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The following was published in "The Archer Quarterly" issues of Fall and Winter 1991 (Vol 9, nos, 3-4) and Spring 1992 (Vol 10, no 1). "The Archer Quarterly" is no longer published. Contact the editor for any further information or to contribute additions or corrections to the material below.



Catholic Church Records In Monroe And Noble Counties, Ohio

Catholic Church History and Development in Monroe and Noble Counties

The Rise of St. Mary's Church at Fulda and Decline of Old St. Michael's Church





Temperanceville, Ohio 1833-1845
Marriages 1835-1845
Baptisms 1833-1845

Miltonsburg, Ohio 1849-1845

Baptisms 1847-1860
Confirmations 1848-1877
Deaths and Burials 1847-1853; 1901-1903
Marriages 1850-1852; 1883-1950

St. Michael's parish in Noble Co.

Baptisms at St John's at Miltonsburg

Index of Confirmations



From: "Pioneers of the Blue Stream Prairie,"
Riley Co. Genealogical Society, Manhattan, KS, p. 358, entry 810:









The material in brackets [ ] were notes supplementing the church material with comments or lineage information as it pertains to James, son of Patrick Archer, of Greene Co., PA. Both father and son came to Greene Co., PA from Frederick Co., PA about 1772. This material was published in "The Archer Quarterly" in 1982.

Contact me for any further information or to contribute additions or corrections to the material below:

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[Comment: My special thanks to William (Bill) F. Archer son of Fred (Michael, Daniel, Simon, Michael, James, Patrick) of Woodsfield, OH who assisted me in gaining access to the church records at Temperanceville and Miltonsburg. Bill also provided background on the dates and locations where these record have been kept. I also drew upon some other materials: William Dimmerling, wrote an excellent history of Old St. Michael's Church, ("Journal Leader," Caldwell, OH, 20 Jun 1991); A history of the Temperanceville and Miltonsburg churches in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of St. John's, ("The Spirit of Democracy," Woodsfield, OH 19 Jul 1991); a rare, limited-edition, privately published church history for information about Fulda and St. Mary's ("Centenary of St. Mary's Church of the Immaculate Conception, 1847-1947," Fulda, OH, 1947.)]



Catholic Church History and Development in Monroe and Noble Counties

A review of these church records reflect the development of the Catholic Church parishes as they evolved from log churches served by circuit-riding priests to brick structures with resident priests. The parish boundaries also seemed to shift as the congregations began to form, usually around a church built by one immigrant nationality such as the Germans and the less numerous Irish. Records were kept by circuit-riding priests at the parish serving the far-flung Catholic communities whose religious groupings were known as Missions. The records were thus kept a considerable distance from where the recorded event took place. As large parishes were divided into smaller ones, the records on the same people would shift to a new location every few years.

Here is a brief description of the parishes and the time periods where Archer Catholic Church records are located.

St. Joseph. Located in Perry Co., OH, St. Joseph's has records covering the period 1817 to 1823. These have not been yet checked, but some have been published in the Barquilla de la Santa Maria, the monthly publication of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, OH, and have been abstracted below.

St. Nicholas. The earliest records dealing with the Catholic Archers of Monroe and Noble counties for the period 1823-1832 are believed to be at St. Nicholas' (now St. John's) Catholic Church in Zanesville. Bill Archer believes that the records for 1823- 1828 are missing. I have not attempted to see these records yet but will do as time and travel permit.

St. Dominic's. St. Dominic's (now St. Mary's) at Temperanceville in Beaver Twp., (now Somerset Twp.) Belmont Co., has the records dating from 1833 although the church building itself is not that old. The church served several missions among which were listed under the Parish location of "Beaver Valley" and included Archer Settlement (later St. Michael's) and Leatherwood Settlement (probably named after the Leatherwood Creek, three and a half miles north of Temperanceville, that flows westward from near Barnesville, emptying into Wills Creek at Cambridge.) The original cemetery and church were located on County Rd. 33 between Temperanceville and Batesville, Beaver Twp, Noble Co., but only a small cemetery with a few stones remain. Henry Howe in his Historical Collections says this church was built about 1825. Among the unmarked graves is believed to be the grave of James Archer, primogenitor of most of the Archers of Noble and Monroe counties.

St. John's and St. Joseph's. Joseph Dorr built the original 53x28 foot log church on his farm 1/2 mile south of Miltonsburg (next to the Miltonsburg Cemetery). It was dedicated to St. Joseph in 1834. It was later torn down and replaced by the present structure north of Miltonsburg ("Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio," Atlas Publ. Co., Mt. Vernon, OH , 1898, p. 217). Some records dating from 1845 until 1860 that pertain to the Archers of Stock Twp, Monroe Co. (later Noble) are now found in St. John's church in Miltonsburg, Malaga Twp, Monroe Co. six miles south of Temperanceville. The new church, north of Miltonsburg, was built on donated land constructed of brick and was completed by July 1842 when a priest from St. Dominic's celebrated the first Mass. From 1845 until 1847, when St. Joseph's mission began, St. John's served the Stock and Enoch Twp areas of now Noble Co. St. Joseph (see the records below) began as a mission of St. John's in 1854 when a frame church was built in Seneca Twp on Chapel Hill to serve the growing German Catholic population of this area. St. Joseph's remained a mission to St. John's until 1883 when the Parish house was built at St. Joseph's, and St. John's became a mission when the pastor moved to St. Joseph.

St. Mary's. Other church records dated after 1847 are at St. Mary's in Enoch Twp, Fulda, Noble Co. I found records on Archers and the German-speaking community of Fulda, including the John Sebastian Hohman family, in the rectory. The records for old St. Michael's, a mission, built by Simon Archer and his brothers in 1841 were kept at St. Mary's in Fulda.




The Rise of St. Mary's Church at Fulda and Decline of Old St. Michael's Church

The development of the permanent churches brought an end to circuit-riding priests, as resident priests could serve their parishioners better. A brief history of St. Michael's in Stock Twp. and St. Mary's in Fulda, Enoch Twp. will illustrate what might be interpreted as competition to see which church could attract a resident priest first. Michael Archer and his brothers are credited with building the first permanent Catholic church west of the Ohio in 1841 when they completed a 30x50 foot brick church on the East Fork of Duck Creek, in Stock Twp., 3 miles west of Carlisle in Noble (then Monroe) County. 

The impetus for such a small group of Catholics to build a permanent structure came from the hardships they had to endure to practice their religion. Simon, Michael's brother, once walked to Pittsburgh for Easter mass. M. B. Archer said that a visiting priest from Wheeling served their needs. By 1828 priests came from St. Nicholas' Church in Zanesville, and later, from St. Dominic's at Temperanceville, reducing the need for the Archers to leave home to attend services.






According to Diocese of Columbus- The History of Fifty Years, 1868-1918, Catholic Record Society, Columbus, OH, p. 526, Father Cramer said Mass in Michael Archer's barn and Bishop Purcell of Cincinnati visited, celebrated Mass and preached. Their religious needs were then met by Rev. C.P. Montgomery who traveled from Zanesville, (The Catholic Telegraph, 23 Jul 1836). The area's Catholic population increased with an influx of German Catholics into Enoch Twp., at Fulda forming a mission known as Immaculate Conception, about six miles from St. Michael's beginning in 1837. Large groups of German Catholics also settled in Elk and parts of Jefferson and Stock townships. By the 1840's two priests based in Temperanceville and Miltonsburg, served seven missions that included St. Michael's and Immaculate Conception. This was still not acceptable to devout parishioners like the Archers, as long distances, poor or no roads at all, weather, poor health or death of priests interfered with regular church services. Furthermore, probably because the priests' visits were irregular or undependable, some of the Irish Catholics had converted to Methodism. Methodist ministers, living in the community rather than commuting, were recruiting new members. Others became inactive or joined the Methodists by marrying outside the Church.

The records below will illustrate these forces at work among the Archers and their neighbors.

After St. Michael's construction was complete in 1841, the Irish Catholic community in Stock Twp, already small, was hard hit by the cholera deaths in 1847, and immigration of new Irish and non-German Catholics did not increase significantly so that by 1857, Bill Dimmerling's review of St. Michael's records shows that only 14 adults attended Easter Communion despite being attended on by a prominent French priest from Temperanceville.

By 1854, Fulda's St. Mary's church had eclipsed St. Michael's in a bid to get a resident priest and for influence and status in the parish. The four German Catholic families, including John Dorr, who arrived in 1831 and formed St. Joseph's parish (above), were the first of a very large wave of German immigration whose prosperous and industrious members created Fulda, Enoch Twp. Some of the newcomers in Fulda, came from the same-named town in Hessen-Nassau, Germany. During the 1840's and 1850's, the community began attracting German-speaking Catholics from Pennsylvania, present-day West Virginia and elsewhere to settle in Enoch Twp. Their church building became the centerpiece of their prosperity and community pride was crowned with the success when Archbishop Purcell himself dedicated the church in 1853. It was replaced in 1874-1875 by the present brick structure of 60x120 feet built on one of the highest hills in the county. The first St. Mary's church, very visible on its high ground, was quite a contrast to the modest St. Michael's nestled in the soft valley formed by the East Fork of Duck Creek. Fulda's civic and ecclesiastical pride reached new heights in 1860, three years after the building was complete, when Father J. W. Bruemmer the first resident pastor, was replaced by a native son of Fulda, Germany, Father Damian Joseph Klueber.

Klueber was hand-picked by Archbishop Purcell and given a virtual kingdom to minister unto. The Fulda Parish now included the missions in Monroe, Washington, and Noble counties, an enormous area for one man to cover on horseback. Five years later, in 1865, Monroe became a separate mission and Fulda was further reduced in 1871 with the removal of the missions at Harriettsville and Fox Settlement. Father Klueber literally killed himself with work, dying from the effects of overexposure after prolonged horseback riding in 1883. St. Michael's in the meantime, remained but one of the many small churches served by the Fulda parish.

In 1900, the congregation of St. Michael's became restive with their 59-year old church and declared the old building unsafe. They decided to build a new church in Carlisle despite objections from those loyal to the Archer builders and founders. The decision to abandon and rebuild so alienated some of the congregation who wanted to remain at the old church that some later defected to other churches in protest. Old St. Michael's was razed, and its bricks were used for the chimneys of the new church in Carlisle, completed in the Spring of 1901. St. Michael's then became attached to St. Henry's parish, Harriettsville, as a mission. 

Just across County Road 43 facing the new St. Michael's church was the Methodist church, whose leader, Rev. Elisha Enochs and his wife, Nancy (James, Patrick), actively recruited three of her brothers to Methodism.

