Cemetery Readings Made in the Summers of 1977 and 1978

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No. 34 DeBussey Cemetery ‑ on private property (Grant Dist.)
No. 35 Silverton Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)
No. 36 Hawk Cemetery  (Ravenswood Dist.)
No. 37 Cemetery in Silverton (Ravenswood Dist.)
No. 38 Beckwith Cemetery  (Ravenswood Dist.)
No. 39 Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)
No. 40 Flatwoods Cemetery  (Union Dist.)
No. 41 Flinn Cemetery  (Grant Dist.)
No. 42 Red Brush Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
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*Cemetery No. 34 ‑ DeBussey Cemetery ‑ on private property (Grant Dist.)

Location: From Sherman 1.6 miles south on WV Rt. 2 (River Road). Turn left onto a dirt road (now Rt. 68?). The cemetery entrance is to the right. On private property.

Condition: Fenced, but completely overgrown.

Sarah, daughter of R. A. & C. E. xe "DE BUSEY:Sarah" xe "DE BUSEY:R.A. (see Robert A. DE BUSSEY)" xe "DE BUSSEY:C.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Catherine DE BUSSEY)" DE BUSEY, died June 28, 1889, age 14 years, 10 months, 12 days

(2)  Catherine xe "DE BUSSEY:Catherine, Mrs." DE BUSSEY  1845‑1932  Mother
Robert A. xe "DE BUSSEY:Robert A." DE BUSSEY  1834‑1922  Father Co. F  4th West Virginia Infantry

In Memory of Johny xe "DE BUSSEY:Johny" DE BUSSEY died Janaury 22, 1865, age 21 years, 5 months, 8 days

Thomas xe "DE BUSSEY:Thomas" DE BUSSEY, son of (unreadable), born March 9, 1808; died September 7, 1855

Sarah H?., wife of Thomas xe "DE BUSSEY:Sarah H., Mrs." DE BUSSEY, born London, England October 20, 1(7?)99; died February 2, 18_7
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
DE BUSSEY, Sarah died February 2, 1876, age 67 years]

Henrietta Virginia, daughter of Thomas & Sarah xe "DE BUSSEY:Henrietta Virginia" DE BUSSEY, born July 21, 1850; died February 17, 1877

George D., (son of?) H. C. & H. xe "MADDOX:George D." xe "MADDOX:H.C. (m)" xe "MADDOX:H., Mrs." MADDOX died July _, 1877 age 10 years, _, 27 days

Manda K. BEACH, wife of A. xe "BEACH:A. (m)" xe "BEACH:Manda K., Mrs." BEACH, died June 1891 age 24 years, 3 months

(3)  Samuel KNOX  March 2, 1838‑August 1, 1907
Priscilla H., wife of S. B. KNOX July 21, 1850‑October 4, 1901
Samuel B. xe "KNOX:Priscilla H., Mrs." xe "KNOX:Samuel B." xe "KNOX:S.B., (m) (see Samuel B. KNOX)" KNOX,  Co. K  6th West Virginia CAV.











*Cemetery No. 35  Silverton Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From I‑77, exit at Silverton, go west on WV Rt. 56 .2 miles, turn left on 33/3 in Silverton. Cemetery is on the right.

(2)  Brannon L. xe "DOW:Brannon L." DOW  1847‑1917
Mary E. xe "DOW:Mary E., Mrs.?" DOW  1847‑1936

Edwin J. xe "MC MURRAY:Edwin J." MC MURRAY  April 16, 1870‑April 10, 1918

R. J. "Ray" xe "MC MURRAY:R.J." xe "MC MURRAY:Ray (see R.J. MC MURRAY)" MC MURRAY  1918‑1939

Jasper D. xe "MC MURRAY:Jasper D." MC MURRAY  1881‑1957

Daniel H. xe "TEMPLETON:Daniel H." TEMPLETON  1856‑1934

(stones together)
Donald S. xe "VANKIRK:Donald S." VANKIRK  1940‑1941

Robert xe "VANKIRK:Robert" VANKIRK  1927‑1942

(2) John A. xe "CAYTON:John A." CAYTON  May 9, 1830‑August 8, 1909  Father Pvt. Co. G,  3rd West Virginia RB9

Catherine xe "CAYTON:Catherine, Mrs." CAYTON  July 26, 1844‑March 30, 1932  Mother

(to left of John and Catherine Cayton)
Infant Daughter of Theo. & Bessie xe "SUCK:____ (f)" xe "SUCK:Theodore" xe "SUCK:Bessie, Mrs." SUCK  September 13, 1913

KIEFFER (plot, left to right)
(4)  Barnum KIEFFER,  son of J. & R. xe "KIEFFER:Barnum" xe "KIEFFER:John W." xe "KIEFFER:John" xe "KIEFFER:Sarah E., Mrs." xe "KIEFFER:R., Mrs." KIEFFER   April 6, 1884‑June 25, 1958
John W. KIEFFER, son of J. & R. KIEFFER  July 20, 1885‑November 28, 1906
John KIEFFER 1856‑1921  Father
Sarah E. KIEFFER  1859‑1915  Mother

In Memory of William L. xe "KIEFFER:William L." KIEFFER  1899‑1932

(2)  Nellie M. xe "CARMICHAEL:Nellie M., Mrs.?" CARMICHAEL  1879‑1934
Harry L. xe "CARMICHAEL:Harry L." CARMICHAEL  1882‑1968

(in front of Harry and Nellie Carmichael)
Monnie E. xe "CARMICHAEL:Monnie E. (m)" CARMICHAEL  1892‑1939

(to right of Monnie Carmichael)
Elfra B. xe "CARMICHAEL:Elfra B., Mrs.?" CARMICHAEL  1894‑1971

Phillis M., daughter of H. L. &  N.M. xe "CARMICHAEL:Phillis M." xe "CARMICHAEL:H.L. (see Harry L. CARMICHAEL)" xe "CARMICHAEL:N.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Nellie M. CARMICHAEL)" CARMICHAEL  1920‑1924

JOHNSON (plot)
(2)  Alice A. xe "JOHNSON:Alice A., Mrs." JOHNSON  December 9, 1830‑December 9, 1921  Mother
Garret xe "JOHNSON:Garret" JOHNSON  January 7, 1812‑March 29, 1964  Father

(to left of Garret and Alice Johnson)
Opal L. xe "JACKSON:Opal L." JACKSON  1900‑1945

W. Pearl xe "JOHNSON:W. Pearl" JOHNSON  1886‑1947

(at back of plot)
(2) Frank G. xe "JOHNSON:Frank G." JOHNSON  1861‑1932
Virginia C. xe "JOHNSON:Virginia C., Mrs." JOHNSON  1861‑1946

Ingoby L., daughter of F. G. & V. C. xe "JOHNSON:Ingoby L. (f)" xe "JOHNSON:F.G. (see Frank G. JOHNSON)" xe "JOHNSON:V.C., Mrs. (see Mrs. Virginia C. JOHNSON)" JOHNSON, born November 13, 1897; died October 31, 1921

(2)  W. W. xe "SHOCKEY:W.W." SHOCKEY  August 7, 1859‑August 25, 1908
N. L. SHOCKEY  xe "May:N.L., Mrs.?" May 24, 1865‑(no death date)

Nannie E. xe "CARMICHAEL:Nannie E." CARMICHAEL xe "SUCK:Nannie E., Mrs. (see Nannie E. CARMICHAEL)" SUCK  1886‑1968

Wife of Edwin F. xe "SUCK:Edwin F." SUCK  1887‑1957

(2)  Catherine xe "SUCK:Sarah E., Mrs." SUCK  1850‑1917  Mother
A. xe "SUCK:A. (m)" SUCK  1846‑1919  Father

Sarah E. xe "CURRY:Sarah E., Mrs." CURRY  April 8, 1861‑March 3, 1921  Mother

Ephriam xe "CURRY:Ephraim" CURRY August 14, 1858‑September 22, 1933  Father











*Cemetery No. 36 ‑  Hawk Cemetery  (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Wilding, go south 1 mile on 3/6, to a fork of 3/6 and an unmarked road forking to the left. Follow unmarked road .2 mile to another fork to left for .1 mile. Cemetery is on the right. The approach from Crow Summit north on 33/8 was not passable in 1977.

Condition: Open pasture above an old abandoned farm. Poorly fenced with cows in grave yard.

Adam xe "HAWK:Adam" HAWK  1838‑1911  Father

Margaret xe "HAWK:Margaret, Mrs." HAWK  1847‑1914  Mother

(3 other stones, broken off ‑ unreadable)

(fallen stone)
Dela V., daughter of C. B. & M. A. xe "WILLIAMS:Dela V." xe "WILLIAMS:C.B. (m)" xe "WILLIAMS:M.A., Mrs." WILLIAMS October 21, 1896‑July 17, 1897










*Cemetery No. 37 ‑ Cemetery in Silverton (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Silverton at Sandy Creek, take 33/3 south to intersection of 33/3 and a dirt road. The cemetery is at this intersection.

Condition: Fenced on 3 sides; fairly well mowed and layed out in rows.

E. Owens xe "RECTOR:R. Owens" RECTOR  1928

(2 stones together)
Margaret J. xe "NELSON:Margaret J." NELSON  1856‑1942

Nellie M. xe "BYERS:Nellie M." BYERS  1903‑1923

John N. xe "PERRY:John N." PERRY  1855‑1942

Charlotte Ann xe "PERRY:Charlotte Ann, Mrs.?" PERRY  1869‑1941

George H., son of H. & C. S. xe "SCHRABE:George H." xe "SCHRABE:H. (m)" xe "SCHRABE:C.S., Mrs." SCHRABE, born February 21, 1891; died March _, 1897

(2)  Arretha xe "STANLEY:Arretha, Mrs.?" STANLEY  1863‑1928
Octaves xe "STANLEY:Octaves (m)" STANLEY  March 10, 1861‑October 19, 1909

(2)  Calvin xe "PICKENS:Calvin" PICKENS  1848‑1906
Martha xe "PICKENS:Martha, Mrs.?" PICKENS  Died 1916

Lora xe "DAVIS:Lora" DAVIS June 26, 1880‑July 22, 1892

Alodia ABBOTT,  daughter of J. & J. xe "ABBOTT:Alodia (f)" xe "ABBOTT:J. (m)" xe "ABBOTT:J., Mrs." ABBOTT, died October 10, 1894, age 2 years, 3 months, 22 days

PERRY (plot)
(2)  Samuel P. xe "PERRY:Samuel P." PERRY  1822‑1902
Elizabeth xe "PERRY:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" PERRY  1832‑1910

(next to Samuel and Elizabeth Perry
Nelson F. xe "PERRY:Nelson F." PERRY  1872‑1911

(3 to left of Nelson Perry)
William PERRY son of S. P. & E. xe "PERRY:William" xe "PERRY:S.P. (see Samuel P. PERRY)" xe "PERRY:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth PERRY)" PERRY  1863‑1886

Ellen xe "WARD:Ellen" WARD, daughter of S. P. & E. xe "PERRY:Ellen, Mrs. (see Ellen WARD)" PERRY  1857‑1888

Wilda, daughter of Ellen xe "WARD:Wilda" WARD, age 5 months

Charles D. PERRY, son of J. O. & _ xe "PERRY:Charles D." xe "PERRY:J.O. (m)" PERRY born November 5, 1902; died  August 26, 1904

