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No. 27 Martin Chapel Cemetery (Ripley Dist.)
No. 28 Pleasant View Cemetery
Pleasant View United Methodist Church ‑ (Union Dist.)
No. 29 Barley Cemetery (on the USGS map)  (Union Dist.)
No. 30 Woolley Cemetery.  (Union Dist.)
No. 31 Lathem Ridge Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)
No. 32 Stanley Cemetery  (Union Dist.)
No. 33 Palmer Cemetery ‑ (Grant Dist.)
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*Cemetery No. 27 ‑ Martin Chapel Cemetery (Ripley Dist.)
Plaque on front of church: "E.U.B. Church, built A.D. 1893"

Location: From Cottageville, go 4.9 miles on US 33 to intersection of Co Rt. 5/5  (Mud Run Rd.) turn left (north) and go 1.7 mi. Cemetery is on the left at the confluence of the left and right forks of Mud Run. The road, 5/5, is badly washed out farther north.

Condition: Mowed, fairly well kept, distinct rows.

Orville H. xe "FIELDS:Orville H." FIELDS  West Virginia Pfc  Medical Dept. WW II February 17, 1909‑December 12, 1966

(Temporary marker)
Andra Ranee xe "STEELE:Andra Ranee" STEELE  1971‑1971

(Temporary marker)
Leroy Dale xe "FRAZIER:Leroy Dale" FRAZIER  1972‑1972

(Temporary marker, next to Leroy Frazier)
Dale xe "PARSONS:Dale" PARSONS  1927‑1970

(Temporary marker)
Mary Christina xe "KNOTTS:Mary Christina" KNOTTS  1871‑1972

(Temporary marker)
Baby xe "SMITH:____" SMITH  1857‑1957

(2)  Diana V. xe "MILLER:Diana V., Mrs.?" MILLER  1876‑1942
Joseph A. xe "MILLER:Joseph A." MILLER  1878‑1966

(Temporary marker)
Andy xe "MILLER:Andy" MILLER  1878‑1966

Lelia Margaret xe "FERGUSON:Lelia Margaret" FERGUSON  1865‑1913

(in a line, left to right)
David A., son of D. S. & M. A. xe "MORGAN:David A." xe "MORGAN:D.S. (see David S. MORGAN)" xe "MORGAN:M.A. (see Mrs. Martha A. MORGAN)" MORGAN  July 1, 1887‑October 14, 1895

Blanch E. MORGAN  1875‑1903  Sister

(2)  Martha A,. xe "MORGAN:Martha A.., Mrs." MORGAN  October 6, 1845‑September 30, 1921  Mother
David S. xe "MORGAN:David S." MORGAN  September 15, 1837‑December 12, 1911  Father, Co. K 7th Regt of Ohio Cavalry

(2)  David S. xe "KALDT:David S." xe "KALDT:Cecil S." KALDT  1893‑1918  M. G. Co. 148 AEF
Cecil S.  1867‑(no death date)  Mother (sic?)

Emma xe "MORGAN:Emma" MORGAN  September 17, 1877‑February 5, 1943

(2)  U. Z. xe "DICKERSON:U.Z. (m)" DICKERSON  1871‑1932
Cordia A. xe "DICKERSON:Cordia A., Mrs.?" DICKERSON  1873‑(no death date)

(2)  Nancy M. xe "WYANT:Nancy M., Mrs." WYANT  1885‑(no death date), wife of Guernsey B. WYANT
Guernsey B. xe "WYANT:Guernsey B. (m)" WYANT  1887‑1949

Carole L., daughter of R. B. & Irene xe "PARSONS:Carole L." xe "PARSONS:R.B. (m)" xe "PARSONS:Irene, Mrs." PARSONS  1933‑1933

(3 in a row)
(2)  Vena O. xe "FERGUSON:Vena O., Mrs.?" FERGUSON  1885‑1972
Richard F. xe "FERGUSON:Richard F." FERGUSON  1883‑1948
Beulah C. xe "FERGUSON:Beulah C." FERGUSON 1918‑1918

(2)  Martha E. xe "FERGUSON:Martha E., Mrs." FERGUSON  May 23, 1866‑September 27, 1949 Mother
Alexander xe "FERGUSON:Alexander" FERGUSON  January 29, 1857‑January 24, 1906  Father

(4 stones)
(2) George W. xe "STONE:George W." STONE  1852‑1927
Elizabeth M. xe "STONE:Elizabeth M., Mrs." STONE  1853‑1927

Irene C., wife of W. R. xe "LITTLE:Irene C., Mrs. (see Irene C. STONE)" xe "LITTLE:W.R. (m)" LITTLE, daughter of G. W. & E. M. xe "STONE:Irene C." STONE, died June 17, 1899, age 21 years, 10 months, 12 days

Minnie Vauden xe "STONE:Maude Vauden" STONE  September 2, 1884‑May 1, 1949

(Temporary marker)
John Melvin xe "STONE:John Melvin" STONE  1961‑1961

(3 stones)
John B., son of H. L. & M. E. xe "HAMILTON:John B." xe "HAMILTON:H.L. (see Hugh L. HAMILTON)" xe "HAMILTON:M.E. (see Mary E. HAMILTON)" HAMILTON  February 25, 1916‑July 10, 1927

Mary E. xe "HAMILTON:Mary E., Mrs." HAMILTON  1879‑1965

Hugh L. xe "HAMILTON:Hugh L." HAMILTON  1878‑1945

George W. BARNHART  March 25, 1828‑November 21, 1894

Lenora E. xe "BARNHART:Lenora E." BARNHART, Wife of W. R. xe "COE:Lenora E., Mrs. (see Leonora BARNHART)" xe "COE:W.R. (m)"COE April 11, 1871‑November 8, 1909  Mother

Helen xe "CASTO:Helen" CASTO xe "MORRIS:Helen, Mrs. (see Helen CASTO)" MORRIS  February 7, 1917‑October 23, 1939  Mother

Dorma G. [Grace] xe "FERGUSON:Dorma Grace" FERGUSON, wife of Melvin W. [William] xe "MC INTYRE:Melvin William" xe "MC INTYRE:Dorma G., Mrs. (see Dorma Grace FERGUSON)" MC INTYRE 1880‑1942

Bessie xe "FERGUSON:Bessie" FERGUSON  1894‑1900  [sister of Dorma Grace FERGUSON MC INTYRE]
[data from Betty McIntyre, of Roanoke, VA]

(2)  James xe "FERGUSON:James" FERGUSON  1847‑1901
Virginia xe "PRICE:Virginia" PRICE xe "FERGUSON:Virginia, Mrs. (see Virginia PRICE)" FERGUSON  1855‑1926 Wife

Marshall xe "FERGUSON:Marshall" FERGUSON  1897 ‑ 1938

Estella V., daughter of J.R. & A.G. xe "MAHON:Estella V." xe "MAHON:J.R. (m)" xe "MAHON:A.G., Mrs." MAHON, born November 17, 1880; died July 13, 1895

Joseph xe "FERGUSON:Joseph" FERGUSON,  died June 3, 1890, age 7 years, 4 months, 13 days

Joseph Chas. K., son of J. & G. FERGUSON, born July 20, 1859‑December 4, 1891

Isabella,  wife of A. H. xe "BOONE:A.H. (m)" xe "BOONE:Isabella, Mrs." BOONE  July 15, 1849‑June 18, 1910









*Cemetery No. 28 ‑ Pleasant View Cemetery Pleasant View United Methodist Church ‑ (Union Dist.)

Location: About 5 miles south of Ravenswood on Rt. 2. Turn right at fork behind Peak Energy. The cemetery and church are on the left about .25 mile down the gravel road. Next to the Pleasant View Church in northern Union District on Pleasant View Ridge.

Condition: Mowed, in good orderly rows.

(2)  Wright B. xe "CARPENTER:Wright B." CARPENTER  1848‑1915
Martha E. xe "CARPENTER:Martha E., Mrs." CARPENTER  1853‑1927 Wife

(2)  John W. xe "WELLS:John W." WELLS  1860‑1941
Christina xe "WELLS:Christina, Mrs.?" WELLS  1865‑1948

EWING (plot, 3 stones)
Anna Marie,  daughter of J. & I. J. xe "EWING:Anna Marie" xe "EWING:J. (see Joel EWING)" xe "EWING:I.J. (see Mrs. Ida J. EWING)" EWING, died February 26, 1901 age 6 months, 5 days

Robert, son of Joel & I. J. xe "EWING:Robert" EWING, died February 8, 1897 age 18 years, 8 months, 28 days

(2)  Ida J. xe "EWING:Ida J., Mrs." EWING  1857‑1912  Mother
Joel xe "EWING:Joel" EWING  1845‑1922  Company F. 9th VA Vol. Inf.

Mygra R. xe "SNODGRASS:Mygra R." SNODGRASS  1882‑1935

Eliza, Consort of H. E. xe "SARGENT:Eliza, Mrs." xe "SARGENT:H.E. (m)" SARGENT, died April 19, 1858, age 49 years, 4 months, 5 days

George R. xe "SARGENT:George R." SARGENT of Company H, 3 West Virginia Cav. died May 12, 1865, age 32 years, 3 months, 3 days

Andrew H., son of G. R. & J. M. F. xe "SARGENT:Jinetta, Mrs." xe "SARGENT:Andrew M." xe "SARGENT:Andrew H." xe "SARGENT:G.R. (see George R. SARGENT)" xe "SARGENT:J.M.F. (see Mrs. Jinetta SARGENT)" SARGENT,died June 1, 185_  age 13? years, _ months, 11 days
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
SARGENT, Andrew M. died August 1858, age 1 year, 4 months, son of George & Jinetta SARGENT.]

Maxwell, son of J. T. & D. xe "BURNS:J.T. (m)" xe "BURNS:D., Mrs." xe "BURNS:Maxwell" BURNS, born July 7, 1886; died November 11, 1895

(2)  Isabelle xe "WYANT:Isabelle, Mrs.?" WYANT  1855‑1938
William xe "WYANT:William" WYANT  1849‑1934

(next to William and Isabelle Wyant)
Wilber xe "WYANT:Wilber" WYANT  1877‑1960

SARGENT (plot)
Lucinda M., daughter of H. E. & M. xe "SARGENT:Lucinda M." xe "SARGENT:H.E. (m)" xe "SARGENT:Elma, Mrs." SARGENT, died September 6, 1857, age 22 years, 4 months, 8 days

Emaline W., daughter of H. E. & E. xe "SARGENT:Emalilne W." SARGENT, died February 9, 1858, aged 18 years, 5? months, 10 days

Armanela J., daughter of H. E. & Elma xe "SARGENT:Armanela J." SARGENT, died August 8, 1854, age 10 years, 11 months, 1 day

(2)  Mary J. xe "PARSONS:Mary J." PARSONS  May 3, 1840‑October 23, 1890
Lonney, son of McClen & Frances xe "SHAFFER:Lonney (m)" xe "SHAFFER:McClen" xe "SHAFFER:Frances, Mrs." SHAFFER, died April 26, 1890, age 3 months, 26 days

(2)  Malinda, wife of Alexander xe "THORN:Malinda, Mrs." THORN, born April 24, 1814; died December 10, 1893
Alexander xe "THORN:Alexander" THORN,  born May 11, 1811; died September 7, 1890

(2)  Lydia xe "WARTH:Lydia, Mrs." WARTH  1845‑1927  Mother
George W. xe "WARTH:George W." WARTH  1839‑1916  Father

(2)  Nancy Jane xe "NOBLE:Nancy Jane, Mrs." NOBLE  1864‑1936  Mother
John T. xe "NOBLE:John T." NOBLE  1865‑1928  Father

Lucinda READING,  daughter of C. & E. xe "READING:Lucinda" xe "READING:C. (m)" xe "READING:E., Mrs." READING  1848‑1892

