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No. 19 Mt. Olive Cemetery
No. 20 Board Cemetery (Washington Dist.)
No. 21 Mt. Hope Cemetery (Washington Dist.)
(aka Parsons/Richards Cemetery)
No. 22 Parsons Cemetery  (Washington Dist.)
No. 23 Joe's Run Cemetery (Washington Dist.)
No. 24 Pine Grove Cemetery (Ripley Dist.)
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*Cemetery No. 19 ‑ Mt. Olive Cemetery  ‑ (Ripley Dist.)

Location: Six and a half miles west on US Rt 33 from Ripley to fork of US 33 and WV Rt. 26. Take WV Rt. 26, .1 mile, turn left into cemetery entrance, on the left of Rt 26. Driving down the road, on left hand side as you are going down a curve, you can see the entrance. It is just an iron gate, small, rounded steps going up into it.

Condition: Fenced, in rows, manicured. There are many stone markers without names, and plots marked by cement blocks.

Ira Lee xe "PICKENS:Ira Lee" PICKENS  1936‑1936

Edna Jean, daughter of Okey and Bernice xe "KNOPP:Edna Jean" xe "KNOPP:Okey" xe "KNOPP:Bernice" KNOPP December 6, 1942‑March 11, 1943

Edra Eva, daughter of Okey & Bernice xe "KNOPP:Edra Eva"KNOPP  October 25, 1935‑October 26, 1935

(2)  Nora E. xe "KNOPP:Nora E., Mrs.?" KNOPP  1889‑1946
George W. xe "KNOPP:George W." KNOPP  1888‑(no death date)

CONNER (plot)
Lula E. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Lula E." WAYBRIGHT  1915‑1944

Orena J. xe "CONNER:Orena J., Mrs.?" CONNER  1888‑1962

Homer W. xe "CONNER:Homer W." CONNER  1886‑1964

Charles A. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Charles A." CUNNINGHAM  April 4, 1911‑February 11, 1977

Mary xe "HOSEY:Mary" HOSEY  no dates

Rachel xe "ANDERSON:Rachel" ANDERSON  May 29, 1851‑January 30, 1922

(2)  Phoeba xe "CUNNINGHAM:Phoeba, Mrs.?" CUNNINGHAM  1896‑(no death date)
Paul xe "CUNNINGHAM:Paul" CUNNINGHAM  1889‑1944

Addie Pauline xe "CUNNINGHAM:Addie Pauline" CUNNINGHAM  January 13, 1917‑August 1, 1969

Mary Ethel xe "CUNNINGHAM:Mary Ethel" CUNNINGHAM  July 19, 1922‑August 11, 1927

(2)  V. J. xe "CUNNINGHAM:V.J., Mrs.?" CUNNINGHAM  August 15, 1852‑January 13, 1936
J. W. xe "CUNNINGHAM:J.W." CUNNINGHAM  October 25, 1848‑August 21, 1916

Jane xe "STEINHOFF:Jane" STEINHOFF October 11, 1873‑June 6, 1964

Eva P., daughter of C. W. & E. J.xe "STEINHOFF:C.W. (m)" xe "STEINHOFF:E.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Jane STEINHOFF)" STEINHOFF  May 28, 1916‑May 30, 1916

(2)  Millie M. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Millie M., Mrs.?" WAYBRIGHT  1892‑1972
William H. xe "WAYBRIGHT:William H." WAYBRIGHT  1885‑1949

Thomas Edward xe "WAYBRIGHT:Thomas Edward" WAYBRIGHT  December 24, 1932‑February 18, 1934
Also in WAYBRIGHT plot there are four markers. Of those four markers, only one has a readable temporary marker):
Nathan J. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Nathan J." WAYBRIGHT  1975‑1975
(in same plot)
Esther W. xe "DICKESS:Esther W." DICKESS  1972‑1973

(2)  Mabel xe "PARSONS:Mabel" xe "PARSONS:Cora B., Mrs.? (see Mrs. Cora B. Parsons)" PARSONS  1902‑1928  Daughter
Cora B. xe "RANDOLPH:Cora B., Mrs. (see Mrs. Cora B. PARSONS)" RANDOLPH  1883‑1967  Mother

(to the left of Mabel and Cora in the same plot)
Nada Marie xe "PARSONS:Nada Marie" PARSONS  1925‑1926

(2) Alice L. xe "YOUNG:Alice L., Mrs.?" YOUNG  1864‑1939
George B. xe "YOUNG:George B." YOUNG  1866‑1945

(to the left of Alice and George Young)
Otmer Dewey xe "YOUNG:Otmer Dewey" YOUNG,  WEST VIRGINIA,  Pvt.,  ARMY AIR FORCES  WORLD WAR II   March 4, 1899‑January 12, 1972

(2) J. H. xe "WESTFALL:J.H. (m)" WESTFALL  1856‑1949
Barbara E. xe "WESTFALL:Barbara E., Mrs.?" WESTFALL  1861‑1943

(to the right of J.H. and Barbara Westfall)
Lertie G. xe "WESTFALL:Lertie G." WESTFALL November 1, 1900‑September 26, 1915

(2)  Elizabeth xe "YOUNG:Elizabeth, Mrs." YOUNG  December 11, 1836‑August 1, 1920  Mother
William xe "YOUNG:William" YOUNG  June 2, 1834‑February 16, 1908  Father

(2) W. R. xe "YOUNG:W.R. (f)" YOUNG  January 12, 1869‑March 26, 1908
Infant Daughter of W. R. & Lucetta xe "YOUNG:W.R. (m)" xe "YOUNG:Lucetta, Mrs." YOUNG  born/died November 21, 1907

John J. xe "WOLFE:John J." WOLFE  1862‑1927  Father

Lucy xe "WOLF:Lucy, Mrs.?" WOLF,  died June 10, 1901, aged 38 years, 7 months, 23 days

Ergah, daughter of C. F. & C. N. xe "YOUNG:Ergah (f)" xe "YOUNG:C.F. (m)" xe "YOUNG:C.N., Mrs." YOUNG, died April 28, 1897 age 3 months, 18 days

(Temporary marker)
Esta Collene xe "HARMON:Esta Collene" HARMON  1958‑1958

(broken and fallen stone)
James C. xe "WOLF:James C." WOLF,  died December 26, 1889, age 63 years, 10 months, 16 days

(2)  Mary E. xe "HYRE:Mary E." HYRE xe "WAYBRIGHT:Mary E., Mrs. (see Mary E. HYRE)" WAYBRIGHT 1842‑1896
Michael S. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Michael S." WAYBRIGHT  1836‑1919

Jonathan xe "HYRE:Jonathan" HYRE  born March 17, 1812; died July 10, 1880

Hester E., daughter of D. F. & S. A. xe "HYRE:Hester E." xe "HYRE:D.F. (see David F. HYRE)" xe "HYRE:S.A., Mrs (see Mrs. Sarah A. HYRE)" HYRE, died September 11, 1886, age 2 years, 6 months, 6 days

(2)  Sarah A. xe "HYRE:Sarah A., Mrs." HYRE  1847‑1940
David F. xe "HYRE:David F." HYRE  1849‑1940

Infant Son of O. & F. HYRE born January 18, 1914‑ (no death date)

Infant Son of O. & F. xe "HYRE:O. (m)" xe "HYRE:F., Mrs." xe "HYRE:____ (m)" HYRE born July 1, 1916‑ (no death date)

Roy xe "HOSEY:Roy" HOSEY, WEST VIRGINIA Pvt. US ARMY WWI  June 10, 1896‑March 13, 1964

Mary F. xe "RADER:Mary F." RADER, died December 18, 1898, aged 41 years, 11 months, 21 days

Una A. xe "HYRE:Una A. (f)" HYRE xe "SPEARS:Una A., Mrs. (see Una A. HYRE)" SPEARS, born August 24, 1887; died May 23, 1913 (a picture of her, very clear)

