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No. 25 Old Ripley Cemetery  (aka Old Settlers Cemetery)
No. 26 Pine Hill Cemetery ‑ Ripley, West Virginia  (aka New Ripley) (Ripley Dist.)
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*Cemetery No. 25 ‑ Old Ripley Cemetery  (aka Old Settlers Cemetery)

Location: In Ripley, WV

Condition: Fair condition, some overgrown grass.

Benjamin xe "CUNNINGHAM:Benjamin" CUNNINGHAM  INDIANA 1st Lieut.  16 Btry. Lt. Arty. Civil WAR October 3, 1829‑April 26, 1893

Francis Jennings xe "HARPOLD:Francis Jennings" HARPOLD  1867‑1954

Dora Dell xe "HARPOLD:Dora Dell, Mrs.?" HARPOLD  1863‑1934

T. S. xe "BATTEN:T.S." BATTEN,  died February 16, 1896, age 39 years, 3 months, 3 days

Phebe, wife of Benjamin xe "ROLLINS:Benjamin" xe "ROLLINS:Phebe, Mrs." ROLLINS  born October 16, 1810; died August 23, 1882

Benjamin ROLLINS,  died September 21, 1893 in his 86th year.

Fannie F. xe "MC KOWN:Fannie F." MC KOWN,  April 9, 1873‑September 18, 1910

Family surname stone:  " xe "BRIANT:____" BRIANT" (next to Fannie F. MC KOWN)
Ella xe "MC KOWN:Ella" MC KOWN xe "PERRY:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella MC KOWN)" PERRY  1868‑1961

(2)  Mary M., wife of John S. xe "MC GOWN:____ (m)" xe "MC GOWN:Mary M., Mrs." xe "MC GOWN:John S." MC GOWN  December 23, 1858‑May 6, 1886
(on side)
Baby Boy  April 5, 1885‑August 9, 1885

William A., son of J. C. & L. xe "RICHARDSON:William A." xe "RICHARDSON:J.C. (m)" xe "RICHARDSON:L., Mrs." RICHARDSON died (unreadable month and day), 1877, age 26 years, (?) months, 7 days

James J., son of J. G. & L. xe "RICHARDSON:James J." xe "RICHARDSON:J.G. (m)" RICHARDSON  died September 18, 1875 age 21 years, 10 months, ? days

William, son of I. R. & A. F. xe "SPEARS:William" xe "SPEARS:I.R. (m)" xe "SPEARS:A.F., Mrs." SPEARS born August 1, 1874; died December 3, 1878

Little Jimmy, son of George & Sarah Jane xe "PRICE:Jimmy" xe "PRICE:George" xe "PRICE:Sarah Jane, Mrs." PRICE,  died September 14, 1859, aged 1 year, 6 months, 25 days

Rev. John xe "RICHARDSON:J.C., Rev." RICHARDSON,  died March 24, 1889, age 62? years, __ months, 14 days

Lois, wife of Rev. J. C. xe "ROBERTSON:Lois, Mrs." ROBERTSON,  November 25, 1825; died October 8, 1903, age 77 years, 10 months, 17 days

xe "HOCKENBERRY:____" HOCKENBERRY  with two flowers stuck there, but no markers.

Rebecca M. xe "HOOD:Rebecca M., Mrs." HOOD  1841‑1925

D. K. xe "HOOD:D.K. (m)" HOOD  1834‑1907  Father

Haskel B. xe "HOOD:Haskel B." HOOD,  died April 11, 1875, aged 9 years, 3 months, 29 days.

(2)  Birdie,  died October 11, 1873, age 2 years, 1 day
Emma L. died October 10, 1873, aged 5 years, 12 days
Children of D. K. & R. M. xe "HOOD:Birdie" xe "HOOD:Emma L." xe "HOOD:R.M. Mrs. (see Mrs. Rebecca M. HOOD)" HOOD

(buried in HOOD plot)

Charlie, son of C. & S. J. xe "ARMSTRONG:Charlie" xe "ARMSTRONG:C. (m)" xe "ARMSTRONG:S.J., Mrs." ARMSTRONG,  died March 7, 1870, age 9 months

Willie, son of C. & S. xe "ARMSTRONG:Willie" ARMSTRONG,  died April 23, 1865 age 9? months, 2 days

Calvin xe "ARMSTRONG:Calvin" ARMSTRONG,  died December 21, 1872

John W., son of G. M. & S. J. xe "ARMSTRONG:John W." xe "ARMSTRONG:G.M. (m)" ARMSTRONG,  died June 24, 1878, age 19 years

CHASE (plot) (Fenced lot)
(6) Benjamin xe "CHASE:Benjamin" CHASE  October 7, 1834‑May 23, 1862
Elizabeth A. xe "CHASE:Elizabeth A, Mrs.?" CHASE  July 3, 1837‑April 8, 1924
Mary B. xe "CHASE:Mary B." CHASE  January 20, 1862‑October 29, 1864
Everett Theodore xe "PARK:Everett Theodore" PARK  January 18, 1855‑ December 25, 1911 (Masonic symbol)
Greek A. xe "CHASE:Greek A. (f)" CHASE xe "PARK:Greek A., Mrs. (see Greek A. CHASE)" PARK  January 29, 1860‑May 20, 1950
Infant xe "PARK:____" PARK  October 16, 1900

Ther are two footstones, one of which has two lines of initials:
E. T. P.
G. A. P.
on the other side
E. A. C.
At the foot of the same monument
Mary A. xe "PARK:Mary A." PARK  1845‑1933

(Separate monument in same plot)
(3) James A. xe "PARK:James A." PARK,  died August 15, 1880,  age 63  Father  (Masonic symbol)
Sarah xe "STARCHER:Sarah" STARCHER xe "PARK:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah STARCHER)" PARK,  died September 11, 1895, age 72 years
(on third side is): "Brother" I.O.O.F 
(above "Brother"): Abram S. xe "PARK:Abram S." PARK, died September 2, 1889, age 45 years

(broken stone)
Arry Lee, daughter of E. B. & E. A. xe "WRIGHT:Arry Lee (f)" xe "WRIGHT:E.B. (m)" xe "WRIGHT:E.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth A. WRIGHT)" WRIGHT, died March 8, 1890, age 8 years, 1 month, 22 days

Elizabeth A., wife of E. B. xe "WRIGHT:Elizabeth A." WRIGHT,  died May 21, 1871, aged 32 years, 4 months, 5 days

Henry xe "KARR:Henry" KARR  1826‑1892  Father

BABY xe "KARR:____" KARR  no dates

Infant Daughter of A. W. & J. K. xe "MC GREW:____ (f)" xe "MC GREW:A.W. (m)" xe "MC GREW:J.K., Mrs." MC GREW,  died March 2, 1877, age 4 days

WRIGHT (plot)
Walker xe "WRIGHT:Walker" WRIGHT  1893‑1918  Bty. C,  120th F. A. Died in Paris, France September 12, 1918

(to left of Walker Wright)
Katherine xe "WALKER:Katherine" WALKER xe "WRIGHT:Katherine, Mrs. (see Katherine WALKER)" xe "WRIGHT:Katherine, Mrs. (see Katherine WRIGHT)" WRIGHT  1858‑1915  Mother

James Madison xe "WRIGHT:James Madison" WRIGHT  1854‑1941  Father

(2)  Jess M. xe "PFOST:Jess M." PFOST  1888‑1970
Park xe "PFOST:Park" PFOST  1877‑1959

(2)  George J. xe "WALKER:George J." WALKER  died September 11, 1889, age 69 years  Father
Martha J. xe "WALKER:Martha J., Mrs." WALKER  died February 1, 1898, age 57 years  Mother

George J. WALKER  1st Lieut  9 W. Va. INF  April 4, 1830‑September 11, 1899

Margaret M. xe "WALKER:Margaret M." WALKER  1872‑1957

John B. xe "MOYLE:John B." MOYLE,  died April 6, 1896,  age 89 years, 8 months, 4 days

Charles B. xe "TAYLOR:Charles B." TAYLOR,  died July 24, 1873, age 25 years, 10 months, 7? days

Eliza J.,  wife of Joseph xe "TAYLOR:Joseph" xe "TAYLOR:Eliza J., Mrs." TAYLOR,  died November 17, 1897, age 75 years, 10 months, 22 days

xe "____:Walter S." Walter S.? (unreadable)

Henry C.,  (Son?) of D. W. & _Y  xe "GREE_:Henry C." xe "GREE_:D.W. (m)" GREE_,  died October 10, 1861, age 1 year, 8 months 13 (18?) days

Sarah M. xe "ARMSTRONG:Sarah M., Mrs." ARMSTRONG  April 8, 1835‑April 12, 1895

Charlie Stull, son of B. F. & S. M. xe "ARMSTRONG:Charlie Stull" xe "ARMSTRONG:B.F. (m)" xe "ARMSTRONG:S.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah M. ARMSTRONG)" ARMSTRONG,  died August 7, 1859, age 3 years, 11 days

B. F. xe "ARMSTRONG:B.F." ARMSTRONG  1832‑1919

(2)  John xe "COAST:John" COAST, died December 5, 1891 aged 75 years
Ellen, wife of John xe "COAST:Ellen, Mrs." COAST, died October 9, 1881, aged 55 years

Elleanor, wife of John xe "COAST:Elleanor, Mrs." COAST,  died October 9, 1881, aged 55 years, 7 months, 5 days

(2)  Daniel M. xe "CARL:Daniel M." CARL  July 9, 1841‑February 2, 1922
Eliza F. xe "CARL:Eliza F., Mrs.?" CARL  November 5, 1843‑November 26, 1892

George G. xe "CARL:George G." CARL  1887‑1888  Son

MATE (plot)
(2)  Robert xe "MATE:Robert" MATE  born January 14, 1821‑April 26, 1902
Eliza xe "MATE:Eliza, Mrs.?" MATE  born February 9, 1832‑August 21, 1909

James xe "MATE:James" MATE,  (died?) February 9, 1862, age 38 years, 10 months, 15 days

Mary, wife of James xe "MATE:Mary, Mrs." MATE  (died) April 1, 1870, age 71 years

(broken stone)
" _er age" (rest is unreadable)

Mary, wife of S. xe "STRALEY:Mary, Mrs." xe "STRALEY:S. (see Stephen STRALEY)" STRALEY, born May 22, 1815; died March 2, 1879

Stephen xe "STRALEY:Stephen" STRALEY, died J(an?) 8, 1885, aged 19? years, 5 months, 4 days

[Jackson Co., WV Death Records: STRALEY, Stephen, died July 6, 1885, age 79 years, 5 months, 2 days; born WV]

William H., son of S. & M. xe "STRALEY:William H." xe "STRALEY:M., Mrs., (see Mrs. Mary STRALEY)" STRALEY, died July 30, 1865, aged (broken off)

Melinda, wife of John F. xe "GOAS:Malinda, Mrs." xe "GOAS:John F." GOAS, died October 5, 1892, aged 42 years, 9 months, 16 days

(2) Mary A., daughter of T. & J. xe "HARPER:Mary A." HARPER,  died October 30, 187_ , age 22 years, 11 months, 13 days
Margaret J., daughter of T. & M. J. xe "HARPER:Margaret J." xe "HARPER:T. (m)" xe "HARPER:M.J., Mrs." HARPER,  died October 31, 1858, age 3? years, 5 months, 24 days

Ella M., daughter of G. & A. A. xe "CONLEY:Ella M." xe "CONLEY:G. (m)" xe "CONLEY:A.A., Mrs." CONLEY,  died October 14, 1894, age 7 years, 4 months, 28 days

Broken stone lying on top its base which has written in letters and paint:
M. J. xe "HUMPHRIES:M.J." HUMPHRIES,  September 3, 18__ ‑ October 28, ___

(The broken stone lying on top has):
Eliza, wife of William P. xe "(_)ARKER:William P." xe "(_)ARKER:Eliza, Mrs." (_)ARKER,  died October 1, 18__
(Nothing else can be read as it is broken off.)

