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*Cemetery No. 57  ‑ Ravenswood Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Ravenswood go up WV Rt. 2 (River road) about 1 mile. The entrance to the cemetery is on the right.

Condition: The cemetery is large, well manicured.

The cemetery listing for the burials is located at B. M. Chamber's home in Ravenswood.  He is Secretary‑Treasurer of the Association. He has records of lot owners, not who are buried.

(NOTE: The stones were read by plot, and family name within the plot. Later in the readings for Ravenswood Cemetery, the plots are defined with "===========" and a surname if the plot was identifiable as such. Often it was not possible to say when or if the plot stopped so there may or may not be a "end of plot" indicator "=========="  in this listing.

I did not finish reading Sections 7‑9 on the south side of that road, but you can use Carolyn Miihlbach's publication, "Ravenswood Cemetery ‑ Tombstone Inscriptions, May 1984" (see NOTES, 3. for full details) to finish the search of this cemetery. Her readings for sections 7-9 fill 40 pages.

There is an east‑west road that divides the left and right sides of the cemetery as you enter the front (North) gate.

Starting with the oldest section of the cemetery, Section 1.

(2)  William B. xe "CAMPBELL:William B." CAMPBELL  1869‑1943
Rena M. xe "CAMPBELL:Rena M., Mrs.?" CAMPBELL  1893‑1967

(2)  D. Fredrick xe "CAMPBELL:D. Frederick" CAMPBELL  1949‑1957
James D. xe "CAMPBELL:James D." CAMPBELL  1951‑1957
Sons of R. C. & Manzel xe "CAMPBELL:R.C. (m)" xe "CAMPBELL:Manzel, Mrs." CAMPBELL

(2)  William H. xe "LEE:William H." LEE December 25, 1850‑April 10, 1924
Anna E. xe "LEE:Anna E., Mrs.?" LEE  February 10, 1852‑Februry 29, 1900

Murtis,  daughter of W. H. & A. V. xe "WOOD:Murtis" xe "WOOD:W.H. (m)" WOOD, died May 21, 1870, age 1 month, 24 days

(2)  Sarah A., daughter of W. H. & A. V. xe "WOOD:Sarah A." xe "WOOD:A.V., Mrs. (see Mrs. Addie V. WOOD)" WOOD, died April 27, 1884 age 16 years, 3 months, 29 days
Addie V., wife of W. H. WOOD died April 16, 1884, age 38 years, 6 months, 1 day

(Old Stone)
Elizabeth xe "____RD:Elizabeth" ____RD  October __, 1819, died May __, _____

Emma Alice xe "GRANT:Emma Alice" GRANT  1868‑1887

Uriah xe "MORGAN:Uriah" REA_ _, (sic- MORGAN ‑ see below)   Co. C  115? or 15? Ohio Inf.

Jervis S. xe "STOOPS:Jervis S." STOOPS, died Septemer 16, 1861, age 45 years, 1 month

Mary xe "MORGAN:Mary, Mrs." MORGAN,  wife of Uriah xe "MORGAN:Uriah" MORGAN, died July 5, 1873, age 85 years, 22 days

ATEN (plot, left to right)
Peter xe "ATEN:Peter" ATEN  1819‑1891  Father

Mary A. xe "ATEN:Mary A., Mrs." ATEN  1827‑1902  Mother

U. C. xe "ATEN:U.C." ATEN  1864‑1939

William T., son of P. & M. A. xe "ATEN:William T." xe "ATEN:P. (see Peter ATEN)" xe "ATEN:M.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary A. ATEN)" ATEN  1860‑1887

Mary R. xe "ATEN:Mary R." ATEN  1867‑1923

Annie xe "ATEN:Annie" ATEN  1857‑1925

Peter ATEN,  Co. A  5th West Virginia Infantry


ABLES (plot)
Phyliss xe "ABLES:Phyliss" ABLES  1931‑1958

Sherry Kay xe "ABLES:Sherry Kay" ABLES  Infant Daughter

Robert xe "ABLES:Robert" ABLES  West Virginia Pvt  166th Inf  42nd Div.  July 28, 1918

Millie xe "ABLES:Millie" ABLES  1863‑1954

William "Bill" xe "ABLES:William" ABLES  1862‑1936


SAYRE (plot)
Henrietta, wife of William xe "SAYRE:William" xe "SAYRE:Hentrietta, Mrs." SAYRE died October 24, 1889, age 61 years, 1 month, 9 days

R. W. xe "FURNALL:R.W. (m)" FURNALL,  died January 13, 1885, age 52 years, 10 months, 9 days

William xe "TAYLOR:William" TAYLOR,  died October 1, 1872, age 23 years, 1 month, 21 days

Mary, wife of R. xe "TAYLOR:Mary, Mrs." xe "TAYLOR:R. (see Ruben TAYLOR)" TAYLOR,  died April 29, 1871 or 1876,  age 63 years, 6 months, 14 days

Ruben xe "TAYLOR:Ruben" TAYLOR,  died September 17, 1878, age 62 years, 4 months, 19 days

(2)  Sarah A. xe "WOOD:Sarah A., Mrs." WOOD  August 10, 1843‑June 29, 1911  Mother
James F. xe "WOOD:James F." WOOD  March 14, 1845‑December 14, 1919  Father

Noah, son of J. F. & S. A. xe "WOOD:Noah" xe "WOOD:J.F. (see James F. WOOD)" xe "WOOD:S.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah A. WOOD)" WOOD  no dates

(fallen stone, not read)

Margaret, wife of H. xe "LOBDILL:Margaret, Mrs." xe "LOBDILL:H. (m)" LOBDILL born March 19, 1832‑January 9, 1875, age 36 years, 7 months, 20 days

(2)  Elza E., son of E. J. xe "SMITH:Elza E. (m)" xe "SMITH:E.J. Mrs., (see Mrs. Eliza J. SMITH)" SMITH October 11, 1867‑April 23, 1909
Eliza J. SMITH  February 25, 1841  Mother

Nancy J., daughter of D. & J. xe "SOMERVILLE:Nancy J." xe "SOMERVILLE:D. (m)" xe "SOMERVILLE:J., Mrs." SOMERVILLE died July 4, 1872, age 20 years, 9 months, 20 days

Lewis A. xe "GABBERT:Lewis A." GABBERT,  Co. I  11th West Virginia Vol. Inf. died January 27, 1864, age 16 years, 11 months, 25 days

D. D. xe "MURPHY:D.D. (m)" MURPHY,  Co. I  11th West Virginia INF

A. M. xe "WEST:A.M." WEST  no dates

Hannah, wife of Henry xe "KEYES:Hannah, Mrs. " xe "KEYES:Henry" KEYES,  died April 14, 1888, age 49 years


HEATON  (plot)

James E., son of William and Hattie xe "HEATON:James E." xe "HEATON:Hattie, Mrs. (see Mrs. Harriet HEATON)" HEATON, died December 24, 1875, aged 12 or 2 years, 9 months, 16 days

(2)  William N. xe "HEATON:William N." HEATON  born February 2, 1842; died December 29, 1876
Harriet E., wife of William N. xe "HEATON:Harriet E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Hattie HEATON)" HEATON born July 22, 1844‑June 17, 1879


T. H. B. xe "LEMLEY:T.H.B. (m)" LEMLEY  February 7, 1838‑August 21, 1906

Eunice M. xe "LEMLEY:Eunice M., Mrs.?" LEMLEY  August 29, 1844‑September 25, 1924

Winfield D. Scott xe "PROCTOR:Winfield D." PROCTOR  May 12, 1847‑April 12, 1932

Sue xe "HAYMOND:Sue" HAYMOND xe "PROCTOR:Sue, Mrs. (see Sue HAYMOND)" PROCTOR  July 11, 1853‑November 21, 1885

Eunice xe "PROCTOR:Eunice" PROCTOR xe "PERKINS:Eunice, Mrs. (see Eunice PROCTOR)" PERKINS  November 22, 1878‑January 1, 1956

Eugene Kent xe "PERKINS:Eugene Kent" PERKINS  August 4, 1878‑June 10, 1961

Relia xe "ELMO:Relia" ELMO xe "PERKINS:Relia, Mrs. (see Relia ELMO)" PERKINS  June 20, 1866‑November 14, 1957

William Augustus xe "PROCTOR:William Augustus" PROCTOR  October 22, 1876‑February 25, 1949

Mae xe "CASTO:Mae" CASTO xe "PROCTOR:Mae, Mrs. (see Mae CASTO)" PROCTOR  May 18, 1885‑September 10, 1953


STAATS  (plot)

Mary Alice "Mollie", daughter of C. A. & E. W. xe "STAATS:Mollie (see Mary Alice STAATS)" xe "STAATS:Mary Alice" STAATS, died October 27, 1880 age 4 years, 1 month, 21 day

(in a row)
Coleman A. xe "STAATS:Coleman A." STAATS  December 12, 1851‑September 22, 1897

Emma W. xe "KEENEY:Emma W." KEENEY,  wife of C. A. xe "STAATS:Emma W., Mrs. (see Emma W. KEENEY)" xe "STAATS:C.A. (see Coleman A. STAATS)" STAATS  1854‑1933

Bernice Ora xe "STAATS:Bernice Ora" STAATS  June 19, 1874‑February 28, 1968


HOYT (plot)
B. H. xe "HOYT:B.H." HOYT  November 11, 1827‑June 5, 1895

(stone with top knocked off ‑  no name) born June 8, 1792; died April 2, 1866 (Masonic symbol)

Jonnie xe "HOYT:Jonnie (f)" HOYT xe "COOPER:Jonnie, Mrs. (see Jonnie HOYT)" COOPER  1866‑1922

John W. xe "DE NOON:John W." DENOON (sic)  March 27, 1854‑November 9, 1899

Laura xe "HOYT:Laura" HOYT xe "DE NOON:Laura, Mrs. (see Laura HOYT)" DE NOON (sic)  1859‑1946

Clara xe "HOYT:Clara" HOYT xe "SMITH:Clara, Mrs. (see Clara HOYT)" SMITH  1861‑1951

Nancy Elizabeth xe "HOYT:Nancy Elizabeth" HOYT  November 6, 1830‑February 5, 1909

William xe "FROST:William" FROST,  died April 30, 1851, age 61 years

EMRICK Infant Daughter of S. J. & B. G. xe "EMRICK:____ (f)" xe "EMRICK:S.J. (m)" xe "EMRICK:B.G., Mrs." EMRICK died January 15, 1875, age 15 days

(2)  John xe "HALL:John" HALL  June 6, 1813‑August 13, 1890
Salvina xe "HALL:Salvina, Mrs.?" HALL  born March 25, 1813;  died April 21, 1895

(2)  George D. xe "WHEATON:George D." xe "WHEATON:George D." WHEATON  1932
Mary A. xe "WHEATON:Mary A., Mrs.?" xe "WHEATON:Mary A., Mrs.?" WHEATON  1935

(2)  Ollie F. xe "STARKEY:Ollie F., (m)" STARKEY  1896
Nellie B. xe "STARKEY:Nellie B., Mrs." STARKEY  1890‑1897


FLESHER  (plot)
Mary Ida, daughter of William B. & E. xe "FLESHER:Mary Ida" FLESHER, died July 11, 1869, age 14 years, 6 months, 26 days

Hiram, son of William B. & Elizabeth xe "FLESHER:Hiram" FLESHER died July 29, 1868, age 21 years, 3 months, 24 days

Elizabeth V., daughter of William B. & E. xe "FLESHER:Elizabeth, Mrs." FLESHER died July 29, 1859, age 14 years, 4 months, 7 days

Emma, daughter of William B. & E. xe "FLESHER:Emma" FLESHER died April 30, 1861, age 4 months, 20 days

George M., son of William B. & E. xe "FLESHER:George M." FLESHER died January 4, 1868, age 5 years, 11 months, 25 days

(Fallen Stone)
Eliza, wife of W. B. xe "FLESHER:Eliza, Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth FLESHER)" xe "FLESHER:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Eliza FLESHER)" xe "FLESHER:W.B. (m)" FLESHER died January 9, 1896, age 72 years, 2 months, 6 days

Isaac M. xe "FLESHER:Isaac M." FLESHER  September 14, 1866‑October 18, 1901


(Fallen, broken stone)
A. K. xe "CHIDESTER:A.K." CHIDESTER,  died March 8, 1856 age 23 years, 8 months

Julia Ann, wife of T. W. xe "LEMASTER:Julia Ann, Mrs." LEMASTER, died April 13, 1855, aged 19 years, 28 days

Frank F., son of T. W. & J. A. xe "LEMASTER:Frank F." xe "LEMASTER:T.W. (m)" xe "LEMASTER:J.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Julia Ann LEMASTER)" LEMASTER, died August 16, 1855, aged 4 months, 19 days

Flora Jane, daughter of G. W. & M. xe "BURDITT:Flora Jane" xe "BURDITT:G.W. (m)" xe "BURDITT:M., Mrs." BURDITT died September 29, 1855 age 17 years, (remainder of stone broken off)

Erie xe "SWOPE:Erie" SWOPE,  died July 6, 1880, age 79 years, 9 months, 9 days

Cynthia, wife of Noah xe "ROBINSON:Cynthia, Mrs." xe "ROBINSON:Noah" ROBINSON died April 24, 1876, age 79 years, 1 month, 27 days

C. M. xe "WEST:C.M. (m)" WEST  died March 6, 1885, age 66 years, 1 month, 19 days  Father

W. H. xe "COCHRAN:W.H. (m)" COCHRAN,  Co. F  4th West Virginia CAV

James xe "COCHRAN:James" COCHRAN, born September 19, 1806; died June 18, 1887, age 81 years, 9 months, 1 day

Ella xe "PROCTOR:Ella" PROCTOR xe "ADAMS:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella PROCTOR)" ADAMS  January 18, 1845‑January 29, 1882

G. W. xe "JENKINS:G.W. (m)" JENKINS  Lieut.  Co. C  9th West Virginia V. I.  Died in US Service March 27, 1865, age 25 years, 9 months

Clark W. AUSTIN,  son of William & S. A. xe "AUSTIN:William" xe "AUSTIN:S.A., Mrs." xe "AUSTIN:Clark W." AUSTIN died February 11, 1852 age 9 years, 2 months, 25 days


COLEMAN  (plot)
Henry A. xe "COLEMAN:Henry A." COLEMAN,  died January 22, 1891, age 49 years

N. P. xe "COLEMAN:N.P. (m)" COLEMAN,  died September 16, 1871, age 55 years, 1 month, 26 days

Margaret, daughter of N. P. & M. xe "COLEMAN:Margaret" COLEMAN, died September 8, 1867, age 1 year

Julia F., daughter of N. P. & M. xe "COLEMAN:Julia F." xe "COLEMAN:M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary COLEMAN)" COLEMAN, died December 7, 1866, age 11 years

Mary xe "COLEMAN:Mary, Mrs." COLEMAN  1825‑October 12, 1908


TIDD (plot)

Samuel xe "TIDD:Samuel" TIDD  1838‑1920  Co. A  116th Reg of OHIO  INF. VOL.

Rebecca xe "TIDD:Rebecca" TIDD  1851‑1939

Mary xe "TIDD:Mary, Mrs.?" TIDD  1889‑1914

George L. xe "TIDD:George L." TIDD  1879‑1971


FLESHER  (plot)
A. J. xe "FLESHER:A.J. (m)" FLESHER born February 11, 1845; died September 12, 1882, age 36 years, 7 months, 1 day

Maria L., wife of A. J. xe "FLESHER:Maria L., Mrs." FLESHER  1850‑1926

Willie T. xe "FLESHER:Willie T." FLESHER  1872‑1874

Infant Son of S. & R. A. xe "THORN:____ (m)" xe "THORN:S. (m)" xe "THORN:R.A., Mrs." THORN  died April __, 1872, age 3? months, 26 days
[Miihlbach, "Ravenswood Cemetery, p. 7: THORN, infant son of S. & R.A.  THORN, died April 3, 1872, age 1 month, 6 days.]

MILLER (plot)
Mary (_.),  daughter of W. W. & S. M. xe "MILLER:Mary" MILLER, died December 1, 1855, age 19 days

Margaret,  daughter of W. W. & S. M. xe "MILLER:Margaret" xe "MILLER:W.W. (see William W. MILLER)" xe "MILLER:S.M., Mrs. (see Mary MILLER)" MILLER, Died October 7, 1850, age 3 years, 1 month, 3 days

William W. xe "MILLER:William W." MILLER,  died July 1, 1851, age 39 years

Mary, wife of W. W. xe "MILLER:Mary, Mrs." MILLER,  died October 23, 1855, age (71)?
[Miihlbach, "Ravenswood Cemetery, p. 6: MILLER, Mary, wife of W.W. MILLER died October 28 , 1853 in the 44th year of her age.]

Anna Mary, daughter of M. F. & D. A. xe "BLACKBURN:Anna Mary" xe "BLACKBURN:M.F. (m)" xe "BLACKBURN:D.A., Mrs." BLACKBURN, died July 6, 1856 aged, 2 years, 21 days

Jemima xe "KING:Jemima" KING,  died Janaury 7, 1897, aged 87 years, 8 months, 1 day

Samuel xe "KING:Samuel" KING, Co. C  9th West Virginia Vol. I,  died August 3, 1864 (2 lines unreadable) in Battle near Winchester, Virginia  July 20, 1864    aged, __ years, 11 months, 21 days

Joe_h L. or C. KING,  son of Edgar & ___ xe "KING:Edgar" xe "KING:Joseph" xe "KING:C., (m)" KING, died June 1, 1853, age 6 years, 1 month


WARDNER  (plot)
George D., son of Deming & M. xe "WARDNER:George D." xe "WARDNER:Deming (m)" xe "WARDNER:M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Marietta S. WARDNER)" WARDNER, died June 23, 1850, age 5 years, 2 months, 2 days

Addie xe "RICE:Addie" RICE  died April 18, 1906, age 68 years, 11 months, 4 days

(2)  Marietta S. xe "WARDNER:Marietta S." WARDNER  April 1, 1810‑August 9, 1886
Deming WARDNER  born December 17, 1811; died January 12, 1893

Maria, wife of ______ xe "WESTLAKE:Maria, Mrs. (see Maria CLARK)" WESTLAKE,  died October 30, 1858, age (3?7) years, 6 months, 27 days
[Miihlbach, "Ravenswood Cemetery, p. 6: CLARK, Maria, wife of James xe "CLARK:James" xe "CLARK:Maria, Mrs." CLARK, died Octobter 30 1858, aged 37 years, 6 months, 27 days.]

John W. S., son of H. & L. xe "KNIGHT:John W.S." xe "KNIGHT:H. (m)" xe "KNIGHT:L., Mrs." KNIGHT,  died April 15, 1855

(stone is buried below ground ‑ not read)

(2)  Mary Jane xe "WILLIAMSON:Mary Jane, Mrs." WILLIAMSON  1855‑1880  Mother
R. B. "Arb" xe "WILLIAMSON:R.B. (m)" xe "WILLIAMSON:Arb (see R.B. WILLIAMSON)" WILLIAMSON  1873‑1902  Son

Abram G. xe "TRUMAN:Abram G." TRUMAN, September 8, 1859, aged 40 years, 3 months, 20 days.  (Odd Fellows symbol)

(The first initial has been knocked off this stone)
( .) W. xe "LEMASTER:_. W." LEMASTER,  died April 12, 1859 age 21 years,..... (the rest of the stone  is buried underground)

Margaret, wife of B. xe "WILKINSON:Margaret, Mrs." xe "WILKINSON:B. (m)" WILKINSON, died December 5, 1854, age 42 years, 5 months, 2 days


Francis A., son of Amos and E. xe "CHEUVRONT:Francis A." xe "CHEUVRONT:Amos" CHEUVRONT, died June 24, 1831 age 21 years, 2 months, 12 days

John W., son of Amos and E. xe "CHEUVRONT:John W." CHEUVRONT,  died July 23, 1851, aged 18 years, 8 months, 11 days

Sarah, daughter of A. & E. xe "CHEUVRONT:Sarah" xe "CHEUVRONT:A. (see Amos CHEUVRONT)" xe "CHEUVRONT:E., Mrs." CHEUVRONT, died July 4, 1851 age 10 years, 24 days

Infant Daughter of F. & C. xe "BLAINE:Nannie M." xe "BLAINE:F. (m)" xe "BLAINE:C., Mrs." xe "BLAINE:____" BLAINE  died April 1, 1866, age 2 days

Nannie M., daughter of F. & C. BLAINE, died August 29, 1864 age 5 years, 4 months, 29 days

(2)  P. G. xe "ANDERSON:P.G., (m)" ANDERSON,  died September 22, 1893, age 71 years, 28 days
Julia A. xe "ANDERSON:Julia A., Mrs." ANDERSON,  wife of P. G. ANDERSON, born April 17, 1826; died March 02, 1897, age 70 years, 10 months, 15 days

Lucy May, daughter of P. G. & A. xe "ANDERSON:Lucy May" xe "ANDERSON:A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Julia A. ANDERSON)" ANDERSON  died ___ 29, 1866, age 1 year, 6 months, 3 days

Francis Mamie, daughter of P. G. & A. xe "ANDERSON:Frances Mamie" ANDERSON  Died __ ___, 1870, age (unreadable)


KOUNS (plot)
Melissa xe "KOUNS:Melissa"KOUNS  1837‑1886

(4)  Ann Eliza, wife of J. A. xe "PETTY:Ann Eliza, Mrs." xe "PETTY:J.A. (m)" PETTY, died June 5. 1873, age 38 years, 6 months, 12 days

Mary, wife of John xe "KOUNS:John" xe "KOUNS:Mary, Mrs." KOUNS, died September 6, 1849 age 50 years, 3 months, 16 days
John KOUNS,  died February 22, 1872, age 24 years, 10 months, 18 days
James P. xe "KOUNS:James P." KOUNS,  died July 18, 1869, age 48 years, 5 months, 17 days

Mary xe "KOUNS:Mary, Mrs." KOUNS  1798‑1849

James xe "KOUNS:James" KOUNS  1821‑1869

Lida xe "KOUNS:Lida" KOUNS  Sister  no dates

Margaret J. xe "KOUNS:Margaret J." KOUNS  1832‑1915

Sarah E. xe "KEENEY:Sarah E." KEENEY  1829‑1911

Nancy K. xe "WILLIAMSON:Nancy K." WILLIAMSON  1826‑1905


Amelia,  wife of Nimrod xe "BOGGESS:Nimrod" xe "BOGGESS:Amelia, Mrs." BOGGESS, died November 8, 1847 age 73 years, ....... (broken off)

Peter xe "LALLANCE:Peter" LALLANCE,  died November 9, 1853 age 42 years, 10 months, 27 days

(Fallen stone)
Mary A., daughter of M. & __ xe "RICE:Mary A." xe "RICE:M., (m)" xe "RICE:J.P., Mrs." RICE  Died November 6, 1866?, age 7 years, 5 months
[Miihlbach, "Ravenswood Cemetery, p. 7: RICE, Mary A., daughter of M.? and J.P. RICE, died November 6, 18(88?), aged 7 years, 5 months]

(2)  C. M. xe "RICE:C.M. (m)" RICE,  died July 4, 1877, age 79 years, 1 month, 28 days
Clarissa, wife of C. M. xe "RICE:Clarissa, Mrs." RICE,  died January 26, 1874 or 1871, age 73 years, 8 months, 18 days

Catharine H., daughter of C. M. & _____ xe "RICE:Catherine H." RICE died December 20, 18__, aged 3(3?) years
[Miihlbach, "Ravenswood Cemetery, p. 7: RICE,  Catharine, daughter of G.M. & P.? xe "RICE:P., Mrs." xe "RICE:G.M. (m) (see C.M. RICE)" RICE, died December 29, 18(67?),  aged (35?) years, _ months, 21 days.]

Elizabeth, wife of W. H. xe "ROBEY:Elizabeth, Mrs." xe "ROBEY:W.H. (m)" ROBEY, died July 2, 1872  in the 51st year of her life

George W., son of J. & A. xe "WOOD:George W." xe "WOOD:J. (m)" xe "WOOD:A., Mrs." WOOD, died September 13, 1861, age 2 years, 1 month, 4 days

Samuel xe "WOOD:Samuel" WOOD,  died October 23, 1888 in his 62nd year

Lottie, wife of S. xe "WOOD:Lottie, Mrs." xe "WOOD:S. (see Samuel WOOD)" WOOD, born April 25, 1824‑(no death date)

George T. THOMPSON died December 25, 1879, age 44 years, 8 months, 28 days (Masonic symbol)


KELLY (plot)
Ida xe "KELLY:Ida" KELLY  1855‑1933

Richard W. xe "KELLY:Richard E." KELLY  1861‑1932 

Minnie S. xe "KELLY:Minnie S., Mrs.?" KELLY  1868‑1942

Houston, son of R. W. & M. S. xe "KELLY:Houston" xe "KELLY:M.S., Mrs. (see Mrs. Minnie S. KELLY)" xe "KELLY:R.S. (see Richard W. KELLY)" KELLY, died October 3, 1889, age __ (stone broken off)

Richard W. KELLY  West Virginia PFC  Co. C 107th Fld. Sig. Bn. WW I December 25, 1895‑July 3, 1961

(2)  James W. xe "KELLY:James W." KELLY,  died May 9, 1881 age 48 years, 7 months, 28 days
Sophia A. xe "MC COUN:Sophia A." MC COUN,  wife of J. W. xe "KELLY:Sophia, Mrs. (see Sophia MC COUN)" KELLY  born 1835; died 1925 age 90 years, 7 months, 15 days

Ralph, son of J. M. & M. E. xe "WARD:Ralph" xe "WARD:J.M. (m)" xe "WARD:M.E., Mrs." WARD, died October 13, 1851  age 1 year, 4 months, 13 days

Sarah A., wife of L. M. xe "KEENEY:Sarah A., Mrs." xe "KEENEY:L.M. (m)" KEENEY, died March 2, 1880 age 47 years, 9 months, 3 days

(broken stone, no name) Died June 2, 1856 age 19 years, 1 month, 11 days


TAYLOR  (plot)

(2)  Silas Burk xe "TAYLOR:Silas Burk" TAYLOR  January 6, 1821‑October 9, 1860
Eliza xe "TAYLOR:Eliza, Mrs." TAYLOR  October 7, 1825‑October 16, 1901

Holley H. xe "TAYLOR:Holley H." TAYLOR  1859‑1895

John Henry, son of S. B. & A. E. xe "TAYLOR:John Henry" xe "TAYLOR:S.B. (see Silas Burk TAYLOR)" xe "TAYLOR:A.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Eliza TAYLOR)" TAYLOR November 17, 1850‑September 25, 1852

Annie M. xe "TAYLOR:Annie M." TAYLOR  1847‑1915

Holly Raymond MUNCEY,  youngest son of H. L. & J. T. xe "MUNCEY:Holly Raymond (m)" xe "MUNCEY:H.L. (m)" xe "MUNCEY:J.T., Mrs. (see Mrs. Josephine MUNCY)" MUNCEY, died November 5, 1885, age 11 years, 26 days

Josephine xe "TAYLOR:Josephine" TAYLOR xe "MUNCEY:Josephine, Mrs. (see Josephine TAYLOR)" MUNCEY  1853‑1930

(2)  Edwin H. xe "FLYNN:Edwin H." FLYNN  1855‑1931
Ida xe "TAYLOR:Ida" TAYLOR xe "FLYNN:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida TAYLOR)" FLYNN  1857‑1924

Harvey, adopted son of Edwin H. & Ida TAYLOR xe "FLYNN:Harvey" FLYNN, born July 30, 1901; died December 30, 1902

(2)  Lovey L., daughter of T. & S. A. xe "ATKINSON:Lovey L. (f)" ATKINSON, died February 8, 1853 age 4 years, 1 month, 27 days
Luemma C., daughter of T. & S. A. xe "ATKINSON:Luemma C. (f)" xe "ATKINSON:T. (see Thomas ATKINSON)" xe "ATKINSON:S.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah Ann ATKINSON)" ATKINSON, died February 10, 1853, age 1 year, 4 months, 13 days

