897

(2)  Silas E. xe "LENT:Silas E." LENT  1886‑1963  Father
Sarah D. xe "LENT:Sarah D., Mrs." LENT  1892‑1975  Mother

(2)  James E. xe "WOOD:James E." WOOD  February 13, 1867‑(no death date)
Emily E. xe "WOOD:Emily E., Mrs." WOOD  Jan 21, 1873‑June 8, 1916, wife

George W. xe "VANOY:George W." VANOY  1846‑1897  Father

(to the right of George W. Vanoy)
A. xe "VANOY:A., Mrs.?" VANOY,  aged 63 years

(3)  Julia L. xe "MURRAY:Julia L., Mrs.?" MURRAY  1886‑1911
Jesse O. xe "MURRAY:Jesse O." MURRAY  1884‑(no death date)
Anna M. xe "MURRAY:Anna M., Mrs.?" MURRAY  1891‑1944

Jo xe "MURRAY:Jo" MURRAY  1884‑1963

(to the left of the MURRAY triple stone there is another stone, same construction):
Russell C. no surname (MURRAY?)  1910‑1911

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 152:
xe "MURRAY:Russell C." MURRAY, Russell C. 1910-1911]

Amy Kempsie, daughter of D. M. & A. B. xe "ICE:Amy Kempsie" xe "ICE:D.M. (m)" xe "ICE:A.B., Mrs." ICE born March 8, 1896‑died November 3, 1900

(2)  Jean M. xe "UTT:Jean M., Mrs.?" UTT  1914‑(no death date)
Floyd O. xe "UTT:Floyd O." UTT  1912‑1970

BOGGESS (plot)
Claude A., son of W. F. & R. L. xe "BOGGESS:Claude A." xe "BOGGESS:W.F. (m)" xe "BOGGESS:R.L., Mrs." BOGGESS  December 12, 1907‑June 22, 1919

Harry, son of W. F. & R. L. xe "BOGGESS:Harry" BOGGESS  January 12, 1910‑January 15, 1910

MUSN. (sic)

Artemas xe "COOPER:Artemas (m)" COOPER,  Company K, 53rd KY. Inf.

(next to Artemas COOPER
William M. xe "COOPER:William M." COOPER,  Company E., 22 KY. Inf.

(beyond William Cooper in Boggess plot)
Rosa xe "BOGGESS:Rosa" BOGGESS xe "HUPP:Rosa L., Mrs. (see Mrs. Rosa L. BOGGESS; Rosa L. DAWKINS)" HUPP  1885‑1961
Above Rosa  is "Mother"
Rosa L. BOGGESS  HUPP nee xe "DAWKINS:Rosa L." DAWKINS  1885‑1961

(to the right of Rosa Boggess)
William Floyd xe "BOGGESS:William Floyd" BOGGESS  August 1, 1876‑May 31, 1938

Baby T. L., son of J. H. & G. M. xe "BOGGESS:T.L. (m)" xe "BOGGESS:J.H. (m)" xe "BOGGESS:G.M., Mrs." BOGGESS  December 30, 1916‑February 22, 1917

John M. xe "SMITH:John M." SMITH  1847‑1926  Father

(2)  Della xe "CURREY:Della, Mrs." CURREY  August 1, 1865‑January 29, 1910  Mother
Wilson xe "CURREY:Wilson" CURREY  March 4, 1850‑(no death date)  Father

(to the left of Della and Wilson Currey)
Cora A., daughter of W. & S. D. xe "CURREY:Cora A." xe "CURREY:W. (m)" xe "CURREY:S.D., Mrs." CURREY, born November 15, 1902‑December 27, 1902

(2)  Bertha L. xe "WALLBROWN:Bertha L., Mrs.?" WALLBROWN 1877‑1960
Henry  xe "WALLBROWN:Henry" WALLBROWN 1871‑1945

HUTCHINSON (plot ‑ left to right)
Elinore xe "SCOTT:Elinore" SCOTT xe "HUTCHINSON:Elinor, Mrs. (see Elinore SCOTT)" HUTCHINSON September 12, 1898‑(no death date)

