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No. 16 Baptist Grove Cemetery (aka Frozen Camp)
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No. 18 Pantell Cemetery
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*Cemetery No. 16 ‑ Baptist Grove Cemetery (aka Frozen Camp) (Washington Dist.)

Location: From Ripley, go east on US Rt. 33, to Frozen Camp at intersection of US 33 and Co. Rt 16. Turn left (north) but take the right fork, a dirt road to the cemetery, NOT Rt. 16, behind the Mill Creek Church.

Condition: Manicured, fenced, and in good rows

(2)  Willie N. xe "PARRISH:Willie N." PARRISH 1887‑(no death date)
Eva M. xe "PARRISH:Eva M., Mrs.?" PARRISH 1884‑1972

(2)  Rachel J. March 4, 1865-November 2, 1953 xe "COOK:Rachel J., Mrs.?"
George W. xe "COOK:George W." COOK July 31, 1854 ‑ July 7, 1921

Infant son of G.E. & Mollie xe "HARMAN:____(m)" xe "HARMAN:G.E. (m)" xe "HARMAN:Mollie, Mrs." HARMAN, February 8, 1926

Boyd, son of G.E. & Mollie xe "HARMAN:Boyd" HARMAN, October 2, 1924

(2)  Gladys D. xe "COMER:Gladys, Mrs.?" COMER, September 20, 1908‑(no death date)
Brady M. xe "COMER:Brady M." COMER, January 14, 1906‑ June 27, 1975

(Temporary Markers)
Martha Ann xe "COMER:Nartha Ann" COMER 1879‑1967

Custer K. xe "COMER:Custer K." COMER 1900‑1950

(2)  Charles V. xe "SNYDER:Charles V." SNYDER, 1884‑1943
Mae F. xe "SNYDER:Mae F., Mrs.?" SNYDER, 1889‑1960

ROSE (plot)
B.F. ROSE, son of Mary F. xe "ROSE:B.F. (m)" ROSE, born March 9, 1888; died December 22, 1899

Fannie xe "HOLLERON:Fannie, Mrs." HOLLERON, daughter of S.I. & Mary xe "ROSE:S.I. (m)" xe "ROSE:Fannie, Mrs. (see Mrs. Fannie HOLLERON)" ROSE, November 28, 1886‑February 11, 1911

(2)  Mary F. ROSE, 1864‑1937
Scy (sic) xe "ROSE:Scy (m)" ROSE, 1856‑1938

In Memory of H.S. "Sam" xe "STEWART:H.S. (see Sam STEWART)" xe "STEWART:Sam" STEWART, 1877‑1947

(2)  Martha J. xe "STEWART:Martha J., Mrs." STEWART, September 26, 1845 ‑ March 16, 1919  Mother
Alexander K. xe "STEWART:Alexander K." STEWART, November 23, 1836‑(no death date)   Father

Martha E. CASTO, wife of G.G. xe "CASTO:G.G. (m)" xe "CASTO:Martha E., Mrs." CASTO, died January 18, 1890, age 49 years, 3 months, 19 days

(two of the same style stones)
P.A. xe "CASTO:P.A." CASTO, May 1, 1867 ‑ November 23, 1902

John R. xe "CASTO:John R." CASTO, May 27, 1876‑ September 21, 1902

David L. FITZ..H? (xe "FITZHUGH:David L." xe "FITZHUGH:David A." xe "FITZHUGH:Lattim, Mrs." FITZHUGH?), son of David A. & Lattim, died July 3, 1861, aged 1 year, 6 mo, 26 days

James H. xe "LATIMER:James H." LATIMER, died October(?) 24, 1851, in the 37th year of his age

(2 stones to right of James H. Latimer ‑ unreadable)

(next to C.W. Knopp)
G.W. xe "KNOPP:G.W. (m)" KNOPP, born February 21, 1831; died August 23, 1874

(next two stones unreadable)

David M., son of J.B. & M.J. xe "KNOPP:David M." xe "KNOPP:J.B. (m)" xe "KNOPP:M.J., Mrs." KNOPP, died March 8, 1855, aged 6 months, 4 days

George xe "KNOPP:George" KNOPP, died February 18, 1855, aged 60 years, 5 months, 8 days

Mahalah, wife of J. xe "ALLEN:J. (m)" xe "ALLEN:Mahalah, Mrs." ALLEN, died October 17, 1861, aged 55 years, 9 months, 19 days

(2)  Cora xe "FOUTTY:Cora" FOUTTY, died in 16th year
(back side)
Hestera, wife of W.A. xe "FOUTTY:W.A. (m)" xe "FOUTTY:Hestera, Mrs." FOUTTY, died May 27, 1890 in 51st year