(2)  Harriet xe "SPELLMAN:Harriet, Mrs.?" SPELLMAN  1848‑(no death date)
Charles G. xe "SPELLMAN:Charles G." SPELLMAN  1849‑1915

W. A. xe "SNYDER:W.A." SNYDER  1869‑1941

LATHEM (plot)
(2)  Elias A. xe "LATHEM:Elias A." LATHEM  1841‑1902
Addie E. xe "LATHEM:Addie E., Mrs.?" LATHEM  1843‑1924

(to left of Elias and Addie Lathem)
Stella, daughter of E. A. & A. E. xe "LATHEM:Stella" xe "LATHEM:E.A. (see Elias A. LATHEM)" xe "LATHEM:E., Mrs. (see Addie E. LATHEM)" LATHEM, died July 25, 1892, aged 18 years, 8 months, 2 days

TENNANT (plot)
(2) Delphia I. xe "TENNANT:Delphia I., Mrs.?" TENNANT  1882‑1973
Lawrence W. xe "TENNANT:Lawrence W." TENNANT  1884‑1961

Harold L. xe "TENNANT:Harold L." TENNANT  May 29, 1907‑June 11, 1936

Sylvia M. xe "TENNANT:Sylvia M., Mrs.?" TENNANT  March 15, 1919‑June 2, 1935

Catherine, wife of N. xe "POLING:Catherine, Mrs." xe "POLING:N. (m)" POLING, died December 31, 1858, age 26 years, 6 months, 21 days

Nada xe "QUAY:Nada" QUAY xe "SAMS:Nada, Mrs. (see Nada QUAY)" SAMS,  November 16, 1909‑July 6, 1930

Jessie O., son of J. H. & L. M. xe "WYANT:Jessie O. (m)" xe "WYANT:J.H. (m)" xe "WYANT:L.M., Mrs." WYANT, died November 3, 1889, age 3 years, 10 months, 2 days

Tobitha H., wife of David xe "SAYRE:Tobitha H., Mrs." xe "SAYRE:David" SAYRE died March 10, 1890, age 69 years, 10 months, 7 days

(2)  Addie E. xe "HILL:Addie E., Mrs." HILL  1845‑1926  Mother
A. F. "Mack" xe "HILL:A.F. (m)" xe "HILL:Mack (see A.F. HILL)" HILL  1852‑1927  Father

(next to A.F. and Addie Hill)
Edna G. xe "HILL:Edna G." HILL, wife of H. xe "NOBLE:Edna G., Mrs. (see Edna G. HILL)" xe "NOBLE:H. (m)" NOBLE  1888‑1907

(next to Edna Hill)
Kittie, daughter of A?. & A?. xe "HILL:Kittie (f)" xe "HILL:A. (m)" xe "HILL:A., Mrs." HILL, died December 21, 1876, age 12 years, 11 months, 1 day

BLAINE (plot)
(2)  James P. xe "BLAINE:James P." BLAINE,  died August 28, 1898 age 48 years, 10 months, 26 days
Nancy A. wife of J. P. xe "BLAINE:Nancy A., Mrs." BLAINE  no dates

Bengamine (sic) E. xe "BLAINE:Bengamine E." BLAINE, died August 5, 1898, aged 22 years, 8 months, 16 days

(2)  John xe "EWING:John" EWING  July 3, 1816‑April 18, 1907
Adell Jane xe "EWING:Adell Jane, Mrs." EWING January 12, 1822‑June 21, 1905  Wife

(2)  Blanche xe "STEPHENS:Blanche, Mrs." STEPHENS  1883‑1954  Mother
John A. xe "STEPHENS:John A." STEPHENS  1877‑1928  Father

(to left of John A. and Blanche Stephens
James H. xe "STEPHENS:James H." STEPHENS  1928‑1933

(2)  Harrieta xe "KARR:Harrieta, Mrs." KARR  March 7, 1852  Mother
Joseph D. xe "KARR:Joseph D." KARR  November 3, 1855‑November 14, 1928  Father

(2)  Elenora xe "RAND:Elenora, Mrs.?" RAND  December 22, 1858‑July 19, 1935
John A. xe "RAND:John A." RAND  October 4, 1855‑November 21, 1907

(next to Williamson markers)
xe "____ :Edna C." Edna C. (no other data)

(2)  George W. xe "WILLIAMSON:George W." WILLIAMSON  1823‑1892
Unice xe "WILLIAMSON:Unice, Mrs.?" WILLIAMSON  1835‑1917

Minerva E., wife of Jacob xe "WHETHERHOLT:Minerva E., Mrs." xe "WHETHERHOLT:Jacob" WHETHERHOLT, died March 11, 1869 age 38 years, 10 days

(2)  Annie L., wife of M. M. xe "SAFREED:Annie L., Mrs." xe "SAFREED:M.M. (m)" SAFREED, died October 18, 1882 age 21 years, 6  months, 28 days
M. M. SAFREED,  died July 23, 1883, age 29 years, 11 months, 19 days

Eli P. xe "ERKINS:Eli P." ERKINS,  died June 2, 1866, age 68 years, 3 months, 20 days

G. W. xe "MC COY:G.W." MC COY,  died February 15, 1851?,  age 15 (55?) years, 8 months, 10 days

John V. xe "ROWLEY:John V." ROWLEY  died March 12, 1888, age 41 years, 5 days

Quincy Buffington, son of J. Q. & L. A. xe "ROWLEY:Quincy Buffington" xe "ROWLEY:J.Q. (m)" xe "ROWLEY:L.A., Mrs." ROWLEY March 7, 1892‑October 1, 1912

(2)  Barbara E., daughter of J. W. & S. E. xe "BALL:Barbara E." xe "BALL:J.W. (m)" xe "BALL:S.E., Mrs." BALL, born December 24, 1864; died November 12, 1899
Sarah E., wife of J. W. xe "BALL:Sarah E." BALL, born February 10, 1842; died December 18, 1920

(3)  Cora B. xe "BALL:Cora B., Mrs." BALL  1879‑1951  Mother
Wilber L. xe "BALL:Wilber L." BALL  1872‑1926  Father
Johny T. xe "BALL:Johny T." BALL  1904‑1922  Son

Calvin xe "SMITH:Calvin" SMITH, born August 11, 1853; died February 3, 1900, aged 46 years, 5 months, 22 days

(2)  William R. xe "EXLINE:William R." EXLINE  1854‑1916
Rebecca J. xe "EXLINE:Rebecca J., Mrs.?" EXLINE  1854‑(no death date)

(3)  Ruda xe "GLOVER:Ruda" GLOVER  1891‑1958
Alice xe "GLOVER:Alice" GLOVER  1856‑1928
Albert xe "GLOVER:Albert" GLOVER  1862‑1920

(2)  J. C. xe "PATTERSON:J.C." PATTERSON  1856‑1930
V. M. xe "PATTERSON:V.M., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1856‑1932

(behind J.C. and V.M. Patterson)
Julia Anne xe "PATTERSON:Julia Ann" PATTERSON  1895‑January 1932

Hezekiah xe "BARNES:Hezekiah" BARNES,  died December 20, 1891 age 81 years, 7 days

Infant Daughter xe "ROMINE:____ (f)" ROMINE  1939‑1939

RUSSELL (plot)
Calvin xe "RUSSELL:Calvin" RUSSELL  1859‑1916

William xe "RUSSELL:William" RUSSELL,  born December 15, 1832; died April 30, 1891

Lillie, daughter of George M. & M. M. xe "GILPIN:George M." xe "GILPIN:M.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Matilda M. GILPIN)" xe "GILPIN:Lillie" GILPIN, died March 4, 1889, age 20 years, 10 months, 13 days

(2)  Matilda M. xe "GILPIN:Matilda M., Mrs." GILPIN  Wife of George M. GILPIN born October 18, 1835; died August 30, 1915
George M. xe "GILPIN:George M." GILPIN, died January 10, 1889, aged 58 years, 2 months, 22 days

(2 stones together)
Mary O., wife of Robert xe "WARTH:Mary O., Mrs." xe "WARTH:Robert" WARTH,  died May 30, 1880, age 69 years, 7 months, 19 days
Robert WARTH,  died November 10, 1892, age 92 years, 10 days

(side by side)
John S. xe "BARBER:John S." BARBER,  died February 2, 1886, age 71 years, 4 months, 16 days

Bartlett xe "BARBER:Bartlett" BARBER,  died July 3, 1879 aged 21 years, 9 months

GLOVER (plot)
(3 stones, left to right)
Dora xe "OURS:Dora" OURS xe "GLOVER:Dora, Mrs. (see Dora OURS)" GLOVER  1922‑1937

Deloris Irene xe "GLOVER:Deloris Irene" GLOVER  1937‑1953

William R. "Dick" xe "GLOVER:William R." xe "GLOVER:Dick (see William R. GLOVER)" GLOVER  1885‑1917

Bennie, son of M. B. & Alice J. xe "GLOVER:Bennie" xe "GLOVER:M.B. (m)" xe "GLOVER:Alice J., Mrs." GLOVER, died February 26, 1889 age 2 months, 25 days

(2)  Sarah M. xe "GLOVER:Sarah M." GLOVER  died March 16, 1883, age 23 years, 3 months, 3 days
Catherine O. xe "PRIDDY:Catherine O." PRIDDY, died February 17, 1886, age 18 years, 5 months, 28 days

Richard xe "GLOVER:Richard" GLOVER, died November 11, 1891, age 82 years, 11 months, 20 days

Infant of F. N. & P. E. xe "WITHROW:____" xe "WITHROW:F.N. (m)" xe "WITHROW:P.E., Mrs." WITHROW  1939

Roswell xe "BEBBEE:Roswell" BEBBEE,  died February 8, 1882, age 29 years, 11 months, 8 days

(2)  Infant daughter of Moses S. & S. xe "BEBBEE:____" xe "BEBBEE:Moses S." xe "BEBBEE:S., Mrs." BEBBEE  born/died November 21, 1879
(back side of same stone)
Tamer, daughter of Moses & S. xe "BEBBEE:Tamer (f)" BEBBEE, died September 6, 1879, age 1 year, 23 days

VANNEST (plot)
Goldie M. xe "VANNEST:Goldie M., Mrs.?" VANNEST  1890‑1968

John M. xe "VANNEST:John M." VANNEST  1876‑1962

(2)  Ray L. xe "VANNEST:Ray L." VANNEST  1935‑1960 Father
Randy Lee xe "VANNEST:Randy Lee" VANNEST  April 22, 1957‑October 25, 1971

Jessie Lew xe "CLAGG:Jessie Lew" CLAGG  1912‑1961

Gary Lee xe "CLAGG:Gary Lee" CLAGG  1944‑1960

(2)  Margaret E. xe "NOBLE:Margaret E., Mrs.?" NOBLE  1901‑1967
Jasper E. xe "NOBLE:Jasper E." NOBLE  1902‑(no death date)

(Temporary marker)
William Monroe xe "WITHROW:William Monroe" WITHROW,  died March 24, 1976, age 71 years, 1 month, 12 days

Sari (sic) Ann xe "COCHRAN:Sari Ann" COCHRAN  November 7, 1961‑June 8, 1962

(2)  Orpha M. or N. xe "STALNAKER:Orpha M., Mrs." STALNAKER  October 5, 1917‑(no death date)
Charles H. xe "STALNAKER:Charles H." STALNAKER  September 11, 1912‑August 21, 1972

(2 graves together)
Ada xe "CREEL:Ada" CREEL xe "HARPOLD:Ada, Mrs. (see Ada CREEL)" HARPOLD  1892‑1971

D. C. xe "CREEL:D.C." CREEL born "3" ; died 1963 (day/month missing)

(2)  Edith F. xe "BROTHERTON:Edith F., Mrs." BROTHERTON  July 5, 1893‑October 9, 1968 married April 4, 1914
Cloyd F. xe "BROTHERTON:Cloyd F." BROTHERTON  December 21, 1892‑July 6, 1973

William F. xe "BROTHERTON:William F." BROTHERTON  West Virgina Tec5  423 Infantry WW II April 5, 1919‑January 27, 1968

James O. xe "BROTHERTON:James O." BROTHERTON  West Virginia  MM 1 USNR  WW II August 22, 1921‑March 17, 1967

James Edward xe "WOLFE:James Edward" WOLFE  December 16, 1970‑December 17, 1970

PALMER (plot left to right)
John W. xe "PALMER:John W." PALMER  1916‑1966  Husband and Father

Joseph F. xe "HARPER:Joseph F." HARPER  1881‑1960

Fred E. xe "PALMER:Fred E." PALMER  1926‑1943

(2)  Clarence H. xe "PALMER:Clarence H." PALMER  1890‑1938  Father
Beatrice E. xe "PALMER:Beatrice E., Mrs." PALMER  1892‑1972  Mother

PATTERSON (in Palmer plot, fenced)
John Clifford xe "PATTERSON:John Clifford" PATTERSON  1897‑1965

Rosettie B. xe "HAAS:Rosettie B." HAAS xe "PATTERSON:Rosettie B., Mrs. (see Rosettie B. HAAS)" PATTERSON  1894‑1958

(separate, fenced plot)
(2)  E. H. xe "WAYBRIGHT:E.H. (m)" WAYBRIGHT  1882‑1962
Canna G. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Canna G., Mrs.?" WAYBRIGHT  1883‑1927

Delgie Maxine xe "WAYBRIGHT:Delgie Maxine" WAYBRIGHT  August 28, 1918‑July 1, 1926











*Cemetery No. 29 ‑  Barley Cemetery (on the USGS map)  (Union Dist.)