Hickory Clay xe "HUTCHINSON:Hickory Clay" HUTCHINSON  QM2, US NAVY, WORLD WAR I, August 1, 1895‑January 3, 1975

Esther xe "HUTCHINSON:Esther" HUTCHINSON xe "DANIELL:Esther, Mrs. (see Esther HUTCHINSON)" DANIELL  1900‑(no death date)

Wallace Alfred xe "DANIELL:Wallace Alfred" DANIELL  1901‑1969

Annie xe "COE:Annie" COE xe "HUTCHINSON:Annie, Mrs. (see Annie COE)" HUTCHINSON  1865‑1927

Kenner C. xe "HUTCHINSON:Kenner C." HUTCHINSON  1865‑1938

Nancy E. xe "HUTCHINSON:Nancy C., Mrs." HUTCHINSON, born November 25, 1844; died December 15, 1901  Mother

Seldon xe "HUTCHINSON:Seldon (m)" HUTCHINSON, born March 22, 1841; died August 25, 1901  Father

xe "FRANCIS:Hubert" xe "FRANCIS:Florelle, Mrs."

FRANCIS (plot)
(2)  Hubert 1893‑1970 on temporary marker: died in June (unreadable), 1970,  aged 76 years, 5 months and 23 days
Florelle  1903‑(no death date) Wife West Virginia, Pvt. Med. Det., 17 Engineers World War I December 26, 1893‑June 19, 1970

(2)  Theodosia xe "FRANCIS:Theodosia, Mrs." FRANCIS  1859‑1946  Mother
Ruben P. xe "FRANCIS:Ruben P." FRANCIS  1852‑1921  Father

(to the left of Theodosia and Ruben Francis)
Bessie xe "DOOLITTLE:Bessie, Mrs.?" DOOLITTLE  1888‑1955

Arthur xe "DOOLITTLE:Arthur" DOOLITTLE  1881‑1944

(to the far right)
(2)  Elizabeth xe "DAVIS:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" DAVIS  December 22, 1833‑September 17, 1927
G. S. xe "DAVIS:G.S. (m)" DAVIS  February 28, 1828‑July 15, 1914










*Cemetery No. 15 ‑ Liverpool Cemetery ‑ United Methodist Church (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: North of Liverpool on WV Rt. 13

Condition:  Fenced, mowed, and in rows

NOTE: These readings are not complete.  The audio tape was partially erased.

COBUN (left to right)
Stella R. xe "COBUN:Stella R., Mrs." COBUN  October 21, 1893‑May 29, 1872  Mother

J. F. xe "COBUN:J.F." COBUN  May 24, 1863‑February 16, 1938  Father Spanish War Vet. Co, B. 2nd Reg. US Engineer

(2)  Sarah xe "COBUN:Sarah" COBUN 1836‑1923
Mary xe "COBUN:Mary" COBUN  1836‑1894

W. S. xe "COBUN:W.S." COBUN  December 20, 1835‑July 11, 1926
(end of COBUN plot)

(2)  Nellie xe "STEWART:Nellie, Mrs." STEWART 1910‑1968 Mother
Lawrence xe "STEWART:Lawrence" STEWART  1899‑1947  Father

Harold F. xe "STEWART:Harold F." STEWART  1939  Son

James W. xe "STEWART:James W." STEWART  1934‑1937  Son

Charles W. xe "STEWART:Charles W." STEWART  1928‑1929  Son

(2)  John A. xe "STEWART:John A." STEWART  1860‑1932
Elizabeth Ida xe "STEWART:Elizabeth Ida, Mrs.?" STEWART 1873‑(no death date) Wife

UTT (plot)
(2) Henry L. xe "UTT:Henry L." UTT  1871‑1954
Catherine A. xe "UTT:Catherine A., Mrs.?" UTT  1878‑(no death date)

(to left of Henry and Catherine Utt)
Infant xe "UTT:____" UTT  1899

Roz (Phon.) xe "UTT:Roz" UTT  1902‑1909

(2)  Peyton xe "STEWART:Peyton" STEWART  1846‑1913
Julia Ann xe "STEWART:Julia Ann, Mrs.?" STEWART  1849‑1919