Sarah Ann, wife of Thomas xe "ATKINSON:Sarah Ann, Mrs." ATKINSON, died July 1, 1860 age 44 years, 9 months, 26 days


F. A. xe "KNIGHT:F.A." KNIGHT,  died March 27, 1856, age 35 years, 4 months

Augusta S. Infant Daughter of A. & S. xe "INGHRAM:Augusta S." xe "INGHRAM:A. (m)" xe "INGHRAM:S., Mrs." INGHRAM born October 27, 1858‑January 18, 1859

C. or G. W. xe "FLESHER:C. (m)" xe "FLESHER:G.W. (m)" FLESHER  Cpl., Co. G  4th West Virginia INfantry

Franklin McClu_ _ , son of G. and M. T. xe "GIBBS:Franklin McC__" xe "GIBBS:G. (m)" xe "GIBBS:M.T., Mrs." GIBBS, died (the stone has sunk and cannot read)

W. L. xe "HOLMES:W.L. (m)" HOLMES,  died October 12, 1858 in 36th year of his age

Florence Luella, daughter of W. L. & M. xe "HOLMES:Florence Luella" xe "HOLMES:M., Mrs." HOLMES, died November 6, 1858, aged 2 years, 6 months, 6 days

Haral_e,  Infant of W. H. & E. J. xe "MC C_____:Haral_e" xe "MC C_____:W.H. (m)" xe "MC C_____:E.J., Mrs." MC C_____, died July 2_, ____ _ months, 17 days

Leander xe "WELLS:Leander" WELLS, died April 23, 1858, aged 23 years, 6 or 8 months, 5 days

Charlotte P., daughter of E. & M. xe "WELLS:Charlotte P." xe "WELLS:E., (m)" xe "WELLS:M., Mrs." WELLS born June 11, 1851; died November 8, 1851

Madg (sic),  daughter of J. P. & S. J. xe "WELLS:Madg (f)" xe "WELLS:J.P. (m)" xe "WELLS:S.J., Mrs." WELLS died September 9, 1863, age 1 year, 2 months, 10 days

Eleanor, daughter of C. & ___ xe "MOORE:C. (m)" xe "MOORE:Eleanor" MOORE, died June 3 or 6, 1857 or 1852, aged 16 years, 29 days

Benjamin Wells xe "METCALF:Benjamin Wells" METCALF,  died November 19, 1851, age 1 month, 11 days

Samuel xe "NICHOLLS:Samuel" NICHOLLS,  died June 12, 1854 in the 53rd year of his life

Jane, wife of Wash. (sic‑Washington) xe "NEPTUNE:Jane, Mrs." xe "NEPTUNE:Washington" NEPTUNE, died March 17, 1886, age 63 years, 5 months


Robert Warth xe "FLEMING:Robert Warth" FLEMING,  September 4, 1923‑July 15, 1974

Henry Clay xe "FLEMING:Henry Clay" FLEMING  1845‑1942  (Masonic symbol)
"FLEMING ‑ Pioneer Family of Ravenswood settled here 1820"

(2)  Bartholamew (sic) xe "FLEMING:Bartholamew" FLEMING  born April 21, 1801; died June 21, 1887
Hannah, wife of B. xe "FLEMING:B. (see Bartholamew FLEMING)" xe "FLEMING:Hannah, Mrs." FLEMING born November 24, 1812; died January 14, 1890

Elizabeth, wife of Bartholmew xe "FLEMING:Elizabeth, Mrs." FLEMING,  died August 21, 1833, age 27 years

Georgeann, daughter of G. P. & M. L. xe "FLEMING:Georgeann" xe "FLEMING:G.P., (m)" xe "FLEMING:M.L., Mrs." FLEMING, died September 29, 1868, aged 2 years, 4 months

Mary Louise, wife of David xe "MILL:David" xe "MILL:Mary Louise, Mrs." MILL,  died December 22, 1878, age 83 years

(Possibly marker for David MILL, stone cutting is of the same size, shape and color, but stone is broken off with no name on it): born August 23, 1806; died April 16, 1880, aged 73 years, 7 months, 23 days

(5)  F. F. xe "FLEMING:F.F. (m)" FLEMING,  died December 19, 1888, aged 56 years, 10 months, 12 days
Sarah xe "LONG:Sarah" LONG, wife of F. F. xe "FLEMING:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah LONG)" FLEMING  1845‑1936
Guy P. xe "FLEMING:Guy P." FLEMING  1882‑1965
Emma xe "FLEMING:Emma" FLEMING xe "POLING:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma FLEMING)" POLING  1878‑1961   Daughter
Elizabeth S. xe "FLEMING:Elizabeth S." FLEMING  1880‑1970  Daughter

Maggie xe "BLACKMORE:Maggie" BLACKMORE, wife of R. E. xe "PARK:Maggie, Mrs. (see Maggie BLACKMORE)" PARK, died June 26, 1887 age 39 years, 10 months

America xe "PARK:America" PARK  1858‑1941

Everett & George, twin sons of G. W. & Anna L. xe "PARK:Everett" xe "PARK:George" xe "PARK:G.W. (m)" xe "PARK:Anna L., Mrs." PARK  1886

(2)  Isabella xe "PARK:Isabella, Mrs." PARK  born March 19, 1816; died January 27, 1897
Robert xe "PARK:Robert" PARK Died January 10, 1872, age 54 years, 5 months, 18 days

(2)  John K. xe "PARK:John K." PARK,  3rd son of Robert & Isabella PARK born October 25, 1844; died December 27, 1862, aged 18 years, 2 months, 2 days
William K. xe "PARK:William K." PARK,  eldest son of Robert & Isabella PARK "born July 31, 1840; died at Salisbury, North Carolina, May 5, 1865.  The deceased entered the Virginia Military Institute July 1857. Graduated with high honors. May 1861 was commissioned 2nd Lieut. in Confederate Army.  Served with honor in many campaigns.  Was commissioned and acting as a Lieut. of a Corp. of Engineers when he sickened and died."

Francis S., son of Robert & Isabella xe "PARK:Francis S." PARK, died September 19, 1848, aged 1 year, 6 months 12 days

Rebecca Jane, daughter of John & M. A. xe "ALY_O:Rebecca Jane" xe "ALY_O:John" xe "ALY_O:M.A., Mrs." ALY_O, died July 9, 1847, aged 1 year, 11 months, 8 days


ROWLEY (plot)
(2)  Harry,  son of W. H. & E. xe "ROWLEY:Harry" xe "ROWLEY:W.H. (m)" ROWLEY  1809‑1892
Amandaxe "BUFFINGTON:Amanda" BUFFINGTON xe "ROWLEY:Amanda, Mrs. (see Amanda BUFFINGTON)" ROWLEY  1816‑1878  Wife

In Memory of Joseph xe "ROWLEY:Joseph" ROWLEY  no dates


Gracie, daughter of A. A. & F. P. xe "PROFFITT:Gracie" xe "PROFFITT:A.A. (m)" xe "PROFFITT:F.P., Mrs." PROFFITT, died December 28 1907 aged 9 days

(2)  James F. xe "PROFFITT:James F." PROFFITT  May 7, 1837‑October 4, 1902, aged 65 years. 4 months, 27 days
Matilda, wife of J. F. xe "PROFFITT:J.F. (see James F. PROFFITT)" xe "PROFFITT:Matilda, Mrs." PROFFITT, April __, 1842‑February 11, 1925, age 82 years, 8 months, 10 days

Blanch Ann xe "PROFFITT:Blanch Ann" PROFFITT  1882‑1954

(no surnames)
(2)  xe "____:Sarah F." Sarah F. _____  died December 3, 1846, aged 4 months, 27 days
xe "____:Julia Ann" Julia Ann _____  died September 12, 1847, aged 7 months

Margaret H., daughter of R. & L. xe "PARK:Margaret H." xe "PARK:R. (m)" xe "PARK:L., Mrs." PARK, died March 27, 1855, aged 2 years, 5 months, 21 days

Earl, son of E. W. & A. F. xe "METCALF:Earl" xe "METCALF:E.W. (m)" xe "METCALF:A.F., Mrs." METCALF, died June 22, 1888, aged _ years, 16 days

Little xe "____:James" James (surname unreadable)
(unreadable line) died March 30, 1855, age 2 years, 9 months, 6 days

_____ Lee SUCK,  son of J. & L. L. xe "SUCK:____ Lee" xe "SUCK:J. (m)" xe "SUCK:L.L., Mrs." SUCK  died ____  __, 1857?, aged 2 years, 15 days

Nancy xe "PRICKETT:Nancy" PRICKETT  1854‑1917

Ruth E. xe "PRICKETT:Ruth E." PRICKETT  1857‑1932

William xe "PARK:William" PARK, died September 19, 1862, age 56 years, 23 days

Julia Ann C. xe "THORN:Julia Ann, Mrs." THORN, born January 29, 1822 married June 17, 1841; died August 5, 1845

STEWART/STEUART (spelled both ways on the stones standing together)
Margaret STEWART,  wife of William STEWART xe "STEWART:William" xe "STEWART:Margaret, Mrs." died July 26, 1878 in 80th year

William STEUART,  died January 21, 1874 age 73 years, 10 months

(2)  Nancy J. xe "DIDDLE:Nancy J., Mrs.?" DIDDLE  February 6, 1830‑September 30, 1896
James xe "DIDDLE:James" DIDDLE  February 1, 1826‑December 6, 1903

xe "____:Carlie (m)" Carlie, son of xe "____:G.S.L." G. S. L.  ______, died September __, 1825, age 10 years, 5 months

Little Julia, daughter of Alex. & __ xe "KEENEY:Julia" xe "KEENEY:Alexander" KEENEY, died July 24, 18__, aged 4 years, 2 months, 4 days

(2)  Alexander KEENEY  1815‑1869
Elvira xe "KEENEY:Elvira, Mrs.?" KEENEY  1818‑1896

John S. xe "CONNER:John S." CONNER,  died March 6, 1885, age 41 years, 1 month, 27 days

James xe "GIBBS:James" GIBBS, died April 25, 1878, age 66 years, 10 months

A. J. xe "VOSBURGH:A.J. (m)" VOSBURGH, M. D.  1838‑1902  (Masonic symbol)

John S., son of T. & M. xe "THORN:John S." xe "THORN:T. (m)" xe "THORN:M., Mrs." THORN, died July 3, 1851, age 33 years, 8 months, 2 days

Virginia, daughter of J. S. & O. xe "THORN:Virginia" xe "THORN:O., Mrs." THORN, died July 2, 1851, age 12 years (months and days are buried)

Alice G., daughter of J. S. & O. xe "THORN:Alice G." THORN, died February 12, 1854, age 2 years, 7 months, 23 days

(2)  William xe "LONG:William" LONG  1808‑1884
Sarah S. xe "LONG:Sarah S., Mrs.?" LONG  1810‑1901

Francis A., son of L. & A. xe "BRAMBLE:Francis A." xe "BRAMBLE:L. (m)" xe "BRAMBLE:A., Mrs." BRAMBLE, died July 3, 1854, age 10 months, 5 days

Thomas A., son of L. & A. xe "BRAMBLE:Thomas A." BRAMBLE died January 5, 1856, aged 15 months, 5 days

Mollie E., daughter of A. O. & L. P. xe "GIBBS:Mollie E." xe "GIBBS:A.O. (m)" xe "GIBBS:L.P., Mrs." GIBBS, died June 16, 1878, age 2 years, 7 months, 3 days

William H. xe "RICHARDS:William H."RICHARDS  March 27, 1857 ‑ ....  (sunken and not read)

William R. xe "GRAHAM:William R." GRAHAM, died October 11, 1852, age 23 years, 10 months, 12 days

(fallen stone)
Cleophas xe "CHRISTOPHER:Cleophas" CHRISTOPHER, died August? 11, 1890, aged 23 years, 9 months, _ days

Josie xe "COLEMAN:Josie" COLEMAN,  died June 2, 1899, age 29 years, 10 months, 26 days

George A., son of I. & M. xe "EICKLEBERRY:George A." xe "EICKLEBERRY:I. (m)" xe "EICKLEBERRY:M., Mrs." EICKLEBERRY Died September 2, 1892, aged 10 years, 6 months, 9 days

George Washington xe "LANE:George Washington" LANE  1840‑1905

D., U., or O. R. xe "GORRELL:D.R. (m)" xe "GORRELL:U.R. (m)" xe "GORRELL:O.R. (m)" GORRELL  Co. C. 2nd West Virginia VET. INF.


PARK (plot)
Robert xe "PARK:Robert" PARK  September 10, 1874‑January 25, 1910

William Green xe "PARK:William Green" PARK  1881‑1936


SCHULTZ (plot)
Dorr, son of Adolph & Cora xe "SCHULTZ:Dorr (m)" SCHULTZ  1906‑1913

(2) Adolph xe "SCHULTZ:Adolph" SCHULTZ  1878‑1947  (Mason symbol)
Cora xe "SCHULTZ:Cora, Mrs." SCHULTZ  1881‑1960

(2)  Rufus F. xe "WEST:Rufus F." WEST  1871‑1915
Etta L. xe "WEST:Etta L., Mrs.?" WEST  1871‑1959

(2)  Isaac S. xe "RECTOR:Isaac S." RECTOR  June 18, 1853‑December 18, 1929
Rosetta xe "RECTOR:Rosetta, Mrs.?" RECTOR  July 18, 1861‑June 24, 1920

Palmer H. xe "RECTOR:Palmer H." RECTOR  1898‑1924

(2)  Clark W. xe "ORBIN:Clark W." ORBIN  1860‑1922
Allie K. xe "ORBIN:Allie K., Mrs." ORBIN  1867‑1951

Joseph K. xe "ORBIN:Joseph K." ORBIN  West Virginia Pvt. Co. K  362nd Infantry  WW I February 26, 1895‑August 10, 1957

Leon O. xe "MADDOX:Leon O." MADDOX  1891‑1920

Sarah B. xe "MADDOX:Sarah B." MADDOX  1862‑1957

Bess E. xe "MADDOX:Bess E." MADDOX  1888‑1955


RICE (plot)
James H. xe "RICE:James H." RICE  1846‑1920

Ellen C. xe "RICE:Ellen C., Mrs." RICE  1870‑1952  Mother

C. D. xe "RICE:C.D. (m)" RICE  1869‑1945  Father

Homer B. xe "RICE:Homer B." RICE  June 26, 1904‑November 24, 1927

Jeanette xe "RICE:Jeanette" RICE, wife of Owen xe "CASTO:Owen" xe "CASTO:Jeanette, Mrs. (see Jeanette RICE)" CASTO  1892‑1918


STARKEY (plot)
Dr. Paul C. xe "STARKEY:Paul C., Dr." STARKEY  1883‑1976

Mabel xe "WOOD:Mabel" WOOD xe "STARKEY:Mabel, Mrs. (see Mabel WOOD)" STARKEY  1894‑1970

Ethel xe "DUNHAM:Ethel" DUNHAM xe "STARKEY:Ethel, Mrs. (see Ethel DUNHAM)" STARKEY  1888‑1918

Lois xe "STARKEY:Lois" STARKEY  xe "MANNING:Lois, Mrs. (see Lois STARKEY)" MANNING  1913‑1970

Carl Nelson, son of C. H. & Nellie xe "CALDWELL:Carl Nelson" xe "CALDWELL:C.H. (m)" xe "CALDWELL:Nellie, Mrs." CALDWELL  December 1, 1918‑May 21, 1919


GRANT (plot)
Henry A. xe "GRANT:Henry A." GRANT  1862‑1934 "W. Virginia"

Williamson xe "GRANT:Williamson" GRANT  1866‑1932

Edyth xe "GRANT:Edyth" GRANT xe "JARVIS:Edyth, Mrs. (see Edyth GRANT)" JARVIS  1890‑1950

Mary M. xe "GRANT:Mary M." GRANT, wife of William E. xe "RAMBOW:Mary M., Mrs. (see Mary M. GRANT)" xe "RAMBOW:William E." RAMBOW January 20, 1892‑October 20, 1918

Essie M. NOLAND,  daughter of J. J. & F. B. xe "NOLAND:Essie M." xe "NOLAND:J.J. (see John Johnson NOLAND)" xe "NOLAND:F.B., Mrs." NOLAND  1896‑1910

John Johnson xe "NOLAND:John Johnson" NOLAND  1870‑1909

Frankie B. xe "ELDER:Frankie B., Mrs.?" ELDER  1874‑1945

C. Fredric xe "ELDER:C. Fredric" ELDER  1875‑1939

(2)  Della B. xe "FLEMING:Della B., Mrs.?" FLEMING  1875‑1919
Lewis Preston xe "FLEMING:Lewis Preston" FLEMING  1867‑1920  Father

Alma R. xe "AMSDEN:Alma R., Mrs.?" AMSDEN  1883‑1953

Frank C. xe "AMSDEN:Frank C." AMSDEN  1875‑1918

Mary B., wife of W. A. xe "ENT:W.A. (m)" xe "ENT:Mary B., Mrs." ENT, died March 3, 1879, age 27 years, 2 months, 15 days

George, son of W. A. & M. B. xe "ENT:George" xe "ENT:M.B., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary B. ENT)" ENT, died March 28, 1879, age 1 month, 2 days


Calvin xe "FRANKLIN:Calvin" FRANKLIN  1855‑1911

William E. xe "FRANKLIN:William E." FRANKLIN  1892‑(no death date)

John W. xe "FRANKLIN:John W." FRANKLIN  1866‑1922

(2)  James Monroe xe "FRANKLIN:James Monroe" FRANKLIN  1852‑1920
Maria T. xe "FRANKLIN:Maria T., Mrs.?" FRANKLIN  1852‑1933

(2)  Thomas D. xe "SAFREED:Thomas D." SAFREED  1871‑1951
Nancy B. xe "SAFREED:Nancy B., Mrs." SAFREED  1874‑1929

Leon Carlon, son of T. D. & N. B. xe "SAFREED:Leon Carlon" xe "SAFREED:T.D. (see Thomas D. SAFREED)" xe "SAFREED:N.B., Mrs. (see Mrs. Nancy B. SAFREED)" SAFREED  1902‑1915

Florence M., wife of B. F. xe "SAFREED:Florence M., Mrs." xe "SAFREED:B.F. (m)" SAFREED  1846‑1914

Nara H. M. "Nana" xe "SAFREED:Nara H.M. (f)" SAFREED  1869‑1945

William L. xe "SAFREED:William L." SAFREED  October 16, 1842‑July 25, 1929 Co. F  4th Virginia Vol. Inf.

(next to William L. Safreed)
Mary I. xe "DENSMORE:Mary I." DENSMORE xe "SAFREED:Mary I., Mrs. (see Mary I. DENSMORE)" SAFREED  July 24, 1841‑June 18, 1908

Charlie O. xe "PETERMAN:Charlie O." PETERMAN  1877‑1933

Lanam Bland, son of C. E. & A. G. xe "HAMRIC:Lanam Bland (m)" xe "HAMRIC:C.E. (m)" xe "HAMRIC:A.G., Mrs." HAMRIC August 27, 1908‑December 6, 1914

(2) Viola E. xe "SOMERVILLE:Viola E., Mrs.?" SOMERVILLE  1865‑1940
Brooks xe "SOMERVILLE:Brooks" SOMERVILLE  1860‑1908

Ira D. xe "SOMERVILLE:Ira D." SOMERVILLE  October 12, 1889‑July 29, 1940

Ola E. xe "HODGE:Ola E." HODGE  1891‑1964

Elizabeth J. xe "HODGE:Elizabeth J." HODGE  1882‑1953 Wife

Hattie R. xe "SAFREED:Hattie R., Mrs." SAFREED  1872‑1953

Samuel D. xe "SAFREED:Samuel D." SAFREED  1867‑1934

Mary Ruth, daughter of S. D. & H. xe "SAFREED:Mary Ruth" xe "SAFREED:S.D. (see Samuel D. SAFREED)" xe "SAFREED:H., Mrs. (see Mrs. Hattie R. SAFREED)" SAFREED  1912‑1913

Ruth S. xe "BOLAND:Ruth S." BOLAND, wife of A. xe "KELLER:A. (m)" xe "KELLER:Ruths S., Mrs. (see Ruth S. BOLAND)" KELLER  1848‑1914

Anthony KELLER  1846‑1930

(2)  Ella xe "DE BUSSEY:Ella" DE BUSSEY xe "KELLER:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella DE BUSSEY)" KELLER  1879‑1962
John R. xe "KELLER:John R." KELLER  1869‑1948

(2)  Ruth xe "KELLER:Ruth" KELLER xe "JONES:Ruth, Mrs. (see Ruth KELLER)" JONES  1903‑(no death date)
Wendell M. xe "JONES:Wendell M." JONES  1888‑1975

(2)  Nellie R. xe "EMRICK:Nellie R., Mrs.?" EMRICK 1889‑1968
Robert H. xe "EMRICK:Robert H." EMRICK  1887‑1908

John xe "FRANKLIN:John" FRANKLIN  March 8, 1826‑May 18, 1908 Co. H  18th Reg. Ohio Vol. (on back of stone)

Nancy xe "FRANKLIN:Nancy, Mrs.?" FRANKLIN  February 13, 1833‑January 20, 1917


ROLIFF (plot)
Bertha E. xe "ROLIFF:Bertha E., Mrs.?" ROLIFF  July 28, 1863‑May 15, 1905

John xe "ROLIFF:John" ROLIFF January 24, 1850‑June 28, 1916


PICKENS (plot)
J. W. xe "PICKENS:J.W. (m)" PICKENS  1836‑1918

Elizabeth xe "PICKENS:Elizabeth, Mrs." PICKENS  1838‑1911  Wife

Lucy xe "PICKENS:Lucy" PICKENS xe "HECK:Lucy, Mrs. (see Lucy PICKENS)" HECK  1862‑1937

Elnora xe "PICKENS:Elnora" PICKENS  1882‑1956

Alice, daughter of J. W. & E. xe "PICKENS:Alice" xe "PICKENS:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth PICKENS)" PICKENS, died April 8, 1908, aged 42 years, 6 months, 6 days

Lewis E., son of S. & L. A. xe "GOFF:Lewis E." xe "GOFF:S. (m)" xe "GOFF:L.A., Mrs." GOFF, died July 21, 1906, age 27 years, 1 month, 17 days

Mary A. xe "GRAMLET:Mary A." GRAMLET, wife of Henry xe "WILSON:Mary A., Mrs. (see Mary A. GRAMLET)" xe "WILSON:Henry" WILSON, died December 3, 1899, age 33 years, 3 months

(2)  Clara M. xe "BALL:Clara M., Mrs.?" BALL  1864‑1928
Samuel S. xe "BALL:Samuel S." BALL  1862‑1942

John Horner. son of Harry & ____ xe "ADAMS:John Horner" xe "ADAMS:Harry" ADAMS, died December 15, 1916, aged 4 months, 14 days

(2)  Eliza xe "BOWEN:Eliza, Mrs.?" BOWEN  1838‑1924
Ezra xe "BOWEN:Ezra" BOWEN  1832‑1907

James F. xe "AMSDEN:James F." AMSDEN  no dates

Frank xe "FUNK:Frank" FUNK  1874‑1951

Mary S., wife of Frank xe "FUNK:Mary S., Mrs." FUNK  1880‑1917

Glen xe "FUNK:Glen" FUNK  1908

Grace G. xe "FUNK:Grace G., Mrs.?" FUNK  1899‑1969

Cyrus xe "JARRETT:Cyrus" JARRETT  Co. I  178th Reg. OVI  1843‑(no death date)

Eliza xe "JARRETT:Eliza, Mrs." JARRETT  1844‑1922 Wife

Franklin, son of C. & E. A. xe "JARRETT:Franklin" xe "JARRETT:C. (see Cyrus JARRETT)" xe "JARRETT:E.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Eliza JARRETT)" JARRETT,  died March 31, 1908, age 25 years

(2)  Caroline xe "FORD:Caroline, Mrs.?" FORD  June 5, 1833‑September 27, 1916
Layfette xe "FORD:Layfette" FORD  June 5, 1838‑October 26, 1915
"Presented by I. M. xe "FORD:I.M. (m)" FORD and Wife"

(2)  Elizabeth xe "FORD:Elizabeth, Mrs." FORD  May 29, 1836‑March 10, 1914  Mother
Lory xe "FORD:Lory (m)" FORD  January 4, 1833‑May 30, 1917  Father

J. W. xe "CLAWSON:J.W." CLAWSON,  died September 1908, age (unreadable)

(2)  Nellie A. xe "BENNETT:Nellie A., Mrs.?" BENNETT  1880‑1959
William R. xe "BENNETT:William R." BENNETT  1878‑1955

(2)  Sarah A. xe "KENDALL:Sarah A., Mrs." KENDALL  1840‑1916  Mother
Rev. Elias xe "KENDALL:Elias, Rev." KENDALL  1828‑1906  Father

(2)  Mary E. xe "WEST:Mary E., Mrs." WEST  1840‑1906  Mother
Robert N. xe "WEST:Robert N." WEST  1841‑(no death date) Father

Mary F. xe "ANDERSON:Mary F., Mrs." ANDERSON  1855‑1940  Mother

Peter S. xe "ANDERSON:Peter S." ANDERSON  1855‑1914  Father

Earl C. son of Rev. P. H. & N. xe "HAWK:Earl C." xe "HAWK:P.H. (m)" xe "HAWK:N., Mrs." HAWK  Died July 28, 1901, aged 1 month, 23 days

Nancy J. xe "WOOMER:Nancy J., Mrs." WOOMER  1878‑1910  Mother

Louis M. xe "WOOMER:Louis M." WOOMER  March 1, 1868‑May 4, 1958  Father


DELONG (plot)
(2) Eliza M. xe "DELONG:Stephen" xe "DELONG:Eliza M., Mrs." DELONG  July 10, 1855‑June 23, 1924  Mother
Stephen & Stephen (sic) December 2, 1850‑December 16, 1922

(2) Edna T. xe "DELONG:Edna T., Mrs.?" DELONG  1883‑1954
Ben J. xe "DELONG:Ben J." DELONG  1875‑1944

Ethel May xe "WOLFE:Ethel May" WOLFE  January 3, ‑ September 22, 1904

(2)  Lena M. xe "DELONG:Lena M., Mrs.?" DELONG  1896‑1947
George G. xe "DELONG:George G." DELONG  1895‑1960


(Not plots; names in row sequence)
Mary xe "NAVIGO:Mary" NAVIGO  no dates

(next to Mary Navigo)
Vinnie xe "LAWRENCE:Vinnie" LAWRENCE

Elmer, son of W. M. & S. K. xe "SAMUELS:Elmer" xe "SAMUELS:W.M. (m)" xe "SAMUELS:S.K., Mrs." SAMUELS, died June 16, 1889, aged 4 months, 18 days

Edward A., son of A. S. & Ledora xe "KINCAID:Edward A." xe "KINCAID:A.S. (m)" xe "KINCAID:Ledora, Mrs." KINCAID died March 16, 1886 aged 3 years, 10 months, 26 days


(2) Margaret L. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Margaret L., Mrs.?" MC GLOTHLIN  January 10, 1859‑August 25, 1940
James E. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:James E." MC GLOTHLIN  July 14, 1854‑January 20, 1923

James xe "MC GLOTHLIN:James, Jr." MC GLOTHLIN, Jr.  January 17, 1897

Clarence xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Clarence" MC GLOTHLIN  March 13, 1877‑August 17, 1885

Don xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Don" MC GLOTHLIN  March 10, 1886‑June 13, 1888

Margaret xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Margaret" MC GLOTHLIN  March 20, 1893‑November 7, 1899

Dana R. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Dana R." MC GLOTHLIN  January 28, 1879‑April 6, 1955

(2)  N. M. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:N.M. (m)" MC GLOTHLIN  1817‑1904
Harriet xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Harriet, Mrs.?" MC GLOTHLIN  1821‑1910  Wife

C. B. xe "WILLIAMSON:C.B." WILLIAMSON  October 3, 1857‑June 21, 1899

Mary xe "MANKOFF:Mary" MANKOFF, wife of Rev. James B. xe "WILLIAMSON:James B., Rev." xe "WILLIAMSON:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary MANKOFF)" WILLIAMSON born January 6, 1821‑December 6, 1894, aged 70 years, 11 months

(2)  Martha xe "GRANT:Martha, Mrs." GRANT  1830‑1872  Mother
Edward xe "GRANT:Edward" GRANT  1820‑1880  Father

Mary A. xe "LAWRENCE:Mary A." LAWRENCE, wife of J. xe "PICKENS:Mary A., Mrs. (see Mary A. LAWRENCE)" xe "PICKENS:J. (m)" PICKENS, died March 28, 1904 aged 35 years, 9 months, 24 days


(2)  Ernest M. xe "WILLIAMSON:Ernest M." WILLIAMSON  1882‑1966
Madie V. xe "WILLIAMSON:Madie V., Mrs.?" WILLIAMSON  1884‑1951

James McGlothlin xe "WILLIAMSON:James McGlothlin" WILLIAMSON  1914‑1933

Dana xe "MILLER:Dana (f)" MILLER xe "WILLIAMSON:Dana, Mrs. (see Dana MILLER)" WILLIAMSON  1917‑1919

Margaret xe "WILLIAMSON:Margaret" WILLIAMSON  1912‑1913

May xe "HARPER:May" HARPER  1878‑1908

Emma J. xe "HARPER:Emma J." HARPER  1857‑1904

Thomas xe "MC WILLIAMS:Thomas" MC WILLIAMS  1881‑1940

Mary K. xe "GUINN:Mary K." GUINN 1864‑1939

William Dexter xe "MOUNT:William Dexter" MOUNT  1901‑1926

(3)  Harvey E. xe "MOUNT:Troy V." xe "MOUNT:Ruby A." xe "MOUNT:Harvey E." MOUNT  1866‑1903  Father
Troy V.  1897‑1900
Ruby A.  1901‑1902

Robert Cecil, son of Robert & Ruth C. xe "LILLY:Robert Cecil" xe "LILLY:Robert" xe "LILLY:Ruth C., Mrs." LILLY  1922‑1923

Raymond, son of G. W. & E. K. xe "LONG:Raymond" xe "LONG:G.W. (m)" xe "LONG:E.K., Mrs." LONG  1882‑1890

Infant Son of J. E. & M. L. xe "BARROWS:____ (m)" xe "BARROWS:J.E. (m)" xe "BARROWS:M.L., Mrs." BARROWS,  died May 22, 1905

(2)  L. Carrie xe "BISH:L. Carrie, Mrs.?" BISH  1878‑1968
Edward H. xe "BISH:Edward H." BISH  1885‑1962

Harry W. xe "DAVIS:Harry W." DAVIS  West Virginia Pvt. 377th Inf. 85th Div.  WW II October 17, 1923‑October 14, 1944

Otto xe "MC KINLEY:Otto" MC KINLEY  1888‑1963  WW I

Estella xe "ABBOTT:Estella" ABBOTT  March 27, 1870‑August 8, 1936

(2)  Emma BOARD HARRIS  1865‑1943
Prof. Franklin P. HARRIS  1861‑1902

(2)  Clara E. PEDEN  1901‑1903
Helen M. PEDEN  1903‑1904
daughters of H. F. & A. R. xe "PEDEN:Clara E." xe "PEDEN:Helen M." xe "PEDEN:H.F. (m) (see Holly PEDEN)" xe "PEDEN:A.R., Mrs." PEDEN

Holly xe "PEDEN:Holly (m)" PEDEN  1877‑1968

Clara C. xe "CAIN:Clara C." CAIN, wife of I. L. xe "CHRISMAN:I.L. (m)" xe "CHRISMAN:Clara C., Mrs. (see Clara C. CAIN)" CHRISMAN  1835‑1904

(2)  Roena xe "RARDON:Roena, Mrs." RARDON  1839‑1906  Mother
Thomas S. xe "RARDON:Thomas S." RARDON  1834‑1899  Father Co. K  11th West Virginia Inf.