Today (1991) the Methodist Church is in ruins, but its cemetery is full of relatives of the living Catholic parishioners across the road. The Old St. Michael's cemetery that for years was on Albert Archer's (John, Elijah, Michael, James, Patrick) property went untended and fell into disrepair until Stock Township assumed responsibility for its maintenance in 1979 and restored it as a religious and historical monument.








[Source: "Barquilla de la Santa Maria," the monthly publication of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, OH, Vol XIII, No. 8, under the title "Baptisms in the Beaver Valley and Vicinity." My thanks to Bill Archer of Woodsfield, OH (above) for providing this information. I have not seen the original records nor a copy of the "Barquilla," so my comments will be limited. It is very likely that the original records will have additional information, such as the names of the sponsors. Further, I am only reproducing the data from the published church record that pertains to the Archers of Monroe and Noble counties. There is additional data on the other wing of the Archer family, Joseph Archer, the brother of James of Patrick). This data will appear separately in a continuation of the series appearing in The Archer Quarterly, "Patrick Archer and his Descendants" in Vols 1 and 2.] 3 Feb 1820 Hannah Archer, of Jacob and Sarah [I cannot established with certainty, the lineage of Hannah. The only Jacob and Sarah Archer who were a married couple being of either the James (Patrick) or Joseph (Patrick) lines were Jacob (James, Patrick) who married Sarah Grandon 3 Sep 1818 in Guernsey Co., OH. If this child was theirs, she would have been the first or maybe second child. Among Jacob's children by his first wife, there was a Hanna identified by M[artin] B. Archer, ("The Genealogical History of the Archer Family," F.J. Heer, Columbus, OH, 1919, pp. 9, 13, 78) who married James S. Hall and had two children before he remarried Eliza Ball. I have found no records of these two Hall children or of the first marriage. James S. Hall (b. ca. 1818) appears in the U.S. Census for 1860 U.S. Census of Jefferson Twp., Monroe Co. with Elizabeth and several children, the first born in about 1846 but with neither of the two children described by Martin Archer as children by Hanna. James' whereabouts before 1860 are unknown; he did not appear in the 1850 Monroe Co. Census. Thus, I cannot establish with certainty that the Hanna in this baptism was the daughter of Jacob and Sarah who married James Hall although James' birth date and the 1846 birth dates of children by him and his second wife open the possibility that he could have been married earlier and that all children by the earlier marriage died young. There is insufficient data on James before 1860 to establish this.] same Eliseus Archer, of Michael and Rudy [Eliseus seems to be Elijah b. 18 Jun 1819 son of Michael Archer (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Grandon who married Margaret Walker 4 Jun 1839 (see below).] same Robert A. Archer, of Simon and Rudy [Robert A. is probably Robert Absolom, son of Simon Archer (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Enochs, who married Rhoda Sweeney 4 Jun 1839 (see below for additional comment).]






[I am indebted to Catherine Fedorchak who made a partial transcription of the records at Temperanceville and Miltonsburg that included Archers and others in her Monroe Co. Records, Vol 9, p. 84. This is a transcription of all entries of anyone with the surname Archer, with some entries found by Mrs. Fedorchak that I missed, as noted.]

Comments on Notations Used in the Text

The earliest records were written in Latin, and later the entries were in English. I attempted to transcribe the original Latin, but the handwriting was very difficult to read resulting in some misreadings of the original that are noted below. To preserve the accuracy of the original entry, I have listed it first with missing or unreadable letters designated by dots (...). Next, if the original was in Latin, a rough English translation appears in bold letters below it. If some of the Latin text was missing or I could not translate it, the questionable material is set off by dots within parenthesis (....). Words missing, implied or added by me to complete the sense of the phrase are in parenthesis ( ). My comments on the text and the persons named are below the English translation, set aside in brackets [ ]. Most of my comments concern the relationship of the persons mentioned with James Archer, listed as "James (Patrick)," the primogenitor of most of the Archers in the Monroe/Noble County, OH area. James and his origins have been described in Vol 1, Nos. 1-2, and Vol 2, Nos. 1-3 of The Archer Quarterly. My comments are based in large part on the relationships described by M[artin] B. Archer in his "Genealogical History of the Archer Family," F.J. Heer, Columbus, OH, 1919 and from primary and secondary sources, cited throughout.

Genealogy and Family History

These Catholic church records are of special genealogical interest because they are very early baptismal and marriage records before Ohio kept birth and marriage records. They are also of great interest in establishing interaction between the Catholic and Methodist wings of the descendants of James Archer whose daughter Nancy Archer married Elisha Enochs, a Methodist preacher before 1807. According to M. B. Archer's informants, grandchildren of James I [M. B. Archer calls James of Patrick, "James I" to distinguish him from all the other James'], Nancy converted James, Jacob and Joseph (all of James, Patrick) to Methodism while Simon, Michael, and Nathan (all of James, Patrick) remained Catholics. As we will see below, some of the Methodists in this extended family appeared as Godparents at some Catholic baptisms, suggesting that there were close relations between both wings of the family across religious lines or that Methodist conversion of some of them took place later than others. Oral history suggests that the two wings grew farther apart in later generations so that eight to nine generations later neither wing fully knows how they are related to each other.

The church records also illuminate social relationships between immigrant Irish and German Catholic families with the Archers, relationships centering around their church and their neighbors. A cursory comparison of the 1850 U.S. Census for Monroe Co. will show that many of the Archers and their Catholic friends were close neighbors. The Irish and German  immigrants seem to have preferred living near other Catholics. These close religious bonds led to a local legend that the Archers were of German origin because several Archer women married Germans in the Fulda area and learned German; however, this is not supported by research published in earlier issues of "The Archer Quarterly." The Archers were Irish, not German, Catholics.







Temperanceville, Ohio 1833-1845

Marriages 1835-1845

Baptisms 1833-1845                                                         

of persons with an Archer surname connection

(Records at the Rectory, St. Mary's Church, Temperanceville, OH)

"Eaxter pommninous in St. Dominic plu.., Beaver Creek 1843" 1835 - Die 8th Octobr'y matriumonie secund... utrim

Abraham Archer et Marian Simm/Sinn? Sterret Conguisi Letliy? Enoch Archer Johanna Archer Signed P Nied(l?) parochn?y

On 8 Oct 1835 I (performed) the following marriage between Abraham Archer and Marian Simm/Sinn? Sterret

Joined/witnessed? Letliy? Enoch Archer Johanna Archer (Signed) P. Nied(l?) purveyor/host=priest?

[Abraham Archer was the son of Michael (James, Patrick). Enoch and Johanna were Abraham's brother and sister (Hanna md. Henry Carrigan/Kerrigan). Mary remarried to George D. Amix/Amick after Abraham's death and went to Cass Co., NE. In Monroe Co., OH probate records she appears under her second husband's name as Mrs. Mary Amix, but Cass Co., NE death records of one of her children gave her maiden name as "Sterrett." As will be seen later below, all of these Archers died between July and Aug 1847, including their father, Michael of (James, Patrick), probably from a cholera epidemic. See burial records below.]


1836 - Die 12th Junie apnd eulepiam s. dominici in matriuiomiam et securulum Utey S E (D?) C Enoch Archer et Joannana Sulaney textilus Isaac et Joanna Archer. Signatur T. Reid

On 15 Jun 1836 at the house of .... St. Dominic in marriage and ... .... I joined Enoch Archer and Joannana Sulaney (sic) ... Isaac and Joanna Archer. Signed T. Reid.

[Enoch Archer was the son of Michael (James, Patrick). Enoch married Hannah Swaney, being one of several spellings of her last name. The witnesses, Isaac and Joanna cannot be identified with certainty. The only Isaac old enough would be Isaac b. about 1818 son of Simon (James, Patrick). Johanna is probably the same Hanna Archer, daughter of Michael (James, Patrick) mentioned above in the 8 Oct 1835 entry.]


1837- Die 11 Junie in matriumonium conjugei? seculum writus S E D C Jacobum Archer et Rachelum V(L?)erylevy, textibus

Elisha Archer et Anna Archer signatur T. Reid

On 11 Jun 1837 I joined in holy wedlock ....Jacob Archer and Rachel .... (witnesses?) Elisha Archer and Anna Archer. Signed T. Reid.

[Jacob Archer was the son of Michael (James, Patrick). Rachel was Rachel Davis, as this marriage is recorded in Book. A, p. 343 of Morgan Co., OH marriages by James Riell on 12 Jun 1837. Jacob died 1 Jul 1847, probably of cholera with several of his siblings and his father. Elisha cannot be identified with certainty. A possible candidate would be Elisha of Joseph (James, Patrick), but Joseph was a protestant as was his son, Elisha. Anna was probably the daughter of Simon (of James, Patrick).]


1839- Die 4th Junie ego conjuni in matrimonium secularum unti? S.(E.?)(D?)(G?) Rhobertum Archer et Modahum Thovahum? Sweeney; textibux? Jacobo et Julium Archer.

On the 4th of Jun 1839 I joined in holy wedlock ... Robert Archer and (Rhoda?) Sweeney

[This was probably Absolom (Simon, James, Patrick) whose full names was Robert Absolom. I base this conclusion on evidence from other records: A Robert A. Archer, son of Simon and Rudy (Rhoda?) was baptized 3 Feb 1820, at St. Joseph's church, near Somerset, OH as published in Vol XIII, No. 8, Barquilla de la Santa Maria, the monthly publication of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, OH, under the tile "Baptisms in the Beaver Valley and Vicinity." (These early records are probably in Zanesville; they were not at the Parish in Temperanceville.) The baptismal record of Robert Archer and Rhoda Sweeney's child, Isaac, at Mary's Church on 25 Dec 1840 (below) is fairly good circumstantial evidence that Robert's wife had the given name Rhoda, given the 15 month interval between the marriage and Isaac's baptism.

M.B. Archer (p. 16) lists an Absolom, who married Rhoda Sweeney and listed one of his children as Isaac. Therefore, I believe Robert, Robert A. and Absolom to be the same person because there is only one known Rhoda Sweeney who married an Archer within the time period of the 1830's with a son named Isaac.

As for Rhoda's parentage, Mrs. Fedorchak in her above-cited work, page 86 lists a baptism on 4 Jun 1839 of Rhoda, age 16 years, 6 months, daughter of George and Elizabeth Sweeney with sponsors being Abraham and Hannah Archer. This was also the day a Sweeney girl married Robert Archer. The "Modahum" is a probable misreading on my part of "Rhodum/Rhodem or Rhodam."]


Eodeum die conjunxi in matrimonium seculum predictum utium Elijam Archer et Margaritam Walker in(s?)dem textibus Signatur Jacobus Guinlau pastor.