Oscar F. xe "STEWART:Oscar F." STEWART,  born August 27, 1879; died May 6, 1902

Amma E. xe "STEWART:Amma E." STEWART  1891‑1922

Maggie E. xe "STEWART:Maggie E." STEWART  1874‑1926

Mary Ellen, daughter of G. G. & Nola xe "STEWART:Mary Ellen" xe "STEWART:G.G. (m)" xe "STEWART:Nola, Mrs." STEWART September 7, 1918‑Decemeber 11, 1918

(Temporary metal plate)
Grover C. xe "STEWART:Grover C." STEWART  1886‑1964

Cordelia E. xe "PHILLIPS:Cordelia E., Mrs." PHILLIPS  1893‑1954  Mother

(to the left of Cordelia Phillips) unreadable cement stone

(Metal marker)
Charlene June xe "MC VAY:Charlene June" MC VAY  1944‑1966

(2)  Mary E.  xe "HARTLEY:Mary E., Mrs.?" HARTLEY  1865‑1937
Thomas I. xe "HARTLEY:Thomas I." HARTLEY  1864‑1936

(in back of the Thomas and Mary Hartley is):
Ruth xe "HARTLEY:Ruth" HARTLEY xe "WILSON:Ruth, Mrs. (see Ruth HARTLEY)" WILSON  1891‑1954

Alberta xe "CONGLETON:Alberta" CONGLETON  1905‑1949

(2)  Ethel xe "TUCKER:Ethel" TUCKER xe "STEWART:Ethel, Mrs. (see Ethel TUCKER)" STEWART  December 29, 1912‑March 25, 1972
Billy Smith xe "STEWART:Billy Smith" STEWART  July 26, 1942

E. A. PURSLEY,  wife of C. A. xe "PURSLEY:E.A., Mrs." PURSLEY  born December 7, 1868; died March 25, 1919  ‑ "Our Mother"

C. A. xe "PURSLEY:C.A. (m)" PURSLEY  March 3, 1862‑June 5, 1947

(broken stone)
C. E. xe "PHILLIPS:C.E." PHILLIPS  September 8, 1855‑November 7, 1920

(2)  M. L. xe "PHILLIPS:M.L." PHILLIPS  November 17, 1887‑July 31, 1908
J. W.  xe "PHILLIPS:J.W." PHILLIPS  February 7 1883‑ October  15, 1893

(unreadable) xe "BROOK:____" BROOK


(2)  Ella xe "STANLEY:Ella, Mrs.?" STANLEY  June 13, 1860‑May 22, 1914

John xe "STANLEY:John" STANLEY  March 25, 1850‑(no death date)

(Temporary marker)
Mary G. xe "STANLEY:Mary G." STANLEY,  died September 16, 1974, aged 13 years

Ruby P. Della xe "NEY:Ruby P. Della" NEY  December 19, 1903‑October 8, 1915

Emery E. xe "DAVIS:Emery E." DAVIS  June 18, 1894‑March 17, 1917

Kizzia H. xe "MC PHERSON:Kizzia H., Mrs.?" MC PHERSON  1818‑1898

Gary xe "MC PHERSON:Gary" MC PHERSON  1809‑1880

(Footstone: G.M.)
(2)  infant born June 15, 1891
Blanche, born June 23, 1890; died July 2, 1890

Children of A. L. & L. xe "CARMICHAEL:____" xe "CARMICHAEL:Blanche" xe "CARMICHAEL:A.L. (m)" xe "CARMICHAEL:L., Mrs." CARMICHAEL

(2) Levi xe "COE:Levi" COE, died February 21, 1879 in his 56th year
(other side)
Elizabeth xe "COE:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" COE, died February 11, 1876, age 47 years, 10 months, 5 days