(Next to the HUMPHRIES, another stone, cut in the same style)
___ W. xe "HUMPHRIES:____ W." HUMPHRIES  Born _________, Died November 14, ____

(fragment lying on top of broken stone)
George W., son of S. & M. xe "STRALEY:George W." xe "STRALEY:S., (m)" xe "STRALEY:M., Mrs." STRALEY,  died April 19, 1866, aged 20 years, 2 months, 18 days

S. E. xe "SANDY:S.E." SANDY,  died May 24, 1884, age 50 years, 5 months, 23 days.

Nancy Belle, wife of J. D. xe "CLINTON:Nancy Belle, Mrs." xe "CLINTON:J.D. (m)" CLINTON,  died November 29, 1895, age 32 years, 9 months, 24 days

(next to Nancy Belle Clinton)
Mansfield xe "MADDOX:Mansfield" MADDOX,  died August 8, 1889, aged 32 years, 2 months, 11 days

(next to Mansfield Maddox)
Edgar A., son of M. & N. B. xe "MADDOX:Edgar A." xe "MADDOX:N. (m)" xe "MADDOX:N.B., Mrs." MADDOX,  died June 18, 1888, age 4 months, 6 days

Infant Son of O. J. & G. A. xe "MORRISON:____ (m)" xe "MORRISON:O.J., (m)" xe "MORRISON:G.A., Mrs." MORRISON  no dates

(2)  Sidnor B. xe "WILSON:Sidnor B." WILSON  born December 29, 1809; died July 8, 1893, age 83 years, 6 months, 9 days
Henrietta xe "WILSON:Henrietta" WILSON, born February 26, 1825; died December 07, 1891, age 66 years, 9 months, 11 days

Lillie xe "WILSON:Lillie" WILSON xe "BOARD:Lillie, Mrs. (see Lillie WILSON)" BOARD  1850‑1928

George W., son of B. P. & L. xe "BOARD:George W." xe "BOARD:B.P. (m)" xe "BOARD:L., Mrs." BOARD,  died August 13, 1858, age 10 months, 7 days

(4)  Edward xe "MAGUIRE:Edward" MAGUIRE  died August 29, 1887
Mary A. xe "MAGUIRE:Mary A." MAGUIRE died July 18, 1879
B. C. xe "MAGUIRE:B.C." MAGUIRE  died January 19, 1882
Elizabeth xe "MAGUIRE:Elizabeth" MAGUIRE  died June 30, 1857

William, son of J. A. & J. xe "MC GINTY:William" MC GINTY,  died April 6, 1852, aged 28 years, 5 months, 7 days

Baty R., son of J. A. & J. xe "MC GINTY:Baty R., (m)" xe "MC GINTY:J.A., (m)" xe "MC GINTY:J., Mrs." MC GINTY,  died November 14, 1852, aged 19 years, 2 months, 22 days

Mrs. Margaret, wife of Abraham xe "STARCHER:Abraham" xe "STARCHER:Margaret, Mrs." STARCHER, born March 27, 1798‑June 20, 1852

Abraham STARCHER,  died October 15, 187(4?), age 71 years, 4 months, 24 days

Daniel xe "STARCHER:Daniel" STARCHER,  died July 27, 1846, aged 21 years, 5 months, 22 days

(2)  Mark xe "STARCHER:Mark" STARCHER,  died March 27, 1867, age 43 years
Mary G. wife of Mark xe "STARCHER:Mary G., Mrs." STARCHER, died November 10, 1898, age 71 years, 5 months, 26 days

Benjamin xe "WRIGHT:Benjamin" WRIGHT  died October 23?, 1875, age 72 years, __ months, 9 days

Infant Sons of J. E. & E. xe "BROWN:____ (m)" xe "BROWN:J.E. (m)" xe "BROWN:E., Mrs." BROWN  born/died September 11, 1874

Mary K., daughter of J. E. & E. xe "BROWN:Mary K." BROWN, died December 1, 1873, age 3 months, 14 days

Clay, son of M. V. & P. xe "MC LANE:Clay" xe "MC LANE:M.V. (m)" xe "MC LANE:P., Mrs." MC LANE,  died October 7, 1850, age 1 year, 6 months, 10 days

(3)  James A. xe "GREER:James A." GREER  1839‑ (no death date) Father
Sarah A. xe "GREER:Sarah A., Mrs." GREER  1839‑1891  Mother
Charles A. xe "GREER:Charles A." GREER  1869‑1878  Son

(2)  Mark B. xe "HAMRICK:Mark B." HAMRICK  born September 26, 1829; died April 04, 1898
Sarah A. xe "HAMRICK:Sarah A., Mrs.?" HAMRICK, born March 4, 1844; died December 11, 1929

(behind Mark and Sarah Hamrick, there are two temporary metal markers)
Mary A. xe "KNIGHTSTEP:Mary A., Mrs.?" KNIGHTSTEP died 1900
Louis xe "KNIGHTSTEP:Lois" KNIGHTSTEP  died 1898

Maggie L. xe "HAMRICK:Maggie L." HAMRICK  1869‑1936

Harriet B. xe "HAMRICK:Harriet B." HAMRICK  1878‑1939

Venna K. xe "HAMRICK:Venna K." HAMRICK  1883‑(no death date)

HOOD (plot)
R. Elizabeth xe "HOOD:R. Elizabeth" HOOD  1898‑1976

John C. xe "HOOD:John C." HOOD  1861‑1919

Bessie E. xe "HOOD:Bessie E., Mrs.?" HOOD  1865‑1950

Charles B., son of J. G. & E. B. xe "DEATON:Charles B." xe "DEATON:J.G. (m)" xe "DEATON:E.B., Mrs." DEATON, born July 22, 1859; died March 15, 1879

Eliza F., daughter of J. G. & E. B. DEATON,  died November 26, 1867, age 25 years, 8 months, 4 days

(broken, fallen stone)
Sarah G., daughter of J. C. & E. B. xe "DEATON:Sarah G." xe "DEATON:S. _ipio" xe "DEATON:Daisy" DEATON,  died September 11, 1870, age 19 years, 1 month, 1 day

(to the left of Sarah G. Deaton) four infant stones:
S. _ipio, Baby
Joseph xe "ROUSH:Joseph" ROUSH,  died September 27, 1848, aged 1 year, 10 months

William J., son of D. & L. xe "ROUSH:William J." xe "ROUSH:D. (m)" xe "ROUSH:L., Mrs." ROUSH,  died December 21, 1854, age 6 years, 3 months, 15 days

xe "____:Curtis" Curtis, son of __ & J. A. _ _ _ G  born March 30, 1814; died June 2, 1844

(next to Curtis)
J_ _ (possibly L) ETTE daughter of _. & J. I. _ _ _ _Y born June 28, 1817, died August 09, 1847

Newton, son of A. & J. A. xe "WAUGH:Newton" xe "WAUGH:A. (see Andrew WAUGH)" xe "WAUGH:J.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Julia WAUGH)" WAUGH,  died August 8, 1851, age 9 years, 10 days

Andrew xe "WAUGH:Andrew" WAUGH  1812‑1858

Julia xe "THOMPSON:Julia" THOMPSON xe "WAUGH:Julia, Mrs. (see Julia THOMPSON)" WAUGH  1815‑1862

(2)  James xe "ARMSTRONG:James" ARMSTRONG 1804‑1879
Catherine xe "ARMSTRONG:Catherine, Mrs.?" ARMSTRONG  1812‑1900

Morgan, son of James R. & Catherine xe "ARMSTRONG:Morgan" xe "ARMSTRONG:James R." ARMSTRONG,  died December 18, 1878 age 25 years

Floriad, daughter of J. & C. xe "ARMSTRONG:Floriad (f)" ARMSTRONG, born February 11, 1851; died September 4, 1863

Alice, daughter of J. & C. xe "ARMSTRONG:Alice" ARMSTRONG,  died June 19, 1850, aged 2 years, 1 month

Infant son of T. E. & Kate A. xe "GRAHAM:____ (m)" xe "GRAHAM:T.E. (m)" xe "GRAHAM:Kate A., Mrs." GRAHAM,  died February 7, 1897

Ernest, son of William M. & L. B. xe "FISHER:Ernest" xe "FISHER:William M." xe "FISHER:L.B., Mrs." FISHER,  died March 1, 1895, age 14 days

In Memory of xe "____:Margaret Ann" Margaret Ann, daughter of __ & Caroline ____ (unreadable), born October 6, 1841

(Dep?)arted February 1918, age 4 years, 4 months, 13 days.

(broken stone, upright, repaired)
John D. xe "KEENEY:John D." KEENEY,  died June 10, 1855 in the 66th year of his age.

Rachel, wife of John D. xe "KEENEY:Rachel, Mrs." KEENEY, died September 11, 1861 in her 68th year of her age.

(3)  Moses xe "DOOLITTLE:Moses" DOOLITTLE,  died July 2, 1877, age 77 years  Father
Susan xe "DOOLITTLE:Susan, Mrs." DOOLITTLE,  died January 12, 1878, age 74 years  Mother
Susan D. xe "GRAHAM:Susan D., Mrs. (see Susan DOOLITTLE)" GRAHAM  1839‑1923  Daughter

(broken stone)
Herbert xe "MAGUIRE:Herbert" MAGUIRE, died December 15, 1878 (rest unreadable)

(2)  Lottie xe "CROW:Lottie, Mrs." CROW, wife of Hal B. CROW  1878‑1901
Hal B. xe "CROW:Hal B." CROW  1876‑1901

(to the left of Hal and Lottie Crow)
George B. xe "CROW:George B." CROW  West Virginia, Major Army Air Forces  WW II January 11, 1901‑ December 4 1973

Daniel Polsley xe "CROW:Daniel Polsley" CROW  1874‑1941

Susan xe "WALKER:Susan" WALKER xe "CROW:Susan, Mrs. (see Susan WALKER)" CROW  1874‑(no death date)

William Edward xe "WALKER:William Edward" WALKER  1870‑1952  (Shriner symbol)

Minnie xe "WILLIAMSON:Minnie" WILLIAMSON xe "WALKER:Minnie, Mrs. (see Minnie WILLIAMSON)" WALKER  1880‑1968  (D. A. R. Membership symbol)

Infant Sons of William E. & Minnie W. xe "WALKER:____ (m)" WALKER  1908‑1909

(2)  Annie G., died January 9, 1877 age 8 years, 11 months
Lillie S.  died January 3, 1877 age 6 years, 1 month, 20 days
Children of J. W. & M. J. xe "KIDD:Annie G." xe "KIDD:Lillie S." KIDD

Joseph, son of A. & D. E. xe "ALTERS:Joseph " ALTERS,  died May 17, 1882, age 9 months, 9 days "Our Joie"

(broken stone)
Nancy J., wife of H. G. xe "AYRES:Nancy J., Mrs." AYRES,  died February 25, 1866 age 32 years, 12 days

Mary E., daughter of _ _ am  xe "AYRES:Mary E." AYRES,  died September 19, 1856, aged 3 years, 2 months, 11 days

J. C. xe "BOARD:J.C. (m)" BOARD  7th Ohio Batty

Clarissa J., wife of J. J. S. xe "HASSLER:Clarissa J., Mrs." HASSLER Assistant U. S. G.  (broken stone) ST‑Survey "born in the city of New York F_____b (broken stone) ___ 1819; died March 9, 1850 in the 31st year of her age."