On the same day I joined in holy wedlock Elijah Archer and Margaret Walker. Signed Jacob Ginlau, pastor.

[Elijah Archer son of Michael (James, Patrick) and Margaret Walker. Fedorchak (cited above) notes that she was baptized the same day she was married at age 18 years, 5 months, daughter of James and Nancy Walker with sponsors being William and Hannah Archer, brother and sister of Elijah. I missed this entry in my readings of the baptisms.]


1842 - Die 30th Augusti ego conjuni in matrimonium Gulilum Archer et Saran Hupp (couleerparm) Signatur Charoly D. McCallion

On 30 Aug 1842 I joined in marriage William Archer and Sarah Hupp... Signed Charles D. McCallion

[William Archer son of Michael (James, Patrick). Another son of Michael's who probably died of cholera 17 Jul 1847. (See burial records below).] 25 Dec Merriane/Merriyan et Aue?am Archer. Signatur Philpus Foley


25 Dec 1842 Mary Ann and A... Archer. Signed Philip Foley

[I cannot identify this couple with available data.]

26th Dec 10 gip? Sebastianum Hohman et Mal(b?)ann Archer. Signatur Phillipus Foley


26 Dec 1842 Sebastian Hohman and (Matilda Ann?) Archer. Signed Philip Foley

[This was probably John Sebastian Hohman and Margaret Archer daughter of Michael (James, Patrick); however, my records show an unsourced marriage date of 25 Nov 1844 for this couple. Yet there is a baptism on 25 Sep 1845 of John Michael Hohman whose parents were Sebastian and Mahala Hohman (see baptisms below). According to the church records of St. Mary's church in Fulda where John Sebastian and his family were preeminent among parishioners having contributed heavily to the furbishing of the church, John Michael was the first child, suggesting that the this 26 Dec 1842 marriage date might be right. John Sebastian and Matilda Archer left Noble Co. after John suffered heavy business losses in 1876 and went first to Clay Co., KS and then to Riley Co., KS where they are buried in the Hohman Cemetery. Further research in Riley Co., KS might confirm the marriage date. John Sebastian was allegedly a Col. in the Civil War according to Pioneers of the Blue Stream Prairie, Riley Co., (KS) Genealogical Society, Manhattan, KS, p. 358. "History of Noble Co., Ohio" published by L. H. Watkins, Chicago, 1886 is notably silent about any Civil War participation by John Sebastian Hohman, who would have been of Regimental rank and should have been written up among the other military notables in Chapter 15 of this work. If he served, he might have a Civil War pension file that could clarify his marriage date, presuming his widow made a pension claim after his death.]


1845 - Die 8th Oct Simneum Archer et Sophiam Archer. Signatur P. Foley

8 Oct 1845 Simon Archer and Sophia Archer. Signed P. Foley

[Simon Archer son of Simon (James, Patrick) and Sophia Archer daughter of Nathan (James, Patrick).]







Baptism Book # The following baptized by Rev. Martin Kundig

Date/ Name of Child/ Parents/ Godfather Godmother (Godparents also listed as Sponsors)


1833 - 7 Mar/Enoch Archer (20 an. ant.)/Henry Enocks and Rebecca Morris/M. Delong/Enoch Archer, 20 years before (born 20 years ago?)

[Enoch son of Enoch Archer was the son of Michael (James, Patrick). See marriage above: 12 Jun 1836. Henry Enochs, the godparent, b. 27 Mar 1807, was the son of Nancy Archer (James, Patrick) and Elisha Enochs, the Methodist minister mentioned above. Henry's family connection is rather extended. Henry's father, Elisha, had a brother, Henry (b. c 1770; d. Jan-Mar 1825, eight years before this baptism) who married Rebecca _____, whose daughter, Rhoda md. 15 Sep 1815, Guernsey Co., OH Simon Archer (James, Patrick), brother of Michael whose son, Enoch, was being baptized here. Thus the Henry Enochs and Rebecca Morris above are the uncle and aunt of the Henry Enochs who was the godfather for the baptism and should not be confused with persons of the same name in the next generation married to different persons. There is no record that Henry Enochs ever converted to Catholicism. He married Jane Miller, according to the L. H. Watkins book (p. 440) and M. B. Archer (p. 19). Henry Enochs' presence here probably was an ecumenical gesture to the other wing of the Archer family.

Rebecca Morris was probably Nathan Archer's wife who was not baptized a Catholic until 1838 (below). This interesting pairing of Catholic and Methodist family members suggests strongly that the religious divisions that oral history says appeared in later years did not exist in the firstgeneration of these mixed marriages.]

[Note: The following appeared under the 31 Mar 1833 entry and before the 31 Oct 1834 entry, leaving in doubt which date is correct, but probably 31 Mar 1833.]

Ambrose/ Michael Archer and Rose Grandin/ M. Delong [This is Ambrose, son of Michael (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Grandon. The handwriting in the register looked like "Rose."]

Vincent/ Simon Archer and Rose Enocks/ M. Delong [Vincent of Simon (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Enochs.]

Joseph T./ Nathan Archer and Rebecca Morris/ M. Delong

Sophia/ Nathan Archer and Rebecca Morris/ M. Delong

Henry/ Nathan Archer and Rebecca Morris/ M. Delong

[Joseph T., Sophia and Henry were children of Nathan (James, Patrick) and Rebecca Morris. This is the only known record of a Joseph, son of Nathan. He may have died young.]

William/ David Roe and Marie Miller/ Simon Archer [Neither William Archer nor Maria Miller can be identified with certainty. David Roe was probably David Rowe, a school teacher near Carlisle, Stock Twp, Noble (then Monroe) Co. as described in Watkins, p. 448. Maria Miller might have been his wife, as the 1850 U.S. Census for Stock Twp, Monroe Co. lists David Roe's wife as Mary b. ca. 1802 with a son b. ca. 1832. Simon Archer (James, Patrick) would have been the sponsor.]

Roxb.(?) Washington/ Jacob Archer and Sarah Grandon/ Michael Archer

(?) Washington/ Jacob Archer and Sarah Grandon/ Michael Archer

[These are probably George Washington Archer and Joseph Archer, sons of Jacob (James, Patrick) Archer and Sarah Grandon, Jacob's first wife. Jacob later became a Methodist but possibly after his brothers James and Joseph. There have been no Catholic baptism records or any other Catholic church records found yet naming James' and Joseph's children.]

Rebecca/ David Johns and Mamie Harrison/ J. Delong

[Rebecca's parentage is uncertain, as two sons of James of Patrick, Joseph and Simon, had a daughter named Rebecca. Joseph's daughter was b. ca. 1820 and Simon's daughter, 23 Apr 1824, both rather old to have been baptized in 1833. David Johns and Mamie Harrison cannot be identified from available data. Rebecca may have been their child and not surnamed Archer. J. Delong was probably the priest.]

Joshua/ Alexander Tolson and Eleanora Brown/ J. Delong

[Joshua cannot be identified; this given name is quite unusual in that it does not appear for any child until 1972 into the 10th generation of James' descendants. Nor can Alexander Tolson or Eleanora Brown be identified. Again, this may be my misreading of a Tolson, not Archer, baptism.]

1834 - 31 Oct - Baptisms performed by Rev. T.G. Alleman

Elizabeth daughter of Simon Archer and Rhoda Enochs/ Nathaniel E. Archer

Thomam/ Nathan Archer and Rebecca Morris/ M. Delong/ Simon Archer

[Elizabeth of Simon (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Enochs. Nathaniel E. Archer was probably Nathan (James, Patrick) whose son Thomas was baptized the same day.]

Annaniam/ Micklis Archer and Rhoda Grandon/ David Roe

[This is Ananias, son of Michael (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Grandon. David Roe was the sponsor.]

1835 - 10 Dec -

Rhodem Annam filliam Simeami Archer, Jun et Maria Anna Hupp/ conjugis sua patrinus Mick. Archer et Rhoda Grandon (alias Archer) baptisum J. Reid eadem Jacobum Euriam filiam Sim. Sen. et Rhody Enock (alias Archer) sua spouse patrimus. Mick. Archer et Maria Anna Sterrit (alias Archer) baptisami by J. Reid

Rhoda Ann daughter of Simon Archer, Jr. and Mary Ann Hupp joined by her sponsor Michael Archer and Rhoda Grandon (also known as Archer) I. J. Reid.

also I baptized Jacob ... son of Simon, Sr. and Rhoda Enochs (also known as Archer) joined by his sponsor Michael Archer and Mary Ann Sterrit (also known as Archer) J. Reid.

[Rhoda Ann was the daughter of Simon Archer of Michael (James, Patrick), and Mary Ann Hupp who were the sponsors. Jacob, son of Simon Archer (James I), and Rhoda Enochs, was christened with Michael Archer and Mary Ann Sterrit as sponsors. Michael was probably Michael (James, Patrick) because the only other Michael's known to be Catholic would have been Michael b. 1809 son of Joseph (James, Patrick), Michael b. ca. 1822 son of Jacob (James, Patrick) and Michael, d. 18 Jul 1847, son of Michael (James, Patrick), and Michael (James, Patrick) himself. Of the four Michael's, Michael (James, Patrick) seems to be the most reasonable candidate. The Mary Sterritt is the same who married Michael (James, Patrick)'s son, Abraham, two months earlier 8 Oct 1835 (above).]

1836 - 1 Jan Marian et Annam (Julim) filias David Roe et Sevantit(l?)us Archer et Maria Sterrit (alias Archer) baptisami J. Reid

Mary Ann and Anna (Julie?) daughters of David Roe and .... Michael Archer and Mary Sterrit (also known as Archer) baptized J. Reid.

[Michael Archer (James, Patrick) and his daughter-in-law ( Mary Sterritt, wife of Abraham Archer) are reciprocating David Roe's sponsorship of Michael's son on 31 Oct 1834, above.] 

1836 - 12 Nov

Elizabetham filiam Enoch Archer et Hanna Sweeny conjugus atrimis Abraham Archer et Hanna Archer baptisami J. Reid

Elizabeth, daughter of Enoch Archer and Hanna Sweeney, joined by Godparents Abraham Archer and Hannah Archer, I baptized. J. Reid

[Abraham and Hannah were probably Enoch's brother and sister, children of Michael (James, Patrick).]

1837 - 30 May Henetem filiam David Roe et sua sponsa patrimis Simone Archer (Michaele) et Rhode Archer (alias Enocks) baptisam eodem Danielem filiam Simonis Archer (Michaelis) et suas sponsae patrimis David Roe et Hanna Archer baptisam J. Reid

Henry or Enoch? son of David Roe and his godparents Simon Archer (of Michael) and Rhoda Archer (also known as Enochs) I baptized also Daniel son of Simon Archer (of Michael) and his godparents David Roe and Hannah Archer. I baptized. J. Reid.