The owner's son has put up a sign that has "BYERLE Cemetery."

Location: From Pleasant View, take WV Rt. 2 east .9 miles, turn south on Co. Rt. 18/1 and go 1.1 miles to a dirt track to the right of the road. Follow the trail .2 miles south to cemeter. In 19881, the cemetery was on  Clyde Vannest farm.

Condition: Recently cleared; quite open and accessible‑in good condition.

(2)  Sarah J. xe "ROWAN:Sarah J., Mrs.?" ROWAN  June 9, 1829‑(no death date)
Archibald xe "ROWAN:Archibald" ROWAN,  died March 26, 1899, age 77 years, 6 months, 25 days

Samuel M., son of A. & xe "ROWAN:A. (see Archibald ROWAN)" xe "ROWAN:S.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah J. ROWAN)" S. J. RO_ _ _ ( xe "ROWAN:Samuel M." ROWAN?),  died March 11, 1871, age 13 years, 5 days

Brady Lee, son of G. W. & Lydia xe "WARTH:Brady Lee" xe "WARTH:G.W. (m)" xe "WARTH:Lydia, Mrs." WARTH, died June 18, 1877, age 3 months, 1 day

(2)  Virginia xe "BYERLE:Virginia" BYERLE, wife of James M. xe "HARPOLD:Virginia, Mrs. (see Virginia BYERLE)" xe "HARPOLD:James M." HARPOLD  1867‑1899
Harold D.  April 7‑August 20, 1899  "Our Son"

Martha xe "BYERLE:Martha, Mrs." BYERLE  1826‑1910  Mother

Charles E., son of J.P. & S. xe "MC COY:Charles E." xe "MC COY:J.P. (m)" xe "MC COY:S., Mrs." MC COY, died March 6, 1874, age 2 years, 9 months, 18 days

(next to Charles E. McCoy)
M?are__ar_tm (?) , daughter of J. P. & S. xe "MC (f)" MC COY, died January 18, 1872, age (covered by concrete)

Elizabeth,  daughter of John & Sarah xe "MOFFIT:Elizabeth" MOFFIT  1834‑1915

John xe "MOFFIT:John" MOFFIT, died March 22, 1871, age 33 years, 3 months, 12 days

(broken stone)
Jacob, son of John & Sarah xe "MOFFIT:Jacob" MOFFIT, died age 20 years, 10 months, 15 days

Sarah, wife of John xe "MOFFIT:Sarah" MOFFIT, died January 25, 1882, age 80 years, 11 months, 18 days

John xe "MOFFIT:John" MOFFIT, died August 4, 1861, age 73 years, 4 months, 17 days.

Margaret, wife of William B. xe "CRAWFORD:William B." xe "CRAWFORD:Margaret, Mrs." CRAWFORD, died December 7, 1863 in the 25th year of her age.

Infant Son of William B. & M. xe "CRAWFORD:____ (m)" CRAWFORD, died December 5, 1863

Robt. xe "RAND:Robert, Sr." RAND Sen.,  Native of Vermont, died February 44, 1847 in the 64th year of his age

Christiana, wife of Anson A. xe "PRENTIS:Christina, Mrs." xe "PRENTIS:Anson A." PRENTIS, died November 8, 1847, in the 28th year of her age

Robert xe "RAND:Robert" RAND, died November 3, 1873, age 67 years, 3 months, 12 days

B. Rice (Brice?) son of J. & E. xe "LATHEM:B. Rice (m)" xe "LATHEM:B. Brice" xe "LATHEM:J. (m)" xe "LATHEM:E., Mrs." LATHEM, died April 3, 1861 age 3 years, 10 months

Rachel xe "BLACKBURN:Rachel" BLACKBURN, died June 11, 1852, age 17 years, 11 months, 1(9?) days

Joseph xe "BLACKBURN:Joseph" BLACKBURN,  died October? (cemented over), 9, 18(cemented over),  age (cemented) years, 4 months, 18 days.

Rebecca, wife of Joseph xe "BLACKBURN:Rebecca, Mrs." BLACKBURN, died March 23, 1868, age 73 years, 11 months, 1 day













*Cemetery No. 30 ‑  Woolley Cemetery.  (Union Dist.)

Location: From Pleasant View, take WV Rt. 2 west, 1 mi passing the north‑south intersection of WV Rt. 20 where Rt 20 turns south. Go  .4 mi on Rt. 2  to 62/5 that becomes 87/6 continue .85 mi to a dirt road, turn left (east) and go .4 mi to a house and probable end of the road. Take dirt track leading north by side of the house .25 mi to cemetery.

Condition: This cemetery is completely hidden & overgrown ‑ probably more stones buried and no way of knowing where. I only found two stones.

(2) Ralph M., son of J. & P. xe "WOOLLEY:Ralph M." xe "WOOLLEY:P., Mrs." WOOLLEY Died July? 26, 1861 age 2 months, 26 days
Infant Daughter of J. & P. xe "WOOLLEY:____ (f)" WOOLLEY  no dates

Lucy, daughter of Joseph xe "WOOLLEY:Lucy" xe "WOOLLEY:Joseph" xe "WOOLLEY:J. (m) (see Joseph WOOLLEY)" WOOLLEY died April 15, 1861, age 72 years, 7 months, 19 days















*Cemetery No. 31  Lathem Ridge Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location:  From Pleasant View, go east and north .9 miles on WV Co. Rt. 2 to Co. Rt 62/1, turn right (south) and go 1 mi to cemetery on right of road on a ridge. On Earl Harpold Farm on Lathem Ridge (c. 1968)

Condition: Overgrown.

CUSTER (plot)
R. D. xe "CUSTER:R.D. (m)" CUSTER  1860‑1941

(next to R.D. Custer)
Anna L. xe "CUSTER:Anna L., Mrs.?" CUSTER  1864‑1945

(fallen stone)
Ethel xe "CUSTER:Ethel, Mrs." CUSTER  Wife of J. A. xe "STONE:J.A. (m)" xe "STONE:____ (m)" STONE,  October 13, 1893‑July 9, 1917

Next to Ethel Custer)
Infant Son of J. A. STONE  1916

(2) Carol C. xe "STONE:Carol C." STONE xe "CUSTER:Carol C., Mrs. (see Carol C. STONE)" CUSTER  1914‑1939
George P. xe "CUSTER:George P." CUSTER  1891‑1935

(Temporary marker)
Mary Alice xe "WILSON:Mary Alice" WILSON  1874‑1968

(Temporary marker)
Nancy Ann xe "BAKER:Nancy Ann" BAKER  1904‑1974

WILSON (plot)
(fallen stone in Wilson plot; unreadable)

(2)  A. L. xe "WILSON:A.L., (m)" WILSON  1854‑1931  Father
Ann M. xe "WILSON:Ann M., Mrs." WILSON  1855‑1924  Mother

H. A.  Beloved, Son to A. L. & A. M. xe "WILSON:H.A. (m)" xe "WILSON:A.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Ann M. WILSON)" WILSON, died February 23, 1903, age 20 years, 6 months, 21 days

Clemie xe "CUSTER:Clemie" CUSTER  1874‑1934

Sarah C., daughter of William M. & H. M. xe "PRUDEN:Sarah C." xe "PRUDEN:William M." xe "PRUDEN:H.M., Mrs." PRUDEN, died September 7, 1858, age 3 years, 9 months, 22 days

Elizabeth, wife of Charles BEDDING [probably xe "READING:Elizabeth, Mrs." READING - see next entry] died July 13, 1881, age 66 years, 29 days

Charles xe "READING:Charles" READING 1819‑1890

Mary J. xe "STA___:Mary J." STA___ (broken), December 24, 1840‑July 21, 1913










*Cemetery No. 32  ‑ Stanley Cemetery  (Union Dist.)

Location:  38.9190 N. latitude and 81.7678 W. longitude
From Pleasant View go east on Route 2 to Flatswood Road. Cedar Run is on the left. At this point the cemetery, is about one third to one half mile due north. It is just along the south side of the railroad tracks which hug the banks of the Ohio river.  There may not be a road in so you might ask locally if you can walk over a small hill toward the river.
Up on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River.  Access is through the last house in the new housing section at the last brown house, through the back yard and up a trail you can't see the cemetery until you get to the swings in the man's backyard.

Condition:  Mowed.  There are only about three stones.

Philotis xe "STANLEY:Philotis" STANLEY,  Cpl Company F  4th West Virginia Cav.

(broken at top )(unreadable name) October 13, 182_, age 26 years, _ months

(2) Matilda Hannah xe "STANLEY:Matilda Hannah" STANLEY  May 12, 1826‑May 8, 1903
Hannah xe "STANLEY:Hannah" STANLEY  August 28, 1806‑February 26, 1890

Dr. D. D. xe "CASTO:Alice E., Mrs. (see Alice E. KEENAN)" xe "CASTO:D.D., Dr." CASTO  1867‑1932

Alice E. xe "KEENAN:Alice E." KEENAN,  wife of D. D. CASTO M. D.  1866‑1928

STRALEY (plot left to right)
Charles F. xe "STRALEY:Charles F." STRALEY  1856‑1922

Lucy A. xe "STRALEY:Lucy A., Mrs.?" STRALEY  1856‑1948

Mary D. xe "STRALEY:Mary D." STRALEY  1888‑1965

(2)  Charles A. xe "MC VEY:Charles A." xe "MARTIN:Lucy A., Mrs. (see Lucy A. MC VEY)" xe "MC VEY:Lucy A." MC VEY  1852‑1924  Father
Lucy A. MARTIN  1883‑1915  Daugher

James H. xe "TAYLOR:James H." TAYLOR  1852‑1926

Mary W. xe "TAYLOR:Mary W., Mrs.?" TAYLOR  1858‑1932

Charles B. xe "SNAITH:Charles B." SNAITH  WEST VIRGINIA TEC 4, 37 MIL POLICE C1 DET  WW II March 24, 1908‑April 10, 1965

HOOD (plot ‑ left to right)
Del K. xe "HOOD:Del K." HOOD  1874‑1947

Anna xe "CROW:Anna" CROW xe "HOOD:Anna, Mrs. (see Anna CROW)" HOOD  1876‑1938

Maj. Jack W. xe "WALKER:Jack W." WALKER  1912‑1952  112 INF  28th DIV. WW II  Died in Korea

on back side of stone is:
"In memory of Dixie xe "KERWOOD:Dixie" KERWOOD xe "HYSELL:Dixie, Mrs. (see Dixie KERWOOD)" HYSELL  1892‑1935"