(in front of Clarissa A. Hassler)
Col. H. B. xe "HASSLER:H.B., Col." HASSLER  13 W. V. of 13 NY IN(F?)  US died December 9, 1892, age 54 years

(2)  Mary F. GREER, wife of S. B. xe "GREER:Mary F., Mrs." xe "GREER:S.B." GREER, died January 10, 1882, age 46 years, 11 months, 2 days
Hamilton M. xe "GREER:Hamilton M." GREER, died December 4, 1856, age 11 months, 4 days

(3)  Infant GREER born September 7, 1854
Infant GREER born February 11, 1866
Sons of S. B. & M. F. xe "GREER:____ (m)" xe "GREER:M.F., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary F. GREER)" GREER
Mary F., wife of S. B. GREER, died January 10, 1882 age 46 years, 11 months, 2 days

Hamilton M., son of S. B. & M. F. xe "GREER:Hamilton M." xe "GREER:M.F., Mrs." xe "GREER:S.B. (m)" GREER, died December 4, 1856 age 11 months, 12 days

Infant son of S. L. & M. E. xe "GREER:____ (m)" GREER ‑ no dates

(broken and repaired)
Charlott M. R., wife of M. B. xe "ARMSTRONG :Charlotte M.R., Mrs." xe "ARMSTRONG:S.B. (m)" ARMST(RONG?), died May 10, 1879, age 56 years, 6 months, 24 days

Infant FLESHER, son of U. W. & S. M. xe "FLESHER:____ (m)" xe "FLESHER:U.W. (see Ulysses W. FLESHER)" xe "FLESHER:S.M., Mrs." FLESHER, died July 11, 1865

In Memory of My Beloved Husband
Ulysses W. xe "FLESHER:Ulysses W." FLESHER  born January 28, 1831; died August 4, 1869 Graduated at the Ohio University August 1857. Was admitted to the Bar of Virginia 1858

Hal C. xe "FLESHER:Hal C." FLESHER  November 12, 1866‑May 7, 1881

Barbara BENNETT, wife of Wm. xe "BENNETT:Barbara, Mrs." xe "BENNETT:William" BENNETT,  died August 28, 1867, age 83 years, 6 months, 17 days

William BENNETT  died July 10, 1858, age 8_ years, 7 months, 26? days

Matilda xe "CRAIG:Matilda, Mrs. (see Matilda BENNETT)" CRAIG, daughter of Wm. & B. xe "BENNETT:B., Mrs. (see Mrs. Barbara BENNETT)" xe "BENNETT:Matilda" BENNETT, died (broken), 18(3?)9 in the 23rd year of her age

In Memory of John & _ _ _e, died September _ _ the 19___ (unreadable) 1852,  age (unreadable to the end) (last 3 letters MON and the rest is unreadable)

(2)  Sarah J. xe "RIPLEY:Sarah J., Mrs.?" RIPLEY  May 1, 1825‑July 10, 1906
Rev. James G. xe "RIPLEY:James G., Rev" RIPLEY  December 25, 1819‑January 10, 1896

(on back side of plot)
(2)  Ella xe "RIPLEY:Ella, Mrs.?" RIPLEY January 27, 1854‑June 21, 1919
Jacob A. xe "RIPLEY:Jacob A." RIPLEY April 18, 1850‑September 27, 1924

F. B. ______ 6 (unreadable)

xe "____:F.T.E." F. T. E. (unreadable)

Rebecca RILEY, daughter of R. R. & E. xe "RILEY:R.R. (m)" xe "RILEY:E., Mrs." xe "RILEY:Rebecca" RILEY, died November 14, 1830 age 8 months, 18 days

Mollie, daughter of R. R. & E. xe "RILEY:Mollie" RILEY, died September 20, 1819 age 4? years, 10 months, 26 days.

Nancy A., daughter of R. R. & E. xe "RILEY:Nancy A." RILEY died August 15, 18(52?),  age 9 months, 22 days

Infant Daughter of R. R. & E. xe "RILEY:____ (f)" RILEY,  died June 30, 1853, age 15 days

Emma G. xe "HONAKER:Emma G." HONAKER,  born May 31, 1850; died March 28, 1900

Viola V., daughter of L. & C?. xe "VAIL:Viola V." xe "VAIL:L. (m)" xe "VAIL:C., Mrs." VAIL, born December 19, 1849; died August 6, 1850

George, son of Thomas & Elizabeth xe "GRAHAM:George" xe "GRAHAM:Thomas" xe "GRAHAM:Elizabeth, Mrs." GRAHAM,  died April 5, 1842

Elen (sic) E., daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth GRAHAM, died February 5, 1849, age 17 years, 13 days

Sarah E., daughter of G. xe "VAIL:Sarah E." xe "VAIL:G." VAIL, died October 5, 1875  (rest unreadable ‑ broken and repaired)

xe "GREER:____" GREER (plot)  no names on it, (to left of Greer plot marker)
(side by side)
Susie xe "PROGLER:Susie" PROGLER  1863‑1863

Infant xe "PROGLER:____" PROGLER  1861‑1861

(3)  Sarah S., daughter of J. A. & M. E. xe "RILEY:J.A. (m)" xe "RILEY:M.E., Mrs." xe "RILEY:Sarah S." RILEY, died July 15, 1880, age 9 months, 27 days

Rupert W.,  son of J. A. & M. E. xe "RILEY:Rupert W." RILEY, died July 30, 1888, age 5 months, 24 days
Jennings R., son of J. A. & M. E. xe "RILEY:Jennings R." RILEY, died July 9, 1890, age 3 months, 9 days

Anna M., daughter of Rev. A. D. & S. xe "RILEY:Anna M." xe "RILEY:A.D. (m)" xe "RILEY:S., Mrs." RILEY born June 17, 1884; died February 9, 1884   (data or stone in error)

James xe "MC KOWN:James" MC KOWN  1864‑1937

(2)  James xe "MC KOWN:James" MC KOWN  July 26, 1828‑January 30, 1905
Samantha A. xe "MC KOWN:Samantha A., Mrs." MC KOWN  February 7, 1833‑November 11, 1920  Wife

(2) Nehemiah Smith  December 14, 1805‑April 28, 1859
Rachel SMITH  December 21, 1805‑February 15, 1865  Wife

Mary F., daughter of N. & R. xe "SMITH:Mary F." xe "SMITH:N. (m)" xe "SMITH:R., Mrs." SMITH, died July 18, 1851 aged 7 months, 20 days

Maria L.,  daughter of N. & R. xe "SMITH:Maria L." SMITH, died December 11, 1813, age 5 years, 10 months, 22 days

PROGLER (plot)
Donald, son of H. S. & J. E. xe "PROGLER:Donald" xe "PROGLER:H.S. (m)" xe "PROGLER:J.E., Mrs." PROGLER  1900‑1901

(2)  Elizabeth J. xe "PROGLER:Elizabeth J., Mrs." PROGLER  1835‑1904  Mother
Mamie L. xe "PROGLER:Mamie L." PROGLER  1862‑1905  Sister

William L., son of J. & S. xe "MC KOWN:William L." xe "MC KOWN:J. (m)" xe "MC KOWN:S., Mrs." MC KOWN,  August 7, 1850‑September 13, 1852

Martha, _____d,  daughter? of Thomas xe "TURNER:Thomas" xe "TURNER:Martha" TURNER ______  ______ died March 22, 1886 in the 90th year of her age

Catherine, wife of John D. xe "RILEY:John D." xe "RILEY:Catherine, Mrs." RILEY,  died April 26, 1832, age 20 years

In Memory of Elisabeth xe "KING:Elizabeth" KING was born December the 6th, 1823, died November 20?, 18_5, (the rest is broken off)

[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
KING, Lizzie died November 14, 1905, Jackson Co.,  WV; born WV]

In Memory of Our Father Jacob STAATS, Sr.? died July 21, 1851, age 62 years, 2 months, 15 days
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
Jacob STAATS, died July 21, 1857, age 62 years, son of Aln. & Sarah xe "STAATS:Aln" xe "STAATS:Sarah, Mrs." STAATS, married.]

George, son of G. & B. xe "LANDFRIED:George" xe "LANDFRIED:G. (m)" xe "LANDFRIED:B., Mrs." LANDFRIED (the rest is broken off)

Elizabeth, daughter of J. G. & ?. (KARR or KAPP), born (unreadable); died August 12, 1877

Martha J.,  daughter of J. C. & M. J. xe "WOLF:Martha J." xe "WOLF:J.C. (m)" xe "WOLF:M.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Minerva J. WOLF)" WOLF, born June 18, 1847; died July 16, 1847

Minerva J., wife of J. C. xe "WOLF:Minerva J., Mrs." WOLF, born  May 15, 1823; died June 12, 1850

John M.,  son of J. C. xe "WOLF:John M." WOLF,  died October 10, 1867, aged 4 years, 2 months, 13 days

J. C. xe "BOARD:J.C. (m)" BOARD  7th OHIO BATTY

WALKER (plot)
Infant Sons of William E. & Minnie W. xe "WALKER:____ (m)" xe "WALKER:William Edward" WALKER  1908‑1909

William Edward WALKER  1870‑1952  (Shriner symbol)

Minnie xe "WILLIAMSON:Minnie" WILLIAMSON xe "WALKER:Minnie, Mrs. (see Minnie WILLIAMSON)" WALKER  1880‑1968

CROW (plot ‑ these 4 stones also listed in Pine Grove Cemetery)
(2)  Lottie, wife of Hal B. xe "CROW:Lottie, Mrs." CROW  1878‑1901
Hal B. xe "CROW:Hal B." CROW  1876‑1907
(to left of Hal and Lottie Crow)
George B. CROW  West Virginia Major Army Air Forces WW II January 11, 1901‑December 4, 1973

Daniel Polsley xe "CROW:Daniel Polsley" CROW  1874‑1941

Susan xe "WALKER:Susan" WALKER xe "CROW:Susan, Mrs. (see Susan WALKER)" CROW  1874‑(no death date)

Virginia T?.m wife of J. W. xe "MC KOWN:Virginia T." xe "MC KOWN:J.W. (m)" MC KOWN died? February 21, 1870, age 23 years, 3 months, 26 days

Elias xe "HOFFMAN:Elias" HOFFMAN,  Co. D  13th W. V. INF.

xe "____:Leola Bell" Leola Bell? (rest unreadable) (broken and repaired)

In Memory of Keziah xe "CUNNINGHAM:Keziah" CUNNINGHAM,  died February 26, 1852, age 86 years

William xe "ARMSTRONG:William" ARMSTRONG,  died June 29, 1846 in the 25th year of his age

William L. xe "BYRD:William" BYRD or BIRD,  Attorney at Law, died July 19, 1850 in the 26th year of his age

(NOTE: A heavy obelisk marker is down and not readable.)