W.A. FOUTY, March 7, 1827‑ July 27, 1913

Samuel xe "FOUTY:Samuel " FOUTY, son of Clearance xe "FOUTY:Clearance" FOUTY, born October 1908,; died July 1909

C.P. xe "GUTHRIE:C.P." GUTHRIE, died March 1874, aged 38 years, 7 months, 1 day

(2)  Ezra L. October 13, 1876‑ January 7, 1904
Carrie B. June 27, 1884‑ September 10, 1885
Children of T. & N. xe "THROCKMORTON:Ezra L." xe "THROCKMORTON:Carrie B." THROCKMORTON

(footstone ‑ no headstone)

(2)  Rebecca A., wife of L.F. xe "MURRAY:L.F. (m)" xe "MURRAY:Rebecca A., Mrs." xe "MURRAY:____ (f)" MURRAY, born October 5, 1848; died June 26, 1881
Infant, daughter of L.F. & R.A. MURRAY, died June 18, 1881, 19 days

(2)  George Fred xe "TAMPLIN:George Fred" TAMPLIN 1861‑1937
Carlotta xe "TAMPLIN:Carlotta, Mrs.?"TAMPLIN 1868‑1938

(fallen stone‑ not readable)

Sarah J. xe "DAVIS:Sarah J., Mrs." DAVIS, November 5, 1847‑ February 12, 1921, aged 74 years, 9 months, 23 days

Leosae, daughter of M.J. & Sarah J. xe "DAVIS:Leosae (f)" xe "DAVIS:M.J. (m)" DAVIS, born August 29, 1880; died January 21, 1903, aged 22 years, 4 months, 21 days

(2)  William Franklin, son of H.F. & R.A. xe "KNOPP:William Franklin" xe "KNOPP:H.F. (see Henry F. KNOPP)" xe "KNOPP:R.A. (see Mrs. Rachel A., KNOPP)" KNOPP, May 26, 1868‑ December 22, 1908
Zona xe "STATTS:Zona" STATTS, wife of W.F. xe "KNOPP:Zona, Mrs. (see Zona STAATS)" KNOPP, August 25, 1880‑ July 12, 1913

(2)  Henry F. xe "KNOPP:Henry F." KNOPP, March 2, 1838‑(no death date)
Rachel A. xe "KNOPP:Rachel A., Mrs." KNOPP, February 28, 1843‑ February 19, 1910
(Footstone: H.F.K. ‑ no headstone)

Harry C., son of H.F. & R.A. xe "KNOPP:Harry C." KNOPP, died March 30, 1906, aged 17 years, 7 months, 2 days

(2)  Lillie C., wife of E.M. xe "PETERS:E.M. (m)" xe "PETERS:Lillie C., Mrs." PETERS, died July 25, 1894, aged 29 years, 10 months, 11 days
Mary A., wife of C.D. xe "SEAMAN:C.D. (m)" xe "SEAMAN:Mary A., Mrs." SEAMAN, died January 29, 1896, aged 29 years, 3 months, 18 days
(bottom of stone: "Sisters")

(2)  Audie L. xe "KNOPP:Audie L." KNOPP, died July 17, 1889, aged 19 years, (unreadable months), 11 days
Carrie M. xe "KNOPP:Carrie M." KNOPP, died June 14, 1888, aged 16 years, 12 days

Fannie, daughter of H.F. & R.A. xe "KNOPP:Fannie" KNOPP, died August 8, 1875, (years and days unreadable)

(Footstone: xe "____:R.M.C." R.M.C. ‑ No headstone

Dorcus, wife of C.W. xe "KNOPP:C.W. (m)" xe "KNOPP:Dorcus, Mrs." KNOPP, born December 3, 1831; died March 24, 1868

(broken stone)
Virginia S., wife of Jas. xe "WIBLAN:James" xe "WIBLAN:Virginia S., Mrs." WIBLAN, died February 14, 1870, in her 31st year
(broken‑ rest unreadable)

(Footstone (V?).S.W. ‑ no dates)

Williamson W. xe "WIBLAN:Williamson W." WIBLAN, died August 5, 1858, age 69 years, 5 months, 7 days

John xe "LOGAN:John" LOGAN, died  October 9, 1848, aged 26 years, 11 months, 6 days

Jane L., wife of John xe "LOGAN:Jane L., Mrs." LOGAN, died May 2, 1853, age 30 years, 11 mo, 8 days

Isabel xe "LOGAN:Isabel" LOGAN, died January 23, 1890, aged 10 years, 7 months, 27 days