Robert W., son of T. & R. xe "RARDON:Robert W." xe "RARDON:T. (see Thomas S. RARDON)" xe "RARDON:R., Mrs. (see Mrs. Roena RARDON)" RARDON  1877‑1880

John S. & Noah S. xe "RARDON:John S." xe "RARDON:Noah S." RARDON,  Twin Sons of T. & R. RARDON  1867‑1868

(2)  Syntha xe "BROWN:Syntha, Mrs." BROWN 1847‑1922  Mother
Joseph H. xe "BROWN:Joseph H." BROWN 1853‑1903  Father


ROWLEY (plot)
H. C. xe "ROWLEY:W.C. (m)" ROWLEY  1844‑1922  4th West Vigainia Col. Inf.  1861‑1864

Lilliam B. xe "ROWLEY:Lilliam B." ROWLEY xe "HUDKINS:Lilliam B., Mrs. (see Lilliam B. ROWLEY)" HUDKINS  1874‑1931

Sarah M. xe "ROWLEY:Sarah M., Mrs.?" ROWLEY  1844‑1902

Nellie xe "ROWLEY:Nellie" ROWLEY  1872‑1912

George xe "LEONARD:George" LEONARD  1831‑1907

Ann xe "LEONARD:Ann, Mrs.?" LEONARD  1839‑1908

Harriet xe "LEONARD:Harriet" LEONARD  1861‑1886

Rhoda xe "LEONARD:Rhoda" LEONARD  1857‑1871

Alice xe "LEONARD:Alice" LEONARD xe "HALL:Alice, Mrs. (see Alice LEONARD)" HALL  1866‑1929

James Bolton xe "HALL:James Bolton" HALL  1858‑1936

R. Leonard, son of J. B. & A. xe "HALL:R. Leonard" xe "HALL:J.B. (see James Bolton HALL)" xe "HALL:A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Alice HALL)" HALL, died October 21, 1893, age 1 year, 8 months, 6 days


Leda L. xe "DAVIS:Leda L." DAVIS,  died January 23, 1938

Elizabeth xe "HARPOLD:Elizabeth" HARPOLD  1842‑1924

Agnes L. xe "CHENEY:Agnes L., Mrs.?" CHENEY  1848‑1906

James R. xe "CHENEY:James R." CHENEY  1844‑1898

(2) Maria L., wife of David O. xe "HUTCHINSON:Maria L., Mrs." HUTCHINSON born June 17, 1823; died April 14, 1915
David O. xe "HUTCHINSON:David O." HUTCHINSON  September 28, 1815‑September 3, 1900

(2)  Margaret xe "PEDEN:Margaret, Mrs." PEDEN  1843‑1927  Mother
John J. xe "PEDEN:John J." PEDEN  1840‑1921  Father Co. B. 36th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf.

Pearl, daughter of J. M. & M. L. xe "CLINE:Pearl" xe "CLINE:J.M. (m)" xe "CLINE:M.L., Mrs." CLINE  April 7, 1898‑May 22, 1898

Eliza, wife of David xe "DOPP:Eliza, Mrs." xe "DOPP:David" DOPP died April 29, 1899, aged 73 years, 10 months, 7 days

(2)  Sarah E. xe "ADAMS:Sarah E., Mrs." ADAMS  1850‑1910  Mother
John T. xe "ADAMS:John T." ADAMS  1840‑1923  Father

(next to John and Sarah Adams)
Edgar Poe, son of J. T. & S. E. xe "ADAMS:Edgar Poe" xe "ADAMS:J.T. (see John T. ADAMS)" ADAMS  1890‑1897

(2)  Margaret A., wife of J. S. xe "LANE:Margaret A., Mrs." xe "LANE:J.S. (see John S. LANE)" LANE  1858‑1934
John S. xe "LANE:John S." LANE,  died June 17, 1898, aged 58 years, 5 days

Matilda J. xe "BALL:Matilda J." BALL, wife of J. R. xe "KELLER:Matilda J., Mrs. (see Matilda J. BALL)" xe "KELLER:J.R. (m)" KELLER 1866‑1900

(to right of Matilda Ball)
Sarah E. xe "BALL:Sarah E." BALL, wife of J. R. xe "KELLER:Sarah E., Mrs. (see Sarah E. BALL)" KELLER  1874‑1920

(4)  M.J. July 7, 1865‑(no death date)
Mildred xe "ASH:M.J. (m)" xe "ASH:Mildred, Mrs." ASH  March 14, 1865‑(no death date)
Rheul Anah, daughter of M. J. & Mildred xe "ASH:Rheul Anah (f)" ASH born September 21, 1887‑(no death date)
William L., son of M. J. & Mildred xe "ASH:William L." ASH born  August 15, 1889; died March 27, 1900

Harry C. xe "EMERICK:Harry C." EMERICK  1880‑1894

John D. xe "HARRIS:John D." HARRIS, died  December 4, 1899, aged 63 years, 6 months, 23 days

Grant L. xe "HARRIS:Grant L." HARRIS,  died January 29, 1899, age 31 years, 5 months

Effie L., wife of G. L. xe "HARRIS:Effie L., Mrs." HARRIS  Janaury 12, 1870‑July 13, 1915

Melissa xe "HARRIS:Melissa, Mrs.?" HARRIS  May 4, 1836‑August 9, 1896

(2)  John Stirling xe "BLACK:Rhoda Electa, Mrs. (see Rhoda Electa BISSELL)" xe "BLACK:John Stirling" BLACK  Born Greenock, Scotland June 5, 1824‑February 5, 1900
Rhoda Electa xe "BISSELL:Rhoda Electa" BISSELL, his wife, born Meigs County, Ohio May 25, 1828‑June 29, 1920

(to left of John and Rhoda Black)
Elizabeth A. xe "BLACK:Elizabeth A." BLACK  1864‑1959


BARE (plot)
(2)  Charles J. xe "BARE:Charles J." BARE,  died April 27, 1899 aged 29 years, 9 months
Jettie xe "BARE:Jettie, Mrs." BARE xe "MC DADE:Jettie, Mrs.?" MC DADE  January 5, 1867‑October 27, 1937

Allen B. xe "BARE:Allen B." BARE  Cpl. US ARMY  WW II  1907‑1976

Pauline, daughter of C. J. & J. xe "BARE:Pauline" xe "BARE:C.J. (see Charles J. BARE)" xe "BARE:J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Jettie BARE)" BARE  June 4, 1892‑July 14, 1894

(2)  John P. xe "STEDMAN:John P." STEDMAN  Co. H. 53rd Ohio Inf. & Member of GAR, died August 22, 1886 age 65 years
Richard Henry, son of J. P. & Mary xe "STEDMAN:Richard Henry" xe "STEDMAN:J.P. (see John P. STEDMAN)" xe "STEDMAN:Mary, Mrs." STEDMAN died August 13, 1878, aged 20 years, 6 months, 7 days

Irenus B. xe "ROBERTS:Irenus B. (m)" ROBERTS  1843‑1899

Henrietta xe "RULE:Henrietta" RULE xe "ROBERTS:Henrietta, Mrs. (see Henrietta RULE)" ROBERTS  1844‑1921

Claude A. xe "ROBERTS:Clauda A." ROBERTS  1873‑1887

Lillie Mae xe "ROBERTS:Lillie Mae" ROBERTS  1869‑1948

(2) Margaret xe "KING:Margaret" KING xe "ROWLEY:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret KING)" ROWLEY  1908‑1974
Coit Royal xe "ROWLEY:Coit Royal" ROWLEY  1898‑1970  (Masonic symbol)

Galen G. xe "ROWLEY:Galen G. (m)" ROWLEY  February 10, 1901‑December 10, 1956  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Lucy xe "BALL:Lucy" BALL xe "ROWLEY:Lucy, Mrs. (see Lucy BALL)" ROWLEY  1863‑1952
James O. xe "ROWLEY:James O." ROWLEY  1860‑1946, son of Harry & Amanda xe "BUFFINGTON:Amanda" BUFFINGTON xe "ROWLEY:Henry" xe "ROWLEY:Harry" xe "ROWLEY:Amanda, Mrs. (see Amanda BUFFINGTON)" ROWLEY

Minnie B., wife of L. E. xe "DYKE:Minnie B., Mrs." xe "DYKE:L.E. (m)" DYKE  November 13, 1869‑July 17, 1896

(2)  Sylvina A. xe "GOULD:Sylvina A., Mrs.?" GOULD  April 28, 1843‑September 22, 1911
William H. xe "GOULD:William H." GOULD  June 14, 1836‑October 10, 1906

(2)  H. B. xe "CALDWELL:H.B. (m)" CALDWELL  1839‑1898  7th OVC  Co. K.
Margaret E. xe "CALDWELL:Margaret E., Mrs.?" CALDWELL  1854‑1946


WETZEL (plot)
(2)  Benjamin C. xe "WETZEL:Benjamin C." WETZEL  1894‑1955
Zylfa W. xe "WETZEL:Zylfa W., Mrs.?" WETZEL  1898‑(no death date)

John H. xe "WETZEL:John H." WETZEL  West Virginia Pvt.  333rd Inf.  84th Div.  WW I June 29, 1883‑May 30, 1947

(2) Sarah xe "MOSS:Sarah, Mrs.?" MOSS  1890‑1954
Walter xe "MOSS:Walter" MOSS  1886‑1967

(2) Cassius M. xe "ROWLEY:Cassius M. (m)" ROWLEY  1886‑1972
Blanche xe "ROWLEY:Blanche, Mrs.?" ROWLEY  1889‑1968

Mary xe "ROWLEY:Mary" ROWLEY xe "KINCAID:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary ROWLEY)" KINCAID  1910‑1967

Cora C. xe "BOARD:Cora C." BOARD  1867‑1896

(2) M. M. xe "PARK:M.M. (m)" PARK  July 16, 1850‑February 4, 1896
Virginia M. xe "PARK:Virginia M., Mrs.?" PARK  January 26, 1850‑September 29, 1925

(next to M.M. and Virginia Park)
Lora B. xe "PEDEN:Lora B." PEDEN, wife of I. A. xe "BOYD:Lora B., Mrs. (see Lora B. PEDEN)" xe "BOYD:I.A. (m)" BOYD, died June 26, 1895 age 26 years, 9 months, 14 days

(2) Thomas xe "MC COWN:Thomas" MC COWN  born October 19, 1818; died July 30, 1901
Anna Marie H. xe "MC COWN:Anna Marie H., Mrs." MC COWN, his wife, died November 12, 1889, age 65 years, 9 months

Lewis xe "HUGHES:Lewis" HUGHES, died May 14, 1890, age 45 years, 6 months, 7 days

Mary A. xe "HUGHES:Mary A., Mrs.?" HUGHES  1845‑1915

Ottie xe "HUGHES:Ottie" HUGHES no dates

Hoyt xe "HUGHES:Hoyt" HUGHES  no dates

James M. xe "OSBORNE:James M." OSBORNE  April 22, 1823‑December 10, 1894

Mary E. xe "OSBORNE:Mary E., Mrs.?" OSBORNE  March 12, 1835‑September 15, 1913

(4)  John W. xe "BENNETT:John W." BENNETT  December 15, 1840‑December 7, 1920
Hal xe "BENNETT:Hal" BENNETT  August 7, 1889‑November 21, 1891
Lovisa H. xe "BENNETT:Lovisa H." BENNETT March 30, 1892‑July 3, 1892
Lovisa J. wife of J. W. xe "BENNETT:Lovisa J., Mrs." BENNETT, died April 16, 1882, age 29 years, 9 months, 3 days

(3)  George H. xe "BENNETT:George H." BENNETT  May 1869‑March 1942
Victoria S., wife of G. H. xe "BENNETT:G.H. (see George H. BENNETT)" xe "BENNETT:Victoria S., Mrs." BENNETT  May 1872‑November 1912
Cora F., wife of G. H. xe "BENNETT:Cora F., Mrs." BENNETT  July 1870‑April 1898


MC KAY (plot)
Ella V. xe "MC KAY:Ella V., Mrs." MC KAY  1863‑1945

M. C. xe "MC KAY:M.C. (m)" MC KAY  1861‑1943

Infant Daughter of M. C. & E. V.xe "MC KAY:____ (f)" xe "MC KAY:E.V. Mrs. (see Mrs. Ella V. MC KAY)" MC KAY  1890

(2)  D. J. KEENEY,  died December 16, 1888, age 66 years, 3 months, 7 days
(back side)
Catherine N., wife of D. J. xe "KEENEY:D.J. (m)" xe "KEENEY:Catherine M., Mrs." KEENEY, died May 30, 1888 age 66 years, 24 days

(2)  Lora A. xe "SHANK:Lora A., Mrs." SHANK  1834‑1915  Mother
Calvin C. xe "SHANK:Calvin C." SHANK  1837‑1912 Co. H  13th Reg West Virginia Inf.  Father

Garnett, son of C. C. & L. A. xe "SHANK:Garnett (m)" xe "SHANK:C.C. (see Calvin C. SHANK)" xe "SHANK:L.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Lora A. SHANK)" SHANK,  died July 3, 1887, age 9 months


RUDMAN (plot)
John S. xe "RUDMAN:John S." RUDMAN  August 10, 1835‑January 13, 1909

Elizabeth J. xe "BERRY:Elizabeth J." BERRY, wife of John S. xe "RUDMAN:Elizabeth J., Mrs. (see Elizabeth J. BERRY)" RUDMAN, November 12, 1836‑July 25, 1904

Luisa xe "RUDMAN:Luisa" RUDMAN xe "BAILEY:Luisa, Mrs. (see Luisa RUDMAN)" BAILEY  1858‑1912

(2) Geraldine A. xe "BAILEY:Geraldine A." BAILEY  1939
Elizabeth R. xe "BAILEY:Elizabeth R." BAILEY 1958

N. D. xe "RUDMAN:N.D." RUDMAN 1859‑1920

Helen xe "STONE:Helen" STONE xe "RUDMAN:Helen, Mrs. (see Helen STONE)" RUDMAN  1875‑1959

Richard Ronald xe "RUDMAN:Richard Ronald" RUDMAN  July 4, 1913‑January 15, 1958

Fred A. xe "RUDMAN:Fred A." RUDMAN  1882‑1945

Mildred xe "PARK:Mildred" PARK xe "RUDMAN:Mildred, Mrs. (see Mildred PARK)" RUDMAN  November 14, 1885‑February 1, 1963

E. L. xe "RUDMAN:E.L." RUDMAN  1866‑1934


MC CONNELL (plot ‑ backside of Rudman plot)
W. H. xe "MC CONNELL:W.H. (m)" MC CONNELL  1857‑1929

Emily xe "RUDMAN:Emily" RUDMAN xe "MC CONNELL:Emily, Mrs. (see Emily RUDMAN)" MC CONNELL  1861‑1950

Pauline E. xe "MC CONNELL:Pauline E." MC CONNELL  1896‑1972

Richard A. xe "WOOD:Richard A." WOOD  1883‑1926

Vera M. xe "WOOD:Vera M., Mrs.?" WOOD  1889‑1942

Ray H. xe "O'BRIEN:Ray H." O'BRIEN  1891‑1928

Harold B. xe "RUTH:Harold B." RUTH  1896‑1952


FLEMING (plot)
Robert Flavious xe "FLEMING:Robert Flavious" FLEMING  1842‑1909

Emily xe "MOORE:Mary" MOORE  1848‑1927

Mary xe "FLEMING:Mary" FLEMING  1874‑1952

Charles xe "MOORE:Charles" MOORE 1876‑1899
(listed again on family stone)
Charles MOORE December 21, 1876‑December 14, 1899

"Baby xe "BEACOM:____" BEACOM"

John Robert xe "FLEMING:John Robert" FLEMING  1961‑1961


MC COY (plot)
Forris E. xe "MC COY:Forris E. (m)" MC COY  1876‑1959

Della M. xe "MC COY:Della M., Mrs.?" MC COY  1881‑1948


(5)  George xe "CROOKS:George" CROOKS  1843‑1899
Jessie W. xe "CROOKS:Jessie W., Mrs.?" CROOKS  1849‑1928
(back side)
Francis E. xe "CROOKS:Francis E." CROOKS  1881‑1934  Buried at Bassein, Burma
Ruth W. xe "CROOKS:Ruth W., Mrs." CROOKS  1892‑1937
Esta J. xe "CROOKS:Esta J., Mrs.?" CROOKS  1885‑1949


WATTS (plot)
Taylor xe "WATTS:Taylor" WATTS  1882‑1940

Ruby D. xe "WATTS:Rudy D., Mrs.?" WATTS  1874‑1956

Pearl T. xe "WATTS:Pearl T., Mrs.?" WATTS  1880‑(no death date)

William C. xe "WATTS:William C." WATTS  1843‑1894

Mary C. xe "WATTS:Mary C., Mrs.?" WATTS  1844‑1922

Charles B. xe "WATTS:Charles B." WATTS  1877‑1940

Martha xe "WATTS:Martha, Mrs.?" WATTS  1866‑1949

Infant Son of M. H. & O. E. xe "WATTS:____ (m)" xe "WATTS:M.H. (m)" xe "WATTS:O.E., Mrs." WATTS  November 8, 1908

(3)  Andrew xe "CALLISON:Andrew" CALLISON,  died August 5, 1888, aged 57 years
Sarah, wife of Andrew xe "CALLISON:Sarah, Mrs." CALLISON  1836‑1909
Rufus, son of A. & S. xe "CALLISON:Rufus" xe "CALLISON:A. (see Andrew CALLISON)" xe "CALLISON:S., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah CALLISON)" CALLISON  1867‑1908


BROWN (plot)
Elwood E. xe "BROWN:Elwood E." BROWN  November 10, 1892‑February 9, 1944

Frank A., son of E. W. & M. V. xe "BROWN:Frank A." xe "BROWN:E.W. (see Ephriam W. BROWN)" xe "BROWN:M.V., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary Virginia BROWN)" BROWN February 3, 1887‑December 30, 1928

Ephriam W. xe "BROWN:Ephriam W." BROWN  March 30, 1854‑June 20, 1929

Mary Virginia, wife of E. W. xe "BROWN:Mary Virginia" BROWN, born April 30, 1854; died December 13, 1919

Robert S. xe "BROWN:Robert S." BROWN  April 6, 1827‑February 16, 1891

Anna H. xe "BROWN:Anna H., Mrs.?" BROWN  November 26, 1831‑November 14, 1896

Charles L. xe "BROWN:Charles L." BROWN,  born June 29, 1859; died October 2, 1937

Frances T., wife of C. L. xe "BROWN:Frances T., Mrs." BROWN, born March 25, 1859; died November 29, 1931

William J. xe "BROWN:William J." BROWN,  born November 17, 1852; died January 19, 1936

Susan M. xe "BROWN:Susan M., Mrs.?" BROWN  September 19, 1865‑June 14, 1951

W. Burhl xe "BROWN:W. Burhl" BROWN  1885‑1957

Frederick H. xe "FOWLER:Frederick H." FOWLER  1881‑1967

Marian E., daughter of C. L. &  F. T. xe "BROWN:Marian E." xe "BROWN:C.L. (see Charles L. BROWN)" xe "BROWN:F.T., Mrs. (see Mrs. Frances T. BROWN)" BROWN  December 3, 1886‑July 13, 1887

Infant BROWN,  Son of C. C. & E. E. xe "BROWN:____" xe "BROWN:C.C. (m)" xe "BROWN:E.E., Mrs." BROWN, Jr.  May 22, 1942

Maggie,  daughter of E. W. & M. V. xe "BROWN:E.W. (see Ephriam W. BROWN)" xe "BROWN:Maggie" BROWN, died July 2, 1870, aged 1 year, 4 months, 24 days


Henry xe "FITZHUGH:Henry" FITZHUGH  February 12, 1783‑March 17, 1855

Henrietta S. xe "FITZHUGH:Henrietta S., Mrs.?" FITZHUGH  November 14, 1789‑December 8, 1879

Burditt FITZHUGH  November 7, 1816‑October 23, 1858

Bushrod W. xe "FITZHUGH:Bushrod W." FITZHUGH  September 12, 1812‑December 9, 1850 in California

Edmonia xe "FITZHUGH:Edmonia" FITZHUGH, born in Fauquier Co., Virginia  February 6, 1827‑October 1, 1832
In back is an urn ‑ no dates

Anne O. xe "FITZHUGH:Anne O." FITZHUGH,  born March 26, 1821; died May 9, 1882

Mollie Augustine xe "BARR:Mollie Augstine" BARR (sic)  December 21, 1861, age 10 years

Henrietta F. xe "BARRE:Henrietta F., Mrs.?" BARRE (sic)  April 4, 1825‑November 24, 1893

Henry xe "FITZHUGH:Henry" FITZHUGH  January 10, 1830‑April 10, 1890

(2)  Etta xe "HALL:Etta" HALL xe "STARCHER:Etta, Mrs. (see Etta HALL)" STARCHER  1891‑1974  Wife
Sterling Charles xe "STARCHER:Sterling Charles" STARCHER  1886‑1965

(3)  Blanche xe "HALL:Blanche, Mrs.?" HALL xe "WETZEL:Blanche, Mrs.?" WETZEL xe "RATHBONE:Blanche, Mrs.?" RATHBONE  1889‑1975
Lora xe "SHOCKEY:Lora" SHOCKEY 1872‑1942, wife of John William xe "HALL:John William" xe "HALL:Lora, Mrs. (see Lora SHOCKEY)" HALL
Cecil xe "HALL:Cecil" HALL  1898‑1903 their son


HARPOLD (plot)
(left to right)
William L. xe "SMITH:William L." SMITH  May 4, 1855‑October 19, 1937

Charles W. xe "GILLIAN:Charles W." GILLIAN  November 5, 1910‑July 14, 1935

Emma HARPOLD xe "SMITH:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma HARPOLD)" SMITH  February 15, 1866‑May 30, 1928

Charles xe "HARPOLD:Charles" HARPOLD  January 29, 1837‑March 1, 1921

Salinda J. xe "HARPOLD:Salinda J, Mrs.?" HARPOLD  October 7, 1839‑August 28, 1898

Eva May xe "HARPOLD:Eva May" HARPOLD  July 28, 1863‑July 16, 1873

Caroline xe "MC INTOSH:Caroline" MC INTOSH  1820‑1892

Edna xe "OSBORNE:Edna" OSBORNE xe "HARPOLD:Edna, Mrs. (see Edna OSBORN)" HARPOLD 1874‑1899

Lawrence O. xe "HARPOLD:Lawrence O." HARPOLD  1899‑1900

William A. xe "HARPOLD:William A." HARPOLD  1868‑1933

Jessie xe "BROWN:Jessie" BROWN xe "HARPOLD:Jessie, Mrs. (see Jessie BROWN)" HARPOLD  1885‑1968

(3)  Harry xe "HOFFMAN:Harry" HOFFMAN  June 14, 1887‑April 19, 1959
Mabel xe "SMITH:Mabel" SMITH xe "HOFFMAN:Mabel, Mrs. (see Mabel SMITH)" HOFFMAN  March 24, 1900‑December 31, 1970
Minnie xe "SMITH:Minnie" SMITH xe "DENT:Minnie, Mrs. (see Minnie SMITH)" DENT  October 1, 1890‑February 13, 1969

(3)  Edgar S. xe "HARPOLD:Edgar S." HARPOLD  December 22, 1869‑November 28, 1936
Rachel E. xe "HARPOLD:Rachel E., Mrs.?" HARPOLD  December 3, 1875‑January 19, 1967
Charles O. xe "HARPOLD:Charles O." HARPOLD  March 1, 1898‑February 22, 1936

(left to right)
Frank O. xe "HARPOLD:Frank O." HARPOLD  January 25, 1873‑February 10, 1922

Edna xe "TUMLIN:Edna" TUMLIN xe "HARPOLD:Edna, Mrs. (see Edna TUMLIN)" HARPOLD  February 7, 1877‑November 26, 1944

John Herbert xe "ROUSH:John Herbert" ROUSH  November 13, 1902‑February 13, 1960

Margaret xe "HARPOLD:Margaret" HARPOLD xe "ROUSH:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret HARPOLD)" ROUSH  January 9, 1903‑January 5, 1967

Allan Earl xe "HARPOLD:Allan Earl" HARPOLD  February 23, 1899‑(no death date)

Bernice xe "TEBAY:Bernice" TEBAY xe "HARPOLD:Bernice, Mrs. (see Bernice TEBAY)" HARPOLD  July 6, 1897‑March 23, 1962

Infant Son of A. E. & Bernice xe "HARPOLD:____" xe "HARPOLD:A.E. (see Allan Earl HARPOLD)" HARPOLD  August 15, 1928

Phylis H. xe "HARPOLD:Phylis H." HARPOLD  August 1, 1902‑September 4, 1902

Henry Earl xe "HARPOLD:Henry Earl" HARPOLD  March 3, 1877‑December 24, 1941

Fannie xe "BROWN:Fannie" BROWN xe "HARPOLD:Fannie, Mrs. (see Fannie BROWN)" HARPOLD  April 6, 1881‑December 23, 1941


ALLEN (plot)
Alfred Earl xe "ALLEN:Alfred Earl" ALLEN  1885‑1905

Julia xe "ALLEN:Julia" ALLEN xe "THORNBURG:Julia, Mrs. (see Julia ALLEN)" THORNBURG  1883‑1931

Infant Son of Julia & Frank xe "THORNBURG:____ (m)" xe "THORNBURG:Frank" THORNBURG 1921

William xe "KNUPP:William" KNUPP  1875‑1962

Virginia xe "ALLEN:Virginia" ALLEN xe "THOMPSON:Virginia, Mrs. (see Virginia ALLEN)" THOMPSON  1890‑1916

Alfred Edward xe "ALLEN:Alfred Edward" ALLEN  1856‑1920

Lyde xe "LARIMER:Lyde (f)" LARIMER xe "ALLEN:Lyde, Mrs. (see Lyde LARIMER)" ALLEN  1860‑1937


Jerome H. & Myrtle xe "RAND:Jerome H." xe "RAND:Myrtle, Mrs.?" RAND  no dates

Myrtle xe "RAND:Myrtle" RAND xe "WILLIAMSON:Myrtle, Mrs. (see Myrtle RAND)" WILLIAMSON  April 22, 1882‑January 3, 1958

Jerome H. WILIAMSON  February 27, 1871‑October 31, 1945

Pauline xe "MICHAEL:Pauline" MICHAEL  1931‑1935

Anna L. xe "MICHAEL:Anna L." MICHAEL  1872‑1936

(back side)
Harriet L. xe "MICHAEL:Harriet L., Mrs." MICHAEL  March 22, 1845‑October 2, 1931  Mother

Reason S. xe "MICHAEL:Reason S. (m)" MICHAEL  March 22, 1846‑May 26, 1921  Father Co. G  1st Reg. West Virginia Vol. Cav.