Mary M.,  wife of William xe "BETTIS:William" xe "BETTIS:Mary M., Mrs." BETTIS, died May 3, 1872, age 56 years, 4? months, 4? days

James P. xe "HARPER:James P." HARPER, died June 15, 1865, aged 61 years

Lois? (_) H., daughter of J. P. & (_) (unreadable surname) xe "HARPER:Lois H." (HARPER?), died May 9, 1865, age 6 years, 10 months, 13 or 18 days

ARMSTRONG (plot 5 left to right)
William L. xe "ARMSTRONG:William L." ARMSTRONG  December 9, 1861‑September 25, 1884

Eliza J. xe "ARMSTRONG:Eliza J., Mrs." ARMSTRONG  January 29, 1834‑September 13, 1880  Mother

Margaret M. xe "ARMSTRONG:Margaret M." ARMSTRONG  June 18, 1856‑June 8, 1857

Otmer F. xe "ARMSTRONG:Otmer F." ARMSTRONG  May 11, 1859‑July 16, 1869

Jacob L. xe "ARMSTRONG:Jacob L." ARMSTRONG, July 24, 1887‑November 6, 1901  Father

(in the corner of plot)
Edwin C., son of W. W. & L. V. RILEY, January 21, 1878‑March 23, 1878

AYERS (plot, 4 in a row, right to left)
John L., son of W. & Mary Ann AYRES, died January 3, 1857 in the 25th year of his age

I (unreadable), daughter of W. G. & P. J. AYRES, born August 23, 1816; died September 11, 1816

William G. AYRES died March 23, 1818, age 17 years, 9 months, 9 days

Phebe J., wife of W.G. AYRES, died January 18, 1850, age 25 years, 11 months, 12 days

BOICE (plot, 2 side by side)
E. M. BOICE  January 16, 1840‑September 23, 1910

M. J. BOICE  March 20, 1841‑April 29, 1911

Mary M. B., daughter of R. & M. J. xe "BOICE:R. (m)" xe "BOICE:M.J., Mrs." xe "BOICE:Mary M.B." BOICE, died January 8, 1865, age 10 months, 20 days

Margaret E. or C., daughter of M. L. & (_) J. xe "BOICE:Margaret E." xe "BOICE:Margaret C." BOICE, died December? 10, 1868, aged 1 year, 1 month, 22 days

Mary H., wife of W. A. H. xe "BETTIS:Mary H., Mrs." xe "BETTIS:W.A.H." BETTIS,  died June 3, 1898 age 40 years, 8 months

(2)  "Our Little Paul,  son of H. G. & M. L. xe "ARMSTRONG:Paul" xe "ARMSTRONG:H.G. (m)" xe "ARMSTRONG:M.L., Mrs." ARMSTRONG, died Septmebr 4, 1881 age 6 months
Our little Odell", daughter of H. & M. L. ARMSTRONG, died July 6, 18(8)0, age 9 months, 11 days

(2)  Otmer GABBERT,  son of Charles & E. xe "GABBERT:Otmer" xe "GABBERT:Charles" xe "GABBERT:E., Mrs." GABBERT, died May 1, 1886, age 1 month, 5 or 6 days
Ethel, daughter of Charles & E. xe "GABBERT:Ethel" GABBERT, died December 1, 1895, age 2 years, 4 months, 15 days

(2)  Mary A. C., wife of A. H. xe "GABBERT:Mary A.C., Mrs." xe "GABBERT:A.H. (m)" GABBERT,  March 3, 1826‑November 2, 1897
A. H. GABBERT,  March 8, 1818‑January 30, 1890

Martha Bell, daughter of A. M. & M. A. xe "GABBERT:M.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary A. GABBERT)" xe "GABBERT:Martha Bell" xe "GABBERT:A.M. (m)" GABBERT, died January 6, 186(3 or 8), aged 10 months, 5 days

(2 stones together)
Harry P. xe "HUTCHISON:Harry P." HUTCHISON  born June 19, 1875‑May 11, 1900

W. T. xe "HUTCHISON:W.T." HUTCHISON,  died October 5, 1888, age 44 years, 9 months, 21 days

Malinda,  wife of George xe "BOISE:George" xe "BOISE:Malinda, Mrs." BOISE  died August 21, 1881, aged 76 years, 5 months, 11 days

(next to Malinda Boise)
Jacob xe "ABLES:Jacob" ABLES,  born December 4, 1810; died December 11, 1882

PARSONS (plot, 4 stones left to right)
Mary Ellen xe "PARSONS:Mary Ellen" PARSONS 1868‑1926

Sarah Ann xe "PARSONS:Sarah Ann, Mrs.?" PARSONS 1839‑1910

Henry C. xe "PARSONS:Henry C." PARSONS  1834‑1896
on the backside of plot:
Ballard R. xe "PARSONS:Ballard R." PARSONS  1862‑1934

Pauline Lucille,  daughter of P. & F. M. xe "ATKINSON:Pauline Lucille" xe "ATKINSON:P. (m)" xe "ATKINSON:F.M., Mrs." ATKINSON, died September 11, 1899 age 2 years, 5 months, 11 days

LANDFRIED (plot, left to right )
Eliza,  daughter of H. & E. xe "LANDFRIED:Eliza" xe "LANDFRIED:H. (m)" xe "LANDFRIED:E., Mrs." LANDFRIED, died March 16, 1878, age 17 years, 6 months, 17 days

________ (no name)  born January 25, 1860; died October 28, 1861

________ (no name)  born April 15, 1856; died January 18, 1857

(2)  Phillip xe "LANDFRIED:Phillp" LANDFRIED,  born August 9, 1829; died August 30, 1904
Sarah A. xe "LANDFRIED:Sarah A., Mrs." LANDFRIED  September 7, 1833‑(no death date) Wife

(2)  Adam xe "LANDFRIED:Adam" LANDFRIED,  born December 15, 1785; died December 10, 1871
Charlotte xe "LANDFRIED:Charlotte, Mrs." LANDFRIED  January 18, 1791‑February 6, 1867  Wife

STARCHER (plot, 10 left to right)
Mary Ann xe "STARCHER:Mary Ann" STARCHER,  daughter of J. C. & C. xe "STARCHER:C., Mrs." STARCHER born May 22, 1820; died August 22, 1837

John C. (or G.?) xe "STARCHER:John C." STARCHER,  born December 9, 1796; died Setpember 8, 1851

Ann? M. STARCHER, daughter of W. & S. xe "STARCHER:Ann M." xe "STARCHER:W. (see William STARCHER)" xe "STARCHER:S., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah STARCHER)" STARCHER died July 9, 1856, aged 16 years, 1 month, 25 days
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records:
STARCHER, Anna M. died July or November 1856, age 17 years, daughter of Wm. & Sarah xe "STARCHER:William" xe "STARCHER:Sarah, Mrs." STARCHER, born Jackson Co., WV]

Priscilla E. STARCHER,  daughter of I. W.& Sarah >xe "STARCHER:Priscilla E." STARCHER died July 9, 1857 (the rest is broken off and repaired ‑ can't read). died January 19, 1872, aged  _9, (months unreadable), 25 days

In Memory of Sarah xe "STARCHER:Sarah, Mrs." STARCHER, died January 13, 1883 age 80 years, 10 months, 3 days

R. E. xe "STARCHER:R.E. (m)" STARCHER,  born September 2, 1829; died March 6, 1904  Father

Prudence E. xe "STARCHER:Prudence E., Mrs." STARCHER,  born December 26, 1836; died March 10, 1908  Mother

Mary E. xe "STARCHER:Mary E." STARCHER,  born October 27, 1863; died September 23, 1908  Sister

(Temporary paper marker)
Rebecca xe "ASHLEY:Rebecca" ASHLEY 

(2)  Harold D. STARCHER,  died February 12, 1895, age 4 months
Carlos STARCHER,  died November 16, 1894, age 1 year, 4 months, 24 days
Son and Daughter of J. D. & L. M.xe "STARCHER:Harold D." xe "STARCHER:Carlos" xe "STARCHER:J.D. (m)" xe "STARCHER:L.M., Mrs." STARCHER











*Cemetery No. 26 ‑Pine Hill Cemetery ‑ Ripley, West Virginia  (aka New Ripley) (Ripley Dist.)

Location: Go up US 21 north out of Ripley. Cemetery is in the north east part of Ripley accessible by a road to the right of US 21. Readings taken on 2 July 1977)

Charles Randal xe "GRADY:Charles Randal" GRADY  June 23‑1956‑October 13, 1973

Gary L. xe "LEWIS:Gary L." LEWIS  1951‑1971  Son

(at the of stone foot):
Gray Lynn xe "LEWIS:Gary Lynn" LEWIS  Connecticut  Sgt CO. C  501 INFANTRY  101 AIRBORNE DIVISION‑ VIETNAM BSM‑ AM‑PH  February 14, 1951‑June 30, 1971

Dr. Aflatoon Jmshed xe "MALI:Aflatoon Jmshed, Dr." MALI,  January 7, 1940‑December 25, 1970 A Surgeon from Pakistan ‑ Educated in Germany, died in an auto accident at Ripley, West Virginia."

(2)  Geraldine xe "MORRIS:Geraldine, Mrs.?" MORRIS  1914‑(no death date)
Dr. Benjamin xe "MORRIS:Benjamin, Dr." MORRIS  1908‑1969 ‑ Husband (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Betty Ruth xe "KINLEY:Betty Ruth, Mrs.?" KINLEY  1930‑1972
Howard A. xe "KINLEY:Howard A." KINLEY  1927‑(no death date)

Bud BEEGLE  November 15, 1891‑May 28, 1970

Bud Willis xe "BEEGLE:Bud Willis" BEEGLE West Virginia Pvt US ARMY  WW I November 15, 1891‑May 28, 1970

Belle Ann xe "THOMAS:Belle Ann" THOMAS  1949‑1962

(Metal marker)
Betty Lou xe "BOWER:Betty Lou" BOWER  1945‑1969

James Bert or Burt xe "HEILMANN:James Bert" HEILMANN  1899‑1968

(2) Cecil H. xe "CHAMBLIN:Cecil H., Jr." CHAMBLIN, Jr  1946‑(no death date)
Charlotte S. xe "CHAMBLIN:Charlotte S., Mrs.?" CHAMBLIN  1944‑(no death date)

(2) Ralph J. xe "LIGHTNER:Ralph J." LIGHTNER  1915‑(no death date)
Marguerite xe "LIGHTNER:Marguerite, Mrs.?" LIGHTNER  1911‑1973

Jesse Elmo xe "ELLIS:Jess Elmo" ELLIS  November 27, 1921‑April 5, 1975

(at foot of plot)
Jesse E. ELLIS  TSGT  US ARMY  WWII  1921‑1975

Richard A. xe "MURRAY:Richard A." MURRAY  Pvt  US ARMY  1956‑1976

(2)  Ula M. xe "EAGLE:Ula M., Mrs.?" EAGLE  1903‑(no death date)
Hubert C. xe "EAGLE:Hubert C." EAGLE  1903‑1975

Son of Edmund & Yvonne xe "AUSTIN:____ (m)" xe "AUSTIN:Edmund" xe "AUSTIN:Yvonne, Mrs." AUSTIN  August 26‑27, 1976 "Our Darling Son"

(2)  Fred L. xe "LONG:Fred L." LONG  1903‑1971
Addie G. xe "LONG:Addie G., Mrs." LONG  1908‑1975

Michael Lee xe "WILSON:Michael Lee" WILSON  1966‑1974

(2) Alice E. xe "STRICKLAND:Alice E., Mrs.?" STRICKLAND  1918‑(no death date)
Ivan C. xe "STRICKLAND:Ivan C." STRICKLAND  1913‑1969

(2) Jane xe "KERWOOD:Jane" KERWOOD xe "HARMON:Jane, Mrs. (see Jane KERWOOD)" HARMON  1919‑(no death date)
William E. xe "HARMON:William E." HARMON  1920‑1971

Raymond E. xe "GOOD:Raymond Edward" GOOD 1925‑1965

Raymond Edward GOOD  West Va. CM3 US NAVY  WW II January 30, 1925‑August 10, 1965

(Raymond Edward GOOD was next to HARMON plot.)