[David Roe and probably Hannah Archer daughter of Michael (James,Patrick) were godparents for Simon Archer (of Michael, James, Patrick) and Mary Ann Hupp. Simon and Rhoda Enochs, wife of Simon (James, Patrick) were godparents for David Roe's child.]

1838 - 1 Jan Annan Sophiam filiam Enoch Archer et Hannah Sweeney patrimis Archer et Maria Sterrit lynn conjujibus baptisam J. Reid

Anna Sophia daughter of Enoch Archer and Hannah Sweeney- godparents Abraham Archer and Maria Sterrit, husband and wife, - I baptized. J. Reid.

[Anna Sophia was daughter of Enoch Archer of Michael (James, Patrick) and Hannah Sweeney. Abraham Archer, Enoch's brother, and his wife Mary Sterrit were godparents.]

1838 - 23 Jan Elizabetham filiam Nathanielis Archer et Rebecca Morris conjugum patrimis Abra.m Archer et Cynthia Archer baptisam J. Reid

Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Archer and Rebecca Morris joined by godparents Abraham Archer and Cynthia Archer. I baptized. J. Reid.

[Elizabeth was the daughter of Nathan Archer (James, Patrick) and Rebecca Archer. The godparents were Abraham and Cynthia, children of Simon (James, Patrick).

Rebeccam sponsam ejusd? Nathanielis Archer (Nathan) natam 40 annos conversam baptisam

Rebecca, fiancee of Nathaniel Archer (Nathan) born 40 years prior to baptism.

[This Rebecca was Rebecca Morris, Nathan's wife, who died Sep 1849, age 48 according to the 1850 Mortality Schedule, making her birth about 1802.]

(Note: the entries after this date were in English; sponsors are separated by a symbol that looks like two "//"'s)


1838 - 5 Dec

I baptized May daughter to Jacob Archer and Rikeal (Rachael?) Davis // Abraham Archer and Hanna Archer by James Quinlan

[May is the daughter of Jacob of Michael (James, Patrick) and Rachel Davis who were married in a civil ceremony on 12 Jun 1837, Morgan Co., OH (Vol A, p. 343). This child does not appear in any other records on this family and either died early or "May" is a middle or first name for Alice ("Ally") b. ca. 1839, according to the 1850 US Census for Noble Twp, Morgan Co., OH and probate records on Jacob's estate citing his death as 1 Jul 1847. Abraham and Hannah were probably Jacob's brother and sister, children of Michael (James, Patrick).]


1839 - 1 Apr

On the 7th day of April 1839, I baptized chme? aged 4 months, daughter to Simon Archer and Mary Ann Hupp // Peter Mulbine and Hanna Archer by James Quinlan

[This is probably Nancy aged 11 in the 1850 US Census for Union Twp, Monroe Co in the household of Simon Archer of Michael (James, Patrick) and Mary Ann Hupp. Peter Mulbine cannot be identified. Hanna was probably Hannah of Michael (James, Patrick).]


1839 - 2 Jun

I baptized Elizabeth aged 6 (word hidden by binding) daughter to Abraham Archer and Mary Sterett (sic) // William and Hanna Archer - James Quinlin

[Elizabeth daughter of Abraham of Michael (James, Patrick). William and Hanna Archer were Abraham's siblings.]


1839 - 1 Aug

I baptized Samuel aged 6 weeks son to Simon Archer and Catherine Looney // James Quinlin and Hanna Archer

[Samuel, son of Simon (Michael, James, Patrick) but Catherine Looney listed as if she were the mother is not supported by any known record of a second marriage for Simon. Simon's wife, Rhoda Enochs died 22 Apr 1878 aged 72 years, 10 days and is buried with her husband in Old St. Michael's cemetery in Noble Co. Catherine Looney was not a known child or wife of Simon's. James Quinlin appears to be the priest, and Hanna Archer is probably daughter of Michael (James, Patrick).]

[Note: Entries are now in Latin]


1839 - 12 Dec

Januri ego baptisum Rhodam filiam Henach et Hana Swaney (sic) uneryles?sponsors fuer?und Abraham Archer et Maria Linn Starett (sic) - W. Murphey

In January I baptized Rhoda daughter of Enoch [Archer] and Hanna Sweeney. Godparents were Abraham Archer and Mary Linn Starett - W. Murphey.

[Enoch was the son of Michael (James, Patrick) who married Hannah Swaney 12 Jun 1836 (above), and Abraham and wife Mary Sterrett (sic-this seems to be the correct spelling) were Enoch's brother and sister-in-law.]


1840 - 26 Julie 

ego baptisum Martium filiam Eliseei Archer et Margaret.. Walker lusciphrunt? lebaslinas Henran et Hana Archer

I baptized Martin son of Elijah Archer and Margaret...Walker. (Sponsors?) Enoch and Hannah Archer.

[Elijah Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) and Margaret Walker married 4 Jun 1839 (above). Enoch Archer was Elijah's brother and Hannah was Enoch's wife, Hannah Sweeney.]


1840 - 25 Dec

baptisum Isaac filiam Roberti E(?). Archer et Rodam Livlny(?) uxor agus dalrinus Michael Archer et Roda Archer - William Murphy

I baptized Isaac son of Robert E(?). Archer and Rhoda (Sweeney) wife ... Michael Archer and Rhoda Archer- William Murphy.

[Robert Archer was probably, Robert Absalom, better known as Absalom, the son of Simon (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Grandon who married a Sweeney 4 Jun 1839. See the comments (above).]


1841- 25 Apr

ego baptisum Abraham filiam Linonus Archer et Maria Annam Hupp uxoresus suaceptor? Maria Archer - William Murphy

I baptized Abraham son of Linus (Simon?) and Mary Ann Hupp spouses? ...(sponsors?) Mary Archer - William Murphy.

[Linonus is probably my misreading for Simonis, as Mary Ann Hupp was wife of Simon (Michael, James, Patrick). Mary Archer might have been wife of Abraham, Simon's brother.]


1842 - 6 Maii

baptisum Martham filiam Enoch et Hanna Archer luseepermit Guillielmus et Hanna Archer

I baptized Martha daughter of Enoch and Hanna Archer (sponsors?) William and Hannah Archer.

[Enoch Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) and Hannah Swaney were the parents. William and Hannah were probably Enoch's siblings.]

[Note: I have omitted Latin for sponsors, as the entries from here on followed a regular pattern of the child baptized, names of parents, and name of sponsors.]

1842 - 28 Aug

baptisum Adaline filiam Absalom et Rhoda Archer, sponsores Sebastian Hohman et Rebecca Archer eadum die Georgium filiam Isaac et Cynthia Archer, sponsors Abraham Archer, Annam Jane filiam Elija et Margaretta Archer, sponsores Hanna Archer

I baptized Adaline daughter of Absalom and Rhoda Archer. Sponsors Sebastian Hohman and Rebecca Archer. on the same day George son of Isaac and Cynthia Archer. Sponsor Abraham Archer. Anna Jane daughter of Elijah Archer and Margaret Archer. Sponsor Hannah Archer.

[Absalom was the son of Michael (James, Patrick), and his wife Rhoda Sweeney/Swaney was the daughter of George and Elizabeth Swaney, according to the Watkins, (p. 449). Sebastian Hohman was probably John Sebastian Hohman who married Matilda Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) (above) and Rebecca was probably Absalom's sister. Isaac was son of Simon (James, Patrick) and his wife, Cynthia, was the daughter of James (James, Patrick). Abraham Archer, the sponsor, was son of Michael (James, Patrick). Elijah Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) and Margaret Walker were the parents of Anna Jane. Hanna was probably Elijah's sister. The baptized child Anna Jane may be the Nancy Jane age 8 in the 1850 U.S. Census for Stock Twp, Monroe Co. in Elijah and Margaret's household. There are no other records yet found on another child of the same age.]


[Note: Baptisms by C.D. McCaliam, until 27 Jan 1845]


1843 - 2 Jan

Caolum fil Jacobi et Lara Delong, spons. Johannes et Rosanne A. Gallagher .... son of Jacob and Laura Delong. Sponsors John and Rosann A. Gallagher.

[These names are not identified as anyone connected with the Noble/Monroe Co. Archers, possibly a misread Archer record.] 


1843 - 6 Jan

Elijam filiam Jacobi et Rachaelis Archer, sponsors Simon et Matilda Archer Elijah son of Jacob and Rachel Archer. Sponsors Simon and Matilda Archer.

[Jacob (Michael, James, Patrick) and his wife Rachel Davis were the parents of Elijah. Simon and Matilda were probably Jacob's siblings.]


1843 - 23 Apr

Mariam filiam Simonis et Rhoda Archer, sponsores Maria Shockling, Leonardus Shepnar Mary daughter of Simon and Rhoda Archer. Sponsors Mary Shockling, Leonard Shepnar.

[The parents were Simon Archer (James, Patrick) and Rhoda Enochs. The sponsors cannot be identified.]


1843 - 28 May

Harriet filiam (Joannis) et Maria Stretchberry, sponsores Abraham Archer et Rosanna Cullem (Josat) Harriet daughter of (John) and Mary Stretchberry. Sponsors Abraham Archer and Rose Ann Cullum (of Joseph?)

[John and Mary Stottsberry are buried in the Old St. Michael's Catholic Church cemetery (Noble County Cemeteries, by Nola Eynon, Cambridge, OH, 1965): John Stottsberry 1800 (xerox copy blurred)-1862; Mary Stottsberry 1803-1889. Harriet was the daughter of John and Mary Stottsberry (Strechbury - aged 10 in the 1850 US Census for Union Twp, Monroe Co) who married Abraham Archer (Simon, Michael, James, Patrick) 10 Sep 1867.

Abraham, her husband, was baptized 25 Apr 1841 (above). By 1880 (US Census) Harriet and Abraham moved to Steele Dist., Wood Co., WV, and both died in Rockport, Wood Co., WV, according to Jackson Co., WV death records. The death records show Abraham's age at death, 28 Aug 1926, age 84 years 6 months, 9 days, b. Ohio, son of Simon, widower-(sic). Harriet d. 30 Jul 1928, age 74 years (sic), 4 months, 12 days, widow, daughter of John Stottsberry and Mary Cullin. If the death dates and/or age at death are correct, and they often are not, there is an almost 10 year difference when compared with Harriet's age as given in the 1850 census and her baptism date. The preponderance of evidence suggests her birth was between 1840 and 1843 rather than 1854 given by the death record. Moreover, the 1880 Wood Co., Steele Dist. census lists Abraham age 40 and Harriet age 37, further supporting the baptismal and census records rather than the death data. It is not clear why they appear in Jackson Co. WV death records, as they died and were buried (Limestone Cemetery) in Wood Co. unless it was because at least three of their children, John William, Hattie and Simon Ellsworth lived in Jackson Co. and may have provided the information to Jackson Co., WV officials. I have not seen the Wood Co. death records for the same period. The sponsors were Abraham Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) and Rose Ann Cullin, probably a relative (sister?) of Mary Cullin, Harriet's mother.]