J. W. xe "MC GINNIS:J.W." MC GINNIS  1841‑1915

STRALEY (plot)
Madalen xe "TAYLOR:Madalen" TAYLOR xe "STRALEY:Madalen, Mrs. (see Madalen TAYLOR)" STRALEY  1886‑1946

George E. xe "STRALEY:George E." STRALEY  1884‑1947

Infant Daughter of R. A. xe "LAMBIE:____ (f)" xe "LAMBIE:R.A. (m)" LAMBIE  1941

(same style stone as Straleys)
(2)  Clara xe "ARMSTRONG:Clara"ARMSTRONG xe "STARCHER:Clara, Mrs. (see Clara ARMSTRONG)" STARCHER  1874‑1938
Franklin Floyd xe "STARCHER:Franklin Floyd" STARCHER  1872‑1947

(buried stone)
Virgil S. xe "ARMSTRONG:Virgil S." ARMSTRONG  1836

(next to Virgil Armstrong)
Annie J. xe "ARMSTRONG:Annie J., Mrs.?" ARMSTRONG  1842‑1904

(two stones side by side)
Annie B. xe "ARMSTRONG:Annie B." ARMSTRONG xe "MAGUIRE:Annie B., Mrs. (see Annie B. ARMSTRONG)" MAGUIRE  1871‑1949

J. W. xe "MAGUIRE:J.W., (m)" MAGUIRE, M.D.  1853‑1927

RYMER‑CROW  (plot left to right)
Edward Daniel xe "RYMER:Edward Daniel" RYMER  1907‑1958

Eleanor D. xe "RYMER:Eleanor D., Mrs.?" RYMER  1884‑1939

Thomas E. xe "RYMER:Thomas E." RYMER M. D.  1874‑1952

(same style stone left to right )
Harry Stewart xe "ARMSTRONG:Harry Stewart" ARMSTRONG  1875‑1939

Vilette xe "CROW:Vilette" CROW xe "ARMSTRONG:Vilette, Mrs. (see Vilette CROW)" ARMSTRONG  1878‑1958

(No surnames on the markers)
xe "____:Margaret" Margaret  1906

xe "____:Marjorie" Marjorie  1911

(CROW side of family plot marker ‑ left to right)
Edna xe "BURNS:Edna" BURNS xe "CROW:Edna, Mrs. (see Edna BURNS)" CROW  1891‑1915

George B. xe "CROW:George B." CROW  1846‑1942

E. Margaret xe "CROW:E. Margaret, Mrs.?" CROW  1850‑1917

CARSON‑STAATS  (plot left to right)
Cora xe "LASHER:Cora" LASHER,  wife of A. M. xe "CARSON:Cora, Mrs. (see Cora LASHER)" xe "CARSON:A.M. (see Arthur M. CARSON)" CARSON October 8, 1857‑February 13, 1941, born at Racine, Ohio

Arthur M. xe "CARSON:Arthur M." CARSON  1849‑1925, born in Meigs Co., Ohio

Waie(?) E., M. D. son of A. M. & Cora L. xe "CARSON:Waie E. (m)" CARSON  1876‑1946, born at Racine, Ohio

Bessie xe "CARSON:Bessie" CARSON xe "STAATS:Bessie, Mrs. (see Bessie CARSON)" STAATS  1878‑1967 born at Racine, Ohio

Cornelius C. xe "STAATS:Cornelius C." STAATS 1874‑1945, born in Jackson Co.

(2)  Martha B. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Martha B., Mrs.?" CUNNINGHAM  August 4, 1888‑December 27, 1964
Okey J. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Okey J." CUNNINGHAM  November 19, 1868‑June 12, 1940

(2)  Mary E. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Mary E., Mrs." CUNNINGHAM  June 20, 1841‑March 1, 1917 Mother
Elias A. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Elias A." CUNNINGHAM  February 25, 1838‑April 10, 1925  Father

There are two stone markers for the family. One is a flower pot with "ARMSTRONG" written on the  base.
To the right of the Cunninghams is a bench with "STARCHER" written on it

(Four stones, left to right)
Ora xe "RYMER:Ora" RYMER xe "ARMSTRONG:Ora, Mrs." ARMSTRONG xe "STARCHER:Ora, Mrs. (see Ora RYMER)" STARCHER  1882‑1959

William Walter xe "ARMSTRONG:William Walter" ARMSTRONG  1870‑1931

Elizabeth xe "ARMSTRONG:Elizabeth" ARMSTRONG xe "MC GREW:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth ARMSTRONG)" MC GREW  1907‑1951

Eugene H. xe "MC GREW:Eugene H." MC GREW  1903‑1938

(In back of the head of this plot which is a little terraced piece of land is RYMER.
(2)  Allie E. xe "RYMER:Allie E., Mrs." RYMER  1840‑1911  Mother
Rev. Thomas H. xe "RYMER:Thomas H., Rev." RYMER  1842‑1925  Father
(to the left of Rymers)
Lizzie xe "YOST:Lizzie" YOST, Second wife of Rev. T. H. xe "RYMER:Lizzie, Mrs. (see Lizzie YOST)" RYMER  1860‑1936

A. Clark xe "MILLER:A. Clark" MILLER  1877‑1957

(2)  Olden O. xe "OLDHAM:Olden O." OLDHAM  1862‑1955
Lillie M. xe "OLDHAM:Lillie M., Mrs.?" OLDHAM  1880‑1966

(2)  Mary xe "HAMRICK:Mary" HAMRICK xe "SAYRE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary HAMRICK)" SAYRE  1866‑1950
Charles W. xe "SAYRE:Charles W." SAYRE  1857‑1938

(next to Mary and Charles Sayre)
Rebecca xe "SAYRE:Rebecca" SAYRE  1840‑1918

PFOST (plot)
Bess xe "MILLER:Bess" MILLER xe "PFOST:Bess, Mrs. (see Bess MILLER)" PFOST  no dates

(three stones, left to right)
Flora Lorena xe "PFOST:Flora Lorena, Mrs." PFOST  1873‑1915

H. Floyd xe "PFOST:H. Floyd" PFOST  1863‑1936

Infants of H. F. & Flora L. xe "PFOST:____" PFOST  no dates

KARR (plot)]
(2)  David D. xe "KARR:David D." KARR  October 16, 1845‑August 2, 1898
Louise F. xe "KARR:Louise F., Mrs.?" KARR  August 14, 1851‑(no death date)

to the right of Karr's is;
(2)  xe "____:Dulcie F." Dulcie F. _____ 1895, (no death dates), Wife of xe "____:Charles E." Charles E. _____  1882‑1954

RADER (plot left to right)  Marine Corp. emblem at the head of plot.
Benjamin F. xe "RADER:Benjamin F." RADER  1876‑1948

Sally xe "KARR:Sally J." KARR xe "RADER:Sally J., Mrs. (see Sally KARR)" RADER  1872‑1940

Isabel xe "RADER:Isabel" RADER  no dates (infant stone?)

Carroll K. xe "RADER:Carroll K." RADER  1915‑1955 
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
RADER, Isabel died August 12, 1903, age 7 months, 3 days, daughter of B.F. & S.J xe "RADER:S.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sally RADER)" RADER]

Willia xe "KEENAN:Willia" KEENAN xe "STARCHER:Willia, Mrs. (see Willia KEENAN)" STARCHER  December 1, 1876‑August 14, 1953  Mother

Samuel G. xe "STARCHER:Samuel G." STARCHER  May 23, 1874‑February 08, 1947  Father

STARCHER (plot in direct line with Starcher plots)
(three stones, left to right)
Gwendolen Lorene xe "STARCHER:Gwendolen Lorene" STARCHER 1904‑1911

Homer George xe "STARCHER:Homer George" STARCHER 1876‑1933

Maymie xe "CROW:Maymie" CROW xe "STARCHER:Maymie, Mrs. (see Maymie CROW)" STARCHER 1879‑1963

Edna xe "ARMSTRONG:Edna" ARMSTRONG xe "STARCHER:Edna, Mrs. (see Edna ARMSTRONG)" STARCHER  1872‑1929

Charles Wesley xe "STARCHER:Charles Wesley" STARCHER  1867‑1947

Phyllis xe "SYDNOR:Phyllis" SYDNOR  1897‑1930

In corner of same plot is:
Tracy xe "THOMPSON:Tracy (f)" THOMPSON xe "STARCHER:Tracy, Mrs. (see Tracy THOMPSON)" STARCHER  1902‑1967

W. M. xe "FISHER:W.M. (m)" FISHER  1857‑1902
Isa xe "FISHER:Isa" FISHER xe "BENNETT:Isa, Mrs. (see Isa FISHER)" BENNETT  1859‑1943

(below Isa Fisher Bennett)
BENNET‑BURKE (plot left to right)
Keath xe "BENNET:Keath" BENNET  1910‑(no death date)

Billie xe "BURKE:Billie (f)" BURKE xe "BENNET:Billie, Mrs. (see Billie BURKE)" BENNET  1920‑(no death date)

Thomas E. xe "BURKE:Thomas E." BURKE  1884‑1961

Tessie xe "CARNEY:Tessie" CARNEY xe "BURKE:Tessie, Mrs. (see Tessie CARNEY)" BURKE  1884‑1960

in back of the plot is:
(2) Mary Louise xe "CARNEY:Mary Louise, Mrs.?" CARNEY  1861‑1936
J. F. "Jeff" xe "CARNEY:J.F. (m)" xe "CARNEY:Jeff (see J.F. CARNEY)" CARNEY  1862‑1941

back of plot is;
Thomas W. xe "BURKE:Thomas W." BURKE  1912‑1912

Charles R. xe "PROGLER:Charles R." PROGLER  April 27, 1908‑September 22, 1975

(2)  Robert Newton xe "MATHES:Robert Newton" MATHES  1845‑1933
Mary M. xe "RIPLEY:Mary M." RIPLEY xe "MATHES:Mary M., Mrs. (see Mary M. RIPLEY)" MATHES  1846‑1915

Alfred xe "WALTERS:Alfred" WALTERS  1857‑1910  Father

D. E. xe "KIDD:D.E. (f)" KIDD  Wife of Alfred xe "WALTERS:D.E., Mrs. (see D.E. KIDD)" WALTERS  1836‑1926  Mother

(left to right)
Anna M. xe "WALTERS:Anna M., Mrs." WALTERS  1878‑1918

Alfred J. xe "WALTERS:Alfred J." WALTERS  1870‑1946

(side by side; left to right)
Kizzie J. xe "WALTERS:Kizzie J." WALTERS  1874‑1953

Nancy xe "CLINE:Nancy" CLINE  1836‑1915

(Four stones left to right)
Virginia Louise xe "KEENAN:Virginia Louise, Mrs.?" KEENAN  1908‑1913

William Dudley xe "KEENAN:William Dudley" KEENAN  1905‑1913

Susanna xe "CROW:Susanna" CROW xe "KEENAN:Susanna, Mrs. (see Susanna CROW)" KEENAN  1882‑1952

Warren Allen xe "KEENAN:Warren Allen" KEENAN  1882‑1932

(other side of the plot)
Lockwood DANA  1890‑1966

LOCKWOOD Nye xe "DANA:Lockwood Nye" DANA  OHIO Sfc  CO. A CAMP SUP DET QMC  WW I December 11, 1890‑August 8, 1966 (The American Legion marker is below the military marker)

(To the right of Lockwood Dana is):
William xe "CROW:William" CROW  1836‑1924

Louise S. xe "CROW:Louise S., Mrs.?" CROW  1863‑1951

Everett E. xe "STARCHER:Everett E." STARCHER  1857‑1941  Father

Josie xe "STARCHER:Josie, Mrs.?" STARCHER  1866‑1914  Mother

(at end of plot)
Josephine Ruth, daughter of W. P. & Goldie xe "STARCHER:Goldie, Mrs." xe "STARCHER:W.P. (m)" xe "STARCHER:Josephine Ruth" STARCHER February 19, 1916‑September 25, 1916