Frank C. xe "DEATON:Frank C." DEATON 1868‑1963  Father

Elizabeth xe "DEATON:Elizabeth, Mrs." DEATON 1865‑1960 Mother

(2) James S. xe "SWAIN:James S." SWAIN June 15, 1863‑(no death date)
Alice E. xe "DEATON:Alice E." DEATON,  wife of J. S. xe "SWAIN:Alice E., Mrs. (see Alice E. DEATON)" SWAIN, August 18, 1875‑March 20, 1917

Jesse xe "HUGHES:Jesse" HUGHES 1750-1829  Indian Scout who died near this spot

(stone erected by Ravenswood Chapt, D.A.R. to the memory of Revolutionary War soldiers and descendants who settled in this valley)

Joseph xe "ROOL:Joseph" ROOL,  born in Strasburg, Germany born May 14, 1783; died November 4, 1884
(An undertaker working in the cemtery said Joseph ROOL served in the French Army with Napoleon in France.)

Eugene Henry xe "CAMPBELL:Eugene Henry" CAMPBELL  1908‑1977

Jesse xe "PEASE:Jesse" PEASE  1857-1932

(tape cut off)

[Miihlbach's "Ravenswood Cemetery", p. 12: Hannah U. xe "PEASE:Hannah U., Mrs.?" PEASE 1847‑1930
Dortha Marie xe "CONGER:Dortha Marie" CONGER 1924‑1932
Samuel R. xe "MC COY:Samuel R." MC COY, W. Va. Pfc Co. B 33 Machine Gun Bn WW I May 14, 1895‑ June 2, 1960
Ida xe "WATERMAN:Ida" WATERMAN xe "LEE:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida WATERMAN)" LEE 1948]

Mary M.xe "BECKER:Mary M." BECKER,  died July 21, 1909, age 68 years, 10 months, 7 days

Mary N., daughter of E. H. & L. C. xe "BISH:Mary N." xe "BISH:E.H. (m)" xe "BISH:L.C., Mrs." BISH, died 1915, age 26 days

Caroline xe "GLASSNER:Caroline, Mrs." GLASSNER  1876‑1952  Mother

George F. xe "GLASSNER:George F." GLASSNER  1903‑1921


(2) James Willard xe "SPEARS:James Willard" SPEARS  November 16, 1917
Infant Daughter May 1, 1916,  daughter of W. S. & V. S. xe "SPEARS:____ (f)" xe "SPEARS:W.S. (m)" xe "SPEARS:V.S., Mrs." SPEARS

(side by side)


(2) Sarah E. xe "DELONG:Sarah E., Mrs.?" DELONG  1878‑1935
Isaac L. xe "DELONG:Isaac L." DELONG  1877‑1921

Nora xe "BARLOW:Nora" BARLOW xe "WILSON:Nora, Mrs. (see Nora BARLOW)" WILSON  1884‑1921

Scott xe "HAYDEN:Scott" HAYDEN  1897‑1963

Margaret L. HAYDEN,  daughter of R. E. & M. A. xe "HAYDEN:Margaret L." xe "HAYDEN:R.E. (m)" xe "HAYDEN:M.A., Mrs." HAYDEN born June 23, 1886; died July 2, 1904

John W. xe "PAYNE:John W." PAYNE,  born December 16, 1837; died November 22, 1899

Mary C., wife of J. W. xe "PAYNE:Mary C., Mrs." PAYNE  July 20, 1841‑April 1, 1929


HARRIS (plot)
Paul Brown xe "HARRIS:Paul Brown" HARRIS  1921 ‑(no death date)  (Masonic symbol)

In Memory of Freda xe "MILHOAN:Freda" MILHOAN xe "HARRIS:Freda, Mrs. (see Freda MILHOAN)" HARRIS  1926‑1975  Eastern Star

Paul B. xe "HARRIS:Paul B." HARRIS  1890‑1959  (Mason symbol)

Rachel xe "BROWN:Rachel" BROWN xe "HARRIS:Rachel, Mrs. (see Rachel BROWN)" HARRIS  1891‑1965  (Eastern Star symbol)

(end of plot)


LYTLE (plot)
J. Sherley xe "LYTLE:J. Sherley (m)" LYTLE  1887‑1962

Ethel xe "BROWN:Ethel" BROWN xe "LYTLE:Ethel, Mrs. (see Ethel BROWN)" LYTLE  1884‑1972

Mary Lepha, daughter of J. S. & Ethel BROWN xe "LYTLE:Mary Lepha" LYTLE  1910

Nellie xe "BOLEN:Nellie" BOLEN, wife of R. T. xe "WETZEL:R.T. (m)" xe "WETZEL:Nellie, Mrs. (see Nellie BOLEN)" WETZEL  1844‑1907

Jennie E. or Genny E. xe "JOHNSTON:Jennie E." JOHNSTON  February 5, 1836‑August 19, 1907

John M. xe "PHILLIPS:John M." PHILLIPS  1890‑1905

Okey O. xe "PHILLIPS:Okey O." PHILLIPS  1893‑1924

Benjamin L. xe "PHILLIPS:Benjamin L." PHILLIPS  1863‑1941

Pearl xe "PHILLIPS:Pearl" PHILLIPS xe "MC GAREY:Pearl, Mrs. (see Pearl PHILLIPS)" MC GAREY  1902‑1952

John xe "PHILLIPS:John" PHILLIPS ‑ "Our Son"

Pearl xe "PHILLIPS:Pearl (m)" PHILLIPS ‑ "Our Son"  Pvt. 91st Div. AEF

Benjamin L. PHILLIPS  Father

Pearl PHILLIPS MC GEARY ‑ Daughter


T. T. D. xe "DAVENPORT:T.T.D." DAVENPORT  1841‑1867

E. S. D. xe "DAVENPORT:E.S.D." DAVENPORT  1819‑1882

S. J. C. D. xe "DAVENPORT:S.J.C.D." DAVENPORT  1847‑1899

Lucy S. xe "DAVENPORT:Lucy S." DAVENPORT  May 18, 1851‑March 10, 1911


MC INTOSH (plot)
Ralph H. xe "MC INTOSH:Ralph H." MC INTOSH  no dates

Mora C. xe "MC INTOSH:Mora C." MC INTOSH  1907‑ (no death date)

(2) David C. xe "MC INTOSH:David C." MC INTOSH  1870‑1933
Besie K. xe "MC INTOSH:Bessie K., Mrs.?" MC INTOSH  1871‑1950

John C. xe "MC INTOSH:John C." MC INTOSH  1894‑1951

John C. xe "MC INTOSH:John C., Jr." MC INTOSH, Jr.  1917‑1918

W. Garrett, son of I. V. & C. xe "JOHNSON:W. Garrett" xe "JOHNSON:I.V. (see Isaac V. JOHNSON)" xe "JOHNSON:C., Mrs. (see Mrs. Carrie JOHNSON)" JOHNSON  1894‑1919

Carrie, wife of I. V. xe "JOHNSON:Carrie, Mrs." JOHNSON  1869‑1924

Isaac V. xe "JOHNSON:Isaac V." JOHNSON  1863‑1930

Ada xe "COX:Ada" COX xe "JACKSON:Ada, Mrs. (see Ada COX)" JACKSON  1888‑1919

George B. xe "CASTO:George B." CASTO  February 22, 1841‑September 3, 1918

Tennie L. xe "CASTO:Tennie L., Mrs.?" CASTO  November 15, 1855‑January 26, 1947

Lucille xe "CASTO:Lucille" CASTO xe "SACCS:Lucille, Mrs. (see Lucille CASTO)" SACCS (xe "SCACCS:Lucille, Mrs. (see Lucille CASTO)" SCACCS?)  1897‑1974

Roderick J., son of S. S. & R. A. xe "RAYBURN:Roderick J." xe "RAYBURN:S.S. (see Samuel S. RAYBURN)" xe "RAYBURN:R.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Rebecca A. RAYMBURN)" RAYBURN  1893‑1918 Co. D  125th Inf. ADG. Wounded at Argonne Forest October 10, 1918; died in base hospital # 13 October 27, 1918

Rebecca A., wife of S. S. xe "RAYBURN:Rebecca A., Mrs." RAYBURN  1862‑1950

Samuel S. xe "RAYBURN:Samuel S." RAYBURN  1857‑1937

(2)  Otto R. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Otto R." CUNNINGHAM  1887‑1956  (Mason symbol)
Freda R. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Freda R., Mrs." CUNNINGHAM  1889‑1956  DAR plaque


RIFFE (plot)
Clarice xe "RIFFE:Clarice" RIFFE xe "RICHARDS:Clarice, Mrs. (see Clarice RIFFE)" RICHARDS 1900‑1961

(2)  Cora A. xe "MC RA:Cora A." MC RA (sic)  1876‑1960
Wife of
Rev. Andrew C. xe "RIFFE:Cora A., Mrs. (see Cora A. MC RA)" xe "RIFFE:Andrew C., Rev." RIFFE  1879‑1952

Celeste, daughter of A. C. & Ora (Cora?) xe "RIFFE:Celeste" RIFFE 1902‑1920

Claude E. xe "KEENEY:Claude E." KEENEY  1871‑1934

Evelyn F. xe "KEENEY:Evelyn F., Mrs.?" KEENEY  1875‑1967

Alonzo T. xe "KEENEY:Alonzo" KEENEY  1847‑1935

Alma J. xe "KEENEY:Alma J., Mrs.?" KEENEY  1854‑1942

(2)  Jacob L. xe "FERRELL:Jacob L." FERRELL  1874‑1952
Florence T. xe "FERRELL:Florence T., Mrs.?" FERRELL  1880‑1937

Opal K. xe "FERRELL:Opal K." FERRELL  1901‑1920

Elenor or Eleanor H. xe "FERRELL:Eleanor H." FERRELL  1922

Howard P. xe "GEREN:Howard P." GEREN  1868‑1923

Jessie xe "SMITH:Jessie" SMITH xe "GEREN:Jessie, Mrs. (see Jessie SMITH)" GEREN  1869‑1964

Elsie W. xe "GEREN:Elsie W." GEREN  1907‑1962

Marguherita (sic) xe "GEREN:Marguherita" GEREN  1893‑1965

(2)  George W. xe "LONG:George W." LONG  1847‑1937  (Masonic symbol)
Emma xe "KING:Emma" KING xe "LONG:Emma, Mrs. (see Emma KING)" LONG  1850‑1936

Martin Luther xe "COLE:Martin Luther" COLE  1858‑1926

Florence xe "CRUM:Florence" CRUM, wife of M. L. xe "COLE:Florence, Mrs. (see Florence CRUM)" COLE  1863‑1896

Bertha M. xe "HASLETT:Bertha M." HASLETT, wife of M. L. xe "COLE:Bertha M., Mrs. (see Bertha HASLETT)" xe "COLE:M.L. (see Martin Luther COLE)" COLE  1873‑1916

Marshall G. xe "LOVE:Marshall G." LOVE  1908‑1925

Sheridan C. xe "BEEBOUT:Sheridan C." BEEBOUT  1869‑1933

Rose F. xe "BEEBOUT:Rose F., Mrs.?" BEEBOUT 1860‑1943

Darrell xe "RECTOR:Darrell" RECTOR  1882‑1951

Lura F. xe "RECTOR:Lura F., Mrs.?" RECTOR  1879‑1954

Webster C. xe "RECTOR:Webster C." RECTOR  1856‑1929

Mary Alva xe "RECTOR:Mary Alva, Mrs.?" RECTOR  1862‑1926

(2)  Minnie D. xe "MC BRIDE:Minnie D., Mrs." MC BRIDE  1873‑1939
J. "Logue" xe "MC BRIDE:J. Logue" MC BRIDE  1874‑1939

Howell, son of J. L. & M. xe "MC BRIDE:Howell" xe "MC BRIDE:J.L. (see J. Logue MC BRIDE)" xe "MC BRIDE:M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Minnie D. MC BRIDE)" MC BRIDE  1903‑1926

Mary M. xe "BEVER:Mary M." BEVER xe "RARDIN:Mary M., Mrs. (see Mary M. BEVER)" RARDIN  1898‑1924

Everett C. xe "RARDIN:Everett C." RARDIN  1893‑1957

Mary xe "STAATS:Mary" STAATS xe "RARDIN:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary STAATS)" RARDIN  1906‑1976

(2)  Willie M. or N. xe "RARDIN:Willie M." xe "RARDIN:Willie N." RARDIN  1928‑1956
Bernard L. xe "RARDIN:Bernard L." RARDIN  1920‑1956 ‑ "17 years in USN"

Mabel xe "DUNHAM:Mabel" DUNHAM  October 29, 1890‑(no death date)

Alice xe "CATHER:Alice" CATHER  1886‑1960

Flossie M., wife of L. S. xe "PURSLEY:L.S. (m)" xe "PURSLEY:Flossie M., Mrs." PURSLEY  1897‑1926

(2)  Lucy E. xe "OTT:Lucy E., Mrs.?" OTT  1880‑1958
F. W. "Dill" xe "OTT:F.W. (see Dill OTT)" xe "OTT:Dill (see F.W. OTT)" OTT  1860‑1930

Annie E. xe "BENNETT:Annie E., Mrs.?" BENNETT  February 11, 1850‑January 29, 1925

Aaron xe "BENNETT:Aaron" BENNETT  July 28, 1844‑May 23, 1925

(2)  William I. xe "BENNETT:William I." BENNETT  1870‑1957
Lena L. xe "BENNETT:Lena L., Mrs.?" BENNETT 1873‑1962

Ceryl xe "HUTCHINSON:Ceryl" HUTCHINSON  1890‑1973

Mabel xe "HUTCHINSON:Mabel" HUTCHINSON  1888‑1973

(2)  L. M. "Mont" xe "FORD:L.M. (see Mont FORD)" xe "FORD:Mont (see L.M. FORD)" FORD  1863‑1939
Mary CLAWSON FORD  1867‑1942


PICKENS (plot)
Charles H. xe "PICKENS:Charles H." PICKENS  1867‑1945

Sarah E. xe "DOUGLAS:Sarah E." DOUGLAS, wife of Charles H. xe "PICKENS:Sarah E., Mrs. (see Sarah E. DOUGLAS)" PICKENS  1862‑1924


WEAS (plot)
James M. xe "WEAS:James M." WEAS  1845‑1924

Corda N. xe "WEAS:Corda N." WEAS  1866‑1939

David L. xe "FLOYD:David L." FLOYD  1857‑1924  Father

Sarah E. xe "FLOYD:Sarah E., Mrs." FLOYD  1860‑1936  Mother

Ira O. xe "FLOYD:Ira O." FLOYD  1880‑1949

William E. xe "DILS:William E." DILS  Son  no dates

Lysle C. xe "DILS:Lysle C. (m)" DILS  Son  no dates

Ellen D. xe "DILS:Homer" xe "DILS:Ellen D., Mrs." DILS  Mom   no dates

Homer  Dad  no dates

Gladys G. xe "DILS:Gladys G." DILS  Daughter  no dates

Grace Lilliam xe "BYERS:Grace Lilliam" BYERS  1917‑1932

Fannie or Fanny xe "MC RA:Fannie" MC RA (sic) xe "RHODES:Fannie, Mrs. (see Fannie MC RA)" RHODES  December 20, 1878‑October 30, 1956

Charles Estel xe "RHODES:Charles Estel" RHODES  December 12, 1882‑August 30, 1909

Thelma xe "WILSON:Thelma, Mrs.?" WILSON  1903‑1941

Charles F. xe "WILSON:Charles F., Jr." WILSON, Jr.  1915‑1933

(2)  Nellie xe "SHAVER:Nellie, Mrs." SHAVER  1878‑1943
Sylasp. xe "SHAVER:Sylasp." SHAVER  1879‑1947

Letha xe "SHAVER:Letha" SHAVER  1910‑1946

(2)  Suzanne xe "HAGEN:Suzanne" HAGEN xe "GOSLING:Suzanne, Mrs. (see Suzanne HAGEN)" GOSLING  1844‑1929
Benjamin F. xe "GOSLING:Benjamin F." GOSLING  D. D.  1852‑1922

Ruth xe "GOSLING:Ruth" GOSLING xe "CAMP:Ruth, Mrs. (see Ruth GOSLING)" CAMP  1882‑1959

Esta May, daughter of Fred & Florence xe "CANTER:Esta May" xe "CANTER:Fred" xe "CANTER:Florence, Mrs." CANTER, died November 15, 1912, age 3 years, 21 days

Richard G. xe "CROMLISH:Richard D." xe "CROMLISH:Elva, Mrs. (see Elva LLOYD)" CROMLISH  1891‑1918  Co. L  9th Bn.

Elva xe "LLOYD:Elva" LLOYD, his wife  1897‑(no death date)

(2)  Isaac xe "ECKLEBERRY:Isaac" ECKLEBERRY  1845‑1918  Father
Mary Ann xe "ECKLEBERRY:Mary Ann, Mrs." ECKLEBERRY  1848‑1925  Mother

(2)  Frank H. xe "SNODGRASS:Frank H." SNODGRASS  1883‑1952  (Masonic symbol)
Nelle xe "SNODGRASS:Nellie, Mrs.?" SNODGRASS  1884‑1944

(2)  Silas W. xe "SNODGRASS:Silas W." SNODGRASS  1841‑1919  Father Co. B 1st Reg. West Virginia Infantry
Nancy xe "SNODGRASS:Nancy, Mrs." SNODGRASS  1847‑1935  Mother

Frances L. xe "PATTON:Frances L." PATTON  1872‑1947

L. E. xe "SNODGRASS:L.E. (m)" SNODGRASS  1869‑1935  Father

Etta xe "SNODGRASS:Etta, Mrs." SNODGRASS  1868‑1933  Mother

James A. xe "SIDERS:James A." SIDERS  March 9, 1894‑April 2, 1973

Lavena G. xe "SIDERS:Lavena G., Mrs." SIDERS  December 7, 1899‑March 20, 1977

Paul Lindsay, son of James & Lavena xe "SIDERS:Paul Lindsay" SIDERS May 31, 1930‑October 22, 1930

Robert Ancil, son of J. A. & Lavena xe "SIDERS:Robert Ancil" SIDERS April 8, 1918‑August 25, 1918

(2)  Andrew J. xe "CHARTER:Andrew J." CHARTER  April 9, 1845‑December 9, 1934  Father
Helen W. xe "CHARTER:Helen W., Mrs." CHARTER  September 8, 1851‑June 19, 1929  Mother

Lena M. xe "CHARTER:Lena M." CHARTER  September 18, 1875‑April 14, 1958

William I. xe "GIBBS:William I." GIBBS  July 5, 1871‑October 27, 1940  Father

Artie xe "FLINN:Artie (f)" FLINN xe "GIBBS:Artie, Mrs. (see Artie FLINN)" GIBBS  January 16, 1876‑October 14, 1953  Mother


MONROE (plot)
(2)  C. E. xe "MONROE:C.E. (m)" MONROE  October 17, 1854‑August 7, 1932  Father
Minerva xe "MONROE:Minerva, Mrs." MONROE  May 15, 1855‑May 28, 1923  Mother

(next to C.E. and Minerava Monroe)
Ray, son of C. E. & M. xe "MONROE:Ray" xe "MONROE:M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Minerva MONROE)" MONROE  June 23, 1885‑August 16, 1918

 (Symbol: letters "FLT" appearing in a chain link)

(2)  James N. xe "COLEMAN:James N." COLEMAN  1850‑1901  Father
Maxie A. xe "COLEMAN:Maxie A., Mrs." COLEMAN  1859‑1913  Mother

Joseph xe "BARRICKMAN:Joseph" xe "BARRICKMAN:Ollie, Mrs. (see Ollie TENNANT)" BARRICKMAN  October 29, 1857‑April 7, 1947

Ollie xe "TENNANT:Ollie" TENNANT his wife, January 9, 1875‑April 24, 1918


STAATS (plot)
(2)  Mary E. xe "STAATS:Mary E., Mrs." STAATS  1852‑1925  Mother

John xe "STAATS:John" STAATS  1846‑1930  Father

In Memory of Alva xe "ANDERSON:Alva" ANDERSON  1879‑1959

(2)  Mary V. xe "STAATS:Mary V., Mrs." STAATS  1856‑1924  Mother
Joseph Y. xe "STAATS:Joseph Y." STAATS  1852‑1918  Father

(2)  Ollie xe "MOSS:Ollie, Mrs.?" MOSS  1880‑1963
Arthur xe "MOSS:Arthur" MOSS  1880‑1953

Albert B., son of B. D. & O. C. xe "LINDAMOOD:Albert B." xe "LINDAMOOD:B.D. (m)" xe "LINDAMOOD:O.C., Mrs." LINDAMOOD (died?) July 10, 1918

Ethel I. xe "LINDAMOOD:Ethel I." LINDAMOOD xe "HOGUE:Ethel, Mrs. (see Ethel I. LINDAMOOD)" HOGUE  1896‑1927  Mother

(2)  William xe "LINDAMOOD:William" LINDAMOOD  1868‑1956
Nellie J. xe "LINDAMOOD:Nellie J., Mrs.?" LINDAMOOD  1874‑1941

(2)  Rev. Harry xe "HOWARD:Harry, Rev." HOWARD  1868‑1942,  age 46 years ‑ "A Methodist Minister"
Hattie xe "ERNEST:Hattie" ERNEST xe "HOWARD:Hattie, Mrs. (see Hattie ERNEST)" HOWARD  1866‑1925

Hubert xe "HOWARD:Hubert" HOWARD  West Virginia S/Sgt Infantry  WW II July 2, 1901‑November 6, 1968

Lillian xe "HOWARD:Lillian" HOWARD  June 8, 1879‑July 19, 1962

And'w J. xe "PAUGH:Andrew J." PAUGH,  Co. M  1st West Virginia CAV.