William A.O., son of E. & I. A. xe "JONES:William A.O." xe "JONES:E. (m)" xe "JONES:I.A., Mrs." JONES, died February 7, 1871, aged 1 month, 13 days

G. H. xe "WETZEL:G.H." WETZEL,  died January 30, 1822, age 54 years, 1 month, 16 days

(2)  William R. xe "COOK:William R." COOK  July 30, 1840‑January 31, 1905
Louisa xe "COOK:Louisa, Mrs.?" COOK  April 25, 1852‑January 28, 1938  Wife

Lloyd xe "MERCER:Lloyd" MERCER,  died May 27, 1897, age 35 years, 11 months, 6 days

Allie xe "LLOYD:Allie (f)" LLOYD xe "COE:Allie, Mrs. (see Allie LLOYD)" COE  1866‑1929

(next to Allie Coe)
Nemiah S. xe "LLOYD:Nemiah S." LLOYD  May 3, 1832‑July 31, 1896

Harriet xe "LLOYD:Harriet, Mrs." LLOYD,  wife of N. S. xe "LLOYD:N.S. (see Nemiah S. LLOYD)" LLOYD,  July 11, 1841‑April 5, 1910  Mother

(2)  Minerva E. xe "COOK:Minerva E., Mrs.?" COOK  September 7, 1850‑February 21, 1927
Thomas H. xe "COOK:Thomas H." COOK  July 23, 1844‑April 19, 1911 34th REGT Co. D, VA CAV

Lawrence, son of J. L. & A. M. xe "STANLEY:Lawrence" STANLEY  1940

(2)  James S. xe "STANLEY:James S." STANLEY  1901‑1904
Georgia D. xe "STANLEY:Georgia D." STANLEY  1908‑1909

(2)  Andrew xe "ANDERSON:Mary, Mrs." xe "ANDERSON:Andrew" ANDERSON,  died April 20, 1874, age 70 years, 3 months, 19 days
Mary, wife of Andrew ANDERSON, died December 29, 1873, age 66 years, 5 months, 4 days

(2) Lora L. xe "HENDERSHOT:Lora L., Mrs.?" HENDERSHOT  1894‑1974
Samie L. xe "HENDERSHOT:Samie L." HENDERSHOT  1890‑1959

(2)  G. D. "Lafe" xe "PARSONS:G.D. (m)" xe "PARSONS:Lafe (see G.D. PARSONS)" PARSONS  1870‑1953  Brother
Azilpha xe "PARSONS:Azilpha (f)" PARSONS  1865‑1943  Sister

Nancy E. xe "MILAM:Nancy E." MILAM xe "PARSONS:Nancy E., Mrs. (see Nancy E. MILAM)" PARSONS, wife of George W. PARSONS April 28, 1838‑April 5, 1923  Mother

Mona Rama, daughter of R. B. & M. C. xe "PICKENS:Mona Rema" xe "PICKENS:R.B. (m)" xe "PICKENS:M.C., Mrs." PICKENS died June 5, 1899, age 3 months, 29 days

Sons of R. B. & M. C. PICKENS
Ruben B. xe "PICKENS:Ruben B." PICKENS  1893‑1894
Elias B. xe "PICKENS:Elias B." PICKENS  1895‑1896

(2)  William B. xe "PICKENS:William B." PICKENS  1824‑1904
Melissa J. xe "PICKENS:Melissa J." PICKENS  1850‑1918  Daughter

(2)  Charles A. xe "CARPER:Charles A." CARPER  December 13, 1872‑October 29, 1905
Nancy E. xe "CARPER:Nancy E., Mrs." CARPER  January 1, 1874‑October 13, 1905  Wife

(on either side of Charles and Nancy E. Carper)
Deborah xe "BROWNING:Deborah, Mrs.?" BROWNING  1825‑1910

Archibald xe "BROWNING:Archibald" BROWNING  1814‑1855

Josiah B., son of S. & E. xe "POWELL:Josiah B." xe "POWELL:S. (m)" xe "POWELL:E., Mrs." POWELL, died January 11, 1880, age 13 years, 3 months, 1 day

Mary C., daughter of J. G. & M. J. xe "PRATT:Mary C." xe "PRATT:J.G. (m)" xe "PRATT:M.J., Mrs." PRATT Died October 27, 1885 age 2, years, 1 month, 18 days

(2)  Rebecca xe "WARD:Rebecca, Mrs." WARD  March 27, 1821‑February 10, 1918  Mother
James M. xe "WARD:James M." WARD  September 24, 1822‑April 14, 1900  Father

(to left of James and Rebecca Ward)
Jane E. WARD, wife of G. T. xe "WARD:G.T. (m)" xe "WARD:Jane E., Mrs." WARD  September 8, 1867‑April 1, 1893

John M. xe "PIERCY:John M." PIERCY, died December 12, 1885, age 33 years, 7 months, 19 days

(2)  Charles A. xe "LOCKHART:Charles A." LOCKHART  December 15, 1870‑June 6, 1890
William M. xe "LOCKHART:William M." LOCKHART  March 3, 1866‑April 16, 1893
Sons of A. J. & S. E. xe "LOCKHART:S.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah E. LOCKHART)" xe "LOCKHART:A.J. (see Andrew J. LOCKHART)" xe "A.J. (see Andrew J. LOCKHART):LOCKHART" LOCKHART

Andrew J. xe "LOCKHART:Andrew J." LOCKHART died June 27, 190_, age 65 years, 4 months, 27 days
(stone cutter ran out of room for last digit of death date)

Sarah E. xe "LOCKHART:Sarah E., Mrs." LOCKHART, wife of Andrew J. LOCKHART died September 7, 1911 age 71 years, 4 months, 20 days

Cyrus, son of F. W. & M. xe "LOCKHART:Cyrus" xe "LOCKHART:F.W. (m)" xe "LOCKHART:M., Mrs." LOCKHART born/died October 5, 1898

Minerva xe "BARBER:Minerva" BARBER  1848‑1915

Solomon xe "POWELL:Solomon" POWELL, died January 30, 1897, age 75 years, 9 months, 26 days

(2)  George W. xe "BEATY:George W." BEATY  1839‑1921  Father
Elizabeth xe "BEATY:Elizabeth, Mrs." BEATY  1844‑1926  Mother

Jane xe "BEATY:Jane" BEATY  August 19, 1849‑April 21, 1909

Charles,  son of J. & R. xe "WHITE:Charles" xe "WHITE:J. (m)" xe "WHITE:R., Mrs." WHITE, died November 25, 1891, age 10 years, 2 months, 18 days

(2)  William xe "BEATY:William" BEATY, died July 28, 1870, age 56 years, 4 days
R. A. xe "BEATY:R.A., Mrs.?" BEATY,  died June 21, 1889, age 66 years, 9 months, 25 days

Alfree, son of William & R. A. xe "BEATY:Alfree (m)" BEATY, died November 2, 1867 age 22 years, 6 months, 1 day

Adaline xe "BEATY:Adaline" BEATY  1860‑1935

Ira xe "BEATY:Ira" BEATY  born March 26, 1842; died June 21, 1893, age 51 years, 2 months, 7 days

Allfree, son of R. A. & Adaline xe "BEATY:Allfree (m)" xe "BEATY:R.A. (m)" xe "BEATY:Adaline, Mrs." BEATY, died December 31, 1906, age 34 years, 3 months, 17 days

William xe "BEATY:William" BEATY  1866‑1929

Alfred F., son of J. A. & C. xe "DURNBURGER:Alfred F." xe "DURNBURGER:J.A. (m)" xe "DURNBURGER:C., Mrs." DURNBURGER, died April 03, 1892, age 1 year, 8 months, 11 days

Alexander xe "TROTTER:Alexander" TROTTER,  died October 3, 1883, age 35 years, 9 months, 4 days

Elijah H. xe "BUNNER:Elijah H." BUNNER,  died May 05, 1888, age 76 years, 9 months, 21 days

Ruby STANLEY, daughter of H. M. & C. B. xe "STANLEY:Ruby" xe "STANLEY:H.M. (m)" xe "STANLEY:C.B., Mrs. (see Mrs. Cora B. STANEY)" STANLEY August 13, 1898‑February 6, 1920

Mary E., wife of J. L. xe "PICKENS:Mary E., Mrs." PICKENS, died December 31, 1891, age 55 years, 6 months, 25 days

Harley, son of H. M. & C. B. xe "STANLEY:Harley" STANLEY  January 7, 1894‑January 8, 1896

Cora B. xe "PICKENS:Cora B." PICKENS, wife of H. M. xe "STANLEY:Cora B., Mrs. (see Cora B. PICKENS)" STANLEY, December 6, 1864‑September  9, 1913

Eliza J. xe "PICKENS:Eliza J." PICKENS xe "FINNEY:Eliza J., Mrs. (see Eliza J. PICKENS)" FINNEY  1868‑1928

Elizabeth xe "POWELL:Elizabeth" POWELL,  born July 8, 1825; died September 3, 1885

(stone broken off)

Corpl. William O. xe "LEONARD:William O." LEONARD,  Co. F  85th Pa. INF

(2) J. C. xe "ARCHER:J.C. (m)"ARCHER  May 17, 1848‑December 4, 1932;  Co. I 20th O. Inf.       BACK TO INDEX
Mima xe "ARCHER:Mima, Mrs." ARCHER  October 20, 1865‑September 26, 1913  Wife

(to left of J.C. and Mima Archer)
Lucus M. xe "ARCHER:Lucus M." ARCHER  1889‑1930
Oakey Alleh,  son of J. C. & Mima xe "ARCHER:Oakey Alleh" ARCHER,  May 19, 1911‑November 21, 1916

Wilson xe "RAYMAN:Wilson" RAYMAN,  Co. F  5th West Virginia  Inf.










*Cemetery No. 38  Beckwith Cemetery  (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Hemlock go north on WV Rt. 11, 1.4 mile on left of road behind a little white house with two porches in front.

Condition: Fenced in with stone wall; overgrown. Stones are down, but should be intact.

Lucy,  wife of T. B. xe "PENNYBACKER:T.B. (m)" xe "PENNYBACKER:Lucy, Mrs." PENNYBACKER  December 7, 1877‑November 3, 1896

(2 stones down and one with the surname xe "BECKWITH:____" BECKWITH on the base.  Overgrown with blackberry bushes, very hard to get into. Cannot lift to read.)

(Outside the wall, 2 upright stones, one fallen)
Mary BOLFER, wife of John xe "BOFER:John" >xe "BOFER:Mary, Mrs." BOFER, died September 18, 1885, age 30 years, 1 month, 18 days

(One face down;, cannot  read)

Amanda, daughter of Tapley & Nancy xe "BECKWITH:Amanda" xe "BECKWITH:Tapley" xe "BECKWITH:Nancy, Mrs." BECKWITH, died April 26, 1840 age 18 years

Barnes BECKWITH,  December 10, 1824‑June 12, 1864, aged 39 years, 6 months, 2 days

Tapley BECKWITH, died September 4, 1844, age 57 years (Masonic symbol)

Ann N., wife of Tapley xe "BECKWITH:Ann M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Nancy BECKWITH)" BECKWITH, died March 23, 1857, age 71 years










*Cemetery No. 39 ‑ Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Ripley north on US 21 to Rt. 11. Take Rt. 11 north to Sidneyville. Cemetery is on the right .4 mile north of Sidneyville.