At bottom of HARMON plot is;
William E. xe "HARMON:William E." HARMON WEST VIRGINIA  CM2 US NAVY  WW II January 13, 1920‑February 13, 1971

(2)  Elisa J. xe "PATTERSON:Elisa J., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1921‑(no death date)
Otho H. xe "PATTERSON:Otho H." PATTERSON  1918‑1974

(2 Boggess stones side by side)
W. French xe "BOGGESS:W. French"BOGGESS  March 25, 1886‑March 14, 1969

Lillie Ice xe "BOGGESS:Lillie Ice" BOGGESS  February 2, 1887‑February 15, 1975

Marie xe "BOGGESS:Marie" BOGGESS xe "BROWNING:Marie, Mrs. (see Marie BOGGESS)" BROWNING  March 25, 1908‑April 11, 1971

(2)  Albert Abe xe "BOARD:Albert Abe" BOARD  1905‑1968
Jessie E. xe "BOARD:Jessie E., Mrs." BOARD  1908‑1975

(2)  Dessie xe "RANDOLPH:Dessie, Mrs." RANDOLPH  1895‑1966
Thomas xe "RANDOLPH:Thomas" RANDOLPH  1893‑(no death date)

(side by side)
Ada R. xe "ROBINSON:Ada R." ROBINSON  January 11, 1936‑September 25, 1967
Angelia M. xe "ROBINSON:Angelia M., Mrs.?" ROBINSON  March 11, 1964‑September 25, 1967

(On other side of the ROBINSON stone, Patrick D. xe "HALL:Patrick D." HALL  January 11, 1967‑September 25, 1967

Bettie M. xe "HALL:Bettie M., Mrs." HALL  January 03, 1929‑September 25, 1967

(2)  Warren A. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Warren A." CUNNINGHAM  1914‑1972
Wanda M. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Wanda M., Mrs." CUNNINGHAM  1915-(no death date)

Warren A. CUNNINGHAM  West Virginia MSGT  US ARMY WW II August 19, 1914‑August 20, 1972

(on side of stone is):
(2)  Mabel C. xe "LANDFRIED:Mabel C., Mrs." LANDFRIED  1909‑(no death date)
Cleophas D. xe "LANDFRIED:Cleophas D." LANDFRIED  1898‑1975

(2)  Barbara A. xe "HYRE:Barbara A., Mrs." HYRE  1931‑(no death date)
John E. xe "HYRE:John E." HYRE  1927‑1976

(2)  Eugene A. xe "KNAPP:Eugene A." KNAPP  1917‑1975
Orva V. xe "KNAPP:Orva V., Mrs.?" KNAPP  1919-(no death date)

Eugene A. xe "KNAPP" KNAPP  Cpl  US ARMY  WW II  1917‑1975

(2)  Vada M. xe "RHODES:Vada M., Mrs." RHODES  1905‑(no death date)
Elmer F. xe "RHODES:Elmer F." RHODES  1900‑(no death date)

(Temporary marker)
W. Hayden xe "MADDOX:W. Hayden" MADDOX  1900‑1975

(2)  Icy Pearl xe "WHITED:Icy Pearl, Mrs." WHITED  1902‑1976
Leander L. xe "WHITED:Leander L." WHITED  1887‑1966

Ralph B. xe "WILLIAMS:Ralph B." WILLIAMS  SgtT  US ARMY  March 15, 1914‑October 10, 1974

Fannie xe "GRADY:Fannie" GRADY  1913‑1965

(2) Lessel xe "HALL:Lessel, Mrs.?" HALL  1900‑(no death date)
Glen G. xe "HALL:Glen G." HALL  1897‑1970

(2)  Nellie B. xe "WRIGHT:Nellie B., Mrs.?" WRIGHT  1906‑1969
A. Clyde xe "WRIGHT:A. Clyde" WRIGHT  1904‑(no death date)

Mary Hazel xe "PULLEN:Mary Hazel" PULLEN  December 10, 1924‑December 10, 1965

(2)  Dora L. xe "SLAVEN:Dora L., Mrs." SLAVEN  1899‑(no death date)
Forest L. xe "SLAVEN:Forest L." SLAVEN  1893‑1969

Cecile C. xe "SHROPSHIRE:Cecile C., Mrs. (see Cecile C. CUNNINGHAM)" xe "CUNNINGHAM:Cecile C" SHROPSHIRE  December 2, 1893‑April 3, 1975,daughter of Lucy xe "YOUNG:Lucy" YOUNG xe "CUNNINGHAM:Lucy, Mrs. (see Lucy YOUNG)" CUNNINGHAM

(2)  Hallie B. xe "CARNEY:Hallie B., Mrs." CARNEY  1919‑(no death date)
Harold F. xe "CARNEY:Harold F." CARNEY  1914‑1974

(2)  Helem M. xe "RYMER:Helen M., Mrs.?" RYMER  no dates
John J. xe "RYMER:John J." RYMER  March 31, 1917‑August 8, 1973
(behind Helen and John RYMER. in same plot)
Cathy xe "RYMER:Cathy" RYMER  January 27, 1957‑September 6, 1974

Robert F. xe "CARNEY:Robert F." CARNEY  West Virginia Pvt.,  3285 Ord Base Dep. Co.m, WW II June 13, 1909‑January 22, 1972

(2)  Charles Edgar xe "KARR:Charles Edgar" KARR  1914‑1966
Hazel xe "BUMGARNER:Hazel" BUMGARNER xe "KARR:Hazel, Mrs. (see Hazel BUMBARNER)" KARR 1917‑(no death date)

Allen A. SKID xe "SKIDMORE:Allen A." MORE  West Virginia CFR 1 CL 407 TEL BN SIGC WW I December 14, 1887‑August 27, 1965

Carra xe "SMITH:Carra" SMITH xe "SKIDMORE:Carra, Mrs. (see Carra SMITH)" SKIDMORE  1897‑(no death date)

Walter Wesley xe "VAIL:Walter Wesley" VAIL  Pennsylvania  Pfc US ARMY  WW I September 30, 1892‑February 24, 1974

(2)  Ada E. xe "TOLLEY:Ada E., Mrs." TOLLEY  1909‑1964
William E. xe "TOLLEY:William E." TOLLEY  1906‑1967

(2)  Cora xe "CLINE:Cora" CLINE xe "WILLIAMS:Cora, Mrs. (see Cora CLINE)" WILLIAMS  1884‑1966
Samuel W. xe "WILLIAMS:Samuel W." WILLIAMS  1880‑1963

(2) Everett C. xe "YOUNG:Everett C." YOUNG  1866‑1962
Annie E. xe "YOUNG:Annie E., Mrs.?" YOUNG  1869‑1963

(2)  Allen or Alan  F. xe "JONES:Allen F." JONES  1900‑1961
Lucy M. xe "JONES:Lucy M., Mrs." JONES  1900‑(no death date)

Angela Camille xe "HUGHEY:Angela Camille" HUGHEY  February 9‑March 13, 1957

PARSONS (plot)
(2)  Talmadge Clayton xe "PARSONS:Talmadge Clayton" PARSONS, Sr.  1887‑1960
Mamie xe "STAATS:Mamie" STAATS xe "PARSONS:Mamie, Mrs. (see Mamie STAATS)" PARSONS  1885‑1964

Mary Virginia xe "PARSONS:Mary Virginia" PARSONS  1908‑1908

Florence Eleanor xe "PARSONS:Florence Eleanor" PARSONS  1920‑1920

Lewis Eugene xe "PARSONS:Lewis Eugene" PARSONS  1926‑1936

(behind Talmade and Mamie Parsons)
Talmadge C. xe "PARSONS:Talmadge C." PARSONS Jr.  West Virginia S1 US NAVY  WW II July 31, 1916‑November 05, 1969

(2)  Luther xe "PARSONS:Luther" PARSONS  1886‑(no death date)
Anna E. xe "PARSONS:Anna E., Mrs.?" PARSONS  1888‑(no death date)

Edgar S. [Stanton] xe "LANHAM:Edgar Stanton" LANHAM West Virginia Pfc.,  318 INF 80 INF DIV  WW II BSM‑PH October 13, 1906‑December 8, 1950

(2 stones side by side)
Andrew Dexter xe "HAMON:Andrew Dexter" HAMON  1899‑1948  Father
Delphia xe "MUNDY:Delphia" MUNDY xe "HAMON:Delphia, Mrs. (see Delphia MUNDY)" HAMON  1902‑1975  Mother

(2) David Lee xe "HAMON:David Lee" HAMON  1891‑1949  Father
Margaret I. xe "HAMON:Margaret I., Mrs." HAMON  1887‑1965  Mother

Kenneth E. xe "KAY:Kenneth E." KAY  1940‑1958

Everett G. xe "KAY:Everett G." KAY  1906‑1968

Scot xe "MONTGOMERY:Scot" MONTGOMERY  1886‑1949  Father

Gertrude xe "MONTGOMERY:Gertrude, Mrs. (see Gertrude KING)" MONTGOMERY xe "KING:Gertrude" KING  1894‑1974 Mother

Jonathan G. xe "ANDERSON:Jonathan G." ANDERSON  August 1, 1864

(2)  Dencil J. xe "FREEMAN:Dencil J." FREEMAN  May 27, 1922‑February 3, 1975  Husband
K. Norrine xe "FREEMAN:K. Norrine, Mrs.?" FREEMAN  February 22, 1925‑(no death date)  Wife

Dencil J. FREEMAN  Cpl.  US ARMY WW II  May 27, 1922‑February 3, 1975

(back side of FREEMAN plot)
Valla xe "FREEMAN:Valla" FREEMAN  July 18, 1892‑May 27, 1964

I. D. xe "FREEMAN:I.D." FREEMAN  July 27, 1882‑February 8, 1948

Iva M. xe "WOLF:Iva M." WOLF xe "CASTO:Iva M., Mrs. (see Iva M. WOLF)" CASTO  1884‑1957  Mother

Wm. Schuyler xe "CASTO:Schuyler" CASTO  1871‑1952  Father

(2) Thomas B. xe "HARRISON:Thomas B." HARRISON  1885‑1952
Martha A. xe "HARRISON:Martha A., Mrs." HARRISON  1890‑(no death date)

Joyce S. xe "HELMICK:Joyce S." HELMICK  May 21, 1951‑February 14, 1952

(2)  George W. xe "BRADEN:George W." BRADEN  1884‑1963
Mary C. xe "BRADEN:Mary C., Mrs.?" BRADEN  1894‑(no death date)

(2)  George B. xe "JORDAN:George B." JORDAN  1902‑1976
Hattie H. xe "JORDAN:Hattie H., Mrs.?" JORDAN  1905‑(no death date)

Gladys Louise xe "JORDAN:Gladys Louise" JORDAN  1939‑1959

Angela Renee, daughter of Gladys & Charles H. xe "JORDAN:Gladys, Mrs." xe "JORDAN:Charles H." xe "JORDAN:Angela Renee" JORDAN

(2)  Martha M. xe "BOGGESS:Martha M., Mrs. ?" BOGGESS  1833‑1911
George W. xe "BOGGESS:George W." BOGGESS  1833‑1916

(2)  William R. xe "BOGGESS:William R." BOGGESS  1860‑1940
Elena P. xe "BOGGESS:Elena P., Mrs.?" BOGGESS  1869‑1946