(2)  Marshel xe "MITCHEL:Cordelia, Mrs." xe "MITCHEL:Marshel" MITCHEL, born April 26, 1882, died December 1, 1878, Cordelia, wife of Marshel MITCHEL, born March 22, 1833‑(no death date)

Lola, wife of Elias xe "PARSONS:Elias" xe "PARSONS:Lola, Mrs." PARSONS, died June? 1, 1816 in 16th year (rest unreadable)

xe "____:J.L." J.L. (no last name)
xe "____:C.K." C.K. (no last name)

Melissa J.,, daughter of W. & C. xe "KNOPP:Melissa J." xe "KNOPP:W. (m)" xe "KNOPP:C., Mrs." KNOPP,died July 9, 1847, aged 2 months, 22 days

xe "____:D.A.B." D.A.B. (no names)

(2)  Elias xe "PARSONS:Elias" PARSONS, born April 15, 1829 ‑ (no death date)
Martha wife of Elias xe "PARSONS:Martha, Mrs."PARSONS, died September 21, 1892, aged 62 years, 5 months, 23 days.

Josephine xe "LEE:Josephine" LEE, born November 3, 1854; died January 20, 1890

xe "" (.), daughter of E. & M. xe "PARSONS:E. (m)" xe "PARSONS:M., Mrs." PARSONS, died June 3, 1860, aged 9 years, 8 months, 2 days

Rebecca J., daughter of G. & F. xe "CONLEY:Rebecca J." xe "CONLEY:G. (m)" xe "CONLEY:F., Mrs." CONLEY, died December 14, 1871, aged 1 years, 22 days

Rosa Bell, daughter of B. & E.A. xe "LANDFRIED:E.A., Mrs. (see Elizabeth A. LATTIMER)" xe "LANDFRIED:B. (see Benjamin LANDFRIED)" LANDFRIED, died June 1(1?), 1__4, aged, (underground ‑ unreadable)

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 31
xe "LANDFRIED:Rosa Bell" xe "LANDFRIED:Benjamin" xe "LANDFRIED:Elizabeth A., Mrs. (see Elizabeth A. LATTIMER)" xe "LATTIMER:Elizabeth A." LANDFRIED, Rosa Bell died June 1, 1874, daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth A. (Lattimer) LANDFRIED]

Ruth May COOK, May 9, 1917‑ May 15, 1917

H. (no  name)
S. (no name)
xe "____:M.A.S." M.A.S. (no names)

Infant of David B. & Rebecca xe "PARSONS:____" xe "PARSONS:David B." xe "PARSONS:Rebecca, Mrs." PARSONS, born August 10, 1871

Phoebe O. xe "PARSONS:Phoebe O." PARSONS, November 12, 1836 ‑ June 6, 1875

Edward xe "DAVIS:Edward" DAVIS, died January 26, 1878, aged 2 months, 26 days

James M., son of L. & R.? O. xe "PARSONS:James M." xe "PARSONS:L. (m)" xe "PARSONS:R.O., Mrs." PARSONS, died January 20, 1887, aged 31 years, 1 month, 7 days

Edward, son of G.W. & S.E. xe "PARSONS:Edward" xe "PARSONS:G.W. (m)" xe "PARSONS:S.E., Mrs." PARSONS, died December 31, 1882, age 4 years, 15 days

Hiram xe "PARSONS:Hiram" PARSONS, September 16, 1833 ‑ March 31, 1909

Infant daughter of S.F. & E.F. HUDSON, died April 19, 1901

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 29
HUDSON, Infant daughter of E.F. & E.E. xe "HUDSON:____ (f)" xe "HUDSON:E.F. (m)" xe "HUDSON:E.E., Mrs." HUDSON, died April 19, 1901]

Mary C., daughter of J.A. & H.B. xe "PARSONS:Mary C." xe "PARSONS:J.A., (m)" xe "PARSONS:H.B., Mrs." PARSONS, died March 30, 1901, aged 21 years, 5 months, 29 days

Sarah R., daughter of J.A. & M.V.xe "PARSONS:Sarah R." xe "PARSONS:M.V., Mrs." PARSONS, born September 2, 1885, died September 3, 1900

Mattie, daughter of J.A. & M.V. xe "PARSONS:Mattie" xe "PARSONS:J.A. (m)" xe "PARSONS:M.V., Mrs." PARSONS, died November 6, 1891, aged 3 years, 5 months, 6 days