(2) Flora xe "PATTERSON:Flora, Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1875‑1956
W. T. W. xe "PATTERSON:W.T.W. (m)" PATTERSON  1866‑1936

(2) Ethel May xe "BENSON:Ethel May, Mrs.?" BENSON  March 5, 1901‑April 30, 1970
Clarence H. xe "BENSON:Clarence H." BENSON  September 15, 1896‑(no death date)

(Temporary marker)
Naomi F. xe "SMITH:Naomi F." SMITH  1932‑1974

(2) Lena F. xe "BOWMAN:Lena F., Mrs." BOWMAN  1898‑(no death date)
John E. BOWMAN  1893‑1964

John E. xe "BOWMAN:John E." BOWMAN  West Virginia Pvt. US ARMY  WW I June 26, 1893‑September 17, 1964

T. xe "BOWMAN:T." BOWMAN 1872‑1939

Virgil L. BOWMAN, son of J. E. & L. F. xe "BOWMAN:Virgil L." xe "BOWMAN:J.E. (see John E. BOWMAN)" xe "BOWMAN:L.F., Mrs. (see Mrs. Lena F. BOWMAN)" BOWMAN  1929‑1932

(Temporary marker)
Raymond G. xe "BOWMAN:Raymond G." BOWMAN, died October 12, 1932, age 1 year, 6 months

(side by side)
Grace xe "CATHER:Grace" CATHER xe "SALSER:Grace, Mrs. (see Grace CATHER)" SALSER,  July 31, 1878‑June 11, 1934

Addison F. xe "SALSER:Addison F." SALSER,  May 10, 1875‑July 21, 1938

Russell A. xe "ANDERSON:Russell A." ANDERSON  West Virginia  Sgt. ATCO 150th Infantry March 5,  19 07‑September 21, 1963

(Temporary marker)
Matilda xe "ANDERSON:Matilda" ANDERSON  1876‑1946 

Jesse J. xe "ANDERSON:Jesse J." ANDERSON  1861‑1921

James E. xe "ANDERSON:James E." ANDERSON  1902‑1922

Cecil A_dbie, daughter of J. B. & M. E. xe "BALSER:Cecil A_dbie (f)" xe "BALSER:J.B. (m)" xe "BALSER:M.E., Mrs." BALSER, died March _, 1905, age 1 year/p>

T. W. xe "EALSER:T.W. (m)" EALSER,  January 17, 1896‑November 1, 1918  Pvt. Co. P  61st  INF

Blanche xe "CARVER:Blanche" CARVER, wife of Ira P. xe "HAGER:Ira P." xe "HAGER:Blanche, Mrs. (see Blanche CARVER)" HAGER  1889‑1924

(2)  Lavada xe "CARVER:Lavada, Mrs." CARVER  1869‑1926  Mother
Thomas A. xe "CARVER:Thomas A." CARVER  1858‑(no death date)  Father

(2)  C. Blair xe "CARVER:C. Blair" CARVER  May 18, 1902‑May 21, 1972
Eva xe "CROSS:Eva" CROSS xe "CARVER:Eva, Mrs. (see Eva CROSS)" CARVER  February 21, 1907‑(no death date)

(2)  Francis M. xe "BOSWORTH:Francis M." BOSWORTH  1834‑1919
Nancy xe "BOSWORTH:Nancy, Mrs.,?" BOSWORTH  1837‑1912  Wife

Charles J. xe "BOSWORTH:Charles J." BOSWORTH,  March 05, 1866‑January 05, 1926  Father

Ida M. xe "BOSWORTH:Ida M., Mrs." BOSWORTH,  February 15, 1870‑November 15, 1955  Wife

Sarah Ellen xe "BOSWORTH:Sarah Ellen" BOSWORTH,  February 4, 1933‑August 26, 1940

Alice Ellen xe "BOSWORTH:Alice Ellen" BOSWORTH  1892‑1968

BOONE (plot, left to right)
Allen or Alan C. xe "BOONE:Allen" BOONE  1857‑1899

Nathan xe "BOONE:Nathan" BOONE,  Co. F.  7th West Virginia CAV.

Evaline xe "BOONE:Eveline, Mrs." BOONE,  wife of Nathan BOONE  December 28, 1854‑December 30, 1917/p>

Robert R.,  son of P. & M. F. xe "BOURGEOIS:Robert R." xe "BOURGEOIS:P. (m)" xe "BOURGEOIS:M.F., Mrs." BOURGEOIS  February 28, 1903‑February 11, 1920

COMBS (plot)
(2)  Lillie xe "COMBS:Lillie, Mrs.?" COMBS  1877‑1970
John E. xe "COMBS:John E." COMBS  1873‑1949

(2)  Nancy A. xe "COMBS:Nancy A., Mrs.?" COMBS  1842‑1920
W. Edgar xe "COMBS:W. Edgar" COMBS  1845‑1928

Juanita A. xe "HAYNES:Juanita A." HAYNES  January 25 ‑ 28, 1940

Marjorie F. xe "HAYNES:Marjorie F." HAYNES ‑ J.  1931‑1971

W. A. xe "TRIBETT:W.A." TRIBETT  1881‑1964

G. W. xe "TRIBETT:G.W. (m)" TRIBETT  October 8, 1830‑June 23, 1911, age 92 years, Co. B. 67th Pa. Vol. INF.

L. I. xe "TRIBETT:L.I." TRIBETT  born January 22, 1850; died July 27, 1901, age 54 years

Murl T., son of J. C. & C. M. xe "TRIBETT:Murl T. (m)" TRIBETT, xe "TRIBETT:J.C. (m)" xe "TRIBETT:C.M., Mrs." died December 18, 1898, age 1 month, 24 days

Lenora B. xe "TRIBETT:Lenora B." TRIBETT  1904‑1930

(There is a line of 7 temporary markers, all on paper, all unreadable)

James A. xe "HOSCHAR:James A." HOSCHAR  1862‑1931

(Temporary marker ‑ unreadable)

(Old stone)
July xe "BENNETT:July" BENNETT (month) 19 ___ 1 or 7;  died March 31, 1810?

Flossie B.,  daughter of M. H. & S. C. xe "RARDON:Flossie B." xe "RARDON:M.H. (m)" xe "RARDON:S.C., Mrs." RARDON  1889‑1898

Verlie,  daughter of J. W. & M. E. xe "MORGAN:Verlie (f)" xe "MORGAN:J.W. (see James W. MORGAN)" xe "MORGAN:M.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary E. MORGAN)" MORGAN born May 11, 1886; died July 28, 1888

(next to Verlie Morgan)
(2) James W. xe "MORGAN:James W." MORGAN  1854‑1933
Mary E. xe "MORGAN:Mary E., Mrs." MORGAN  1865‑1946

Everett xe "MYERS:Everett" MYERS,  39th Co. Detachment 10th Btn.  590 B. died October 14, 1918, age 23 years

Mary A. xe "JETT:Mary A., Mrs.?" JETT  1894‑1953

(behind Mary Jett)
Willie F. xe "JETT:Willie F." JETT,  West Virginia Pfc,  702 Tank Destroyer Bn.  WW II February 13, 1914‑December 6, 1963

Flat Stone ‑no dates
(2) William M. xe "ROMINE:William H." ROMINE
Mary H. xe "ROMINE:Mary H." ROMINE

BENNETT (plot)
(3)  Melinda xe "BENNETT:Melinda, Mrs.?" BENNETT  1861‑1896
Elizabeth L. xe "BENNETT:Elizabeth L." BENNETT  1887‑1901
Thomas A. xe "BENNETT:Thomas A." BENNETT  1853‑1899

Joseph S. xe "BENNETT:Joseph S." BENNETT  March 12, 1860‑November 12, 1900

Maria H. A. xe "BENNETT:Maria H.A., Mrs." BENNETT  January 9, 1863‑December 19, 1937  Mother

Francis A. xe "BENNETT:Francis A." BENNETT  October 30, 1850‑October 30, 1909

Anna xe "ROGERS:Anna" ROGERS  1899‑1903

Infant son 1904

Clemetta xe "BARNHART:Clemetta, Mrs.?" BARNHART  May 20, 1872‑May 30, 1938

G. Sherman xe "BARNHART:G. Sherman" BARNHART  July 1, 1866‑(no death date)

Mary S. xe "LYTTON:Mary S." LYTTON xe "PUCKETT:Mary S., Mrs. (see Mary S. LYTTON)" PUCKETT,  died April 1, 1901 age 3 2 (sic-space between  numbers "3" and "2") years, 2 months, 11 days

(2)  William H. xe "PUCKETT:William H." PUCKETT  June 10, 1834‑December 14, 1909
Sarah M. xe "PUCKETT:Sarah H., Mrs.?" PUCKETT  May 27, 1841‑Feburary 9, 1919

C. Camden, son of J. F. & Mary E. xe "PUCKETT:C. Camden" xe "PUCKETT:J.F. (m)" xe "PUCKETT:Mary E., Mrs." PUCKETT  April 25, 1916‑July 27, 1916

(2 graves side by side ‑ only one marked)
Albert L. xe "HAWK:Albert L." HAWK,  West Virginia Pvt. Co. G. 101 March 26, 1895‑January 10, 1973

(unmarked grave)

Hazel Marie xe "HAWK:Hazel Marie" HAWK  1836‑1941

(2)  Clyde xe "BOSWORTH:Clyde" BOSWORTH  1891‑1961
Freda xe "BOSWORTH:Freda, Mrs." BOSWORTH  1895‑(no death date)

(2)  Brown xe "HENDERSHOT:Brown (m)" xe "HENDERSHOT:Harriet, Mrs." HENDERSHOT  1842‑1912 Pvt. Co. E  77th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf
Harriet xe "YOST:Harriet" YOST 1864‑1927  Wife

(2)  Sarah C. xe "HENDERSHOT:Sarah C., Mrs." HENDERSHOT  1899‑(no death date)
George W. xe "HENDERSHOT:George W." HENDERSHOT  1898‑1948

Virginia May xe "HENDERSHOT:Virginia May" HENDERSHOT, 1921‑1922

Homer xe "YOST:Homer" YOST  1880‑1953, son of John & Eliza J. xe "YOST:John" xe "YOST:Eliza J., Mrs." YOST

(2)  John YOST  1832‑1914  Father
Eliza Jane YOST  1840‑1919   Mother

(2)  Creed W. xe "PUCKETT:Creed W." PUCKETT  1902‑1956
Lucy C. xe "PUCKETT:Lucy C., Mrs.?" PUCKETT  1910‑(no death date)

(2)  Johnson L. xe "PUCKETT:Johnson L." PUCKETT  1863‑1931
Ermina xe "PICKETT:Ermina, Mrs." PICKETT  1874‑(no death date)  Wife

Cecile A., daughter of J. L. & E. xe "PUCKETT:Cecile A." xe "PUCKETT:J.L. (see Johnson L. PUCKETT)" xe "PUCKETT:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Ermina PICKETT)" PUCKETT, died April 25, 1907, aged 11 months

PUCKET (plot)
(2)  Henry E. xe "PUCKETT:Henry E." PUCKETT  1874‑1953
Cora E. xe "PUCKETT:Cora E., Mrs." PUCKETT  1883‑1954  Wife

Duane xe "CUSTER:Duane" CUSTER  1910‑1918

(2)  Pleasie V. xe "BOURGEOIS:Pleasie V., Mrs.?" BOURGEOIS  1897‑(no death date)
William H. xe "BOURGEOIS:William H." BOURGEOIS  1894‑1969

John xe "BOURGEOIS:John" BOURGEOIS  September 27, 1927‑October 22, 1927

Patrick Wayne xe "CURRY:Patrick Wayne" CURRY  June 5‑6, 1971 "Our Baby"

(2)  Allie J. xe "BENSON:Allie J., Mrs.?" BENSON  1877‑1928
William C. xe "BENSON:William C." BENSON  1869‑1942

(2)  Amanda C. xe "PUCKETT:Amanda C., Mrs." PUCKETT  1877‑(no death date) Wife of
Finley E. xe "PUCKETT:Finley E." PUCKETT  1870‑1948

Clair PUCKETT, son of F. E. & Amanda xe "PUCKETT:Clair (m)" xe "PUCKETT:F.E. (see Finley E. PUCKETT)" PUCKETT September 7, 1906‑January 7, 1911

(2)  Claude R. xe "PUCKETT:Claude R." PUCKETT  1903‑1929
Ethel M. xe "PUCKETT:Ethel M., Mrs.?" PUCKETT  1907‑1928

Warren H. xe "PUCKETT:Warren H." PUCKETT,  West Virginia Pfc  US ARMY  WW II  BSM‑PH February 24, 1919‑April 11, 1958

Gilbert E. xe "COMBS:Gilbert E." COMBS  1896‑1917










*Cemetery No. 40  Flatwoods Cemetery  (Union Dist.)