(2)  Guy G. xe "BOGGESS:Guy G." BOGGESS  1890‑1967
Myrtle C. xe "BOGGESS:Myrtle C., Mrs.?" BOGGESS  1893‑(no death date)

Emily Josephine xe "STINE:Emily Josephine" STINE  October 17, 1863‑April 1, 1906

Paul W. xe "STRALEY:Paul W." STRALEY  1886‑1960

Rudolph xe "STARCHER:Rudolph" STARCHER  West Virginia SGT 6 AM MO TRAIN  WW I August 13, 1895‑April 28, 1969

Everett Clinton xe "BOARD:Everett Clinton" BOARD  1863‑1950

(4) Docia E. xe "HAWK:Docia E." HAWK  1886‑1958
Samuel E. xe "HAWK:Samuel E." HAWK  1884‑1958
Emma J. xe "HAWK:Emma J." HAWK  1866‑1921
Winifred S. xe "HAWK:Winifred S." HAWK  1861‑1923

Jane xe "MARSHALL:Jane" MARSHALL  1864‑1950

Ella xe "COOPER:Ella" COOPER  1868‑1949

Harold G. xe "HARMON:Harold G." HARMON  West Virginia Pvt.,  26 INF.  1 INF. DIV.  WW II March 10, 1908‑November 22, 1944

BARNETT (plot)
Lydia M. xe "BARNETT:Lydia M." BARNETT  1903‑1954

(2)  Camden C. xe "BARNETT:Camden C." BARNETT  1878‑1948
Birty V. xe "BARNETT:Birty V., Mrs.?" BARNETT  1880‑1975

Thomas "Bus" xe "FOLA:Thomas" xe "FOLA:Bus" FOLA  May 9, 1899‑September 9, 1968

Audrey L. xe "BARNETT:Audrey L., Mrs.?" BARNETT  1921‑(no death date)

Ottie P. xe "BARNETT:Ottie P." BARNETT  1905‑1969

(to right of Audrey and Ottie Barnett)
C. David xe "BARNETT:C. David" BARNETT  1940‑1943

Joseph D. xe "BARNETT:Joseph D." BARNETT  1939‑1939

Michael Ray xe "KAY:Michael Ray" KAY  1954‑1954

FRAY (plot)
McKinney xe "FRAY:McKinney" FRAY no dates

Roy xe "MC KINNEY:Roy" MC KINNEY  Pfc., US ARMY  WW I  April 18, 1897‑June 20, 1975

(two stones side by side)
Manervia xe "SHINN:Minerva" SHINN  1876‑1951
Charles xe "FRAY:Charles" FRAY  1914‑1938

GILBERT (plot)
J. B. "Joe" xe "GILBERT:J.B. (m)" xe "GILBERT:Joe" GILBERT  1885‑1950

Emma Luella xe "GILBERT:Emma Luella, Mrs.?" GILBERT  1900‑1937

(2)  Melissa Jane xe "RHODES:Melissa Jane, Mrs.?" RHODES  1867‑1940
Everett C. xe "RHODES:Everett C." RHODES  1860‑1950

(to left of Everett and Melissa Rhodes)
Amy xe "RHODES:Amy" RHODES xe "TOLLEY:Amy, Mrs. (see Amy RHODES)" TOLLEY  1887‑1972  Mom

Bertha L. xe "WILLIAMS:Bertha L." WILLIAMS xe "ARCHER:Bertha, Mrs. (see Bertha L. WILLIAMS)" ARCHER  1884‑1936

Mary xe "STOVER:Mary" STOVER xe "SMITH:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary STOVER)" SMITH  1896‑1933

HUNT (plot ‑ 3 stones)
Ada G. xe "HUNT:Ada G., Mrs.?" HUNT  December 10, 1865‑December 23, 1925

Charles Lewis xe "HUNT:Charles Lewis" HUNT  January 16, 1860‑May 3, 1940

Mary xe "HUNT:Mary" HUNT xe "DEARIAN:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary HUNT)" DEARIAN  November 23, 1889‑March 3, 1955

(2)  Emil H. xe "KNAPP:Emil H." KNAPP  1884‑1969  (Masonic symbol)
Martha E. xe "KNAPP:Martha E., Mrs.?" KNAPP  1888‑1943

(2)  Fay G. xe "ARCHER:Fay G., Mrs." ARCHER  1905‑(no death date)
Ray C.xe "ARCHER:Ray C." ARCHER  1907‑1972

(2)  Bertha L. xe "ARCHER:Bertha L., Mrs." ARCHER  1884‑1936       BACK TO INDEX
Clarence xe "ARCHER:Clarence" ARCHER  1878‑1956

(4) Quella xe "KORZEP:Quella (f)" KORZEP xe "YOUNG:Quella, Mrs. (see Quella KORZEP)" YOUNG  1897‑1946  Mother
Edna V. xe "YOUNG:Edna V." YOUNG  1880‑1959
Lewis E. xe "YOUNG:Lewis E." YOUNG  1871‑1940
Lucy E. xe "YOUNG:Lucy E." YOUNG xe "CUNNINGHAM:Lucy E., Mrs. (see Lucy E. YOUNG)" CUNNINGHAM  August 2, 1874‑April 4, 1949

(Temporary marker)
Bonnie I. xe "MC CAULEY:Bonnie I." MC CAULEY  1904‑1977

Blanche A. xe "SMITH:Blanche A." SMITH xe "WALKER:Blanche A., Mrs. (see Blanche A. SMITH)" WALKER  October 23, 1882‑September 1, 1959

(2)  Herbert xe "SKEEN:Herbert" SKEEN  1887‑1954
Lily M. xe "SKEEN:Lily M., Mrs.?" SKEEN  1889‑1973

(2) Russell xe "HEISKELL:Russell" HEISKELL  1901‑1975  (Masonic symbol)
Elva xe "HEISKELL:Elva, Mrs.?" HEISKELL  1900‑(no death date) with a star over the name (Eastern Star?)

(2 stones together)
Anna xe "WATTS:Anna" WATTS xe "NETHERCUTT:Anna, Mrs. (see Anna WATTS)" NETHERCUTT  February 8, 1884‑January 6, 1965
Moses Grant xe "NETHERCUTT:Moses Grant" NETHERCUTT  October 7, 1866‑December 21, 1955

Arthur xe "GRADY:Arthur" GRADY  July 16, 1890‑March 2, 1968

(2) William C. xe "FOGLESONG:William C." FOGLESONG  1893‑1971
Freeda P.xe "FOGLESONG:Freeda P., Mrs.?" FOGLESONG  1900‑1970

William C. FOGLESONG  West Virginia Pvt.,  CO. F  40 INF WW I June 30, 1893‑July 12, 1971

Mary E. xe "BALSER:Mary E." BALSER xe "STAATS:Mary E., Mrs. (see Mary E. BALSER)" STAATS  May 11, 1888‑April 02, 1976  Mother

Kenna A. xe "STAATS:Kenna A." STAATS  March 26, 1885‑June 16, 1955  Father

KESSELL (plot)
(3 stones in a row ‑ left to right)
C. Royall xe "KESSELL:C. Royall (see Roy KESSELL)" xe "KESSELL:Roy" KESSELL M.D.  1893‑1965
Ruby xe "STAATS:Ruby" STAATS xe "KESSELL:Ruby, Mrs. (see Ruby STAATS)" KESSELL  1897‑1968
First Son of Ruby & Roy xe "KESSELL:____ (m)" KESSELL  1919

(in a row in plot)
C. R. xe "KESSELL:C.R. (see C. Royall KESSELL" KESSELL  1870‑1948

Louisa F. xe "KESSELL:Louisa F." KESSELL  1869‑1969

Josephine xe "KESSELL:Josephine" KESSELL  1937  Infant Daughter of Ray & Kate

(to right of C.R. Kessell and others)
Ray xe "KESSELL:Ray" xe "KESSELL:Kate, Mrs." KESSELL  M.D.  Major Medical Corp. WW I & WW II July 5, 1889‑May 31, 1966

STONE (plot)
Elmer Arvil xe "STONE:Elmer Arvil" STONE  1896‑1962

(next to Elmer STONE)
Martha D. xe "STONE:Martha D., Mrs." STONE  1869‑1934  Mother

(Temporary marker to right of Martha Stone)
Verta D. xe "HILLARD:Verta D." HILLARD  1898‑1976

(Temporary marker; 2 stones left to right)
Hazel xe "KNAPP:Hazel" KNAPP xe "RILEY:Hazel, Mrs. (see Hazell KNAPP)" RILEY, 1907‑1974

(next to Hazel Riley)
Frank T. xe "OLDHAM:Frank T." OLDHAM  1907‑1928

(2)  William M. xe "KARR:William M." KARR  1879‑1953  Father
Ida J. xe "KARR:Ida J., Mrs." KARR  1885‑1965  Mother

Charles A. xe "JEWELL:Charles A." JEWELL  September 24, 1860‑June 25, 1954  Father

Melcena B. xe "JEWELL:Melcena B., Mrs." JEWELL  August 21, 1870‑ February 6, 1942  Mother

Hull Foster xe "SALLAZ:Hull Foster" SALLAZ  March 18, 1894‑January 28, 1960  Husband

James Madison xe "SALLAZ:James Madison" SALLAZ  December 22, 1847‑January 8, 1939  Father

Martha xe "PARSONS:Martha" PARSONS xe "SALLAZ:Martha, Mrs. (see Martha PARSONS)" SALLAZ  July 4, 1852‑December 6, 1932  Mother

Lulu xe "SALLAZ:Lulu" SALLAZ xe "FITZGERALD:Lulu, Mrs. (see Lulu SALLAZ)" FITZGERALD  December 7, 1885‑February 1, 1948  Daughter

Sarah L. xe "CHAPMAN:Sarah L., Mrs.?" CHAPMAN  1893‑1976

William E. xe "CHAPMAN:William E." CHAPMAN  1888‑1966

(2)  Edward W. xe "HORN:Edward W." HORN  1871‑1938
Ruie xe "HORN:Ruie, Mrs.?" HORN  1879‑1952

Minor Otis xe "HORNE:Minor Otis" HORNE (sic) West Virginia TEC 5  HQ BN ORD TNG CENTER  WW II February 27, 1905‑Februry 10, 1960

(Miller and Rhodes in a row)
(4 temporary markers left to right
Monnie Masel xe "MILLER:Monnie Masel" MILLER  1904‑1965

Nettie xe "DALE:Nettie" DALE xe "RHODES:Nettie, Mrs. (see Nettie DALE)" RHODES 1869‑1956

Okey Preston xe "RHODES:Okey Preston" RHODES 1869‑1949

(2 stones side by side
Hobart Palmer xe "LANDFRIED:Hobart Palmer" LANDFRIED 1897‑1975

Ethel xe "WILSON:Ethel" WILSON xe "LANDFRIED:Ethel, Mrs. (see Ethel WILSON)" LANDFRIED 1897‑1946

John xe "LANDFRIED:John" LANDFRIED  1872‑1949

Ida xe "FERGUSON:Ida" FERGUSON xe "LANDFRIED:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida FERGUSON)" LANDFRIED  1872‑1952

LANDFRIED (plot - some distance from above Landfrieds)
A. D. xe "LANDFRIED:A.D. (see Adam LANDFRIED)" LANDFRIED (plot -7 stones)

