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*Cemetery No. 11 ‑ Curry Cemetery  (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Sandyville go east on WV Rt. 13 4.5 miles. Cemetery is on the left. Just off intersection of Big Lick Run and Rt. 13

Condition: Fenced but broken wiring; one broken stone and one stone overturned.

(2)  M. xe "CURRY:M." CURRY, died September 20, 1880, age 15 years
Lucy xe "CURRY:Lucy" CURRY, died May 10, 1887, age 36 years.

(data from Evelyn xe "DAWKINS:Evelyn" DAWKINS xe "SALLIE:Evelyn, Mrs. (see Evelyn DAWKINS)" SALLIE, daughter of Lawrence David xe "DAWKINS:Lawrence David" DAWKINS, Sandyville, WV 304‑273‑2963 (1977) )

Ottie RHODES (no marker)










*Cemetery No. 12 ‑ Dawkins Cemetery (Ravenswood Dist.)

Owned by Lawrence David xe "DAWKINS:Lawrence David" DAWKINS, Sandyville, WV; Tel. 304‑273‑2963

Family Records owned by Mrs. Evelyn xe "DAWKINS:Evelyn" DAWKINS xe "SALLIE:Evelyn, Mrs. (see Evelyn DAWKINS)" SALLIE, daughter of Lawrence  xe "DAWKINS:Lawrence" DAWKINS.

Location: From Sandyville go east on WV Rt. 13 3.4 miles. Cemetery is on a hill to the left.

Children of Aurelius Dandy xe "DAWKINS:Martha J., Mrs. (see Martha J. LATTIMER)" xe "DAWKINS:Aurelius Dandy" DAWKINS and Martha J. xe "LATTIMER:Martha J." LATTIMER:

George J. xe "DAWKINS:George J." DAWKINS, born April 27, 1881 ‑ died October 23, 1885

Francis Hervey xe "DAWKINS:Francis Hervey" DAWKINS born January 8, 1883; died (?)

Jack xe "DAWKINS:Jack" DAWKINS is an uncle of Lawrence

Jack Van Dorn xe "DAWKINS:Jack Van Dorn" xe "DAWKINS:Leslie, Mrs. (see Leslie TROTTER)" DAWKINS and Leslie xe "TROTTER:Leslie (f)" TROTTER had still born child.

Martha J. xe "BARNETT:Martha J." BARNETT and John xe "KNOTTS:Martha J., Mrs. (see Martha J. BARNETT)" xe "KNOTTS:John" KNOTTS had 2 children who died of Diptheria











*Cemetery No. 13 ‑  Independence Cemetery (aka McGee's Chapel) (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Sandyville go south on US 21 .8 miles to Co. Rt. 56/1, turn left (north) and go 1.1 miles to 33/12, turn right and go .6 miles. Cemetery is on the left.

Condition: The cemetery is well manicured, layed out in distinct rows, and family plots are bordered by concrete columns, recessed in the ground.

(2)  Elizabeth SAYRE born September 21, 1831, died  February 24, 1904  Mother
Squire xe "SAYRE:Squire" xe "SAYRE:Elizabeth, Mrs." SAYRE died June 18, 1904 aged 77 years, 9 months, 7 days  Father

(Two stones in next plot can not be read)

E. A. xe "WILCOX:E.A., Mrs." WILCOX  1823‑1906  Mother

(Unreadable) xe "WILCOX:____ (m)" WILCOX born 1824‑1897  Father

MURREY (plot)
John M. MURREY,  son of George W. & Frances MURREY 1872‑1883

(2)  George W. MURREY  1838‑1910
Frances MURREY  1837‑1926

Juno Etta, daughter of George W. & Frances MURREY  April 16, 1878 ‑ December 22, 1951

Daughter of Grant and K. A.xe "MURREY:____ (f)" xe "MURREY:Grant" xe "MURREY:K.A., Mrs." MURREY  1897‑1898

Sarah A. Wife of N. xe "SKINNER:N." xe "SKINNER:Sarah A., Mrs." SKINNER, died March 31, 1896, age 61 or 81 years, 6 months 2 days

Normaethiel, daughter of Charles E. &  M. E. xe "CRUM:Normaethiel (f)" xe "CRUM:Charles" xe "CRUM:M.E., Mrs." CRUM, born March 6, 1885, died March 8, 1885

William xe "DeVORE:William" DeVORE  1852‑1928

(3)  Adam N. xe "DeVORE:Adam N." DeVORE  1852‑1936
Emma T.xe "DeVORE:Emma T., Mrs.?" DeVORE  1857‑1882
Samuel xe "DeVORE:Samuel" DeVORE 1876‑1881  Son