Location: In Flatwoods, next to a church.

Condition: Mowed, fair rows ‑ no fence, several broken down old stones.

George W. xe "COE:George W." COE, died ___ ___ 1873,  age 18 years, 22 days

Walter G. or C., son of A. F.  xe "BATES:Walter G." xe "BATES:Walter C." xe "BATES:A.F. (m)" BATES, died April 25, 1865, age 1 year, 7 months

Martha G., wife of John xe "RAWLING:John" xe "RAWLING:Martha G., Mrs." RAWLING died March 2, 1880 age 59 years, 11 months, 5 days

John RAWLINGS, died November 29, 1875, age 73 years, 8 months, 9 days

Samuel xe "BALL:Samuel" BALL, died July 2, 1879, aged 81 years, 4 months, 5 days

In Memory of Jane, the Wife of Recc__ xe "HALL:Jane, Mrs." xe "HALL:Recc..." HALL depa(rt)ed this (life?) March 11, _ Dec__be_? (last line)  1819 Vea_oa __________ (stone crumbling)

Elizabeth, wife of H. S. xe "MAHON:Elizabeth, Mrs." xe "MAHON:H.S. (see Henry S. MAHON)" MAHON,  died May 31, 1870, age 53 years, 10 months

(next to Elizabeth Mahon)
Henry S. xe "MAHON:Henry S." MAHON,  died August 3, 1872, age 66 years

Henrietta, daughter of H. & A. E. xe "MC BRIEN:Henrietta" xe "MC BRIEN:H. (see Henry MC BRIEN)" xe "MC BRIEN:A.E., Mrs." MC BRIEN, died December 17, 1859, age 11 years, __ months, 25 days

(name is broken off)

Henry xe "MC BRIEN:Henry" MC BRIEN,  died September 8, 1864, age 86 years

Maria, only daughter of Elias & Sarah xe "LATHAM:Maria" xe "LATHAM:Elias" xe "LATHAM:Sarah, Mrs." LATHAM, died April 30, 1859 age 16 years, 6 months, 5 days

Frank B. xe "KNEFF:Frank B." KNEFF,  died October 25, 1852 (1832? or 1857?), age 5? years, _ months, 10 days

Olonzo, son of E.W. xe "GRANT:E.W. (m)" xe "GRANT:Olonzo" GRANT, died October _0, 1850, aged 2 months, 21 days

Elizabeth, wife of E. W. xe "GRANT:E.W. (m)" xe "GRANT:Elizabeth, Mrs." GRANT, died October 13, 1856, age 25 years

(2)   John E. xe "WISE:John E." WISE September _ , 1846‑March 23, 1887  Father
Mary xe "WISE:Mary" WISE xe "LEE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary WISE)" LEE  February 27, 1850‑December 06, 1920  Mother

(next to John and Mary Wise
Johnathan xe "WISE:Jonathan" WISE,  died March 5, 1858, age 59 years, 5 days

Catherine C., daughter of J. & A. xe "WISE:Catherine C." xe "WISE:J. (m)" xe "WISE:A., Mrs." WISE died November 27, 1859, age 7 years, 2 months, 13 days

Mary, wife of Benjamin xe "KNEFF:Benjamin" xe "KNEFF:Mary, Mrs." KNEFF, died June 30, 1851 in the 65th years of her age.

Isabella xe "KNEFF:Isabella" KNEFF,  daughter of H. & J. xe "KNEFF:H. (m)" xe "KNEFF:J., Mrs." KNEFF xe "MC BRIEN:J. (f)" MC BRIEN, died April 5, 1854, age 22 years, 4 months, 4 days

Mary Anne, wife of Joseph xe "BATTERSON:Joseph" xe "BATTERSON:Mary Ann, Mrs." BATTERSON died November 29, 1878, age (__?) (11? years/months?), 18 days.

(broken stone)

John L. CRAWFORD  Died September 3, 185_,  age 28? years, 7 months, 23 days
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
xe "CRAWFORD:John S." CRAWFORD, John S., died September 3, 1858, age 23 years, 8 months, son of Aaron & Jane xe "CRAWFORD:Aaron" xe "CRAWFORD:Jane, Mrs." CRAWFORD; born OH; died Jackson Co.]

Jonah W., son of J. & N. xe "HUGHES:Jonah W." xe "HUGHES:J. (m)" xe "HUGHES:N., Mrs." HUGHES, died February 24, 1870, age 2 years, 5 months, 26 days

Frederick W. xe "CARVER:Frederick W." CARVER  July 2, 1882‑November 7, 1965

(Temporary marker)
Edwin xe "CARVER:Edwin" CARVER  1881‑1957

(Fallen stone)

Henry S. xe "OHSE:Henry S." OHSE,  died May 8, 1888, age 66 years, 4 months, 13 days

Adrian T., son of B. G. & L. MAHON died October 10, 1876, age 6 years, 4 months, 19 days

Lora A. xe "ROLLINS:Lora A." ROLLINS  born August 5, 1881; died September 23, 1899

Daniel A. xe "ROLLINS:Daniel A." ROLLINS  March 25, 1857‑August 25, 1936

(2)  Wanda, daughter of J. H. & E. B. xe "STANLEY:Wanda" xe "STANLEY:E.B. (see Effie B. STANLEY)" STANLEY March 20, 1906‑December 28, 1907
Effie B., wife of J. H. xe "STANLEY:J.H. (m)" xe "STANLEY:Effie B., Mrs." STANLEY  June 12, 1873‑February 13, 1908

(stone turned over on its side; only one side read)
Minerva C., wife of D. P. xe "HUFF:Minerva C., Mrs." xe "HUFF:D.P. (m)" HUFF  no dates

(2)  John xe "HAMILTON:John" HAMILTON  1846‑1915
Elizabeth xe "HAMILTON:Elizabeth, Mrs." HAMILTON  1849‑1933  Wife

(2)  Hugh xe "HAMILTON:Mary, Mrs." xe "HAMILTON:Hugh" HAMILTON born in Monroe Co., Ohio May 8, 1819.
Mary, his wife, born in Loudoun Co., Virginia born March 11, 1821; died March 10, 1893

(beside stone of Hugh and Mary Hamilton)
Benjamin xe "HAMILTON:Benjamin" HAMILTON, died August 2, 1864 from wounds received at the Battle of Winchester, Virginia  July 18, 1864, age 20 years, 2 days

McCOY (plot)
Anna xe "MC COY:Anna, Mrs." MC COY  1854‑1938  Mother

(2)  Edward xe "HARTLEY:Edward" HARTLEY  1824‑(no death date)
Elizabeth xe "HARTLEY:Elizabeth, Mrs." HARTLEY  1834‑1902

Rufus Putnam xe "HARTLEY:Rufus Putnam" HARTLEY,  son of E. & E. xe "HARTLEY:E. (see Edward HARTLEY)" xe "HARTLEY:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth HARTLEY)" HARTLEY January 19, 1876‑August 15, 1910

Myrtle M. xe "MC COY:Myrtle, Mrs." MC COY  1874‑1943  Mother

Hugh V. xe "MC COY:Hugh V." MC COY  1871‑1950  Father

Leona V. xe "MC COY:Leona V." MC COY, wife of Paul xe "PICKENS:Paul" xe "PICKENS:Leona V., Mrs. (see Leona V. MC COY)" PICKENS  August 21, 1897‑April 16, 1919

Anabella A. xe "HUGHES:Annabella A." HUGHES  1943  Daughter

(2)  Mary R. xe "COE:Mary R., Mrs.?" COE  August 4, 1833‑December 8, 1910
Lysander M. xe "COE:Lysander M." COE  September 15, 1834‑January 27, 1908  Father

(2)  Mary E. xe "BALSER:Mary E., Mrs.?" BALSER  1871‑1953
Jacob B. xe "BALSER:Jacob B." BALSER  1863‑1948

(2)  Gladys I. xe "MAHAN:Gladys I., Mrs.?" MAHAN  1906‑1974
Virgil L. xe "MAHAN:Virgil L." MAHAN  1906‑1959

Virgie E. xe "HOY:Virgie E. (f)" HOY  August 21, 1901‑November 25, 1965

Russell Daniel xe "MAHAN:Russell Daniel" MAHAN  1915‑1970

Genevieve A. xe "DAY:Genevieve A." DAY  1923‑1938

(2)  James W. xe "KNEFF:James W." KNEFF  September 16, 1856‑June 17, 1923
Lora A. xe "KNEFF:Lora A., Mrs.?" KNEFF  September 14, 1865‑(no death date)

Clair xe "DAVILLE:Clair" DAVILLE  November 26, 1863‑June 4, 1948

Cora xe "FRANCE:Cora" FRANCE  October 1, 1864‑March 22, 1941

(2)  Lucinda xe "MAHAN:Lucinda, Mrs." MAHAN  May 7, 1842‑May 8, 1912  Mother
Richard G. xe "MAHON:Richard G." MAHON  January 25, 1835‑August 31, 1924 Father Co. K  11th West Virginia INF

Clarence Adrian xe "MAHON:Clarence Adrian" MAHON  1904‑1931

(in front of Wheeler plot stone)
Maude xe "HARRISON:Maude" HARRISON  1883‑1968

WHEELER (plot?)
(stone with no names. In front of plot is:
(2)  E. M. xe "HARPOLD:E.M. (m)" HARPOLD  1888‑1959
Hannah E. xe "HARPOLD:Hannah E., Mrs." HARPOLD  1889‑1915  Wife

HUGHES (plot)
Margaret B. xe "HUGHES:Margaret B., Mrs." HUGHES  1879‑1932  Mother

