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(This begins the new section of the Ravenswood Cemetery starting from the lower right hand corner of the cemetery as you enter the cemetery entrance. It is also covered by Miihlbach as Section 9 from p. 80 of her book, "Ravenswood Cemetery.")

Robert Kirk xe "PARK:Robert Kirk" PARK  June 10, 1900‑April 30, 1969.   "Resided his entire life in Ravenswood West Virginia"

Ella Mae xe "ARCHER:Ella Mae" ARCHER  1886‑1956       BACK TO INDEX

Charles B. xe "FLINN:Charles B." FLINN  1878‑1945

Ona xe "FLINN:Ona" FLINN xe "BATES:Ona, Mrs. (see Ona FLINN)" BATES  1880‑1954  Mother

H. Bert xe "BATES:H. Bert" BATES  1868‑1959  Father

(3)  Bernice Ann xe "WOOMER:Bernice Ann" WOOMER  August 31, 1949  "Our Baby"
Margaret Ellen xe "WOOMER:Margaret Ellen, Mrs." WOOMER  November 26, 1921‑September 19, 1976  Mother
Burnie xe "WOOMER:Burnie" WOOMER  October 15, 1912‑(no death date)  Father

(2)  Fannie M. xe "GORRELL:Fannie M., Mrs.?" GORRELL  1873‑1954
John W. xe "GORRELL:John W." GORRELL  1872‑1958

(2)  Blanche xe "GORRELL:Blanche, Mrs.?" GORRELL  1897‑(no death date)
Hobert xe "GORRELL:Hobert" GORRELL  1896‑1954

Samuel S. xe "BATTIN:Samuel S." BATTIN  1868‑1949

(2)  Hannah J. xe "LANE:Hannah J." LANE  1865‑1952
William T. xe "LANE:William T." LANE  1889‑1944

Charles E. xe "HUPP:Charles E." HUPP  1928‑1974

(2)  C. Ray xe "WILDMAN:C. Ray" WILDMAN  1898‑1972
O. Mae xe "WILDMAN:O. May, Mrs.?" WILDMAN  1899‑(no death date)

(2)  Herbert xe "BARBER:Herbert" BARBER  1882‑1962
Nora J. xe "BARBER:Nora J., Mrs.?" BARBER  1884‑1971

Jesse xe "HUGHES:Jesse" HUGHES  1750‑1829
Erected to Memory of Revolutionary Soldiers and descendents who settled in this valley. Dedicated to Jesse Hughes 1750‑1829, the brave scout who died near this spot. The Ravenswood Chapter D. A. R. May 30, 1924

(2)  Odbert W. xe "PARSONS:Odbert W." PARSONS  1915‑1948
Lola M. xe "PARSONS:Lola M., Mrs.?" PARSONS  1915‑(no death date)

Daisy xe "ROBINSON:Daisy" ROBINSON xe "CUNNINGHAM:Daisy, Mrs. (see Daisy ROBINSON)" CUNNINGHAM  1876‑1962

Edward W. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Edward W." CUNNINGHAM  1872‑1952  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Nancy P. xe "MC COY:Nancy P., Mrs." MC COY  1876‑1952
Wife of
Harvey M. xe "MC COY:Harvey M." MC COY  1875‑1946

Laura Alice xe "WOLF:Laura Alice" WOLF, born January 21, 1837; died March 05, 1945

Bernard E. xe "MAHAN:Bernard E." MAHAN  West Virginia Sgt. 16 INF  WW II March 12, 1927‑August 28, 1951

Charles L. BONNETT  West Virginia AVN. MACH,  MATE  1CL. USNR December 7, 1916‑May 9, 1944

Charles Lester xe "BONNETT:Charles Lester" BONNETT  1916‑1944

(2)  J. Floyd xe "BONNETT:J. Floyd" BONNETT  1888‑1956
Mae V. xe "BONNETT:Mae V., Mrs.?" BONNETT  1892‑(no death date)

William Jackson xe "FLINN:William Jackson" FLINN  1881‑1945

(next to William Flinn)
Berdie xe "SAFREED:Berdie (f)" SAFREED xe "FLINN:Berdie, Mrs. (see Berdie SAFREED)" FLINN  1888‑1975

Henry P. xe "FLINN:Henry P." FLINN  1885‑1951  Father

(2)  Mollie M. xe "SLAVEN:Mollie M., Mrs." SLAVEN  1876‑1956  Mother
George L. xe "SLAVEN:George L." SLAVEN  1873‑1948  Father

(3)  Marjorie A. xe "PATTERSON:Marjorie A." PATTERSON  1947‑1947  "Our Baby"
Wanda M. "Sis" xe "PATTERSON:Wanda M., Mrs." xe "PATTERSON:Sis, Mrs. (see Mrs. Wanda M. PATTERSON)" PATTERSON  1928‑_____ Mother
Edwin R. "Jack" xe "PATTERSON:Edwin R." xe "PATTERSON:Jack (see Edwin R. PATTERSON)" PATTERSON  1919‑1976  Father

Edwin R. PATTERSON, Cpl. US ARMY  WW II  1919‑1976

(2)  Margaret xe "WATKINS:Margaret" WATKINS xe "STONEBURNER:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret WATKINS)" STONEBURNER  October 23, 1882‑February 3, 1962
Charles Frederick xe "STONEBURNER:Charles Frederick" STONEBURNER  March 7 1882‑April 17, 1954

(2)  John Arnold xe "BOSTIC:John Arnold" BOSTIC  February 14, 1916‑May 11, 1974
Violet Velma xe "BOSTIC:Violet Velma, Mrs.?" BOSTIC  March 28, 1916‑(no death date)

Harley Arnold xe "BOSTIC:Harley Arnold" BOSTIC  March 23, 1893‑November 21, 1958

Paul A. xe "BOSTIC:Paul A." BOSTIC  West Virginia S. Sgt. 65th Base Headquarters and ABSQ AAF  WW II  February 28, 1920‑March 19, 1944

Pearl B. xe "BOSTIC:Pearl B." BOSTIC March 16, 1894‑September 6, 1943  Sister

Phoebe J. xe "BELL:Phoebe J., Mrs." BELL  February 10, 1872‑February 21, 1966  Mother

(2) Ocie B. xe "ANDERSON:Ocie B., Mrs.?" ANDERSON  1891‑1970
Herman A. xe "ANDERSON:Herman A." ANDERSON  1891‑1975

Frederick C. xe "ANDERSON:Frederick C." ANDERSON  West Virginia Sgt. 66th ADRM  SQ  AAF  WW II March 25, 1912‑October 20, 1969

(2)  Ruth D. xe "RARDIN:Ruth D." RARDIN  1899‑(no death date)
Charles V. xe "RARDIN:Charles V." RARDIN  1893‑1954

(2)  Birdia M. xe "WHITE:Birdia M., Mrs." WHITE  1896‑(no death date)  Mother
John J. xe "WHITE:John J." WHITE  1895‑(no death date)  Father (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Luvina xe "OFFUT:Luvina" OFFUT  1894‑(no death date)
William L. xe "OFFUT:William L." OFFUT  1901‑1949

(2)  Jessie xe "BROWNING:Jessie" BROWNING xe "DIVERS:Jessie, Mrs. (see Jessie BROWNING)" DIVERS  1903‑1968
Wife of
Fred E. xe "DIVERS:Fred E." DIVERS  1902‑(no death date)

>(2)  Rosa Lee xe "BROWNING:Rosa Lee, Mrs.?"BROWNING  1873‑1950
Charles R. xe "BROWNING:Charles R." BROWNING  1866‑1945

(2)  Mildred M. xe "DIVERS:Mildred M., Mrs." DIVERS  1916‑(no death date)
Wife of
Warren E. xe "DIVERS:Warren E." DIVERS  1909‑1949

(2)  Florence M. xe "DIVERS:Florence M., Mrs." DIVERS  1872‑1948  Mother
John Wirt xe "DIVERS:John Wirt" DIVERS  1872‑1946  Father

(next to John and Florence Divers)
(2)  Olive Alma xe "DIVERS:Olive Alma" DIVERS  1906‑1977  Daughter
Archie Ward, son of J. W. & F. M. xe "DIVERS:Archie Ward" xe "DIVERS:J.W. (see John Wirt DIVERS)" xe "DIVERS:F.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Florence M. DIVERS)" DIVERS February 13, 1899‑April 29, 1918

Naomi C., daughter of G. M. & C. L. xe "TRIBETT:Naomi C." xe "TRIBETT:G.M. (m)" xe "TRIBETT:C.L., Mrs." TRIBETT,  July 1921‑December 1921

(2)  Nancy xe "BENNETT:Nancy" BENNETT xe "WHEATON:Nancy, Mrs. (see Nancy BENNETT)" WHEATON  1898‑1964
George H. xe "WHEATON:George H." WHEATON  1885‑1952

Ann xe "VANNEST:Ann" VANNEST  1874‑1949

Margaret xe "LEHEW:Margaret" LEHEW xe "SHELTON:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret LEHEW)" SHELTON  1921‑1961

Samary Ellen xe "NESSELROAD:Samary Ellen" NESSELROAD  1909‑1945

(Temporary marker)
Howard xe "JONES:Howard" JONES 1893‑1976

(2)  Clara xe "LEHEW:Clara, Mrs.?" LEHEW  1876‑1946
Amos xe "LEHEW:Amos" LEHEW  1868‑1953

Dr. William A. xe "BALL:William A." BALL  1888‑1949

(2)  Dessie I. xe "WYANT:Dessie I., Mrs.?" WYANT  1886‑1947
Thomas K. xe "WYANT:Thomas K." WYANT  1876‑1962

Roger Dale xe "WYANT:Roger Dale" WYANT  1950‑1952

Edmund S. xe "ARCHER:Edmund S." ARCHER  1863‑1946

Marion O. xe "ARCHER:Marion O." ARCHER  1860‑1950      BACK TO INDEX

(2)  Laura A. e "RHODES:Laura A., Mrs.?" RHODES  1891‑1973
Whetzel xe "RHODES:Whetzel (m)" RHODES  1887‑1944

(2 side by side)
Sandra Lynn xe "SHAFER:Sandra Lynn" SHAFER, August 14, 1957‑June 18, 1965

Patricia Ann xe "SHAFER:Patricia Ann" SHAFER,  January 14, 1947‑December 4, 1947

(3)  Perry xe "HUPP:Perry" HUPP  February 22, 1897‑November 21, 1974
Paul xe "HUPP:Paul" HUPP  May 6, 1918‑May 13, 1921
Pearl xe "HUPP:Pearl, Mrs.?" HUPP  December 26, 1898‑December 7, 1976
(same Hupp plot)
xe "HUPP:Rickey Lee "Rickey Lee  1951

Minor F., son of M. & M. xe "HUPP:Minor F. (m)" xe "HUPP:M. (see Milligan HUPP)" xe "HUPP:S., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary HUPP)" HUPP  August 24, 1886‑December 21, 1898

(2)  Mary xe "HUPP:Mary, Mrs." HUPP  May 15, 1859‑August 24, 1943  Mother
Milligan xe "HUPP:Milligan" HUPP February 20, 1853‑September 28, 1913  Father

Maggie xe "WHEATON:Maggie, Mrs.?" WHEATON,  February 8, 1879‑December 25, 1965

Bennett xe "WHEATON:Bennett" WHEATON,  December 15, 1868‑May 10, 1945

(2)  Sharon L. xe "WILSON:Sharon L." WILSON  1942‑1943
Clara A. xe "WILSON:Clara A." WILSON  1917‑1947

George xe "WILSON:George, Jr." WILSON, JR.  1921‑1947

(2)  John L. xe "CASTO:John L." CASTO  1892‑1956
Icy M. xe "CASTO:Icy M., Mrs.?" CASTO  1896‑1973

Mary E. xe "WILDMAN:Mary E." WILDMAN  1925‑1943 

(left of Mary E. Wildman)
Ralph E. xe "HUPP:Ralph E." HUPP  1908‑(no death date)

Edra M. xe "HUPP:Edra M., Mrs.?" HUPP  1908‑1942

Kitty F. xe "BARBER:Kitty F." BARBER xe "BRITTON:Kitty F., Mrs. (see Kitty F. BARBER)" BRITTON, born 1877; died 1944  Mother

BROWNELL (plot ‑ left to right)
Raymond Page xe "BELL:Raymond Bell" BELL  1904‑1947

Phyllis xe "BROWNELL:Phyllis" BROWNELL xe "DRUMM:Phyllis, Mrs. (see Phyllis BROWNELL)" DRUMM  1906‑1975

Harold L. xe "BROWNELL:Harold L." BROWNELL  1901‑1968

Max Llewellyn xe "BROWNELL:Max Llewellyn" BROWNELL  1861‑1942

Mary xe "SOMMER:Mary" SOMMER xe "BROWNELL:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary SOMMER)" BROWNELL  1868‑1950

Euri Denver "Bill" xe "OREM:Earl Denver" xe "OREM:Bill (see Burl Denver OREM)" OREM  1901‑1932

Florence, wife of D. W. xe "WALTERS:Florence, Mrs." xe "WALTERS:D.W. (m)" WALTERS

Boyd xe "WALTERS:Boyd" WALTERS, died April 20, 1909, age 39 years, 3 months, 21 days

Infant Son of B. & F. xe "WALTERS:____ (m)" xe "WALTERS:B. (see Boyd WALTERS)" xe "WALTERS:F., Mrs." WALTERS,  died November 1, 1906, aged 14 days

(2)  Myrtle M. xe "COX:Myrtle M., Mrs." COX  1882‑1975 Married October 29, 1900
Joshua A. xe "COX:Joshua A." COX  1879‑1964

Gilbert L. xe "MOREHOUSE:Gilbert L." MOREHOUSE  1925‑1950 1st Lieut. US ARMY AIR FORCE Killed in airplane crash, May 4, 1950 at Wood County Airport."