Anna Laura xe "SPEARS:Anna Laura" SPEARS,  age 3 months

Elda xe "HYRE:Elda" HYRE  1880‑1930

(2) Susan E. xe "MERRILL:Susan E., Mrs.?" MERRILL  1872‑1951
John N. xe "MERRILL:John N." MERRILL  1866‑1950

(Temporary metal marker)
Gay xe "WINTER:Gay" WINTER  1900‑1974

Aaron M. xe "GRADY:Aaron M." GRADY  1881‑1968  "Papa"
C.L.G.  (in GRADY plot)

Clara L., wife of A. M. xe "GRADY:Clara L., Mrs." xe "GRADY:A.M. (m)" GRADY  August 29, 1889‑October 5, 1912

(3)  Thomas J. xe "RADER:Thomas J." RADER  1855‑1914
Sarah F. xe "RADER:Sarah F., Mrs.?" RADER  1854‑1926
Glen M. xe "RADER:Glen M." RADER  1892‑1906

James Wilmer, son of J. W. & C. R. xe "BAYER:James Wilmer" xe "BAYER:J.M. (m)" xe "BAYER:C.R., Mrs. (see Mrs. Carrie BAYER)" BAYER,  died June 29, 1902, age 9 months

Herbert Dean, son of J. W. & Carrie BAYER,  died August 3, 1899, age 19 months, 2 days

(fallen stone)
Samuel B. xe "RADER:Samuel B." RADER  died April 24, 1888, age 38 years, 7 months, 11 days

Sarah A., wife of S. B. xe "RADER:Sarah A., Mrs." RADER, died May 25, 1879 age 24 years, 2 months, 2 days

Alonzo G. xe "RADER:Alonzo G." RADER  1853‑1940  Father

Margaret E. xe "RADER:Margaret E., Mrs." RADER  1854‑1915  Mother

Theckla M. xe "RADER:Theckla M. (f)" RADER  1878‑1896  Sister

William. A. A. L. A.,  son of A. G. & M. E. A. xe "RADER:William A.A.L.A." xe "RADER:A.G. (see Alonzo G. RADER)" xe "RADER:M.E.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Margaret E. RADER)" RADER, died December 22, 1882, age 1 years, 8 days

James E.,  son of Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo xe "RADER:James E." RADER

SHINN  (plot‑ Big marker)
(4)  Chas. P. xe "SHINN:Charles P." SHINN  June 6, 1843‑August 3, 1921 UNION SOLDIER  9TH REG. CO. K, W. VA. VOL. INFT.
Elizabeth E. A. E. xe "SHINN:Elizabeth E.A.E., Mrs.?" SHINN,  born November 13, 1846; died March 11, 1928
(back side)
Infant Born/Died 1866
(other side)
Retta M. R. xe "SHINN:Retta M.R." SHINN,  born July 17, 1884; died October 2, 1891
(Markers ‑ Mother, Father, Retta & Infant with footstones to denote where they are buried.)

Nancy A., wife of William H. xe "WILLIAMS:Nancy A., Mrs." xe "WILLIAMS:William H." WILLIAMS died April 15, 1875, age 29 years, 1? month

RADER (plot)
Mary Sarah R. C., daughter of G. W. & N. J. xe "RADER:G.W. (see George W. RADER)" xe "RADER:N.J., Mrs." xe "RADER:Mary Sarah R.C." RADER died October 7, 1859 age 3 years, 6 months, 2 days

George W. xe "RADER:George W." RADER, died September 18, 1868, aged 54 years, 2 months, 9 days

(broken stone)
Catherine, daughter of M. xe "RADER:Catherine" xe "RADER:M. (see Michael RADER)" RADER, born June 27, 1792; died July 6, 1886 aged 94 years, 9 days

Michael xe "RADER:Michael" RADER,  died March 18, 1867, age 79 year, 1 month, 6 days

(2)  Mary E., wife of W. xe "RADER:Mary E., Mrs." RADER  born May 11, 1828; died April 24, 1925
William xe "RADER:William" RADER, born January 27, 1827; died April 14, 1891, age 64 years, 2 months, 17 days

Elenor, wife of A. F. xe "HOGSETT:A.F. (m)" xe "HOGSETT:Elenor, Mrs." HOGSETT, born  September 24, 1818‑May 18, 1888, aged 61 years, 7 months, 24 days

Aasheb (sic) F. xe "HOGSETT:Aasheb F." HOGSETT,  died April 17, 1891 age 69 years, 1 month, 4 days

Maggie, wife of W. H. HOGSETT,  March 11, 1855‑April 4, 1909

(2)  William H. xe "HOGSETT:William H." HOGSETT  1857‑1924  Father
Minnie B. xe "HOGSETT:Minnie B., Mrs." HOGSETT  1879‑1954  Mother

Everett H. xe "HOGSETT:Everett H." HOGSETT  1920‑1922

Jason Elwood xe "STARCHER:Jason Elwood" STARCHER  February 10, 1977  Child

Fay xe "BURNEM:Fay, Mrs.?" BURNEM  August 12, 1900‑April 15, 1969

Alfred C. xe "BURNEM:Alfred C." BURNEM  WEST VIRGINIA, Pfc.,  314 FIELD HOSPITAL  WWI August 16, 1891‑September 9, 1962

(2)  Phebe xe "BURNEM:Phebe, Mrs." BURNEM  April 4, 1856‑(no death date)  Mother
Horace xe "BURNEM:Horace" BURNEM  March 27, 1852‑August 31, 1922  Father

Fleet, son of Horace and Phebe xe "BURNEM:Fleet (m)" BURNEM September 8, 1837‑December 12, 1902

Arthur xe "BURNEM:Arthur" BURNEM, Died June 14, 1900, age 18 years, 5 months, 11 days

Holey P., son of O. & M. E. xe "ROWLEY:O. (m)" xe "ROWLEY:M.E., Mrs." xe "ROWLEY:Holey P. (m)" ROWLEY  November 17, 1878‑May 23, 1898

WINDON (plot)
(2)  Thomas W. xe "WINDON:Thomas W." WINDON  1847‑1918
Patsy xe "HOGG:Patsy" HOGG xe "WINDON:Patsy, Mrs. (see Patsy HOGG)" WINDON  1847‑1912

Thomas xe "WINDON:Thomas" WINDON  1871‑1943

James P., son of Thomas & P. xe "WINDON:James P." xe "WINDON:P., Mrs. (see Mrs. Patsy WINDON)" WINDON born January 31, 1866; died September 24, 1897

(3)  Bettie xe "JOHNSON:Bettie" JOHNSON Wife of H. F. xe "HARMAN:H.F. (m)" xe "HARMAN:Bettie, Mrs. (see Bettie JOHNSON)" HARMAN November 20, 1883‑June 7, 1914
H. F. HARMAN  born December 16, 1879‑(no death date)
Esta xe "WAYBRIGHT:Esta" WAYBRIGHT, wife of H. F. xe "HARMAN:Esta, Mrs. (see Esta WAYBRIGHT)" HARMAN born August 10, 1884‑(no death date)
Esta HARMAN,  died December 28, 1940

(2)  Thomas E., son of T. & C. J. xe "HARMAN:Thomas E." xe "HARMAN:T. (m)" xe "HARMAN:C.J., Mrs." HARMAN died March 9, 1881 age 3 years, 9 months, 10 days
Mary M., daughter of T. S. & C. J. xe "HARMAN:Mary M." HARMAN died January 20, 1885, age 3 years, 3 months, 10 days