Phillip xe "HUGHES:Phillip" HUGHES  1865‑1923  Father

Helen M. xe "HUGHES:Helen M." HUGHES  1911‑1922

Joseph H. xe "HUGHES:Joseph H." HUGHES  1859‑1930

(2) Joseph xe "SHERANKO:Joseph" SHERANKO  1903‑1973
Ruby xe "HUGHES:Ruby" HUGHES xe "SHERANKO:Ruby, Mrs. (see Ruby HUGHES)" SHERANKO  1904‑1970

Dorsel L. xe "LANE:Dorsel L." LANE  1912‑1937

Daisy L. xe "LANE:Daisy L., Mrs." LANE  1880‑1954  Mother

M. Lewis xe "LANE:M. Lewis" LANE  1881‑1948  Father

Edward D. xe "ROWAN:Edward D." ROWAN  1873‑1940

Mary xe "KING:Mary" KING xe "ROWAN:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary KING)" ROWAN  1876‑1923

(2)  Sophrionia xe "ROLLINS:Sophrionia" ROLLINS  1876‑1957  Mother
Charles xe "ROLLINS:Charles" ROLLINS  1913‑1937  Son

(next to Charles and Sophrionia Rollins)
Carrie xe "ROLLINS:Carrie" ROLLINS  July 2, 1883‑November 6, 1969

Carolyn G. xe "SHINN:Carolyn G., Mrs." xe "SHINN:Anita" xe "SHINN:Michael" xe "SHINN:Stephen" xe "SHINN:Candida" SHINN  1938‑1971 Mother of Anita, Michael, Richard, Stephen, Candida"

Jeanette Lee xe "WEEKLEY:Jeanette Lee" WEEKLEY  1935‑1936

Marjorie RECTOR, daughter of Thomas & Estella xe "RECTOR:Marjorie" xe "RECTOR:Thomas" xe "RECTOR:Estella, Mrs." RECTOR  1941‑1941 "Our Baby"

Haven xe "BATES:Haven (m)" BATES,  Ohio  Pvt  7th Co. 158 Depot  Brig. WW I October 14, 1886‑July 8, 1969

Ronald E. xe "SAMS:Ronald E." SAMS  October 31, 1938‑May 10, 1969

(2) Texal xe "RAMSEY:Texal (m)" RAMSEY  1948‑1969
Mary xe "RAMSEY:Mary, Mrs.?" RAMSEY  1944‑(no death date)









*Cemetery No. 41 Flinn Cemetery  (Grant Dist.)

Location: On Route 8 about 3 miles east of Sherman, on left side of road just after intersection of Rt. 8 and 10/4 at Meathouse Fork.

Condition: Fenced but completely overgrown; extensive vandalism; many stones overturned, some face down and too heavy to turn and read.

Estelle, daughter of T. J. & E. Eleah xe "BOWEN:Estelle" xe "BOWEN:T.J. (m)" xe "BOWEN:Eleah, Mrs." BOWEN  1901‑1914

Charles C., son of D. H. & Isabell xe "SMITH:Charles C." xe "SMITH:D.H. (m)" xe "SMITH:Isabell, Mrs." SMITH died August 13, 1902, aged 24 years, 1 month, 22 days

William Wesley xe "BATTIN:William Wesley" BATTIN  1872‑1914

(Fallen stone‑ not read)

(Fallen and broken stone)

Mary xe "LEMASTER:Mary, Mrs.?" LEMASTER,  died May 2, 1903,  aged 74 years, 11 months,  ? days

Isaac xe "LEMASTER:Isaac" LEMASTER,  died February 11, 1881 age 24 years, 4 months, 27 days

(Fallen stone)

Septamus xe "LEMASTER:Septamus (m)" LEMASTER,  July 15, 1824‑September 13, 1908

Richard S., son of S. & M. xe "LEMASTER:Richard S." xe "LEMASTER:M., Mrs." LEMASTER  November 13, 1853‑October 11, 1913

(2)  Captain W. F. xe "FLINN:W.F. (m)" FLINN  1845‑1924  Father
Nancy Elizabeth xe "FLINN:Nancy Elizabeth, Mrs." FLINN  1850‑1925 Mother

(fallen stone)

Edward, son of W. F. & N. E. xe "FLINN:Edward" xe "FLINN:N.E., Mrs. (see Nancy Elizabeth FLINN)" FLINN died September 28, 1904, age 20 years, 5 months, 28 days ‑  fallen stone

Dora A., daughter of H. P. & S. L. xe "SLAVEN:Dora A." xe "SLAVEN:H.P. (see Henry P. SLAVEN)" xe "SLAVEN:S.L., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah L. SLAVEN)" SLAVEN, died May 21, 1891 age 11 years, 11 months

Corpl. Henry P. xe "SLAVEN:Henry P." SLAVEN  Co. E  36th VA. INF  C. S. A.

(fallen stone)

Sarah L., wife of H. P. xe "SLAVEN:Sarah L., Mrs." SLAVEN, died August 20, 1889, age 49 years, 10 months, 19 days

Nannie E., daughter of H. P. & S. xe "SLAVEN:Nannie E." SLAVEN, died July 19, 1879 age d1 year, 5 months, 6 days

(fallen stone)

Martha J. xe "HICKS:Martha J." HICKS  September 7, 1837‑June 18, 1892, age 54 years, 9 months, 11 days

(fallen stone ‑ not read)

Solomon M. xe "JEFFERS:Solomon" JEFFERS,  born November 12, 1848; died September 12, 1882

(broken stone)
Charles xe "MARPLE:Charles" MARPLE,  died October 1, 1885, age 24 years, 11 months, 2 days

(fallen stone; face down; not read)
xe "HUPP:____" HUPP (name on base of stone)

(fallen stone)

Joseph, son of W. H. & W. A. xe "DAVIDSON:Joseph" xe "DAVIDSON:W.H. (m)" xe "DAVIDSON:W.A., Mrs." DAVIDSON, died April 2(7?), 18_1, aged 1 year, 3 months, 4 days

(2)  William xe "BECKWITH:William" BECKWITH  1851‑1919
Kansas B. xe "BECKWITH:Kansas B., Mrs." BECKWITH  1859‑1918

(fallen stone)

(2)  Fannie xe "MILHOAN:Fannie, Mrs.?" MILHOAN, died March 7, 1894, age 55 years, 4 months, 25 days
John H. xe "MILHOAN:John H." MILHOAN,  died March 27, 1898, age 73 years, 2 months, 4 days


Nellie xe "BECKWITH:Nellie, Mrs.?" BECKWITH  1894‑1897

Everett xe "BECKWITH:Everett" BECKWITH  1886‑1898

(fallen stone)

(2)  Florence xe "FLINN:Florence, Mrs.?" FLINN  1873‑1939
Ott E. xe "FLINN:Ott E." FLINN  1877‑1941










*Cemetery No. 42 ‑ Red Brush Cemetery (Grant Dist.)

Location: Leave Interstate 77 at Medina exit. Go south on county road #1, 1.7 miles from Medina, turn right and cross Nesselroad Creek over bridge. At the first fork, bear right and follow road .3 miles. At the next fork, bear left on county road #10 which follows Red Brush Road on left of road, the cemetery is .7 miles from second fork, on the right. The cemetery tombstones are visible in clearing from the road. The road becomes progressively worse after passing the cemetery. The road from Left Fork is almost impassable after a heavy rain without a 4‑wheel vehicle.

Located on Red Brush Run two or three miles from Nesselroad Run on the old Starr farm.

Red Brush where the cemetery is located was called Isaac Run on land owned by Joseph Asbury xe "HAYWARD:Joseph Asbury" HAYWARD (1778‑1835) who married Nancy Ann xe "HAYWARD:Nancy Ann, Mrs." HAYWARD, and both are buried in Red Brush Cemetery. (7)

There was never a church associated with the cemetery, but there was the Red Brush School not far away. (7)

Condition: Not maintained; not affiliated with any church; heavy brush; many fallen stones. A large brush pile (1977) may cover other stones. Stones are most accessible in winter and spring when vegetation is minimal.

[NOTE: The format of this cemetery differs from the other cemeteries because I concentrated on this cemetery as the probable location for my grandfather and thus was interested in any readings done by anyone at any time. The listing is in alphabetical order, not plot order, consistent with readings from other sources. Information from other sources is listed after the reading I made as "added info:]

Ancestral data, e.g. (Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) [meaning: father, grandfather, etc] came from my files and research (1)

Henry xe "ARCHER:Henry" xe "ARCHER:Ira Fletcher" ARCHER (Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) born 22 July 1824 Monroe Co, OH died 27 December 1905   (4)
(added info: No stone. Dates and burial from Ira Fletcher Archer, son of Henry and Hulda and quoted by Catherine Fedorchak in her "Monroe Co. Ohio Records," Vol 6, p. 104.) (1) (6)        BACK TO INDEX

Hulda xe "ARCHER:Hulda, Mrs. (see Hulda HARRIS)" ARCHER born 3 January 1826 died 10 September 1904
(Added info: No stone; Wife of Henry ARCHER (4)

Maiden name: Hulda xe "HARRIS:Hulda" HARRIS, daughter of Stephen xe "HARRIS:Stephen" xe "HARRIS:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary HEADLEY)" HARRIS and Mary xe "HEADLEY:Mary" HEADLEY. (1) from Mrs. Mary xe "ARCHER:Cornelius" xe "ARCHER:Mary" ARCHER xe "SWANN:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary ARCHER)" SWANN from her father, Cornelius (Michael, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) and from Ira Fletcher ARCHER. Dates and burial from Ira Fletcher ARCHER, son of Henry and Hulda and quoted by Catherine Fedorchak in her "Monroe Co. Ohio Records," Vol 6, p. 104) (1) (6)        BACK TO INDEX

Albert xe "ARCHER:Albert" ARCHER (Henry, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) died December 9, 1892, age 36 y, 4 mo. (1)
(added info: born 9 August 1856, East Union, Noble Co., OH died 9 December 1892 Red Brush Cem, Jackson Co, WV) (4) md. Cynthia Ann xe "ARCHER:Cynthia Ann" xe "ARCHER:Cynthia Ann, Mrs. (see Cynthia Ann ARCHER)" ARCHER (Martin, Michael, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick).) (1)

(added info: No stone; daughter of Albert Archer and Cynthia Ann Archer.

(3) from Glen VAN FOSSEN.)         BACK TO INDEX

Esau xe "ARCHER:Esau" ARCHER (Henry, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) Co. G. 176th Ohio Inf. (1)
(added info: born 1 September 1843 died 1883
(Added info: Son of Henry and Hulda xe "ARCHER:Jane, Mrs. (see Jane MORRIS)" xe "ARCHER:Henry" xe "ARCHER:Hulda, Mrs." ARCHER (1) 1 September 1843‑February 21, 1883, md. Jane xe "MORRIS:Jane" MORRIS (3)

R. F. ARCHER (Henry, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) died August 9, 1890 Aged 31 years, 10 months, 17 days (1)
(added info: Richmond F. xe "ARCHER:R.F. (see Richmond F. ARCHER)" xe "ARCHER:Richmond F." ARCHER born 9 October 1859 Noble Co, OH died 9 August 1890 Jackson Co, WV Son of Henry and Hulda xe "ARCHER:Henry" xe "ARCHER:Hulda, Mrs." ARCHER (4)

Harry, son of R.F. and M.C. xe "ARCHER:Harry" xe "ARCHER:M.C. Mrs." ARCHER  (Richmond, Henry, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) born May 26, 1890 died March 30, 1900  (1)       BACK TO INDEX

Peter xe "ARCHER:Peter" ARCHER (James, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick)  Father born 16 May 1838 ‑ (no date) Co. G. 176th Ohio Reg. Inf.  (1)
Added info on Peter: d. by  22 March 1920. (1) from Jackson Co., WV Wills.)