(2)  Elizabeth xe "SALSER:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" SALSER  1877‑1961
William H. xe "SALSER:William H." SALSER  1869‑1958

Johnny L. xe "MEEKER:Johnny L." MEEKER  December 19, 1907‑July 15, 1974

(2)  William Marshall xe "FLINN:William Marshall" FLINN  1872‑1913
Lydia xe "SAYRE:Lydia" SAYRE xe "FLINN:Lydia, Mrs. (see Lydia SAYRE)" FLINN  1875‑(no death date)

Charles E. xe "FLINN:Charles E." FLINN  1936‑1941  Son

Bessie xe "TAYLOR:Bessie" TAYLOR xe "MEEKER:Bessie, Mrs. (see Bessie TAYLOR)" MEEKER  1910‑1957  Mother

(2)  Richard xe "KING:Richard" KING  1870‑1971
Plezzie xe "KING:Plezzie, Mrs.?" KING  1873‑1942

(2)  M. Viola xe "JONES:M. Viola, Mrs.?" JONES  1882‑1968
W. Lewis xe "JONES:W. Lewis" JONES  1881‑1955

Abner L. xe "BALDERSON:Abner L." BALDERSON  1879‑1953

Caroline xe "BALDERSON:Caroline, Mrs.?" BALDERSON  1881‑1972

Ida J. xe "WHITE:Ida J." WHITE  1858‑1945

Martha xe "TENNANT:Martha" TENNANT xe "PERRY:Martha, Mrs. (see Martha TENNANT)" PERRY  1891‑1945  Mother

Henry Samuel xe "PERRY:Henry Samuel" PERRY  1890‑1963  Father

Alice C. xe "STARKEY:Alice C., Mrs." STARKEY  1860‑1955

Isaac N. xe "STARKEY:Isaac N." STARKEY  1854‑1942

Eugene Arthur "Geney" xe "FIRNKOESS:Eugene Arthur" xe "FIRNKOESS:Geney (see Eugene Arthur FIRNKOESS)" FIRNKOESS  1931‑1946

(2)  Connie Lou xe "JONES:Connie Lou" JONES  1942‑1943
Alice Faye xe "JONES:Alice Faye" JONES  1935‑1949

Susie xe "BENNETT:Susie, Mrs." BENNETT  1909‑1944  Mother

(2)  Lora R. xe "SMITH:Lora R., Mrs.?" SMITH  1881‑1952
Everett xe "SMITH:Everett" SMITH  1880‑1959

(2)  Ella xe "MEEKER:Ella, Mrs." MEEKER  1878‑1970  Wife
John B. xe "MEEKER:John B." MEEKER  1871‑1954

(2)  Effie A. xe "MC MASTER:Effie A., Mrs.?" MC MASTER  1883‑1966
James A. xe "MC MASTER:James A." MC MASTER  DVS  1874‑1946

(2)  Dorothy xe "HAUGHT:Dorothy, Mrs.?" HAUGHT  1918‑(no death date)
Rev. Woodrow xe "HAUGHT:Woodrow, Rev." HAUGHT  1914‑1972

(to left of Woodrow and Dorothy Haught)
Gary Leland xe "HAUGHT:Gary Leland" HAUGHT  1948  "Our Baby"

(2)  Deborah L. xe "BUFFINGTON:Deborah L., Mrs.?" BUFFINGTON  1876‑1956
William I. xe "BUFFINGTON:William I." BUFFINGTON  1870‑1950

Icy Lona xe "PETERS:Icy Lona (f)" PETERS xe "SHUTTS:Icy Lona, Mrs. (see Icy Lona PETERS)" SHUTTS  1869‑1966

Isiah L. xe "SHUTTS:Isiah L." SHUTTS  1867‑1951

Rebecca xe "LYNN:Rebecca" LYNN xe "SEARS:Rebecca, Mrs. (see Rebecca LYNN)" SEARS  1943‑1944  Daughter

(next to Isiah and Icy Shutts)
Carrie B. xe "KING:Carrie B." KING  1894‑1971

Bessie xe "KING:Bessie" KING  1898‑1963

Shirley xe "KING:Shirley" KING  1896‑1962

(2)  Stella xe "FRAME:Stella, Mrs.?" FRAME  1881‑(no death date)
Wiley W. xe "FRAME:Wiley W." FRAME  1874‑(no death date)

(2)  Edith S. xe "BISH:Edith S., Mrs.?" BISH  1915‑1947
Harold C. xe "BISH:Harold C." BISH  1912‑1965  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Nancy Faithe xe "BATTIN:Nancy Faithe, Mrs." BATTIN  1904‑(no death date)
Samuel L. xe "BATTIN:Samuel L." xe "BATTIN:Jean" xe "BATTIN:Sam" BATTIN  1905‑1964
Parents of Jean & Sam

(2)  Lora xe "PILCHARD:Lora, Mrs.?" PILCHARD  1901‑(no death date)
Clayton xe "PILCHARD:Clayton" PILCHARD  1899‑1976  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Mary C. xe "SNODGRASS:Mary C., Mrs.?" SNODGRASS  1885‑1957
Lawrence xe "SNODGRASS:Lawrence" SNODGRASS  1874‑1964

(2)  Winnie L. xe "ROBERTS:Winnie L., Mrs.?" ROBERTS  1899‑(no death date)
Clyde W. xe "ROBERTS:Clyde W." ROBERTS  1893‑1947

Edith Mae xe "KIEFER:Edith Mae, Mrs.?" KIEFER  1896‑1948

Damiel W. xe "PALMER:Daniel W." PALMER  MACH Co. E  2nd INF West Virginia WW I November 28, 1898‑September 24, 1950

J. B. xe "HUPP:J.B." HUPP, born March 24, 1871; died March 8, 1950

Albert Milligan xe "HUPP:Albert Milligan" HUPP, born February 8, 1873; died June 26, 1951

Dallas C. xe "STAATS:Dallas C." STAATS  1922‑1952

(3)  Ura G. xe "WILSON:Ura G." WILSON  1906
Viola E. xe "WILSON:Viola E., Mrs.?" WILSON  1884‑1960
Thomas A. xe "WILSON:Thomas A." WILSON  1876‑1966

(2)  Sarah M. xe "SALSER:Sarah M., Mrs." SALSER  1883‑1948
Wife of
Wilber S. xe "SALSER:Wilber S." SALSER  1880‑1960

Kenneth S. xe "SALSER:Kenneth S." SALSER  1903‑(no death date)

(2)  Elsie M. xe "SAYRE:Elsie M., Mrs." SAYRE  1899‑(no death date)
Wife of
Jess A. xe "SAYRE:Jess A." SAYRE  1893‑1943

(2)  Arthelia xe "RARDON:Arthelia, Mrs.?" RARDON  1896‑1950
Clint C. xe "RARDON:Clint C." RARDON  1884‑1969

(2)  Margaret xe "LEE:Margaret, Mrs.?" LEE  1875‑1965
Edward xe "LEE:Edward" LEE  1867‑1949

Helen, daughter of E. A. & M. V. xe "LEE:E.A. (m)" xe "LEE:M.V., Mrs." LEE 1901‑1950

Jessie HOSELTON, daughter of E. A. & M. V. LEE 1905‑1967

Terra Faye xe "ANDRICK:Terra Faye" ANDRICK, October 30, 1950‑February 15, 1951 "Our Baby"

Michael W. xe "TALLMAN:Michael W." TALLMAN  1950‑1951

Warren G. xe "TALLMAN:Warren G." TALLMAN  West Virginia  MM3 US NAVY  WW II August 20, 1921‑September 24, 1973

Georgia xe "JONES:Georgia" JONES  1880‑1950  Mother

(2 side by side)
William Lewis xe "WADE:William Lewis" WADE  1885‑1961

David Everett xe "WADE:David Everett" WADE  1881‑1959

Maudie E. xe "SHOCKEY:Maudie E., Mrs.?" SHOCKEY  1900‑(no death date)

H. Gordon xe "SHOCKEY:H. Gordon" SHOCKEY  1899‑1973

(2)  Lula B. xe "SHOCKEY:Lula B., Mrs.?" SHOCKEY  1898‑(no death date)
Donald F. xe "SHOCKEY:Donald F." SHOCKEY  1895‑1959

(2)  Kenneth Elbert xe "HUPP:Kenneth Elbert" HUPP  May 29, 1950
Michael Eugene xe "HUPP:Michael Eugene" HUPP  June 22, 1951

(2)  Margie D. xe "FLETCHER:Margie D., Mrs." FLETCHER  1887‑1968
Ira V. xe "FLETCHER:Ira V." FLETCHER  1915‑1953  Son

(2)  Alice xe "WATKINS:Alice, Mrs.?" WATKINS  1875‑1960
William xe "WATKINS:William" WATKINS  1871‑1952

(2)  Fay R. xe "FLETCHER:Fay R." FLETCHER  1913‑1947
Kermit G. xe "FLETCHER:Kermit G." FLETCHER  1910‑(no death date)

(2)  Catherine J. xe "MILHOAN:Catherine J., Mrs.?" MILHOAN  1903‑(no death date)
Earl O. xe "MILHOAN:Earl O." MILHOAN  1897‑1949

(2)  Helen xe "GORRELL:Helen" GORRELL xe "MILHOAN:Helen, Mrs. (see Helen GORRELL)" MILHOAN  1899‑(no death date)
Wife of
P. Virgil xe "MILHOAN:P. Virgil" MILHOAN  1897‑1952

Alice xe "COOK:Alice" COOK xe "FOX:Alice, Mrs. (see Alice COOK)" FOX  1915‑1950

Arthur Lee xe "COOK:Arthur Lee" COOK  1892‑1955

Teresa xe "COOK:Teresa" COOK xe "SHAFER:Teresa, Mrs. (see Teresa COOK)" SHAFER  1915‑1953

(2)  Edythe E. xe "HOWELL:Edythe E." HOWELL  1885‑1972  Mother
Jacob H. xe "HOWELL:Jacob H." HOWELL  1880‑1975  Father

Doris Eileen xe "HOWELL:Doris Eileen" HOWELL ‑ Nurse,  May 17, 1918‑November 30, 1971

Dr. Asa Wade xe "MILHOAN:Asa Wade" MILHOAN‑ Doctor,  February 28, 1895‑October 19, 1973

(2 side by side)
Joseph W. xe "MC GRAW:Joseph W." MC GRAW 1890‑1953

Florence V. xe "MC GRAW:Florence V., Mrs.?" MC GRAW 1888‑1961

(2)  Adra E. xe "SMITH:Adra E., Mrs.?" SMITH 1900‑1949
George W. xe "SMITH:George W." SMITH 1889‑1960  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Margaret V. xe "SMITH:Margaret V., Mrs.?" SMITH  March 7, 1893‑(no death date)
William M. xe "SMITH:William M." SMITH  November 11, 1896‑April 13, 1975

(2)  Katherine K. xe "SPRINGSTON:Katherine K., Mrs.?" SPRINGSTON 1896‑1977
Hal Beecher xe "SPRINGSTON:Hal Beecher" SPRINGSTON  1896‑1961

E. Ray xe "BEVER:E. Ray" BEVER,  March 8, 1915‑November 17, 1963

Ralph W. xe "LAUGHLIN:Ralph W." LAUGHLIN  West Virginia Cpl. SQW 1020 Base Unit AAF  WW II April 26, 1909‑May 9, 1954

Helen L. xe "GROCE:Helen, Mrs.?" GROCE  1892‑(no death date)

Edwin M. xe "GROCE:Edwin M." GROCE  1887‑1954

(2)  Bessie M. xe "CHENEY:Bessie M., Mrs.?" CHENEY  1881‑1951
Frank A. xe "CHENEY:Frank A." CHENEY  1877‑1957

(next to Frank and Bessie Cheney)
(2)  Gertrude xe "CHENEY:Gertrude" CHENEY xe "EVANS:Gertrude, Mrs. (see Gertrude CHANEY)" EVANS  February 25, 1900‑April 19, 1973
Thomas Edward xe "EVANS:Thomas Edward" EVANS  May 21, 1889‑June 7, 1961

Ivy Bell xe "CASTO:Ivy Bell, Mrs.?" CASTO  1900‑1960

Okey Virgil xe "CASTO:Okey Virgil" CASTO  1889‑1955

(2)  Mary C. xe "SAYRE:Mary C., Mrs.?" SAYRE  1892‑1974
Willie E. xe "SAYRE:Willie E." SAYRE  1892‑1969

(2)  Lena M. xe "SLAVEN:Lena K., Mrs.?" SLAVEN  1914‑1965
Paul G. xe "SLAVEN:Paul G." SLAVEN  1911‑(no death date)

Lucille xe "JONES:Lucille, Mrs.?" JONES  1906‑1956

Orpha O. xe "JONES:Orpha O." JONES  1904‑1974

L. C. "CLEVE" xe "VANNEST:L.C. (see Cleve VANNEST)" xe "VANNEST:Cleve (see L.C. VANNEST)" VANNEST  1885‑1963

(2)  Mary M. xe "BARBER:Mary M., Mrs.?" BARBER  1891‑(no death date)
Arthur O. xe "BARBER:Arthur O." BARBER  1886‑1953

(2)  Bertha xe "DILLON:Bertha, Mrs.?" DILLON  1872‑1955
James xe "DILLON:James" DILLON  1870‑1956

(2)  Rosa N. xe "SHOCKEY:Rosa M., Mrs." SHOCKEY  1888‑(no death date)
Irl V. xe "SHOCKEY:Irl V." SHOCKEY  1893‑1975

(2) Frances R. xe "REDMAN:Frances R., Mrs.?" REDMAN  December 29, 1895‑August 25, 1976
Perry W. xe "REDMAN:Perry W." REDMAN  October 26, 1900‑September 5, 1967

Margaret F. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Margaret F." WAYBRIGHT  1872‑1955

(2)  Gwendolyn xe "SAFREED:Gwendolyn, Mrs.?" SAFREED  1892‑1961
E. John xe "SAFREED:E. John" SAFREED  1891‑1956

Florence E. xe "SAFREED:Florence E." SAFREED  1860‑1952

Kathy Lynn xe "MATICS:Kathy Lynn" MATICS  1952‑1953

(3)  Martin E. xe "STALLINGS:Martin E." STALLINGS  1870‑1951
Cora H. xe "STALLINGS:Cora H., Mrs.?" STALLINGS  1876‑1961
Robert A. xe "STALLINGS:Robert A." STALLINGS  1876‑1948

Harold E. xe "MORGAN:Harold E." MORGAN  1906‑1961

V. Rae xe "EMERICK:V. Rae, Mrs." EMERICK  1900‑1957  Mother

Carl P. xe "EMERICK:Carl P." EMERICK  1899‑(no death date)  Father

(3)  Jess A. xe "HOWELL:Jess A." HOWELL  1902‑1970
J. M. "Roy" xe "HOWELL:J.M. (see Roy HOWELL)" xe "HOWELL:Roy" HOWELL  1875‑1950
S. Mamie xe "HOWELL:Mamie, Mrs.?" HOWELL  1880‑1956

Willis xe "SOMERVILLE:Willis" SOMERVILLE  1901‑1952

(2)  Kate xe "WEST:Kate, Mrs." WEST  1869‑1961
Wife of
Homer E. xe "WEST:Homer E." WEST  1871‑1952