Robert N. xe "CURREY:Robert N." CURREY  March 10, 1840‑December 16, 1924

(3)  Infant xe "CURRY:____" CURRY, born May 10, 1890
(other side)
Sarah M., wife of R. xe "CURRY:Sarah M., Mrs." CURRY, born March 15, 1849; died December 5, 1912
(next side)
H. D. xe "CURRY:H.D." CURRY, born October 23, 1875; died December 22, 1899
(next side)
Children of R. & S. M. xe "CURRY:R. (see Robert N. CURREY)" xe "CURRY:S.M. (see Mrs. Sarah M. CURREY)" CURRY

Jauanita,  daughter of S. E. & S. Y. xe "BOGGESS:Juanita" xe "BOGGESS:S.E. (m)" xe "BOGGESS:S.Y., Mrs." BOGGESS, died (month unreadable), 27, 1882, aged 11 months, 28 days

Sue V., daughter of T. B. & Susan xe "HARTLEY:Sue V." xe "HARTLEY:T.B. (m)" xe "HARTLEY:Susan, Mrs." HARTLEY and wife of S. E. xe "BOGGESS:Sue, Mrs. (see Sue V. HARTLEY)" BOGGESS died August 15, 1888, aged 29 years, 11 months, 1 day

HARTLEY (plot)
Dr. J. T. xe "HARTLEY:J.T., Dr. (m)" HARTLEY  March 16, 1851‑November 11, 1930

Jessie B., daughter of J. T. & V. L. xe "HARTLEY:Jessie B." xe "HARTLEY:J.T. (m)" xe "HARTLEY:V.L., Mrs. (see Virginia Lee SEAMAN)" HARTLEY  1880‑1882

Virginia Lee xe "SEAMAN:Virginia Lee" SEAMAN xe "HARTLEY:Virginia Lee, Mrs. (see Virginia Lee SEAMAN)" HARTLEY,  wife of Dr. J. T. HARTLEY 1856‑1924

Elizabeth xe "GREIG:Elizabeth" GREIG xe "HARTLEY:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth GRIEG)" HARTLEY, wife of G. S. xe "HARTLEY:G.S. (m)" HARTLEY 1887‑1918

HARTLEY (plot)
(2 stones  side by side)
Susan V. xe "HARTLEY:Susan V., Mrs.?" HARTLEY  1821‑1880
T. B. xe "HARTLEY:T.B. (m)" HARTLEY  1825‑1894

(next to Susan Hartley)
Juddie, son of Z. P. & M. J. xe "CARDER:Juddie (m)" xe "CARDER:Z.P. (m)" xe "CARDER:M.J., Mrs." CARDER, born November 22, 1879; died July 22, 1881

CARDER (plot)
Luverna, daughter of Jefferson and Julia xe "CARDER:Luverna" xe "CARDER:Jefferson" xe "CARDER:Julia, Mrs." CARDER  July 4, 1860‑May 2, 1877

(tape failure)
_ _ ollo_ (indistinct), daughter of R? I. xe "CARDER:__ollo_ (f)" xe "CARDER:R.I." CARDER, died December 3, 1893, aged 10 months, 3 days

(stone out of place)
Susan, wife of T. B. xe "HARTLEY:T.B. (m)" xe "HARTLEY:Susan, Mrs." HARTLEY died June 3, 1880, aged 58? years, 8? months, 7 days.

Bertha, daughter of J. W. & M. xe "HARTLEY:Bertha" xe "HARTLEY:J.W. (m)" xe "HARTLEY:M., Mrs." HARTLEY, died July 17, 1874, aged 1 year, 7 months, 8 days

(2 stones side by side)
Sarah CARMICHAEL,  wife of William xe "CARMICHAEL:Sarah, Mrs." xe "CARMICHAEL:William" CARMICHAEL  1837‑1918

William xe "CARMICHAEL:William" CARMICHAEL, husband of Sarah CARMICHAEL  1839‑1925

Lucy A. D., daughter of  A. S. & E. xe "MC DONALD:Lucy A.D." xe "MC DONALD:A.S. (m)" xe "MC DONALD:E., Mrs." MC DONALD March 28, 1889‑December  22, 1891