Keith Hill, son of W. P. & Goldie xe "STARCHER:Keith Hill" STARCHER,  July 21, 1930‑February 9, 1931

(possibly in the same plot)
William xe "PAUL:William" PAUL  April 2, 1882‑February 12, 1954

(2)  James A. xe "ARMSTRONG:James A." ARMSTRONG  January 7, 1843‑July 17, 1907
Louisa M. xe "ARMSTRONG:Louisa M., Mrs.?" ARMSTRONG  November 29, 1857‑(no death date)

(2)  Susan V. xe "GILLIAN:Susan V., Mrs.?" GILLIAN  1862‑1949
Charles W. xe "GILLIAN:Charles W." GILLIAN  1861‑1910

(to right of Charles and Susan Gilian)
Ruth xe "HUGHES:Ruth" HUGHES xe "GILLIAN:Ruth, Mrs. (see Ruth HUGHES)" GILLIAN  10‑16‑1909‑ 10‑31‑1968

Charles E. xe "GILLIAN:Charles E." GILLIAN  WEST VIRGINIA Pfc  US ARMY WW I January 21, 1893‑August 25, 1968

(two stones side by side)
Margaret C. xe "MC KOWN:Margaret C., Mrs.?" MC KOWN  1849‑1946

James W. xe "MC KOWN:James W." MC KOWN  1833‑1921

(2)  Walter K. xe "SCOTT:Walter K." SCOTT  1894‑1918  "My Son"
Margaret K. xe "SCOTT:Margaret K., Mrs." SCOTT  1855‑1936

(2)  James xe "CONLEY:James" CONLEY  1858‑1939  Husband
Viola xe "CONLEY:Viola, Mrs." CONLEY  1870‑1959  Wife

(2)  Claude xe "HAYNES:Claude" HAYNES  1892‑1963
Cora xe "HAYNES:Cora, Mrs.?" HAYNES  1893‑1972

BOWEN (Square Tower marker)
(3) Josiah B. xe "BOWEN:Josiah B." BOWEN  1830‑1909  Father
Samuel M., son of J. B. & M. E. xe "BOWEN:Samuel M." xe "BOWEN:J.B. (See Josiah B. BOWEN)" xe "BOWEN:M.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary E. BOWEN)" BOWEN  1879‑1899
Mary E. xe "BOWEN:Mary E., Mrs." BOWEN  1843‑1923  Mother

TAYLOR (plot)
(concrete curb around the plot)
(2)  Alice N. xe "TAYLOR:Alice N., Mrs.?" TAYLOR  1856‑1931  Mother
William M. xe "TAYLOR:William M." TAYLOR  1845‑1917

(in back of plot is ):
Rufus Oren xe "TAYLOR:Rufus Oren" TAYLOR  1895‑1918 BASE HOSPITAL No. 24"

(2) Elizabeth xe "LYON:Elizabeth" LYON, wife of James D. xe "STARCHER:James D." xe "STARCHER:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth LYON)" STARCHER  1868‑1922
Donald G., son of M. Elizabeth & James D. xe "STARCHER:Donald G." STARCHER  1900‑1915

(2 stones side by side)
Samuel B. xe "GREER:Samuel B." GREER  1841‑1906  Father

Ellen M. xe "GREER:Ellen M., Mrs." GREER  1852‑1912  Mother

(RYMER) (plot)
John Flemin xe "RYMER:John Flemin" RYMER  1878‑1951

Mildred xe "RYMER:Mildred" RYMER xe "BLAKE:Mildred, Mrs. (see Mildred RYMER)" BLAKE  1906‑1931

Cornelia xe "GABBERT:Cornelia" GABBERT xe "RYMER:Cornelia, Mrs. (see Cornelia GABBERT)" RYMER  1880‑1931

over to side is;
John Maxin xe "RYMER:John Maxin" RYMER March 28‑30, 1905

JEWELL (plot)
(2)  Dollie P., April 18, 1886‑May 28, 1916,  wife of C. L. xe "JEWELL:Dollie P., Mrs." JEWELL
C. L. xe "JEWELL:C.L. (m)" JEWELL  1878‑1924

Jessie B., daughter of J. H. & M. A. xe "JEWELL:Jessie B." xe "JEWELL:J.H. (See John H. JEWELL)" xe "JEWELL:M.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Miriam A. JEWELL)" JEWELL, died March 2, 1899 age 2 years, 1 month, 1 day

(2)  Miriam A. xe "JEWELL:Miriam A., Mrs." JEWELL  July 18, 1849‑February 21, 1904  Mother
John H. xe "JEWELL:John H." JEWELL  December 12, 1851‑May 28, 1936  Father

Elmiria C., second wife of J. H. xe "JEWELL:Elmiria C., Mrs." JEWELL  1849‑1929

Thomas Edmund Ignatius xe "O'DONNELL:Thomas Edmund Ignatius" O'DONNELL  August 9, 1900‑October 31, 1968

CANEY (plot left to right)
Doyle Gregory HENDERSHOT  1948
(to right of Doyle Hendershot)
Geneva HALL CARNEY  1883‑1925
Brooks CARNEY  1922
Adaline CARNEY  1913‑1915

Hollis H. KING  1883‑1952

(2) John T. xe "GABBERT:John T." GABBERT  1858‑1934
Lou Ella xe "GABBERT:Lou Ella, Mrs.?" GABBERT  1863‑1937

Marshall C. xe "ARCHER:Marshall C." ARCHER  1865‑1944

Myrtle R. xe "ARCHER:Myrtle R., Mrs." ARCHER  Wife of M. C. ARCHER  1876‑1951       BACK TO INDEX

(below Marshall and Myrtle Archer are 6 stones):
Infant xe "ARCHER:____ (m)" ARCHER Son 1916

William Howard xe "ARCHER:William Howard" ARCHER  1910‑1911

Minnie xe "ARCHER:Minnie" ARCHER  1906‑1909

John xe "ARCHER:John" ARCHER  1904‑1905

Infant xe "ARCHER:____ (f)" ARCHER 1901  Daughter

Infant ARCHER 1897  Daughter          BACK TO INDEX

George W. xe "ARMSTRONG:George W." ARMSTRONG  1843‑1909

Cora Anne xe "ARMSTRONG:Cora Anne, Mrs.?" ARMSTRONG  1856‑1921

Mary A. xe "ARMSTRONG:Mary A." ARMSTRONG  1881‑1971

KNAPP (plot)
James D. xe "KNAPP:James D." KNAPP  1863‑1912

(back of James Knapp)
Ruth xe "KNAPP:Ruth" KNAPP xe "HILL:Ruth, Mrs. (see Ruth KNAPP)" HILL  1911‑1965

Adelbert xe "FREY:Adelbert" FREY  July 1‑18, 1900

FREY (plot left to right )
Adelbert, July 1 to 18 (lived 18 days) 1900

Lolita xe "FREY:Lolita" FREY xe "HOGSETT:Lolita, Mrs. (see Lolita FREY)" HOGSETT  1884‑1908

Mary K. xe "FREY:Mary K., Mrs.?" FREY 1864‑1951

Beat xe "FREY:Beat (m)" FREY  1859‑1936

(next to plot marker)
Pauline xe "FREY:Pauline" FREY xe "DAVIS:Pauline, Mrs. (see Pauline FREY)" DAVIS  1888‑1961

(2)  Lillie B. xe "STONE:Lillie B., Mrs." STONE  1858‑1942
John M. xe "STONE:John M." STONE  1858‑1936

Jessie May, daughter of J. M. & Lillie B. xe "STONE:Jessie May" xe "STONE:J.M. (see John M. STONE)" STONE  1898‑1898

Infant  June 9, 1911

(different stone ‑ different cutting style, probably not related to Stone).
(five in row ‑ left to right)
Infant Son of S. W. & H. E. xe "STONE:____ (m)" STONE  1897

R. Freer, son of S. W. & H. E. xe "STONE:R. Freer (m)" STONE  1898‑1899

Hannah E. xe "SAYRE:Hannah E." SAYRE, wife of S. W. xe "STONE:Hannah E., Mrs. (see Hannah E. SAYRE)" xe "STONE:S.W. (see Solomon Wallace STONE)" xe "STONE:H.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Hannah E. STONE)" STONE  1859‑1924

Solomon Wallace xe "STONE:Solomon Wallace" STONE  1857‑1940

Emily C. xe "GOFF:Emily C." GOFF, wife of S. W. xe "STONE:Emily C., Mrs. (see Emily C. GOFF)" STONE  1867‑1936

(on back side of plot is):
Bessie xe "GILLESPIE:Bessie, Mrs. (see Bessie STONE)" GILLESPIE, daughter of S. W. & Hannah E. xe "STONE:Bessie" STONE May 31, 1892‑April 21, 1970

CONLEY (plot)
(2)  Elizabeth A. xe "CONLEY:Elizabeth A., Mrs.?" CONLEY  1871‑1947
Edward xe "CONLEY:Edward" CONLEY  1864‑1917

(to left of Edward and Elizabeth Conley)
Rosa E. xe "CONLEY:Rosa E." CONLEY  1916‑1926

HALL (plot left to right)
Mary H. xe "ENOCH:Mary H., Mrs.?" ENOCH  1881‑1966

Myrtle xe "HALL:Myrtle" HALL xe "CROW:Myrtle, Mrs. (see Myrtle HALL)" CROW  1883‑1908

Gerald Lyon xe "HALL:Gerald Lyon" HALL  1902‑1917

Iona E. xe "HALL:Iona E., Mrs.?" HALL  1887‑1965

Hazel W. xe "HALL:Hazel W., Mrs.?" HALL  1895‑1969

(on back side of plot):
John Vail xe "HALL:John Vail" HALL  1879‑1952

John G. xe "HALL:John G." HALL  1852‑1925

Sarah G. xe "HALL:Sarah G., Mrs.?" HALL  1854‑1935

O. Glen xe "HALL:O. Glen" HALL  1875‑1941

Earl B. xe "ENOCH:Earl B." ENOCH  1880‑1950

(NOTE: It appears that they put husband and wife foot to foot.
If you put them in a plot together you have, as follows:
Mary H. ENOCH foot to foot with Earl B. ENOCH. 
Glen HALL foot to foot with Myrtle HALL CROW
Gerald Lyon HALL foot to foot with Sarah G. HALL
John G. HALL foot to foot with Iona E. HALL
Hazel W. HALL foot to foot with John Vail HALL. 
It's hard to tell if they are spouses or siblings, unless you study the dates.)

Mary P. xe "WOODELL:Mary P., Mrs.?" WOODELL  1875‑1951

Joseph A. xe "WOODELL:Joseph A." WOODELL  1867‑1945

Emma xe "PRICKETT:Emma, Mrs. ?" PRICKETT  1886‑1944

Isaiah xe "PRICKETT:Isaiah" PRICKETT 1883‑1943

(The stone cuttings are similar for male and female in both pairs, so they may not be related.  However, below them, in another row, that would be directly below the Woodells, are the Pricketts again.)