(3)  Frances H., wife of William xe "MATSON:Frances H." xe "MATSON:William" MATSON, died March 6, 1881 age 25 years, 11 months, 8 days
Frances, daughter of William & F. H. xe "MATSON:Frances" MATSON, died March 8, 1881 age 14 days
Josephus, son of William & F. H. xe "MATSON:Josephus" MATSON died March 22, 1881 age 4 years, 11 months, 19 days

(fallen stone)
Rachel xe "MATSON:Rachel" MATSON, wife of John xe "HARGRAVE:John" xe "HARGRAVE:Rachel, Mrs. (see Rachel MATSON)" HARGRAVE July 11, 1842‑August 7, 1898

Mary, wife of N. O. xe "MATSON:N.O. (m)" xe "MATSON:Mary" MATSON, died June 24, 1879 age 66 years, 5 months, 13 days

Sarah Belle, daughter of John and Nancy xe "MATSON:Sarah Belle" xe "MATSON:John" xe "MATSON:Nancy, Mrs." MATSON, died March 19, 1875, age 11 years, 3 months, 15 days

George G. xe "MATSON:George G." MATSON, died April 30, 1884 age 27 years, 7 months, 14 days

(3)  Ashbil xe "SHEPARD:Ashbil" SHEPARD, "born in Orange County, Vermont December 23, 1804; died January 11, 1885"
Mary, wife of Osborn xe "ROWLEY:Osborn" xe "ROWLEY:Mary, Mrs." ROWLEY born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania born December 30, 1836, died September 9, 1882.
Margaret, wife of Ashbil xe "SHEPHARD:Margaret, Mrs." SHEPHARD born at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania born December 8, 1811; died April 18, 1883.

ROWLEY (plot)
xe "ROWLEY:M.E.R." M. E. R.  marker no name or date

(2) Osburn xe "ROWLEY:Osborn" ROWLEY born February 14, 1834‑(no death date)
Ellen L. xe "ROWLEY:Ellen L., Mrs.?" ROWLEY  born April 23, 1835; died October 12, 1896

(fallen stone)
George O., son of O. & M. E. xe "ROWLEY:O. (see Osburn ROWLEY)" xe "ROWLEY:M.E., Mrs." xe "ROWLEY:George O." ROWLEY  October 8, 1875‑May 29, 1894

Jessie, daughter of O. & M. E. xe "ROWLEY:Jessie" ROWLEY, died December 2, 1870, age 1 year, 11 months, 23 days

Michael Lee, son of H. & S. E. xe "YOUNG:Michael Lee" xe "YOUNG:H. (m)" xe "YOUNG:S.E., Mrs." YOUNG, died June 16, 1873, aged 14 days

(2)  George W., son of Jacob & Louise xe "MAY:George W." xe "MAY:Jacob" xe "MAY:Louise" MAY, died October 28, 1861, age 1 year, 8 months, 6 days
Mary G. J., daughter of Jacob & Louisa xe "MAY:Mary G.J." xe "MAY:Louisa" MAY, died October 19, 1861 age 3 years, 2 months, 28 days

Catherine, daughter of L. R. & E. xe "KING:Catherine" xe "KING:L.R. (m)" xe "KING:E., Mrs." KING, died June 15, 1871, age 35 years, 5 months, 6 days

Catherine, wife of John H. xe "YOUNG:John H." xe "YOUNG:Catherine, Mrs." YOUNG, died February 8, 1874, age 61 years, 20 days

(fallen stone)
John H. xe "YOUNG:John H." YOUNG, born September 20, 1808; died September 16, 1879 age 70 years, 11 months, 26 days

Hiram xe "YOUNG:Hiram" YOUNG, died September 19, 1898 age 54 years, 7 months, 29 days
Top of Stone: "Farewell dead brother"

(5)  Freda M., daughter of C. A. & E. xe "JEWELL:Freda H." xe "JEWELL:C.A. (m)" xe "JEWELL:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Exey JEWELL)" JEWELL, born January 22, 1896; died May 19, 1896
(on same stone):
"Three infant children of C. A. & E. JEWELL,"
(on back of stone)
Exey?, wife of C. A. JEWELL, born April 11, 1864; died July 27, 1896

Okey C. xe "JEWELL:Okey C." JEWELL July 18, 1913‑January 11, 1914

(2) Icy Gay, daughter of W. S. & M. M. xe "CARPENTER:Icy Gay (f)" xe "CARPENTER:W.S. (m)" xe "CARPENTER:M.N., Mrs." CARPENTER  July 15, 1894‑March 07, 1902
Cynthra (sic), daughter of W. S. & M. M. xe "CARPENTER:Cynthra (f)" CARPENTER December 24, 1877‑October 28, 1899

Martha xe "BURROUGH:Martha" BURROUGH xe "CARPENTER:Martha, Mrs. (see Martha BURROUGH)" CARPENTER  1856‑1933  Mother

Winfield Scott xe "CARPENTER:Winfield Scott" CARPENTER  1855‑1933  Father

(2)  Patsy A. xe "STANLEY:Patsy, Mrs.?" STANLEY  1936‑(no death date)
Jackson C. xe "STANLEY:Jackson C." STANLEY  1934‑1970

Edward xe "STANLEY:Edward" STANLEY  February 23, 1929‑May 28, 1946

Liza D. xe "STANLEY:Liza D., Mrs." STANLEY  May 6, 1868‑February 16, 1943  Mother

J. E. xe "STANLEY:J.E. (m)" STANLEY  April 20, 1856‑October 14, 1940  Father

Leona xe "PFOST:Leona" xe "PFOST:Leona Ellen" PFOST xe "HARMON:Leona, Mrs. (see Leona PFOST)" HARMON  1913‑1972

(Temporary Marker)
Leona Ellen xe "HARMON:Leona Ellen, Mrs." HARMON 1913‑1972

(One readable marker of 4 temporary markers)
Herbert xe "KING:Herbert" KING,  died March 26, 1948, age 86 years, 2 months, (unreadble) days

A. E. xe "KEENAN:A.E. (m)" KEENAN  1854‑1898  Father

Richard W., son of J. H. & S. E. xe "HICKMAN:Richard W." xe "HICKMAN:J.H. (m)" xe "HICKMAN:S.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Susan E. HICKMAN)" HICKMAN died June 9, 1879 age 3 months, 24 days

Susan E., wife of J. H. xe "HICKMAN:Susan E., Mrs." HICKMAN died October 12, 1881, age 23 years, 1 month, 9 days

(4)  Peter xe "KEENAN:Peter" KEENAN,  died December 10, 1892, age 71 years
Margaret xe "KEENAN:Margaret, Mrs." KEENAN, died January 25, 1907, age 87 years
(back side):
Children of P. & M. xe "KEENAN:John H." xe "KEENAN:Susan G." xe "KEENAN:Susan C." KEENAN, John H., died December 5, 1864, aged 3 years, 10 months, 20 days
Susan G. or C., died December 15, 1848 age 3 months, 19 days.

(fallen stone, almost unreadable)
Kidwell, son of A. & F. E. xe "POLING:Kidwell (m)" xe "POLING:A. (m)" xe "POLING:F.E., Mrs." POLING, died J__ 24, 1867 or 1868, age 1 year, 8 days

(2)  Charles M. xe "CONAWAY:Charles M." xe "CONAWAY:Sarah A., Mrs.?" CONAWAY  born January 27, 1819; died February 26, 1895
Sarah A. CONAWAY   born October 12, 1834; died (no death date)

Cordelia, wife of Okey J. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Cordelia, Mrs." xe "CUNNINGHAM:Okey J." CUNNINGHAM born November 26, 1872; died ‑April 19, 1897

Joseph F. xe "HARMAN:Joseph F." HARMAN  1869‑1953  Father

(2)  Clarissa J. xe "HARMAN:Clarissa J., Mrs." HARMAN  1845‑1931  Mother
Thomas xe "HARMAN:Thomas" HARMAN  1841‑1905  Father

(2)  Floretta xe "JOHNSON:Floretta, Mrs.?" JOHNSON  1887‑(blank)
Robert M. xe "JOHNSON:Robert M." JOHNSON  1873‑1939

(Temporary metal marker)
Robert Ray xe "COX:Robert Ray" COX  1942‑1942

Jno. xe "WIMER:John" WIMER,  Co. I. 5th  PA.  CAV.
(behind stone  is a ceramic marker)
U. S. ARMY  Union Army symbol "by G. A. R."