James  (L.?),  son of V. & C. P. xe "TIBBEL:James" xe "TIBBEL:V. (m)" xe "TIBBEL:C.P., Mrs." TIBBEL died February 2, 1889, aged 1 month, 4 days

(2)  Lovinia xe "SNYDER:Lovinia, Mrs." SNYDER  August 14, 1844‑February 29, 1920  Mother
Burris  xe "SNYDER:Burris" SNYDER  August 15, 1841‑May 13, 1922  Father Company E. 4th Virginia Cavalry

(to the left of Burris and Lovinia Snyder)
Marcele E., daughter of B. & L. xe "SNYDER:Marcele E." SNYDER  February 28, 1872‑April 29, 1872

Mary E., daughter of B. & L. xe "SNYDER:Mary E." SNYDER  February 13, 1865, aged 13 years

Lizzie A., daughter of J.C. & M. xe "KENT:Lizzie A." KENT, died December 10, 1820, age 16 years, 2 months, 2 days

(broken stone)
William Liam,  son of J. C. & M. xe "KENT:J.C. (m)" xe "KENT:M., Mrs." xe "KENT:William Liam" KENT, died April 6, 1878 age 2 years, 1 month, 2 days

Martha A. xe "KENT:Martha A., Mrs." KENT, died March 25, 1907, age 77 years,  6 months

(2)  John J. & Mary J. xe "KNOTTS:John J." xe "KNOTTS:Mary J." KNOTTS  1881‑1881  Twins
James M. xe "KNOTTS:James M." KNOTTS 1882‑1883  Son

George W. xe "KNOTTS:George W." KNOTTS 1894‑1895  Son

(3) Infant xe "THORN:____" THORN
Mary C. xe "THORN:Mary C., Mrs." THORN 1853‑1932  Mother
Samuel B. xe "THORN:Samuel B." THORN 1843‑1913  Father

(side by side)
Mary xe "CARDER:Mary, Mrs.?" CARDER 1845‑1930
Eprhiam xe "CARDER:Ephriam" CARDER  1838‑1913

Perry G. xe "MC CARTY:Perry G." MC CARTY  1887‑1918 Company L. 320th Infantry (photograph ‑ very clear)

Ralph M. xe "DAVIS:Ralph M." DAVIS,  born March 15, 1880; died November 26, 1908

Garry xe "LINGER:Garry" LINGER, born July 29, 1894; died July 4, 1908

(2)  M. xe "MC CARTY:M. (m)" MC CARTY  1857‑(no death date)
Amy xe "MC CARTY:Amy, Mrs.?" MC CARTY 1862‑1914

Lethia A. xe "SHAFFER:Lethia A." SHAFFER, born May 18, 1830; died April 1, 1893

Orval R. xe "ROACH:Herbert G." xe "ROACH:Orval R." ROACH  December 1, 1892‑January 16, 1894

Herbert G. (or C.) ROACH, November 21, 1894‑January 7, 1896

Children of  S. C. & E. B. xe "ROACH:S.C. (m)" xe "ROACH:E.B., Mrs." ROACH

Edna W. xe "INGRAM:Edna W." INGRAM  1898‑1920

Lucy xe "WARREN:Lucy" WARREN   1858‑1911

Levi xe "SNYDER:Levi" SNYDER,  Age 88 years

(left of Levi Snyder)
Abigail xe "SNYDER:Abigail" SNYDER, died September 6, 1889 or 1884, aged 81 years, 9 months, 16 days

Margareta, wife of Rev. D. B. WARREN born February 5, 1815 (1845?), died November 14), 1884

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 124: xe "WARREN:Margaret E., Mrs." xe "WARREN:D.B. (see Rev. Daniel B. WARREN)" WARREN, Margaret E., born February 5, 1845; died November 14, 1884, wife of D.B. WARREN.]