(2) Grover C. HALL  1895‑(no death date)
(at base of stone)
Grover C. xe "HALL:Grover C." HALL  Pvt. Army Air Forces September 19, 1895‑August 1, 1974
Corrinne W. xe "HALL:Corrinne, Mrs.?" HALL  1903‑1959

(Temporary marker)
Margaret xe "FLINN:Margaret" FLINN xe "PENNER:Margaret, Mrs. (see Margaret FLINN)" PENNER, died January 3, 1975, age 84 years, 9 months, 9 days

George Everett xe "DERENBURGER:George Everett" DERENBURGER  July 2, 1871‑July 2, 1925

Audell xe "WHEATON:Audell" WHEATON  1900‑1925

Jennie xe "WHEATON:Jennie, Mrs.?" WHEATON  1860‑1939

F. L. xe "WHEATON:F.L." WHEATON  1867‑1943

Daniel C. xe "WELCH:Daniel C." WELCH  1878‑1941

Villa B. xe "SNODGRASS:Villa B." SNODGRASS 1885‑1925


HUPP (plot)
Sallie xe "DAWSON:Sallie" DAWSON xe "CARPENTER:Sallie, Mrs. (see Sallie DAWSON)" CARPENTER  1887‑1966

D. W. "Wright" xe "CARPENTER:D. Wright" xe "CARPENTER:D. Wright (see D.W. CARPENTER)" CARPENTER  1886‑1971

Dora xe "DAWSON:Dora" DAWSON xe "HUPP:Dora, Mrs. (see Dora DAWSON)" HUPP  1862‑1940  Mother

(2)  Mariman xe "HUPP:Mariman (m)" HUPP  1846‑1929
Susannah M. xe "HUPP:Susannah M., Mrs." HUPP  1846‑1912  Wife

Emily J. PATTERSON,  daughter of M. & S. xe "HUPP:Emily J." xe "HUPP:M. (see Mariman HUPP)" xe "HUPP:S., Mrs. (see Mrs. Susannah M. HUPP)" HUPP  1878‑1914

Charles V. xe "CARMICHAEL:Charles V." CARMICHAEL  1896‑1922  Son

Emmet xe "CARMICHAEL:Emmet" CARMICHAEL  1863‑1934  Father

Ivy O. xe "CARMICHAEL:Iva O., Mrs." CARMICHAEL  1871‑1930  Mother

David L. xe "CARMICHAEL:David L." CARMICHAEL  1893‑1956

(2)  Hiram xe "SMITH:Hiram" SMITH  1864‑1934
Hannah xe "SMITH:Hannah, Mrs.?" SMITH  1861‑1925

(2)  Mary A. >xe "STANLEY:Mary A., Mrs.?" STANLEY  1858‑1941
Preston T. xe "STANLEY:Preston T." STANLEY  1856‑1928

Wilmer C., son of P. T. & Mary xe "STANLEY:Wilmer C." xe "STANLEY:P.T. (see Preston T. STANLEY)" STANLEY  1883‑1923

Hugh C. xe "STANLEY:Hugh C." STANLEY, March 1, 1892‑March 19, 1966

(2)  B. Frank xe "SHEPPARD:B. Frank" SHEPPARD  1870‑1928  Father
Ida A. xe "SHEPPARD:Ida A., Mrs." SHEPPARD  1871‑1939  Mother

Hazel, daughter of B. F. & Ida A. xe "SHEPPARD:Hazel" xe "SHEPPARD:B.F. (B. Frank SHEPPARD)" SHEPPARD  1897‑1939

William Harry xe "SARVER:William Harry" SARVER  December 26, 1896‑February 5, 1945

Margaret Lillie xe "TENNANT:Margaret Lillie" TENNANT,  February 9, 1916‑November 10, 1922

(2)  Edgar xe "MC RA:Edgar" MC RA (sic)  July 4, 1845‑September 19, 1916
Martha B. xe "COLE:Martha B." COLE xe "MC RA:Martha B." xe "MC RA:Martha B. , Mrs. (see Martha B. COLE)" MC RA  1856‑1946  Wife

(2)  Regina B. xe "MC RA:Regina B." MC RA xe "HAWK:Regina B., Mrs. (see Regina B. MC RA)" HAWK  1869‑1893
Martha J. xe "MC RA:Martha J." MC RA xe "ROBBINS:Martha J., Mrs. (see Martha J. MC RA)" ROBBINS  1883‑1963

Anne L., wife of Edgar xe "MC RA:Anne L., Mrs." MC RA  1850‑1901

Josephine xe "MC RA:Josphine" MC RA 1873

Rosalie xe "MC RA:Rosalie" MC RA  1875,  daughters of Edgar & Anne MC RA

Darius A., son of Edgar & Anne xe "MC RA:Darius A." MC RA  1871‑1919

Martin Elmer xe "STUTTER:Martin Elmer" STUTTER  West Virginia S/Sgt  Marine Corp. WW II August 26, 1915‑December 21, 1950

Harriot M. xe "STUTTER:Harrot M., Mrs.?" STUTTER  1891‑1917

Ara E. xe "MURREY:Ara E." MURREY  1868‑1956

I. N. xe "MURREY:I.N." MURREY  1859‑1931

(2)  Mary M. xe "FLETCHER:Mary M., Mrs.?" FLETCHER  1863‑1932
James F. xe "FLETCHER:James F." FLETCHER  1860‑1939

(2)  Claude N. xe "FORD:Claude N." FORD  1866‑1935
Etta C. xe "FORD:Etta C., Mrs.?" FORD  1872‑1918  Wife


CASTO (plot)
(2)  Hollie W. xe "CASTO:Hollie W. (m)" CASTO  M. D.  1872‑1939
Sarah V.xe "CASTO:Sarah V., Mrs." CASTO  1872‑1957

(next to Hollie and Sarah Casto)
Cornelia xe "JOHNS:Cornelia" JOHNS  1840‑1919

Lulu B. xe "MC MURRAY:Lulu B." MC MURRAY  1876‑1941

(2)  William xe "MC MURRAY:William" MC MURRAY  1841‑1898
Elizabeth xe "MC MURRAY:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" MC MURRAY 1854‑1917

(2)  Dennis H., son of A. M. & S. E. xe "BONNETT:Dennis H." xe "BONNETT:Andrew M." xe "BONNETT:Sarah E., Mrs." xe "BONNETT:A.M. (see Andrew M. BONNETT)" xe "BONNETT:S.E., Mrs. (see Sarah E. BONNETT)" BONNETT  1893‑1917
Sarah E., wife of Andrew M. BONNETT  1858‑1919


DAVIS (plot)

Joseph P. xe "DAVIS:Joseph P." DAVIS  1855‑1935  Father

Mary E. xe "DAVIS:Mary E., Mrs." DAVIS  1856‑1949  Mother

Annabel xe "DAVIS:Annabel" DAVIS  1882‑1973

Delma xe "DAVIS:Delma" DAVIS  1889‑1917

Ethel xe "WILSON:Ethel" WILSON  1893‑1917

Lorene W. xe "FENTON:Lorene W." FENTON  1913‑1874  ‑ DAR plaque

William xe "PROCTOR:William" PROCTOR  born January 5, 1810; died March 16, 1897

Maria xe "FISHER:Maria" FISHER, daughter of William & Elizabeth xe "PROCTOR:Elizabeth C., Mrs." xe "PROCTOR:Maria, Mrs. (see Maria FISHER)" PROCTOR  1854‑1938

Elizabeth C., wife of William PROCTOR, died April 26, 1892, aged 76 years, 17 days

(2)  Jemima A. xe "GIVENS:Jemima A." GIVENS, died February 9, 1897, aged 83 years, 4 months, 21 days
Sarah E. xe "KNOWLTON:Sarah E., Mrs.?" KNOWLTON, died March 4, 1896, aged 50 years, 6 months, 6 days

(2)  James xe "KNOWLTON:James" KNOWLTON  1844‑1926
Lulia xe "DECKER:Lulia" DECKER xe "KNOWNTON:Lulia, Mrs. (see Lulia DECKER)" KNOWNTON  1857‑1935 Wife

(2)  Ryan xe "LINDAMOOD:Ryan" LINDAMOOD  1826‑1926
Mary xe "LINDAMOOD:Mary, Mrs.?" LINDAMOOD  1835‑1918

Almira F. xe "METCALF:Almira F." METCALF  1866‑1962

Edgar W. xe "METCALF:Edgar W." METCALF  1860‑1914

Edwin xe "METCALF:Edwin" METCALF  1903‑1919

Emily B.  xe "PRESTON:Emily B." PRESTON xe "METCALF:Emily B., Mrs. (see Emily B. PRESTON)" METCALF 1863‑1947

Earl xe "METCALF:Earl" METCALF  1887‑1888

(2)  Ella xe "ROFF:Ella" ROFF xe "TWIGGS:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella ROFF)" TWIGGS  1874‑1964
Clinton A. xe "TWIGGS:Clinton A." TWIGGS 1873‑1955

Madalin xe "TWIGGS:Madalin" TWIGGS xe "DOWLER:Madalin, Mrs. (see Madalin TWIGGS)" DOWLER  1915‑1956  Daughter

(2)  Emma L. xe "LATHEM:Emma L." LATHEM  1864‑1936
Eli P. xe "LATHEM:Eli P." LATHEM  1850‑1917

Anna Viola, daughter of Dana & Florence xe "WOOFTER:Anna Viola" xe "WOOFTER:Dana (m)" xe "WOOFTER:Florence, Mrs." WOOFTER  February 9, 1918

Dana WOOFTER  1884‑1961  Father

Florence WOOFTER  1884‑1973  Mother

Lowell xe "WOOFTER:Lowell" WOOFTER  1902‑1946

(3)  Daniel N. xe "ALLARD:Daniel N." ALLARD  1826‑1917
Almena S. xe "ALLARD:Almena S., Mrs.?" ALLARD  1834‑1928
Florence xe "ALLARD:Florence" ALLARD xe "NEWELL:Florence, Mrs. (see Florence ALLARD)" NEWELL  1866‑1918

Maggie J. xe "STAATS:Maggie J., Mrs. (see Maggie J. HONAKER)" STAATS  1861‑1929  Daughter

Ann E. xe "HONAKER:Maggie J." xe "HONAKER:Ann E., Mrs." HONAKER  1836‑1917  Mother

Janice A., daughter of R. G. & E. R. xe "GILMORE:Janice A." xe "GILMORE:R.G. (m)" xe "GILMORE:E.R., Mrs." GILMORE April 20, 1915‑August 13, 1916

(side by side)
Mary M. xe "FOX:Mary M., Mrs.?" FOX  1881‑1965

John G. xe "FOX:John G." FOX  1872‑1951

Mabel G. xe "FOX:Mabel G." FOX  1905‑1914

Joseph xe "COLE:Joseph" COLE  1826‑1903  Father

Lottie J. xe "COLE:Lottie J., Mrs." COLE  1838‑1923  Mother

R. Belle xe "COLE:R. Belle" COLE  1863‑1914   Sister

J. Sherman xe "COLE:J. Sherman" COLE  1881‑1930  Brother

Mollie J. C xe "COLE:Mollie J." OLE  1878‑1970  Sister

Amelia ‑ Joseph xe "BENNETT:Joseph" xe "BENNETT:Amelia, Mrs.?" BENNETT  no dates

Georgia A. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Georgia A., Mrs." MC GLOTHLIN  1862‑1944  Mother

Lewis P. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Lewis P." MC GLOTHLIN  1858‑1924  Father

Clara L., wife of A. B. xe "DAVIS:A.B. (m)" xe "DAVIS:Clara L., Mrs." DAVIS  1890‑1929

(2)  Isaac W. xe "SMITH:Isaac W." SMITH  Co. H 6th West Virginia Infantry  1847‑1925
Martha J. xe "SMITH:Martha J., Mrs." SMITH  1846‑1925  Wife

Margaret E., wife of Sam xe "SHAFER:Sam" xe "SHAFER:Margaret E., Mrs." SHAFER  1908‑1925

(2)  Herbert xe "NESSELROAD:Herbert" NESSELROAD  February 7, 1855‑June 1, 1925
Nancy V. xe "NESSELROAD:Nancy V., Mrs.?" NESSELROAD  December 10, 1853‑(no death date)

Nelta F. xe "MC PHERSON:Melta F." MC PHERSON  1907‑1957

(2)  William T. xe "MC PHERSON:William T." MC PHERSON  1873‑1924
Tillie C. xe "MC PHERSON:Tillie C., Mrs." MC PHERSON  1876‑1966  Wife

Georgia xe "LLOYD:Georgia" LLOYD  1871‑1966

(2)  Flora E. xe "LLOYD:Flora E." LLOYD  1867‑1954  Sister
John H. W. xe "LLOYD:John H.W." LLOYD  1874‑1947  Brother

(2)  Lulu Ann xe "LLOYD:Lulu Ann" LLOYD  1893‑1924
Robert L. xe "LLOYD:Robert L." LLOYD  1877‑1940

(2)  Nancy D. xe "ROBINSON:Nancy D., Mrs." ROBINSON  1849‑1937
Elihu J. xe "ROBINSON:Elihu J." ROBINSON  1850‑1934

Frank M., son of E. J. & N. D. xe "ROBINSON:E.J. (see Elihu J. ROBINSON)" xe "ROBINSON:N.D., Mrs. (see Mrs. Nancy D. ROBINSON)" ROBINSON  1879‑1902

Mary xe "ARCHER:Mary" ARCHER  1894        BACK TO INDEX

Fred D. xe "ROBINSON:Fred D." ROBINSON  1887‑1949

Clay xe "ROBINSON:Clay" ROBINSON  M. D., 1915‑1945  Lt. US Naval Reserve ‑ Missing in Action on Iwo Jima

(2)  Ellie R. xe "NESSELROAD:Ellie R., Mrs.?" NESSELROAD  1876‑1940
Earle E. xe "NESSELROAD:Earle E." NESSELROAD  1876‑1954

(2)  Bess D. xe "FLINN:Bess D., Mrs.?" FLINN  1883‑1959
Sam D. FLINN  1887‑1956

Samuel D. xe "FLINN:Samuel D." FLINN  West Virginia Pvt. General Hospital 3  WW I November 20, 1887‑May 18, 1956

(2 separate stones)
Emma xe "RADER:Emma" RADER  1862‑1952

J. W. xe "RADER:J.W." RADER  1834‑1924

(2 separate stones)

Carl R. xe "LATHEM:Carl R." LATHEM  1901‑1949

Mary E. xe "LATHEM:Mary E." LATHEM  1874‑1954

(2)  Lucy C. xe "BALL:Lucy C., Mrs." BALL 1894‑(no death date) (Symbol:  star within a house)
Homer T. xe "BALL:Homer T." xe "BALL:Maynard" xe "BALL:Leon" xe "BALL:Steve" xe "BALL:Hester" BALL  1893‑1963  (Masonic symbol)
Parents of Maynard, Leon, Steve and Hester

Maynard E., son of Homer & Lucy BALL  1918‑1925

W. Leon xe "BALL:W. Leon" BALL  1919‑1975

Malinda A. xe "TENNANT:Malinda A." TENNANT, wife of Anthony xe "KELLER:Anthony" xe "KELLER:Malinda, Mrs. (see Malinda A. TENNANT)" KELLER 1850‑1928

(2)  Josephine xe "REED:Josephine" xe "REED:Josephine, Mrs.?" REED  1869‑1947
Joseph W. xe "REED:Joseph W." REED  1863‑1931

Mildred R., wife of Clyde H. xe "REED:Clyde H." xe "REED:Mildred R., Mrs." REED  1911‑1929

(2 stones)
Samuel E. xe "PARKS:Samuel E." PARKS  1883‑1952

Anna Belle xe "PARKS:Anna Belle, Mrs.?" PARKS  1884‑(no death date)

Louise J., wife of P. A. xe "BAYS:P.A. (m)" xe "BAYS:Louise J.,, Mrs." BAYS  1868‑1924


WATTS (plot, left to right)
Theodore H. xe "DEWITT:Theodore H." DEWITT  December 5, 1851‑March 23, 1914

Mary E., wife of T. H. xe "DEWITT:T.H. (see Theodore H. DEWITT)" xe "DEWITT:Mary E., Mrs." DEWITT  November 13, 1867‑December 25, 1921

(3)  Joseph H. xe "BROWN:Joseph H." BROWN  1847‑1913
Charlotte S. xe "BROWN:Charlottte S., Mrs.?" BROWN  1856‑1904
Ella xe "BROWN:Ella" BROWN xe "WATTS:Ella, Mrs. (see Ella BROWN)" WATTS  1877‑1946

(2)  Ester L. xe "DEWITT:Ester L., Mrs." DEWITT  1889‑1951
Wade H. xe "DEWITT:Wade H." DEWITT  1890‑1960

E. R. xe "MC GUGIN:Ester L." MC GUGIN  1890‑1942

Melissa xe "MC GUGIN:Melissa, Mrs." MC GUGIN  1860‑1916

Edward R. xe "MC GUGIN:Edward R." MC GUGIN  1856‑1915

M. M. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:M.M." MC GLOTHLIN  1882‑1955

C. C. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:C.C." MC GLOTHLIN  1869‑1953

James W. xe "CUMMINGS:James W." CUMMINGS  1882‑1916

George Henry xe "WETZEL:George Henry" WETZEL 1855‑1925 Father

Elizabeth xe "WETZEL:Elizabeth, Mrs." WETZEL, wife of G. H. xe "WETZEL:G.H. (see George Henry WETZEL)" WETZEL  1862‑1921  Mother

(2)  Lulu E. xe "WETZEL:Lulu E., Mrs." WETZEL  1887‑(no death date)
John E. xe "WETZEL:John E." WETZEL  1879‑1961


POLSENE (plot)
Jessie xe "FLEMING:Jessie" FLEMING xe "POLSENE:Jessie, Mrs. (see Jessie FLEMING)" POLSENE  1875‑1966

Max E. xe "POLSENE:Max E." POLSENE  1858‑1928  "Veteran Spanish American War" ‑   (Masonic symbol)

Herman E. xe "POLSENE:Herman E." POLSENE  1881‑1905

Gustav A. xe "POLSENE:Gustav A." POLSENE 1879‑1897

Drusilla C. xe "POLSENE:Drusilla C." POLSENE  1843‑1917

(2)  Clora A. xe "POWELL:Clora A., Mrs." POWELL  1862‑1938  Mother
Arthur L. xe "POWELL:Arthur L." POWELL  1865‑1916  Father

(2)  Esta xe "MORGAN:Esta" MORGAN xe "POWELL:Esta, Mrs. (see Esta MORGAN)" POWELL  May 5, 1896‑(no death date)

Russell M. xe "POWELL:Russell M." POWELL  April 18, 1895‑(no death date)

Uriah xe "LYTLE:Uriah" LYTLE,  Co. I  11th West Virginia Vol. born April 23, 1834; died March 22, 1902

Elizabeth H. xe "LYTLE:Elizabeth H., Mrs." LYTLE  June 9, 1843‑March 17, 1911  Wife

Harry C. xe "LYTLE:Harry C." LYTLE  1878‑1930

John, son of U. & E. H. xe "LYTLE:U. (see Uriah LYTLE)" xe "LYTLE:E.H., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth H. LYTLE)" LYTLE,  died June 8, 1898, age 12 years

(end of plot)


James xe "LUZZADER:James" LUZZADER  Co. H 12th Inf. Reg. Virginia  1818‑1895

Jane xe "LUZZADER:Jane, Mrs." LUZZADER  1820‑1896  Wife

June H.?, daughter of M. L. & R. xe "MC MURRAY:June H." MC MURRAY, December 2, 1892‑June 8, 1901

Mary P., daughter of M. L. & R. xe "MC MURRAY:Mary P." xe "MC MURRAY:M.L. (m)" xe "MC MURRAY:R., Mrs." MC MURRAY, died March 1, 1890, age 1 year, 9 months, 1 day

(2)  Charles E. xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Charles E." xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Rhoda A., Mrs." MC GLOTHLIN  November 7, 1844‑November 25, 1887
Rhoda A., wife of Charles E. MC GLOTHLIN born December 23, 1839; died November 18, 1888

Maze xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Maze (f)" MC GLOTHLIN xe "STANSBURY:Maze, Mrs. (see Maze MC GLOTHLIN)" STANSBURY  1871‑1952

(2)  Myrtle M. xe "NEWELL:Myrtle M., Mrs.?" NEWELL  1873‑1964
Samuel J. xe "NEWELL:Samuel J." NEWELL  1870‑1957

Arza Leon, son of E. D. & A. xe "DENNING:Arza Leon" xe "DENNING:E.D. (see Eli David DENNING)" xe "DENNING:A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Abbie DENNING)" DENNING, died April 14, 1905, age 1 year, 3 days

Emmagene xe "DENNING:Emmagene" DENNING  February‑July 1916

(2)  Abbie xe "HILL:Abbie" HILL xe "DENNING:Abbie, Mrs. (see Abbie HILL)" DENNING  1873‑1959
Eli David xe "DENNING:Eli David" DENNING  1868‑1934

(2)  Theo P. xe "CLINE:Nancy J., Mrs." xe "CLINE:Theo P." CLINE  1847‑1921
Nancy J. 1851‑1932  Wife

(2)  Sarah xe "CLINE:Sarah" CLINE xe "WILLIAMS:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah CLINE)" WILLIAMS  January 19, 1873‑July 10, 1953  Mother
Mary xe "WILLIAMS:Mary" WILLIAMS  (born) November 14, 1903  Daughter
(Mary's date aligned with mother's birth data on the stone)

Blanche L. xe "COX:Blanche L." COX xe "CLINE:Blanche L., Mrs. (see Blanche Le. COX)" CLINE  1901‑1926  "Mother how we will miss you."

J. William xe "CLINE:J. William" CLINE  1875‑1919


ROUSH (plot)
E. Raymond xe "ROUSH:E. Raymond" ROUSH  1892‑1956  Father

(2)  Vernon L. xe "ROUSH:Vernon L." ROUSH  1923‑1936
Virginia J. xe "ROUSH:Virginia J." ROUSH  1918‑1919

Mary E. xe "ROUSH:Mary E., Mrs." ROUSH  1897‑(no death date)  Mother

(3)  Philip D. xe "RARDIN:Philip D." RARDIN  1911‑1913
Walter xe "RARDIN:Walter" RARDIN  1909‑1910
Roscoe L. xe "RARDIN:Roscoe L." RARDIN  1895‑1896
Sons of I. W. & R. A. xe "RARDIN:I.W. (see Isaac W. RARDIN)" xe "RARDIN:R.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Rosa RARDIN)" RARDIN

Rosa, wife of I. W. xe "RARDIN:Rosa, Mrs." RARDIN  January 28, 1873‑July 30, 1919

Isaac W. xe "RARDIN:Isaac W." RARDIN  June 20, 1887‑December 25, 1947

Florence xe "RARDIN:Florence, Mrs." RARDIN,  Wife of I. W. RARDIN  July 25, 1884‑December 14, 1926

(2)  Emma M. xe "CROSS:Emma, Mrs.?" CROSS  1870‑1952
Elmer E. xe "CROSS:Elmer E." CROSS  1861‑1932

James V. xe "HALL:James V." HALL  1832‑(no death date) Father

Lizzie, wife of J. V. xe "HALL:Lizzie, Mrs." HALL  1847‑1914  Mother

Harry, son of J. C. & L. J. xe "GOODWIN:Harry" xe "GOODWIN:J.C. (m)" xe "GOODWIN:L.J., Mrs." GOODWIN  September 1, 1901‑July 23, 1913

(side by side)
Throdocia xe "SAYRE:Throdocia, Mrs.?" SAYRE  1848‑1924

Mark xe "SAYRE:Mark" SAYRE  1850‑1911

(2)  Otie xe "STAATS:Otie, Mrs.?" STAATS  August 15, 1873‑November 1, 1956
David May xe "STAATS:David May" STAATS  May 8, 1873‑July 26, 1923

(2)  Lillie Mae xe "STAATS:Lillie Mae, Mrs.?" STAATS  1898‑(no death date)
Willie xe "STAATS:William" STAATS  1895‑1934

Gladys V., wife of Lawrence R. xe "TAYLOR:Lawrence R." xe "TAYLOR:Gladys V., Mrs." TAYLOR 1915‑1941

(2)  Mintie xe "TUMLIN:Mintie, Mrs.?" TUMLIN  1885‑1962
Everett xe "TUMLIN:Everett" TUMLIN  1881‑1957

Edis xe "TUMLIN:Edis" TUMLIN  1909‑1933

(3)  Florence xe "SMITH:Florence" SMITH  1893‑1898
Effie M. xe "SMITH:Effie M." SMITH  1886‑1888
Mary xe "SMITH:Mary, Mrs.?" SMITH  1812‑1889

(3)  Martha M. xe "SMITH:Martha M., Mrs.?" SMITH  1858‑1923
Mary Anna xe "SMITH:Mary Anna" SMITH  1875‑1954
J. William xe "SMITH:J. William" SMITH  1854‑1927

James E. xe "MC MURRAY:James E." MC MURRAY  1878‑1956  Brother

Lindsay M. xe "MC MURRAY:Lindsay M." MC MURRAY  1881‑1923  Brother

Robert, Jr., son of R. M. & R. E. xe "DILWORTH:Robert, Jr." xe "DILWORTH:R.M. (see Robert M. DILLWORTH)" xe "DILWORTH:R.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Ruth E. DILLWORTH)" DILWORTH  March 23, 1921‑June 9, 1922

(2)  Ruth E. xe "DILWORTH:Ruth E., Mrs." DILWORTH  1889‑1925
Robert M. xe "DILWORTH:Robert M." DILWORTH  1882‑1963

(2)  Rachel B. xe "MURPHY:Rachel B., Mrs." MURPHY  December 10, 1852‑February 18, 1929  Mother
John xe "MURPHY:John" MURPHY  May 1, 1846‑June 10, 1923  Father Co. O  15th Regiment

Jerry M., son of J. & R. B. xe "MURPHY:Jerry M." MURPHY  1888‑1904

Charles R., son of J. & R. B. xe "MURPHY:Charles R." xe "MURPHY:J. (see John MURPHY)" xe "MURPHY:R.B., Mrs. (see Mrs. Rachel B. MURPHY)" MURPHY  1886‑1909

(2)  Nancy S. xe "CONRAD:Nancy S., Mrs." CONRAD  1868‑1945  Mother
James W. xe "CONRAD:James W." CONRAD  1864‑1936  Father

(2)  Susan A. xe "WILLIAMS:Susan A., Mrs.?" WILLIAMS  1864‑1944
William Riley xe "WILLIAMS:William Riley" WILLIAMS  1865‑1935

(2)  Clara M. xe "WILLIAMS:Clara M., Mrs." WILLIAMS  1900‑(no death date) Wife
Kenna J. xe "WILLIAMS:Kenna J." WILLIAMS  1893‑1949

William L. xe "WRIGHT:William L." WRIGHT  1849‑1924

James S. xe "HUDKINS:James S." HUDKINS  September 23, 1908‑August 18, 1975

Elizabeth, wife of A. G. xe "HUDKINS:Elizabeth, Mrs." xe "HUDKINS:A.G. (m)" HUDKINS  1894‑1926, (D. of. A. with a Union Shield symbol)

C. C. xe "HUDKINS:C.C. (m)" HUDKINS  1886‑1942

Leah A. xe "HUDKINS:Leah A., Mrs." HUDKINS  1886‑1959

Maude Lucille, daughter of C. C. & L. A. xe "HUDKINS:Maude Lucille" xe "HUDKINS:L.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Leah A. HUDKINS)" HUDKINS October 17, 1910‑May 13, 1923

Joseph F. xe "NOLL:Joseph F." NOLL  1852‑1923  Father

Artie xe "CHAPMAN:Artie, Mrs." CHAPMAN xe "NOLL:Artie, Mrs. (see Artie CHAPMAN)" NOLL  1859‑1948  Mother

Jobe P. xe "BAILLIS:Job P." BAILLIS  1864‑1922

Flora xe "BAILLIS:Flora, Mrs.?" BAILLIS xe "THROCKMORTON:Flora, Mrs. (see Flora BALLIS)" THROCKMORTON  1875‑1971

John B. xe "RARDON:John B." RARDON  1860‑1952  Father

Sarah E. xe "RARDON:Sarah E., Mrs." RARDON  1850‑1941  Mother

Alma M. xe "ADAMS:Alma M., Mrs. (see Alma RARDON)" ADAMS, daughter of J. B. & S. E. xe "RARDON:Alma M." RARDON  1886‑1912

Anna B. xe "RANDOLPH:Anna B., Mrs. (see Anna B. RARDON)" RANDOLPH, daughter of J. B. & S. E. xe "RARDON:Anna B." xe "RARDON:J.B. (see John B. RARDON)" xe "RARDON:S.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah E. RARDON)" RARDON  1884‑1936

Sidney xe "HARRIS:Sidney" HARRIS  no dates

(2)  M. B. xe "HALL:M.B. (m)" HALL  1858‑1917  Father
Almira A. xe "HALL:Almira A., Mrs." HALL  1855‑1913  Mother

(2)  James S. xe "DAVIS:James S." DAVIS  1893‑1974
Lula xe "DAVIS:Lula, Mrs.?" DAVIS  1894‑1976

Warren R. xe "CARMICHAEL:Warren R." CARMICHAEL  1860‑1948  Father

Catherine M. xe "CARMICHAEL:Catherine M., Mrs." CARMICHAEL  1870‑1952  Mother

Carl H., son of W. R. & C. M. xe "CARMICHAEL:Carl H." xe "CARMICHAEL:W.R. (see Warren R. CARMICHAEL)" xe "CARMICHAEL:C.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Catherine M. CARMICHAEL)" CARMICHAEL  1896‑1918 Headquarters Co. 316th Infantry  79th Division AEF  Killed at Montfaucon, France

(2)  Benjamin F. xe "HAYS:Benjamin F." HAYS  April 26, 1854‑September 22, 1926
Laurinda B., wife of B. F. xe "HAYS:Laurinda B., Mrs." HAYS  July 9, 1858‑May 4, 1913

(2)  James xe "MC KINLEY:James" MC KINLEY  October 3, 1836‑June 9, 1918
Lucinda xe "MC KINLEY:Lucinda, Mrs." MC KINLEY  May 15, 1838‑March 29, 1926  Wife

Hannah J. xe "WILLIAMS:Hannah J." WILLIAMS xe "SAFREED:Hannah J., Mrs. (see Hannah J. WILLIAMS)" SAFREED  1843‑1916

(2)  Robert L. xe "THOMPSON:Robert L." THOMPSON  1855‑1935
Elizabeth S. xe "THOMPSON:Elizabeth S., Mrs.?" THOMPSON  1858‑1941

(2)  John Harry xe "ROWLEY:John Harry" ROWLEY  1869‑1962
Mary Elnora xe "ROWLEY:Mary Elnora, Mrs.?" ROWLEY  1872‑1949

(3)  John F. xe "HENSEL:John F." HENSEL  June 28, 1834‑April 5, 1902
Mary J. xe "HENSEL:Mary J." HENSEL  August 28, 1850‑June 23, 1924
Beulah B. xe "HENSEL:Beulah B." HENSEL  June 5, 1881‑December 1, 1963

Narcissa M. xe "STAIRS:Narcissa M." STAIRS  1842‑1901

Anna S. xe "MC KINLEY:Anna S., Mrs.?" MC KINLEY  1870‑1958

Elmer E. xe "MC KINLEY:Elmer E." MC KINLEY  1863‑1939

Joseph xe "MC KINLEY:Joseph" MC KINLEY  1828‑1896

Mary F. xe "MC KINLEY:Mary F." MC KINLEY  1858‑1860

Ida J. xe "MC KINLEY:Ida J." MC KINLEY  1860‑1874

Caroline xe "MC KINLEY:Caroline" MC KINLEY  1889‑1911

Ella E. xe "THORN:Ella E." THORN  1868‑1913  Sister

(4)  Sanford xe "THORN:Sanford" THORN,  died February 17, 1887, age 50 years, 10 months, 15 days
Roxie Ann xe "THORN:Roxie Ann, Mrs.?" THORN  1836‑1905
Frank P. xe "THORN:Frank P." THORN,  died October 10, 1891, aged 27 years, 2 months, 29 days
Will R. xe "THORNE:Will R." THORNE (sic)  1870‑1899

(2)  Seth A. xe "HALL:Setha A." HALL  October 6, 1854‑(no death date)
Alice May xe "HALL:Alice May, Mrs.?" HALL  May 8, 1861‑June 7, 1917

John L. xe "MC LAUGHLIN:John L." MC LAUGHLIN  born December 15, 1843; died November 23, 1912  Father

Lou xe "WARTH:Lou (f)" WARTH xe "DOUGLASS:Lou, Mrs. (see Lou WARTH)" DOUGLASS  1840‑1916

(2)  Lawrence E. xe "LEPPERT:Lawrence E." LEPPERT  1866‑1925
Maggie xe "THORN:Maggie" THORN xe "LEPPERT:Maggie, Mrs. (see Maggie THORN)" LEPPERT  1866‑1942

M. Louise xe "LEPPERT:M. Louise, Mrs.?" LEPPERT  1898‑1954

George W. xe "LEPPERT:George W." LEPPERT  1897‑1920

(2)  A. J. xe "SLAVEN:A.J. (m)" SLAVEN  1849‑1927  (Masonic symbol)
Mary E. xe "SLAVEN:Mary E., Mrs." SLAVEN  1852‑1913  Wife

William F. xe "WILSON:William F." WILSON  1860‑1925

America V. xe "WILSON:America V." WILSON  1863‑1942

Mollie C. xe "WILSON:Mollie C." WILSON  1885‑1912

Michael E. xe "GINTHER:Michael E." GINTHER  1879‑1933

Marie xe "GINTHER:Marie, Mrs.?" GINTHER xe "SPAUN:Marie, Mrs. (see Marie GINTHER)" SPAUN  1885‑1972

Carolyn Elizabeth xe "GINTHER:Carolyn Elizabeth" GINTHER  April 7‑12, 1912

William xe "SAYRE:William" SAYRE,  died July 26, 1912, age 74 years, 8 months, 11 days

Carl E. xe "WILLIAMSON:Carl E." WILLIAMSON  1879‑1929

Georgia M. xe "WILLIAMSON:Georgia M., Mrs." WILLIAMSON  1885‑1971

John A. xe "WILLIAMSON:John A." WILLIAMSON  1846‑1912

Della J. xe "WILLIAMSON:Della J., Mrs.?" WILLIAMSON  1856‑1920

Henry C., son of E. A. & Virginia xe "BRYAN:Henry C." xe "BRYAN:E.A. (m)" xe "BRYAN:Virginia, Mrs." BRYAN  August 30‑31, 1933

Henry S. xe "BRYAN:Henry S." BRYAN  January 16, 1883‑October 26, 1965

Bessie M. xe "BRYAN:Bessie M., Mrs." BRYAN  April 19, 1881‑June 3, 1964

George M., son of H. S. & B. M. xe "BRYAN:George M." xe "BRYAN:H.S. (see Henry S. BRYAN)" xe "BRYAN:B.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Bessie M. BRYAN)" BRYAN  1909‑1922

(2)  Frank L. xe "SALVEN:Frank L." SALVEN  1861‑1952
Jennie B. xe "SLAVEN:Jennie B., Mrs." SLAVEN  1861‑1941  Wife

(2)  John P. xe "SLAVEN:John P." SLAVEN  1890‑1975  (Masonic symbol)
Eva F. xe "SLAVEN:Eva F., Mrs.?" SLAVEN  1888‑1966 (Star symbol) (Eastern Star?)