Virgil W., son of J. & M. A. xe "WIMER:Virgil W." WIMER born September 13, 1890; died April 27, 1901

(3 stones in a row)

(Temporary metal marker)
Addie xe "HARVEY:Addie" HARVEY  1889‑1959

(Temporary metal marker)
Emma xe "VANNEST:Emma, Mrs.?" VANNEST  1871‑1941

(Temporary metal marker)
David T. xe "VANNEST:David T." VANNEST  1869‑1947









*Cemetery No. 20 ‑ Board Cemetery (Washington Dist.)


Location: From Ripley, go east on US Rt. 33, to Joe's Run County Road., Co. Rt. 14. Turn north into Rt. 14 (Joe's Run), and the cemetery is on the right (east) of Rt 14.

Condition: Fenced, mowed and in irregular rows.

(2)  Gertrude M. xe "CARDER:Gertrude M., Mrs." CARDER  1879‑(no death date)  Mother
John S. xe "CARDER:John S." CARDER  1874‑1954  Father
(below John and Gertrude at bottom of plot)
Edgar D. xe "PATTERSON:Edgar D." PATTERSON  1932‑1972

(2) Mary C. xe "HESS:Mary C., Mrs.?" HESS  1876‑1954
James E. xe "HESS:James E." HESS  1869‑1950

(2)  Benjamin B. xe "BOARD:Benjamin B." BOARD  1835‑1919
Mary RADER xe "BOARD:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary RADER)" BOARD  1835‑1917  His Wife

Ada Lee, daughter of B. B. & Mary xe "BOARD:Ada Lee" BOARD  1871‑1887

Jacob xe "HYRE:Jacob" HYRE, born January 1, 1784; died December 18, 1858, age 74 years, 11 months,  18 days
(Probably one of the oldest existing stones I've seen. In good condition. About 4 feet tall.)

(broken stone)
Mary, wife of Jacob xe "HYRE:Mary, Mrs." HYRE, died April 11, 1859, age 80 years, 5 months, 11 days

(2)  M. C. xe "RADER:R.C. (m)" RADER born November 29, 1807; died April 14, 1880, age 72 years, 4 months, 15 days
Rebecca, wife of M. C. xe "RADER:Rebecca, Mrs." RADER, born August 26, 1813; died‑May 11, 1882, aged 68 years, 8 months, 15 days

Mary A__  (Ann?), daughter of M. C. & R. xe "RADER:Mary A." RADER, died J__ June? 9, 1848, age 6 years, 1 month, 12 days

Mary A., daughter of T. & C. xe "HINZMAN:Mary A." xe "HINZMAN:T. (m)" xe "HINZMAN:C., Mrs." HINZMAN, died January 26, 1875, age 14 years, 8 months and 2 days

Jefferson, son of J. S. and H. xe "CARDER:Jefferson" xe "CARDER:J.S. (m)" xe "CARDER:H., Mrs." CARDER, died February 14, 1851, age 18 days

Gineva, daughter of J. S. & H. xe "CARDER:Gineva" CARDER, died June 26, 1852, age 10 days

Elvira, daughter of J. S. & H. xe "CARTER:Elvira" CARTER, died October 25, 1858, age 22 days

Joseph, son of J. S. & H. xe "CARTER:Joseph" CARTER, died November 14, 1859, age 12 days

(fallen stone)
Daniel D., son of J. S. & H. xe "CARTER:Daniel D." CARTER, died 26 July 1862, age 4 years, 4 months, 6 days

(fallen stone)
Willilam M., son of J. S. & H. xe "CARTER:William M." CARTER, died September 17, 1863, aged 21 days

(fallen and broken stone)
De...(unreadable), Infant son of J. S. & H. xe "CARTER:De... (m)" CARTER, died November 22, 1871

(fallen stone)
William B., son of  J. S. & H. xe "CARTER:William B." CARTER, died February 5, 1846

(fallen stone)
Infant daughter of  J. S. & H. xe "CARTER:____ (f)" CARTER, died November 22, 1871









*Cemetery No. 21 ‑ Mt. Hope Cemetery (Washington Dist.) (aka Parsons/Richards Cemetery)
"Mt. Hope Church of God Dedicated August 14, 1914."

Location: Location: From Sandyville south on Co. Rt. 21 to Co Rt. 14 , turn left (east) on Co. Rt 14  to intersection with Co. Rt. 16/6, turn right (south) and go .7  miles to intersection of 16/6 and 14/3; turn right (east) and go for .9 miles sto intersection of 14/5. Continue on .2 miles The cemetery is on the left .2 miles in sight of the intersection.

Condition: Fenced and in very distinct rows, mowed and in good shape.

(Temporary metal marker)
John Martin xe "SMITH:John Martin" SMITH  1910‑1975

Herman R. xe "MILLER:Herman R." MILLER,  West Virginia, Cpl., US ARMY  WWII November 9, 1914‑March 26, 1973

Fred Lee xe "WAYBRIGHT:Fred Lee" WAYBRIGHT  1894‑1972  Father
(at the bottom of the plot)
Fred Lee WAYBRIGHT, West Virginia Pvt.,  US ARMY, WW I February 15, 1894‑December 1, 1972

(2)  Rosa E. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Rosa E., Mrs.?" WAYBRIGHT 1864‑1937
Edward L. xe "WAYBRIGHT:Edward L." WAYBRIGHT  1865‑1953
(in back of plot, temporary marker)
Edward Lee xe "WAYBRIGHT:Edward Lee" WAYBRIGHT, died September 5, 195(?), age 87 years, 10 months, 14 days

(three stones in a row)
Stacy Jean xe "CARTE:Stacy Jean" CARTE  1972‑1972
(Temporary marker)
Curtis xe "WAYBRIGHT:Curtis" WAYBRIGHT no dates

(2) Harry & Henryxe "WAYBRIGHT:Harry" xe "WAYBRIGHT:Henry" WAYBRIGHT  no dates

KERNS (plot)
(2)  Rosa L. xe "KERNS:Rosa L., Mrs.?"KERNS  1875‑1944
Forrest E. xe "KERNS:Forrest E." KERNS  1880‑1946

(2)  Faust C. xe "KERNS:Faust C." KERNS  1905‑(no death date)
W. H. "Hamp" xe "KERNS:W.H. (see Hamp KERNS)" xe "KERNS:Hamp" KERNS  1902‑1961

(left to right)
Verna Hazel xe "KERNS:Verna Hazel" KERNS  1913‑1948

Ada Ann xe "KERNS:Ada Ann" KERNS  1910‑1962

Pearl xe "KERNS:Pearl" KERNS  1908‑1915

Gay Washington xe "BROWN:Gay Washington" BROWN  no dates

Delbert Marshall Clair xe "BROWN:Delbert Marshall Clair" BROWN

HUDSON (plot)
(2)  Ethel E. xe "HUDSON:Ethel E., Mrs.?" HUDSON  1874‑1940
Charles F. xe "HUDSON:Charles F." HUDSON  1878‑1967

Baby Onnie xe "HUDSON:Onnie" HUDSON  May 29, 1913‑December 10, 1914

Children of Orvil & Effie xe "KEENAN:Delmar" xe "KEENAN:Mildred" xe "KEENAN:Orvil" xe "KEENAN:Effie, Mrs." KEENAN

Mildred  1918

ROWLEY (plot)
Harold L. xe "ROWLEY:Harold L." ROWLEY, West Virginia Pfc. SIGNAL CORP. USAR November 12, 1936‑November 24, 1964

(Temporary marker)
Harold L. ROWLEY  1936‑1959

(Metal marker)
Lucy M. xe "ROWLEY:Lucy M." ROWLEY  1892‑1969

Four concrete slabs, flush in the ground ‑ no headstones in their plot.