(2 side by side)
Oda E. xe "OHSE:Oda E., Mrs.?" OHSE  1893‑1973

Jesse O. xe "OHSE:Jesse O." OHSE  West Virginia CM3 US NAVY WW I September 9, 1894‑December 16, 1965

(2)  Sarah E. xe "DURBIN:Sarah E., Mrs.?" DURBIN  1870‑1953
T. Fred xe "DURBIN:T. Fred" DURBIN  1870‑1960

(2)  Pearle D. xe "MILLER:Pearle D., Mrs.?" MILLER  1891‑(no death date)
Robert I. xe "MILLER:Robert I." MILLER  1889‑(no death date)

(2)  Nellie xe "CHAMBERS:Nellie, Mrs.?" CHAMBERS  1904‑(no death date)
F. Mart xe "CHAMBERS:F. Mart" CHAMBERS  1905‑1975

(2)  Edith L. xe "SMITH:Edith L., Mrs.?" SMITH  1919‑(no death date)
Delbert S. xe "SMITH:Delbert S." SMITH  1917‑1957

Isaiah M. xe "OHSE:Isaiah M." OHSE  1901‑1954

(2)  Iola J. xe "KNAPP:Iola J., Mrs." KNAPP  1896‑1961
Harry C. xe "KNAPP:Harry C." KNAPP  1894‑1949 Married March 21, 1914

(2)  Florence xe "OHSE:Florence, Mrs.?" OHSE  1874‑1947
Walter xe "OHSE:Walter" OHSE  1877‑(no death date)

Leathe E. xe "BOWEN:Leathe E." BOWEN xe "MARKS:Leathe E., Mrs. (see Leathe E. BOWEN)" MARKS  1876‑1959

Morgan H. xe "MARKS:Morgan H." MARKS  1871‑1949

Guy H. DEEM  1894‑1962
Guy Hobert xe "DEEM:Guy Hobert" DEEM  West Virginia Sgt. 2nd Co. Coast Artillery WW I February 3, 1894‑August 20, 1962

Bernice M. xe "DEEM:Bernice M., Mrs.?" DEEM  1908‑(no death date)

William D. xe "RARDON:William D." RARDON  1874‑1929  Father

Amy xe "COX:Amy" COX xe "RARDON:Amy, Mrs. (see Amy COX)" RARDON  1874‑1950  Mother

James E. xe "COOK:James E." COOK  May 2, 1884‑September 11, 1957

Eldon E. xe "PHILLIPS:Eldwon E." PHILLIPS  Virginia Pfc. 27th Engr Combat Bn. WW II August 12, 1920‑May 29, 1944

(2)  Mary V. xe "HALL:Mary V., Mrs." HALL  1874‑1947  Mother
William C. xe "HALL:William C." HALL  1861‑1947  Father

Henry Harrison xe "SHAVER:Henry Harrison" SHAVER  September 2, 1890‑August 5, 1969

Harry D. xe "ALLEN:Harry D." ALLEN  Ohio Pvt. 383 INF  96th INF. DIV. WW II October 23, 1924‑October 26, 1944

(2)  Inez O. xe "ALLEN:Inez O., Mrs.?" ALLEN  1900‑(no death date)
Rollie E. xe "ALLEN:Rollie E." ALLEN  1898‑1976

George Wylie NOLL  1910‑1962
George Wylie xe "NOLL:George Wylile" NOLL, West Virginia Pvt. 20th Bn. Inf.  Repl Tng. Cen. WW II April 21, 1910‑April 5, 1962

(next to George Noll)
Louise xe "FLEMING:Louise" FLEMING xe "NOLL:Louise, Mrs. (see Louise FLEMING)" NOLL  1910‑(no death date)

Jimmy xe "SHAVER:Jimmy" SHAVER  1911‑1948

Druzilla xe "WYANT:Druzilla, Mrs.?" WYANT 1876‑194 ?

W. F. xe "WYANT:W.F. (m)" WYANT  1873‑1968

William Samuel xe "PICKENS:William Samuel" PICKENS  1950‑1951

(2)  Linnie M. xe "PATTERSON:Linnie M., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  September 25, 1899‑(no death date)
Charles E. xe "PATTERSON:Charles E." PATTERSON  August 9, 1891‑August 4, 1964

Kenneth C. xe "HUTCHINSON:Kenneth C." HUTCHINSON  West Virginia Major US ARMY  WW II July 21, 1920‑January 28, 1968

(2)  Harry L. xe "HUTCHINSON:Harry L." HUTCHINSON  West Virginia Pvt. 18th Bn. Inf. Repl Tng Camp May 21, 1892‑April 16, 1951

Velma G. xe "HUTCHINSON:Velma G., Mrs.?" HUTCHINSON  1897‑(no death date)

A. R. xe "ARCHER:A.R. (f), Mrs.?" ARCHER  1896‑(no death date)

Martin H. xe "ARCHER:Martin H." ARCHER  1896‑1962      BACK TO INDEX

In Memory of Rhoda xe "MC COY:Rhoda" MC COY xe "CARPENTER:Rhoda, Mrs. (see Rhoda MC COY)" CARPENTER xe "HOFMANN:Rhoda, Mrs. (see Rhoada MC COY)" HOFMANN  1896‑1960

(2)  Virginia xe "SAFREED:Virginia, Mrs.?" SAFREED 1900‑(no death date)
Homer xe "SAFREED:Homer" SAFREED 1904‑(no death date)

Charles G. xe "SAFREED:Charles G." SAFREED  West Virginia Pfc. 63rd HV Tank Bn. May 9, 1931‑December 6, 1950

(2)  Velva xe "MC MURRAY:Velva, Mrs.?" MC MURRAY  1897‑1972
Raymond xe "MC MURRAY:Raymond" MC MURRAY  1895‑1965

(2)  Cora B. xe "RARDON:Cora B." RARDON xe "NICHOLS:Cora B., Mrs. (see Cora B. RARDON)" NICHOLS  1886‑(no death date)
Wife of
Clarence L. xe "NICHOLS:Clarence L." NICHOLS  1886‑(no death date)

Thornton Earl xe "SMITH:Thornton Earl" SMITH  West Virginia  SF2 USNR  WW II September 6, 1919‑December 26, 1953

Judith D., daughter of Alva & Pearl xe "MOORE:Judith D." xe "MOORE:Alva" xe "MOORE:Pearl, Mrs." MOORE December 11, 1953‑March 10, 1954

(3 stones in a row)
E. Creed xe "JANES:E. Creed" JANES  September 2, 1903‑(no death date)

Mary C. xe "JANES:Mary C., Mrs.?" JANES  August 24, 1869‑December 19, 1960

B. Braxton xe "JANES:B. Braxton" JANES  October 8, 1863‑July 27, 1952

(2)  Mildred xe "GREENE:Mildred" GREENE xe "KIETH:Mildred, Mrs. (see Mildred GREENE)" KIETH  1902‑(no death date)
Earl Lowe xe "KIETH:Earl Lowe" KIETH  1901‑1963

(2)  Ella xe "SIMMONS:Ella" SIMMONS xe "GREENE:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella SIMMONS)" GREENE  October 7, 1871‑November 25, 1956
David Clark xe "GREENE:David Clark" GREENE  September 11, 1869‑March 26, 1965

George Leo xe "COWDERY:George Leo" COWDERY  1892‑1962

(3)  Goldie M. xe "BROWN:Goldie M., Mrs." BROWN  1882‑1974
Hollie H. xe "BROWN:Hollie H. (m)" BROWN  1881‑1951
In Memory of Our Son Warren Dean xe "BROWN:Warren Dean" BROWN  1922‑1943 Who Gave His Life in the Service of his Country in World War II

(2)  Minnie xe "NESELROAD:Minnie, Mrs.?" NESELROAD  1893‑1951
Israel xe "NESSELROAD:Israel" NESSELROAD  1889‑(no death date)

(2)  Estella M. xe "SMITH:Estella M., Mrs.?" SMITH  1887‑1955
Ernest xe "SMITH:Ernest" SMITH  1879‑1957

George W. xe "MILLS:George W." MILLS  1867‑1956

Jon N. xe "SEALS:John N." SEALS  West Virginia AME2 US NAVY,  April 28, 1945‑September 12, 1969

(2)  Edna M. xe "FLINN:Edna M., Mrs.?" FLINN  1902‑1962
W. Roscoe xe "FLINN:W. Roscoe" FLINN  1897‑(no death date)

(2)  Roxie xe "BATTIN:Roxie" BATTIN xe "SHOCKEY:Roxie, Mrs. (see Roxie BATTIN)" SHOCKEY  November 28, 1896‑(no death date)
James Blaine xe "SHOCKEY:James Blaine" SHOCKEY  July 18, 1891‑April 10, 1965

(2)  Ilah Jo xe "CHAMBERS:Ilah Jo" CHAMBERS  1959
Janet Ann xe "CHAMBERS:Jane Ann" CHAMBERS  1961

(2)  Sarah xe "SINNETT:Sarah, Mrs.?" SINNETT  1891‑1959
George W. xe "SINNETT:George W." SINNETT  1882‑(no death date)

Ralph W. xe "VANNEST:Ralph W." VANNEST  1922‑1964

Wade W. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Wade W." WAYBRIGHT  West Virginia Pvt. Co. A  331 INF  WW II February 11, 1899‑July 29, 1960

Ronald C. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Ronald C." WAYBRIGHT  1940‑1959

(2)  Hazel L. xe "GORRELL:Hazel L., Mrs.?" GORRELL  1918‑(no death date)
John C. xe "GORRELL:John C." GORRELL  1914‑1959

Jerry Deane xe "SCYOC:Jerry Deane" SCYOC  1950‑1967 "Brothers"

Jimmie Lee xe "SCYOC:Jimmie Lee" SCYOC  1944‑1960

(2)  Zella M. xe "JOHNSON:Zella M., Mrs.?" JOHNSON  1894‑1964
Everett M. xe "JOHNSON:Everett M." JOHNSON  1894‑(no death date)

Sherri Elizabeth xe "JOHNSON:Sherri Elizabeth" JOHNSON  September 13, 1953

(2)  Velma V. xe "WALTERS:Velma V., Mrs.?" WALTERS  May 25, 1905‑(no death date)
Clarence E. xe "WALTERS:Clarence E." WALTERS  November 7, 1901‑June 6, 1960

(2)  Opal E. xe "MC DADE:Opal E., Mrs.?" MC DADE  September 1908‑(no death date)
Frank E. xe "MC DADE:Frank E." MC DADE September 1905‑ October 1966

(2)  Lucy B. xe "TAYLOR:Lucy B." TAYLOR  1920
Lawrence R. xe "TAYLOR:Lawrence R." TAYLOR  1910

(2)  Edna M. xe "SHOCKEY:Edna M., Mrs.?" SHOCKEY  1898‑(no death date)
J. Everett xe "SHOCKEY:J. Everett" SHOCKEY  1894‑1972

Lois Ann xe "SHOCKEY:Lois Ann" SHOCKEY  December 7, 1948

Gladys xe "STARKEY:Gladys" STARKEY xe "HENDERICKS:Gladys, Mrs. (see Gladys STARKEY)" HENDERICKS  1899‑1969

(2)  A. L. "Stonie" xe "ASHCRAFT:A.L. (see Stonie ASHCRAFT)" xe "ASHCRAFT:Stonie (see A.L. ASHCRAFT)" ASHCRAFT  1886‑1969
Vera Blanche xe "ASHCRAFT:Vera Blanche, Mrs.?" ASHCRAFT  1891‑1965
(back side)
(2)  Luther G. xe "BALIS:Luther G." BALIS  1916‑(no death date)
Velma C. xe "BALIS:Velma C., Mrs.?" BALIS  1919‑(no death date)

(2)  Katherine xe "KNOX:Katherine, Mrs.?" KNOX  1880‑1953
Boyd xe "KNOX:Boyd" KNOX  1877‑1953

(2)  Viola xe "KNOX:Viola, Mrs.?" KNOX  1910‑(no death date)
J. CLay xe "KNOX:J. Clay" KNOX  1905‑1966

SEALS (plot ‑ right to left)
(2)  Eula M. xe "SEALS:Eula M., Mrs.?" SEALS  1893‑1970
L. Clinton xe "SEALS:L. Clinton" SEALS  1879‑1970

Sherley xe "SEALS:Sherley (m)" SEALS  1886‑1972

Wilma xe "SEALS:Wilma, Mrs.?" SEALS  1888‑1956

A. L. xe "SARVER:A.L." SARVER  1876‑1953

(2)  Belva M. xe "LOCKHART:Belva M., Mrs.?" LOCKHART  May 16, 1901‑January 8, 1971
Roscoe R. xe "LOCKHART:Roscoe R." LOCKHART  June 10, 1897‑September 10, 1966

(next to Roscoe and Belva Lockhart)
Mary Jo, daughter of Vernon & Goldie xe "LOCKHART:Mary Jo" xe "LOCKHART:Vernon" xe "LOCKHART:Goldie, Mrs." LOCKHART  1953

(4)  Fred xe "LOCKHART:Fred" LOCKHART  1872‑1918  Father
Fred M. xe "LOCKHART:Fred M." LOCKHART  1905‑1918
Raleigh L. xe "LOCKHART:Raleigh L." LOCKHART  1907‑1918
Rilla xe "LOCKHART:Rilla, Mrs." LOCKHART  1876‑1960  Mother

(2) Amy P. xe "MOREHEAD:Amy P., Mrs.?" MOREHEAD  1898‑(no death date)
Hollie E. xe "MOREHEAD:Hollie E., (m)" MOREHEAD  1890‑1965

(2)  Blanche A. xe "WALTERS:Blanche A., Mrs.?" WALTERS  1903‑(no death date)
Clifford H. xe "WALTERS:Clifford H." WALTERS  1902‑1968

Nellie xe "PEPPER:Nellie" PEPPER xe "NICHOLSON:Nellie, Mrs. (see Nellie PEPPER)" NICHOLSON  February 26, 1901‑(no death date)

Lawrence R. xe "PEPPER:Lawerence R." PEPPER  West Virginia Pfc. US MARINE CORP. WW II January 11, 1922‑May 19, 1969

(2)  Evelyn L. xe "STANLEY:Evelyn L., Mrs.?" STANLEY  September 10, 1929
Carl R. xe "STANLEY:Carl R." STANLEY  March 01, 1924‑(no death date)

Mary xe "CARPENTER:Mary" CARPENTER xe "DYE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary CARPENTER)" DYE  1878‑1958