(2)  Oliver E.xe "ATKINS:Oliver E." ATKINS  1857‑1886
Mary O. xe "ATKINS:Mary O., Mrs.?" ATKINS  1856‑1924

(2)  William J. xe "ATKINS:William J." ATKINS January 20, 1830‑March 11, 1894
Mary A.xe "PETERSON:Mary A." PETERSONxe "ATKINS:Mary A., Mrs. (see Mary A. PETERSON)" ATKINS  September 15, 1833‑March 22, 1920

Amos xe "MATHENY:Amos" MATHENY  1852‑1927

Ellen xe "MATHENY:Ellen, Mrs.?" MATHENY  1849‑1931

(fallen stone)

Sadie H. BURDETTE, wife of E. D. xe "BURDETTE:E.D." xe "BURDETTE:Sarah H., Mrs." BURDETTE died February 21, 1888 age 45 (65 or 85 years?), 4 months, 2 days

(2)  Adelia,  wife of R. xe "BONTEMPT:Adelia, Mrs." xe "BONTEMPT:R. (see Rene BONTEMPT)" BONTEMPT, died October 24, 1890, aged 61 years
Rene xe "BONTEMPT:Rene" BONTEMPT, born January 6, 1826-(no death date)

(the above was in a plot with two other stones, as follows):
>George C. xe "LAWSON:George C." LAWSON December 25, 1880 ‑ July 2, 1885
(2)  Timoleon xe "LAWSON:Timoleon" LAWSON  1846‑1925
Mary M. xe "LAWSON:Mary M., Mrs.?" LAWSON  1850‑1938

Michael xe "DOLAN:Michael" DOLAN (unreadable word) of Cain (unreadable middle initial)

L(O?... Adeland Ireland (unclear if these words are names or locations), died March 9, 1875, age 65 years

(left to right)
(4)  Sylvester B.xe "CUSTER:Sylvester" CUSTER  1854‑1893
Laura V. xe "CUSTER:Laura V., Mrs.?" CUSTER  1852‑1900
Beulah xe "CUSTER:Beulah, Mrs.?" CUSTER  1888‑1904
Victor xe "CUSTER:Victor" CUSTER  1882  Infant

(behind and outside of the CUSTER plot, in row are DAWKINS, PARSONS, BOARD)

PARSONS and BOARD (plot)
Susan T. xe "DAWKINS:Susan T." DAWKINS, wife of William A. xe "PARSONS:Susan T., Mrs. (see Susan T. DAWKINS)" PARSONS 1853‑1875  Mother
Mary xe "PARSONS:Mary" PARSONS xe "BOARD:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary PARSONS)" BOARD  1872‑1962

Jason Webster xe "BOARD:Jason Webster" BOARD  1873‑1964

William Asbury xe "BOARD:William Asbury" BOARD  1848‑1933

Circuit Judge  1904‑1912

John Asbury xe "PARSONS:John Asbury" PARSONS  1907‑1931

Alice xe "YOUNG:Alice" YOUNG xe "PARSONS:Alice, Mrs. (see Alice YOUNG)" PARSONS  1875‑1930

(2)  J. T. xe "CRUM:J.T." CRUM,  died March 25, 1898, age 68 years, 5 months, 18 days
Mary B. xe "CRUM:Mary B., Mrs." CRUM, wife of J. T. CRUM, died July 11, 1898, age 61 years, 3 months, 21 days

(broken stone)

(foot stone): DFS

(THOMPSON plot ‑  left to right)
J. W. xe "PARSONS:J.W." PARSONS,  died March 3, 1900. aged 23 years

Harrison M., son of  R. L. & L. S. xe "THOMPSON:R.L." xe "THOMPSON:Harrison M." xe "THOMPSON:L.S., Mrs." THOMPSON, died January 13, 1898, age 2 years, 10 days

(2)  Adeline, wife of Isaac xe "THOMPSON:Isaac" xe "THOMPSON:Adeline" THOMPSON,  died June 19, 1895, age 67 years
Isaac THOMPSON, died April 14, 1892, aged 71 years, 3 months, 1 day

HOWES (plot ‑ 5 stones left to right)
Lettitia, wife of Joseph L. xe "HOWES:Lettitia, Mrs." xe "HOWES:Joseph L." HOWES  1826‑1876

Infant daughter of C. B. & C. xe "HOWES:C.A." A. xe "HOWES:____ (f)" HOWES  1878

Celina A. xe "HAYNES:Celina A." HAYNES, wife of C. B. xe "HOWES:Celina A., Mrs. (see Celina A. HAYNES)" xe "HOWES:C.B." HOWES 1858‑1905