Delmer Reed xe "LANDFRIED:Delmer Reed" LANDFRIED  1907‑1965

Phillip Dane xe "LANDFRIED:Phillip Dane" LANDFRIED  1904‑1971

(3 together, left to right)
Gwemdolyn Nadene xe "LANDFRIED:Gwendolyn Nadene" LANDFRIED  1920‑1939
Anna L. xe "PHILLIPS:Anna L." PHILLIPS xe "LANDFRIED:Anna L., Mrs. (see Anna L. PHILLIPS)" LANDFRIED  1876‑1953  Mother
Adam "A.D." xe "LANDFRIED:Adam (see A.D. LANDFRIED)" LANDFRIED  1875‑1960  Father

(separate in same plot, together)
Leon Clerc "Cleef" xe "LANDFRIED:Leon Clerc" xe "LANDFRIED:Cleef (see Leon Clerc LANDFRIED)" LANDFRIED  1910‑1969
Edith E. xe "MILLER:Edith E." MILLER xe "LANDFRIED:Edith E., Mrs. (see Edith E. MILLER)" LANDFRIED  1914‑1965

(2 side by side)
Virginia xe "PRICKETT:Virginia" PRICKETT  1906‑1947
Ada B. xe "PRICKETT:Ada B." PRICKETT  1878‑1852

Mary F. xe "SMITH:Mary F." SMITH June 11, 1946‑November 29, 1950

Mary F. SMITH  1870‑1951

Perlina F. xe "GOOD:Perlina F." GOOD 1870‑1951

(2)  Linnie M. xe "BOICE:Linnie M., Mrs.?" BOICE  1868‑1954
John T. xe "BOICE:John T." BOICE  1866‑1952

(2)  Walter O. xe "BOICE:Walter O." BOICE  1895‑(no death date)
Ruth A. xe "BOICE:Ruth A., Mrs." BOICE  1899‑1932  Wife

(2) Amos A. xe "BOICE:Amos A." BOICE  1867‑(no death date)
Lottie E. xe "BOICE:Lottie E., Mrs.?" BOICE  1868‑1936

(2) Charles B. xe "YATES:Charles B." YATES  1879‑1955
Martha xe "CASTO:Martha" CASTO  1883‑(no death date)

(Temporary marker)
C. Edwin xe "YATES:C. Edwin" YATES 1903‑1977

Edwin xe "YATES:Edwin" YATES  1903‑1977

Evelyn xe "YATES:Evelyn, Mrs.?" YATES  1912‑1977

JORDAN (plot)
Twin Daughters of John & Janet xe "JORDAN:____ (f)" xe "JORDAN:John" xe "JORDAN:Janet, Mrs." JORDAN  February 1, 1964

Nora xe "HACKNEY:Nora, Mrs." HACKNEY  1890-1955  Mother

George U. xe "HACKNEY:George U." HACKNEY  1888-1968  Father

Douglas Leroy xe "JORDAN:Douglas Leroy" JORDAN  November 28, 1854‑November 29, 1954

(2)  Robert Booth xe "GOODWIN:Robert Booth" GOODWIN  1909‑1955
Lessie xe "STAATS:Lessie" STAATS xe "GOODWIN:Lessie, Mrs. (see Lessie STAATS)" GOODWIN  1914‑(no death date)

Ruie B. xe "STARCHER:Ruie B." STARCHER  1884‑1967

Oren F. "Coop" xe "STARCHER:Oren F." xe "STARCHER:Coop (see Oren F. STARCHER)" STARCHER  1885‑1961

(separate in same plot)
Evelyn xe "STARCHER:Evelyn" STARCHER  1912‑1936

CASTO (plot)
L. N. "TACK" xe "CASTO:L.N. (see Tack CASTO)" xe "CASTO:Tack (see L.N. CASTO)" CASTO  1886‑1948

Edna L. xe "CASTO:Edna L., Mrs.?" CASTO  1890‑1971

Claude Camden xe "CASTO:Claude Camden" CASTO  West Viginia TSGT  813 BASE UNIT  AAF  WW II October 29, 1919‑October 4, 1970

(2) Charles F. xe "BAYER:Charles F." BAYER  April 8, 1878‑July 16, 1955
Ida B. xe "BAYER:Ida B., Mrs.?" BAYER  August 11, 1883‑March 20, 1967

(4 stones in row left to right
Martha A. xe "BAYER:Martha A., Mrs." BAYER  1875‑1925  Mother

Edith xe "BAYER:Edith" BAYER  1916-1932  Daughter

Daniel Edward xe "BAYER:Daniel Edward" BAYER  1876‑1961

Myrtle A. xe "BAYER:Myrtle A." BAYER  1895‑1975

PICKENS (plot)
(2)  Evelyn xe "PICKENS:Evelyn, Mrs.?" PICKENS  1909‑(no death date)
J. Edward xe "PICKENS:J. Edward" PICKENS  1912‑1975

Virginia I. xe "PICKENS:Virginia I." PICKENS  1911‑1948 "INTERUM  S  SURGAN" (Latin inscription)

(2)  James D. xe "LYON:James D." LYON  1862‑1943  Father
Mary E. xe "LYON:Mary E., Mrs." LYON  1872‑1972  Mother

KAY (plot)
(3) Hollie xe "KAY:Hollie (m)" KAY  1882‑1977
Beatrice xe "KAY:Beatrice, Mrs." KAY  1888‑1951
Hollie xe "KAY:Hollie, Jr." KAY Jr.  1924‑1944

(at the base of the plot are 3 in a row):
Hollie KAY  1882‑1977 Father
Hollie Kay Jr.  West Virginia Pvt,  135 INF  WW II June 12, 1924‑January 16, 1944
Beatrice KAY  1888‑1951  Mother

(3)  Orville E. xe "PARSONS:Orville E., Sr." PARSONS Sr.  April 30, 1904‑July 22, 1970
Orville E. xe "PARSONS:Orville E., Jr." PARSONS Jr.  July 15, 1929‑March 28, 1969
Olive xe "KAY:Olive" KAY xe "PARSONS:Olive, Mrs. (see Olive KAY)" PARSONS  September 17, 1909‑(no death date)

Guy xe "WILT:Guy, Jr." WILT Jr. OHIO  Pfc. USMCR  WW II  April 3, 1919‑April 23, 1955

(2)  Martin Luther xe "BAYER:Martin Luther" BAYER  1886‑1968
Mary Paulena xe "BAYER:Mary Paulena, Mrs.?" BAYER  1895‑1955

Floyd W. xe "BAYER:Floyd W." BAYER  April 29, 1918‑December 30, 1962

Claude Martin xe "BAYER:Claude Martin" BAYER  West Virginia Cox USNR  WW II June 1, 1923‑December 30, 1962

Guy Lee xe "FISHER:Guy Lee" FISHER  1908‑1973

(stone - not marked)

(broken stone)
William Sc (o?_ _) xe "BAILEY:William Sc..." BAILEY  1962

KING (plot)
Benjamin Francis xe "KING:Benjamin Francis" KING  1878‑1956

Grace xe "MC KOWN:Grace" MC KOWN xe "KING:Grace, Mrs. (see Grace MC KOWN)" KING  1882‑(no death date)

Milford F. xe "KING:Milford F." KING  1902‑(no death date)

Roena xe "KING:Roena, Mrs. (see Roena ROWLING)" KING,  daughter of Luke and Ellen xe "ROWLING:Roena" xe "ROWLING:Luke" xe "ROWLING:Ellen, Mrs." ROWLING  1900‑1972

(2)  James E. xe "PATTERSON:James E." PATTERSON  1913‑1955
E. Irene xe "PATTERSON:E. Irene, Mrs." PATTERSON  1918‑(no death date)

John Clair xe "PATTERSON:John Clair" PATTERSON  1951‑1955

(Temporary marker)
Vicky Jean xe "PATTERSON:Vicky Jean" PATTERSON  1973‑1973

(3 stones in a row in a plot)
(2)  Glen xe "ADAMS:Glen" ADAMS  1920‑(no death date)
Ruby xe "ADAMS:Ruby, Mrs.?" ADAMS  1923‑(no death date)

Jerry Lee xe "ADAMS:Jerry Lee" ADAMS  May 10, 1940‑August 22, 1951

(to right of Jerry Lee Adams)
Inez xe "WOODFELL:Inez" WOODFELL xe "FLESHER:Inez, Mrs. (see Inez WOODFELL)" FLESHER  1884‑1968

(at back of the plot)
(2)  Orville xe "WOODFELL:Orville" WOODFELL  1903‑(no death date)
May xe "WOODFELL:May, Mrs.?" WOODFELL  1903‑1954

Hazel xe "BANKS:Hazel" BANKS xe "LANIER:Hazel, Mrs. (see Hazel BANKS)" LANIER  1909‑(no death date)

(2)  Gilbert W. xe "FLESHER:Gilbert W." FLESHER  1915‑(no death date)
Naomi xe "FLESHER:Naomi, Mrs.?" FLESHER  1924‑(no death date)

Gilbert Wayne xe "FLESHER:Gilbert Wayne, Jr." FLESHER Jr.  1946 (child death)

KAY (plot)
(2)  Leo xe "KAY:Leo" KAY  1889‑1955
Alice xe "KAY:Alice, Mrs.?" KAY  1892‑1957

(2)  Leo xe "KAY:Leo Clifford" KAY  1914‑1973
Marie Kathrine xe "KAY:Marie Kathrine, Mrs.?" KAY  1916‑(no death date)

Leo Clifford KAY  West Virginia Pvt., US ARMY  WW II August 5, 1914‑October 18, 1973

Albert P. xe "ANTHONY:Albert P." ANTHONY  1880‑1955

SHATTO (plot)
William K. xe "SHATTO:William K." SHATTO  1935‑1950

Baby xe "SHATTO:____" SHATTO  1959‑1959

(Temporary marker)
Virginia L. xe "DAVID:Virginia L." DAVID  1909‑1967

Virginia xe "WOLFE:Virginia" WOLFE  December 28, 1857‑February 4, 1937

HORN (plot)
(2)  Mary Susan xe "HORN:Mary Susan, Mrs." HORN  1847‑1928  Mother
John H. P. xe "HORN:John H.P." HORN  1843‑1929  Father CO. F. 9 WV. VOL. INF. I. WV. VT. VOL. INF 1861‑1865

(2)  Oda xe "HORN:Oda, Mrs.?" HORN  1880‑1935
Walter xe "HORN:Walter" HORN  1875‑1949

Harold Dalton xe "HORN:Harold Dalton" HORN  1910‑1935

Ruth E. SHEPHERD 1922‑1932, daughter of W.H. & G.A. SHEPHERD

Enoch xe "STAATS:Enoch" STAATS  1876‑1957

Allie xe "CARNEY:Allie" CARNEY xe "STAATS:Allie, Mrs. (see Allie CARNEY)" STAATS  1882‑1959

Billie, son of William & Mary xe "STAATS:Billie" xe "STAATS:William" xe "STAATS:Mary, Mrs." STAATS  1924‑1925

(CARNEY side of same stone)
(2)  Rosa xe "WEDGE:Rosa" WEDGE xe "CARNEY:Rosa, Mrs. (see Rosa WEDGE)" CARNEY  1864‑1947
William A. xe "CARNEY:William A." CARNEY  1855‑1947

(below William and Rosa Carney)
Delbert Carney xe "STAATS:Delbert Carney" STAATS  1903‑1966

CASTO (plot)
(3 stones left to right)
Rosetta I. xe "BARR:Rosetta I." BARR, wife of Jeptha M. xe "CASTO:Rosetta I., Mrs. (see Rosetta I. BARR)" CASTO  July 15, 1865‑December 14, 1948