Jane xe "ARCHER:Jane, Mrs. (see Jane ARCHER)" xe "ARCHER:Jane" ARCHER (Jacob, James, JamesI, Patrick)   Mother born 17 August 1840 (1) died 1 January 1916 (1) (Wife of Peter ARCHER) (4)

Columbia xe "ARCHER:Columbia" ARCHER (Peter, James, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) Dau. of P. & J. xe "ARCHER:P. (see Peter ARCHER)" xe "ARCHER:J., Mrs. (see Jane ARCHER)" ARCHER died September 13, 1882 Age 10 years, 1 month, 3 days (1)

Rupert xe "ARCHER:Rupert (see Rufus ARCHER)" xe "ARCHER:Rufus" ARCHER        BACK TO INDEX
(added info: Also known as Rufus (1); No stone; infant son of James Willard xe "ARCHER:James Willard" xe "ARCHER:Sarah Margaret, Mrs. (see Sarah Margaret LOCKHART)" ARCHER  (Esau, Henry, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) and Sarah Margaret xe "LOCKHART:Sarah Margaret" LOCKHART. (3) from  "The  Derenberger Family" p. 176 by Wes Cochran and from Jackson Co., birth Records)

Stephen xe "ARCHER:Stephen" xe "ARCHER:Simon" xe "ARCHER:Margaret" ARCHER (Stephen, Nathan, JamesI, Patrick)
(added info: No stone. He is probably buried here according to his grandchildren, but there is no hard evidence. He was born in Noble Co., OH c. 1854; died ca. January 1884 in Jackson Co. Two of his three children, Margaret and Simon, were born in Meadowdale and Sandyville, respectively. None of his children is buried in Red Brush Cemetery. (1)         BACK TO INDEX

Martha xe "BARNHART:Martha" BARNHART xe "BAKER:Martha, Mrs. (see Martha BARNHART)" BAKER
(added info: (3) from Harold David xe "SOMERVILLE:Harold David" SOMERVILLE, deceased.)

Bill xe "BAKER:Bill" BAKER
(added info: No stone; died August 2, 1941, aged 100 years, 1 month, 27 days, son  of Sylvanus and Martha xe "BARNHART:Martha" BARNHART xe "BAKER:Sylvanus" BAKER.

(3) from Mary xe "WILLIAMS:Mary" WILLIAMS xe "MC BRIDE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary WILLIAMS)" MC BRIDE and Jackson Co., Court Records and from his obituary: "Jackson Herald," 8 August 1941.

(added info: No stone. Daughter of Alfred xe "ARCHER:Alfred" xe "ARCHER:Miranda, Mrs." ARCHER (John, Michael, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) and Miranda ARCHER.

Ida xe "ARCHER:Ida" ARCHER, wife of Sylvanus xe "BAKER:Sylvanus" xe "BAKER:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida ARCHER)" BAKER; died ca. 1935 (3) from Pearl xe "THOMPSON:Pearl" THOMPSON xe "ALEXANDER:Pearl, Mrs. (see Pearl THOMPSON)" ALEXANDER.)

William E. BARNHART died April 20, 1884 aged 21 years, 8 months, 16 days (1)
(Added info: son of S. Rezin and Sarah E. xe "POWERS:Sarah E." POWERS xe "BARNHART:William E." xe "BARNHART:S. Rezin" xe "BARNHART:Recyrus" xe "BARNHART:Reeson" xe "BARNHART:Sarah E., Mrs. (see Sarah E. POWERS)" BARNHART (2) or son of Recyrus or Reeson BARNHART. (3))

Kisziar Angline xe "BARNHART:Kisziar Angline, Mrs." BARNHART December 30, 1862‑ March 30, 1900 wife of H.L. xe "BARNHART:H.L. (m)" BARNHART
(Stone buried under several inches of dirt. (3) )

(added info: No stone. d. 1886. daughter of William Zane and Mary xe "HAYWARD:Mary" HAYWARD xe "POWERS:Sarah" xe "POWERS:William Zane" xe "POWERS:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary HAYWARD)" POWERS; wife of Recyrus xe "BARNHART:Recyrus" xe "BARNHART:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah POWERS)" BARNHART. (3) from Harold David xe "SOMERVILLE:Harold David" SOMERVILLE, deceased)

Freeland xe "BARNART:Freeland" BARNART
(added info: No stone. d. 1889. son of William Zane and Mary HAYWARD POWERS (3) from Harold David SOMERVILLE, deceased)

George M. xe "BLACK:George M." BLACK May 14, 1855 ‑ 21 March 1916
(added info: son of Robert A and Catharine xe "BLACK:Robert A." xe "BLACK:Catharine, Mrs." BLACK (2) died aged 60 years, 10 months, 7 days (1) He married Elizabeth J. xe "LEMASTER:Elizabeth J." LEMASTER ‑ from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)

Elizabeth Jane xe "BLACK:Elizabeth Jane, Mrs. (see Elizabeth Jane LEAMASTER)" BLACK
(added info: No stone; 1859‑1929, daughter of Septamus and Mary xe "THOMPSON:Mary" THOMPSON xe "LEMASTER:Septamus" xe "LEMASTER:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary THOMPSON)" LEMASTER, wife of George BLACK. (3) from Walter xe "LEAMASTER:Walter" LEAMASTER.)

William A. xe "BLAIR:William A." BLAIR died May 14, 1891, aged 19 y, 10 m., 13 d. (2)

Lillian A. xe "BLAIR:Lillian A." BLAIR died May 11, 1891 aged 19 years, 10 months, 16 days aged 19 years, 10 months, 13 days (1)
(added info daughter of Milton Y. and Mollie xe "BLAIR:Milton Y." xe "BLAIR:Mollie, Mrs." BLAIR. (3) from Leonard xe "NAYLOR:Leonard" NAYLOR)

Gussie C. xe "BRITTON:Gussie C. (m)" BRITTON March 2, 1906‑ December 4, 1915 son of J.W. and K.F. xe "BRITTON:J.W. (m)" xe "BRITTON:K.F., Mrs." BRITTON (3)

Valentine xe "COOPER:Valentine" COOPER born February 11, 1847  ‑  (1) (2)
(added info: died September 1, 1940, aged 94 years, 7 months, son of Joseph and Kathryn xe "SIMONS:Kathryn" SIMONS xe "COOPER:Joseph" xe "COOPER:Kathryn, Mrs. (see Kathryn COOPER)" COOPER ‑ from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)

Jane Ellen xe "COOPER:Jane Ellen, Mrs. (see Jane Ellen HART)" COOPER September 12, 1845‑July 17, 1917 Wife of Valentine xe "COOPER:Valentine" COOPER (1) (2)
(added info: daughter of Thomas xe "HART:Jane Ellen" xe "HART:Thomas" HART ‑ (3) from death certificate.)

Infant xe "CORNS:____" CORNS
(added info: No stone; infant child of James and Ruth xe "MILLER:Ruth" MILLER xe "CORNS:James" xe "CORNS:Ruth, Mrs. (see Ruth MILLER)" CORNS.  (3) from Richard xe "CORNS:Richard" CORNS.)

(In a group, left to right)

William xe "GRANDON:William"GRANDON
Died June 29, 1897 aged 74 y, 6 m. 9 d. (1)

Melissa xe "GRANDON:Melissa, Mrs." GRANDON
Born October 7, 1822 Died April 11, 1901  (1)

Stephen xe "HARRIS:Stephen" HARRIS
(added info: No stone; died aged 90 years  (3) from Catherine Fedorchak "Monroe Co. Ohio Records.")

Joseph A. xe "HAYWARD:Joseph A." HAYWARD 1788‑1853 (1) (2) (3) (7)

Ann D. xe "HAYWARD:Ann D., Mrs." HAYWARD (Nancy Ann) 1791‑1869 (1) (3) (7) Wife of Joseph A. HAYWARD (2) (7)
(Added Info: (buried with Joseph A. Hayward, unmarked grave) Nancy Ann, wife of Joseph A. xe "HAYWARD:Nancy Ann, Mrs." HAYWARD, 1791‑1869 (7)

Susan xe "HILL:Susan, Mrs. (see Susan MC DONALD)" HILL 1816‑ October 9, 1898 wife of Holmes xe "HILL:Holmes" HILL (3)
(added info: maiden name: xe "MC DONALD:Susan" MC DONALD (3) from Harold David xe "SOMERVILLE:Harold David" SOMERVILLE, deceased.)

James E. xe "HOWELL:James E." HOWELL 1854‑1912  (1) (2) (3)

Margaret xe "JOHNS:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret NESSELROAD)" JOHNS
(added info: No stone; born c. 1835; maiden name: xe "NESSELROAD:Margaret" NESSELROAD; married 1. Ellis xe "CORNS:Ellis" xe "CORNS:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret NESSELROAD)" CORNS; 2. Kinsey JOHNS. (3) from Richard xe "CORNS:Richard" CORNS and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Wilbur G. xe "LEMASTER:Wilbur G." LEMASTER died June 19, 1901, aged 28 years, 4 days (1) (2)

Levi xe "LINCICOME:Levi" LINCICOME  Father 1840‑1912 Co. I, 62nd OH, Regt (1)
(added info: born January 26, 1840 Union Twp, Monroe Co, OH died December 25, 1912 Marietta, Washington Co, OH or December 27, 1912 Medina, Jackson Co, WV (4))

Geraldine xe "LINCICOME:Geraldine, Mrs. (see Geraldine MC KEE)" LINCICOME  Mother 1843‑1912 (1)
(Added info: born June 1, 1843 Seneca Twp, Monroe Co, OH died March 24, 1912 Jackson Co, WV (4) (Wife of Levi LINCICOME; maiden name: Geraldine Amelia xe "MC KEE:Geraldine Amelia" MC KEE) (4)

Albert F. xe "LINCICOME:Albert F." LINCICOME son of L. & J. xe "LINCICOME:L. (see Levi LINCICOME" xe "LINCICOME:J., Mrs. (see Geraldine LINCICOME)" LINCICOME died December 7, 1881 age 21 years, 10 days (1)
(Added info: born November 27, 1860 Noble Co, OH died December 7, 1881  (4) (Son of Levi and Geraldine LINCICOME)

William H. xe "LINCICOME:William (see William Henry LINCICOME)" LINCICOME 1864‑1917  (3)
(added info: born June 14, 1864 Noble Co, OH died December 5, 1917 Belle Plaine, IA William Henry xe "LINCICOME:William Henry" LINCICOME, son of Levi and Geraldine xe "LINCICOME:Levi" xe "LINCICOME:Geraldine, Mrs." LINCICOME)  (4)

Ettie J. xe "LINCICOME:Ettie J., Mrs. (see Ettie Jane CONNER)" LINCICOME 1867‑1902 and infant daughter  (3)
(added info: born December 8, 1867, Camp Point, IL died June 30, 1902  of childbirth (Etta Jane xe "CONNER:Etta Jane" CONNER, wife of William Henry LINCICOME)  (4)