Carrie H. PINNEY  1881‑1936  Sister

(2)  Robert L. xe "RIGGS:Robert L." RIGGS  1877‑1933  (Masonic symbol)
Cecila A. xe "RIGGS:Cecila A., Mrs.?" RIGGS  1873‑1938

Clyde E. xe "RIGGS:Clyde E." RIGGS  1905‑1969

John xe "GRIMES:John" GRIMES  1857‑1937 Father

Agnes S. xe "GRIMES:Agnes S., Mrs." GRIMES  1859‑1950 Mother

Elizabeth xe "GRIMES:Elizabeth" GRIMES  1884‑1960  Daughter

Wilber J. xe "GRIMM:Wilber J." GRIMM  1900‑1939

Thelma M. xe "GRIMM:Thelma M., Mrs.?" GRIMM  1901‑1956

Marlin L. xe "RANKIN:Marlin L." RANKIN  1870‑1960

Ottie B. xe "RANKIN:Ottie B." RANKIN  1878‑1947

Josephine xe "RANKIN:Josephine" RANKIN  1881‑1962

Edgar J. xe "RANKIN:Edgar" RANKIN  1872‑1941

Lora A. xe "RANKIN:Lora A." RANKIN  1889‑1970

(2) Irene E. xe "SLAVEN:Irene E., Mrs.?" SLAVEN  1862‑1944
J. R. "Doss" xe "SLAVEN:J.R. (see Doss SLAVEN)" xe "SLAVEN:Doss (see J.R. SLAVEN)" SLAVEN  1859‑1939

Monad, daughter of J. R. & Irene xe "SLAVEN:Monad (f)" xe "SLAVEN:Irene, Mrs." SLAVEN  1898‑1899

(2)  Clarence R. xe "MORTIMER:Clarence R." MORTIMER  1871‑1948
Gertrude xe "MORTIMER:Gertrude, Mrs.?" MORTIMER  1883‑1973

(2)  Pat H. xe "SLAVEN:Pat H. (m)" SLAVEN  1854‑1940
Addie L. xe "SLAVEN:Addie L., Mrs.?" SLAVEN  1860‑1941

Ruby R., wife of T. R. xe "ROMINE:Ruby R., Mrs." xe "ROMINE:T.R. (m)" ROMINE 1891‑1923

Alice B. xe "FREIDLY:Alice B." FREIDLY, September 20, 1871‑August 30, 1922

Arza xe "LISCOTT:Arza" LISCOTT  1871‑1944

Fannie xe "LISCOTT:Fannie" LISCOTT  1857‑1951

Marion A. xe "LEGGETT:Marion A. (m)" LEGGETT  1843‑1910

Melissa A. xe "LEGGETT:Melissa A., Mrs.?" LEGGETT  1841‑1924

(2)  Charles xe "LISEZ:Charles " LISEZ  1838‑1913
Julia A. xe "LISEZ:Julia A., Mrs." LISEZ  1836‑1923 Wife

Charles William xe "DELONG:Charles William" DELONG  1881‑1947

Amor xe "WILSON:Amor (m)" WILSON  1854‑1928  Father

Elizabeth xe "WILSON:Elizabeth, Mrs." WILSON  1860‑1935  Mother

(2)  Harvey xe "SAYRE:Harvey" SAYRE  1851‑1912
Priscilla xe "MC COEN :Priscilla" MC COEN xe "SAYRE:Priscilla, Mrs. (see Priscilla MC COEN)" SAYRE  1855‑1931  Wife

(side by side)
Erwin M. xe "BOARD:Erwin M." BOARD  1868‑1940

Effie xe "RADER:Effie" RADER xe "BOARD:Effie, Mrs. (see Effie RADER)" BOARD  1878‑1947

Mary E., wife of S. F. xe "DAVIS:S.F. (m)" xe "DAVIS:Mary E., Mrs." DAVIS  1844‑1911

Joseph F. xe "BALL:Joseph F." BALL  1843‑1919

Richard R. xe "HALL:Richard R." HALL  1867‑1904  ‑ ""FLT" letters in a chain link symbol)

Etta xe "VAN GORDON :Etta" VAN GORDON xe "HALL:Etta, Mrs. (see Etta VAN GORDON)" HALL  1873‑1949  Wife

(2)  William C. xe "ERNST:William C." ERNST  1842‑1925
Flora A. xe "ERNST:Flora A., Mrs.?" ERNST  1842‑1888

Sarah A. xe "ERNST:Sarah A." ERNST, wife of G. F. xe "LAWSON:G.F. (m)" xe "LAWSON:Sarah A., Mrs. (see Sarah A. ERNST)" LAWSON  1869‑1903

James C. xe "GOODWIN:James C." GOODWIN  1832‑1897

Mary A. xe "GODOWIN:Mary A., Mrs." GODOWIN  1830‑1885  Wife

(2)  Emma A., wife of John xe "BOELEN:John" xe "BOELEN:Emma A., Mrs." BOELEN died August 8, 1887, age 83 years, 1 day
J. P. xe "EDELEN:J.P." EDELEN  August 3, 1844‑May 11, 1889

Carol May, wife of I. F. xe "CONGROVE:I.F. (m)" xe "CONGROVE:Carol May, Mrs." CONGROVE  1871‑1903

Ada xe "GIBBS:Ada" GIBBS,  December 22, 1842‑April 10, 1926

Garnet xe "VAN MATRE:Garnet" VAN MATRE  1876‑1890

Ester Julia xe "VAN MATRE:Ester Julia, Mrs.?" VAN MATRE  1901

Infant xe "____:(m) " Son  1903  no surname

Elias M. xe "LATHAM:Elias" LATHAM  1862‑1923

Fannie B. xe "LATHAM:Fannie B., Mrs.?" LATHAM  1864‑1958

(2)  Abram M. xe "CONGROVE:Abram M." CONGROVE  August 19, 1836‑June 3, 1905
Sarah E. xe "CONGROVE:Sarah E., Mrs.?" CONGROVE  February 25, 1843‑January 6, 1934

William H. xe "VAN GORDON:William H." VAN GORDON  September 13, 1824‑October 3, 1904  Father

Rebecca A. xe "VAN GORDON:Rebecca A., Mrs." VAN GORDON  March 21, 1847‑February 11, 1905  Mother

Lola L. xe "VAN GORDON:Lola L." VAN GORDON  1866‑1939  Daughter

Rev. Albert C. xe "JAMISON:Albert C., Rev." JAMISON  1872‑1914

Charla Lum xe "JAMISON:Charla Lum, Mrs.?" JAMISON  1878‑1948

Sarah xe "PARSONS:Sarah" PARSONS xe "GOLDEN:Sarah, Mrs. (see Sarah PARSONS)" GOLDEN  1848‑1920

Wilber N. xe "GOULD:Wilber N." GOULD  1877‑1942  (Masonic symbol)

William E., son of J. & Ann E. xe "BENNETT:William E." xe "BENNETT:J. (m)" xe "BENNETT:Anne E., Mrs." BENNETT died October 8, 1895, age 8 years, 4 months, 10 days

Martha xe "SEAMAN:Martha" SEAMAN  1945  Infant

(2)  Frank xe "BARE:Frank" BARE  1844‑1922  4th West Virginia Vol. Cav.
Sarah P. xe "BARE:Sarah P., Mrs." BARE  1848‑1925  Wife

Rita, daughter of Fred & Ilah xe "BARE:Rita" xe "BARE:Fred" xe "BARE:Ilah, Mrs." BARE  February 4, 1942‑August 14, 1943

Carie xe "HAWK:Carie" HAWK  1875‑1910

Charles S. xe "BOSO:Charles S." BOSO  December 29, 1893‑September 27, 1947  (Masonic symbol)

Ida M. xe "HUSK:Ida M., Mrs." HUSK  1860‑1910  Mother

(2)  Isaac xe "BLAKE:Isaac" BLAKE  1837‑1891
Elsie xe "BLAKE:Elsie, Mrs.?" BLAKE  1844‑1920

(2)  James A. xe "SAYRE:James A." SAYRE  1866‑1926
Mary F. xe "SAYRE:Mary F., Mrs.?" SAYRE  1865‑1954

Russell I. xe "CURTIS:Russell I." CURTIS  July 24, 1870‑December 23, 1909

(2)  Reece B. xe "RAWLINGS:Reece B." RAWLINGS  1847‑1936
Mattie M. xe "RAWLINGS:Matie M., Mrs.?" RAWLINGS  1845‑1922

William xe "PALMER:William" PALMER  August 22, 1852‑May 23, 1922

Hannah xe "PALMER:Hannah, Mrs.?" PALMER  February 14, 1856‑February 16, 1943

(2)  George W. xe "RIGGS:George W." RIGGS  1846‑1923  Father Pvt. Co, C 4th Ohio CAV
Rachel xe "RIGGS:Rachel, Mrs." RIGGS  1849‑1928  Mother

(2)  C. M. xe "CHANCEY:C.M. (m)" CHANCEY  1863‑1930
Rosa May xe "CHANCEY:Rosa May, Mrs.?" CHANCEY  1866‑1923

Ralph Emerson xe "AYERS:Ralph Emerson, Jr." AYERS, Jr.  1937‑1938

Ralph Emerson xe "AYERS:Ralph Emerson" AYERS  1919‑1940

Louise xe "KARR:Louise" KARR, wife of J. T. xe "FERRELL:J.T. (m)" xe "FERRELL:Louise, Mrs. (see Louise KARR)" FERRELL  no dates

Nell xe "GUNTHER:Nell" GUNTHER  no dates

John xe "GUNTHER:John" GUNTHER  no dates

Marie & John F. BROKAW  no dates

(2)  Samuel K. xe "SUMMERVILLE:Samuel K." SUMMERVILLE  1856‑1948  (Masonic symbol)
Margaret J. xe "SUMMERVILLE:Margaret J., Mrs.?" SUMMERVILLE  1862‑1929   (A star symbol) (Eastern Star?)

(2)  H. Glen xe "SUMMERVILLE:H. Glen" SUMMERVILLE  1888‑1974
Elizabeth xe "SUMMERVILLE:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" SUMMERVILLE  1890‑1967

(2)  S. Kelly xe "SUMMERVILLE:S. Kelly" SUMMERVILLE  1912‑(no death date)
Ruth P. xe "SUMMERVILLE:Ruth P., Mrs." SUMMERVILLE  1919‑1968 Married August 27, 1964

Charles H. xe "POLK:Charles H." POLK  1896‑(no death date)

Pearl xe "BOGGS:Pearl" BOGGS xe "POLK:Pearl, Mrs. (see Pearl BOGGS)" POLK  1896‑(no death date)

(2)  Roy xe "HYLBERT:Roy" xe "HYLBERT:Ollie, Mrs.?" HYLBERT  1886‑1966
Ollie  1891‑(no death date)

(2)  Francis L. xe "SHRIVER:Francis L." SHRIVER  1874‑1949
Carrie M. xe "SHRIVER:Carrie M., Mrs." SHRIVER  1874‑1949 Wife

Homer H., son of F. L. & C. M. xe "SHRIVER:Homer H." xe "SHRIVER:F.L. (see Francis L. SHRIVER)" xe "SHRIVER:C.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Carrie M. SHRIVER)" SHRIVER, February 19, 1900‑April 14, 1923

(2)  James xe "WHITE:James" WHITE  1846‑1928 Co. I  20th OVI
Rhoda xe "BEATY:Rhoda" BEATY xe "WHITE:Rhoda, Mrs. (see Rhoda BEATY)" WHITE  1852‑1937


Carl William xe "WHITE:Carl William" WHITE  1922‑1925

Jacob C. xe "SHILEY:Jacob C." SHILEY  1894‑1949

Frank Erwin xe "WHITE:Frank Erwin" WHITE  1879‑1955

Arlie xe "BROWN:Arlie (f)" BROWN xe "WHITE:Arlie, Mrs. (see Arlie BROWN)" WHITE  1881‑1964

Reuben S. xe "DOUGLASS:Reuben S." DOUGLASS  January 8, 1873‑March, 2, 1935

George Taylor xe "DOUGLASS:George Taylor" DOUGLASS  March 31, 1848‑August 3, 1928

Hannah xe "SAYRE:Hannah" SAYRE xe "DOUGLASS:Hannah, Mrs. (see Hannah SAYRE)" DOUGLASS  November 6, 1852‑March 9, 1936

J. Smith xe "GREEN:J. Smith (m)" GREEN  1867‑1926

Ada xe "SMITH:Ada" SMITH xe "GREEN:Ada, Mrs. (see Ada SMITH)" GREEN  1882‑1964

Edward E. xe "RARDON:Edward E." RARDON  1860‑1945

Margaret J. xe "RARDON:Margaret J." xe "RARDON:Clora E." RARDON  1865‑1909

Clora E. Infant Daughter 1897

(3)  Edward Hewith xe "NOWELL:Edward Hewith" NOWELL  1868‑1925
Estella Lorena xe "NOWELL:Estella Lorena, Mrs.?" NOWELL  1864‑1947
Viola xe "NOWELL:Viola" NOWELL xe "WENDELL:Viola, Mrs. (see Viola NOWELL)" WENDELL  1895‑1970

Infant ‑ Helen xe "NOWELL:Helen" NOWELL,  died March 27, 1891, aged 7 months, 13 days

Henry E. xe "HECK:Henery E." HECK  June 15, 1851‑(no death date)

Nancy xe "HECK:Nancy, Mrs." HECK  January 26, 1851‑(no death date)

James H., son of H. E. & Nancy xe "HECK:James H." xe "HECK:H.E. (see Henry E. HECK)" HECK  1888‑1910

Kay xe "CHRISTER:Kay" CHRISTER xe "HUEY:Kay, Mrs. (see Kay CHRISTER)" HUEY, August 13, 1883‑February 10, 1965

Kathryn xe "HOGSETT:Kathryn" HOGSETT xe "HUEY:Kathryn, Mrs. (see Kathryn HOGSETT)" HUEY  August 8, 1886‑August 10, 1953

Tennie xe "VARNER:Tennie" VARNER  March 16, 1855‑November 11, 1915

A. L. S. xe "VARNER:A.L.S." VARNER  February 10, 1841‑March 18, 1914

Mary A. C. xe "VARNER:Mary A.C." VARNER  July 19, 1843‑August 22, 1928

Mildred S. xe "VARNER:Mildred S." VARNER  July 19, 1893‑July 3, 1911

Cora H. xe "COLE:Cora H., Mrs.?" COLE  September 27, 1883‑March 20, 1976

Delbert E. xe "COLE:Delbert E." COLE  July 16, 1883‑May 31, 1961

Maude xe "COLE:Maude" COLE xe "SEAMAN:Maude, Mrs. (see Maude COLE)" SEAMAN  September 12, 1884‑June 5, 1971

Delbert E. xe "COLE:Delbert E., Jr." COLE,. Jr.  July 21, 1912‑January 8, 1914  Son

James A. xe "COLE:James A." COLE  December 27, 1850‑April 27, 1932  Father

Allie xe "BAKER:Allie" BAKER xe "COLE:Allie, Mrs. (see Allie BAKER)" COLE  December 19, 1851‑August 25, 1936  Mother

Flossie L. xe "COLE:Flossie L." COLE  October 1, 1887‑January 29, 1961  Daughter

David Ervan xe "COLE:David Ervan" COLE  December 16, 1860‑February 1, 1944

Henry xe "LATHEM:Henry" LATHEM  1856‑1941

Dora xe "LATHEM:Dora, Mrs.?" LATHEM  1852‑1933

James W. xe "WILIAMSON:James W." WILIAMSON  1836‑1923  (Masonic symbol)

Mary Alice xe "WILLIAMSON:Mary Alice, Mrs.?" WILLIAMSON  1851‑1932

Harry Clay xe "WILLIAMSON:Harry Clay" WILLIAMSON  1880‑1937

Hiram Edward xe "CONANT:Hiram Edward" CONANT  1871‑1941

Nellie xe "WILLIAMSON:Nellie" WILLIAMSON xe "CONANT:Nellie, Mrs. (see Nellie WILLIAMSON)" CONANT  1873‑1954

William H. xe "MILLER:William H." MILLER  1888‑(no death date)

Michael xe "KOUNS:Michael" KOUNS no dates

James C. xe "ELDER:James C." ELDER  1840‑1917

Nancy I. xe "KOUNS:Nancy I." KOUNS  1843‑1927

Robert W. xe "KOUNS:Robert W." KOUNS  1878‑1902

(2)  Michael xe "KOUNS:Michael" KOUNS  March 28, 1804‑May 11, 1881,age 77 years, 1 month, 13 days
Mary, wife of Michael xe "KOUNS:Mary, Mrs." KOUNS,  died October 26, 1889, age 75 years, 15 days

Alice Pearl, daughter of J. C. & N. L. xe "ELDER:Alice Pearl" xe "ELDER:J.C. (see James C. ELDER)" xe "ELDER:N.L., Mrs."ELDER, died December 28, 1883, aged 10 years, 2 months

Frankie, son of A. C. & M. I. xe "ELDERS:Frankie (m)" xe "ELDERS:A.C. (m)" xe "ELDERS:M.I., Mrs." ELDERS, died September 8, 1882, age 9 months 3 days

Virginia E. xe "WINDERS:Virginia E." WINDERS  1917‑1955

Ellen Francis xe "ELDERS:Ellen Francis" ELDERS  1885‑1958

John C. xe "ELDERS:John C." ELDERS, D. D. S.  1879‑1957

Catherine I. xe "ELDERS:Catherine I." ELDERS  1886‑1963


John Angus xe "MC INTOSH:John Angus" MC INTOSH  1844‑1906

Ella D., wife of J. A. xe "MC INTOSH:Ella D., Mrs." xe "MC INTOSH:J.A. (see John Angus MC INTOSH)" MC INTOSH  1848‑1917

Marvin Everett xe "MC INTOSH:Marvin Everett" MC INTOSH  1878‑1881

Mary xe "MC INTOSH:Mary" MC INTOSH xe "GREEN:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary MC INTOSH)" GREEN  1868‑1905

Harriet xe "CHAPMAN:Harriet" CHAPMAN xe "MC INTOSH:Harriet, Mrs. (see Harriet CHAPMAN)" MC INTOSH  1870‑1941

Fredrick F. xe "MC INTOSH:Frederick F." MC INTOSH  1869‑1950

Gene or Jean xe "MC INTOSH:Jean" MC INTOSH xe "KYER:Jean, Mrs. (see Jean MC INTOSH)" KYER  1908‑1965

Okey Lee xe "KYER:Okey Lee (m)" KYER  1894‑1957

(2)  Alice xe "SMITH:Alice" SMITH xe "MC CLASKEY:Alice, Mrs. (see Alice SMITH)" MC CLASKEY  1850‑1888
Cloris Freda xe "MC CLASKEY:Cloris Freda" MC CLASKEY  1885‑1903

Virginia xe "MC LANE:Virginia" MC LANE xe "FAST:Virginia, Mrs.?" FAST xe "MC INTOSH:Virginia, Mrs. (see Virginia MC LANE)" MC INTOSH  1874‑1951

Charles Leon xe "MC INTOSH:Charles Leon" MC INTOSH  1879‑1938

Nellie xe "MC GLOTHLIN:Nellie" MC GLOTHLIN xe "MC INTOSH:Nellie, Mrs. (see Nellie MC GLOTHLIN)" MC INTOSH  1882‑1906

Ida Belle xe "LOVETT:Ida Belle" LOVETT  1861‑(no death date)

William T. xe "MILHOAN:William T." MILHOAN  1860‑1931  Father

xe "____:Ernest" Ernest _____

xe "____:Charles B." Charles B. _____  1872‑1905

Kate xe "GREEN:Kate" GREEN  1841‑1926

Frederick H. xe "GREEN:Frederick H." GREEN  1835‑1924

Mary xe "SMITH:Mary" SMITH xe "GREEN:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary SMITH)" GREEN  1845‑1941

E. Clerc xe "SMITH:E. Clerc" SMITH  November 7, 1885‑May 16, 1948

Harriet L. xe "SMITH:Harriet L., Mrs.?" SMITH  June 11, 1859‑November 4, 1945

Everett C. xe "SMITH:Everett C." SMITH  October 22, 1852‑December 11, 1937

Clinton E. xe "CALDWELL:Clinton E." CALDWELL  1869‑1954

May xe "DOUGLASS:May" DOUGLASS, wife of C. E. xe "CALDWELL:C.E. (see Clinton E. CALDWELL)" xe "CALDWELL:May, Mrs. (see May DOUGLASS)" CALDWELL  1874‑1964  D. A. R. plaque

(2)  Charles E. xe "CASTO:Charles E." CASTO  1866‑1943
Margaret M. xe "CASTO:Margaret M., Mrs.?" CASTO  1870‑1934

Belle L. xe "CHEUVRONT:Belle L." CHEUVRONT  1878‑1957

Pearl C. xe "CHEUVRONT:Pearl C." CHEUVRONT  1888‑(no death date)


Charles Edward xe "WALTON:Charles Edward" WALTON  1860‑1946

Creoda SAYRE xe "WALTON:Creoda, Mrs. (see Creoda SAYRE)" WALTON  1875‑1944

R. xe "WALTON:R. (f)" WALTON xe "GOOD:R. , Mrs. (see R. WALTON)" GOOD  July 7, 1935

Francis Warren xe "DICKERSON:Francis Warren" DICKERSON  1891‑1957

Indra xe "SAYRE:Indra (f)" SAYRE xe "DICKERSON:Indra, Mrs. (see Indra SAYRE)" DICKERSON  1894‑1961  D.A.R plaque

Frank W. xe "BRYAN:Frank W." BRYAN  18_9‑1958

Frances E. xe "BRYAN:Frances E., Mrs.?" BRYAN  1858‑1945

George M. xe "BRYAN:George M." BRYAN  1861‑1952

Adele xe "FLETCHER:Adele" FLETCHER xe "BRYAN:Adele, Mrs. (see Adele FLETCHER)" BRYAN  1890‑1924

(2)  Joseph William xe "FLINN:Joseph William" FLINN  1872‑1959
Edna J. xe "RECTOR:Edna J." RECTOR xe "FLINN:Edna J., Mrs. (see Edna J. RECTOR)" FLINN  1877‑1962 Wife

Josephine xe "FLINN:Josephine" FLINN xe "DEVOL:Josephine, Mrs. (see Josephine FLINN)" DEVOL  July 29, 1913‑November 3, 1976

E. Jane xe "RECTOR:E. Jane, Mrs.?" RECTOR  April 15, 1851‑June 29, 1940

W. L. xe "RECTOR:W.L. (m)" RECTOR  March 16, 1848‑April 9, 1936

Will H. xe "FLEMING:Will H." FLEMING  March 17, 1868‑October 5, 1946

Gertrude xe "FLEMING:Gertrude" FLEMING, wife of T. J. xe "HUSLER:T.J. (m)" xe "HUSLER:Gertrude, Mrs. (see Gertrude FLEMING)" HUSLER,  May 22, 1866‑November 23, 1933

Maria Louise, wife of G. P. xe "FLEMING:G.P. (see George P. FLEMING)" xe "FLEMING:Maria Louise, Mrs." FLEMING  March 12, 1842‑February 9, 1934

George P. xe "FLEMING:George P." FLEMING,  December 25, 1838‑January 9, 1929

David G. xe "FLEMING:David G., Jr." FLEMING, Jr.  Born/Died June 18, 1949

(set off by itself; no surname)
xe "____:Corinne " Corinne  1893‑1899

William L. xe "MC COWN:William L." MC COWN  West Virginia Captain,  Co. B  150th INF  WW I December 15, 1867‑January 28, 1922

(next to William MC COWN)
Minnie xe "MC COWN:Minnie" MC COWN xe "BROWN:Minnie, Mrs. (see Minnie MC COWN)" BROWN  November 8, 1872‑January 21, 1965

Thomas John xe "MOORE:Thomas John" MOORE  1851‑1918

Charles P. xe "MOORE:Charles P." MOORE  1858‑1936

Margaret J. xe "MOORE:Margaret J." MOORE  1858‑1925

Mary xe "TALBERT:Mary" TALBERT xe "MOORE:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary TALBERT)" MOORE  1887‑1951

Florence M. xe "FLOWERS:Florence M." FLOWERS  1891‑1934

Orlen C. xe "HUTCHINSON:Orlen C." HUTCHINSON  1898‑1937


(Family stone)
Rachel, wife of Joe xe "MC MURRAY:Joe" xe "MC MURRAY:Rachel, Mrs." MC MURRAY

Jackie, wife of Benton xe "STANLEY:Benton" xe "STANLEY:Jackie, Mrs." STANLEY

(next to above two stones)
Joseph Arthur xe "MC MURRAY:Joseph Arthur" MC MURRAY  January 10, 1883‑November 11, 1972