Jeptha Mason xe "CASTO:Jeptha Mason" CASTO  May 31, 1847‑September 18, 1935

Zenda Jane xe "CASTO:Zena Jane" CASTO  August 24, 1893‑February 24, 1945

Baby xe "KIDD:____" KIDD  November 9, 1976

Oscar Albra xe "CRITES:Oscar Albra" CRITES  WEST VIRGINIA  Pvt.,  CO. F  112 ENGINEERS  WW I July 23, 1892‑June 17, 1957

HOOD (plot)
(2) James K. xe "HOOD:James K." HOOD  1863‑1935
Ida xe "GREER:Ida" GREER xe "HOOD:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida GREER)" HOOD  1872‑1936

Clare E. xe "HOOD:Clare E., Mrs.?" HOOD  1896‑1966

(in corner of same plot)
Clyde K. xe "HOOD:Clyde K." HOOD  1892‑1968

WOLFE (plot)
Cleo R. xe "WOLFE:Cleo R., Mrs.?" WOLFE  1888‑1975

Fred D. xe "WOLFE:Fred D." WOLFE  1879‑1957

Edward L. xe "WOLFE:Edward L." WOLFE  1872‑1944  "Uncle Ed"

CASTO (plot)
Otis xe "CASTO:Otis" CASTO  1889‑(no death date)

Esta xe "CASTO:Esta, Mrs.?" CASTO  1888‑1960

Marjorie E. xe "CASTO:Marjorie E." CASTO  January 20, 1870‑August 29, 1964

Ollis G. xe "CASTO:Ollis G." CASTO  1916‑1963

Jeffrey R. xe "KAY:Jeffrey R." KAY  February 22, 1957‑July 29, 1957

Lewis Harrison xe "MILLER:Lewis Harrison" MILLER  November 19, 1890‑July 14, 1956  Father

(2)  Lora F. xe "RILEY:Lora F., Mrs." RILEY  1863‑1958  Mother
Peter M. xe "RILEY:Peter M." RILEY  1853‑1927  Father

Roy Jackson xe "RILEY:Roy Jackson" RILEY  1899‑1964

(2)  Norma May xe "RILEY:Norma May" RILEY  1875‑1939
Robert R. xe "RILEY:____ (m)" xe "RILEY:Robert R." RILEY  1856‑1932

"In Memory of Infant Son 1901"

(2)  Harry xe "RILEY:Harry" RILEY  1895‑1963
Donald R. xe "RILEY:Donald R." RILEY  1944‑1971

Elizabeth xe "KINCAID:Elizabeth" KINCAID xe "MILLER:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth KINCAID)" MILLER  1904‑1974

John William xe "MILLER:John Miller" MILLER  1904‑(no death date)

Naomi P. xe "WESTFALL:Naomi P." WESTFALL  1902‑1967

GALFORD (plot)
(two graves, one marker only)
Marvin J. xe "GALFORD:Marvin J." GALFORD  March 25, 1893‑August 13, 1958

(fresh grave  but no marker)

John Thoburn xe "CHANCEY:John Thoburn" CHANCEY  1895‑1961

Ina xe "RAWLING:Ina" RAWLING xe "CHANCEY" xe "CHANCEY:Ina, Mrs. (see Ina RAWLING)" CHANCEY  1894‑1969

Ebert R. xe "MITCHELL:Ebert R." MITCHELL  December 22, 1918‑December 23, 1966

Audine xe "CHANCEY:Audine" CHANCEY xe "VAN HORN:Audine, Mrs. (see Audine CHANCEY)" VAN HORN  June 28, 1918‑(no death date)

Preston Brooks xe "VAN HORN:Preston Brooks" VAN HORN  June 1, 1901‑October 5, 1974

(2)  Gilbert E. xe "SHARP:Gilbert E." SHARP  February 18, 1889‑February 19, 1960
Frances E. xe "SHARP:Frances E., Mrs.?" SHARP  November 18, 1904‑(no death date)

(2)  James A. xe "SHARP:James A." SHARP  1885‑1973
Ruby Mae xe "SHARP:Ruby Mae, Mrs.?" SHARP  1892‑1960

Lucille S. xe "WALTON:Lucille S., Mrs." WALTON  1916‑(no death date)

John xe "WALTON:John, Jr." WALTON Jr.  1918‑1975

(2)  Corbit C. xe "BOWLING:Corbit C." BOWLING  1920‑1963
Kathleen E. xe "BOWLING:Kathleen E., Mrs.?" BOWLING  1925‑(no death date)

Corbit C. BOWLING  WEST VIRGINIA PFC  US ARMY WW II  BSM April 3, 1920‑March 11, 1963

Minda Belle xe "SMITH:Minda Belle" SMITH  1884‑(no death date)

RAMSEY (plot)
Minnie B. xe "RAMSEY:Minnie B., Mrs.?" RAMSEY  1906‑1964

Denny W. xe "RAMSEY:Denny W." RAMSEY  1909‑(no death date)

William A. xe "RAMSEY:William A." RAMSEY WEST VIRGINIA  SP4 112 Ord. Co.  July 1, 1938‑October 8, 1961

Don R. xe "RAMSEY:Don R." RAMSEY  1944‑1961

Lewis A. xe "RAMSEY:Lewis A." RAMSEY WEST VIRGINIA Pvt  1975 SVC COMD UNIT  WW II  July 26, 1915‑April 21, 1966

Marshall S. xe "RHODES:Marshall S." RHODES WEST VIRGINIA PHM2  USNR  WW II  March 26, 1921‑March 24, 1961

Edward xe "KAMINSKI:Edward" KAMINSKI  PENNSYLVANIA S1  US NAVY  WW II November 4, 1927‑September 11, 1961

(2)  Sylvia G. xe "MC KOWN:Sylvia G., Mrs.?" MC KOWN  1897‑(no death date)
James Rex xe "MC KOWN:James Rex" MC KOWN  1888‑1965

Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jr. xe "GANDEE:____ (m)" GANDEE  1960

Esta E. xe "PATTERSON:Esta E., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1910‑1944

Rex J. xe "PATTERSON:Rex J." PATTERSON  July 5, 1907‑June 16, 1976

(Temporary marker)
Infant xe "PATTERSON:____" PATTERSON  1956

(3)  Anita D. xe "HARPOLD:Anita D." HARPOLD  April 3, 1903‑October 29, 1970
Adele H. xe "WALSH:Adele H., Mrs.?" WALSH February 13, 1906‑(no death date)
James H. xe "WALSH:James H." WALSH  December 20, 1901‑(no death date)

Ronald O. xe "FERGUSON:Ronald O." FERGUSON  WEST VIRGINIA Pfc., US MARINES CORP.  WW II April 12, 1926‑July 16, 1971

Roy B. xe "FERGUSON:Roy B." FERGUSON  1923‑1945 Pfc., 4TH M. MARINE DIVISION

Susan A. xe "PATTERSON:Susan A., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1873‑1961

James S. xe "PATTERSON:James S." PATTERSON  1872‑1946

(2)  Clara L. xe "MORRIS:Clara L., Mrs." MORRIS  March 9, 1845‑May 12, 1935  Mother
Thomas xe "MORRIS:Thomas" MORRIS  April 23, 1832‑March 21, 1925  Father CO. E 3RD W. VA. CAV.

(2)  Mary B. xe "LANDFRIED:Mary B., Mrs.?" LANDFRIED  1872‑1945
James M. xe "LANDFRIED:James M." LANDFRIED  1869‑1950

(2)  Lelia L. xe "GARRETT:Lelia L., Mrs.?" GARRETT  1909‑(no death date)
George L. xe "GARRETT:George L." GARRETT  1918‑1958

Ricky Garrett xe "LANDFRIED:Ricky Garrett" LANDFRIED  March 25, 1952‑November 16, 1973

George L. GARRETT  WEST VIRGINIA Pvt.,  HQ CO 1RTC  WW II April 18, 1919‑December 3, 1958

(Temporary marker)
Gladys xe "WESTFALL:Gladys" WESTFALL  1921‑1972

Nora C. xe "GARRETT:Nora C." GARRETT  1893‑1953

(Temporary marker)
Susie May xe "GARRETT:Susie May" GARRETT  1887‑1966

(2)  Esthel A. xe "CARNEY:Esthel A., Mrs.?" CARNEY  1888‑1968
Frederick J. xe "CARNEY:Frederick J." CARNEY  1888‑1971

(2)  Ella H. xe "LANDFRIED:Ella H." LANDFRIED  1870‑1956
John xe "LANDFRIED:John" LANDFRIED  WEST VIRGINIA SGT 2 CAV. SP  AM  WAR December 6, 1849‑June 23, 1923

(2)  Addie P. xe "HARMON:Addie P., Mrs.?" HARMON  1883‑1975
James W. xe "HARMON:James W." HARMON  1874‑1961

Forna F. xe "HARPOLD:Forna F." HARPOLD  1891‑1964

Mary E. xe "HARPOLD:Mary E." HARPOLD  1915‑1948

(at the bottom of this plot)
Mary xe "RHODES:Mary" RHODES xe "CARNEY:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary RHODES)" CARNEY  1897‑1936  Mother

Rufus H. xe "CARNEY:Rufus" CARNEY  1922‑1943 USN "MEMORY"

Edrienne xe "AYRES:Edrienne" AYRES xe "CARNEY:Edrienne, Mrs. (see Edrienne AYRES)" CARNEY  1856‑1924  Mother

R. H. xe "CARNEY:R.H. (m)" CARNEY  1853‑1936  Father

(The PFOST‑YOUNG family plot stones are flat. There is a bench with PFOST on one side.)
(2)  William Marion xe "PFOST:William Marion" PFOST  1896‑1953
Vaun xe "YOUNG:Vaun (f)" YOUNG xe "PFOST:Vaun, Mrs. (see Vaun YOUNG)" PFOST  1900‑1976

on the back side of the family marker is YOUNG:
(2)  Neva Caroline xe "YOUNG:Neva Caroline, Mrs.?" YOUNG  1878‑1942
Otmer Fleet xe "YOUNG:Otmer Fleet" YOUNG  1872‑1941

HALL (plot)
(2) Bernice M. xe "HALL:Bernice M., Mrs.?" HALL  1923‑(no death date)
James R. xe "HALL:James R." HALL  1916‑1947

(2)  Edna F. xe "HALL:Edna F., Mrs.?" HALL  1893‑1963
Jackson L. xe "HALL:Jackson L." HALL  1889‑1972

(in Hall plot)
Alice xe "LYON:Alice" LYON xe "HALL:Alice, Mrs. (see Alice LYON)" HALL  1859‑1942

Abel Board xe "HALL:Abel Board" HALL  1859‑1938

(There is a stone, which looks like a plot but has no other stones in it.  There is only a bench with PARSONS ‑ about 15 feet away below it oriented the same way. xe "____:Claude A." Claude A.  no last name and no dates)

ONG (plot ‑ Bench with xe "SLAUGHTER:____" SLAUGHTER‑ONG but only two ONG's buried here)

Edith E. xe "MC GREW:Edith E." MC GREW xe "ONG:Edith E., Mrs. (see Edith MC GREW)" ONG  1891‑1971

(about 15 feet away from her is, but in the same line):
Charles Finley xe "ONG:Charles Finley" ONG  1887‑1962

(left to right)
James H. xe "TAYLOR:James H." TAYLOR  1852‑1926

Mary W. xe "TAYLOR:Mary W., Mrs.?" TAYLOR  1858‑1932

J. T. xe "PATTERSON:J.T." PATTERSON  July 15, 1893‑April 4, 1926, age 32 years, 8 months, 20 days

Audell B. xe "PATTERSON:Audell B." PATTERSON  1891‑1942

Dan xe "PATTERSON:Dan" PATTERSON  1915‑1935