1845 - 26 Jan

Aaron filiam Abraham (sic) Archer et Rhoda Sweny, sponsores Henricus Kerrigan et Hanna Archer

Aaron son of Abraham Archer and Rhoda Sweeney. Sponsors Henry Kerrigan and Hannah Archer.

[I can find no record of an Abraham married to a Rhoda Sweeney during this time period. This is the same couple who married on 4 Jun 1839 (above). Either I or the priest made an error in transcribing the record. Rather,this record seems to pertain to Absolom (Simon, James, Patrick) who married Rhoda Sweeney. Henry Kerrigan was the husband of Hanna Archer (Michael, James, Patrick), both buried in the Old St. Michael's Cemetery in Noble Co.]


1845 - 27 Jan

Mariam Jane filiam Isaac Archer et Cynthia Archer; sponsors Abraham et Rhoda Archer - P. Foley

Mary Jane daughter of Isaac Archer and Cynthia Archer; sponsors Abraham and Rhoda Archer - P. Foley

[Isaac Archer (Simon, James, Patrick) and Cynthia Archer (James, James, Patrick) were the parents, and the sponsors were probably children of Michael (James I).]


1845 - 25 May

Patricum filiam Imory (sic) Archer et Maria Hupp; sponsors Petrus Mulsine (Ualsine?) et Anna Pollax - P. Foley

Patrick son of Simon Archer and Mary Hupp; sponsors Peter Mulsine (Molson?) and Anna Pollock

[M. B. Archer listed Patrick as a son of Simon (Michael, James, Patrick), (pp. 14, 47); the 1850 US census Union Twp, Monroe Co. listed Patrick age 5, in Simon's household. The sponsors are not identifiable, but the surnames were common to the Monroe/Noble Co. area.]


1845 - 25 Sep

Joannam Michaelum filam Sebastian Hohman et Mahala Archer; sponsors Joannes Hohman et Margretta W/Mcent? - P. Foley

John Michael son of Sebastian Hohman and Mahala Archer; sponsors John Hohman and Margaret ... - P. Foley

[John Sebastian Hohman married Matilda Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) 26 Dec 1842 (above). The sponsors were probably John's parents.]


1845 - 19 Nov

Rodiam Mariam filiam Henricie Karry (sic) et Hanna Archer; sponsors Julianus? Kerrigan et Catharina Carr - P. Foley

Rhoda Mary daughter of Henry Kerrigan and Hanna Archer; sponsors Julian Kerrigan and Catharine Carr - P. Foley.

[Henry and Hannah Kerrigan are buried in the Old St. Michael's Cemetery according to readings by Nola Eynon. I looked for the stones in September 1979 and was unable to find them. At the time many stones were down, and the stone was probably buried. This historic cemetery is now under the care of the trustees of Stock Twp, and the stones have been uprighted and fenced. I have not rechecked it since it was rehabilitated in 1990. From Nola Eynon's readings in her 1962 "Cemeteries of Noble Co., OH": Henry Kerrigan, 38 years; Hannah d. 1847. Henry Kerrigan of Carlisle made a will (Noble Co., Will Book I, p. 17) dated 23 Aug 1852 and proved 15 Oct 1853. He named Charles Kerrigan, his brother and left the house and bedding to him but mentioned no wife or children. Witnesses: Eleven and Daniel Yoho.]









Miltonsburg, Ohio 1849-1845

Baptisms 1847-1860

Confirmations 1848-1877

Deaths and Burials 1847-1853; 1901-1903

Marriages 1850-1852; 1883-1950 of persons with an Archer surname connection

(Records located at the Rectory, St. John's Church, Miltonsburg, OH)

[Special thanks to Father Soprono, the pastor of St John's Church for allowing me to transcribe these Parish records.]


Index Captizatorum pro R.L. Erolesia A.D. K. Toannem et St. Josephum in Diocese Cincernnatenisi


Capitualtion Index by R.L. Erol A.D. K. Toannem and St. Joseph in the Cincinnati Diocese Malaga, T. L. Monroe Co., Ohio Indi Ab Anno D. 1847

Since the year of our Lord 1847

Praecedit statistica congregationas A.D. 1849

Before congregation (i.e. church) statistics 1849

[The title page above says that the volume covers the period between 1847 and 1849 implying that church records were kept only before 1849.]

[Format of the following records:

Day/Month Baptized/Infant's name/ Parents/ Names of Sponsors/ Name of Pastor/ Date Born

Note: T. C. Kramer, the priest, did not list the mother's maiden name in these records, but he did list both the birth and baptismal dates.]

4 Apr 1847

Andrew Jacob, son of Simon and Maria Anna Archer (nee Hupp); John Heil and Rhode Archer; T.C. Kramer; b. 11 Feb

[Andrew Jacob may have died early, as there is an unnamed infant buried in Old St. Michael's cemetery, son of "S & M." The parents were probably Simon Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) and Mary Ann Hupp. John Heil (Hill) is probably the John B. Hill mention in Watkins (pp. 569, 575). Rhoda was probably Rhoda Grandon, wife of Michael (James, Patrick).]


16 May 1847

"Othiliam", child of "Giulhelm (William?) et Sarae Archer"; sponsors Sebastian and Othe; b. 5 Jan

["Othiliam" is a Latin rendition of Matilda. This is Matilda Archer, daughter of William Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) and Sarah Hupp. Matilda's birth date may be 5 Jan 1847 or 3 May 1847, as the baptism date varies with civil court records. After William's death on 17 Jul 1847, the Noble Co. OH Settlement Record, Vol 2 p. 7 listed Matilda Archer, age 5 years as of 3 May 1852, orphan child of William, deceased. Also, the Noble Co. Guardian Docket 1852-1904, p. 172 listed Matilda aged 12 on 3 May 1859. The church baptism and civil records are quite close suggesting that she was baptized about three days after she was born, which was done if children were in poor health and might die unbaptized. Matilda last appears in the 1860 U.S. Census with her brother Edward in the household of her guardian, Richard Poling, but they are listed without the Archer surname, appearing to be relatives of Richard Poling. (Further search for these children might be undertaken under the surname of Poling, as children adopted by others, even grandparents, adopted the guardian's surname without any legal proceedings.) The sponsors were probably John Sebastian Hohman, who was William's administrator, and John Sebastian's wife, Matilda. In further support that Othiliam was really named Matilda, John Sebastian's wife was called "Othilda" in church records and in the local history (Watkins, p. 239), suggesting that William's daughter may have been named for her aunt.]


29 Aug 1847

"Agneten Annan, fillium Absolonis et Eleonrae"; sponsors Georgius Schmidt; T .C. Kramer; b. 10 Jul

Agnes Ann, daughter of Absolom and Eleanor; sponsors George Schmidt; T. C. Kramer; b. 10 Jul

[Neither a couple named Absolom and Eleanor nor a child Agnes Ann could be identified from available records.]


30 Sep 1847

"Ludovica, fl" of Simon and Sophia Archer; sponsors "Georgius Sch(m)idt"; T .C. Kramer; b. 11 Apr

[I have found no records in the U.S. Census or other sources of a child younger than Cornelius born to Simon Archer (Simon, James, Patrick) and Sophia Archer (Nathan, James, Patrick). Presumably the child died young. George W. Smith, 43, shoemaker, born Germany was living next door to Simon and Sophia in the 1850 U.S. Census for Stock Twp, Monroe Co.]


30 Sep 1847

"Henricum, fl" of Isaac and Hia.yntkes(?), sponsor Rhode Archer; T. C. Kramer; b. 14 Aug 1846

[Henry, son of Isaac (Simon, James, Patrick) and Cynthia or Cyntha Archer (James, James, Patrick). The sponsor was probably Rhoda Enochs, wife of Simon (James, Patrick).]


30 Jan 1848

Melinda Walker "acatholicam anno circa 21 natum"; sponsors Johannes Kress et Maria Acher (sic); T.C. Kramer; (no birth date given)

Melinda Walker excommunicated about the 21st year since birth; sponsors John Kress and Mary A[r]cher; T.C. Kramer.

[The Kress' were a Prussian family that settled in Fulda, Enoch Twp. Melinda Walker (age 24 in the 1850 U.S. Census) was the wife of John Lanam whose child Jacob was sponsored for baptism by Vincent Archer and Margaret McGovern on 4 Dec 1852 (below).]


23 Apr 1848

"Rhoden, fl" of Jacob and Rachel Archer; sponsors Maria Archer; T. C. Kramer; b. 27 Dec 1847

[Rhoda, daughter of Jacob (Michael, James, Patrick) and Rachel Davis; the sponsor may have been Mary Ann Hupp, wife of Simon (Michael, James, Patrick).]


23 Apr 1848

Robert, son of "Elisaei et Jeanna (Teanna?) Archer"; sponsors Othilia Hohman and Simon Archer; T. C. Kramer; 18 Feb n.a. [meaning, "same year"]

[Robert is listed by M. B. Archer (p. 13) as the son of Elijah and a Miss Walker. Elijah and Margaret Walker were married 4 Jun 1839 (above). Her tombstone in Old St. Michael's cemetery gives her middle initial as J., so it may have been Jean. The sponsors were "Oltilda" a nickname for Matilda Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) who married John Sebastian Hohman (Watkins, p. 239). Simon, the other sponsor could have been Simon (Michael, James I) or Simon (Simon, James, Patrick) but probably the former, being Matilda's brother.]


21 May 1848

Margaret, daughter of John and Maria Fudgeberry (nee Collan); sponsors Sebastian Hohman and Maria Archer; T.C. Kramer; b. 15 Aug 1847

[John Sebastian Hohman and perhaps Mary Ann Hupp, wife of Simon (James, Patrick) were sponsors.]


5 Aug 1848

Johanne, son of Thomas and Anna Maria Burkhart (nee Marcher- Sic); sponsors Joannes Burkhart and Eva Spengler; T. C. Kramer; b. 3 h.

["h." or ditto in German; the entry immediately preceding is Nov 1847. It seems more likely that "ditto" means the same month as the baptism making the child 2 days old when baptized.

The 1850 U.S. Census for Seneca Twp, Monroe Co. lists Thomas Burkhart 35, Mary 25, both born Germany and children Magdalena 5, Sebastian 4 and John 2, all born Ohio, raising a serious question that Ann Mary or Mary was an Archer.]