Charles Arthur xe "DYE:Charles Arthur" DYE  1871‑1964

Olga Jane xe "THEISS:Olga Jane" THEISS  1893‑1975

Mary xe "MC KAY :Mary" MC KAY xe "THEISS:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary MC KAY)" THEISS  1871‑1959

PARSONS (plot)

(2)  Addie L. xe "PARSONS:Addie L., Mrs.?" PARSONS  1902‑(no death date)
Roy F. xe "PARSONS:Roy F." PARSONS  1896‑1964

Sgt. Carl E. xe "PARSONS:Carl E." PARSONS  1927‑1953 West Virginia Sgt. MED. SVC. 180th INF. REGIMENT KOREA BSM‑PH September 16, 1927‑July 15, 1953

Tammy Lynn xe "RAMSEY:Tammy Lynn" RAMSEY  May 5, 1960‑March 1, 1973

(2)  Charlotte A. xe "ALLMAN:Charlotte A., Mrs.?" ALLMAN  1931‑1954
Virgil L. xe "ALLMAN:Virgil L." ALLMAN  1928‑1954

(2)  Manora xe "GREATHOUSE:Manora, Mrs.?" GREATHOUSE  1875‑1962
Calvin R. xe "GREATHOUSE:Calvin R." GREATHOUSE  1878‑1957

Frances A. xe "LEHEW:Frances A., Mrs.?" LEHEW  1902‑(no death date)

Delbert E. "Bert" xe "LEHEW:Delbert E. (see Bert LEHEW)" xe "LEHEW:Bert" LEHEW  1899‑1971

(2)  Arvie G. xe "DONNELLY:Arvie G., Mrs.?" DONNELLY  1899‑1963
Enos L. xe "DONNELLY:Enos L." DONNELLY 1896‑1969
Enos L. DONNELLY  Lt. US ARMY  WW I  May 23, 1896‑May 31, 1969

David Leon xe "JAMES:David Leon" JAMES  November 2, 1942‑December 21, 1970

Betty xe "DAVIS:Betty" DAVIS xe "CHANCEY:Betty, Mrs. (see Betty DAVIS)" CHANCEY  May 14, 1924‑October 2, 1975

Edwin Eugene xe "CHANCEY:Edwin Eugene" CHANCEY  October 2, 1957

(2)  Austa A. xe "OHSE:Austa A., Mrs.?" OHSE  1901‑(no death date)
William B. xe "OHSE:William B." OHSE  1897‑1957

Herman O. xe "CATHER:Herman O." CATHER  1907‑1965

Timothy Lee xe "CATHER:Timothy Lee" CATHER  October 28, 1955  SON

(2)  Elizabeth xe "CATHER:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" CATHER  1883‑1975
Andrew J. xe "CATHER:Andrew J." CATHER  1880‑1962

Christopher Scott xe "SUCK:Christopher Scott" SUCK  1966

Margrette xe "MOORE:Margrette, Mrs." MOORE  1906‑(no death date) Mother

Willie Bud xe "MOORE:Willie (see Bud MOORE)" xe "MOORE:Bud (see Willie MOORE)" MOORE  1900‑1967

(2)  Dora J. xe "CLEM:Dora J., Mrs.?" CLEM  1906‑(no death date)
Emil H. xe "CLEM:Emil H." CLEM  1904‑1964

Ida Fay xe "TRACEY:Ida Fay, Mrs.?" TRACEY  1897‑1960

Emmitt E. xe "TRACEY:Emmitt" TRACEY  1895‑1962

Odessie xe "SARGENT:Odessie, Mrs.?" SARGENT  1883‑1972

William C. xe "SARGENT:William C." SARGENT  1879‑1963

(5 stones in a plot ‑ left to right)
Peggy Fern xe "RARDON:Peggy Fern" RARDON  1954  Daughter

James Mason xe "MORGAN:James Mason" MORGAN  November 11, 1956 "Infant Son"

Leon O. xe "PARRISH:Leon O." PARRISH  1902‑1963

Elizabeth xe "GOLDEN:Elizabeth" GOLDEN xe "ROSS:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth GOLDEN)" ROSS  1879‑1962

Lula xe "GOLDEN:Lula" GOLDEN xe "MATLACK:Lula, Mrs. (see Lula GOLDEN)" MATLACK  1881‑1963

Wilma xe "HOWARD:Wilma" HOWARD xe "SYNDER:Wilma, Mrs. (see Wilma HOWARD)" SYNDER  September 10, 1901‑February 19, 1970  Mother

Margaret Eleanor xe "MATTHEWS:Margaret Eleanor" MATTHEWS xe "MILES:Margaret Eleanor, Mrs. (see Margaret Eleanor MATTHEWS)" MILES  December 21, 1921‑January 20, 1973 Wife & Mother

(2)  Dillie E. xe "GARRETSON:Dillie E., Mrs.?" GARRETSON  1889‑1974
Frank J. xe "GARRETSON:Frank J." GARRETSON  1888‑ (no death date) (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Lora O. xe "RECTOR:Lora O., Mrs.?" RECTOR  6‑6‑1907‑(no death date)
Charles W. xe "RECTOR:Charles W." RECTOR  August 23, 1898‑April 23, 1968

(2)  Estella xe "RECTOR:Estella, Mrs.?" RECTOR, 1903‑(no death date)
Thomas I. xe "Rector:Thomas I." Rector, 1900‑1961

Dora B. xe "CUMMINGS:Dora B." CUMMINGS  1872‑1959

(2)  Frances A. xe "MC CAULEY:Frances A." MC CAULEY  1916‑1967
CLarence E. xe "MC CAULEY:Clarence E." MC CAULEY  1905‑(no death date)

(2)  Evelyn Joan xe "COZART:Evelyn Joan, Mrs.?" COZART  August 17, 1934‑(no death date)
Larry Edwin xe "COZART:Larry Edwin" COZART  September 10, 1932‑November 17, 1968 Picture of Edwin on stone

Ernest xe "POLK:Ernest" POLK  West Virginia Pvt. INF  85th Inf. Div. WW II December 27, 1902‑July 31, 1952

(2)  Agnes E. xe "POLK:Agnes E., Mrs.?" POLK  1882‑1963
Clarence C. xe "POLK:Clarence C." POLK  1879‑1953

(2)  Eileen V. xe "POLK:Eileen V., Mrs.?" POLK, 1921‑(no death date)
Claude C. xe "POLK:Claude C." POLK, 1904‑1959

Mabel C. xe "WHITNEY:Mabel C." WHITNEY  May 11, 1908‑January 3, 1975

Dean xe "HOLMAN:Dean" HOLMAN  1949

(2)  Robert A. xe "BEATY:Robert A." BEATY  1883‑1950
Virginia C. xe "BEATY:Virginia C., Mrs.?" BEATY  1884‑(no death date)

(2)  Eula O. xe "JONES:Eula O. Mrs.?" JONES  1922‑(no death date)
Glazier V. xe "JONES:Glazier V., (m)" JONES  1918‑1956

(2)  Delta M. xe "HAFER:Delata M., Mrs.?" HAFER  1908‑(no death date)
Everett E. xe "HAFER:Everett E." HAFER  1900‑(no death date)

(2)  Ora V. xe "ALLMAN:Ora V., Mrs.?" ALLMAN  1906‑1957
Cecil F. xe "ALLMAN:Cecil F." ALLMAN  1907‑(no death date)

(2 stones, side by side)
Clara L. xe "PALMER:Clara L., Mrs.?" xe "PALMER:Clara L., Mrs.?" PALMER  March 10, 1895‑(no death date)

Asa xe "PALMER:Asa" PALMER  June 27, 1889‑November 14, 1954

(2)  Laura M. xe "RECTOR:Laura M., Mrs.?" RECTOR  1872‑1954
Wallace E. xe "RECTOR:Wallace E." RECTOR  1872‑1959

 (blank)  xe "PIGGOTT:____"PIGGOTT  December 1, 1897‑August 7, 1957

Mark Wood xe "PIGGOTT:Mark Wood" PIGGOTT  Ohio Pvt. Co. A 3 Ammunition  Tn. WW I October 24, 1887‑February 19, 1958

(2)  Gladys E. xe "WEST:Gladys E., Mrs.?" WEST  1893‑1974
Doy E. xe "WEST:Doy E. (m)" WEST  1893‑1969  (Masonic symbol)

Eleanor Elaine xe "WEST:Eleanor Elaine" WEST  October 13, 1928‑June 6, 1977

(2)  Nettie Marie xe "STEPHENS:Nettie Marie, Mrs.?" STEPHENS  1907‑(no death date)
James Hubert xe "STEPHENS:James Hubert" STEPHENS  1903‑1976

(2)  Julia B. xe "MORGAN:Julia B., Mrs.?" MORGAN  1894‑1969
H. Hart xe "MORGAN:H. Hart (m)" MORGAN  1890‑1955

Hayden H. xe "MORGAN:Hayden H." MORGAN  West Virginia 2nd Lt. West Virginia Co. G  115th Inf. 29th Div. WW I,  February 9, 1890‑January 26, 1955

(2)  Tennie L. xe "BEVER:Tennie L., Mrs." BEVER  1884‑1964  Mother
Charles E. xe "BEVER:Charles E." BEVER  1880‑1956  Father

W. C. "Pete" xe "STANLEY:W.C. (see Pete STANLEY)" xe "STANLEY:Pete (see W.C. STANLEY)" STANLEY 1898‑1954

Etta A. xe "MYERS:Etta A." MYERS  1898‑(no death date)

Dora L. xe "MALLETT:Dora L., Mrs.?" MALLETT  1893‑(no death date)

Fred L. xe "MALLETT:Fred L." MALLETT  1885‑1956

(2)  Elizabeth xe "DONNELLY:Elizabeth" DONNELLY xe "HART:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth DONNELLY)" HART  1879‑1956  Mother
Agnes H. xe "SUCK:Agnes H., Mrs.?" SUCK  1910‑1959  Daughter

(2)  Marie M. xe "ROWLEY:Marie M., Mrs.?" ROWLEY  1910‑1962
Patrick H. xe "ROWLEY:Patrick H." ROWLEY  1910‑1975

Martha xe "CRISP:Martha" CRISP xe "CASTLE:Martha, Mrs. (see Martha CRISP)" CASTLE  1877‑1962

(2)  Jessie Mae xe "DENNISON:Jessie Mae, Mrs.?" DENNISON  1887‑1959
William M. xe "DENNISON:William M." DENNISON  1896‑(no death date)

(2)  Laura C. xe "DOTSON:Laura C., Mrs.?" DOTSON  1879‑1962
Charles A. xe "DOTSON:Charles A." DOTSON  1869‑1956

(2)  Sallie M. xe "ROBINSON:Sallie M." ROBINSON  1882‑1965  Sister
Charles W. xe "ROBINSON:Charles W." ROBINSON  1887‑1973  Brother

(2)  Anna I. xe "BARNES:Anna I., Mrs.?" BARNES  1906‑1956
Ernest L. xe "BARNES:Ernest L." BARNES  1908‑(no death date)

Phoeba A. xe "WOLFE:Phoeba A., Mrs." WOLFE  1879‑1960  Mother

J. Holly  xe "WOLFE:J. Holly (m)" WOLFE  1877‑1958  Father

(2)  Victoria P. xe "ANDERSON:Victoria P., Mrs.?" ANDERSON  1895‑1968
William S. xe "ANDERSON:William S." ANDERSON  1899‑1960

(3)  Michael R. xe "DELONG:Michael R." DELONG  1955‑1955
Geraldine xe "DELONG:Geraldine, Mrs.?" DELONG  1918‑(no death date)
Roy C. xe "DELONG:Roy C." DELONG  1908‑(no death date)

(2)  Mollie xe "GOUGH:Mollie, Mrs.?" GOUGH  1905‑(no death date)
Kenneth xe "GOUGH:Kenneth" GOUGH  1905‑1968

(2)  Emma xe "KING:Emma, Mrs.?" KING  July 27, 1877‑April 5, 1958
William xe "KING:William" KING  January 26, 1874‑June 28, 1962

Geneva E. xe "KING:Geneva E., Mrs.?" KING  1878‑1960

Edward E. xe "KING:Edward E." KING  1875‑1958

Robert Lee xe "STAATS:Robert Lee" STAATS,  age 2 months  no dates

(2)  Crystal A. xe "HOSELTON:Crystal A., Mrs.?" HOSELTON  1908‑1961
Richard A. xe "HOSELTON:Richard A." HOSELTON  1903‑(no death date)

Nellie xe "HOSELTON:Nellie, Mrs." HOSELTON  1899‑(no death date)  Mother

Shirley xe "HOSELTON:Shirley (m)" HOSELTON  1890‑1960  Father

CLEM (plot)
Cora xe "CLEM:Cora, Mrs.?" CLEM  1907‑1970

Russell J. xe "CLEM:Russell J." CLEM  1907‑1970

Albert E. "Al" xe "CLEM:Albert E." CLEM  July 31, 1931‑April 10, 1971

John xe "OWENS:John" OWENS  1904‑1956

Euna xe "GREY:Euna" GREY  1913‑(no death date)

(2)  Lora E. xe "ABLES:Lora E., Mrs." ABLES  1900‑1974
Frank L. xe "ABLES:Frank L." ABLES  1893‑(no death date) Married June 15, 1919

Roy R. xe "BUSH:Roy R." BUSH  West Virginia Pvt. US ARMY  WW II January 31, 1915‑March 25, 1973

(2)  Angeline C. xe "THOMAS:Angeline C., Mrs.?" THOMAS  1904
Forest D. xe "THOMAS:Forest D." THOMAS  1904

(2)  Mary E. xe "SCOTT:Mary E., Mrs.?" SCOTT  September 24, 1942‑(no death date)
James P. xe "SCOTT:James P." SCOTT  January 16, 1939‑(no death date)

Albert Glen xe "ABLES:Albert Glen" ABLES  West Virginia Pfc. 322 Bomb Gp AAF  WW II July 11, 1897‑March 28, 1961

Richard Steven xe "DELONG:Richard Steven" DELONG  1909‑1971

Charles E. xe "BENNETT:Charles E." BENNETT  1903‑1959

Ernest W. xe "BENNETT:Ernest W." BENNETT  West Virginia Pvt. 55th Tng. Gp. AAF  WW II October 13, 1901‑May 17, 1970


(2)  Eva M. xe "TAYLOR:Eva M., Mrs.?" TAYLOR  1897‑1972
Henry H. xe "TAYLOR:Henry H." TAYLOR  1898‑1963