Ormand D. xe "LINCICOME:Ormand D." LINCICOME  1900‑1903 Son of W.H. and E. xe "LINCICOME:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Etta Jane LINCIOMCE)" xe "LINCICOME:W.H. (see William Henry LINCICOME)" LINCICOME (3)

Martin xe "LINCICOME:Martin" LINCICOME January 15, 1869 ‑June 1 1885 (3)
(added info: born January 15, 1869 Noble Co, OH died June 1, 1885 Son of Levi and Geraldine A. xe "LINCICOME:Levi" xe "LINCICOME:Geraldidne A., Mrs." LINCICOME) (3) (4)

Laura B. xe "LINCICOME:Laura B." LINCICOME (daughter of) L. &. J. LINCICOME died October 29, 1880, age 5 months, 18 days (1)
(Added info: born 11 May 1880, Jackson Co, WV died 29 October 1880 Daughter of Levi and Geraldine xe "LINCICOME:Levi" xe "LINCICOME:Geraldine, Mrs." LINCICOME) (4)

James Swazy xe "LINCICOME:James Swazy" LINCICOME
(added info: born November, 18 1862, Noble Co., OH died December, 25 1925, Ravenswood, Jackson Co. WV Originally buried in Red Brush Cem, Jackson CO., but moved to Ravenswood Cem, Ravenswood, WV Son of Levi and Geraldine xe "LINCICOME:Levi" xe "LINCICOME:Geraldine, Mrs." LINCICOME) (1)

Anna Laura xe "LINCICOME:Anna Laura" LINCICOME
(added info: No stone; July 3, 1894‑ July 30, 1922, daughter of James Swazy xe "LINCICOME:James Swazy" xe "LINCICOME:Amanda, Mrs. (see Amanda KEENAN)" LINCICOME and Amanda xe "KEENAN:Amanda" KEENAN. She never married. (3) from death certificate. Jackson Co., WV deaths, p. 89, recorded her death as July 30, 1921, age 28 years, 27 days in Grant District)  (1).

Levi Y. xe "LINCICOME:Levi Y." LINCICOME born August 13, 1896 died February 14, 1901 son of W.F. and M.M. xe "LINCICOME:W.F. (see Winfield LINCICOME)" xe "LINCICOME:M.M., Mrs. (see Mary WEEKLEY)" LINCICOME (1) (2)
(added info: son of Winfield xe "LINCICOME:Winfield" xe "LINCICOME:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary WEEKLEY)" LINCICOME and Mary xe "WEEKLEY:Mary" WEEKLEY; grandson of Levi and Geraldine LINCICOME.) (1)

Bird xe "LINCICOME:Bird, Mrs. (see Bird MC BRIDE)" LINCICOME
(added info: No stone. Died December 13, 1916, aged 21 years. Daughter of Nathan and Effie xe "LOGSTON:Effie" LOGSTON xe "MC BRIDE:Bird (f)" xe "MC BRIDE:Nathan" xe "MC BRIDE:Effie, Mrs. (see Effie LOGSTON)" MC BRIDE, wife of Ira xe "LINCICOME:Ira" LINCICOME. (3) from Mary xe "WILLIAMS:Mary" WILLIAMS xe "MC BRIDE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary WILLIAMS)" MC BRIDE.)

A.D. xe "MC ELFRESH:A.D. (see Adam MC ELFRESH)" MC ELFRESH 19 September, 1876‑December 6, 1901 (1) (3)
(added info: he md. Gertrude xe "ROLIFF:Gertrude" ROLIFF ‑ from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)
(added info: Adam xe "MC ELFRESH:Adam" xe "MC ELFRESH:Gertrude, Mrs. (see Gertrude ROLIFF)" MC ELFRESH (5))

Cyrus xe "MC ELFRESH:Cyrus" MC ELFRESH April 24, 1899‑January 28, 1900 son of A.D. and A. xe "MC ELFRESH:A., Mrs." MC ELFRESH (1) (3)

Joseph N. xe "MC KEE:Joseph N." MC KEE May 22, 1866‑December 13, 1878 son of H. and M.A. xe "MC KEE:H. (see Henry MC KEE)" xe "MC KEE:M.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary A. MC KEE)" MC KEE (1) (2) (3)

xe "MC KEE:____" MC KEE June 18, 1890 Infant of H.H. and M.A. MC KEE (3)

George F. xe "MC KEE:George F." MC KEE October 11, 1853‑ March 1, 1875 (3)
(added info: Son of Henry and Mary Ann xe "REDIN:Mary Ann" REDIN xe "MC KEE:Henry" xe "MC KEE:Mary Ann, Mrs. (see Mary Ann REDIN)" MC KEE) (3)

Mary A. xe "MC KEE:Mary A., Mrs. (see Mary Ann REDIN)" MC KEE April 11, 1824‑ March 8, 1882 (3) Wife of Henry xe "MC KEE:Henry" MC KEE (1)
(added info: daughter of Joseph and Sarah xe "REDIN:Mary Ann" xe "REDIN:Joseph" xe "REDIN:Sarah, Mrs." REDIN; md. 1. Samuel xe "FURNICE:Samuel" xe "FURNICE:Mary Ann, Mrs. (see Mary Ann REDIN)" FURNICE; md. 2. Henry Martin xe "MC KEE:Henry Martin" MC KEE) (3)

Martha E. MC KEE August 4, 1859 ‑ December 12, 1875 dau of H. and M.A. xe "MC KEE:Martha E." xe "MC KEE:H. (see Henry MC KEE)" xe "MC KEE:M.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary Ann MC KEE)" MC KEE (1) (2)

Henry xe "MC KEE:Henry" MC KEE died April 18, 1901 aged 83 years, 9 months, 27 days (1) (2) (3)
(added info: son of Jabish and Alcena xe "MC KEE:Jabish" xe "MC KEE:Alcena, Mrs." MC KEE.) (3)

Gertrude MC KEE
(added info: No stone. February 27, 1891‑March 1, 1920, daughter of William and Laura xe "READ:Laura" READ xe "HICKS:Gertrude" xe "HICKS:William" xe "HICKS:Laura, Mrs. (see Laura READ)" HICKS; wife of Dempsey xe "MC KEE:Dempsey" xe "MC KEE:Gertrude, Mrs. (see Gertrude HICKS)" MC KEE. (3) from Marie xe "MC KEE:Marie" MC KEE xe "TAYLOR:Marie, Mrs. (see Marie MC KEE)" TAYLOR and from Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Ernest C. xe "MILLER:Ernest C." MILLER November 7, 1903‑ May 5, 1927 (2)
(added info: son of Albert and R. xe "MILLER:Albert" xe "MILLER:R., Mrs." MILLER from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)

George xe "MILLER:George" MILLER May 22, 1827‑ July 6, 1907 Co. G. 186th Ohio Vol. Inf Civil War (1) (2) (3)

Infant xe "MURREY:____" MURREY born/died August 3, 1895 (1) (2) born/died August 2, 1895 (3) (child of) Grant and Louisa xe "MURREY:Grant" xe "MURREY:Louisa, Mrs." MURREY (1) (2)

M.H. xe "MURREY:M.H. (m)" xe "MURREY:Martha, Mrs. (see Martha MALLET)" MURREY died February. 22, 1906, aged 45 y, 2 m, 3 d
(added info: son of James L. and Margaret xe "SILL:Margaret" SILL xe "MURREY:James L." xe "MURREY:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret SILL)" MURREY. He md. Martha xe "MALLET:Martha" MALLET. (3) from Emma xe "WALTERS:Emma" WALTERS xe "MURREY:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma WALTERS)" MURREY.)

Isaac xe "MORRISON:Isaac" MORRISON died May 29, 1901 aged 35 years (1) (2) (3)
(added info: son of Joseph A. and Margaret xe "MORRISON:Anna, Mrs. (see Anna ARCHER)" xe "MORRISON:Joseph A." xe "MORRISON:Margaret, Mrs." MORRISON. He md. Anna ARCHER ‑ from Jackson Co., Court and US Census Records.) (3) Anna xe "ARCHER:Anna" ARCHER, possibly Rebecca Anna, dau of George xe "ARCHER:George" xe "ARCHER:Lucinda E., Mrs. (see Lucinda E. JOHNS)" ARCHER (Elisha, James, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick) and Lucinda E. xe "JOHNS:Lucinda" JOHNS.) (1)       BACK TO INDEX

J. A. xe "MORRISON:J.A. (m)" MORRISON died July 19, 1890, aged 57 years, 11 months 7 days (2) (3) aged 58 years, 11 months 7 days (1)

Margaret xe "MORRISON:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret BATES)" MORRISON November 22, 1831 ‑ May 5, 1912 Wife of J.A. MORRISON (1) (2) (3)
(added info: maiden name: xe "BATES:Margaret" BATES ‑ from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)

Hannah S. xe "MORRISON:Hannah S." MORRISON died July 2, 1884 (1) (2) (July 21) (3) aged 17 years, 4 months, 24 days (2) aged 18 years, 4 months, 24 days (1) (3)
(added info: daughter of Joseph A. and Margaret MORRISON. (3) from US censuses, Jackson Co, WV 1850‑1910.)

Winnie L. NAYLOR died November 19, 1900, aged 2 years, 5 months, 17 days daughter of George C. and Rebecca xe "NAYLOR:Rebecca, Mrs." xe "NAYLOR:R.J., Mrs. (see Rebecca NAYLOR)" xe "NAYLOR:Winnie L." xe "NAYLOR:George C." xe "NAYLOR:Rebecca" NAYLOR (2) daughter of G.C. and R.J. NAYLOR (1) or Willie xe "NAYLOR:Willie" NAYLOR died November 19, 1900, aged 21 years, 5 months, 17 days daughter of G.G. and R.J. NAYLOR (3)

George NAYLOR (or George G.) xe "NAYLOR:George C." xe "NAYLOR:George G." NAYLOR, (3) George C. NAYLOR, Father (1) August 16, 1849‑ June 29, 1914 (1) (2)

Mollie NAYLOR Mollie I. (1) died January 18, 1888, aged 39 years, 3 months, 7 days wife of G.G. xe "NAYLOR:George G." xe "NAYLOR:George C." NAYLOR (1) first wife of G.C. xe "NAYLOR:G.C. (see George C. NAYLOR)" xe "NAYLOR:G.C. (see George C. NAYLOR)" xe "NAYLOR:Mollie I., Mrs." NAYLOR  (2) or Mollie I. NAYLOR died January 18, 1888 aged 39 years, 7 months, 3 days, (2nd wife Thomas xe "MC GUIGAN:Thomas" xe "MC GUIGAN:Mollie I., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mollie I. NAYLOR)" MC GUIGAN.  (3) from Leonard xe "NAYLOR:Leonard" NAYLOR.)

Rebecca J. NAYLOR died Sept. 3, 1883 (1) died Sept. 3, 1903 (1) (2) aged 33y, 3 m (1) (2) wife of G.C. NAYLOR (1) second wife of G.C. xe "NAYLOR:G.C. (m)" xe "NAYLOR:Rebecca J., Mrs. (see Rebbeca J. THOMAS)" NAYLOR (2) or Rebecca J. NAYLOR died December 3, 1883 aged 31 years, 3 months wife of G.G. NAYLOR
(added info: maiden name: THOMAS. (3) from Leonard NAYLOR.)