Matilda xe "PRICKETT:Matilda, Mrs.?" PRICKETT  1845‑1927

Charles F. xe "PRICKETT:Charles F." PRICKETT  1844‑1908

(same stone cutting as Pricketts):
Daisy xe "HARRINGTON:Daisy" HARRINGTON  1881‑1915

Carrie K. xe "FERGUSON:Carrie K., Mrs." FERGUSON  1868‑1934  Mother

Armor W. xe "FERGUSON:Armor W. (m)" FERGUSON  1867‑1954  Father

Mary E. xe "ARMSTRONG:Mary E." ARMSTRONG  1858‑1942

Holly G. xe "ARMSTRONG:Holly G." ARMSTRONG  1852‑1929

H. F. xe "ARMSTRONG:H.F." ARMSTRONG  1877‑1932

VAIL (lot)
(2)  Joseph Bream xe "VAIL:Joseph Bream" VAIL  1893‑1960
Tinnie xe "CARNEY:Tinnie" CARNEY xe "VAIL:Tinnie, Mrs. (see Tinnie CARNEY)" VAIL  1894‑(no death date)
A Bench in the plot has "In Memory of Joe"
(on the other side left to right):
Joseph Robert xe "VAIL:Joseph Robert" VAIL  1851‑1922

Anna xe "ROBINSON:Anna" ROBINSON xe "VAIL:Anna, Mrs. (see Anna ROBINSON)" VAIL  1860‑1963

Richard Cornelius xe "VAIL:Richard Cornelius" VAIL  1886‑1916

Barta Marie xe "VAIL:Barta Marie" VAIL xe "GOODWIN:Barta Marie, Mrs. (see Barta Marie VAIL)" GOODWIN  1884‑1911

(off by itself)
Robert B. xe "LANGFORD:Robert B." LANGFORD  September 16, 1948

MATHES (plot)
William K. xe "MATHES:William K." MATHES  1916‑1924

Elizabeth xe "MC GREW:Elizabeth" MC GREW xe "MATHES:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth MC GREW)" MATHES  1875‑1954

William E. xe "MATHES:William E." MATHES  1874‑1923

R. Foster xe "MATHES:R. Foster" MATHES  1899‑1909

(2)  Kate xe "COAST:Kate, Mrs.?" COAST  1858‑1943
Geo. W. xe "COAST:George W." COAST  1858‑1935

on reverse side;
"In Memory of Artemesis xe "COAST:Artemesis" xe "COAST:Artie (see Artemesis COAST)" COAST xe "WALTERS:Artemesis, Mrs. (see Artemesis COAST)" WALTERS  1898‑1929
large footstone:   "Artie"

(5)  Floyd L. xe "STARCHER:Floyd L." STARCHER  1861‑1935
Ocie xe "STARCHER:Ocie (f)" STARCHER xe "DUDGEON:Ocie, Mrs. (see Ocie STARCHER)" DUDGEON  1893‑1973
Infant xe "STARCHER:____" STARCHER  1918
(on back side)
Mary B. xe "STARCHER:Mary B., Mrs.?" STARCHER  1843‑1928
Jacob L. xe "STARCHER:Jacob L." STARCHER  1832‑1911

(in the corner of the Starcher plot):

(2)  Richard xe "KERWOOD:Richard" KERWOOD  1832‑1916
Mary xe "STARCHER:Mary" STARCHER xe "KERWOOD:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary STARCHER)" KERWOOD  1834‑1921  Wife

(4)  Dr. W. D. xe "KIDD:W.D., Dr." KIDD  January 26, 1854‑August 20, 1897
Margaret E. xe "KIDD:Margaret E., Mrs.?" KIDD  1859‑1920
(to the side of Margaret E. Kidd)
John M. xe "PRICKETT:John M." PRICKETT  1873‑1941
(next to John Prickett)
Hallie xe "KIDD:Hallie" KIDD xe "PRICKETT:Hallie, Mrs. (see Hallie KIDD)" PRICKETT  1882‑1968

(2)  Okey J. xe "HOCKENBERRY:Okey J." HOCKENBERRY  1892‑1964
Ruth xe "HOCKENBERRY:Ruth, Mrs.?" HOCKENBERRY  1901‑1963

(left to right)
Sarah M. COW (sic?- Sarah xe "MC COWN:Sarah" MC COWN?), wife of James E. xe "BATTEN:James E." xe "BATTEN:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah MC COWN)" BATTEN 

James E. BATTEN  September 15, 1860‑June 29, 1944

Viola J. xe "BATTEN:Viola J." BATTEN, wife of William W. xe "ANDERSON:Willialm W." xe "ANDERSON:Viola J., Mrs. (see Viola J. BATTEN)" ANDERSON  May 8, 1862‑July 31, 1947

William W. xe "ANDERSON:William W." ANDERSON  September 8, 1852‑May 29, 1936

(in corner of same plot)
Phyllis Adelle, daughter of O. S. & Pauline xe "BATTEN:Phyllis Adelle" xe "BATTEN:O.S. (m)" xe "BATTEN:Pauline, Mrs." BATTEN December 25, 1922‑December 26, 1922

(2)  Nora L. xe "VAIL:Nora L., Mrs.?" VAIL  1864‑1946
Isiah F. xe "VAIL:Isiah F." VAIL  1860‑1913

(next to Isiah and Nora Vail)
Roy D. xe "VAIL:Roy D." VAIL  1889‑1973

MC GREW (plot left to right)
Jane K. xe "MC GREW:Jane K., Mrs.?" MC GREW  1853‑1910

A. W. "Gus" xe "MC GREW:A.W." xe "MC GREW:Gus (see A.W. MC GREW)" MC GREW  1853‑1939

Eugene H. xe "MC GREW:Eugene H." MC GREW  1903‑1938

Cora L. xe "MC GREW:Cora L., Mrs.?" MC GREW  1878‑1957

Hal F. xe "MC GREW:Hal F." MC GREW  1878‑1918

PARSONS (plot)
(four in row)
Everett Jr., son of E. C. & J. L. xe "PARSONS:Everett, Jr." xe "PARSONS:E.C. (see Everett C. PARSONS)" xe "PARSONS:J.L., Mrs. (see Mrs. Jessie L. PARRISH)" PARSONS  September 5‑16, 1928

Jessie L. xe "PARRISH:Jessie L." PARRISH, wife of E. C. xe "PARSONS:Jessie L., Mrs. (see Jessie L. PARRISH)" PARSONS  1889‑1934

Everett C. xe "PARSONS:Everett C." PARSONS  1892‑1963  (Masonic symbol)

Bernice E. xe "PARSONS:Bernice E." PARSONS  1908‑1965

(back side of plot ‑ two side by side)
Eola J. xe "PARSONS:Eola J., Mrs.?" PARSONS  February 13, 1874‑January 17, 1973

John F. xe "PARSONS:John F." PARSONS  December 14, 1866‑January 13, 1945

RILEY (plot left to right)
Inez xe "RILEY:Inez" RILEY xe "KEITH:Inez, Mrs. (see Inez RILEY)" KEITH  June 29, 1884‑May 14, 1905

Riley A. xe "KEITH:Riley A." KEITH  April 23, 1905‑August 23, 1905

Otmer A. xe "RILEY:Otmer A." RILEY  1876‑1906

(on other side of plot left to right)
Winifred W. xe "RILEY:Winifred W." RILEY  1881‑1962
(There is a crown for a masonic order ‑ two triangles with little mark in them and there is a crown within a crown, with a cross running down through it. Below it are letters, "K.Y.C.H.")

Laura Virginia xe "ARMSTRONG:Laura Virginia" ARMSTRONG xe "RILEY:Laura Virginia, Mrs. (see Laura Virginia ARMSTRONG)" RILEY  1855‑1932

Wm. W. xe "RILEY:William W." RILEY  1846‑1928  Co. E. 7th WV Vol. Cav.

GREER (plot, left to right)
William H. xe "PAYNE:William H." PAYNE  1830‑1916

Andasier R. xe "PAYNE:Andasier R." PAYNE  1831‑1912

Mary Virginia xe "GREER:Mary Virginia, Mrs.?" GREER  1848‑1912

William T. xe "GREER:William T." GREER  1835‑1924

(on back side of plot)
Gordon B. xe "GREER:Gordon B." GREER  1879‑1953

Andasier V. xe "GREER:Andasier" GREER  1883‑1953

(on back side of GREER plot)
Henry Progler xe "GREER:Henry Progler" GREER  1889‑1928

Julia xe "PROGELER:Julia" PROGELER xe "GREER:Julia, Mrs. (see Julia PROGELER)" GREER 1865‑1932

Daniel Webster xe "GREER:Daniel Webster" GREER  1863‑1938

KERWOOD (plot)
(2 stones side by side)
John Kenna xe "KERWOOD:John Kenna" KERWOOD  1887‑1940  (Masonic symbol)

Winnie xe "CASTO:Winnie" CASTO xe "KERWOOD:Winnia, Mrs. (see Winnie CASTO)" KERWOOD  1894‑1957

(2 stones side by side, in left hand corner of plot)
Emma xe "SHAMBLIN:Emma" SHAMBLIN xe "CASTO:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma SHAMBLIN)" CASTO  1867‑1928

Sybil E. xe "CASTO:Sybil E." CASTO  1896‑1929

(off by itself)
Lillian L. xe "PARSONS:Lillian L." PARSONS  September 24, 1909‑December 5, 1909

WITTE (plot left to right)
Marshall Edward xe "WITTE:Marshall Edward" WITTE  1893‑1972

Mamie xe "GREER:Mamie" GREER xe "WITTE:Mamie, Mrs. (see Mamie GREER)" WITTE  1895‑1958

(at side of Marshall and Minnie Whitte)
Infant Son of M. E. & M. J. xe "WITTE:____ (m)" xe "WITTE:M.E. (see Marshall Edward WITTE)" xe "WITTE:M.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mamie WITTE)" WITTE

(four stones in row)
Maggie Lee xe "BOOKIN:Maggie Lee, Mrs. (see Maggie Lee GREER)" BOOKIN nee xe "GREER:Maggie Lee" GREER  1863‑1903  Mother

(to left of Maggie Bookin)
Edith xe "BOTKIN:Edith" BOTKIN xe "CLOPP:Edith, Mrs. (see Edith BOTKIN)" CLOPP  1890‑1967

(to right of Edith Clopp)
Mamie xe "BOTKIN:Mamie" BOTKIN xe "LANTZ:Mamie, Mrs. (see Mamie BOTKIN)" LANTZ  1888‑1965

Marion Everett xe "LANTZ:Marion Everett" LANTZ  1882‑1935

WAYBRIGHT (plot - side by side)
James Otmer xe "WAYBRIGHT:James Otmer" WAYBRIGHT  1879‑1919

Lucille xe "PARSONS:Lucille" PARSONS xe "WAYBRIGHT:Lucille, Mrs. (see Lucille PARSONS)" WAYBRIGHT  1882‑1949

(off to the side)
William Oscar PARSONS  1874‑1910,  Attorney at Law

Annie A., wife of William A. xe "PARSONS:William A." xe "PARSONS:Annie A., Mrs." PARSONS  1849‑1902

Charles H. xe "LEE:Charles H." LEE  1840‑1920

Lora A. xe "LEE:Lora A., Mrs." LEE  1844‑1918

(to the side of Charles and Lora Lee)
George Guy, son of C. H. & L. A. xe "LEE:George Guy" xe "LEE:C.H. (see Charles H. LEE)" xe "LEE:L.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Lora A. LEE)" LEE  1878‑1915

(2)  Elizabeth FERGUSON, wife of John xe "FERGUSON:Elizabeth, Mrs." FERGUSON  1837‑1903
John xe "FERGUSON:John" FERGUSON  1837‑1906

(to right of John and Elizabeth Feruson)
Stella xe "FERGUSON:Stella" FERGUSON xe "PICKENS:Stella, Mrs. (see Stella FERGUSON)" PICKENS  1875‑1929

MADDOX (plot)
Ashford Dale xe "MADDOX:Ashford Dale" MADDOX  1899‑1957

Irving or Ervin Thomas xe "MADDOX:Irving" xe "MADDOX:Ervin Thomas" MADDOX  1863‑1951  Father

Ida A. xe "LEE:Ida A." LEE xe "MADDOX:Ida A., Mrs. (see Ida A. LEE)" MADDOX  1865‑1931  Mother

James Roy xe "MADDOX:James Roy" MADDOX  1888‑1949

(same plot‑ other side)
In Memory of Charles Fleau xe "MADDOX:Charles Fleau" MADDOX, DDS  1925‑1974