(2)  Mildred xe "TAYLOR:Mildred, Mrs.?" TAYLOR  1904‑1973
Wilmer xe "TAYLOR:Wilmer, Sr." TAYLOR, Sr.  1905‑1958

(2)  Leatha R. xe "MC KEY:Leatha, Mrs.?" MC KEY  1894‑1972
W. Dempsey xe "MC KEY:W. Dempsey" MC KEY  1885‑1962

(2)  Ora E. xe "KIDDER:Ora E., Mrs.?" KIDDER  1896‑(no death date)
Fred E. xe "KIDDER:Fred E." KIDDER  1890‑1964

Virgil W. xe "MC KEY:Virgil W." MC KEY  1924‑1977

Infant Son of Denzil & Marie xe "TAYLOR:____ (m)" xe "TAYLOR:Denzil" xe "TAYLOR:Marie, Mrs." TAYLOR  July 3, 1952

(2)  Evalin C. xe "SHAMBLIN:Evalin C., Mrs.?" SHAMBLIN  1907‑(no death date)
Hollie xe "SHAMBLIN:Hollie (m)" SHAMBLIN  1897‑1954

Hollie xe "SHAMBLIN:Hollie, Jr." SHAMBLIN, Jr,  September 4, 1936‑May 27, 1954

(2)  Martha V. xe "LEE:Martha V., Mrs.?" LEE  1887‑1958
Leonard O. xe "LEE:Leonard O." LEE  1894‑1963

Infant Son of Frederick & Mary Ann xe "HOBART:____ (m)" xe "HOBART:Frederick" xe "HOBART:Mary Ann, Mrs." HOBART  1955

Carl E. xe "PYATT:Carl E." PYATT  1903‑1958

(2)  Bessie xe "STEPHENS:Bessie, Mrs.?" STEPHENS  1890‑1959
Ernest xe "STEPHENS:Ernest" STEPHENS  1884‑1955

Lena E. xe "STONE:Lena E., Mrs." STONE  1904‑(no death date)

Oren B. xe "STONE:Oren B." STONE  1894‑1976

(2)  Doris Lee xe "STONE:Doris Lee" STONE xe "TAHL:Doris Lee, Mrs. (see Doris Lee STONE)" TAHL  1933‑1957
John S. xe "TAHL:John S." TAHL  1927‑(no death date)

Richard T. xe "SUCK:Richard T." SUCK  1918‑1957

(2)  Gertrude A. xe "MC MURRAY:Gertrude A., Mrs.?" MC MURRAY  1911‑(no death date)
Robert A. xe "MC MURRAY:Robert A." MC MURRAY  1910‑1959

Hubert L. xe "MC MURRAY:Hubert L." MC MURRAY  West Virginia Pfc. Co. D  331  INF  WW II April 6, 1907‑February 27, 1966

Fred Hoy xe "MC MURRAY:Fred Hoy" MC MURRAY  West Virginia Pfc. 307th ABN MEDICAL Co.  WW II  BSM‑PH   April 16, 1919‑August 23, 1968

(2)  Mabel xe "WARFIELD:Mabel" WARFIELD xe "CHANCEY:Mabel, Mrs. (see Mabel WARFIELD)" CHANCEY  1898‑(no death date)
Mead Meredith xe "CHANCEY:Mean Meredith" CHANCEY  1894‑1957

(2)  Elizabeth W. xe "NORMAN:Elizabeth W., Mrs.?" NORMAN  1891‑1969
John N. xe "NORMAN:John N." NORMAN  1880‑1963

xe "HARPOLD:____" HARPOLD (surname stone only‑ no other stones)

(2)  Ora xe "STANLEY:Ora" STANLEY xe "CARMICHAEL:Ora, Mrs. (see Ora STANLEY)" CARMICHAEL  1882‑1974
Wife of

Marshall R. xe "HOSELTON:Marshall R." HOSELTON  1896‑1959

(2)  Mary C. xe "HOSELTON:Mary C., Mrs.?" HOSELTON  1906‑1973
Enoch O. xe "HOSELTON:Enoch O." HOSELTON  1898‑1957

Levida xe "FLINN:Levida, Mrs." FLINN  1897‑(no death date)

Erschel xe "FLINN:Ershel (m)" FLINN  1897‑1960 Married June 14, 1915

G. R. xe "DUKE:G.R. (f)" DUKE xe "MC BRIDE:G.R. Duke" xe "MC BRIDE:G.R., Mrs. (see G.R. DUKE)" MC BRIDE  1905‑1959

Paul B. xe "ZAHRNDT:Paul B." ZAHRNDT  1917‑1968

Joey J. ZAHRNDT  1961‑1962,  son of Paul B. & Beulah M. xe "ZAHRNDT:Joey J." xe "ZAHRNDT:Beulah M., Mrs." ZAHRNDT

(2)  Alberta xe "ZAHRNDT:Alberta, Mrs.?" ZAHRNDT  1893‑1956
P. B. "Pose" xe "ZAHRNDT:P.B. (see Pose ZAHRNDT)" xe "ZAHRNDT:Pose (see P.B. ZAHRNDT)" ZAHRNDT  1887‑1968

(2)  Clara xe "LOGSTON:Clara, Mrs.?" LOGSTON  1881‑1969
Allen xe "LOGSTON:Allen" LOGSTON  1872‑1956

Stacey xe "DOAK:Stacey" DOAK  1893‑1977

Lena W. xe "DOAK:Lena W., Mrs.?" DOAK  1890‑1958

(2)  Audra xe "WOOFTER:Audra, Mrs.?" WOOFTER  1909‑(no death date)
Cleon xe "WOOFTER:Cleon" WOOFTER  1904‑(no death date)

Ona J. xe "STAATS:Ona H., Mrs.?" STAATS  September 17, 1899‑(no death date)

W. M. "Bill" xe "STAATS:Bill (see W.M. STAATS)" xe "STAATS:W.M. (see Bill STAATS)" STAATS  September 21, 1897‑January 25, 1961

Lillie V. xe "DELANEY:Lillie V." DELANEY  1873‑1960  Sister

John U. xe "DELANEY:John U." DELANEY  1875‑1965  Brother

Cora A. xe "UTTER:Cora A., Mrs.?" UTTER  1880‑1969

George W. xe "UTTER:George W." UTTER  1884‑1975 (Masonic symbol, Odd Fellows, and "STKSHTW(S?)" in a circle)

(2 side by side)

Ted R. xe "PATTERSON:Ted R." PATTERSON  October 22, 1907‑August 11, 1976

Lacie G. xe "LEE:Lacie G, Mrs.?" LEE  1908‑(no death date)

George W. xe "LEE:George W." LEE  1906‑1973

Harriet H. xe "THOMPSON:Harriet H., Mrs.?" THOMPSON  1882‑1964

Robert A. xe "THOMPSON:Robert A." THOMPSON  1884‑1964  (Masonic symbol)

Forest C. "Mac" xe "MC NEIL:Forest C. (see Mac MC NEIL)" xe "MC NEIL:Mac (see Forest C., MC NEIL)" MC NEIL  1908‑1961
Forest C. MC NEIL, West Virginia Pfc. Co. 314  Inf. Reg. WW II January 21, 1908‑March 3, 1961

(next to Forest C. McNeil)
William A. "Billie"xe "MC NEIL:William A. (see Billie MC NEIL)" xe "MC NEIL:Billie (see William A. MC NEIL)" MC NEIL  1946‑1958

(2)  Virginia S. xe "DELONG:Virginia S., Mrs." DELONG  1914‑(no death date)
Arthur W. xe "DELONG:Arthur W." DELONG  1914 ‑(no death date) Married September 12, 1946

(2)  Josephine N. xe "STEWART:Josephine N., Mrs.?" STEWART  September 26, 1923‑(no death date)
Okey Raymond xe "STEWART:Okey Raymond" STEWART  October 27, 1915‑November 25, 1976
Okey R. STEWART, Sgt. US ARMY WW II  1915‑1976

(2)  Marie A. xe "LOVE:Marie A., Mrs.?" LOVE  1910‑1976
Blaine A. xe "LOVE:Blaine A." LOVE  1905‑(no death date)

James M. "Mike" xe "WHITE:James M. (see Mike WHITE)" xe "WHITE:Mike (see James M. WHITE)" WHITE  1st Lt. US MARINE CORP. November 16, 1949‑July 19, 1974

(2)  Mary xe "JARRETT:Mary, Mrs.?" JARRETT  January 8, 1907‑(no death date)
Jesse xe "JARRETT:Jesse" JARRETT  October 26, 1896‑September 6, 1974

(2)  Daisy B. xe "HUPP:Daisy B., Mrs.?" HUPP  1893‑1977
Charles F. xe "HUPP:Charles F." HUPP  1888‑(no death date)

(2)  Dale xe "WHITE:Dale" WHITE  1898‑1971
Mae xe "WHITE:Mae, Mrs.?" WHITE  1901‑1974

(2)  Nellie G. xe "PERRY:Nellie G., Mrs.?" PERRY  1904‑1969
Charles W. xe "PERRY:Charles W." PERRY  1900‑(no death date)

Ralph J. xe "PERRY:Ralph J." PERRY  February 8, 1924‑March 10, 1968

Ralph James xe "PERRY:Ralph James" PERRY  West Virginia Pvt. 1060 AIRBASE UNIT AAF  WW II February 8, 1924‑March 10, 1968

Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel & June xe "HICKS:Mary Elizabeth" xe "HICKS:Samuel" xe "HICKS:June, Mrs." HICKS May 21, 1968‑January 10, 1969

(2)  Myrtle Betsy xe "CURTAN:Myrtle Betsy, Mrs." CURTAN  September 15, 1904‑(no death date)
Sam "Saia" xe "CURTAN:Sam" xe "CURTAN:Saia see (Sam CURTAIN)" CURTAN  April 8, 1887‑December 2, 1967

(2) Freda Alice xe "MYERS:Feda Alice, Mrs.?" MYERS  August 23, 1916‑(no death date)
Ralph Rodney xe "MYERS:Ralph Rodney" MYERS  August 15, 1909‑January 31, 1971

(2)  Grace R. xe "NEVILLE:Grace R., Mrs.?" NEVILLE  1903‑(no death date)
John W. xe "NEVILLE:John W." NEVILLE  1905‑1959

Rachel xe "GORREL:Rachel" GORREL xe "MC KINLEY:Rachel, Mrs. (see Rachel GORREL)" MC KINLEY  1891‑1955  Mother

(2)  Ramona K. xe "GROSS:Ramona K., Mrs.?" GROSS  1929‑(no death date)
Robert L. xe "GROSS:Robert L." GROSS  1923‑1973
Robert L. GROSS, West Virginia Tec5  US ARMY  WW II May 15, 1923‑August 23, 1973

(2)  Eva L. xe "DODGE:Eva L., Mrs.?" DODGE  1898‑(no death date)
M. LeRoy xe "DODGE:M. LeRoy" DODGE  1897‑1967

John Mark xe "DODGE:John Mark" DODGE  June 15, 1958‑June 30, 1958

(2)  Golda M. xe "PICKERING:Golda M., Mrs." PICKERING  1896‑(no death date)  Mother
Kenneth R. xe "PICKERING:Kenneth R." PICKERING  1888‑1962  Father

(2)  S. Marie xe "BYERS:S. Marie, Mrs.?" BYERS  1908‑(no death date)
Donald J. xe "BYERS:Donald J." BYERS  1902‑1959

John Emerson xe "ROBINSON:John Emerson" ROBINSON  April 30, 1963

(child's grave)

(2)  David Wesley, son of Bill & Doris xe "PERRY:David Wesley" xe "PERRY:Bill" xe "PERRY:Doris, Mrs." PERRY June 13, 1959‑June 15, 1959
Allen Joseph, son of Bill and Doris xe "PERRY:Allen Joseph" PERRY, February 1821,‑ 1961

Dee Ann xe "MARKHAM:Dee Ann" MARKHAM  1962

(2)  Ada B. xe "COX:Ada B., Mrs." COX  1892‑1973  Mother
George xe "COX:George" COX  1889‑1975  Father

(2)  Zella Mae xe "HOWARD:Zella Mae, Mrs.?" HOWARD  1899‑(no death date)
Harry Rodney xe "HOWARD:Harry Rodney" HOWARD  1898‑1965

Frederick D. xe "JARRETT:Frederick D." JARRETT  West Virginia BM3  US NAVY March 30, 1932‑June 6, 1959

Julia Inez xe "GERLACH:Julia Inez, Mrs.?" GERLACH  1899‑1976

"Pop" Sydney Earl xe "GERLACH:Sydney Earl" GERLACH 1902‑1966

(2)  Marjorie K. xe "GERLACH:Marjorie K., Mrs.?" GERLACH  1923‑1959
Ross R. xe "GERLACH:Ross R." GERLACH  1922‑(no death date) (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Louise xe "PULLIAM:Louise" PULLIAM xe "MC PHERSON:Louise, Mrs. (see Louise PULLIAM)" MC PHERSON  June 8, 1894‑April 22, 1961
Hugh Duncan xe "MC PHERSON:Hugh Duncan" MC PHERSON  January 15, 1885‑October 23, 1961

(2)  Forest L. xe "DAVIS:Forest L." DAVIS  1894‑(no death date)
Eugene P. xe "DAVIS:Eugene P." DAVIS  1891‑1958  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Myrtle B. xe "HIGGINS:Myrtle B., Mrs.?" HIGGINS  1905‑1960
Cecil R. xe "HIGGINS:Cecil R." HIGGINS  1901‑(no death date)

Anna xe "DE BUSSEY:Anna" DE BUSSEY  1877‑1958

Mary xe "DE BUSSEY:Mary" DE BUSSEY xe "NERN:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary DE BUSSEY)" NERN  July 27, 1886‑April 26, 1975

(2)  Ella xe "LAUGHLIN:Ella" LAUGHLIN xe "COMPSTON:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella LAUGHLIN)" COMPSTON  1911‑(no death date)
Carl Edward xe "COMPSTON:Carl Edward" COMPSTON  1911‑1965

(2)  Lawrence Walter xe "ABLES:Lawrence Walter" ABLES  May 20, 1891‑March 12, 1959
Louise C. xe "ABLES:Louise C., Mrs.?" ABLES  March 27, 1906‑September 23, 1969

(2)  Carrie F. xe "LAUGHLIN:Carrie F., Mrs.?" LAUGHLIN  1906‑(no death date)
James D. xe "LAUGHLIN:James D." LAUGHLIN  1905‑1963

(2)  Frances xe "PATTERSON:Frances, Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1884‑1973
Alonzo C. xe "PATTERSON:Alonzo C." PATTERSON  1884‑1959