24 Aug 1848

Maria, daughter of Johannis McCarthey and Anna Enocks; sponsors Rhoda Archer; T.C. Kramer; b.

[A comment accompanying this entry says that Johann was "batix cin.inat," meaning "born in Cincinnati"? John McCarthey and Ann Enochs were neighbors of Simon and Rhoda (Enochs) Archer. John and his wife, Nancy, and a daughter, Mary age 4, were listed in the Stock Twp, Monroe Co 1850 U.S. Census at household 55/55 and Simon and Rhoda were at household 53/53. The Archers were again sponsors for the McCarthey's son, Hiram (below) on 25 Aug 1849 and 10 Feb 1852.]


8 Oct 1848

Joseph, son of Sebastian and Othilia Hohman (nee Archer); sponsors Joseph and Barbara Hohman; T.C. Kramer; b. 5 Jun

[The parents were John Sebastian Hohman and Matilda Archer (Michael, James, Patrick), referred to here as "Othilia." The sponsors were probably John Sebastian's brother Joseph and his wife Barbara.]


8 Oct 1848

Sebastian son of "Corendem"; sponsors Sebastian and Anna Margaret Hohman; T. C. Kramer; b. 3 Jun 1848

[It is unclear from the entry who were Sebastian's parents, Archers or Hohmans. Because Sebastian and Othilia were previously listed as the parents, they may also be Sebastian's parents. As both baptisms took place the same day, there is probably a Hohman family connection. But there are no identifiable Sebastian Archer's with a parent whose given name in Latin resembles "Corendem." The only distant possibility among eligible Catholic families is Sebastian N. Archer (Elijah, Michael, James, Patrick) born 16 Jun 1844 (Obituary, Spirit of Democracy, 14 Sep 1922). The St. Mary's church records lists all the births of John Sebastian and Matilda Hohman's children. The only possible candidate in the St. Mary's list was Joseph Hohman born 5 Oct 1848, but the parish register did not provide Joseph with middle name or a baptism date, and the Sebastian above was born 3 Jun, not 5 Oct, ruling out John Sebastian and Matilda as parents. As for sponsors, they were probably John Sebastian; the woman might have been John Sebastian's mother, Margaret.]


25 Feb 1849

"Cornelium", son of Simon Archer and (not given); sponsors Philip and Eva Schneider; T.C. Kramer; b. 16 Dec 1848

[Cornelius, son of Simon Archer (Simon, James, Patrick) and Sophia Archer (Nathan, James, Patrick). The sponsors were a married couple, Philip and Eve Snider, both born in Germany living not far from Simon and Sophia in Stock Twp in the 1850 U.S. Census.] 


1 Apr 1849 

Michael, son of Simon and Maria Anna Archer; sponsors Nicholas and Catherine Kuhlmann; T. C. Kramer; b. 21 Feb 1849

[Michael son of Simon (Michael, James, Patrick) and Mary Ann Hupp. The sponsors were listed in the U.. S. Census 1850 Stock Twp, Monroe Co., household 72/72, as Nicholas and Catherine Coleman, both born Germany.

The church records are a more accurate spelling of the original German, and the census record is an American phonetic version.]


10 Jun 1849

"Elisaium, fl" of Jacob and Melina Lanam; sponsors Simon Archer; T. C. Kramer; b. 29 Jan 1849

[Jacob and Melina Lanam and their son, Elijah age 1, are listed as household 73/73 in the U.S. Census 1850, Stock Twp while Simon (Simon, James, Patrick) is listed as household 81/81] 


25 Aug 1849

"Hieronymun, fl" of Joannis McCarthy and Anna Enochs; sponsors Simon Archer; T. C. Kramer; b. 6 May 1849

[Simon (James, Patrick) was a neighbor of John and Nancy Enochs. See 24 Aug 1848 above for Simon's wife Rhoda being a sponsor for Mary McCarthey as well as for Henry, age 1, listed in John McCarty's household, 1850 Stock Twp, Monroe Co.]


18 Nov 1849

"Rhodem, fl Elisaei et Margaretae"; sponsors Jacob and Malinda Lanam; T. C. Kramer; b. Mar? (Mass) 1849

[Rhoda, daughter of Elijah Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) and Margaret Walker. The sponsors were nearby neighbors in Stock Twp, Monroe Co. as listed in the 1850 Census Jacob and Malinda Lanam household 73/73 and Elijah and Margaret at household 64/64.]

[Comment: Beginning in December 1849, the term "legitimate son or daughter" is written in for each entry.]


1 Dec 1849

"Silvanum", son of Simon Archer and Elisabes Deloger, "legitima.r"; sponsors Georgius Schmidt; T.C. Kramer; b. 24 Jun 1847

[Sylvanus, son of Simon (Nathan, James, Patrick) and Elizabeth Deloger (DeLozier and perhaps abbreviated later to Leasure). Legal. The sponsor seems to be the same George W. Smith, who sponsored the baptism of Simon's sister on 30 Sep 1847 (above).]


"baptisa.i Marsilium, fillium legit. corrundem;" sponsors Georgius Schmidt; T. C. Kramer; b. 15 Nov 1848

I baptized Marcelus, legal offspring; sponsor George Smith.

[Because both Sylvanus and Marcelus were baptized the same day, T. C. Kramer did not bother to list the parents for Marcelus. Other sources, including M. B. Archer, listed both children as offspring of Simon and Elizabeth (DeLosier) Archer.]


12 May 1850

"Simonen" legitimum son of Matthae et Rhodes Archer; sponsors Rhode Archer; T.C. Kramer; b. Aug 1848

12 May 1850

Isabella M. filliam ligitimum corrundem. [Parents not given, presumed to be Matthae and Rhodes Archer]; sponsor Rhode Archer; b. Nov 1846

[Simon and Isabelle were children of Matthew Archer (Jacob, James, Patrick) and Rhoda Archer (Simon, James, Patrick). As mentioned above, Jacob (James, Patrick) was later a Methodist, and because these children were baptized as Catholics so much later than their Grandfather's Protestant conversion, it raises questions about the religious preference of this couple that represents both the Protestant and Catholic wings of the Archers in Noble Co. I will speculate that Rhoda may have had a strong influence in this baptism with Matthew himself not raising objections or perhaps Matthew remained a Catholic despite his father's change of religion. Church or burial records in Washington, Co., OH where this couple settled in Independence Twp. by 1870 may answer these questions. Rhoda's mother, Rhoda Enochs was probably the sponsor for both baptisms.]


5 Sep 1850 Carolum filliam leg. Simon et Sophia; sponsores Carolum Karrag.n et Rosa Archer;

[Henry legitimate child of Simon (Simon, James, Patrick) and Sophia (Nathan, James, Patrick); sponsors Henry Kerrigan and Rosa (Rhoda?) Archer, being Simon's mother, Rhoda Enochs. Henry Kerrigan was married to Hannah Archer (Michael, James, Patrick), but she died by 1847.]


22 Sep 1850

Rebecca filliam leg. Isaac et Hyacythe Archer; sponsors Rhode Archer; b. 4 Aug.

[Rebecca, legitimate daughter of Isaac (Simon, James, Patrick). The sponsor was probably his mother, Rhoda Enochs, wife of Simon Archer (James, Patrick). Rebecca died 20 Nov 1863 and is buried in Old St. Michael's cemetery, Noble Co..]


10 Feb 1852

Benjamin son of Joannis McCarthy and Anna Archer; sponsor Simon Archer; b. 3 Dec

[Previous entries for this couple listed John McCarthy's wife as Ann Enochs, not Archer. The 1850 census listed his wife as Nancy, not Ann. A check of sources available could not identify any woman with the surname of Enoch or Archer with given names of Nancy or Ann who was a possible spouse of a John McCarthy. By 1860 this couple was no longer listed in the census. For other children of this couple, see entries for 24 Aug 1848 and 25 Aug 1849 above. Simon (James, Patrick) was the probable sponsor.]




Miltonsburg, Ohio 1849-1845

(Records at the Rectory, St. John's Church, Miltonsburg, OH)


13 Apr 1852

Amelinim filliam leg. Sinonis ARCHER et Mariae Annae HUPP; sponsors Simon, Rhoada ARCHER; b. 26 Feb

[Emeline daughter of Simon ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) and Mary Ann HUPP. Sponsors were probably Simon ARCHER (James, Patrick) and Rhoda ENOCHS.]


31 Aug 1852

Rebecca filliam leg. Jannis GRANDON et Elisabeth ARCHER; sponsors John and Maria BRESS; b. 10 Jun

[Rebecca, daughter of John GRANDON and Elisabeth ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick). Rebecca died by Sep 1852 (see below).]


4 Dec 1852

Jacob filliam leg. Jacob LANAM et Malina WALKER; sponsors Vincent ARCHER, Margaret MCGOVERN; [no birth date].

[Jacob, son of Jacob LANAM and Malinda WALKER; sponsors were Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James I) and Margaret MCGOVERN. Fedorchak, in her Vol. 9 of Monroe Co. Records found Vincent and Margaret married at St. Joseph's 22 Sep 1850, witnessed by Simon Archer (James, Patrick) and Mary MCGOVERN, probably Margaret's mother, Mary MCGUIRE, wife of Patrick MCGOVERN, deceased by the time of the marriage. The Archer's, Lanam's and McGovern's were all close neighbors in Stock Twp. in 1850. It is possible that Melinda WALKER (b. ca 1826) was the sister of Margaret WALKER (b. 1821). A ____ Walker was wife of Elijah ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick).]


16 May 1853

Baptisan sub conditione Joanne filliam leg. Ananiae ARCHER et Maria Miller; sponsors Elias and Margaret ARCHER; b. 2 May

I baptized by contract (according to the provisions) John legitimate son of Ananias ARCHER and Maria MILLER; sponsors Elias and Margaret ARCHER.

[John, son of Ananias ARCHER (Michael James,) and Maria MILLER died 21 May 1853 and was buried in Old St. Michael's Cemetery.]


24 Jul 1853

Michael filliam leg. Mathew Collans et Maria Doyl (sic); sponsors Elias ARCHER, Margaret DOYLE; b. 24 Jun

[Michael was the son of Mathew CULLIN and Maria Doyle who were living with their two older children in the same household in 1850 in Union Twp., Monroe Co with Maria's probable parents, Michael and Bridget DOYLE.