Rachel Elizabeth xe "HUNT:Rachel Elizabeth" HUNT xe "MC MURRAY:Rachel Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Rachel Elizaeth HUNT)" MC MURRAY  September 17, 1902‑July 26, 1971


J. Vaught xe "ARMSTRONG:J. Vaught (m)" ARMSTRONG  1871‑1914

Martha R. xe "ARMSTRONG:Martha R., Mrs.?" ARMSTRONG  1875‑1915  D. A. R. plaque

Frances G. xe "ROBERTS:Frances G., Mrs.?" ROBERTS  1856‑1927

Wilber B. xe "ROBERTS:Wilber B." ROBERTS  1857‑1914

(5)  Clerc F. xe "LEON:Clerc F." LEON, born Montiers, Switzerland October 26, 1845; died February 6, 1886.
Mary Elizabeth, wife of Clerc L. xe "LEON:Mary Elizabeth, Mrs." LEON September 20, 1858; died June 28, 1923
Cecil J. xe "GARDNER:Cecil J." GARDNER, born  March 9, 1879; died August 24, 1931
Adele xe "CLERC:Adele" CLERC xe "GARDNER:Adele, Mrs. (see Adele CLERC)" GARDNER, born August 27, 1881; died September 28, 1957
Leonie, daughter of F. Leon & Mary E. xe "CLERC:Leonie (f)" CLERC At Rest October 31, 1884, age 1 year, 7 days

H. Sheridan xe "TUMLIN:H. Sheridan" TUMLIN  September 19, 1864‑September 26, 1923

Nancy xe "MERCER:Nancy" MERCER xe "TUMLIN:Nancy, Mrs. (see Nancy MERCER)" TUMLIN  1836‑1896

Adolphus xe "TUMLIN:Adolphus" TUMLIN  1825‑1902

Mary Margaret xe "TUMLIN:Mary Margaret, Mrs.?" TUMLIN  February 27, 1862‑February 13, 1946

Emmett Dolphin xe "TUMLIN:Emmett Dolphin" TUMLIN  April 20, 1872‑Mary 29, 1945

(3)  Absolom B. xe "WELLS:Absolom B." WELLS  June 2, 1846‑January 29, 1916
Leona Julia xe "WELLS:Leona Julia, Mrs.?" WELLS  March 24, 1854‑November 17, 1937
Absolom Brooks xe "WELLS:Absolom Brooks" WELLS  August 26, 1889‑November 11, 1893

Richard Edmund xe "WELLS:Richard Edmund" WELLS  West Virginia SP1  USNR  WW II November 6, 1919‑January 24, 1967

Virginia xe "ROBERTS:Virginia" ROBERTS xe "WILLIAMSON:Virginia, Mrs. (see Virginia ROBERTS)" WILLIAMSON  1851‑1940

Dana Winchester xe "WILLIAMSON:Dana Winchester" WILLIAMSON 1851‑1920

Zelma xe "THORN:Zelma" THORN xe "WILLIAMSON:Zelma, Mrs. (see Zelma THORN)" WILLIAMSON  1890‑1951

James Wilkinson xe "WILLIAMSON:James Wilkinson" WILLIAMSON  1884‑1968

William A. xe "WILLIAMSON:William A." WILLIAMSON  1844‑1918  Pvt. 4th West Virginia INF November 18, 1843‑May 17, 1918

Addie, wife of William A. xe "WILLIAMSON:Addie, Mrs." WILLIAMSON  1856‑1934

William xe "JAMES:William" JAMES  1911‑1917

Harriett xe "JAMES:Harriett, Mrs.?" JAMES  1918

J. W. xe "DEPUE:J.W. (m)" DEPUE  August 4, 1849‑December 8, 1905

Clara A., wife of J. W. xe "DEPUE:Clara A., Mrs." DEPUE  born December 18, 1852; died March 1, 1904

Martha Jane xe "ERNEST:Martha Jane" ERNEST  1871‑1900

(2)  Thomas A. xe "ROBERTS:Thomas A." ROBERTS  December 29, 1824‑August 18, 1890
Martha A. xe "ROBERTS:Martha A., Mrs.?" ROBERTS  November 14, 1826‑August 1, 1894

Alberta E. xe "ARMSTRONG:Alberta E." ARMSTRONG  1860‑1905

Carrie A., daughter of J.H. & M.E. xe "WETZEL:J.H. (see John H. WETZEL)" xe "WETZEL:M.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary E. WETZEL)" xe "WETZEL:Carrie A." WETZEL, died July 22, 1889, age 2 7ears, 6 months, _days

John H. xe "WETZEL:John H." WETZEL  1811‑1891

Anna xe "HALL:Anna" HALL xe "WETZEL:Anna, Mrs. (see Anna HALL)" WETZEL 1821‑1904

Sarah H. xe "WETZEL:Sarah H." WETZEL 1851‑1923

Chester D. xe "WETZEL:Chester D." WETZEL  1895‑1897

Clarence O. xe "WETZEL:Clarence O." WETZEL  1891‑1902

Chloris M. xe "WETZEL:Chloris M." WETZEL  1889‑1912

Mary E. xe "WETZEL:Mary E., Mrs.?" WETZEL  1852‑1927

Dr. John H. xe "WETZEL:John H., Dr." WETZEL  1854‑1917

(2)  Ben D. xe "ROUSH:Ben D." ROUSH  1864‑1936  Father
Elizabeth A. xe "ROUSH:Elizabeth A, Mrs." ROUSH  1871‑1947  Mother

C. E. "Tod" xe "WARTH:C.E. (m) (see Tod WARTH)" xe "WARTH:Tod (m) (see C.E. WARTH)" WARTH  1870‑1947

Cora xe "DOUGLASS:Cora" DOUGLASS xe "WARTH:Cora, Mrs. (see Cora DOUGLASS)" WARTH, wife of C. E. WARTH  1864‑1950

Dana D. xe "WARTH:Dana D. (m)" WARTH  1895‑1948  Son

Irene xe "WARTH:Irene" WARTH  1902‑1965  Daughter

Ona J. xe "MC COMAS:Ona J., Mrs.?" MC COMAS  1886‑1966  Daughter

Sarah E. xe "MOREHOUSE:Sarah E., Mrs." MOREHOUSE  1853‑1939 Wife

Josiah P. xe "MOREHOUSE:Josiah P." MOREHOUSE  1836‑1927  Co. F  4th West Virginia V.I.

Baby Billie, son of Leon & Edith xe "PARRISh:Billie" xe "PARRISh:Leon" xe "PARRISH:Edith, Mrs." PARRISH  August 23‑November 9, 1929

Johnny xe "JARVIS:Johnny" JARVIS  1839‑1933

C. S. xe "MC CARTY:C.S." MC CARTY  1859‑1932

Raymond DELONG  1919‑1931,  son of Ray & Artie xe "DELONG:Raymond" xe "DELONG:Ray" DELONG

(2)  Raymond DELONG  1896‑1952
Artie B. xe "DELONG:Artie B., Mrs." DELONG  1896‑1965

Jim F. xe "PATTON:Jim F." PATTON  1856‑1929

Thomas B. xe "BRANNON:Thomas D." BRANNON  1853‑1942

Mary M. xe "BRANNON:Mary M., Mrs.?" BRANNON  1855‑1929

Elizabeth M. xe "FAREN:Elizabeth M." FAREN  1922‑1928

William I. xe "FAREN:William I." FAREN  1885‑1950

J. Paul xe "HOGSETT:J. Paul" HOGSETT  1883‑1943  Father

Prova B. xe "HOGSETT:Prova B., Mrs." HOGSETT  1886‑1964  Mother

Spurgeon xe "WOOFTER:Spurgeon" WOOFTER  1895‑1970

Esta xe "RAINES:Esta" RAINES xe "WOOFTER:Esta, Mrs. (see Esta RAINES)" WOOFTER  1897‑1927

Nancy xe "SHERMAN:Nancy" SHERMAN, wife of C. J. xe "RECTOR:C.J. (m)" xe "RECTOR:Nancy, Mrs. (see Nancy SHERMAN)" RECTOR  March 20, 1852‑June 29, 1920

L. Homer xe "VANCE:L. Homer" VANCE  1880‑(no death date)  Father

Lillie B. xe "VANCE:Lillie B., Mrs." VANCE  1884‑(no death date)  Mother

Daniel xe "VANCE:Daniel" VANCE  1922‑1928  Son

Waldo xe "AKERS:Waldo" AKERS  Infant  no dates

(2) O. A. "Abe" xe "HOWARD:O.A. (see Abe HOWARD)" xe "HOWARD:Abe (see O.A. HOWARD)" HOWARD  1872‑1963  Father
Ella xe "HOWARD:Ella, Mrs." HOWARD  1878‑1965  Mother

Marie xe "HOWARD:Marie" HOWARD  1910‑1928

(2) Harrison M. xe "STANLEY:Harrison M." STANLEY  1863‑1942
Emma R. xe "STANLEY:Emma R., Mrs.?" STANLEY  1879‑1926

Emma A.. 1862‑1926,  daughter of S. B. & E. xe "POWELL:Emma A." xe "POWELL:S.B. (m)" xe "POWELL:E., Mrs." POWELL

John A. xe "ALLMAN:John A." ALLMAN  1877‑1926

Drusilla xe "ALLMAN:Drusilla, Mrs.?" ALLMAN  1886‑1969

Henry xe "BREMMER:Henry" BREMMER  1843‑1926

James A. xe "STAATS:James A." STAATS  1875‑1946

(2)  Otis J. xe "JOHNSON:Otis J." JOHNSON  1882‑1926
Georgia E. xe "JOHNSON:Georgia E., Mrs.?" JOHNSON  1892‑(no death date)

Tapley B. xe "PICKENS:Tapley B." PICKENS  1871‑1946

Morley F. xe "DURBIN:Morley F." DURBIN  1896‑1925

Barbara Jean xe "DURBIN:Barbara Jean" DURBIN  born/died March 6, 1952

(2)  Frank xe "ALLEN:Frank" ALLEN  1893‑1969
Margaret xe "ALLEN:Margaret, Mrs.?" ALLEN  1883‑1939

(3)  Major xe "ALLEN:Major" ALLEN  1857‑1932
Emmaline xe "ALLEN:Emmaline" ALLEN  1843‑1916
Will H. xe "ALLEN:Will H." ALLEN  1881‑1942

Hazel Marie, daughter of F. H. & H. M. xe "LOTT:Hazel Marie" xe "LOTT:F.H. (m)" xe "LOTT:H.M., Mrs." LOTT September 13, 1916‑October 10, 1917

William xe "MC KINLEY:William" MC KINLEY  4‑23‑1904

Birdie xe "MC KINLEY:Birdie" MC KINLEY  12‑12 1903

Zachariah xe "MC KINLEY:Zachariah" MC KINLEY  1870‑1932  Father

Missourie xe "MC KINLEY:Missourie, Mrs." MC KINLEY  1874‑1925  Mother

John O. xe "STEWART:John O." STEWART  1884‑1934

(2)  Srepta (sic) C. xe "STEWART:Srepta C., Mrs.?" STEWART  July 11, 1865‑October 19, 1926
Robert R. xe "STEWART:Robert R." STEWART  April 22, 1858‑November 15, 1944

John F. xe "JONES:John F." JONES  1852‑1941   Father

Sarah E. xe "JONES:Sarah E., Mrs." JONES  1861‑1949  Mother

Kenna xe "JONES:Kenna (m)" JONES  1882‑1941  Son

Fred xe "JONES:Fred" JONES  1901‑1927  Son

William B. >xe "PRIDDY:William B." PRIDDY  Co. F  4th West Virginia INF

(2)  Calvin C. xe "HALL:Calvin C." HALL  1884‑1922  Father
Alice M. xe "HALL:Alice M., Mrs." HALL  1880‑1957  Mother

Lillie B. xe "DE PUE:Lillie B." DE PUE xe "ARGABRITE:Lillie B., Mrs. (see Lillie B. DE PUE)" ARGABRITE  1876‑1945

Benjamin A. xe "DE PUE:Benjamin A." DE PUE  1844‑1911

Alice M. xe "DE PUE:Alice M." DE PUE  1897‑1968

(4)  Thomas H. xe "ARGABRITE:Thomas H." ARGABRITE  1861‑1959
Mary Joanna xe "ARGABRITE:Mary Joanna, Mrs.?" ARGABRITE  1862‑1910
Pricie V. xe "ARGABRITE:Pricie V. (f)" ARGABRITE  1883‑1909  Daughter
Catherine xe "ARGABRITE:Catherine" ARGABRITE  1899‑1913  Daughter

Ruby O. xe "WOLFE:Ruby O." WOLFE  1888‑1974  Daughter

Virena Jane xe "WOLFE:Virena Jane, Mrs." WOLFE  1862‑1926  Mother

Frank M. xe "WOLFE:Frank M." WOLFE  1862‑1928  Father

Kathleen xe "ADAMS:Kathleen" ADAMS xe "PRICE:Kathleen, Mrs. (see Kathleen ADAMS)" PRICE  1897‑1976

Isaac M. xe "ADAMS:Isaac M." ADAMS  1843‑1926

Belle xe "PARK:Belle" PARK xe "ADAMS:Belle, Mrs. (see Belle PARK)" ADAMS  1859‑1930

B. F. xe "WHITNEY:B.F." WHITNEY  1905‑1953

(2) Thomas E. xe "ADAMS:Thomas E." ADAMS  1893‑1952
Ruth B. xe "ADAMS:Ruth B." ADAMS  1893‑1962

Robert Parks xe "ADAMS:Robert Parks" ADAMS  1886‑1935


(2)  William M. xe "WILLIAMS:William M." WILLIAMS  1859‑1931
Sigourney J. xe "WILLIAMS:Sigourney J., Mrs.?" WILLIAMS  1874‑1948

Artie J. xe "SHUTTS:Artie J. (f)" SHUTTS, wife of R. B. xe "WILLIAMS:R.B. (m)" xe "WILLIAMS:Artie J., Mrs. (see Artie J. SHUTTS)" WILLIAMS  1901‑1926

(8)  Frances I. xe "JETTER:Frances I." JETTER  1904‑1942  Daughter
Josephine D. xe "SARVER:Josephine D., Mrs." SARVER  1875‑1959  Mother
Perry xe "HARBOUR:Perry" HARBOUR  1875‑1956
(other side of stone)
Adam N. xe "ROBERTS:Adam N." ROBERTS  1846‑1909 Co. B  46th Virginia CAV CSA
Virginia I. xe "ROBERTS:Virginia I., Mrs.?" ROBERTS  1852‑1934
Emma O. xe "ROBERTS:Emma O." ROBERTS  1872‑1873
Lena B. xe "ROBERTS:Lena B." ROBERTS  1879‑1882
Sudduth xe "ROBERTS:Sudduth" ROBERTS,  died June 1, 1890

Cathleen, daughter of W. T. & C. L. xe "SPRINGSTON:Cathleen" xe "SPRINGSTON:W.T. (m)" xe "SPRINGSTON:C.L., Mrs." SPRINGSTON  1908‑1915

Hillie S., wife of Carson E. xe "DYE:Carson E." xe "DYE:Hillie S., Mrs." DYE  1902‑1926

Catherine A., wife of H. B. xe "SPRINGSTON:Catherine A., Mrs." xe "SPRINGSTON:H.B. (m)" SPRINGSTON  1904‑1926

Virginia Ann, daughter of E. W. & L. S. xe "BRYAN:Virginia Ann" xe "BRYAN:E.W. (m)" xe "BRYAN:L.S., Mrs." BRYAN  1934‑1971

Leaffy S., daughter of W. T. & C. L. xe "BRYAN:W.T. (m)" xe "BRYAN:C.L., Mrs." xe "BRYAN:Leaffy S. (f)" BRYAN  1898‑(no death date)

Cora L., wife of W. T. xe "SPRINGSTON:Cora L., Mrs." SPRINGSTON  1874‑1962

William T. xe "SPRINGSTON:William T." SPRINGSTON  1869‑1945

Charles Lewis xe "BOSO:Charles Lewis" BOSO  1868‑1949  Father

Lillie M., wife of C. L. xe "BOSO:Lillie M., Mrs." xe "BOSO:C.L. (see Charles Lewis BOSO)" BOSO  1870‑1917  Mother

(2)  Harrison M. xe "BOSO:Harrison M." BOSO  1893‑(no death date)
Rosa Belle xe "BOSO:Rosa Belle, Mrs.?" BOSO  1896‑(no death date)

(2)  Frank A. xe "SAYRE:Frank A." SAYRE  1854‑1931
Mary V. xe "SAYRE:Mary V., Mrs." SAYRE  1856‑1941

(separate stone)
Children of F. A. & M. V. SAYRE xe "SAYRE:F.A. (see Frank A. SAYRE)"

Lacy xe "SAYRE:Lucy" SAYRE,  died December 19, 1893, age 12 years, 7 months, 8 days

Harland L. xe "SAYRE:Harland L." SAYRE,  died November 26, 1896, age 11 months, 18 days

Infant daughter of M. J. & L. xe "FLESHER:____ (f)" xe "FLESHER:M.J. (m)" xe "FLESHER:L., Mrs." FLESHER 1901

Mary Louise xe "FLESHER:Mary Louise" FLESHER 1903‑1919

(3)  Lewis V. xe "ANDERSON:Lewis V." ANDERSON  1867‑1920
Ella V. xe "ANDERSON:Ella V., Mrs." ANDERSON  1868‑1935  Wife
Gertrude Mae xe "ANDERSON:Gertrude Mae" ANDERSON  1911‑1935

Edward Clark xe "CHAMBERS:Edward Clark" CHAMBERS  1910‑1966

Clark B. xe "CHAMBERS:Clark B." CHAMBERS  1865‑1939

S. Alice xe "CHAMBERS:S. Alice, Mrs.?" CHAMBERS  1869‑1940

Noel B. xe "CHAMBERS:Noel B." CHAMBERS  1908‑1976

James E. xe "CHAMBERS:James E." CHAMBERS  1912‑1920

Robert Lee xe "CHAMBERS:Robert Lee" CHAMBERS  1932‑1937

(2) Solon. W. xe "CHAMBERS:Solon W." CHAMBERS  1903‑1975
Ardath E. xe "CHAMBERS:Ardath E., Mrs.?" CHAMBERS  1903‑ (no death date)

Dalle, 1955,  daughter of James W. & Emma xe "CHAMBERS:Dalle (f)" xe "CHAMBERS:Emma, Mrs." CHAMBERS 1955

Rose B. xe "DOUGLASS:Rose B., Mrs.?" DOUGLASS  December 6, 1860‑October 1, 1920

Elijah D. xe "DOUGLASS:Elijah D." DOUGLASS  May 16, 1855‑July 5, 1928

Charles B. xe "BROWN:Charles B." BROWN  June 21, 1881‑September 21, 1957

Agnes xe "BROWN:Agnes" BROWN  July 8, 1882‑October 3, 1961

(2) Harwood Chanceelor (sic) xe "PARK:Harwood Chanceelor" PARK  April 19, 1899‑February 14, 1973
Ethel xe "GNEISER:Ethel" GNEISER  August 21, 1905‑May 12, 1951

Ellen xe "HARWOOD:Ellen" HARWOOD xe "BRAMMELL:Ellen, Mrs. (see Ellen HARWOOD)" BRAMMELL  1868‑1951

Annie L. xe "PARK:Annie L., Mrs.?" PARK  1858‑1939

George W. xe "PARK:George W." PARK  1856‑1932

Adam H. xe "BARTLEY:Adam H." BARTLEY  1889‑1968

Florence B. xe "WATTS:Florence B." WATTS  April 1864‑June 1949

John Phillip xe "WATTS:John Phillip" WATTS  West Virginia MUS  3 CL  US ARMY  WW I May 30, 1898‑January 11, 1971

Jessie Mabel xe "WOODS:Jessie Mabel" WOODS,  born August 5, 1893; died November 4, 1900

John R., son of W. B. & L. A. xe "WOOD:John R." xe "WOOD:W.B. (see William B. WOOD)" xe "WOOD:L.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Lydia A. WOOD)" WOOD, died November 28 (23?), 1889, aged 4 months, 2 days

(2) William B. xe "WOOD:William B." WOOD  1860‑1937
Lydia or Liddia A. xe "WOOD:Lydia A., Mrs." WOOD  1870‑1952

Harry J. xe "WOOD:Harry J." WOOD  1895‑1958  Father

Fred xe "WOOD:Fred" WOOD  1891‑1939

Clarence M. xe "THOMPSON:Clarence M." THOMPSON  West Virginia HA2  US NAVY  WW I May 12, 1891‑January 26, 1970

Marilla E., wife of I. D. xe "THOMPSON:Marilla E., Mrs." xe "THOMPSON:I.D. (see Isaac D. THOMPSON)" THOMPSON  1862‑1885

Taylor T., son of I. D. & M. E. xe "THOMPSON:Taylor T." xe "THOMPSON:M.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Marilla E. THOMPSON)" THOMPSON  1883‑1899

Lester I., son of I. D & C. A. xe "THOMPSON:Lester I." xe "THOMPSON:C.A., Mrs. (see Cynthia A. THOMPSON)" THOMPSON  1901‑1903

Vickie M., daughter of I. D. & C. A. THOMPSON  1899‑1907

Isaac D. xe "THOMPSON:Isaac D." THOMPSON  1862‑1950

Cynthia A., wife of I. D. xe "THOMPSON:Cynthia A., Mrs." THOMPSON  1860‑1941

George Okey, son of I. D. & C. A. xe "THOMPSON:George Okey" THOMPSON  1897‑1918 Pvt 99th Co. Repl. DFT. Died in France November 27, 1918 in Camp Hospital # 33. He gave his life for humanity."

Homer C. xe "WAGGONER:Homer C." WAGGONER  West Virginia Sgt. Base Hospital 119  WW I November 4, 1896‑April 12, 1954

William H. xe "TALLMAN:William H." TALLMAN  1881‑(no death date)  Father

Donna xe "TALLMAN:Donna, Mrs." TALLMAN  1880‑1926  Mother

Florence xe "SMITH:Florence" SMITH xe "TALLMAN:Florence, Mrs. (see Florence SMITH)" TALLMAN  1880‑1964

Minnie xe "TALLMAN:Minnie, Mrs." TALLMAN  1853‑1941  Mother

Charles C. xe "TALLMAN:Charles C." TALLMAN 1847‑1925  Father

Mary M. xe "TALLMAN:Mary M., Mrs." TALLMAN  1885‑(no death date)  Daughter

Natalie xe "TALLMAN:Natalie" TALLMAN  1887‑(no death date)  Mother

A. Delbert xe "TALLMAN:A. Delbert" TALLMAN  1882‑1970  Father

Michael E. xe "GINTHER:Michael E." GINTHER  June 6, 1908‑November 7, 1962

Margaret E., wife of G. W. xe "VAN VALEY:G.W. (m)" xe "VAN VALEY:Margaret E., Mrs." VAN VALEY  1900‑1942

(2)  Hoyt K. xe "MAHAN:Hoyt K." MAHAN  1884‑1900
Glen xe "MAHAN:Glen" MAHAN  1890‑1891
Sons of J. H. & M. M. xe "MAHAN:J.H. (m)" xe "MAHAN:M.M., Mrs." MAHAN

Mary A. xe "LUCUS:Mary A., Mrs." LUCUS  1860‑1925  Mother

(4)  Edward xe "BENNETT:Edward (see Holly E. BENNETT)" BENNETT  1894‑1976  Father
Holly E. xe "BENNETT:Holly E. BENNETT (see Edward BENNETT) (m)" BENNETT  SFC  US ARMY  WW I 1894‑1976
Golda Gay xe "BENNETT:Golda Gay, Mrs." BENNETT  1899‑(no death date) Mother
William Edward xe "BENNETT:William Edward" BENNETT  1925‑1925  Son

(2)  Ancelum xe "STAATS:Ancelum (m)" STAATS  1849‑1937
Caroline xe "STAATS:Caroline, Mrs.?" STAATS  1848‑1904

Ruben Argetis xe "BONNETT:Ruben Argetis" BONNETT  May 14, 1920

Margaret A. xe "LEMASTER:Margaret A." LEMASTER  1868‑1921

(2)  R. P. xe "SLAVEN:R.P." SLAVEN  March 11, 1841‑May 21, 1907
Malinda J. xe "SLAVEN:Malinda J." SLAVEN  1866‑1956

(2)  Clarence F. xe "LEMASTER:Clarence F." LEMASTER  1885‑1961
Allie V. xe "LEMASTER:Allie V." LEMASTER  1887‑(no death date)

(2)  Aaron xe "BATTIN:Aaron" BATTIN  1845‑1933
Margaret A. xe "BATTIN:Margaret A., Mrs." BATTIN  1844‑1933

Kenner A. xe "SIMS:Kenner A." SIMS  1873‑1954

Dora D. xe "SIMS:Dora D." SIMS  no dates

Lois xe "SIMS:Lois" SIMS  no dates

(2)  Carl E. xe "MATTHEWS:Carl E." MATTHEWS  1894‑1960
Margaret xe "MATTHEWS:Margaret, Mrs.?" MATTHEWS  1896‑(no death date)

Hoyt xe "KNEFF:Hoyt" KNEFF  1889‑1958

George Elwood, son of Louis & Willia xe "SHARP:George Elwood" xe "SHARP:Louis" xe "SHARP:Willia, Mrs." SHARP,  April 27, 1915‑July 20, 1917
(Photo on tombstone)

David I. xe "BENNETT:David I." BENNETT  1866‑1946

Josie xe "BENNETT:Josie, Mrs.?" BENNETT  1877‑1940

Fred C. xe "BOWEN:Fred C." BOWEN  West Virginia PFC 319 BUTCHERY Co. QMC  WW I April 9, 1892‑February 21, 1958

Mary V. xe "BOWEN:Mary V., Mrs." BOWEN  1867‑1935 Wife  "A Tender Mother and Faithful Wife"

Mildred M. xe "PETRY:Mildred M." PETRY  1901‑1923

Gladys M. xe "SPEARS:Gladys M." SPEARS  1918‑1933

(These two stones are made of the same material)
(2) William H. xe "SAFREED:William H." SAFREED  1865‑1955
Julia xe "SAFREED:Julila, Mrs.?" SAFREED  1875‑1969

xe "____:Harold M." Harold M. _______  1916‑1937
(no surname on stone)

Willie E. xe "NESSELROAD:William E." NESSELROAD  1879‑1969

Myrtle I. xe "NESSELROAD:Myrtle I., Mrs.?" NESSELROAD  1891‑1974

Lillian xe "COX:Lillian" COX xe "MARSHALL:Lillian, Mrs. (see Lillian COX)" MARSHALL  1884‑1964

(3)  George xe "COX:George" COX  1849‑1891
Etta xe "COX:Etta, Mrs.?" COX  1850‑1891
Sarah xe "COX:Sarah" COX  1876‑1891

Melissa Jane xe "HARRIS:Melissa Jane" HARRIS  February 22, 1874‑December 18, 1926

Ivin xe "BOSLEY:Ivin (m)" BOSLEY  1903‑1925  Son

Ada xe "BOSLEY:Ada, Mrs." BOSLEY  1884‑(no death date)  Mother

Elsworth xe "BOSLEY:Elsworth" BOSLEY  1875‑(no death date)  Father

George H. xe "KIDDER:George H." KIDDER  1857‑1943

Carrie A. xe "KIDDER:Carrie A., Mrs.?" KIDDER  1862‑1940

Alfred xe "PAXTON:Alfred" PAXTON  1884‑1934

Vallie xe "PAXTON:Vallie, Mrs.?" PAXTON  1891‑1965

(2)  James "Bud" xe "SMITH:James (see Bud SMITH)" xe "SMITH:Bud (see James SMITH)" SMITH  1889‑1951
Addie WHEATON SMITH  1891‑1970