M.V., wife of J.A. PARSONS, 1847‑1909

J.A. xe "PARSONS:J.A. (m)" PARSONS, 1843‑1906

(2)  Jesse A.  1879‑1909, son of J.A. & M.V. xe "PARSONS:Jesse A." PARSONS
Emma J.   1870‑1911, daughter of J.A. & M.V. e "PARSONS:Emma J." PARSONS

(3)  Howard W., son of D.B. & Ethyl xe "WIBLIN:Howard W." xe "WIBLIN:D.B. (m)" xe "WIBLIN:Ethyl, Mrs." WIBLIN, April 3, 1906‑ July 8, 1906
Baby of B.F.& P.E. xe "WIBLIN:B.F. (see Benjamin F. WIBLIN)" xe "WIBLIN:P.E., Mrs." WIBLIN, 1906‑1906
Benjamin F. xe "WIBLIN:Benjamin F." WIBLIN, 1872‑1935  Father

Frank xe "POWERS:Frank" POWERS, 1882‑1929

Earl B. xe "PIERCE:Earl B." PIERCE, TEC 4, U.S. Army, WW II, February 6, 1908 ‑ May 17, 1976

(2)  Fred H. xe "BEE:Fred H." BEE 1857‑1951
Lola B. xe "BEE:Lola B., Mrs.?" BEE 1861‑1937

(2)  Katie xe "TONEY:Katie, Mrs.?" TONEY, 1883‑1965
Everett V. xe "TONEY:Everett V." TONEY 1886‑1961

Gerald Clinton xe "TONEY:Gerald Clinton" TONEY, West Virginia F 1, US Navy, WW II February 3, 1926‑October 11, 1973

xe "____:S.R.P." S.R.P.

(2)  Lellia xe "PARSONS:Lellia, Mrs.?" PARSONS 1876‑1961
Otmer C. xe "PARSONS:Otmer C." PARSONS 1869‑1945

(2)  Melinda F. xe "PARSONS:Melinda F., Mrs.?" PARSONS 1845‑1922
Lewis M. xe "PARSONS:Lewis M." PARSONS 1839‑1910

Millie L.A., daughter of L.M. & M.F. xe "PARSONS:Millie L.A." xe "PARSONS:M.F., Mrs. (see Mrs. M.F. PARSONS)" xe "PARSONS:L.M. (see Lewis M. PARSONS)" PARSONS, died July 20, 1879, aged 5 years, 8 months, 1 day

xe "____:L.C.P." L.C.P.
xe "____:M.E.M." M.E.M ‑infant

___id .I (not readable) PAYNE, died September 4, 1875, aged 67 years, (1?) mo, 19 days

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 32
xe "PAYNE:Levi" PAYNE, Levi died Septmeber 1, 1870, age 67 years, 11 months, 19 days.]

(2)  Laura L., died September 22, 1884, aged 3 months, 13 days
Anna C., died November 18, 1885, aged 1 month, 9 days
daughters of A.L. & E.F. xe "ATKINS:Laura L." xe "ATKINS:Anna C." ATKINS

Mary Catherine xe "PARSONS:Mary Catherine" PARSONS, wife of T. Nathan xe "LEE:T. Nathan" xe "LEE:Mary Catherine, Mrs. (see Mary Catherine PARSONS)" LEE, 1853‑1902

(broken stone)
Mary F., daughter of J. & F. xe "LATTIMER:Mary F." LATTIMER, died February 4, 1872

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 30
LATTIMER, Mary F.,  died February 4, 1872, aged about 18 years, daughter of James and Frances xe "PARSONS:Frances" PARSONS xe "LATTIMER:James" xe "LATTIMER:Frances, Mrs. (see Frances PARSONS)" LATTIMER.]

(2)  Charles PARSONS, died December 7, 187(_), age (7?)0 years, 5 months, 23 days
Rebecca, wife of Charles xe "PARSONS:Charles" xe "PARSONS:Rebecca, Mrs." PARSONS, (word‑ unreadable) age (no further information)

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 31
xe "PARSONS:Charles, Jr." xe "PARSONS:Rebecca A., Mrs. (see Rebecca A. WOLFE)" PARSONS, Charles, Jr., died December 1875, age 70 years, 5 months, 28 days; son of William L. & Susan xe "FINK:Susan" FINK xe "PARSONS:William L." xe "PARSONS:Susan, Mrs. (see Susan FINK)" PARSONS; married Rebecca A. xe "WOLFE:Rebecca A." WOLFE, Nov 23, 1826.]