(2)  Mary L. xe "BOGARD:Mary L., Mrs.?" BOGARD  1907‑1958
Charles C. xe "BOGARD:Charles C." BOGARD  1906‑(no death date)

(2) Liza Bell xe "STAATS:Liza Bell, Mrs. ?" STAATS  1880‑1968
John Harry xe "STAATS:John Harry" STAATS  1888‑1958

Nellie L. xe "BENSON:Nellie L." BENSON  1884‑1960

Walter Urban xe "SPANGLER:Walter Urban" SPANGLER  December 22, 1924‑January 02, 1975

Adie xe "PICKENS:Addie" PICKENS xe "NESSELROAD:Addie, Mrs. (see Addie PICKENS)" NESSELROAD  June 9, 1889‑May 16, 1972

William Wilson xe "LARGE:William Wilson" LARGE  Pennsylvania Pvt. Co. D  Reg. Pa. INF Spanish American War  September 2, 1876‑December 29, 1961

Emory W. xe "DERENBERGER:Emory W." DERENBERGER  1875‑1961

(2)  Elsie xe "SWAIN:Elsie" SWAIN xe "SMITH:Elsie, Mrs. (see Elsie SWAIN)" SMITH  1890‑(no death date)
Claude "Clyde"  xe "SMITH:Clyde (see Claude SMITH)" xe "SMITH:Clyde (see Claude SMITH)" xe "SMITH:Claude (see Clyde SMITH)" SMITH  1886‑1961

Olive xe "RARDON:Olive" RARDON  1881‑1961

Fredericka M. xe "PARKINS:Fredericka M., Mrs." PARKINS  1924‑1961  Mother

(2)  M. Opal xe "RAWSON:M. Opal, Mrs.?" RAWSON  1913‑(no death date)
Willie W. xe "RAWSON:Willie W." RAWSON  1909‑1972

W. Rose xe "STAATS:W. Rose, Mrs." STAATS  June 5, 1931‑January 20, 1974  Mother

Jamie Ray xe "STAATS:Jamie Ray" STAATS  1964  "Baby"

Ruth Elizabeth xe "MOSS:Ruth Elizlabeth" MOSS  1918‑1977

(new grave no marker)

____ xe "MOSS:____" MOSS (name not filled in)

(2)  Artena M. xe "MOSS:Artena M., Mrs.?" MOSS  February 24, 1908‑December 7, 1974
Hunter H. xe "MOSS:Hunter H." MOSS  November 2, 1914‑November 14, 1965

(2)  Mildred xe "MOSS:Mildred" MOSS xe "WEEKLEY:Mildred, Mrs. (see Mildred MOSS)" WEEKLEY  1908‑(no death date)
J. Raymond xe "WEEKLEY:J. Raymond" WEEKLEY  1907‑1970

(2)  Mabel R. xe "WEEKLEY:Mabel R." WEEKLEY  no dates
J. Oliver xe "WEEKLEY:J. Oliver" WEEKLEY  1906‑1975

Edith L. xe "ROWLEY:Edith L." ROWLEY  September 28, 1899‑August 1, 1974

(2)  Effie May xe "WEEKLEY:Effie May, Mrs.?" WEEKLEY  1885‑(no death date)
Okey J. xe "WEEKLEY:Okey J." WEEKLEY  1880‑1965

(2)  Ernest "Nig" xe "TUMLIN:Ernest (see Nig TUMLIN)" xe "TUMLIN:Nig (see Ernest TUMLIN)" TUMLIN, April 29, 1905‑September 22, 1969
Roberta xe "SALSER:Roberta" SALSER xe "TUMLIN:Roberta, Mrs. (see Roberta SALSER)" TUMLIN  August 21, 1909‑(no death date)

(next to Ernest and Robert Tumlin)
Cora xe "SALSER:Cora" SALSER xe "HOWELL:Cora, Mrs. (see Cora SALSER)" HOWELL  September 26, 1906‑June 9, 1971 Our Mother & Grandmother"

(2)  Lucille xe "KNOWLTON:Lucille, Mrs.?" KNOWLTON  March 18, 1912‑(no death date)
J. Eugene xe "KNOWLTON:J. Eugene" KNOWLTON  March 11, 1907‑October 19, 1972

Ila Mae L. xe "PATTERSON:Ila Mae" PATTERSON  1921‑1964

(2)  Laura S. xe "LAMBERT:Laura S., Mrs.?" LAMBERT  1882‑1964
F. Cleveland xe "LAMBERT:F. Cleveland" LAMBERT  1883‑1973

(2)  Addie F. xe "DELONG:Addie F., Mrs.?" DELONG  1886‑1972
Lafe S. xe "DELONG:Lafe S." DELONG  1887‑1967

(2)  Dorothy I. xe "RILEY:Dorothy L, Mrs." RILEY  1912‑(no death date)
Willard C. xe "RILEY:Willard C." RILEY  1916‑1976 Married April 06, 1940

(2)  Eva M. xe "HOWELL:Eva M." HOWELL  1933‑(no death date)
Carl J. xe "HOWELL:Carl J." HOWELL  1905‑1975

(2)  Elenor E. xe "HOWARD:Elenor E., Mrs.?" HOWARD  1913
Carroll E. xe "HOWARD:Carroll E., (m)" HOWARD  1914

Randall K. xe "HOOD:Randall K." HOOD  September 27, 1953‑October 15, 1967  Son

Tracy Clay xe "KITTLE:Tracy Clay" KITTLE,  MAM 2 US NAVY  WW II  1911‑1976

(2) Tracy KITTLE, October 4, 1911‑ November 10, 1976 (Masonic symbol)
Ireta xe "KITTLE:Ireta, Mrs.?" KITTLE  September 16, 1912‑(no death date)

Frank C. "Bud" xe "HALLEY:Frank C. (see Bud HALLEY)" xe "HALLEY:Bud (see Frank C. HALLEY)" HALLEY  1922‑1977

Earl xe "HALLEY:Earl" HALLEY  West Virginia T/Sgt. US AIR FORCE  WW II  Korea‑Vietnam June 16, 1927‑November 27, 1970

(2) Corrinne xe "HALLEY:Corrinne, Mrs.?" HALLEY  1899‑(no death date)
E. Stanley xe "HALLEY:E. Stanley" HALLEY  1897‑(no death date)

(2) Neva E. xe "DOW:Neva E., (f), Mrs.?" DOW  1904‑(no death date)
Stanley xe "DOW:Stanley" DOW  1902‑1976

(2) Lucy Fay xe "BEVER:Lucy Fay, Mrs." BEVER  1904‑1972
Delbert A. xe "BEVER:Delbert A." BEVER  1907‑(no death date) Married October 13, 1928

(2) Sarah J. xe "DOW:Sarah J., Mrs.?" DOW  1909‑(no death date)
William R. xe "DOW:William R." DOW  1908‑1974

(2) Georgia xe "LEMLEY:Georgia, Mrs." LEMLEY  1905‑(no death date)
Oren xe "LEMLEY:Oren" LEMLEY  1904‑(no death date)

(2)  Ruth M. xe "HENRY:Ruth M., Mrs." HENRY  1916‑(no death date) Mother
Robert S. xe "HENRY:Robert S." HENRY  1936‑1976  Son

(2)  Patton xe "CARDER:Patton" CARDER  1863‑1934
Laura E. xe "CARDER:Laura E., Mrs.?" CARDER  1865‑1921

Bonnie F. xe "MC FARLAND:Bonnie F." MC FARLAND  1900‑1970

(2)  Lola A. xe "HOGE:Lola A., Mrs.?" HOGE  1876‑1975
James E. xe "HOGE:James E." HOGE  1872‑1963

(2)  Dessie xe "ARCHER:Dessie" ARCHER xe "RARDON:Dessie, Mrs. (see Dessie ARCHER)" RARDON  1902‑(no death date)
Charles E. xe "RARDON:Charles E." RARDON  1898‑(no death date)  (Masonic symbol)      BACK TO INDEX

Adam Fitzgerald xe "COCHRAN:Adam Fitzgerald" COCHRAN  1964‑1964

Tamela Lynn xe "VANNEST:Tamela Lynn" VANNEST  July 17, 1966  "Infant"

Ying Chi Ko xe "JACKSON:Ying Chi Ko, Mrs." JACKSON  1939‑1971  Wife

Drew P. xe "DAMIS:Drew P., Jr." DAMIS, Jr.  January 24, 1954‑October 15, 1967

(2)  Mildred E. xe "SMEEKS:Mildred E., Mrs.?" SMEEKS  1903‑(no death date)
Frank C. xe "SMEEKS:Frank C." SMEEKS  1906‑1971

(2)  L. Josephine xe "BLACKBURN:L. Josephine, Mrs.?" BLACKBURN  1920‑(no death date)
William James xe "BLACKBURN:William James" BLACKBURN  1910‑1968

Ray Edgar xe "RITCHIE:Ray Edgar" RITCHIE  July 21, 1890‑May 30, 1968

(2)  Lucy B. xe "RICHARD:Lulcy B., Mrs.?" RICHARD  1886‑1968
Floyd xe "RICHARD:Floyd" RICHARD  1887‑(no death date)

Hubert xe "KELLY:Hubert, Jr." KELLY, Jr.  April 16, 1916‑December 28, 1967

(2)  Desta V. xe "BOURGEOIS:Desta V., Mrs.?" BOURGEOIS  1902‑(no death date)
S. Nathan xe "BOURGEOIS:S. Nathan" BOURGEOIS  1897‑1961

Syrous N. xe "BOURGEOIS:Syrous N. (see Cyrus N. BOURGEOIS)" BOURGEOIS  West Virginia Pvt.  WW I  May 23, 1897‑August 10, 1961

(2)  Ernestine "Tenny" xe "FLINN:Ernestine, Mrs.?" xe "FLINN:Tenny, Mrs.?" FLINN  September 28, 1933‑September 14, 1966
W. Ray xe "FLINN:W. Ray" FLINN  May 22, 1931‑(no death date)

(2) Muriel G. xe "BALDERSON:Murial G., Mrs.?" BALDERSON  1898‑1973
Earl H. xe "BALDERSON:Earl H." BALDERSON  1896‑(no death date)

(2)  Minnie M. xe "HARPOLD:Minnie M., Mrs." HARPOLD  1896‑1976
Ollie R. xe "HARPOLD:Ollie R." HARPOLD  1892‑(no death date) Married December 19, 1919

James A. xe "SALSER:James A., Jr." SALSER, Jr.  1944‑1962

(2) Ruth xe "YATES:Ruth, Mrs.?" YATES  1910‑(no death date)
Rudy xe "YATES:Rudy" YATES  1908‑1963

(2)  Edith Faye xe "COMBS:Edith Faye, Mrs.?" COMBS  1904‑1967
Henry Dewey xe "COMBS:Henry Dewey" COMBS  1898‑1973

Mary E. xe "DOW:Mary E." DOW  1913‑1964

Ernest F. xe "KOHLER:Ernest F." KOHLER  1899‑1968

Addie Mae xe "MC CROSKEY:Addie Mae" MC CROSKEY xe "SPRAUER:Addie Mae, Mrs. (see Addie Mae MC CROSKEY)" SPRAUER  February 26, 1919‑(no death date)

Charles C. xe "TICE:Charles C." TICE  Pvt. US AMRY  WW II  1905‑1974

Kathryn xe "BRITTON:Kathryn" BRITTON  May 26, 1920‑December 20, 1976  Mother

(2) Luella xe "WILSON:Luella" WILSON xe "BEYMER:Luella, Mrs. (see Luella WILSON)" BEYMER  1887‑1966
xe "BEYMER:Arthur L." BEYMER  1885‑(no death date)

(2)  Georgie xe "KELBAUGH:Georgie" KELBAUGH xe "GORRELL:Georgie, Mrs. (see Georgie KELBAUGH)" GORRELL  1903‑1965  Mother
Harry David xe "GORRELL:Harry David" GORRELL  1903‑(no death date) Father

(2) Thelma T. xe "WEST:Thelma T., Mrs." WEST  1922‑(no death date)
Thomas xe "WEST:Thomas, Jr." WEST, Jr.  1913‑1970 Married March 21, 1953

(2 side by side)
Thomas Russell xe "LANE:Thomas Russell" LANE  West Virginia Pvt. Co. A  54th Inf. WW I August 22, 1892‑November 23, 1971

Bertha xe "MILHOAN:Bertha" MILHOAN xe "LANE:Bertha, Mrs. (see Bertha MILHOAN)" LANE  October 30, 1895‑October 26, 1970

Charles E. xe "SWAIN:Charles E." SWAIN  1899‑(no death date)

Mamie A. xe "SWAIN:Mamie A., Mrs.?" SWAIN  1909‑(no death date)

(2)  Mildred E. xe "CRISP:Mildred E., Mrs.?" CRISP  May 22, 1906‑(no death date)
William H. xe "CRISP:William H." CRISP  October 22, 1902‑Feberuary 7, 1973

(2)  Jo Ann xe "PRYOR:Jo Ann, Mrs.?" PRYOR  1934‑1973
G. Richard xe "PRYOR:G. Richard" PRYOR  1929‑(no death date)

(2)  Sarah E. xe "HUPP:Sarah E., Mrs.?" HUPP  1922‑(no death date)
Dean A. HUPP  1919‑1968
Dean Arthur xe "HUPP:Dean Arthur"HUPP  West Virginia F1  USNR  WW II August 14, 1919‑August 22, 1968

Mc MURRAY (plot)
(2) Ollie M. xe "MC MURRAY:Ollie M. (m)" MC MURRAY  1892‑1977
Shirley V. xe "MC MURRAY:Shirley V., Mrs.?" MC MURRAY  1885‑1966

(2)  Ralph xe "MC MURRAY:Ralph" MC MURRAY  1922‑1922
William F. xe "MC MURRAY:William F." MC MURRAY  1921‑1927 "Sons"

Myrtle Jeanette MC MURRAY  February 23, 1920‑June 16, 1972

Myrtle J. xe "MC MURRAY:Myrtle J." MC MURRAY  West Virginia  Sgt. Women's Army Corp. WW II February 23, 1920‑June 16, 1972

Freda Fae xe "HUNT:Freda Fae, Mrs." HUNT  born May 16, 1927; died June 11, 1927

Reva L. xe "HUNT:Reva L." HUNT  March 14, 1925‑January 9, 1965  Daughter

(2)  Carleen E. xe "HUNT:Carleen E., Mrs.?" HUNT  1915‑(no death date)
Elmer C. xe "HUNT:Elmer C." HUNT  1915‑1967