Mary Gail xe "KELLY:Mary Gail" KELLY  1928‑(no death date)

Children on same stone;
Charles Fleau xe "MADDOX:Charles Fleau, Jr." MADDOX II  1950
Timothy Allen xe "MADDOX:Timothy Allen" MADDOX  1955
on side of stone
xe "____:Elysa" Elysa 1951‑(no death date)
Lori xe "KELLY:Lori" KELLY  1963

His parents:
Charles Hess xe "MADDOX:Charles Hess" MADDOX, DDS 1894‑1952 (Masonic symbol),   son of Charles Hess & Ermaxe "PARSONS:Erma" PARSONS xe "MADDOX:Charles Hess" xe "MADDOX:Erma, Mrs. (see Erma PARSONS)" MADDOX

Georgia xe "BATTRELL:Georgia" BATTRELL xe "LEE:Georgia, Mrs. (see Georgia BATTRELL)" LEE  1891‑1948

Barbara xe "BATTRELL:Barbara" BATTRELL xe "STAATS:Barbara, Mrs. (see Barbara BATTRELL)" STAATS  1866‑1945  Mother

(at the head of the plot is):
Della A. xe "BATTRELL:Della A." BATTRELL  1891‑1919

J. R. xe "LESTER:J.R. (m)" LESTER  January 14, 1867‑December 8, 1927

Carrie M. xe "LESTER:Carrie M., Mrs.?" LESTER  April 27, 1871‑May 7, 1949

(at bottom of plot, left to right)
Mary H. xe "LESTER:Mary H., Mrs.?" LESTER  July 11, 1898‑March 1, 1971

Harry R. xe "LESTER:Harry R." LESTER  August 8, 1888‑November 22, 1956

STONE (plot)
(4)  Elmer Lilly xe "STONE:Elmer Lilly" STONE  1866‑1928
Jessie D. xe "STONE:Jessie D., Mrs.?" STONE  1879‑1955
Robert M. xe "STONE:Robert M." STONE  1906‑1917
(on other side)
Charles W. xe "STONE:Charles W." STONE  1909‑1964

(Temporary marker)
Rosa L. xe "RHODES:Rosa L., Mrs.?" RHODES  1899‑1965

P. F. "Pete" xe "RHODES:P.F. (m)" xe "RHODES:Pete (see P.F. RHODES)" RHODES  1891‑1957
[Comment by  Betty McIntyre: Pete Rhodes was Ripley's jailor for many years]

(left to right
Sarah R. ROUSH  1845‑1927

(2) Levi xe "ROUSH:Levi" ROUSH  1844‑1919
Sarah R. xe "ROUSH:Sarah R., Mrs.?" ROUSH  1845‑(no death date)

(2) Linnie B. xe "ROUSH:Lennie B., Mrs.?" ROUSH  1878‑1951
William F. xe "ROUSH:William F." ROUSH  1869‑1956

Elizabeth M. xe "BOARD:Elizabeth M., Mrs." BOARD, wife of C. H. xe "BOARD:C.H. (see Charles Holly BOARD)" BOARD  1873‑1929  Mother

Charles Holly xe "BOARD:Charles Holly" BOARD  1862‑1948  Father

(left to right)
Maria xe "BOWLES:Maria" BOWLES RHODES, wife of C. R. xe "RHODES:Maria, Mrs. (see Maria BOWLES)" xe "RHODES:C.R. (see Christopher R. RHODES)" RHODES  1836‑1881

Christopher R. RHODES  1829‑1920

Angeline xe "RHODES:Angeline, Mrs." RHODES, wife of C. R. RHODES  1831‑1928

Ruby Lela xe "RHODES:Ruby Lela, Mrs.?" RHODES  August 9, 1896‑November 13, 1969

James L. xe "RHODES:James L." RHODES  West Virginia Pvt  US ARMY  WW I  May 21, 1886‑May 14, 1969

OLDHAM (plot)
Joseph S. xe "OLDHAM:Joseph S." OLDHAM  1877‑1939 (Masonic symbol)

(next to Josephine Oldham)
Edna xe "MC KOWN:Edna" MC KOWN xe "OLDHAM:Edna, Mrs. (see Edna MC KOWN)" OLDHAM  1884-1969 (Star symbol)

O'BRIEN (plot)
Blanche xe "MC CRAY:Blanche" MC CRAY xe "O'BRIEN:Blanche, Mrs. (see Blanche MC CRAY)" O'BRIEN  1883‑1951

Judge W. H. xe "O'BRIEN:W.H. (m)" O'BRIEN  1857‑1932

Dora, wife of W. H. xe "O'BRIEN:Dora" O'BRIEN  1859‑1927

Charles G. xe "O'BRIEN:Charles G." O'BRIEN  1880‑1936

(back side of plot)
Callie O'BRIEN,  wife of F. H. xe "O'BRIEN:Callie, Mrs." xe "O'BRIEN:F.H. (m)" O'BRIEN  1898‑1923

(In a direct line down from Joseph & Edna Oldham is another Oldham family marker with still two more.)
O. P. xe "OLDHAM:O.P. (m)" OLDHAM  1868‑1954
(next to O.P. Oldham)
Lenna D. xe "OLDHAM:Lenna D., Mrs.?" OLDHAM  1878‑1964

(two more in same plot)
John Kennison, son of W. F. & Rachel xe "OLDHAM:John Kennison" xe "OLDHAM:W.F. (see Walter F. OLDHAM)" xe "OLDHAM:Rachel, Mrs." OLDHAM  1932‑1933

Walter F. xe "OLDHAM:Walter F." OLDHAM  Pvt CO. A 1 INF WEST VIRGINIA NG WW I December 26, 1898‑November 17, 1961

SWISHER (plot)
John T. xe "BALLENTINE:John T." BALLENTINE  March 20, 1842‑August 4, 1923

Wilma D. xe "SWISHER:Wilma D." SWISHER  1871‑1957

George W. xe "SWISHER:George W." SWISHER  1859‑1942

(on back side of plot)
Grover H. xe "CASTRUP:Grover H." CASTRUP  1893‑1954

Lucille xe "SWISHER:Lucille" SWISHER xe "CASTRUP:Lucille, Mrs. (see Lucille SWISHER)" CASTRUP  1902‑(no death date)
[Comment by  Betty McIntyre: Lucille was a teacher in the Ripley High school in 1950‑51]

HINZMAN (plot)
Gay xe "HINZMAN:Gay" HINZMAN xe "MC COY:Gay, Mrs. (see Gay HINZMAN)" MC COY  1897‑1972  (Masonic symbol)

Ira V. xe "HINZMAN:Ira V." HINZMAN  1893‑1927 (Masonic symbol)

Lida A. xe "HINZMAN:Lida A., Mrs." HINZMAN  1863‑1947  Mother

William D. xe "HINZMAN:William D." HINZMAN  1856‑1933  Father

Theodore J. xe "SAYRE:Theodore J." SAYRE  1875‑1937

Lida E. xe "HYRE:Lida E." HYRE SAYRE, wife of T. J. xe "SAYRE:Lida E., Mrs. (see Lida E. HYRE)" xe "SAYRE:T.J. (see Theodore J. SAYRE)" SAYRE  1877‑1920

(on back side)
Kenna K. xe "HYRE:Kenna K." HYRE  February 4, 1887‑March 7, 1934

Diora A. xe "HYRE:Diora A., Mrs.?" HYRE  February 4, 1856‑August 4, 1930

John A. xe "HYRE:John A." HYRE  June 1, 1850‑February 7, 1934

Rudy R. xe "HYRE:Rudy R." HYRE  October 25, 1883‑March 28, 1961

MC COWN (plot)
Grover C. xe "MC KOWN:Grover C." MC KOWN  1885‑1959  Father

Bessie B. xe "BOWLES:Bessie B." BOWLES MC KOWN,  wife of Grover C. xe "MC KOWN  :Bessie B., Mrs. (see Bessie B. BOWLES)" MC KOWN  1882‑1922  Mother

(to right of Grover and Bessie McKowen)
Frances E. xe "BOWLES:Frances E." BOWLES  1856‑1938

(2) Victor M. xe "ROLLINS:Victor M." ROLLINS  1904‑1972
Lucille M. c. (sic) xe "ROLLINS:Lucille M.C., Mrs.?" ROLLINS  1907‑(no death date)

PARSONS (plot ‑ 3 left to right)
T. I. C. xe "PARSONS:T.I.C." PARSONS,  M. D.  1858‑1929 (Masonic symbol)

Emily xe "BARNETTE:Emily" BARNETTE, wife of T. I. C. xe "PARSONS:Emily, Mrs. (see Emily BARNETE)" PARSONS,  M. D.  1863‑1948

Edith Ellen, daughter of T. I. C. & Emily E. xe "PARSONS:Emily E., Mrs." xe "PARSONS:Edith Ellen" PARSONS  1893‑1935

(on back side of plot)
Travis I. C. xe "PARSONS:Travis I.C., Jr." PARSONS, Jr.  1901‑1961 PHAR. G. (Masonic symbol)

CARSON (plot)
John Edwin xe "CARSON:John Edwin" CARSON  September 7, 1882‑December 11, 1936

Jean xe "CLIFFORD:Jean" CLIFFORD xe "CARSON:Jean, Mrs. (see Jean CLIFFORD)" CARSON  April 13, 1886‑April 6, 1966

Edwin Clifford xe "CARSON:Edwin Clifford" CARSON January 3, 1909‑October 1, 1975

(at bottom of plot)
Merle xe "CARSON:Merle (f)" CARSON xe "MC KOWN:Merle, Mrs. (see Merle CARSON)" MC KOWN  1898‑1940

(2 together left to right)
Agnes Maria xe "HENDERSON:Agnes Maria" HENDERSON xe "CARSON:Agnes Maria, Mrs. (see Agnes Maria HENDERSON)" CARSON  October 23, 1857‑June 30, 1937

William L. xe "CARSON:William L." CARSON  June 19, 1854‑April 19, 1929

WOLFE (plot)
(2) Carrie L. xe "HARRIS:Carrie L." HARRIS WOLFE  Wife of J. L. xe "WOLFE:Carrie L., Mrs. (see Carrie L. HARRIS)" xe "WOLFE:J.L. (see J. Luther WOLFE)" WOLFE  1891‑1926
Iva L. GUINN, wife of J. L. WOLFE  1882‑1920

(backside of plot)
J. Luther xe "WOLFE:J. Luther" WOLFE  ATTY  AT LAW  1875‑1933

RIFFE (plot)
(2)  Joseph Cortin xe "ROTHWELL:Joseph Cortin" ROTHWELL 1899‑(no death date)
L. Blanche xe "RIFFE:L. Blanche" RIFFE xe "ROTHWELL:L. Blanche, Mrs. (see L. Blanche RIFFE)" ROTHWELL 1904‑1967

(4 stones at other side of plot)
Rev. H. K. xe "RIFFE:H.K., Rev." RIFFE  1867‑1943  Father

Mary S. xe "RIFFE:Mary S., Mrs." RIFFE  1861‑1933  Mother

Luther B. xe "RIFFE:Luther B." RIFFE  1889‑1933  Son

Inda Ola xe "RIFFEE:Inda Ola" RIFFEE  1893‑1914  Daughter

(3 in a row left to right)
Geo. N. xe "CASTO:George N." CASTO  1865‑1936  Father

Esther C. xe "CASTO:Esther C." CASTO  1868‑1940  Mother

Everett D. xe "CASTO:Everett D." CASTO  1890‑1921

UNRUE (plot - 3 in a row, left to right)
Earli (sic) M. xe "UNRUE:Earli M., Mrs.?" UNRUE  1842‑1921

John xe "UNRUE:John" UNRUE  1836‑1923  CO. F,  1st REG. W.V.  VET. INF. VOL.