The DOYLES and CULLINS were born in Ireland. The sponsors were not spouses: Margaret DOYLE was probably a married sister of Maria's; Elias was probably Elijah ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) whose wife was Margaret WALKER, not DOYLE. Apart from church records Elias appears nowhere else in Noble and Monroe Co., records except a 1900 Beaver Twp, Census entry for an Elias whose date of birth fits that of Elijah's. Mary J. ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) married Patrick DOYLE who was probably related to these DOYLE'S. (See 13 May 1857 below for another DOYLE entry.)]


8 Nov 1853

George Washington flliam leg. Abner [?] ARCHER et Rhoda SWEENEY; sponsors Margaret TUEY (FUEY?); b. 18 Oct.

[George Washington was the son of Absolom ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick), not Abner (probably my misreading of the handwriting) and Rhoda SWEENEY. The sponsor, Margaret, cannot be identified with certainty.]


17 May 1854

Martha Helena filliam leg. Eliae ARCHER et Margaret WALKER; sponsors Simon and Margaret ARCHER; b. 4 Apr

[Martha Ellen legitimate daughter of Elijah ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) and Margaret could be Margaret WALKER, wife of Elijah Archer (Michael, James, Patrick) or Margaret MCGOVERN, wife of Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick), but probably the former. Martha's middle name was Ellen ("The County of Noble,' Frank M. Martin, ed., Selwyn A. Brant, Madison, WI, 1904, p. 181.) Also census, birth and marriage records for her and James BATES, her husband, give her middle initial as "E."]


30 May 1854

Agnetem adultam filliam Enoch THOMAS et Maria ARCHER natam 22 Oct 1836; sponsors Simon ARCHER, Ebert ARCHER.

Agnes adult child of Enoch THOMAS and Mary ARCHER born 22 Oct 1836. Sponsors Simon ARCHER, Ebert ARCHER

[None of these names can be identified. The Parish Register of St. Mary's Church, Fulda listed a Henry EBERT who married an Emma SCHNEIDER who also had a son, Henry EBERT b. 3 Feb 1852 who moved to Wheeling in 1877. It is possible that an ARCHER was named after him since this is a very unusual given name not found anywhere else in the naming patterns of these ARCHERS.]


1 Jun 1854

Joseph Sebastian filliam Ambrose ARCHER et Bridget MCGOVERN; sponsors Joseph HOHMAN, Maria MCGOVERN; b. 21 May

[Joseph was the son of Ambrose ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) and Bridget MCGOVERN. The sponsors were Joseph HOHMAN, brother of John Sebastian HOHMAN and Mary MCGOVERN, Bridget's mother.]


20 Aug 1854

Joannen Henricum filliam John Sebastian HOHMAN et Hilae ARCHER; sponsors John HENRY, Margaret HUPP; b. 15 Aug

[John HENRY, son of John Sebastian HOHMAN and Matilda ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick); Sponsors John HENRY and Margaret HUPP. The sponsors cannot be identified.]


7 Jan 1855

Samuel filliam Vincent ARCHER et Margaret MCGOVERN; sponsors Simon and Rhoda ARCHER; b. 16 Nov 1854

[Samuel, son of Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and Margaret MCGOVERN. Sponsors were probably Vincent's parents Simon ARCHER (James, Patrick) and Rhoda ENOCHS.]


18 Apr 1855

Maria filliam Simon ARCHER et Maria Ann HUPP; sponsors Simon ARCHER, Margaret FUEY; b. 23 Jan 1855

[Mary, daughter of Simon ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) and Mary Ann HUPP. Sponsors are not identifiable with certainty from available information.]


29 Apr 1855

Mariam Amaliam filliam Simonis et Brigidetae DELANGER (DELAUGER?); sponsors George and Maria SMITH; b. 21 Jan

[Mary Emeline daughter of Simon (ARCHER) and Bridgette DELOGER/DELOSIER. One of the Sponsors was their neighbor, George SMITH of Stock Twp., but Mary is not identifiable.]




[The following were baptisms performed by J. W. BRUMMER at St. Michael's parish in Noble Co.]

13 May 1857

Maria b. 23 Dec 1856, filliam legit. Elisck (sic) ARCHER et Margaret Joann WALKER; sponsors Ambrose and Maria ARCHER.

[Mary, daughter of Elijah ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) and Margaret Joann WALKER. Sponsors were Ambrose ARCHER, Elijah's brother, but Mary is not identifiable with certainty.]


Patrick b. 17 Feb, filliam legit, Patrick DOYLE et Bridget BRIGLEY; sponsors Jacob CULLEN and Rosanne CULLEN.

[Patrick, son of Patrick DOYLE and Bridget BRIGLEY, cannot be identified with certainty. Jacob CULLUN and Rosanne CULLEN cannot be identified but are probably related to the Cullens in the 24 Jul 1853 entry (above).]


Maria b. 7 Jun 1856, filliam legit, Simon ARCHER et Sophia ARCHER; sponsors Simon and Rhoda ARCHER.

[Maria, daughter of Simon ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and Sophia ARCHER (Nathan, James, Patrick). The sponsors were Simon's parents, Simon ARCHER (James, Patrick) and Rhoda ENOCHS.]


Joann b. 8 Feb, filliam legit. Absolem ARCHER et Rhoda SWANEY; sponsors Vincent and Margaret ARCHER.

[John, son of Absolem ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and Rhoda SWEENEY. Sponsors were Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and his wife Margaret MCGOVERN.]


Joann b. 25 Oct 1856, filliam legit. Vincent ARCHER et Margaret MCGOVERN; sponsors Absalom and Rhoda ARCHER

[John ARCHER son of Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) was sponsored by Absalom ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and wife Rhoda SWEENEY. John's birth date in the census is at odds with a birth date for him in the Old St. Michael's baptism record given as 14 Feb 1864. John's sister, Laura, is given in the St. Michael's record as 16 Nov 1856. John's age in the 1860 Stock Twp census was 8, which would make his birth about 1852. Laura was 13 in the 1870 but missing from the 1860 census.]




The following were baptisms at St John's at Miltonsburg by J.W. BRUMMER

31 Oct 1858

Joannem b. 30 Sep filliam legit Abrosie (sic) (Ambrose) ARCHER et Bridget MCGOVERN; sponsors John HOHMAN, Elizabeth MICHAEL.

[John, son of Ambrose ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) and Bridget MCGOVERN. Sponsors John Sebastian HOHMAN and Elizabeth MICHAEL, possibly the daughter of the Joseph MICHEL of Stock Twp, mentioned in the L. H. Watkins book (p. 463).]


Ameliam b. 7 Jul filliam legit. Simon ARCHER et Sophia ARCHER; sponsors Joannis and Martha ARCHER.

[Emily daughter of Simon ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and Sophia ARCHER (Nathan, James, Patrick). Sponsors John and Martha ARCHER were probably Simon's brother and his wife, Martha GRANDON. Emily's given name appears in several censuses.]


13 Dec 1860

Sintha Anna b. 15 Jan, filliam legit. David ARCHER et Margaret HEINMAN; sponsors Duartus et Sarah BAIYHERT (sic).

[None of these people can be identified from available records.]


22 Dec 1860

Josephum b. 3 Apr, filliam legit. Hanias BURKHART et Maria Anna ARCHER; sponsors Michael and Anna Maria ZWICK.

[These families are not identified; there were some Burkhart intermarriages with ZWICKS mentioned in Watkins (p. 239). These two families lived close to each other in Elk Twp, Noble Co. in the 1860's. I could identify no Mary Ann ARCHER who was Catholic and married a BURKHART.]




Index Confirmatorum [located at the end of the book]

Index of Confirmations


25 Aug 1848


[Hanna of Jacob ARCHER (James, Patrick)??; however, all of Jacob's known association with the Catholic Church seemed to stop in 1833 with the baptisms of his two children, Rhoda and George Washington. Hannah could have been a wife, but priests usually used the maiden name to record church ceremonies.]



[Probably Margaret MCGOVERN b. about 1833, daughter of Patrick MCGOVERN and Mary MCGUIRE. Margaret married Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick).]


5 Sep 1848


[Probably Mary MCGOVERN, sister of Margaret (above) who married James ARCHER (Simon, James I).]


20 Aug 1855


[Insufficient information to identify.]

[The book ends at 1877.]





[On title page:]

Index Sepulturam et Capulitionum by R.C. Ecclesia A.D. M. Joannem et St. Josephum in dioecesi Cineinnatensi Malaga T. P. Monroe county, Ohio, Miltonsburg, Monroe Co. Inde ab anno b. 1847-18__

Index to Death and Burials by R(oman) C(atholic) Church A(nno?) D(omini?) M. John and St Joseph's in the diocese of Cincinnati, Malaga Twp., Monroe County, Ohio, Miltonsburg, Monroe Co. From 1879-18__

[The first entry is 1847; the last entry is 4 Nov 1950. Another section of the same book, "Capulationes," (see below) begins in 1849 and ends in 1883.

Translations- Latin/English

frater - brother

obit. - death

eindem - the same

innior - junior (the younger)

septa - burial]


Samuel ARCHER, son of Michael and Rhoda ARCHER, d. 24 May 1847

Rhoada ARCHER, wife of Michael, d. 23 Jun 1847

Michael ARCHER, innior, frater, d. 18 Jul 1847

William ARCHER, father, eindem obit. 17 Jul

Jacob ARCHER, f. einden obit. 19 Jul

Michael ARCHER, Sen. obit. 19 Jul

Sarah ARCHER, wife of Henry KARRAGAN buried 8 Aug

Enoch ARCHER, obit. 15 Aug

Abraham ARCHER, obit. 29 Aug

Henry KARRAGAN, buried 23 Aug 1852

Anna Katharina, dau of Sebastian HOHMAN, obit. 6 Sep


[Within four months, between 24 May and 29 Aug 1847, six children of Michael ARCHER (James I) and Rhoda GRANDON's died, including the parents, Michael and his wife, Rhoda GRANDON. They died of cholera according to Albert ARCHER (John, Elijah, Michael, James, Patrick). They are buried in Old St. Michael's Cemetery where the first Catholic Church in Monroe (Noble Co.) was built but is no longer standing. Of those stricken, Samuel and Michael were children. Abraham was married to Mary STERRITT who remarried George AMIX (AMICK) and moved to Cass Co., NE with her new husband. Enoch was married to Hannah SWEENEY who remarried James ARCHER (Joseph, James, Patrick) after Enoch's death. Jacob was married to Rachel DAVIS who did not remarry. Hannah (Sarah) wife of Henry KERRIGAN, who died six years later. Of Simon's family who survived were: Simon who married Mary Ann HUPP who died probably 1898 and is buried in Old St. Michael's cemetery; Elijah who married Margaret WALKER, d. 17 Aug 1901 and is also buried in St. Michael's; Ambrose who married Bridget MCGOVERN and moved to Lake Preston, Kingsbury Co., SD about 1880 and probably died there. Ananias who married Maria MILLER and went to Norton Co., KS about 1880 and died there 18 Nov 1890. Rhoda is mentioned by M. B. ARCHER (p. 14) as a child of Michael and Rhoda's who "left no children." There are no other records on her except this reference.]