Euliah PARSONS, died J(une/anuary?) 2_?, 1_4_? (unreadable), 1 month , 4 days

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 31
xe "PARSONS:Elias" PARSONS, Elias born Apr 15, 1829- (no death date); son of Charles & Rebecca WOLFE PARSONS.]

xe "____:C.W.P." C.W.P.

xe "____:C.W.K." C.W.K.
xe "____:W.E.P." W.E.P.
xe "____:M.C.L." M.C.L.
xe "____:J.B." J.B.
(_). P.
xe "____:D.L.K." D.L.K
xe "____:H.A.F." H.A.F.
xe "____:F.O.B." F.O.B.

David L. xe "WARNER:David L." WARNER, April 4, 1874 ‑ June 22, 1903

(stone in shape of tree trunk made of concrete)
Fannie O., daughter of F.H. & L.B. xe "BEE:Fannie O." xe "BEE:F.H. (m)" xe "BEE:L.B., Mrs." BEE, born Januay 8?, 1886; died April 2, 1901

Herbert Bee xe "SHOULDIS:Herbert Bee" SHOULDIS, grandson of F.H. & L.B. BEE, 1916‑1917

Infant daughter of W.F. & A.R. xe "POWER:____ (f)" xe "POWER:W.F. (m)" xe "POWER:A.R., Mrs." POWER, 1925

Marion E. xe "MILLER:Marion E." MILLER, born near Piqua, Miami County, Ohio, November 1, 1865; died June 24, 1890"

Cynthia A., wife of J.J. xe "MILLER:J.J. (m)" xe "MILLER:Cynthia A., Mrs." MILLER, born (blank); died June 29, 1903

xe "____:I.M." I.M. (broken)
xe "____:H.P." H.P.
xe "____:C.A.W." C.A.W.
xe "____:E.P." E.P.
xe "____:E.D." E.D.

Ethel, daughter of G.G. & H.B. xe "DUKE:Ethel" xe "DUKE:G.G. (m)" xe "DUKE:H.B., Mrs." DUKE, died December 28, 1898, aged 1 year, 11 months, 7 days

(Marker next to Ethel Duke)

Luella, wife of W.C. xe "KALT:Luella, Mrs." xe "KALT:W.C. (m)" KALT, 1878‑1906

Lewis xe "WILLIAMS:Lewis" WILLIAMS, born/died July 27, 1913

xe "____:J.A.P." J.A.P.

Flora F. xe "GOLDEN:Flora F." GOLDEN xe "HALL:Flora F., Mrs. (see Flora GOLDEN)" HALL, 1888‑1962

Okey E. xe "CLINE:Okey E." CLINE, 1896‑1930

(2)  Martha H. xe "CLINE:Martha H., Mrs." CLINE 1863‑1931
William O. xe "CLINE:William O." CLINE 1864‑1935

James William xe "CONLEY:Charles F." CONLEY, May 29, 1932‑ October 1932

(2)  Charles F. CLINE 1893‑1947
Esther G. xe "CLINE:Esther G., Mrs.?" CLINE 1892‑1971

(two stones together)
Levada xe "CLINE:Levada, Mrs.?" CLINE 1883‑1967
Roy W. xe "CLINE:Roy W." CLINE 1891‑1954

Larry G. xe "PARSONS:Larry G." xe "PARSONS:Christina" xe "PARSONS:Stephanie" xe "PARSONS:Larry G., Jr." PARSONS, father of Christina‑Stephanie‑Larry G. II October 19, 1942 ‑ October 24, 1972

(2)  Eva Etta xe "HUDSON:Eva Etta, Mrs.?" HUDSON, October 10, 1901‑ May 5, 1975
Everett H. xe "HUDSON:Everett H." HUDSON December 11, 1897‑ (no death date)

Dewaine L. xe "CASTO:Dewaine L.," CASTO, April 30, 1951 ‑ October 6, 1967 (photo)

(Temporary marker)
Denise xe "CASTO:Denise" CASTO, 1967‑1967

(2)  Martha Belle xe "MITCHELL:Martha Belle, Mrs.?" MITCHELL, 1868‑1951
Thomas Jefferson xe "MITCHELL:Thomas Jefferson" MITCHELL 1868‑1951

(2)  Janie P. xe "MITCHELL:Janie P., Mrs.?" MITCHELL, 1902‑ (no death date)
Roy J. xe "MITCHELL:Roy J." MITCHELL 1900‑1973

(2)  J. Lenley xe "MULLINEX:J. Lenley" MULLINEX 1865‑1943
Mary J. xe "MULLINEX:Mary J., Mrs.?" MULLINEX 1865‑1937

(2)  Kenna xe "PARSONS:Kenna" PARSONS, 1877‑1963
Rose M. xe "PARSONS:Rose M., Mrs.?" PARSONS 1888‑(no death date)