(2)  Leeona xe "SNYDER:Leeona" SNYDER xe "KERNS:Leeona, Mrs. (see Leeona SNYDER)" KERNS  1905‑1949
William M. KERNS  1901‑1970

Randall C. xe "RIGNEY:Randall C." RIGNEY  August 5, 1962‑August 25, 1965

(in front of Randall Rigney)
Jeanette Louise xe "CURREY:Jeanette Louise" CURREY  June 6, 1950

(to the left of of Jeanette Currey)
Homer J. xe "CURREY:Homer J." CURREY Pfc., US ARMY  WWII  July 3, 1922‑March 20, 1976

(2)  Betty L. xe "PARSONS:Betty L., Mrs.?" PARSONS  1930
Fred R. xe "PARSONS:Fred R." PARSONS  1930

(The Currey, Rigneys and Parsons here are buried together.
In front of the last, Homer J. Currey):
(2) Homer J. xe "CURREY:Homer J." CURREY  1922‑1976  Father
Jeanette L. xe "CURREY:Jeanette L." CURREY  1950  Daughter

(to the right of Homer and Jeanette Currey)
Emerson Harley xe "PYATT:Emerson Harley" PYATT  April 30, 1938‑June 8, 1938

Glen Richard xe "ROWLEY:Glen Richard" ROWLEY  WEST VIRGINIA Pfc., 43 AIR REPAIR SQ., AAF WWII June 12, 1924‑October 17, 1969

(2)  Vena B. HINZMAN  1889‑1966 Married January 17, 1915
Ezra R. xe "HINZMAN:Ezra R." HINZMAN  1887‑1973

(in back of Vena and Ezra Hinzman)
(Temporary marker)
Vena Belle xe "HINZMAN:Vena Belle, Mrs." HINZMAN

Robert Glenn xe "HINZMAN:Robert Glenn" HINZMAN  WEST VIRGINIA,  Cpl., US MARINE CORP.  WWII March 9, 1915‑April 14, 1969

Lois xe "STREET:Lois" STREET xe "HINZMAN:Lois, Mrs. (see Lois STREET)" HINZMAN  1926‑1972

(2)  Goldie xe "HINZMAN:Goldie, Mrs." HINZMAN  December 17, 1893‑(no death date)  Mother Married May 25, 1912
Holly xe "HINZMAN:Holly (m)" HINZMAN  July 04, 1891‑August 29, 1971  Father

(Three stones in a row)
(2)  Emma J. xe "PARSONS:Emma J., Mrs.?" PARSONS  1889‑(no death date)
Robert H. xe "PARSONS:Robert H." PARSONS  1893‑1972
next to Emma and Robert Parsons)
Laurena xe "PARSONS:Laurena" PARSONS xe "BURDETTE:Laurena, Mrs. (see Laurena PARSONS)" BURDETTE  July 14, 1927‑September 1, 1974
(next to Laurena Parsons Burdette)
Loretta xe "HUDSON:Loretta" HUDSON xe "WINEMILLER:Loretta, Mrs. (see Loretta HUDSON)" WINEMILLER  July 14, 1927‑October 22, 1971

(Temporay metal marker)
Larry Joe xe "SNYDER:Larry Joe" SNYDER  1958‑1958

Julia xe "SNYDER:Julia" SNYDER  March 7, 1916‑June 15, 1935

Clara Bell xe "COOPER:Clara Bell" COOPER  January 3, 1891‑August 5, 1940

(2)  Verna V. xe "SNYDER:Verna V., Mrs." SNYDER  1914‑(no death date) Married May 22, 1931
John L. xe "SNYDER:John L." SNYDER  1909‑1965

(In front of Anna and George Snyder stone):
Hattie xe "SNYDER:Hattie" SNYDER xe "HARMON:Hattie, Mrs. (see Hattie SNYDER)" HARMON,  December 5, 1909‑December 5, 1941  Wife

(2)  Anna xe "SNYDER:Anna, Mrs.?" SNYDER  1869‑1958
George xe "SNYDER:George" SNYDER  1867‑1931

(behind Anna Snyder - Temporary marker):
Louisiana xe "SNYDER:Louisiana" SNYDER

Mary xe "PYATT:Mary" PYATT (stone ‑ no dates)

(2)  Minnie M. xe "SNYDER:Minnie M., Mrs.?" SNYDER  1887‑1955
William G. xe "SNYDER:William G." SNYDER  1881‑1962

(2)  Jeretta H. xe "GRADY:Jeretta H., Mrs.?" GRADY  1864‑1946
Hamilaton (sic) H. xe "GRADY:Hamilaton H." GRADY  1849‑1925

(Temporary metal marker)
Guy xe "GRADY:Guy" GRADY  no dates
xe "MILLER:L.D." xe "MILLER:B.L."

MILLER (plot)
(2 footstones‑ no headstones)
L. D. M.
B. L. M

(2)  Dorsey L. xe "MILLER:Dorsey L." MILLER  1888‑1931
Iva D. xe "MILLER:Iva D., Mrs.?" MILLER  1892‑1973

Hazel E. xe "MILLER:Hazel E." MILLER  1922  Daughter

(Temporary metal marker)
Paul Edward xe "ROWLEY:Paul Edward, Jr." ROWLEY Jr.  1950‑1955

(2) Blanche B. xe "MILLER:Blanch B., Mrs.?" MILLER  1895‑(no death date)
Charlie D. xe "MILLER:Charlie D." MILLER  1882‑1954

(2)  Pheba E. xe "MILLER:Pheba E., Mrs." MILLER  March 7, 1849‑October 2, 1925  Mother
Sylvester xe "MILLER:Sylvester" MILLER  July 27, 1846‑December 6, 1923  Father

Lester C. xe "ROWLEY:Lester C." ROWLEY,  WEST VIRGINIA  WT3c  USNR WWII August 7, 1914‑January 26, 1948

(2) W. H. xe "MILAM:W.H. (m)" MILAM  1873‑1953
Rebecca J. xe "MILAM:Rebecca J., Mrs.?" MILAM  1869‑1923

(2) Lucretia xe "HINZMAN:Lucretia, Mrs.?" HINZMAN  no dates
Samuel xe "HINZMAN:Samuel" HINZMAN  no dates

John B. xe "HINZMAN:John B." HINZMAN  1866‑1943

Clarence S. xe "HINZMAN:Clarence S." HINZMAN  August 31, 1903‑June 22, 1919

(2)  Sarah E. xe "HINZMAN:Sarah E., Mrs.?" HINZMAN  1871‑1943
George L. xe "HINZMAN:George L." HINZMAN  1863‑1934

Alma xe "HINZMAN:Alma" HINZMAN xe "SNYDER:Alma, Mrs. (see Alma HINZMAN)" SNYDER  April 9, 1898‑October 14, 1953

(Concrete plaque)
1944 Herman xe "SNYDER:Herman" SNYDER born February 1, 1905

Sarah E. xe "HINZMAN:Sarah E., Mrs." HINZMAN  1891‑1933  Mother

Alice M. xe "HINZMAN:Alice M." HINZMAN  1923‑1924

(2)  Gilbert xe "PARRISH:Gilbert" PARRISH  August 8, 1880‑(no death date)
Ida xe "PARRISH:Ida, Mrs.?" PARRISH  March 14, 1886‑June 13, 1944