Rebecca, dau of John GRANDON, obit. 15 Sep

[Rebecca was the daughter of Elizabeth ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) who married John GRANDON, 28 Oct 1851 in Noble Co., OH. John GRANDON and his wife moved in 1880 to Steele Dist, Wood Co. If Elizabeth died before him, John may have remarried an Emma WILLIAMS in Jackson Co., WV in 1883.]




"Capatutiones" [Begins in 1849 and ends in 1883.]


22 Sep 1850

Vincent ARCHER and Margaret MCGOVERN. Wit: Simon ARCHER and Maria MCGOVERN by T. C. CRAMER

[Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) married Margaret MCGOVERN daughter of Patrick MCGOVERN and Mary MCGUIRE. The witnesses were Simon, Vincent's father, Simon and Margaret's mother, Mary MCGOVERN.]


13 Apr 1852

Ambrose ARCHER and Bridget MCGOVERN. Wit: Vincent and Margaret ARCHER by T. C. CRAMER, pastor.

[Ambrose ARCHER (Michael, James, Patrick) married Bridget MCGOVERN, daughter of Patrick MCGOVERN and Mary MCGUIRE. Witnesses were Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and his wife, Margaret MCGOVERN, sister of Bridget. Ambrose and Bridget also had a civil ceremony in Noble Co. on 15 May 1852.]


31 Aug 1852

Francis ARCHER and Maria MILLER. Wit: John and Maria CRESS by T. C.CRAMER.

[Francis- (sic-Ananias) ARCHER md. Maria MILLER, daughter of Isaac MILLER and Jane MOORE. They also had a civil ceremony on the same date in Noble Co. (Marriages Vol 1/2, p. 62). I can find no records of any Francis ARCHER marrying Maria MILLER on this date. The witnesses can not be identified.]


17 Nov 1852

Henry MESSER and Maria MCGOVERN. Wit: Vincent and Margaret ARCHER by T. C. CRAMER.

[The groom and bride can't be identified with certainty. Vincent ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) and his wife Margaret MCGOVERN were the witnesses. This may have been a first marriage of Maria McGOVERN, followed by a second marriage to James ARCHER. Margaret's sister, Mary married James ARCHER (Simon, James, Patrick) 20 Sep 1856 at Caldwell by the Fulda parish priest according to James' Civil War pension file. They were married in a civil ceremony in Noble Co on 21 Sep 1856, remained in Stock Twp, Noble Co., until 1878 when they moved to Murdock, Swift Co., MN. James died 16 Sep 1900 and Mary, 6 Sep 1918, in Murdock, MN.]

[Title page:]

In Ecclesia - Conceptionis immaiculatae - Monroe Co. Ohio AD 1876

|In Church of the Immaculate Conception - Monroe Co., Ohio 1876

[The book was divided into several sections : Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations and Deaths]

Death (Registrum defunctorum ecclesiae)

[No years are given in this book but I estimate it to be 1901-1903]


Obit infeus

Infant death

child of John Archer - (no further information)



Registrum Matramoniorum In Ecclesia

(Marriages 6 Nov 1883- 22 Jul 1950)

p. 21

Barn ARCHER of Wheeling, WV son of Lynn ARCHER and Maria SAMPSON married Eloisa MILLER from Miltonsburg, OH, dau of Leonard MILLER and Anna HUGHES. Wit: Arthur MILLER and Helen MILLER by George DRESCHER on 12 Oct 1937 [There was a dispensation obtained over the impediment of mixed religions.]

  #Dispencsatione super impedimentum mixti religious et ad canctelam dispcultus obtenta.#

[This couple cannot be identified from available records. Barn ARCHER'S parents were married in Ohio Co., WV in 1913 as J. Lynn ARCHER and Mary F. SAMPSON (Ohio Co., WV Marriage Index: Vol 50, p. 328).

# # # #






HOHMAN, John. Seb.

Parents: HOHMANN, Joh. Sebast. geb. (born) 20 Jan 1825 Mathilda (ARCHER) " 2 Feb 1826

[The handwriting was quite difficult to decipher. A comparison of the birth dates with the following family history will help identify the children from the church record. The Sebastian HOHMAN family is also listed in the 1850 household 392/392 as Sebastian HAMOND and in the 1860 U.S. Census for Enoch Twp. household 628-606 as Sebastian HOHMAN. The names taken from the 1860 census are listed in the far right margin with the age of the child in the census of 1860 and 1870.]



[Probable name of children based on the1860/70 US Census (age/age)]

Johannes M. " 25 Augt. 1845 (married ....)[John 14/24]

M. L....b.... " 15 Jan 1847 " [Barbary 13]

Joseph " 5 Okt 1848 " [Joseph 11/21]

M. .... " 23 Sept 1852 "[Eva/Eve 8/17]

H....y " 15 Aug 1854 "[Henry 6/15]

Regina " 3 Jul 1857 " [Rachel 4/13]

Fr..zi.... " 3 Okt 1861 [Francis -/8] Karl

Rosa " 6 May 1867 [Rosa -/3]

M..j.... [Mary A. 1/-]

He has paid: 

for the first church 60.00

" " sch. H. -

" 2nd " " 25.00

" a new organ 24.00

" the parish h. 60.00

" a new bell -

" the new Church 533.70

Circumstances have forced him to sell out and 1873 he .. went(?) west to Kansas it is believed.

[John Sebastian HOHMAN and family went to Riley Co., KS. See "Pioneers of the Blue Stream Prairie," below.

Matilda ARCHER was the daughter of Michael ARCHER (James, Patrick). Watkins (p. 537) described the arrival of John Sebastian and his father John and brothers, Joseph and Magnus, in 1837. Maurice (Morris) followed them to Noble Co. in 1845.]



From: "Pioneers of the Blue Stream Prairie," Riley Co. Genealogical Society, Manhattan, KS, p. 358, entry 810:

HOHMAN, John Sebasstian (sic) son of John & Margretha HOHMAN was born in Germany but came to this country at the age of 12 years settling in Noble Co., Oh. where he carried on a large business in merchandising and hauling stock.

Before railroads were known, he drove large herds of stock over the Allegheny Mountains to Philadelphia and Baltimore. During the Civil War, John was a Colonel. At the close of the war, he moved west and settled in Clay Co., Kansas in 1877. Later he moved to Riley Co., just across the river from Garrison.

John was born 20 Jan 1825, died 23 Sep 1899. Buried in HOHMAN Family Cemetery, Riley Co. He married 25 Nov 1844, Matilda Archer, who was born 22 Feb 1826 in Ohio and died 15 Sep 1885. Buried Hohman Cemetery.


John Michael b. 25 Aug 1845; d. 10 May 1909

Maria Barbara b. 15 Jan 1847

Joseph b. 5 Oct 1848

Anna Katharina b. 1850; died young

Maria Eva b. 23 Sep 1852

John Henry b. 15 Aug 1854

Fernand b. 14 May 1856; died young

Regina b. 4 Jul 1857

Maria Anna b. 30 Jan 1859; died young

Francis b. 8 Oct 1861

Charlie b. 13 Sep 1863

Maria Matilda b. Fulda, OH; d. 10 Jun 1933; md. 24 Mar 1887 Michael Manuel WEBBER, son of Christopher and Margareth (UNKER) WEBBER. Michael WEBBER was born in Dorseyville, PA., 2 Oct 1857; died 17 Apr 1935. He came from Pittsburgh, PA to Kansas and worked on the HOHMAN farm. There he met and married Maria. Later he went to work on the railroad. The name WEBBER was changed to WEAVER when a man with a similar name and Michael's paychecks kept getting mixed up. Research from Bible records.

[The following entries are a continuation of the St. Mary's church records and appear to be the children of John Sebastian HOHMAN and Matilda ARCHER.]


Parents: Born 


Eva (HOHMANN) " 23 Sep 1852


Regina Mary " 28 Jan 1875

Juliana " 31 Dec 1876

Frederick " 20 Nov 1878

Mathilda " 5 Jan 1881

Christian Joseph " 6 Oct 1882

Ernest August " 9 Oct 1884

He paid:

for the priest's house $2.00

" a 2nd Bell collected by him 3.50

" the Church:

" Cathedral Columbus in 1880 $1.00 In 1881 $5.00

[The L. H. Watkins book has an extensive biography on Gustavus C. EHLERMAN, b. 23 Dec 1847, Rotenburg, Germany, son of Frederick and Sophia (DUVELL) EHLERMAN and married Mary E. HOMAN, 11 Apr 1873, daughter of John S. and Otilda (ARCHER) HOHMAN. Gustavus and Mary E. had ten children: Frederick M.; Christian G.; Ernest; William; Adolph; Julius C.; Terrance; Mary md. William Arnold; Julia; Cecelia. Ehlerman arrived in Fulda in 1867 and went to work for HOHMAN in 1868 in a business HOHMAN had started with H.W. HEIDDLESHEIMER as HEIDDLESHEIMER & HOHMAN around 1855 and continued by HOHMAN alone. The business prospered for many years until Hohman fell into debt with liabilities of $146,000 and was forced to sell all drygoods and tobacco operations to EHLERMAN in 1876. Hohman and family moved on to Kansas while EHLERMAN and his wife remained in Fulda. (Watkins, pp. 570-572).]




John HOFFMAN born 25 Dec 1843

Barbara (HOHMANN) " 15 Jan 1847


Margareth " 29 Feb 1867 married

Joseph " 22 Jun 1769

M. Eva " 6 March 1871

Mathilde " 12 Jul 1873

Regina " 20 Oct. 1875

J. Henry " 22 Feb 1878 # 19 Dec 1878 [Cross=baptized]

Rosa " 26 Dec 1879

Joh. Sebastian " 29 March 1882

Barbara J. " 3d Sep 1884

He paid:

for an Organ $2.00

" the priest's house12.00

" a 2nd Bell 1.00

" the Church 35.00

" Cathedral Columbus in 1880 $1.00. In 1881 $1.00


HOHMAN, John, Jr.

Parents: Born

John HOHMANN 25 Sep 1845

Mary (BLACK) 28 March 1848

Children: Rosa 30 June 1874

He paid: for an organ $6.00

Moved with his father to Kansas.



Parents: Born

Henry HOHMAN 15 Aug 1854

Elisabeth (SCHNEIDER) 30 Jul 1854

In the year 1879 he moved with his father to Kansas.

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