Eugene C. xe "GUTHRIE:Eugene C." GUTHRIE, 1905‑1933

Henry Forrest xe "GUTHRIE:Henry Forrest" GUTHRIE, West Virginia, Pvt, U.S. Marine Corps, WW I May 12, 1894‑ February 20, 1959

James C. xe "GUTHRIE:James C." GUTHRIE 1900‑1969

Harry E. xe "WILLIAMS:Harry E." WILLIAMS 1897‑1938

(Temporary Markers)
Wade H. xe "HICKMAN:Wade H." HICKMAN 1869‑1959

(Temporary Marker)
xe "____:J.H.J." J.H.J

(2)  Clara V. xe "WILLIAMS:Clara V., Mrs." WILLIAMS 1881‑1959  Mother
Fred H. xe "WILLIAMS:Fred H." WILLIAMS 1883‑1957   Father

Reeci xe "WILLIAMS:Reeci" WILLIAMS born‑died February 16, 1917

Daniel H. xe "JONES:Daniel H." JONES, born June 3, 1825; died September 11, 1905, age 80 years, 3 mos

xe "____:J.A.P." J.A.P.

Dora Belle, daughter of E.G. & C.F. xe "CLINE:Dora Belle" xe "CLINE:E.G. (m)" xe "CLINE:C.F., Mrs." CLINE, 1916‑1917

xe "____:H.W.W." H.W.W.
xe "____:D.M.C." D.M.C.

Levi xe "GUTHRIE:Levi" GUTHRIE, 1865‑1952  Father

Dora M., wife of L.D. xe "GUTHRIE:L.D. (see Levi GUTHRIE)" xe "GUTHRIE:Dora M., Mrs." GUTHRIE, June 2, 1871‑ February 10, 1906, aged 36 years, 8 months, 8 days

(2)  E.B. xe "PARSONS:E.B. (m)" PARSONS  1856‑1900
M.B. xe "PARSONS:M.B., Mrs.?" PARSONS  1858‑(no death date)

(2)  Jacob xe "FRESHOUR:Jacob" FRESHOUR, born July 21, 1830; died August 30, 1898  Father
Elizabeth xe "FRESHOUR:Elizabeth, Mrs." FRESHOUR, born February 23, 1837; died May 26, 1905  Mother

Charles xe "PARSONS:Charles" PARSONS, Virginia Scout, Revolutionary War, Indian Wars, 1745‑1823 Revolutionary Soldier ‑ Charles PARSONS ‑ 1745‑1820 (sic)Placed by Wilson Cary Nicholas Chapter DAR

Emmitt xe "PARSONS:Emmitt" PARSONS, died July 27, 1884, age 16 years, 4 months, 3 days

E.S. xe "PARSONS:E.S." PARSONS, died May 31, 1833, age 31 years, 1 month, 8 days

(2)  Jane xe "PARSONS:Jane, Mrs." PARSONS, 1855‑1936
Staats xe "PARSONS:Staats" PARSONS 1851‑1883

W.W. xe "PARSONS:W.W. (m)" PARSONS, died August 21, 1879, age 51 years, 8 months, 18 days
(Masonic symbol)

Florence, wife of W.W. xe "PARSONS:Florence, Mrs." PARSONS, died November 19, 1911, age 80 years, 11 months, 19 days

(2)  Capt. William L. Lowther xe "PARSONS:William L. Lowther, Capt." PARSONS, 1765‑1839
George Walker xe "PARSONS:George Walker" PARSONS 1821‑1901

Mary E., daughter of G.W. xe "PARSONS:Mary E." xe "PARSONS:G.W. (see George Walker PARSONS)" PARSONS, died September 14, 1864, aged 28 years, 3 months, 25 days

Martha C, daughter of G.W. & N.E. xe "PARSONS:Martha C." PARSONS, died May 26, 1872

Robert B. xe "PARSONS:Robert B." PARSONS, died December 25, 1886, aged 35 yrs

David A. xe "BROWN:David A." BROWN, born May 24, 1854; died June 20, 1895

Deborah, wife of D.A. xe "BROWN:Deborah, Mrs." BROWN, born September 28, 1857; died October 9, 1885, aged 28 years, 19 days

(2)  James BROWN, died May 28, 1878, age 77 years, Dorcas, wife of James xe "BROWN:James" xe "BROWN:Dorcas, Mrs." BROWN, died June 12, 1897, aged 80, 9 months, 8? days

Henry xe "BROWN:Henry" BROWN, died October 28, 18(8?)1, aged 40 years, (unreadable) months, 2(3?) days

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 28
xe "BROWN:James" xe "BROWN:Dorcus, Mrs. (see Dorcus CARNEY)" BROWN, Henry, died October 28, 1881, age 40 years, 2 months, 28 days, son of James and Dorcus xe "CARNEY" xe "CARNEY:Dorcus" CARNEY xe "BROWN:J" BROWN.]