(to right of Gilbert and Ida Parrish):
Lakie V. xe "PARRISH:Lakie V. (f)" PARRISH  1914 ‑1938   Daughter

Myrtle, daughter of E. G. & Ida xe "PARISH:Myrtle" xe "PARISH:E.G. (see Gilbert PARRISH)"PARISH (sic) Died October 13, 1917, age 9 days

Infant son of Thomas F. and Joannie xe "PARSONS:____ (m)" xe "PARSONS:Thomas F." xe "PARSONS:Joannie, Mrs." PARSONS  1916‑1916

(2)  Lillie M. xe "ROWLEY:Lillie M., Mrs." ROWLEY  1900‑(no death date) Married September 28, 1919

Fred H. xe "ROWLEY:Fred H." ROWLEY  1897‑(no death date)

Edgar L. xe "ROWLEY:Edgar L." ROWLEY  May 11, 1899‑January 27, 1919

Laura E. xe "ROWLEY:Laura E, Mrs.?" ROWLEY  January 19, 1909‑January 10, 1947

(2)  Mary J. xe "ROWLEY:Mary J., Mrs." ROWLEY  1873‑1951  Wife
John R. xe "ROWLEY:John R." ROWLEY  1868‑(no death date)

Thomas Rainey xe "HUDSON:Thomas Rainey" HUDSON  1868‑(no death date) Father

Lavina Ellen xe "HUDSON:Lavina Ellen, Mrs." HUDSON  1868‑1922  Mother

Lucy xe "PYATT:Lucy" PYATT  1901‑1928

(2)  Mary xe "PETERSON:Mary, Mrs." PETERSON  1924‑1949
Leeann xe "PETERSON:Leeann" PETERSON  September 14, 1949  Daughter

(Temporary marker)
Martha xe "HINZMAN:Martha" HINZMAN  1924‑1924

Sylvesta (sic) J. xe "HINZMAN:Sylvesta J." HINZMAN  November 16, 1926‑November 20, 1933

Clellie xe "CLIFFORD:Clellie" CLIFFORD xe "HINZMAN:Clellie, Mrs. (see Clellie CLIFFORD)" HINZMAN  September 13, 1894‑July 22, 1952

(2)  Isaac xe "HINZMAN:Isaac" HINZMAN  1861‑1960  Father
Etta L. xe "HINZMAN:Etta L., Mrs." HINZMAN  1867‑1928

Doyl (sic- Doyle) F. xe "HINZMAN:Doyle F." HINZMAN  October 4, 1925‑September 16, 1925

(2)  Bernice xe "HINZMAN:Bernice, Mrs." HINZMAN  1902‑1975 December 30, 1922 (with a heart between names to show marriage)
Ross xe "HINZMAN:Ross" HINZMAN  1898‑1969

J. Wesley xe "BOSWORTH:J. Wesley" BOSWORTH  1860‑1941

(Temporary metal marker)
Ruth Gay xe "DUSKY:Ruth Gay, Mrs.?" DUSKY  1895‑1973

Fred xe "DUSKY:Fred" DUSKY  1887‑1965

(2)  William xe "DUSKY:William" DUSKY  1851‑1934  Father
Floreed xe "DUSKY:Floreed, Mrs." DUSKY  1853‑1941  Mother
Scott H. xe "DUSKY:Scott H." DUSKY  1880-1964

(2) Margaret J. xe "MURREY:Margaret J., Mrs.?" MURREY  1850‑1940
Joseph xe "MURREY:Joseph" MURREY  1849‑1932

HARTLEY (plot ‑ left to right)
Forest E. xe "HARTLEY:Forest E." HARTLEY  1878‑1945

Amy May xe "HARTLEY:Amy May, Mrs.?" HARTLEY  1881‑1961

Woodrow W. xe "HARTLEY:Woodrow W." HARTLEY  1913‑1931

(3)  Ralph E. xe "WINTER:Ralph E." WINTER  1926‑1926
Everett xe "WINTER:Everett" WINTER  1939‑1939
Dottie Lou xe "WINTER:Dottie Lou, Mrs.?" WINTER  1946‑1946

Mabel Louise xe "RANDOLPH:Mabel Louise" RANDOLPH  October 18, 1926‑December 30, 1926, age 2 months and 12 days

(2) Leonidas B. xe "WINTER:Leonidas B." WINTER  1866‑1961
Sarah M. xe "WINTER:Sarah M., Mrs.?" WINTER  1867‑1931

(behind Leonida Winter)
L. P. Beery xe "WINTER:L.P. Beery" WINTER  1866‑1961

(Temporary metal marker)
Lelah xe "YOUNG:Lelah" YOUNG  1900‑1970

Martha xe "CASTO:Martha" CASTO  1942‑1942  Baby

Tabitha Jean xe "MYERS:Tabitha Jean" MYERS  1977‑1977

Joshua Fleming xe "PARISH:Joshua Fleming" PARISH,  WEST VIRGINIA, Pvt., 1 CL,  67 INF.  9 DIV February 26, 1930

Emma xe "RICHARDS:Emma, Mrs." RICHARDS  August 16, 1868‑June 6, 1931  Mother

(Temporary marker)
Leota Gay xe "RICHARDS:Leota Gay, Mrs." RICHARDS  1894‑1976

(2) Oscar xe "RICHARDS:Oscar" RICHARD (sic)  1895‑1948
Gay RICHARDS  1894‑(no death date)

(Temporary metal marker)
Ireta May xe "MYERS:Ireta May" MYERS  1954‑1957

(Temporary metal marker)
John W. xe "RICHARDS:John W." RICHARDS  1860‑1954

(2) Ira RICHARDS  1888‑(no death date)
Maggie xe "RICHARDS:Maggie, Mrs.?" RICHARDS  1889‑1958

(Temporary marker)
Ira Lewis xe "RICHARDS:Ira Lewis" RICHARDS  1888‑1976

(Temporary metal marker)
Margaret xe "NELSON:Margaret" NELSON  1932‑1966

(Metal marker)
Larry A. xe "NELSON:Larry A." NELSON  1950‑1960

(Metal marker)
Clarence O. xe "NELSON:Clarence O." NELSON  1890‑1965

(Temporary metal marker)
Randal Paul xe "RICHARDS:Randal Paul" RICHARDS  1971‑1971

(2) George W. xe "CASTO:George W." CASTO  1890‑1968
Ellen xe "CASTO:Ellen, Mrs.?" CASTO  1900‑(no death date)

(Temporary metal marker)
Della xe "BERRY:Della" BERRY xe "BEISEL:Della, Mrs. (see Della BERRY)" BEISEL  1898‑1974

Clyde xe "COLLINS:Clyde" COLLINS,  WEST VIRGINIA WAGONER,  310 INF,  78 DIV  WW I August 28, 1893‑November 26, 1951

(2) Jennings B. xe "PICKENS:Jennings B." PICKENS  1896‑1964
Eva C. xe "PICKENS:Eva C., Mrs.?" PICKENS  1902‑(no death date)

Melvin J. xe "SIMONS:Melvin J." SIMONS  September 25, 1879‑October 21, 1952

Ruth Evelyn xe "HARTLEY:Ruth Evelyn" HARTLEY  1913‑1976

Herby Quinson,  son of J. A. & E. S. xe "HASCUE:Herby Quinson" xe "HASCUE:J.A. (m)" xe "HASCUE:E.S., Mrs." HASCUE December 14, 1927‑February 17, 1958

Susie E. xe "HASCUE:Susie E." HASCUE  1894‑1964

Brien/Bryan D. xe "SNYDER:Bryan D." SNYDER  1966‑1966

HAYNES (plot 3 stones)
Ilene xe "HAYNES:Ilene" HAYNES  February 10, 1935
Clella xe "HAYNES:Clella, Jr." HAYNES Jr.  January 14, 1941
Alma Leon xe "HAYNES:Alma Leon" HAYNES  February 3, 1914‑December 18, 1946

(Temporary metal marker
Harry S. xe "PUTNAM:Harry S." PUTNAM  1914‑1971









*Cemetery No. 22 ‑ Parsons Cemetery  (Washington Dist.)

