Cemetery Readings Made in the Summers of 1977 and 1978

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George W. Archer (
Published by
George W. Archer
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Births 1853-1950
Jackson County, WV
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Jackson Co., WV
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Sources for Added Information

The numbers for these sources appear in parenthesis at the end of a line or an entire entry under the notation "added info".

Data identified as "added info" was not on the stone itself. It was provided by the source(s) cited in the entry
or annotated by a number, e.g. (6) appearing at the end of the added information, as follows:


1. George W. Archer (ascending order of Archer ancestors) (Simon, Stephen, Stephen, Nathan, JamesI, Patrick) Readings: July 4, 1977 and Summer 1978

2. "Jackson County Cemeteries," Vol. 1, published by the Jackson Co., (WV) Historical Society, 1981. Readings: before 1981.

The Jackson Co., WV Historical Society published these readings in their monthly 
publication "Jackson County History" and published it as "Jackson County Cemeteries, Vol. 1," 13 Jul 1981 and Vol. 2 (50 pp or more, date unknown).
An Index to Vol. 1 was published by Raymond D. Slaughter, 4027 Lynward Rd.,
Columbus, OH 43228 on 6 Jun 1986.

3. "Grant District Cemeteries ‑ Tombstone Inscriptions and Genealogical
Information, Jackson County, WV,"
compiled by Carolyn Thomas

Miihlbach, Rt. 3, Box 150, Ravenswood, WV, 26164, 1984.
Readings: Fall, 1980

The material attributed to Harold David Somerville in some entries has been published in:

"The Memories and Writings of Harold David Somervile, Vol I, (1999)
by Lola Mae Smith and Pauline Somerville Smith,  (Mrs. George H.) Rt. 1, Box 135, Ravenswood, WV 26164; 304‑273‑4707.

There is a copy in the Noble Co., OH Public Library, Genealogy Room, and there may be a copy in the Ripley, WV Public Library.

4. Ross Love 5636 Longrifle Rd Westerville, OH 43081‑5213

5. "Families of Grant District in the Year 1900, Jackson County, West Virginia, Census Data and Genealogical Information," compiled by

Carolyn Thomas Miihlbach, Rt 3, Box 152, Ravenswood, WV, 26164, 1985

6. Fedorchak, Catharine. "Monroe Co., (OH) Records," Vols. 1‑13.  Mimeo; Privately published. The author is deceased. Beginning in 2005, the Monroe Co., Chapt. of the Ohio Genealogical Society, is reprinting all 17 volumes. Vols. 13‑17 were not previously published by the author but existed only in manuscript.

7. "Jackson County, West Virginia‑ Past and Present, 1990," Published by the Jackson County, WV Historical Society, 1990, Printed by Walsworth Publishing Co., Wayneville, NC 28786 LC No 90‑71347

8. Kevin ARCHER (ascending order of Archer ancestors) (Jack, William, Alfred, John, Michael, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick)

The following cited sources are deceased:
Ira Fletcher ARCHER 1878‑1971 (Stephen, Henry, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick)

Mrs. Mary ARCHER SWANN 1908‑1981 (Cornelius, Joseph, Michael, Joseph, JamesI, Patrick)

For further reference, see: There were readings of selected cemeteries by Mrs. Sue Miller, Mr. Dallas Skeen, Mr. Guy Landfried, and Col. Shirley Donnelly that were included in the Historical Society's Vols. 1 and 2. Copies of some of these readings will be found in the Jackson Co., WV Public Library's genealogy room and in the Archives & Manuscript Section, West Virginia Collection, West Virginia University Library, Morgantown, WV.

Carolyn Miihlbach, Rt. 2, Box 150, Ravenswood, WV 26164, published another monumental volumes of readings of the Ravenswood Cemetery and Grant District Cemeteries:
"Ravenswood Cemetery ‑ Tombstone Inscriptions, May 1984,"
published January 1985, 105 pp, indexed.

"Grant District Cemeteries, Jackson County, West Virginia‑ Tombstone Inscriptions and Genealogical Information" published Apr 1984., 142 pp., indexed

"Jackson County, West Virginia‑ Past and Present, 1990,"  published by Jackson County Historical Society, Ripley, WV 1990.

"Jackson County West Virginia Death Records 1856 to December 31, 1949," Vols. 1-3, compiled by  Linda Murock, 1990 (available for sale by the Jackson Co., WV Public Library, Ripley, WV)