Helen xe "NAYLOR:Helen, Mrs. (see Helen WARD)" NAYLOR February 12, 1856‑ December 9, 1891 dau of J. & M. xe "WARD:J.M. (m) (see James WARD)" WARD (1)
(added info: or February 12, 1836‑December 9, 1881 (3) Daughter of James M. xe "WARD:James M." xe "WARD:Helen" WARD; wife of D.E. NAYLOR (2)

Thomas xe "NAYLOR:Thomas" NAYLOR 1889‑1962 son of David E. xe "NAYLOR:David E." xe "NAYLOR:Caroline, Mrs. (see Carloine DERENBERGER)" NAYLOR (3)
(added info: his mother was Caroline xe "DERENBERGER:Caroline" DERENBERGER (3) from "The Derenberger Family" by Wes Cochran.)

David xe "NAYLOR:David" NAYLOR
(added info: No Stone; died October 22, 1904, aged 65 years (3) from Pearl THOMPSON xe "ALEXANDER:Pearl, Mrs. (see Pearl THOMPSON)" ALEXANDER and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Caroline xe "NAYLOR" xe "NAYLOR:Caroline, Mrs. (see Caroline DERENBERGER)" NAYLOR
(added info: No stone; daughter of Hannibal and Rebecca Susanna xe "FULL:Rebecca Susanna" FULL xe "DERENBERGER:Caroline" xe "DERENBERGER:Hannibal" xe "DERENBERGER:Rebecca, Mrs. (see Rebecca Susanna FULL)" DERENBERGER. (3) from Pearl THOMPSON ALEXANDER and "The Derenberger Family" by Wes Cochran.)

(added info: No stone; 1853‑May 2, 1920, born. PA, son of John and Sarah xe "COPE:Sarah" COPE xe "NAYLOR:Uriah" xe "NAYLOR:John" xe "NAYLOR:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah COPE)" NAYLOR. He never married. (3) from Norene xe "BEYMER:Norene" BEYMER xe "MOORE:Norene, Mrs. (see Norene BEYMER)" MOORE and Leonard xe "NAYLOR:Leonard" NAYLOR.)

William C. xe "POWERS:William Z. (see W.Z. POWERS)" xe "POWERS:Mary A., Mrs. (see Mary A. HAYWARD)" POWERS W.C. xe "POWERS:W.C. (see W.Z. POWERS)" xe "POWERS:W.C. (see William C. POWERS)" POWERS (1) Cpl., Co., I, 11th W. Va. Inf, Civil War
(Added info: Born ca. 1820; md. Mary A. xe "HAYWARD:Mary A." HAYWARD 16 April 1840. (2) W.Z. POWERS born c. 1819‑May 1877; married Mary Adeline xe "HAYWARD:Mary A. (see Mary Adeline HAYWARD)" HAYWARD. (3) from Harold David xe "SOMERVILLE:Harold David" SOMERVILLE, deceased).

Martha Ann Bell xe "POWERS:Martha Ann Bell, Mrs." POWERS
(added info: No stone; May 1852‑1903; third wife of Bloomfield xe "POWERS:Bloomfield" POWERS. (3) from Jackson Co, Census 1850‑1910 and Harold David SOMVERVILLE, deceased).

Clara M. xe "NAYLOR:Clara M." NAYLOR SALLAZ 1879‑1903 daughter of George C. and Mollie xe "NAYLOR:George C." xe "NAYLOR:Mollie, Mrs." NAYLOR wife of W.M. xe "SALLAZ:W.M. (m)" xe "SALLAZ:Clara M., Mrs. (see Clara M. NAYLOR)" SALLAZ  (1) (2) (3)

Charles xe "SPEAR:Charles" SPEAR 1867‑1936  (1) (2)
(added info: son of Nehemiah and Lucinda xe "SPEAR:Nehemiah" xe "SPEAR:Lucinda, Mrs." SPEAR. (3) from Jackson Co., WV US Census 1850‑1910.)

Flora xe "SPEAR:Flora, Mrs. (see Flora STANLEY)" SPEAR 1875‑  (1) (2)
(added info: died November 23, 1954, daughter of Frank and Sarah McGRAIL xe "STANLEY:Flora" xe "STANLEY:Frank" xe "STANLEY:Sarah, Mrs." STANLEY.  (3) from obituaries.)

Rosie M. xe "SPEAR:Rosie M., Mrs. (see Rosie M. NAYLOR)" SPEAR June 1, 1872‑ Sept. 10, 1895 daughter of G.C. & R.J. xe "NAYLOR:Rosie M." xe "NAYLOR:G.C., (m)" xe "NAYLOR:R.J., Mrs." NAYLOR wife of Charles xe "SPEAR:Charles" SPEAR (1) (2)

Marie Belle xe "SMITH:Marie Belle" SMITH June 10, 1913‑ March 5, 1915 daughter of H. and E.R.xe "SMITH:H. (m)" xe "SMITH:E.R., Mrs." SMITH  (2) (3) or died March 5, 1913 (1)

Allie xe "STARR:Allie, Mrs. (see Allie BARNHART)" STARR
(added info: No stone; daughter of Recyrus and Sarah xe "POWERS:Sarah" POWERS xe "BARNHART:Recyrus" xe "BARNHART:Allie" xe "BARNHART:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah POWERS)" BARNHART; wife of Alexander xe "STARR:Alexander" STARR. She killed two of her children with a knife and then took her own life. Died June 16, 1908, aged 40 y, 2 m, 15 d. (3) from Harold David xe "SOMERVILLE:Harold David" SOMERVILLE and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Infant xe "STARR:____" STARR
(added info: No stone; daughter of Alexander and and Allie BARNHART STARR; died June 16, 1908.  (3) from Harold David SOMERVILLE and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Gustie xe "STARR:Gustie (f)" STARR
(added info: No stone; daughter of Alexander and and Allie BARNHART STARR; died June 16, 1908, age 3 years, 2 months (3) from Harold David SOMERVLLE and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Joseph A. xe "SOMERVILLE:Joseph A." SOMERVILLE died May __, 1835 aged 3 years, 9 months son of _ & E. xe "SUMMERVILLE:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Eliza Jane SUMMERVILLE)" SUMMERVILLE (1) son of James xe "SUMMERVILLE:James" SUMMERVILLE (2) or Joseph A. xe "SUMMERVILLE:Joseph A." SUMMERVILLE died March 5, 1855, aged 3 years, 6 months
(added info: son of John and Eliza Jane xe "HAYWARD:Eliza Jane" HAYWARD xe "SUMMERVILLE:John" xe "SUMMERVILLE:Eliza, Mrs. (see Eliza Jane HAYWARD)" SUMMERVILLE; he died of diptheria. (3) from Harold David xe "SOMERVILLE:Harold David" SOMERVILLE (deceased).)

Henry F. xe "SUMMERVILLE:Henry F." SUMMERVILLE died March 5, 1855, aged 1 year, 7 months son of J. & E. xe "SUMMERVILLE:J. (m) (see Joseph A. SUMMERVILLE)" xe "SUMMERVILLE:E., Mrs. (see Eliza Jane SUMMERVILLE)" SUMMERVILLE (1)
(added info: son of James SUMMERVILLE. (2) Son of John and Eliza Jane HAYWARD SUMMERVILLE; he died of diptheria. (3) from Harold David SOMERVILLE (deceased).)

Maude M. xe "THOMPSON:Maude M., Mrs. (see Maude M. SPEAR)" THOMPSON 1900‑1929 wife of Oscar L. xe "THOMPSON:Oscar L." THOMPSON  (1) (2) (3)
(added info: daughter of Charles and Flora xe "STANLEY:Flora" STANLEY xe "SPEAR:Charles" xe "SPEAR:Flora, Mrs. (see Flora STANLEY)" SPEAR). (3) from Mary xe "WILLIAMS:Mary" WILLIAMS xe "MC BRIDE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary WILLIAMS)" MC BRIDE.)

Charles L. xe "THOMPSON:Charles L." THOMPSON July 19, 1924‑(no death date)  (1) (2)
(added info: son of Oscar and Maude xe "SPEAR:Maude" SPEAR xe "THOMPSON:Oscar" xe "THOMPSON:Maude, Mrs. (see Maude SPEAR)" THOMPSON.) (3)

Herbert L. xe "THOMPSON:Herbert L." THOMPSON July 16, 1896‑23 May 1913  (1) (2) (3)
(added info: son of Lindsey and Cemilda xe "SILL:Cemilda" SILL xe "THOMPSON:Lindsey (m)" xe "THOMPSON:Cemilda, Mrs. (see Cemilda STILL)" THOMPSON.) (3)

George Parker xe "THOMPSON:George Parker" THOMPSON died October 12, 1895, aged 17 years, 3 months, 26 days son of L. & C. xe "THOMPSON:L. (see Lindsey THOMPSON)" xe "THOMPSON:C., Mrs. (see Mrs. Cemilda THOMPSON)" THOMPSON (1) son of Lindsey and Cemilda SILL THOMPSON (2) (3)

Eva xe "THOMPSON:Eva" THOMPSON February 26, 1885‑February 5, 1886 dau of L. & C. THOMPSON (1) daughter of Lindsey and Cemilda SILL THOMPSON) (2) (3)

Phrona L. xe "THOMPSON:Phrona L., Mrs. (see Phrona L. STEWART)" THOMPSON February 18, 1899‑ June 3, 1920 Wife of Bert THOMPSON (3)
(added inf: daughter of Bob and Sereptic xe "STEWART:Phrona L." xe "STEWART:Bob" xe "STEWART:Sereptic, Mrs." STEWART. (3) from Mary xe "WILLIAMS:Mary" WILLIAMS xe "MC BRIDE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary WILLIAMS)" MC BRIDE.)

Jessie xe "THOMPSON:Jessie" THOMPSON June 3, 1920‑June 20, 1920 (3)
(added info: daughter of Bert and Phrona STEWART THOMPSON.) (3)

Josephine xe "THOMPSON:Josephine" THOMPSON died June 3, 1920 (3)
(added info: daughter of Bert and Phrona xe "STEWART:Phrona" STEWART xe "THOMPSON:Bert" xe "THOMPSON:Phrona, Mrs. (see Phrona STEWART)" THOMPSON.) (3)

A. xe "WALTERS:A., (m)" WALTERS 1829‑1899  (1) (2) (3)

Lucinda xe "WALTERS:Lucinda, Mrs." WALTERS 1829‑1912 wife of A. WALTERS  (1) (2) (3)

Bertha xe "WEEKLEY:Bertha" WEEKLEY Dau of A. & L. xe "WEEKLEY:A. (m)" xe "WEEKLEY:L., Mrs." WEEKLEY Died October 9, 1892 Age 1 year, 5 months, 13 days (1) (3)

Wyoma xe "YOUNG:Wyoma" YOUNG May 20, 1912 ‑ April 30, 1913 daughter of G.P and B.A. xe "YOUNG:G.P., (m)" xe "YOUNG:B.A., Mrs." YOUNG  (1) (2) (3)

Ada xe "YOUNG:Ada" YOUNG May 7, 1908‑ April 20, 1909 daughter of G.P. and B. A. YOUNG (2) (3)