[The following data were published in "The Archer Quarterly" publication of The Archer Association, PO Box 6233, McLean, VA 22106, edited by George W. Archer, (Simon, Stephen, Stephen, Nathan, James I). The Archer Quarterly was published from the Fall of 1982 to the Summer of 1992. It is no longer published.

The editor's father, Simon Archer, was born in Sandyville, Jackson Co., WV 24 Aug 1884, son of Stephen Archer (Stephen, Nathan, James, Patrick) and Helen Josephine Butcher.

The material below was taken from disk files used to publish "The Archer Quarterly." The comments in parenthesis ( ), such as Editor's note, were in the original publication. The material in square brackets [GWA comment:] was added in June 2000 to update or clarify this material drawing on files I have developed since 1974 based on material submitted by Patrick's descendants, published and archival sources. Time did not permit recopying all the data from hard copy. Instead this material is submitted in hopes that Patrick's descendants will share information to supplement and correct what has been published here to support my on-going project to published "The Descendants of Patrick Archer." This is a multi-generational genealogy beginning with Patrick and following his descendants down to the present generation. Presently I have material on eleven generations. If you want more on anything you find her or on any descendant, including non-Archers,
George Archer,
c/o The Archer Association,
PO Box 6233,
McLean, VA 22106

or email me with your mailing address and a general outline of your descent from Patrick at:

General warning: All of my comments below are based on a 25-year accumulation of ARCHER surname data with an emphasis on the Patrick descendants of which I am one. Data is never complete. Conclusions based on incomplete data are never definitive; there is always room for error of interpretation and of fact (clerical errors, lies, poor memory).

Verify the data and conclusions below with your own research, using original, not published sources. Treat even primary sources with scepticism. Try to get three pieces of evidence for each fact you are trying to prove and compare them to ensure they are not all drawing on the same (flawed) sources. Good luck with your research. Sometimes that's what is needed.
George W. Archer,
former editor, "The Archer Quarterly."



To locate the beginning of a County Section, use a browser Find key and set it to search an exact word, then type the name of the county in upper case letters.

Each of the County Sections pertaining to one county contain information about Archers in other counties as noted below.

ATHENS (Includes Noble Co., OH Archers who moved here.)


FAIRFIELD (Includes Noble Co., OH Archers who moved here.)

GUERNSEY (Includes marriages, deeds, and probate of couples with Noble Co., OH and WV connections. Marriages 1897-1904 may be incomplete due to flawed index.)


HANCOCK (Includes information on Archers in Richland and Wood Cos, OH.)


LAWRENCE (Includes Noble Co. OH Archers who died here.)

Monroe - No Section - scattered references in other Sections

MORGAN (Includes information on Archers in Richland and Wood Cos, OH.)

Muskingum - No Section - scattered references in other Sections

NOBLE (Includes Noble Co. Archers who went to Cloud and Riley Cos, KS.

Includes Catholic Church Parish records from Belmont Co. that pertained to the Archers in Noble. Until the St. Mary's church in Fulda, OH, was built in 1853, there was no resident priest in Noble Co. Records were kept in the parishes whose priests served Noble Co.)

RICHLAND (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

WASHINGTON (Includes references to Noble Co., OH and Wood and Jackson Cos., WV.)
The Origin of the Name "Archer's Fork", Washington County, Ohio
Roll of Honor- War of 1861 to 1865
Marriage Records of Washington County Ohio 1789-1825
Washington Co., OH Marriage Record
Washington Co., OH Birth Records
Corrected Birth Application Records
Archer Probate Records from Washington Co., OH.
Probated and Intestate Estates

WOOD (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

FEDERAL RECORDS AND FACILITIES (Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, VA)




From: Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH Athens Mental Health Center Series. Series 2157 Grave Records, 1880-1976.

Simon ARCHER, grave #188, buried 22 Nov 1890.

McGee ARCHER, grave #457, buried 10 Dec 1908.