(Temporary marker)
Jerry xe "SNYDER:Jerry" SNYDER  1884‑1964

(Temporary marker)
Clara xe "SNYDER:Clara" SNYDER  1881‑1947

George W. xe "FINSLEY:George W." FINSLEY  1855‑1928

Francis L. xe "WILLIAMS:Francis L." WILLIAMS  1911‑1975  Dad

Nellie M. xe "WILLIAMS:Nellie M., Mrs." WILLIAMS  1903‑1974  Mom

Ocran B. xe "MORGAN:Orcran B." MORGAN  1878‑1928

William Joseph, son of Rodney & Nola xe "LANGE:William Joseph" xe "LANGE:Rodney" xe "LANGE:Nola, Mrs." LANGE 1934‑1945

Alice xe "COZART:Alice" COZART xe "LANGE:Alice, Mrs. (see Alice COZART)" LANGE 1867‑1955  Mother

William W. xe "LANGE:William W." LANGE  1862‑1932  Father

Clyde E. xe "LANGE:Clyde E." LANGE  1903‑1926  Son

(2)  James Madison xe "WALTERS:James Madison" WALTERS,  July 1, 1857‑February 25, 1934
Mary xe "CLEM:Mary" CLEM xe "WALTERS:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary CLEM)" WALTERS,  December 21, 1865‑October 2, 1933

(2)  Jacob J. xe "BAKER:Jacob J." BAKER  1852‑1931
Sarah R. xe "BAKER:Sarah R., Mrs.?" BAKER  1853‑1945

(3)  W. Edward xe "HENSON:W. Edward" HENSON  1873‑1938
Rebecca A. xe "HENSON:Rebecca A., Mrs.?" HENSON  1869‑1953
Ethel M. xe "DAVIS:Ethel M." DAVIS  1897‑1952

(2)  Thomas E. xe "SHAFER:Thomas E." SHAFER  1892‑1967
Goldie E. xe "SHAFER:Goldie E., Mrs.?" SHAFER  1893‑(no death date)

Warner xe "WEST:Warner" WEST  1923‑1946

Oscar xe "WEST:Oscar" WEST  No dates  (Masonic symbol)

(3)  James M. xe "SMITH:James M." SMITH  1850‑1937
Trecia xe "SMITH:Trecia, Mrs.?" SMITH  1861‑1950
Stella xe "SMITH:Stella" SMITH  1904‑1937

(3)  Alfred xe "NEFF:Alfred" NEFF  1872‑1950
Fannie xe "NEFF:Fannie, Mrs.?" NEFF  1881‑1964
Ruth xe "NEFF:Ruth" NEFF xe "PARSONS:Ruth, Mrs. (see Ruth NEFF)" PARSONS  1907‑1939

Infant Son of Charles & Muriel xe "SLAVEN:____" xe "SLAVEN:Charles" xe "SLAVEN:Murial, Mrs." SLAVEN  1938

(2)  Carey xe "BEVER:Carey" BEVER 1867‑1938
Eva xe "RARDIN:Eva" RARDIN xe "BEVER:Eva, Mrs. (see Eva RARDIN)" BEVER  1867‑1944

Donald Edgar xe "STANLEY:Donald Edgar" STANLEY,  January 14, 1940‑January 17, 1940

(2)  Edward E. xe "COZART:Edward E." COZART  1874‑1959
Sallie C. xe "COZART:Sallie C., Mrs.?" COZART  1888‑1972

Ralph E. xe "MC CAULEY:Ralph E." MC CAULEY  1907‑1976

(2)  Albert M. xe "MC CAULEY:Albert M." MC CAULEY  1879‑1966
Flora E. xe "MC CAULEY:Flora E., Mrs." MC CAULEY  1883‑1970  Wife

(3)  Roy xe "ROGERS:Roy" ROGERS  1880‑(no death date)
Laura xe "ROGERS:Laura, Mrs.?" ROGERS  1885‑(no death date)
Emit E. xe "ROGERS:Emit E." ROGERS  1905‑1939

Anna May xe "HEATER:Anna May" HEATER  1873‑1953

Dr. Homer B. xe "DE PUE:Homer B., Dr." DE PUE  1878‑1926

(next to Homer DePue)
Warren R. xe "DE PUE:Warren R." DE PUE  1884‑1927

Margaret xe "DE PUE:Margaret, Mrs.?" DE PUE  1872‑1954

(NOTE: That is all for the left side of the road that divides, between left and right sides of the cemetery as you enter the front gate divided by a road North and South.  These includes Sections 1-6 and 9 but not Sections 7 and 8, being stones not read from the back end of the right (east) side of the cemetery as seen after entering the cemetery.


From: Readings by Eunice xe "PROCTOR:Eunice" PROCTOR xe "PERKINS:Eunice, Mrs. (see Eunice PROCTOR)" PERKINS, published c. 1940

Copy owned by Sue xe "PROCTOR:Sue" PROCTOR xe "MILLER:Sue, Mrs. (see Sue PROCTOR)" MILLER, deceased.

(NOTE: Mrs. Sue Miller of Walnut Street had a history of the cemetery and the people in it. She also had  cemetery records of the old Ripley cemetery copied by US Records survey and typed by the Ravenswood Chapter D. A. R. 1940.  According to those who have used it, the D.A.R. transcription of 1940 was not well done. Comparisions with many of the extant stones show that sometimes the age at death was omitted or shortened in the Perkins manuscript.

The cemetery lies in the Washington survey which was sold by the children of Patsy xe "CUSTIS:Patsy" CUSTIS to the Wells family. The xe "WELLS:____" WELLS family sold the land to William xe "PROCTOR:William" PROCTOR who gave the cemetery to the town. The Wells family had buried a person or two in the cemetery. After selling the land to the Proctors, Wells moved to Missouri. The land around the cemetery is still owned by the heirs of William PROCTOR.

Graves found in the old part of the cemetery.

Margaret STEWART  Wife of William xe "STEWART:William" xe "STEWART:William" xe "STEWART:Margaret, Mrs." STEWART, died July 26, 1878 in the 80th year of her age

William STEWART, died January 18, 1874, age 73 years

Mary, wife of John xe "STEWART:John" xe "STEWART:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary WILLIAMSON)" STEWART,  died September 1, 1838, age 51 years
[Comment:  Mary STEWART was daughter of Revolutionary War Soldier, John xe "WILLIAMSON:John" xe "WILLIAMSON:Mary" WILLIAMSON.  See WILLIAMSON Records.]

Ayrest (sic) xe "BREWER:Ayrest (m)" BREWER, died November 2, 1845 in the 44th year of his age.

(2)  James xe "DIDDLE:James" DIDDLE  1826‑1903
Nancy J. xe "DIDDLE:Nancy J., Mrs." DIDDLE  1830‑1896

Alexander xe "KEENEY:Alexnder" KEENEY  1815‑1869

Elvira xe "KEENEY:Elvira, Mrs." KEENEY  1818‑1896
[These are the parents of Mrs. Belle xe "PRESCOTT:Belle, Mrs. (see Belle KEENEY)" PRESCOTT, & Mrs. xe "CONNER:____, Mrs." CONNER.]

Alexander KEENEY brother to Jack xe "KEENEY:Belle" xe "KEENEY:Jack" xe "KEENEY:Alexander" KEENEY.

Julia xe "KEENEY:Julia" KEENEY,  died 1863, age 2 years

Carl E. xe "PRESCOTT:Carl E." PRESCOTT died 1878, age 10 years

Josie xe "COLEMAN:Josie" COLEMAN, died June 2, 1899 aged 20 years

D. K. xe "CONNELL:D.K., (m)" CONNELL,  Co. G  2nd West Virginia

Mollie GIBBS,  daughter of A. O. & L. P. xe "GIBBS:A.O. (m)" xe "GIBBS:L.P., Mrs." xe "GIBBS:Mollie" GIBBS, died June 16, 1878, aged 2 years

James xe "GIBBS:James" GIBBS,  died April 25, 1878, age 66 years
[father of Mr. James GIBBS, Mrs. xe "FLINN:____, Mrs." FLINN, Mrs. xe "HARTSHORN:____, Mrs." HARTSHORN, Mrs. xe "HOLLAND:____, Mrs." HOLLAND, Mrs. FLINN.  See family records.]

William H. xe "RICHARDS:William H." RICHARDS,  died March 27, 1857, age 43 years

William R. xe "GRAHAM:William R." GRAHAM,  died October 11, 1852, age 23 years

(2)  Jackson xe "ROLIFF:Jackson" ROLIFF  1823‑1903
Lucretia xe "ROLIFF:Lucretia, Mrs.?" ROLIFF  1817‑1899

Jane, wife of Wash. xe "NEPTUNE:Washington" xe "NEPTUNE:Jane, Mrs." NEPTUNE,  died March 17, 1863, aged 63 years

Sarah E., wife of William xe "STRAHL:William" xe "STRAHL:Sarah E., Mrs." STRAHL  died June 2, 1856 age 19 years

Samuel xe "NICHOLS:Samuel" NICHOLS,  died June 12, 1854 in the 53rd year of his age.

Benjamin Wells xe "METCALF:Benjamin Wells" METCALF,  died November 19, 1851, age 39 years

Hannah, wife of Alexander xe "ABLES:Alexander" xe "ABLES:Hannah, Mrs." ABLES,  died July 11, 1851, aged 36 years

Sarah F. xe "ABLES:Sarah F." ABLES,  died December 3, 1846, age 4 months

Julia Ann xe "ABLES:Julia Ann" ABLES,  died September 1847, age 7 years

William R. xe "SARGENT:William R." SARGENT,  died May 9, 1848, age 24 years

Nancy J., daughter of D. & J. xe "SOMERVILLE:Nancy J." xe "SOMERVILLE:D. (m)" xe "SOMERVILLE:J., Mrs." SOMERVILLE died July 4, 1872, age 20 years, 9 months, 20 days ‑ drowned herself in the Ohio River.

Margaret, wife of H. xe "LOBDILL:H. (m)" xe "LOBDILL:Margaret, Mrs." LOBDILL, born March 9, 1837; died January 9, 1875

Sarah A. xe "WOOD:Sarah A., Mrs." WOOD  August 10, 1843‑June 29, 1911

Charles, son of J. F. & S. A. xe "WOOD:Charles" WOOD

Noah, son of J. F. & S. A. xe "WOOD:Noah" xe "WOOD:J.F. (see James F. WOOD)" xe "WOOD:S.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah A. WOOD)" WOOD

James F. xe "WOOD:James F." WOOD,  March 14, 1845‑December 14, 1919

Sarah WOOD,  daughter of W. H. & A. V. xe "WOOD:Sarah" xe "WOOD:W.F. (m)" xe "WOOD:W.H. (m)" xe "WOOD:A.V., Mrs. (see Mrs. Addie WOOD)" WOOD, died April 27, 1844, age 16 years, 3 months, 29 days

Addie V. WOOD,  Wife of W. H. WOOD died April 16, 1884, age 38 years, 6 months, 1 day
[Pencil comment:  Adalaid Virginia xe "FLESHER:Adalaid Virginia" xe "FLESHER:A.J. (m)" xe "FLESHER:Ann, Mrs. (see Ann HUGHES)" FLESHER, daughter of A. J. & Ann xe "HUGHES:Ann" HUGHES FLESHER.  Ann xe "HUGHES:Rebecca, Mrs. (see Rebecca STAATS)" HUGHES was the daughter of William & Rebecca xe "STAATS:Rebecca" STAATS xe "HUGHES:William" HUGHES]

Murtis M., daughter of W. H. & A. V. xe "WOOD:Murtis M., (f)" WOOD,  died May 21, 1878, age 1 month

Elizabeth xe "BIRD:Elizabeth" BIRD xe "WOOD:Elizabeth, Mrs. (see Elizabeth BIRD)" WOOD, October 24, 1812‑May 29, 1881

Harriet xe "STAATS:Harriet, Mrs.?" STAATS  April 1, 1809‑January 30, 1877

Noah xe "STAATS:Noah" STAATS born October 23, 1804; died May 10, 1887

Erie xe "SWOPE:Erie" SWOPE, died July 6, 1880 age 79 years, 9 months, 9 days

Cynthia, wife of Noah xe "ROBINSON:Noah" xe "ROBINSON:Cynthia, Mrs." ROBINSON,  died April 24, 1876, aged 79 years

C. M. xe "WEST:C.M." WEST,  died March 6, 1885, age 66 years, 1 month, 19 days

Lewis A. xe "GABBERT:Lewis A." GABBERT,  died January 27, 1864 age 16 years, 11 months, 25 days

D. D. xe "MURPHY:D.D. (m)" MURPHY  Co. I  11th West Virginia
[These two were burned in the barracks.]

William xe "TAYLOR:William" TAYLOR,  died October 1, 1872, aged 23 years, 1 month, 21 days

Ruben xe "TAYLOR:Ruben" TAYLOR,  died September 11, 1878, aged 62 years, 4 months, 19 days

Thomas J. xe "TRIBBETT:Thomas J." TRIBBETT,  born in Cumberland Co., New Jersey April 12, 1831; died April 24, 1877, aged 46 years

Elza J.,  son of E. J. xe "SMITH:Elza J. (m)" xe "SMITH:E.J." SMITH  October 11, 1867‑April 23, 1909

M. C. xe "KELVEY:M.C." KELVEY,  died August 27, 1902, age 24 years

Jesse F. xe "BENNETT:Jesse F." BENNETT,  September 9, 1873‑August 31, 1874

Eliza Ann, wife of J. W. xe "BENNETT:J.W. (m)" xe "BENNETT:Eliza Ann, Mrs." BENNETT  October 9, 1843‑October 8, 1874

W. H. xe "COCHRAN:W.H. (m)" COCHRAN, died June 7, 1965, age 23 years,  Co. F 4th West Virginia CAV

John W. xe "BENNETT:John W." BENNETT  August 11, 1871‑December 26, 1874

Mary, wife of R. xe "TAYLOR:R. (m)" xe "TAYLOR:Mary, Mrs." TAYLOR, died April 29, 1878, age 33 years, 6 months, 14 days

R. W. xe "FURNELL:R.W." FURNELL,  died January 18, 1885, aged 33 years, 10 months, 9 days

Hannah, wife of Henry xe "KEYS:Henry" xe "KEYS:Hannah, Mrs." KEYS,  died April 14, 1888, age 43 years

S‑ ‑ ‑a‑ ‑ wife of Jam ‑ ‑ ‑ xe "BLAKE:James" xe "BLAKE:S., Mrs." BLAKE, Departed this _ _ _ August 31, 1841, aged 24 years, 3 months, _ days

Maria, wife of James xe "BLAKE:James" xe "BLAKE:Maria, Mrs." BLAKE, died October 30, 1858, age 30 years, 6 months, 27 days
[James Blake lived on the PROCTOR farm for many years.]

Charles H., son of James D. & Jane C. xe "WELLS:Charles H." xe "WELLS:James D." xe "WELLS:Jane C., Mrs." WELLS born January 5, 1841; died September 13, 1844

James xe "COCHRAN:James" COCHRAN, born September 19, 1806; died June 18, 1887

Susan, wife of Isaac xe "BARR:Isaac" xe "BARR:Susan, Mrs." BARR, died July 12, 1854 age 26 years, 7 months, 18 days

Harriet, wife of William N. xe "HEATON:William N." xe "HEATON:Harriet, Mrs." HEATON  July 22, 1844‑June 17, 1879

James, son of William & Hattie xe "HEATON:James" HEATON  Died December 24, 1875, aged 7 years

Flora Jane, daughter of G. W. & M. xe "BURDETTE:Flora Jane" xe "BURDETTE:G.W. (m)" xe "BURDETTE:Maria, Mrs. (see Maria KEENEY)" BURDETTE, died September 29, 1855, aged 17 years, 6 months, 2 days

[Children of G. W. & Maria xe "KEENEY:Maria" KEENEY xe "BURDETTE:Julia Ann" BURDETTE:
Julia Ann xe "LE MASTER:Julia Ann" LE MASTER
James Alexander xe "BURDETTE:James Alexander" BURDETTE
Flora Jane ‑ Mrs. Dutch xe "PARK:Dutch" xe "PARK:Flora Jane, Mrs." PARK
Margaret married September 1860]
(not further identified in the Eunice Perkins readings)

Captain W. L. xe "HOLMES:W.L., Capt. " HOLMES, died October 2, 1858  in 36th year of his age.
[Comment:  River Captain. Lived where McIntosh store is. Widow married Harry xe "ROWLEY:Harry" ROWLEY.  Children: Latitia xe "HOLMES:Latitia" HOLMES & Walter xe "HOLMES:Walter" HOLMES by first wife.]

Lieut. W. M. xe "CURTIS:W.M. (m)" CURTIS,  Co. F  11th West Virginia INF Killed August 4, 1861, age 31 years, 11 months, 5 days

Elisha xe "STEPHENS:Elisha" STEPHENS,  died June 3, 1873 age 61 years, 11 months, 17 days

F. A. xe "KNIGHT:F.A." KNIGHT,  died March 27, 1856 age 35 years

Clark W. xe "SCOTT:Clark W." SCOTT,  died October 8, 1854 age 19 years

Jemima xe "SMITH:Jemima" SMITH  born December (10 or 12), 1844; died June 28, 1864

Frank F., son of T. W. & J. A. xe "LE MASTER:Frank F." xe "LE MASTER:T.W. (m)" xe "LE MASTER:J.A., Mrs. (see Julia Ann LE MASTER)" LE MASTER died August 16, 1855, aged 4 months, 19 days

Julia Ann, wife of T. W. xe "LE MASTER :Julia Ann" xe "BURDETTE:Julia Ann" LE MASTER, died April 13, 1855 age 19 years
[Comment: Daughter, Maria xe "KEENEY:Maria, Mrs. (see Maria LE MASTER)" KEENEY]

Nancy M., wife of T. W. xe "LE MASTER:Nancy M., Mrs." xe "LE MASTER:T.W. (m)" LE MASTER, died 1859, aged 21 years

Margaret, wife of E. W. xe "WILKINSON:E.W. (m)" xe "WILKINSON:Margaret, Mrs." WILKINSON,  died December 5, 1854 age 42 years
[Comment:  Shoemaker WILKINSON married second, Widow RANKIN]

Abram G. xe "TRUMAN:Abram G." TRUMAN, died September 8, 1859 aged 40 years, 13 months, 2 days

Rev. W. D. xe "WARMAN:W.D., Rev." WARMAN,  died 1868, aged 48 years

Uriah xe "KELLEY:Uriah" KELLEY  Co. E (no further information)

Mary, wife of Uriah xe "MORGAN:Uriah" xe "MORGAN:Mary, Mrs." MORGAN, died July 5, 1873 age 85 years, _ months, 22 days

Jervis xe "STOOP:Jervis" STOOP, died December 16, 1864 age 45 years & 1 month

William xe "FROST:William" xe "FROST:Dan" FROST  died April 30, 1854 in the 64th year of his life.
[Comment: brother to Dan FROST]

Clarice, wife of G. M. xe "RICE:G.M. (m)" xe "RICE:Clarice, Mrs." RICE, died Janaury 26, 1874, aged 73 years, 8 months, 18 days

G. M. xe "RICE:G.M. (m)" RICE, died July 4, 1877, age 79 years, 4 months, 28 days

Catherine, wife of G.M. xe "RICE:Addie C., Mrs." RICE, died December 29, 1865, aged 35 years

Addie C. xe "RICE:Addie C., Mrs.?" RICE, died April 18, 1906, aged 68 years, 11 months, 4 days

Deming xe "WARDNER:Deming" WARDNER, born December 17, 1811; died January 12, 1893

George E., son of Deming xe "WARDNER:George E."WARDNER, died June 23, 1850, aged 58 years

Mary Etta or Marietta S. xe "WARDNER:Marietta, Mrs." WARDNER,  born April 1, 1810; died August 9, 1886

Marie, wife of Uriah xe "LYTLE:Uriah" xe "LYTLE:Marie, Mrs. (see Marie HARSHBARGER)" LYTLE,  died July 31, 1865, aged 24 years.
[Comment: Was a xe "HARSHBARGER:Marie" HARSHBARGER.  He married second a Miss xe "BOYCE:____ Miss" BOYCE]

Absolom xe "SCOTT:Absalom" SCOTT, died July 12, 1854, age 56 years, 1 month, 18 days

Jemima xe "KING:Jemima, Mrs.?" KING,  died January 7, 1897, age 84 years, 9 months, 1 day

Samuel xe "KING:Samuel" KING,  Co. G  9th West Virginia VOL.  Died Claryville, Maryland from wounds received in battle near Winchester, Virginia July 28, 1864, aged 25 years, 11 months, 21 days.
[Comment: was shot through the foot & big toe and died of gangrene]

Robert H. KING,  son of Edgar H. & J. xe "KING:Robert H." xe "KING:Edgar H." xe "KING:J., Mrs." KING, died June 25, 1870, age 26 years, 4 months, 12 days
[Comment: shot himself through the head]

Mary Ann, wife of E. xe "CHIDESTER:E. (m)" xe "CHIDESTER:Mary Ann, Mrs." CHIDESTER, died June 30, 1864, age 56 years

William W. xe "MILLER:William W." MILLER, died July 1, 1851, aged 39 years

Mary, wife of William W. xe "MILLER:Mary, Mrs." MILLER, died October 28, 1855, age 44 years

Eugene G., son of J. & C. xe "WALL:Eugene G." xe "WALL:J. (m)" xe "WALL:C., Mrs." WALL, died June 26, 1857, aged 41 years

Sarah Ann, wife of Thomas xe "ATKINSON:Thomas" xe "ATKINSON:Sarah Ann, Mrs." ATKINSON,  died July 1, 1860, age 47 years

Henry xe "ROWLEY:Henry" ROWLEY  June 7, 1809‑(no death date)

Amanda Wife of Henry xe "ROWLEY:Amanda, Mrs. (see Amanda BUFFINGTON)" ROWLEY  May 13, 1816‑November 5, 1878
[Comment: Was Amanda xe "BUFFINGTON:Amanda" BUFFINGTON, born on Buffington's Island in the middle of the Ohio River]

Joseph xe "HOLDREN:Joseph" HOLDREN,  died June __, 1840,  age 31

Peter xe "ATEN:Peter" ATEN  1819‑1891  Father

Mary H. xe "ATEN:Mary H., Mrs." ATEN  1827‑1901  Mother

William xe "ATEN:William" ATEN  1860‑1887  Son

John xe "KOUNS:John" KOUNS,  died February 22, 1872, aged 74 years

Mary, wife of John xe "KOUNS:Mary, Mrs." KOUNS  died September 5, 1849, aged 51 years

James R. xe "KOUNS:James R." KOUNS,  died July 18, 1869, aged 48 years, 5 months, 17 days

Michael xe "KOUNS:Michael" KOUNS,  born March 20, 1804; died May 11, 1881

Mary, wife of Michael xe "KOUNS:Mary, Mrs." KOUNS,  died October 26, 1889, aged 75 years, 15 days

Sarah A., wife of L. M. xe "KEENEY:L.M. (m)" xe "KEENEY:Sarah A., Mrs." KEENEY, died March 12, 1880 aged 47 years

Melissa xe "KOUNS:Melissa" KOUNS  1837‑1886

Sarah E. xe "KEENEY:Sarah E." KEENEY  1829‑1911

Margaret J. xe "KOUNS:Margaret J." KOUNS  1832‑1915

Henrietta, wife of Henry xe "SAYRE:Henry" xe "SAYRE:Henrietta, Mrs." SAYRE, died October 24, 1889, aged 61 years, 1 month, 9 days

Ann Eliza, wife of J. A. xe "PETTY:J.A. (m)" xe "PETTY:Ann Eliza, Mrs. (see Anna Eliza KOUNS)" PETTY, died June 5, 1873, aged 38 years, 6 months
[Comment: Daughter of John xe "KOUNS:Anna Eliza"xe "KOUNS:John"KOUNS]

Nancy xe "WILLIAMSON:Nancy, Mrs." WILLIAMSON  1826‑1905
[Comment: Widow of Wilkinson W. xe "WILLIAMSON:Wilkinson W." WILLIAMSON, second wife, no children.]

A. J. FLESHER born 2‑11‑1845; died September 12, 1882, aged 36 years
[Comment:  Maria L., wife of A. J. xe "FLESHER:A.J. (m)" xe "FLESHER:Maria L., Mrs." FLESHER  1850‑1926]

M. P. xe "COLEMAN:M.P." COLEMAN, died September 16, 1871, aged 55 years

G. W. xe "FLESHER:G.W. (m)" FLESHER,  Cpl. 4th West Virginia INF

Daniel xe "KEMP:Daniel" KEMP, born  January 18, 1801; died January 29, 1862

Lattia, wife of Daniel xe "KEMP:Lattia, Mrs." KEMP,  died May 11, 1878, aged 32 years
[Comment: George xe "FITZHUGH:George" xe "FITZHUGH:____, Mrs. (see ____ KEMP)" FITZHUGH married daughter of Daniel xe "KEMP:Daniel" KEMP and moved to Louisiana]

George, son of J. A. xe "WOOD:George" xe "WOOD:J.A. (m)" WOOD, died December 29, 1865, age 35
[Comment: Shot in a scouting trip near HAWK home, old Mr. xe "HAWK:____ (m)" HAWK, grandfather to xe "____:Jonah" Jonah, shot too.]

Amelia, wife of Nimrod xe "BOGGESS:Nimrod" xe "BOGGESS:Amelia, Mrs." BOGGESS, died November 8, 1847, age 73 years

Peter xe "LALLANCE:Peter" LALLANCE, died November 9, 1853, age 42 years, 10 months, 27 days

Elizabeth, wife of W. H. xe "ROBEY:W.H. (m)" xe "ROBEY:Elizabeth, Mrs." ROBEY, died July 2, 1872 in her 51st year.

P. G. xe "ANDERSON:P.G. (m)" ANDERSON,  died September 22, 1893 in his 71st year

Julia A., wife of P. G. xe "ANDERSON:Julia A., Mrs." ANDERSON  born April 17, 1826; died March 2, 1897

Isaac M. xe "FLESHER:Isaac M." FLESHER, born September 14, 1866, died October 18, 1901

W.B. xe "FLESHER:W.B. (m)" FLESHER, born September 9, 1822; died June 11, 1897

Eliza. wife of W. B. xe "FLESHER:Eliza, Mrs." FLESHER, died January 9, 1896, aged 72 years

William xe "PARK:William" PARK,  died September 19, 1864, age 56 years, 23 days

Andrew Jackson xe "PARK:Andrew Jackson" PARK,  April 7, 1840‑August 17, 1885

Annie xe "ATKINSON:Annie" ATKINSON xe "PARK:Annie, Mrs. (see Annie ATKINSON)" PARK,  October 20, 1843‑June 10, 1883

Robert xe "PARK:Robert" PARK, died January 1872 age 54 years

William K. xe "PARK:William K." PARK born July 1840; died May 1, 1865 ‑  Confederate Soldier

Hannah, wife of B. xe "FLEMING:B. (m)" xe "FLEMING:Hannah, Mrs. (see Hannah WARTH)" FLEMING, born November 21, 1812; died January 14, 1890
(Comment by Betty McIntyre: Hannah xe "WARTH:Hannah" WARTH)

Dr. John xe "ARMSTRONG:John, Dr." ARMSTRONG,  died January 22, 1871

Catherine xe "DEVINE:Catherine" DEVINE, wife of Dr. John xe "ARMSTRONG:Catherine, Mrs. (see Catherine DEVINE)" ARMSTRONG  born February 23, 1883

Mazilla, wife of Dr. John xe "ARMSTRONG:Mazilla, Mrs." ARMSTRONG, died May 29, 1858, aged 48 years

Betsy Fay xe "JOHNSON:Betsy Fay" JOHNSON  1813‑1896

Julia Ann xe "THORN:Julia Ann, Mrs. (see Julia Ann PARK)" xe "THORN:Zadock" THORN  1822 Married 1841 ‑ died 1845
[Comment: nee xe "PARK:Julia Ann" PARK, married Zadock THORN]

Bartholomew xe "FLEMING:Bartholomew" FLEMING, born April 21, 1804; died January 24, 1887

Elizabeth, wife of Badtholomew xe "FLEMING:Elizabeth, Mrs." FLEMING,  died August 2, 1833, age 27 years

[NOTE: This completes the old section of Ravenswood Cemtery from the Eunice PROCTOR PERKINS published readings, 1940.]