Melissa J. xe "BROWN:Melissa J." BROWN, July 12, 1845 ‑ February 19, 1912

Jesse T., died July 4, 1885, age 11 months, 11 days

E. and E.L. xe "PARSONS:E." xe "PARSONS:E. (m)" xe "PARSONS:E.L., Mrs.?" PARSONS
(opposite side)
Reese V., son of S.W. & L. xe "BULL:Reese V." xe "BULL:S.W. (m)" xe "BULL:L., Mrs." BULL, died June 12, 1897, aged 1 year, 6 months

xe "REASON:____" REASON ‑ xe "BULL:____" BULL 1895‑1897

(2)  M.V. xe "HICKMAN:M.V. (m)" HICKMAN 1839‑(no death date)
Ann xe "HICKMAN:Ann, Mrs." HICKMAN, 1838‑1913, wife

(Markers to left of M.V. and Ann Hickman)
Ann April 5 ‑ March 3, (no years given)
xe "____:M.V.H." M.V.H. July 26
xe "____:J.T.P." J.T.P.
xe "____:H.S.H." H.S.H (broken marker)

(Temporary marker)
Eva xe "TENNY:Eva"

TENNY(?) xe "WILSON:Eva, Mrs. (see Eva TENNY)" WILSON, died December? (unreadabledate), 190(1 or 5?)

(Temporary marker)
Charlie xe "WILLIAMS:Charlie" WILLIAMS, died February 22, 1923

Emery xe "CLINE:Emery" CLINE 1905‑1917

Tennie E. xe "PARSONS:Tennie E." PARSONS, 1893‑1973

Offie W. xe "PARSONS:Offie W. (m)" PARSONS, 1898‑1918  Brother

(2)  Alfred G. xe "PARSONS:Alfred G." PARSONS, 1856‑1910
Mary E. xe "PARSONS:Mary E., Mrs.?" PARSONS 1859‑1937

Austin Denny, son of A.G. & M.E. xe "PARSONS:Austin Denny" xe "PARSONS:M.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary E. PARSONS)" xe "PARSONS:A.G. (see Alfred G. PARSONS)" PARSONS, died July 22, 1909, aged 13 years, 1 month, 16 days

(Temporary marker)
Esther F. xe "CONANT:Esther F." CONANT 1875‑1858

(2)  J. Emmet xe "MILHOAN:J. Emmet" MILHOAN 1891‑1936
Bud F. MILHOAN 1930‑1976
(at bottom of stone)
Bud Flemming xe "MILHOAN:Bud Flemming" MILHOAN, A1C (AIC?), USAF, Korea, January 16, 1930 ‑ January 18, 1976

(Temporary marker)
Kenneth B. xe "PARSONS:Kenneth B." PARSONS, 1877‑1963

Nellie V. xe "HITE:Nellie V." HITE December 5, 1899‑March 15, 1972

Thomas V. H xe "HITE:Thomas V." HITE 1872‑1957

Clarence H. xe "JOHNSTON:Clarence H." JOHNSTON, 1917‑1951, Son

Selma Louise xe "MARDEN:Selma Louise" xe "MARDEN:John C." xe "MARDEN:Gladys, Mrs." MARDEN, 1950‑1958, daughter of John C. & Gladys

Clara Ellen xe "HARMON:Clara Ellen, Mrs." HARMON, December 20, 1872 ‑ November 11, 1958  Mother

(2)  Eva E. xe "WILLIAMS:Eva E., Mrs." WILLIAMS 1886‑1970  Mother
Roy V. xe "WILLIAMS:Roy V." WILLIAMS 1889‑1961  Father

Lewis Allen xe "KOON:Lewis Allen" KOON,  September 1, 1888‑ December 2, 1970

Roland Eugene xe "KOON:Roland Eugene" KOON, 1959








*Cemetery No. 17 ‑ Casto Cemetery ‑ (Ripley Dist.)

Location: Six miles west on US Rt 33 from Ripley. Cemetery is on the right after Pantell Cemetery (No. 18)

Condition: On a hill, open.