Location: From Sandyville, go south on Co. Rt. 21 to Co. Rt. 14 , turn left (east) on Co. Rt 14  to convergence of Trace Run and Bucket Run, about 3.75 miles, turn south on Rt 14 following Bucket Run, about .4 miiles. The cemetery is on a hill on the left (west) side of the road. On Private property. Cross the fence, go down the telephone line to pole number 468 and veer off at a 45 degree angle down into the woods, follow a ridge to the end of the ridge, and it drops off.

Condition: In deep woods with markers hidden by fallen leaves, unfenced, not maintained.

Source of burials and guide to cemetery in 1977:
Hubert RICHARDS, Rt. 2, Sandyville, WV; Tel: 372‑8717

(Two PARSONS children)

(2)  Birdie, daughter of E. M. & S. E. xe "PARSONS:Birdie (f)" xe "PARSONS:Ethel" xe "PARSONS:E.M. (m)" xe "PARSONS:S.E., Mrs." PARSONS, age 1 year, 4 months
Ethel, daughter of E. M. & S. E. PARSONS,  age 10 months

(unmarked stones and a box with flowers ‑ no names or dates)

(The rest of the graves described below are not marked)

Hubert xe "RICHARDS:Hubert" xe "RICHARDS:Emma, Mrs." RICHARDS' grandmother's first name was Emma and she chose to be buried here. They pulled the body in with a sled down the hill. The husband of Emma xe "PARSONS:Emma, Mrs." PARSONS, buried here, is buried back in Mt. Hope cemetery, named Faust xe "PARSONS:Faust" PARSONS, age 96 at death.

Emma RICHARDS, a child, daughter of Jonah xe "RICHARDS:Jonah" RICHARDS. The child died when about 10 months old.

Emma PYATT, daughter of Emma xe "PYATT:Emma" xe "PYATT:Amy, Mrs." PYATT xe "RICHARDS:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma PYATT)" RICHARDS, died ca. 1944
Amy was the mother of the other PYATT's buried here.

There are 4 more children's graves, probably of the xe "HAWK:____" HAWK family









*Cemetery No. 23 ‑ Joe's Run Cemetery (Washington Dist.)

Location: From Ripley, go east on US Rt. 33, to Joe's Run County Road., Co. Rt. 14. Turn north into Rt. 14 (Joe's Run). Go .6 miles to fork of Rt 14 and Rt 14/5. Follow left fork of Rt 14 (Joes Run road). The cemetery is on the hill to the right of the road .3 mile from the fork of Rts 14 and 14/5.
Joe's Run church, formerly at the fork of 14, and 14/5 is no longer standing.

Condition: Cleared space top of hill, overgrown, not mowed. The cemetery is not fenced and covered with small pine trees that will take over the open and cleared space in a few years.  According to locals whom I met on the trail,  Joe's Run Church was knocked down when they built the culvert there at the intersection of 1875‑76.  The entrance to the graveyard is marked by a few red bricks stacked in a heap under the telephone wire about 100 yards from the big bushy tree near the intersection.  A lady on the trail said that there are many other people buried there, since it is a big cleared area, but not very many are marked.

(2)  A. H. xe "PARSONS:A.H. (m)" PARSONS  1848‑1923
Elizabeth S. xe "PARSONS:Elizabeth S., Mrs.?" PARSONS  1854‑1926

Donald N. xe "WESTFALL:Donald N." WESTFALL  January 16, 1903‑August 2, 1924

(Cleared spot ‑ surname headstone with three markers but no names on markers)

Hazel xe "SIMON:Hazel" SIMON xe "ROWLEY:Hazel, Mrs. (see Hazel SIMON)" ROWLEY  April 13, 1902‑February 10, 1932

Someone has made a clearing of the patch.

(2 Temporary markers ‑ side by side)
Terry Lynn xe "LUPARDUS:Terry Lynn" LUPARDUS  1958‑1958
Brenda Jean xe "LUPARDUS:Brenda Jean" LUPARDUS  1968‑1968

Thomas P. xe "LUPARDUS:Thomas P." LUPARDUS, WEST VIRGINIA Pvt.,  304 ENGINEER COMBT BN.,  79 INF DIV WWII March 10, 1908‑October 23, 1944

John S. xe "BUTCHER:John S." BUTCHER  1895‑1916

xe "____:J.R.N." J. R. N.  footstone  no headstone

S. E., wife of John xe "UTT:S.E., Mrs." xe "UTT:John" UTT  1894‑1919

(2)  James R. xe "MYERS:James R." MYERS  September 25, 1891‑(no death date)
Mary J. xe "MYERS:Mary J., Mrs.?" MYERS  August 18, 1892‑July 8, 1920

(2)  Elizabeth S. xe "LUPARDUS:Elizabeth S., Mrs.?" LUPARDUS  1869‑1955
Peter E. xe "LUPARDUS:Peter E." LUPARDUS  1861‑1954

(Temporary markers)
Elizabeth S. LUPARDUS  2 October 1955, age 86 years, 2 months, 8 days

xe "____:Pete C." Pete C. (unreadable)  23 F__ 1954 age (unreadable)

In their plot are 7 temporary markers, or with stones that have no names.










*Cemetery No. 24 ‑ Pine Grove Cemetery  (Ripley Dist.)

Sign on church: "Pine Grove May 30, 181(9?)" (or 1831?)

Location: From Ripley go north on US, 21 3.2 miles to Co Rt. 21/18, turn right and go .7 miles to fork, take right fork to the cemetery. The road continued south of the cemetery but was impassable.

(2)  Mary A. xe "SHAMBLIN:Mary A., Mrs.?" SHAMBLIN  January 13, 1911‑(no death date)
Adam H. xe "SHAMBLIN:Adam H." SHAMBLIN  December 15, 1892‑October 17, 1950

(Temporary metal marker)
William xe "SPENCER:William" SPENCER  1914‑1968

Stanley W. xe "SHAMBLIN:Stanley W." SHAMBLIN  1969‑1969

(2)  James xe "SMITH:James" SMITH  1845‑1926  Father
Mary Bell xe "SMITH:Mary Bell, Mrs." SMITH  1860‑1932  Mother

George E. xe "SMITH:George E." SMITH  June 20, 1891‑(no death date) Pvt CO. B. 543 EMG. SER. Bn. Argonne Offensive, August 5, 1918‑July 9, 1919

(2)  W. Frank xe "COEN:W. Frank" COEN  1875‑1942
Myrtle M. xe "COEN:Myrtle M." COEN  1898‑(no death date)

Charles Walter xe "COEN:Charles Walter" COEN,  West Virginia SgtT  3rd Armored Div., Korea July 31, 1928‑December 10, 1956

(2)  F. Norris xe "RHODES:F. Norris" RHODES  1907‑1962  Dad
Bertha L. xe "RHODES:Bertha L., Mrs." RHODES  1917‑(no death date) Mom

(many unmarked stones)

(Temporary metal marker)
Herbert C. xe "MULLINEY:Herbert C." MULLINEY  1887‑1967

Franklin R. xe "ROBEY:Frankliln R." ROBEY August 7, 1857‑ February 11, 1918

(Temporary metal marker)
Walter Otho xe "LUDWIG:Walter Otho" LUDWIG  1897‑1960

Creed L. xe "LUDWIG:Creed L." LUDWIG  1901‑1927

Pernine M. xe "LUDWIG:Pernine M." LUDWIG  1897‑1922

(2)  William M. xe "LUDWIG:William M." LUDWIG  1865‑1947
Rebecca A. xe "LUDWIG:Rebecca A., Mrs.?" LUDWIG  1872‑1930