(2)  Janet M. xe "NOLL:Janet M., Mrs.?" NOLL  May 23, 1920‑(no death date)
Joseph F. NOLL  October 30, 1919‑May 18, 1973

Joseph Franklin xe "NOLL:Joseph Franklin" NOLL  West Virginia Cpl. US ARMY  WW II October 30, 1919‑May 21, 1973

Benjamin Lewis xe "POE:Benjamin Lewis" POE  West Virginia PHM3  US NAVY  WW II February 3, 1910‑April 3, 1970

(2)  Anna R. xe "CASEY:Anna R." CASEY xe "NILAND:Anna R., Mrs. (see Anna R. CASEY)" NILAND  1895‑(no death date)  Mother
Stanley A. xe "NILAND:Stanley A." NILAND  1894‑1969  FATHER

(2)  Esta Ersal xe "PARSONS:Esta Ersal, Mrs." PARSONS  1895‑1975
Carl Elvy xe "PARSONS:Carl Elvy" PARSONS  1906‑1967 Married November 6, 1937

(2)  E. Olive xe "KITTLE:E. Olive, Mrs. ?" KITTLE  May 30, 1900‑(no death date)
Troy P. xe "KITTLE:Troy P." KITTLE  October 18, 1900‑October 4, 1972  (Masonic symbol) Married March 31, 1918

(Temporary marker)
Maxine xe "DUMIRE:Maxine" DUMIRE xe "SHANEFELTER:Maxine, Mrs. (see Maxine DUMIRE)" SHANEFELTER  April 14, 1976,  age 55 years, & 28 days

(2)  Charlotte G. xe "MACE:Charlotte G., Mrs.?" MACE  1935‑1969
James F. xe "MACE:James F." MACE  1932‑(no death date)

Kimbra Lynn xe "FOX:Kimbra Lynn" FOX  August 27‑29, 1969

(2)  Belva L. xe "ENGLE:Belva L., Mrs.?" ENGLE  1909‑(no death date)
Fred M. xe "ENGLE:Fred M." ENGLE  1903‑1970

Laura C. xe "FERRELL" xe "FERRELL:Laura C." FERRELL xe "VANAMAN:Lora, Mrs. (see Lora C. FERRELL)" xe "VANAMAN:Laura C., Mrs. (see Laura C. FERRELL)" VANAMAN  1888‑(no death date)

(2)  Elsie D. xe "KNOX:Elsie D., Mrs.?" KNOX  1915‑(no death date)
Cecil xe "KNOX:Cecil" KNOX  1910‑1975

(2)  Josephine G. xe "VANKIRK:Josephine G., Mrs." VANKIRK  1897‑(no death date) Mother
Charles L. xe "VANKIRK:Charles L." VANKIRK  1889‑1973  Father Married June 5, 1915

Lowell Austin xe "LEMLEY:Lowell Austin" LEMLEY  West Virginia Sgt. US ARMY  WW II  1917‑1976

(2)  Esta May xe "WHITE:Esta May, Mrs.?" WHITE  1897‑(no death date)
Jesse M. xe "WHITE:Jesse M." WHITE  1897‑(no death date)

(2)  Velma V. xe "SHARP:Velma V., Mrs.?" SHARP  1912‑(no death date)
Robert Lee xe "SHARP:Robert Lee" SHARP  1895‑1972

(2)  J. Madge xe "CLEMMER:J. Madge, Mrs.?" CLEMMER  1929‑1970
E. L. "Butch" xe "CLEMMER:E.L. (see Butch CLEMMER)" xe "CLEMMER:E.L. (see Butch CLEMMER)" CLEMMER  1919‑1974

(2)  Doris F. xe "NEFF:Doris F., Mrs.?" NEFF  1913‑(no death date)
Elwood H. xe "NEFF:Elwood H." NEFF  1912‑1967

(2)  Hazel xe "HUPP:Hazel" HUPP xe "SLAVEN:Hazel, Mrs. (see Hazel HUPP)" SLAVEN  1908‑1967
J. Woodrow xe "SLAVEN:J. Woodrow" SLAVEN  1912‑(no death date)

(2)  Bernice xe "SLAVEN:Bernice, Mrs.?" SLAVEN  1902‑1963
Glen xe "SLAVEN:Glen" SLAVEN  1902‑(no death date)

Mary Louise xe "EVANS:Mary Louise" EVANS  July 13, 1915‑June 13, 1963

Wilber xe "EVANS:Wilbur" EVANS   September 23, 1905 (no other dates)

Helen Ann xe "EVANS:Helen Ann" EVANS  April 26, 1940‑January 2, 1965

(2)  Nellie xe "TALBOTT:Nellie, Mrs.?" TALBOTT  1902‑1967
Ulysses G. xe "TALBOTT:Ulysses G." TALBOTT  1903‑(no death date)

(2)  Freda G. xe "WARTH:Freda G., Mrs.?" WARTH  1905‑1969
Raymond R. xe "WARTH:Raymond R." WARTH  1899‑1976

Austin Willard xe "CASTO:Austin Willard" CASTO  West Virginia T/Sgt. US AIR FORCE  WW II August 4, 1916‑December 29, 1961

(2)  Edith L. xe "BENNETT:Edith L." BENNETT  1911‑(no death date)
W. Harvey xe "BENNETT:W. Harvey" BENNETT  1910‑1967

(2)  Arlene xe "PEASE:Arlene, Mrs.?" PEASE  1927‑(no death date)
John F. xe "PEASE:John F." PEASE  1915‑1976
John F. PEASE  Tec5  TC  US ARMY  WW II  1915‑1976

(2)  Mildred I. xe "FOGGINS:Mildred I., Mrs.?" FOGGINS  1913‑(no death date)
W. Russell xe "FOGGINS:W. Russell" FOGGINS  1909‑1965

Julia Ann xe "COZART:Julia Ann" COZART  1890‑1962

George L. xe "FOX:George L." FOX  1894‑1965

(2)  Lona B. xe "HARROW:Lona B., Mrs." HARROW  1902‑(no death date)  Mother
William O. xe "HARROW:William O." HARROW  1899‑(no death date) Father

Charlene, daughter of George & Charlotte xe "ADAMS:Charlene" xe "ADAMS:George" xe "ADAMS:Charlotte, Mrs." ADAMS  May 22, 1963

(2)  Earl E. xe "LEE:Earl E." LEE  1894‑(no death date) (Masonic symbol)
Mary K. xe "LEE:Mary K., Mrs.?" LEE  1897‑(no death date)

Robert Earl xe "LEE:Robert Earl" LEE  1918‑1926

Rudie B. xe "WILLIAMSON:Rudie B." WILLIAMSON  West Virginia Pfc SUP   CO. 11 FIELD ARTY. WW I August 30, 1899‑September 22, 1964

Edna L. xe "WILLIAMSON:Edna L." WILLIAMSON xe "JONES:Edna L., Mrs. (see Edna L. WILLIAMSON)" JONES  November 22, 1914

(2)  Alice xe "GORRELL:Alice, Mrs.?" GORRELL  1916‑(no death date)
Denzil xe "GORRELL:Denzil" GORRELL  1915‑1965

(2)  Edith M. xe "WRIGHT:Edith M., Mrs.?" WRIGHT  1901‑(no death date)
Jesse A. xe "WRIGHT:Jesse A." WRIGHT  1897‑1977

Debra Ann xe "WRIGHT:Debra Ann" WRIGHT  April 15, 1949‑August 31, 1968

Allen Dale xe "NEW:Allen Dale" NEW  August 6, 1947‑May 17, 1968

Nancy xe "CASTO:Nancy" CASTO xe "WOOFTER:Nancy, Mrs. (see Nancy CASTO)" WOOFTER  1898‑1969

(2)  Alva M. xe "LINDAMOOD:Alva M." LINDAMOOD xe "BATES:Alva M., Mrs. (see Alva M. LINDAMOOD)" BATES 1906‑1975
Wife of
Wilmer H. "Dick" xe "BATES:Wilmer H. (see Dick BATES)" xe "BATES:Dick (see Wilmer H. BATES)" BATES  1904‑1974

(2)  Erma C. xe "HARDMAN:Erma C., Mrs.?" HARDMAN  1907‑(no death date)
Adrian Kyle xe "HARDMAN:Adrian Kyle" HARDMAN  1902‑1971

(2 together)
George R. xe "WEBSTER:George R." WEBSTER  1891‑1977

Ruby xe "WEBSTER:Ruby, Mrs.?" WEBSTER  1893‑1974

Dee Ann xe "HALL:Dee Ann" HALL,  August 27, 1964‑February 14, 1971

Raymond xe "MARSHALL:Raymond" MARSHALL 1906‑1969

(2) Ida C. xe "WALTERS:Ida C., Mrs.?" WALTERS, December 17, 1911‑(no death date)
Vane xe "WALTERS:Vane (m)" WALTERS, February 6, 1907‑ December 17, 1975

(2) Connie S. xe "WALTERS:Connie S., Mrs.?" WALTERS, April 17, 1940‑(no death date)
Jerrie R. xe "WALTERS:Jerrie R." WALTERS, August 7, 1937‑September 19, 1974

(2)  Nelle H. xe "ALEXANDER:Nellie H., Mrs.?" ALEXANDER  1899‑1972
W. Ray xe "ALEXANDER:W. Ray" ALEXANDER  1899‑(no death date)

(2)  Evelyn xe "BARKER:Evelyn" BARKER xe "BILLUPS:Evelyn, Mrs. (see Evelyn BARKER)" BILLUPS  1916‑1977
Rev. Hillard C. xe "BILLUPS:Hillard C., Rev." BILLUPS  1911‑1972

Terry B. xe "CRICHFIELD:Terry B." CRICHFIELD  West Virginia Sp3  US ARMY KOREA July 5, 1934‑March 28, 1973

Glen C. "Sub" xe "HARTLEY:Glen C. (see Sub HARTLEY)" xe "HARTLEY:Sub (see Glen C. HARTLEY)" HARTLEY  1919‑1976

Doyle B. xe "SCARBERRY:Doyle B." SCARBERRY  1944‑1976

Albert xe "BUCK:Albert" BUCK  1908

Lottie xe "ROARK:Lottie" ROARK xe "GREENE:Lottie, Mrs. (see Lottie ROARK)" GREENE  July 12, 1896‑March 2, 1974

Mary Charlotta xe "GREEN:Mary Charlotta" GREEN xe "QUILLEN:Mary Charlotta, Mrs. (see Mary Charlotta GREEN)" QUILLEN  July 28, 1937‑April 14, 1946

Walter B. xe "GREENE:Walter B." GREENE  June 10, 1889‑June 6, 1963

Camden P. xe "BUFFINGTON:Camden P." BUFFINGTON  born 1904; died 1975, age 71 years

Gerald E. BUFFINGTON  1940‑1974

Gerald E. xe "BUFFINGTON:Gerald E." BUFFINGTON  Pvt. US ARMY,   February 20, 1940‑April 21, 1974

James Holland xe "HUTCHINSON:James Holland" HUTCHINSON  S. Sgt. US AIR FORCE  KOREA  1932‑1975

(Temporary marker)
Robert xe "TIDD:Robert" TIDD  1906‑1977

Edward F. xe "GREALIS:Edward F." GREALIS  Sgt. US ARMY  July 22, 1953‑December 15, 1974

Sue xe "WHITE:Sue" WHITE xe "SIMON:Sue, Mrs. (see Sue WHITE)" SIMON  May 31, 1937‑February 3, 1974

Paul V. xe "STEWART:Paul V." STEWART  West Virginia SK1  US NAVY  WW II January 9, 1909‑July 1, 1973

(2)  Helen C. xe "STEWART:Helen C., Mrs.?" STEWART  1908‑(no death date)
Paul V. xe "STEWART:Paul V." STEWART  1909‑1973

(2)  Mabel xe "CAMP:Mabel" CAMP xe "NANCARROW:Mabel, Mrs. (see Mabel CAMP)" NANCARROW  August 31, 1900‑(no death date)
Clyde A. "Nan" xe "NARCARROW:Clyde A. (see Nan NARCARROW)" xe "NARCARROW:Nan (see Clyde A. NARCARROW)" NARCARROW  March 1, 1899‑(no death date) (Masonic symbol)

Mayford F. xe "CAMP:Mayford F." CAMP August 27, 1907‑November 22, 1972

(2)  Mary E. xe "METZ:Mary E., Mrs.?" METZ  1892‑1964
Benjamin A. xe "METZ:Benjamin A." METZ  1884‑1976

(2)  Elva E. xe "STAATS:Elva E, Mrs.?" STAATS  1912‑(no death date)
W. Clyde xe "STAATS:W. Clyde" STAATS  1911‑1965

Milton C. xe "CLINE:Milton C." CLINE  1908‑1965

Samuel Leonard xe "HUSK:Samuel Leonard" HUSK  West Virginia Pfc. HQ. 5 TG. BN. SIGC.  WW I December 22, 1888‑December 4, 1969

(2)  Eliza C. xe "KIMES:Eliza C., Mrs.?" KIMES  1913‑(no death date)
Ira V. xe "KIMES:Ira V." KIMES  1908‑1962

(2)  Mollie F. xe "MILHOAN:Mollie F., Mrs.?" MILHOAN  1895‑(no death date)
Pearl O. xe "MILHOAN:Peral O., (m)" MILHOAN  1896‑1969  (Shriner symbol)

Thomas H. xe "O'DELL:Thomas H." O'DELL October 14, 1884‑June 4, 1962

Anna xe "WHITE:Anna" WHITE xe "GETTYS:Anna, Mrs. (see Anna WHITE)" GETTYS  May 5, 1914‑December 30, 1970

(2)  Olive M. xe "GETTYS:Olive M., Mrs.?" GETTYS  1884‑1962
Rev. Richard T. xe "GETTYS:Richard T., Rev." GETTYS  1884‑1967

(2)  Mabel M. xe "HARROW:Mabel, Mrs.?" HARROW  1900‑(no death date)
John M. xe "HARROW:John M." HARROW  1896‑(no death date)

(2) Goldie xe "COMPSTON:Goldie, Mrs." COMPSTON  August 1, 1927‑March 9, 1977  Mother
Blair xe "COMPSTON:Blair" COMPSTON  November 29, 1906‑July 28, 1964  Father
Blair COMPSTON,  West Virginia Pvt.  Co. D  48th Inf. WW II November 29, 1906‑July 28, 1964