CASTO (plot)
(2)  Bell V. xe "CASTO:Bell V., Mrs.?" CASTO  1891‑(no death date)
John J. xe "CASTO:John J." CASTO  1887‑1961

Jennings J. xe "CASTO:Jennings J." CASTO  West Virginia Pvt.,  329 Infantry,  83 Infantry Division, World War II,  April 24, 1923‑October 3, 1944

(next to Jennings Castro)
Bernice M. xe "IODICE:Bernice" IODICE xe "CASTO:Bernice M., Mrs. (see Bernice IODICE)" CASTO  April 7, 1911‑April 2, 1976  Mother

(3)  Walter L. xe "KAY:Walter L." KAY  1924‑(no death date)
W. Loyd xe "KAY:W. Loyd" KAY  1891‑1973
Vada xe "KAY:Vada, Mrs.?" KAY 1894‑(no death date)

Roy W. xe "KAY:Roy W." KAY  September 19, 1917‑July 9, 1958

(2)  Nellie P. xe "CASTO:Nellie P., Mrs.?" CASTO  1904‑(no death date)
Orion W. xe "CASTO:Orion W." CASTO  1898‑1953

Jimmy Keith xe "CASTO:Jimmy Keith" CASTO  May 1, 1963  Infant

Frank P. xe "LISLE:Frank P." LISLE  January 3, 1876‑February 22, 1940

Stephen or Steven M. xe "CASTO:Stephen M." CASTO  July 29, 1954‑October 9, 1976 Husband and Father










*Cemetery No 18 ‑ Pantell Cemetery ‑ (Ripley Dist.)

Location: Six miles west on US Rt 33 from Ripley. Cemetery is on the right on the hill before Casto Cemetery (No. 17) and connected by a road running between them.

Condition:  Fenced and mowed, with no real rows, scattered at random.

Myrtle M. xe "PANTELL:Myrtle M." PANTELL 1885‑1957

(Metal marker)
Kenneth Norman xe "WHITEHOUSE:Kenneth Norman" WHITEHOUSE  1974‑1974  Son

(Metal marker)
Andy xe "MC CUNE:Andy" MC CUNE  1874‑1889 

Della & Andy MC CUNE  no dates

(Metal marker)
Della xe "MC CUNE:Della, Mrs.?" MC CUNE  1888‑1972

Angel Michelle xe "SELMON:Angel Michelle" SELMON  1976‑1976

Infant xe "RAMSEY:____" RAMSEY 1971‑1972

Donna Jane xe "RAMSEY:Donna Jane" RAMSEY  1960‑1960

Edgar xe "WILLIAMS:Edgar" WILLIAMS  1889‑1955

(Temporary metal marker)
Jeremy Leo xe "CUNNINGHAM:Jeremy Leo" CUNNINGHAM  1973‑1973

Rose Ann Nancy xe "CRANE:Rose Ann Nancy" CRANE  1916‑1976

CLINTON (plot)
John D. xe "CLINTON:John D., Jr." CLINTON, Jr.  1910‑1970

Nina W. xe "CLINTON:Nina, Mrs.?" CLINTON  1911‑1954

John D. xe "CLINTON:John D., Sr." CLINTON, Sr.  1849‑1912

Dora A. xe "CRANE:Dora A." CRANE xe "CLINTON:Dora A., Mrs. (see Dora A. CRANE)" CLINTON  1885‑1972

Billy E. xe "MC COY:Billy E." MC COY  1940‑1941

(Metal marker)
Urser L. xe "MYERS:Urser L." MYERS  1900‑1970

Charlie C. xe "MYERS:Charlie C." MYERS  1878‑1967

Nora Faye xe "SPELLMAN:Nora Faye" SPELLMAN, age 2 days, 1958  "Our Baby"

Hazel xe "NICHOLS:Hazel" NICHOLS  1959‑1960  Daughter

Maude xe "NICHOLS:Maude" NICHOLS  1876‑1967

(Temporary metal marker)
Hazel NICHOLS  1959‑1960  Infant

Charles Lewis xe "CLAY:Charles Lewis" CLAY,  Pfc., US ARMY, World War II, March 8, 1923‑December 21, 1975

Imogene xe "CLAY:Imogene, Mrs.?" CLAY  1925‑1975

(Metal marker)
Mae xe "WRYRICH:Mae" WRYRICH  1916‑1963

Ervin xe "JARRETT:Ervin" JARRETT  1882‑1962

(Metal marker)
W. B. xe "RENNELLS:W.B." RENNELLS  1884‑1962

(Metal marker)
Baby xe "HENTHORN:____" HENTHORN  1961‑1961

(Metal marker)
Martha xe "MALLARD:Martha" MALLARD  1883‑1960