Daniel B. xe "WARREN:Daniel B." WARREN  1842‑1924

Sarah J., wife of M. xe "WILLIAMS:Sarah J., Mrs." xe "WILLIAMS:W. (m) " WILLIAMS, born May 17, 1858; died August 28, 1880, aged 22 years, 3 months, 3 days

Orville R. xe "HUNT:Orville R." HUNT,  Pvt. US ARMY,  January 1, 1924 ‑ September 26, 1874

(2)  Esther F. xe "GRAYSON:Esther F., Mrs.?" GRAYSON  June 24, 1897‑(no death date)
Lloyd C. xe "GRAYSON:Lloyd C." GRAYSON  February 11, 1895‑March 1, 1973

(2)  Nettie xe "HARTLEY:Nettie, Mrs.?" HARTLEY  1889‑(no death date)
Fred A. xe "HARTLEY:Fred A." HARTLEY  1884‑1947

Gaireloine xe "HARTLEY:Gaireloine" HARTLEY  1910‑1911

Velma xe "HARTLEY:Velma" HARTLEY 1912‑1916
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. F. A.xe "HARTLEY:F.A. (m)" HARTLEY

(2)  Elva P., daughter of J. W. & S. J. xe "HARPER:Elva P." xe "HARPER:S.J., Mrs." xe "HARPER:J.W. (m)" HARPER, died October 23, 1893, age 6 months, 14 days
(on the side, same stone is):
S. J. Wife of J. W. HARPER, died May 16, 1892, age 33 years, 5 months, 10 days. (Either dates of both are in question or Elva was daughter of a second wife)

(2)  Elias xe "MOWDER:Elias" MOWDER, died October 1, 1876, age 40 years
Elizabeth wife of E. xe "MOWDER:Elizabeth, Mrs." xe "MOWDER:E. (see Elias MOWDER)" MOWDER, died April 18, 1877, age 38 years

Susannah, wife of N. D. xe "MITCHELL:Susannah, Mrs." xe "MITCHELL:N.D. (m)" MITCHELL, born November 12, 1857; died February 2, 1883

Hepsabeth, wife of J. L. xe "ANDERSON:Hepsabeth, Mrs." xe "ANDERSON:J.L. (m)" ANDERSON,  born August 19, 1836; died August 24, 1885

Orma xe "DELANEY:Orma" DELANEY  May 5, 1893‑December 26, 1893

Betsy xe "FARLEY:Betsy" FARLEY, born 1841, died 1895, age 54 years

(2)  Elva M. xe "FLEMING:Elva M., Mrs.?" FLEMING  1887‑1972
Harold E. xe "FLEMING:Harold E." FLEMING  1886‑1958

Ronald R. xe "SMITH:Ronald R." SMITH December 9, 1916‑June 5, 1969

(2) Lora xe "KELLEY:Lora" KELLEY xe "TOLLEY:Lora, Mrs. (see Lora KELLEY)" TOLLEY  October 1, 1895-(no death date)
Jennings B. xe "TOLLEY:Jennings B." TOLLEY  September 1, 1896‑September 12, 1973

(Temporary metal marker)
Russell B. xe "MITCHELL:Russell B." MITCHELL  1923‑1977

(2)  William F. xe "MITCHELL:William F." MITCHELL  1890‑1966
Rhoda E. xe "MITCHELL:Rhoda E., Mrs.?" MITCHELL  1891‑(no death date)

W. H. xe "SHEPPARD:W.H." SHEPPARD  1915‑(no death date)

Wayne "Tim" xe "SHEPPARD:Wayne" xe "SHEPPARD:Tim" SHEPPARD 1912‑(no death date)

(2)  Gypsey xe "HARTLEY:Gypsey, Mrs.?" HARTLEY  1892‑1964
Trolman R. xe "HARTLEY:Trolman, R. (m)" HARTLEY 1886‑1970

Thomas A. xe "HARTLEY:Thomas A." HARTLEY February 27, 1875 ‑ February 16, 1956

(2) John W. xe "HARTLEY:John W." HARTLEY 1848‑1929
Julia A. xe "HARTLEY:Julia A., Mrs." HARTLEY, 1859‑1933, Wife

George Oscar xe "SARVER:George Oscar" SARVER 1917‑(no death date)