[GWA comment: The State Mental Institute at Athens, OH was where Archers from the southeast Ohio counties might be found. It was where those with any mental or even financial deficiencies were sent to relieve local charitable organizations of financial responsibility. This means that those who were quite sane but old or without means of support could have ended up here. The admission records for the institution used to be in the Ohio State Historical depository at the University of Ohio at Athens which was one of the regional records depository for the Ohio Historical Society, the official guardian of Ohio retired records.

I checked the University of Ohio's inventory in May 2000 and found that the Athens facility's admission records were no longer listed in their holdings. They may have been moved to another depository that took over after the University of Ohio stopped being a regional depository for Southeast Ohio county-level records.

The McGee Archer could very well be son of Francis Archer (James, Joseph, James, Patrick) and Sophia Archer (James, James, James, Patrick). McGee was born 5 Sep 1870 in Marion Twp, Noble Co., and there is no record that he married. Simon is not identifiable without seeing more of his burial record or tombstone.


"Marriage Records Athens Co., OH 1805-1866" by Marvin Fletcher & Beverly Schumacher- Athens Co. Historical Society, Athens, OH 1985

p. 13

Archer, Mathew and Atwood, Nancy I/J 29 Sep 1865, Vol 4, p. 377.

[GWA comment: Mathew Archer (Elisha, Joseph, James, Patrick)

"Marriage Records Athens Co., OH 1865-1880" by Marvin Fletcher & Beverly Schumacher- Athens Co. Historical Society, Athens, OH 1985

p. 9

Archer, Ada M. and Pearse, Danvers 3 Apr 1876 Vol 6, p. 179

Archer, Jacob and Dowler, Mary E. 20 Jul 1871 , Vol 5 , p. 273

[GWA comment: Rev. Jacob J. Archer (Elisha, Joseph, James, Patrick)




"History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio," Historical Publ. Co, Wheeling, WV, 1880, Belmont Co.

John Preble and Susan Archer, by David Ruble, J. P, Dec 3, 1804

(p. 171) [see below]

Bounty for scalps (p. 174)

-Jacob Archer for one wolf scalp, killed January 1803, $3.00

-James Archer, $1.00 wolf six months old November 3, 1805

[GWA comment: These are probably Jacob and James, sons of Patrick, but possibly James (James, Patrick).]

"Belmont County, Ohio Before 1830" by Fedorchak, Catharine F. and Irene M. Ochsenbein Comp. 647 Moraine Rd, Chester, IN 46304 and 14 Elm St, Brookside; Bridegport, OH 43912.

Belmont Co, Oh Marriages Book A, p. 8

John Preple to Susan Archer Dec. 3, 1804

[GWA comment: Susan Archer is asserted to be the daughter of James (of Patrick) in the "History of Noble Co., Ohio," L.H. Watkins & Co., 1887, Chicago, p, 443 that again calls the groom "John Tribble." I have personally seen the original and it is as Fedorchak transcribed it. After the marriage, this couple drops out of sight completely, and there is no additional information available to support Susan's ancestry. Even Martin B. Archer's book, "The Genealogical History of the Archer Family" F.J. Heer Co., Columbus, 1919, pp. 8-10 does not mention her as a daughter of James'. ]

Belmont Co, Oh Marriages Book B, p. 48

John Archer to Nancy Garven- May 7, 1812

[GWA comment: Not Patrick's line. John Archer b. 22 Jan 1789, New Jersey. The family was devout Disciples of Christ and had a very active church in Bellaire. John died in Bellair, OH 29 Nov 1847 and is buried in the Greenwood Cem, in Belmont Co. This line in Belmont Co., should not be confused with Patrick's line. I'm including it here just to give warning against striking out on false leads because these Archer's were somewhat near to Patrick's kin.]



Fairfield Co. "Cemeteries of Berne Township,' publ by Fairfield Co, Chapt of OGS, 1983

p. 274

St. Mary Cemetery - Gate of Heaven- Row 4 -

Archer, Monica 1877-1968

William C. 1876-1950

Carolyn 1903-1912

[GWA comment: William C. Archer (Belcarus, Simon, Nathan, James, Patrick) md. Monica Collins. He was a native of Noble Co., OH.]









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