Oren R. xe "BAYER:Oren R." BAYER  1907‑1924

SPEARS (plot)
(2)  Gordie E., wife of J. T. xe "SPEARS:J.T., (m)" xe "SPEARS:Gordie E., Mrs." SPEARS,  died January 10?, 1907, age 26 years, 3 months, 7 days
Virgil L., son of J. T. & G. E. xe "SPEARS:Virgil L." xe "SPEARS:G.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Gordie E. SPEARS)" SPEARS, died April 10, 1907 age 7 years, 6 months, 19 days

Charles ‑ Garry ‑ xe "SPEARS:Charles Garry" SPEARS  November 4, 1951‑August 23, 1953

Bettie Louise xe "SPEARS:Bettie Louise" SPEARS  1928‑1931

Charles F., son of H. F. & L. A. xe "SPEARS:Charles F." xe "SPEARS:H.F. (See Henry F. SPEARS)" xe "SPEARS:L.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Lucy A. SPEARS)" SPEARS April 17, 1917‑October 19, 1923, age 6 years, 6 months, 17 days

(2)  Lucy A. xe "SPEARS:Lucy A., Mrs." SPEARS  1880‑(no death date)
Henry F. xe "SPEARS:Henry F." SPEARS  1879‑1946

(2)  Frank xe "LUDWIG:Frank" LUDWIG  1867‑1920
Fannie xe "LUDWIG:Fannie, Mrs.?" LUDWIG  1879‑1963

(2 stones together)
Infant of C. F. & F. L.xe "LUDWIG:____" xe "LUDWIG:C.F. (m)" xe "LUDWIG:F.L., Mrs." LUDWIG  April 10, 1902‑April 12, 1902
Infant of C. F. & F. L. LUDWIG June 2, 1912‑ June 2, 1912

(3 stones together)
Sophia J. xe "COEN:Sophia J." COEN  May 3, 1853‑September 26, 1929
Emma xe "COWN:Emma" COWN xe "WALTERS:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma COWN)" WALTERS  1872‑1919
Amos N. xe "WALTERS:Amos N." WALTERS  1872‑1951

Asa Franklin xe "WEEKLEY:Asa Franklin" WEEKLEY  1907

(2)  Lizzie M. xe "WEEKLEY:Lizzie M., Mrs.?" WEEKLEY  1887‑1938
Thomas D. xe "WEEKLEY:Thomas D." WEEKLEY  1876‑1952

Flora I. xe "LUDWIG:Flora I." LUDWIG  November 19, 1906‑July 24, 1953

Phillip, son of D. & L. xe "LUDWIG:Phillip" LUDWIG,  died November 4, 1877, age 25 years, 12 days

Barbara, daughter of Daniel & L. xe "LUDWIG:Barbara" LUDWIG  March 4, 1877‑November 7, 1896

Mary Polena, daughter of D. & L. xe "LUDWIG:Mary Polena" xe "LUDWIG:D. (see Daniel LUDWIG)" xe "LUDWIG:L., Mrs. (see Louise LUDWIG)" LUDWIG died March 21, 1892, age 17 years, 11 days

Louise xe "LUDWIG:Louise" LUDWIG  May __, 1837‑June 7, 1915  Mother

Daniel xe "LUDWIG:Daniel" LUDWIG  died December 23, 1899, age 67 years, 4 months, 12 days Father

(2)  Anna F. xe "SPEARS:Anna F., Mrs." SPEARS  December 30, 1855‑February 24, 1919  Mother
Isaac R. xe "SPEARS:Isaac R." SPEARS  June 10, 1846‑Janaury 11, 1916 Father

William Wesley, son of I. R. & A. F. xe "SPEARS:William Wesley" xe "SPEARS:I.R., (see Isaac R. SPEARS)" xe "SPEARS:A.F., Mrs. (see Mrs. Anna F. SPEARS)" SPEARS died July 12, 1907, age 23 years, 17 days

John C. xe "SPEARS:John C." SPEARS  August 9, 1870‑January 27, 1958

(2)  Ruby M. xe "SPEARS:Ruby M., Mrs.?" SPEARS  1900‑1939
Ben H. xe "SPEARS:Ben H." SPEARS  1881‑(no death date)

(2)  Vera xe "MURRAY:Vera" MURRAY  1925‑1950
Lorraine xe "MURRAY:Lorraine" MURRAY  1920‑1951

(3)  Lena G. xe "SNIDER:Lena G., Mrs." SNIDER  1876‑(no death date) Mother
Edward xe "SNIDER:Edward" SNIDER  1874‑1915
Pearl xe "SNIDER:Pearl" SNIDER  1907‑1931

Thomas F. SNYDER  1904‑1955  Dad

(2)  Lonzo C. xe "SPEECE:Lonzo C." SPEECE  1893‑1919
Estella M. xe "SPEECE:Estella M., Mrs.?" SPEECE  1896‑1917

James W. xe "LUDWIG:James W." LUDWIG, died September 20, 1898, age 8 years, 5 months, 3 days

Louise xe "LUDWIG:Louise" LUDWIG, wife of A. F. xe "BAYER:Louise, Mrs. (see Louise LUDWIG)" BAYER,  March 9, 1891‑April 7, 1921

Elva xe "LUDWIG:Elva, Mrs.?" LUDWIG  September 29, 1900‑September 24, 1931

Arthur L. xe "LUDWIG:Arthur L." LUDWIG  September 24, 1898‑February 11, 1936

(2) Lewis xe "LUDWIG:Lewis" LUDWIG  May 12, 1858‑July 21, 1953
Sarah May xe "LUDWIG:Sarah May, Mrs.?" LUDWIG  January 16, 1864‑February 26, 1947
(Lewis and Sarah May Ludwig's headstone is made of the same marble as Elva and Arthur Ludwig's stones.)

(2)  Mary J. xe "WALTERS:Mary J., Mrs." WALTERS  1834‑1904  Mother
Jonah xe "WALTERS:Jonah" WALTERS  1820‑1899  Father

Mary C. WALTERS  1870‑1945

(2)  Emmit xe "CASTO:Emmit" CASTO  August 25, 1866‑January 1, 1938
Elizabeth xe "CASTO:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" CASTO  August 14, 1866‑April 30, 1939

Emerson A. xe "WILLIAMS:Emerson A." WILLIAMS  January 7, 1896‑November 2, 1918

Russell, son of William & E. O. xe "WILLIAMS:E.O., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth O. WILLIAMS)" xe "WILLIAMS:Russell" WILLIAMS  1903‑1908

(2)  Elizabeth O. xe "WILLIAMS:Elizabeth O., Mrs." WILLIAMS  1870‑1940  Mother
William xe "WILLIAMS:William" WILLIAMS  1849‑1931  Father
Outside of their plot, which is a concrete frame is:
Infant Daughter of D. D. & M. A. xe "CURRY:____ (f)" xe "CURRY:D.D., (m)" xe "CURRY:M.A., Mrs." CURRY  May 28, 1933

(Temporary metal marker)
Steve xe "COLLINS:Steve" COLLINS  1898‑1966

(Temporary metal marker)
Johnny M. xe "BRAHAM:Johnny M., Jr." BRAHAM, Jr.  1965‑1965

(Temporary metal marker)
William xe "BRAHAM:William " BRAHAM  1966‑1966

(Temporary metal marker)
_____HAM ____ 11, 1968  paper on marker

(Temporary marker ‑ paper gone)

(Temporary marker ‑ paper gone)

(Temporary metal marker)
John xe "BRAHAM:John" BRAHAM  1923‑1975

Edward E. xe "MILLER:Edward" MILLER  1968‑1975

Christina xe "CASTO:Christina" CASTO  1880‑1953