George W. xe "POWERS:George W." xe "POWERS:Margaret B., Mrs.?" POWERS 1870‑1924

Margaret B. 1870‑1907

Rosie M. xe "POWERS:Rosie M." xe "POWERS:Georgia B." POWERS 1904‑1907

Georgia B. 1906‑1909

Lizzie xe "RICHARDS:Lizzie" RICHARDS 1877‑1916

(2)  Mary R. xe "PARSONS:Mary R." PARSONS xe "MC PHERSON:Mary R., Mrs. (see Mary R. PARSONS)" MC PHERSON  1887‑1938
William P. 1879‑1913

CARDER (plot)
Herman Ross, son T.F. & Lucy xe "CARDER:Herman Ross" xe "CARDER:T.F. (see Thomas F. ROSS)" CARDER, born June 28, 1895; died October 27, 1905

(2)  Thomas F. xe "CARDER:Thomas F." CARDER 1862‑1956
Lucy D. xe "CARDER:Lucy D., Mrs." CARDER 1868‑(no death date)

(behind Thomas and Lucy Carder):
(2)  Mary E. xe "CARDER:Mary E." CARDER, 1877‑1944 sister
Bro. Arthur C. xe "CARDER:Arthur C." CARDER, 1871‑1946

Samuel Irvin xe "CARDER:Samuel Irvin" CARDER 1873‑1954

Ida xe "BUTCHER:Ida" BUTCHER xe "CARDER:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida BUTCHER)" CARDER 1874‑1913

Holly xe "ROE:Holly" ROE xe "CARDER:Holly, Mrs. (see Holly ROE)" CARDER 1898‑1903

Martha S. xe "CARDER:Martha S., Mrs.?" CARDER 1870‑1932

Fred F. xe "CARDER:Fred F." CARDER 1864‑1931

Margaret, wife of Irvin xe "MC PHERSON:Margaret, Mrs." MC PHERSON born 1846; died May 21, 1901

Irvin xe "MC PHERSON:Irvin" MC PHERSON, July 14, 1845‑ December 27, 1917

C. xe "HILL:C." HILL, December 27, 1838‑ February 3, 1912

Elizabeth, wife of Burton xe "MC PHERSON:Elizabeth, Mrs." MC PHERSON, born December 4, 1850; died March 28, 1895

(2)  Elias W. xe "HILL:Minnie, Mrs. (see Minnie CREK)" xe "HILL:Elias W." HILL, January 9, 1878‑ April 21, 1903
Minnie xe "CREK:Minnie" CREK, his wife, June 9, 1873‑ February 10, 1906

Eva xe "MC PHERSON:Eva" MC PHERSON xe "HILL:Eva, Mrs. (see Eva MC PHERSON)" HILL 1877‑1910

Baby infant of M.D. &. Leotta xe "SILKET:____" xe "SILKET:____ (m)" xe "SILKET:M.D. (m)" xe "SILKET:Leotta, Mrs." SILKET

Baby infant son of M.D. &. Leotta SILKET

Joseph A. xe "ANDERSON:Joseph A." ANDERSON, 1859‑1930

Joseph L. xe "ANDERSON:Joseph L." ANDERSON, 1829‑1907

Mary D., born April 28, 1850; died September 29, 1912, wife of Daniel xe "HOFFMAN:Mary D., Mrs." xe "HOFFMAN:Daniel" HOFFMAN

Laura V. xe "MILHOAN:Laura V." MILHOAN  1892‑1919

Walter D. xe "BUTCHER:Walter D." BUTCHER, Pvt, Co. C., 168th Inf., 1896‑1918 fell in battle of Argonne Forest, France, October 16"

(2)  John Wesley xe "BUTCHER:John Wesley" BUTCHER 1865‑1937
Rusia Mary xe "BUTCHER:Rusia Mary, Mrs." BUTCHER 1866‑1947

Orville J. xe "ANDERSON:Orville J." ANDERSON 1904‑1919

xe "____:Della M." Della M., daughter of xe "____:J.D. (m)" J.D. & xe "____:L.M., Mrs." L.M., born November 10, 1900; died November 23, 1900