J. L. U.  1862‑1933

(backside of UNRUE plot, left to right)
Ora P. KERWOOD  1874‑(no death date)

Charlie F. xe "KERWOOD:Charlie F." KERWOOD  1866‑1930

(temporary marker)
Ora Pearl xe "KERWOOD:Ora Pearl, Mrs.?" KERWOOD  1874‑1968

(2)  Alice C. xe "YATES:Alice C., Mrs.?" YATES  1860‑1939
James L. xe "YATES:James L." YATES  1855‑1924

PARSONS (plot)
Milford xe "PARSONS:Milford" PARSONS  1890‑1944

(2)  Louvenia xe "PARSONS:Louvenia, Mrs.?" PARSONS  1854‑1932
Andrew M. xe "PARSONS:Andrew W." PARSONS  1851‑1929

(Temporary marker)
Bertha P. xe "MILLER:Bertha P." MILLER  May 19, 1977, age 84 years

Ida M. xe "BURDETTE:Ida M., Mrs." BURDETTE  April 13, 1875‑January 25, 1953  Mother

SEAMAN (plot, left to right)
Mollie E. xe "SEAMAN:Mollie E., Mrs.?" SEAMAN  1854‑1946

Jas. A. xe "SEAMAN:James A." SEAMAN  1844‑1917

(in back of Seaman plot, left to right)
Sadie C. xe "MC GREW:Sadie C., Mrs.?" MC GREW  1877‑1915

F. A. xe "MC CREW:F.A. (m)" MC CREW  1873‑1944

Emmett N. xe "MC CREW:Emmett N." MC CREW  1906‑1956

Robert K. xe "MC GREW:Robert K." MC GREW  1928

(in back of Seaman family marker, 2 rows and 4 stones, left to right)
William Allen or Alan xe "HARRISON:William Allen" xe "HARRISON:Alan" HARRISON  1853‑1942

Ella xe "HARRISON:Ella, Mrs.?" HARRISON  1861‑1930

(2nd row, right to left)
Ellen xe "CROW:Ellen" CROW  1907‑1951

Winifred xe "BUSH:Winifred" BUSH  1880‑1940

DEEM (plot)
(2)  Henry W. xe "DEEM:Henry W." DEEM  November 27, 1855‑April 16, 1915 Father

Ella xe "TIDD:Ella" TIDD xe "DEEM:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella TIDD)" DEEM  January 12, 1856‑April 4, 1936

(Temporary marker)
Julian I (initial or name ‑ cut off) xe "DEEM:Julian I." DEEM  1897‑1972  (Masonic symbol)

HOGSETT (plot)
James S. xe "HOGSETT:James S." HOGSETT  1846‑1917

Alice xe "HOGSETT:Alice, Mrs.?" HOGSETT  1853‑1937

(2)  Margurite xe "FARLEY:Margurite" FARLEY  May 1, 1917‑February 18, 1918
(on back side, same stone cutting):
Elias S. xe "RHODES:Elias S." RHODES  1869‑1917

HICKMAN (plot, left to right)
Ethel G. xe "HICKMAN:Ethel G., Mrs.?" HICKMAN  July 19, 1901‑August 7, 1960

Perry P. xe "HICKMAN:Perry P." HICKMAN  West Viginia  Pvy  QM DET. 1  REPL. DEPOT WW I September 19, 1896‑January 6, 1959

(back of plot, left to right)
Sallie B. xe "HICKMAN:Sallie B., Mrs.?" HICKMAN  1866‑1940

John H. xe "HICKMAN:John H." HICKMAN  1856‑1905

(in corner of plot)
Keith xe "HICKMAN:Keith" HICKMAN  1961

PICKENS (plot)
(2)  Bertha A. xe "BODKINS:Bertha A." BODKINS xe "PICKENS:Bertha A., Mrs. (see Bertha A. BODKINS)" PICKENS  1890‑1971
Samuel M. xe "PICKENS:Samuel M." PICKENS  1886‑1937

(to left of Samuel and Bertha)
Ira W. xe "PICKENS:Ira W." PICKENS  1914‑1964

(in back of plot)
Lodores PICKENS  1926‑1935
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
xe "PICKENS:Lodoris Hazel" PICKENS, Lodoris Hazel died June 23, 1935, age 7 years, 11 months, 23 days; daughter of S.M. & Bertha M xe "GODBEY:Bertha M." GODBEY xe "PICKENS:Bertha M., Mrs. (see Bertha M. GODBEY)" xe "PICKENS:S.M. (see Samuel M. PICKENS)" PICKENS; born WV ; died Jackson Co.]

(off by itself)
James W. xe "CASTO:James W." CASTO  "Uncle Jim"  1858‑1948

Ben H. xe "MC CUNE:Ben H." MC CUNE  West Virginia Pvt  305 AM TM 80 DIV  July 25, 1940

(2)  Ida V. xe "MC FARLAND:Ida V., Mrs.?" MC FARLAND  April 5, 1871‑September 7, 1913
David H. xe "MC FARLAND:David H." MC FARLAND January 17, 1864‑April 21, 1947











*Cemetery No. 33 Palmer Cemetery ‑ (Grant Dist.)
Listed on the USGS map without a name.

Location:  From Sherman .6 miles south on WV Rt. 2 (River road). On the left side of the road.

Condition: Fenced, with cyclone fence, mowed and in extremely good condition.

Elizabeth L., wife of Elias xe "NESSELROAD:Elias" xe "NESSELROAD:Elizabeth L., Mrs." NESSELROAD,  May 7, 1852‑July 13, 1916

Lucinda H., wife of ELias xe "NESSELROAD:Lucinda H., Mrs." NESSELROAD, died February 11, 18_0, age 39 years, 2 months, 3 days

Elias xe "NESSELROAD:Elias" NESSELROAD  February 20, 1829

William E., son of E. & E. xe "NESSELROAD:William E." xe "NESSELROAD:E. (see Elias NESSELROAD)" xe "NESSELROAD:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth L. NESSELROAD)" NESSELROAD died April 14, 1877, age 1 year, 6 months, 9 days

Children of L. V. & E. V. xe "ANDERSON:Alice" xe "ANDERSON:Ethel H." ANDERSON
Alice, died April 3, 1892, aged 1 month
Ethel H., died June 24, 1891, aged 3 months, 13 days

Carrie xe "SMITH:Carrie" SMITH  1888

(Temporary marker)
Cora V. xe "NESSELROAD:Cora V." NESSELROAD  1906‑1906

(Temporary marker)
Addie xe "NESSELROAD:Addie" NESSELROAD  1860‑1902

(Temporary marker)
Elias A. xe "NESSELROAD:Elias A." NESSELROAD  1883‑1906

(Temporary marker)
Robert xe "NESSELROAD:Robert" NESSELROAD  1895‑1896

(some fallen stones)
John L. xe "NESSELROAD:John L." NESSELROAD  1906‑1906

David M. xe "NESSELROAD:David M." NESSELROAD  1861‑1931

Jennie E. xe "CONNER:Jennie E." CONNER  1891‑1918

BUNNER (plot)
(2)  J. A. xe "BUNNER:J.A., Sr." BUNNER, Sr.  1858‑1934  Grandfather
Nancy xe "LITTLE:Nancy" LITTLE xe "BUNNER:Nancy, Mrs. (see Nancy LITTLE)" BUNNER  1863‑1912  Grandmother

Sarah I., daughter of J. A. & N. xe "BUNNER:Sarah I." xe "BUNNER:N., Mrs. (see Mrs. Nancy BUNNER)" BUNNER, born October 4, 1889; died September 15, 1890, aged 11 months, 11 days

(next to Sarah I. Bunner)
Helen C., daughter of J. A. & N. A. xe "BUNNER:Helen C." BUNNER November 06, 1897‑December 23, 1899

(2)  Lawrence W., son of John & Anna xe "PALMER:Anna, Mrs." xe "PALMER:Lawrence W." xe "PALMER:John" PALMER June 9, 1892‑July 28, 1918 55th Co. Provisional Receiving Battalion, 155th Depot Brigade Lost from Ship Duc. D'Aosta

Son of J. & L. xe "PRESTON:____ (m)" xe "PRESTON:J. (m)" xe "PRESTON:L., Mrs." PRESTON,  died September 22, 1887, age 3 years, 2 days

Marjorie Alice xe "BUNNER:Marjorie Alice" BUNNER  December 10, 1920  Sister

Paul Randolph xe "BUNNER:Paul Randolph" BUNNER  February 6, 1916  Brother

Nona xe "COZART:Nona" COZART xe "BUNNER:Nona, Mrs. (see Nona COZART)" BUNNER  1885‑1923  Mother

PALMER (plot)
Elias xe "PALMER:Elias" PALMER,  Co. F  4th West Virginia CAV.

Lena May, daughter of S. H. & S. P. PALMER, died July 7, 1909, age 2 years, 7 months

(3 stones left to right)
Richard xe "PALMER:Richard" PALMER  1912‑1947

Samuel H. xe "PALMER:Samuel H." PALMER  1869‑1933

Estelle xe "PALMER:Estelle, Mrs.?" PALMER  1872‑1921

In Memory of Myrtle xe "FLYNN:Myrtle" FLYNN xe "WESTFALL:Myrtle, Mrs. (see Myrtle FLYNN)" WESTFALL  1875‑1906  Erected by E. H. FLYNN

(betwen Herbert and Susan Palmers)
Ella, wife of John P. xe "CLIFF:John P." xe "CLIFF:Ella, Mrs." CLIFF  January 4, 1864‑August 2, 1902

Herbert xe "PALMER:Herbert" PALMER,  died October 27, 1890, born Manchester, New Hampshire, age 69 years, 10 months, 7 days

Susan, wife of Herbert xe "PALMER:Susan, Mrs." PALMER died March 25, 1824, age 46 years, 7 months, 25 days.
[NOTE:  There is something is wrong with the death dates, either his or hers, probably hers. Compare her death date with the birth dates of her children below.]

Emma C. PALMER,  daughter of H. & S. xe "PALMER:Emma C." xe "PALMER:H. (see Herbert PALMER)" xe "PALMER:S., Mrs. (see Mrs. Susan PALMER)" PALMER, died March 16, 1848, age 11 days

Sarah J., daughter of H. & S. xe "PALMER:Sarah J." PALMER, died November 6, 1866 age 11 years, 10 months, 2 days

Elles (sic- Elias) xe "NESSELROAD:Elias" NESSELROAD,  died March 30, 1898, age 91 years, 4 months, 29 days

Sophrona, daughter of Elias & Lucinda xe "NESSELROAD:Sophrona" xe "NESSELROAD:Lucinda, Mrs." NESSELROAD,  died April 12, 1864 age 4 months, 10 days

John,  son of Ellis & & Hannah xe "NESSELROAD:John" xe "NESSELROAD:Hannah, Mrs." NESSELROAD, died August 3, 1838, age 1 month, 20 days

Susan M. or H., daughter of either Thomas or Ellis (sic- Elias) & Lucinda xe "NESSELROAD:Susan M." xe "NESSELROAD:Susan H." xe "NESSELROAD:George W." NESSELROAD, died December 21, 1851, age 11 months, 1 day

(in the row with Nesselroads)
George W., son of (unreadable)

(Temporary marker)
Ruby M. xe "PALMER:Ruby M." PALMER  1916‑1932

(Temporary marker)
Lura Mae xe "PALMER:Lura Mae, Mrs.?" PALMER  1895‑1924

Russell W. xe "PALMER:Russell W." PALMER  1889‑1951

(Temporary marker)
Infant xe "PALMER:____" PALMER  1923‑1923

____ PALMER d. ___ 1850  Daughter

Alveretta, daughter of E. & H.E. xe "PALMER:Alveretta" xe "PALMER:E. (m)" xe "PALMER:H.E., Mrs." PALMER died July 9, 18_6, age 6?, 2 months, 1 day
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
xe "PALMER:Alice" PALMER, Alice, died July 9, 1876, age 1 year, 4 months, daughter of E. & H. PALMER]