Frank xe "POWELL:Frank" POWELL  July 1, 1906‑December 8, 1972

Rodney Ray xe "COMER:Rodney Ray" COMER  1970

Michael Leon xe "COMER:Michael Leon, Jr." COMER, Jr.  1968

James P. xe "SPANO:James P., Jr." SPANO, Jr,  May 13, 1929‑June 27, 1962

Sylvia xe "DOBKIN:Sylvia" DOBKIN xe "SHRIVER:Sylvia, Mrs. (see Sylvia DOBKIN)" SHRIVER  1934‑1964

(2)  Juanita xe "COMPSTON:Juanita" COMPSTON xe "RUCKER:Juanita, Mrs. (see Juanita COMPSTON)" RUCKER  1918‑1970
Ralph Vincent xe "RUCKER:Ralph Vincent" RUCKER  1907‑1974 Married July 23, 1955
(His signature on his flower holder)

Harry W. xe "HARRIS:Harry W." HARRIS  West Virginia Pvt.  US ARMY  WW I May 31, 1893‑April 16, 1973

(2)  Edna xe "BROWN:Edna, Mrs.?" BROWN  1912‑(no death date)
H. Clair xe "BROWN:H. Clair (m)" BROWN  1905‑1962

(Temporary marker
Patricia Ann xe "BEVER:Patricia Ann" BEVER  Died July 3, 1964

(2)  Rhoda xe "WORTHINGTON:Rhoda, Mrs.?" WORTHINGTON  1900‑(no death date)
Francis xe "WORTHINGTON:Francis" WORTHINGTON  1898‑1963

Kristy Lynn xe "CROW:Kristy Lynn" CROW,  April 1, 1962‑August 11, 1964

(2)  Laura xe "LYNCH:Laura, Mrs." LYNCH  1897‑(no death date)
French xe "LYNCH:French" LYNCH  1889‑1967 Married May 28, 1917

Sylvia P. xe "MC VANEY:Sylvia P." MC VANEY, December 14, 1926‑May 5, 1967

Edward Leo xe "WESTENHAVER:Edward Leo" WESTENHAVER  1902‑1969

Clem M. xe "HAUGHT:Clem M." HAUGHT  1911‑1976

(2)  Catherine Agnes xe "STARK:Catherine Agnes, Mrs.?" STARK  1918‑1969
Barnard William xe "STARK:Barnard William" STARK  1916‑(no death date)

Lewis R. xe "ARCHER:Lewis R." ARCHER  West Virginia Pfc. ARMY AIR FORCE  WW II March 28, 1922‑October 9, 1972

Ethel A. xe "KITTLE:Ethel A." KITTLE  December 11, 1919‑June 18, 1974

Charles E. xe "DIGRUTTOLO:Charles E." DIGRUTTOLO  Pfc. US ARMY  KOREA  1928‑1975

Harry xe "ROLIFF:Harry" ROLIFF  July 6, 1893‑November 27, 1974

(Temporary marker)
Helen xe "NEFF:Helen" NEFF xe "BURHY:Helen, Mrs. (see Helen NEFF)" BURHY,  died June 6, 1977 age 76 years, 2 months, 26 days

(2)  Mary Susan xe "RICHARDS:Mary Susan, Mrs." RICHARDS  November 18, 1939‑(no death date)
Kenneth Ray xe "RICHARDS:Kenneth Ray" RICHARDS  July 18, 1935‑May 11, 1974 Married September 23, 1955

(2)  Pearl E.  xe "WITHROW:Pearl E., Mrs.?" WITHROW 1908‑(no death date)
Fountain N. xe "WITHROW:Fountain N. (m)" WITHROW  1906‑1974
Fontaine N. xe "WINTHROW:Fontaine N. (see Fountain WINTHROW)"WINTHROW,  Pfc. US ARMY  December 17, 1906‑August 7, 1974

Heridan David xe "ROBERTS:Heridan DAvid" ROBERTS  June 1‑2, 1974

Gordon H. xe "STAATS:Gordon H." STAATS  1915‑1974

Albert xe "THOMPSON:Albert" THOMPSON  February 5, 1889‑July 7, 1976

Larry D. "Bubby" xe "THOMPSON:Larry D. (see Bubby THOMPSON)" xe "THOMPSON:Bubby (see Larry D. THOMPSON)" THOMPSON  1947‑1971

Christopher Janms xe "ANDERSON:Christopher James" ANDERSON  December 21, 1976‑May 9, 1977

Homer C. xe "NELSON:Homer C." NELSON  March 8, 1895‑(no death date)

Kristen Lynn xe "CHAPMAN:Kristen Lynn" CHAPMAN  February 8, 1969‑October 16, 1973

Leona L. xe "CALDWELL:Leona L." CALDWELL  born January 25, 1892

Elizabeth xe "BRYAN:Elizabeth" BRYAN xe "MEVES:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth BRYAN)" MEVES  September 9, 1911‑November 7, 1973

(2)  Glena I. xe "NUTTER:Glena I., Mrs.?" NUTTER  1924‑1974
Harry L. xe "NUTTER:Harry L." NUTTER  1921‑(no death date)

Lewis H. MC CARTY  West Virginia Cook  US ARMY  WW I March 11, 1893‑September 28, 1973

Lewis H. xe "MC CARTY:Lewis H., Jr." MC CARTY, Jr  March 9, 1935‑February 29, 1976

Virgil xe "GALLAGHER:Virgil" GALLAGHER  November 27, 1912‑April 5, 1972

(2)  Anna Jane xe "PICKENS:Anna Jane, Mrs.?" PICKENS  June 19, 1908‑(no death date)
Lovell E. xe "PICKENS:Lovell E. (m)" PICKENS  November 18, 1902‑April 17, 1973

(2)  Helen Lavon xe "WHITE:Helen Lavon, Mrs.?" WHITE  1911‑1974  Mother
John B. xe "WHITE:John B." WHITE  1910‑(no death date)  Father

(2)  Mildred L. xe "YATES:Mildred L., Mrs.?" YATES  1919‑(no death date)
Carl L. xe "YATES:Carl L." YATES  1914‑1974

(2)  Edith C. xe "HUGHES:Edith C., Mrs.?" HUGHES  May 11, 1906‑June 20, 1976
Philip S. xe "HUGHES:Philip S." HUGHES  May 24, 1907‑March 19, 1974

(2)  Evelyn V. xe "BUNNER:Evelyn V. Mrs.?" BUNNER  1917‑(no death date)
Garland G. xe "BUNNER:Garland G." BUNNER  1913‑1973

(2)  Viola M. xe "FARMER:Viola M., Mrs.?" FARMER  1904‑(no death date)  Wife
Clinton G. xe "FARMER:Clinton G." FARMER  1901‑1974  Husband

(2)  Charles xe "DOTT:Charles" DOTT  1882‑1974
Gladys xe "DOTT:Gladys, Mrs.?" DOTT  1915‑(no death date)

(2)  Doniver M. "Don"  xe "ALLEN:Doniver M. (see Don ALLEN)" xe "ALLEN:Don (see Doniver M. ALLEN)" ALLEN  1914‑1975
Marjorie E. "Marge" xe "ALLEN:Marjorie E., Mrs." xe "ALLEN:Ron" xe "ALLEN:Tom" xe "ALLEN:Marjorie" xe "ALLEN:Donna" ALLEN  1916‑(no death date)
"Our Children":  Ron, Tom, Marjorie, Donna.

Wilma I. xe "CARR:Wilma I." CARR  January 12, 1912‑December 14, 1974

Lillian M. "Mingie" xe "DEEM:Lillian M. (see Mingle DEEM)" xe "DEEM:Mingle (see Liilian M. DEEM)" DEEM  February 17, 1931‑December 12, 1973

(2)  Martha J. xe "FARRA:Martha J., Mrs." FARRA  September 22, 1886‑May 24, 1971  Mother
Odas xe "FARRA:Odas (m)" FARRA  December 14, 1884‑July 31, 1970  Father (Masonic symbol)

Harold Eli xe "FOX:Harold Eli" FOX  1913‑1970  (Masonic symbol)

Cindy Lou xe "MOORE:Cindy Lou" MOORE  January 1, 1949‑December 26, 1964

Stephanie Ann xe "CARTER:Stephanie Ann" CARTER  October 15, 1964

Teresa Lynn xe "BEVER:Teresa Lynn" BEVER born April 27; died April 29 1968

(2)  Elizabeth F. xe "GABRIEL:Elizabeth F., Mrs.?" GABRIEL  March 16, 1910‑(no death date)
Albert H. xe "GABRIEL:Albert H." GABRIEL  July 6, 1909‑March 11, 1964

(2)  Dorothy xe "COMPSTON:Dorothy" COMPSTON xe "CAMPBELL:Dorothy, Mrs. (see Dorothy COMPSTON)" CAMPBELL  1905‑(no death date)
Frank Herbert xe "CAMPBELL:Frank Herbert" CAMPBELL  1898‑1958

Otmer F. xe "WINTER:Otmer F." WINTER  West Virginia Pfc. General Hospital  28  WW I January 30, 1889‑July 7, 1963

Harry W. xe "HARRIS:Harry W." HARRIS  West Virginia Pvt.  US ARMY  WW I May 31, 1893‑April 16, 1973

Walter Joseph xe "PURDY:Walter Joseph" PURDY  1905‑1970

Elza B. "Ike" xe "THOMPSON:Elza B. (see Ike THOMPSON)" xe "THOMPSON:Ike (see Elza B. THOMPSON)" THOMPSON November 6, 1903‑June 22, 1965

(2)  Myrtle Belle xe "BOGGS:Myrtle Bell, Mrs.?" BOGGS  1898‑1971
William Gay xe "BOGGS:William Gay" BOGGS  1880‑1971

(2)  Belle xe "DELANEY:Belle, Ms.?" DELANEY  June 2, 1899‑(no death date)
Marshall xe "DELANEY:Marshall" DELANEY  August 21, 1898‑September 27, 1974

Newton D. xe "PURDY:Newton D." PURDY  Lt. Col. ARMY AIR FORCE  WW II February 29, 1905‑March 14, 1972

(2)  Clara B. xe "NESSELROAD:Clara B., Mrs.?" NESSELROAD  August 26, 1899‑October 5, 1972
Charles D. xe "NESSELROAD:Charles D." NESSELROAD  October 27, 1893‑(no death date)

(2)  Jessie H. xe "LYNCH:Jessie H." LYNCH xe "NUZUM:Jessie H., Mrs. (see Jessie H. LYNCH)" NUZUM  1897‑1972
Hollie E. xe "NUZUM:Hollie E. (m)" NUZUM  1893‑(no death date)

Thomas xe "TREGONING:Thomas" TREGONING,  December 6, 1915‑July 16, 1975

(2)  Edith V. xe "STEWART:Edith V., Mrs.?" STEWART  1908‑1976
John G. xe "STEWART:John G." STEWART  1904‑(no death date)

(2)  Mildred xe "DUNHAM:Mildred" DUNHAM xe "DAVID:Mildred, Mrs. (see Mildred DUNHAM)" DAVID  October 4, 1912‑June 8, 1977
H. Arlington xe "DAVIS:H. Arlington (m)" DAVIS  April 12, 1910‑(no death date)

(2)  Charles C. xe "ROWAN:Charles C." ROWAN  February 9, 1900-May 9, 1977
Effie xe "STONE:Effie" STONE xe "ROWAN:Effie, Mrs. (see Effie STONE)" ROWAN May 3, 1902-(no death date)

(Temporary marker)
J. Will xe "STONE:J. Will" STONE  1881‑1973

Minnie xe "STONE:Minnie, Mrs.?" STONE  1884‑1977

L. W. xe "PHILBRICK:L.W." PHILBRICK  November 13, 1903 - March 28, 1974

James Philip xe "HECK:James Philip" HECK  June 18, 1917‑October 23, 1974

Jamie Rae xe "DUNNETT:Jamie Rae" DUNNETT  1876‑1976

(3)  James C. xe "BROOME?:J.C." xe "BROOME:James C." xe "BROOME?:Ann" BROOME  EM3  US NAVY  WW II  March 09, 1924‑July 8, 1975
Ann ______ 1929
J. C. _______  1924‑1975

Opal xe "BURGESS:Opal" BURGESS  1926‑1977

Edward H. xe "BURGESS:Edward H." BURGESS  "Lost in WW II"  no dates

(2) Daisy xe "MOORE:Daisy" MOORE xe "NANCARROW:Daisy, Mrs. (see Daisy MOORE)" NANCARROW  September 17, 1904‑(no death date)
Donald A. xe "NANCARROW:Donald A." NANCARROW  March 25, 1901‑August 11, 1975

(2)  Violet A. xe "SINNETT:Violet A., Mrs.?" SINNETT  1924‑(no death date)
Carl E. xe "SINNETT:Carl E." SINNETT  1911‑1976

(Temporary marker)
Paul Eugene xe "CLICK:Paul Eugene" CLICK  1933‑1977

(2)  Lorene A. xe "WALLACE:Lorene A., Mrs.?" WALLACE  October 25, 1929‑(no death date)
Rolla L. xe "WALLACE:Rolla L." WALLACE October 31, 1928‑(no death date)

(2) Georgia V. xe "RARDON:Georgia V., Mrs.?" RARDON  1920‑(no death date)
Paul xe "RARDON:Paul" RARDON  1911‑1976

(2)  Ethel R. xe "ELLISON:Ethel R., Mrs.?" ELLISON  1901‑1975
Lloyd H. xe "ELLISON:Lloyd H." ELLISON    no dates

(2)  Gladys L. xe "MEHALIC:Gladys L., Mrs." MEHALIC  1915‑(no death date)
John xe "MEHALIC:John" MEHALIC  1909‑1965 Married September 17, 1954

Karen L. xe "NESSELROAD:Karen L." NESSELROAD  1971  Daughter

(3)  Patty A. xe "FLINN:Patty A." FLINN  1945
Isabelle E. xe "FLINN:Isabelle E., Mrs.?" FLINN  1913
Donald A. xe "FLINN:Donald A." FLINN  1909‑1973

(2)  Pauline xe "STAATS:Pauline, Mrs.?" STAATS  1918‑1976
Kester xe "STAATS:Kester" STAATS  1918

(Temporary marker)
Theodore H. ZEHM II  1957‑1977

(2)  Penny Jo, Infant daughter of Rochie & Linda Kay xe "PENDLEY:Penny Jo" xe "PENDLEY:Rochie (m)" xe "PENDLEY:Linda Kay, Mrs." PENDLEY January 4, 1970
Lea Rochelle, daughter of Rochie E. & Linda Kay xe "PENDLEY:Lea Rochelle (f)" PENDLEY July 20, 1973‑February 20, 1976