C. B. HOWES  1855‑1926

Bird L., daughter of C. B. & C. A. xe "HOWES:Bird L. (f)" HOWES  1881‑1924

(2)  Roscoe D. xe "CASTO:Roscoe D." CASTO,  born June 26, 1885; died December 31, 1895
Francis (sic) P., wife of A. H. xe "CASTO:A.H." xe "CASTO:Frances P., Mrs."CASTO, born February 20, 1851; died August 9, 1891

Lucy, wife of George xe "KENDALL:Lucy, Mrs." xe "KENDALL:George" KENDALL died April 4, 1877, age 38 years, 6 months, 26 days

BURKE (plot)
Charles B. xe "BURKE:Charles B." BURKE  February 3, 1866‑December 18, 1922

(3)  James L. xe "BURKE:James L." BURKE  November 19, 1859 ‑ October 16, 1922
Elma C. xe "BURKE:Elma C., Mrs." BURKE  November 25, 1864 ‑ June 24, 1888  Wife
Missouri L. xe "BURKE:Missouri L., Mrs." BURKE  September 26, 1860 ‑ (no death date)  Wife

A. B. xe "BURKE:A.B." BURKE  December 26, 1835 ‑ November 11, 1895

  (Masonic symbol at top of stone)
Georgia VANNOY, daughter of H. & A. J. xe "VANNOY:S.H."xe "VANNOY:S."xe "VANNOY:A.J., Mrs." VANNOY, died May 16, 1896, age 2 years, 7 months

Homer VANNOY,  son of S. H. &  A. J. xe "VANNOY:Homer" VANNOY, died February 21, 1896, aged 5 years, 14 days

Obissie? C.? or G.?,  son of J. M. & G. A. xe "CAMPBELL:Obissie C. (m)" xe "CAMPBELL:J.M." xe "CAMPBELL:G.A., Mrs." CAMPBELL, born Ja... or Ju.. 2(_), (year unreadable); died January 12, 1889

Alice DRAGOO  1879‑1896

(2)  Eva xe "DRAGOO:Eva" DRAGOO  1894‑1896
Nathan Aruhl xe "DRAGOO:Nathan Aruhl" DRAGOO  Company C, 186 Ohio Infantry

(4)  Joseph xe "GORRELL:Joseph" GORRELL  1825‑1899
Mary  xe "GORRELL:Mary, Mrs.?" GORRELL  1831‑1899
Allie xe "GORRELL:Allie" GORRELL   1868‑1900
Lee xe "GORRELL:Lee" GORRELL  1893‑1900
(same plot unreadable and next to it)

Maude xe "CAMPBELL:Maude" CAMPBELL, died October 3, 1876, aged 2 years

CROW (plot)
(2)  Michael xe "CROW:Michael" CROW,  died November 19, 1884, aged 55 years, 1 month, 15 days
Emily C., wife of Michael xe "CROW:Emily C., Mrs." CROW, died December 15, 1884, aged 52 years, 9 months, 23 days

Oscar E. xe "CROW:Oscar E." CROW  1884‑1934

broken stone ‑ completely buried

(2)  Lisha xe "KERNS:Lisha" KERNS  July 29, 1841 ‑ September 6, 1900
Margaret A. xe "KERNS:Margaret, Mrs.?" KERNS  May 5, 1853 ‑ January 2, 1891

Sarah E. xe "ANDERSON:Sarah E., Mrs." ANDERSON  October 5, 1873 ‑ January 3, 1959  Wife

(4)  I. P. xe "ANDERSON:I.P." ANDERSON, born July 25, 1854; died February 13, 1931  Father
Georgia A., wife of I. P. xe "ANDERSON:Georgia A., Mrs." ANDERSON, born January 26, 1856; died September 13, 1890  Mother
Holly S., son of I. P. & G. A. xe "ANDERSON:Holly S. (m)" ANDERSON, born September 25, 1878; died January 2, 1880 ‑ Son
Delia C. or G., daughter of I. P. & G. A. xe "ANDERSON:G.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Georgia A. ANDERSON)" xe "ANDERSON:Delia C."xe "ANDERSON:Delia G." ANDERSON, born December 9, 1875; died June 7, 1877 ‑  Daughter

PICKENS (plot)
Davis xe "PICKENS:Davis" PICKENS  1848‑1929

Lucy xe "PICKENS:Lucy, Mrs.?" PICKENS  1850‑1951

Charley E., son of B. F. & M. J. JOHNSON, died March 19, 18_(3?), aged 1 year, 11 months, 5 days

_eant, daughter of B.F. or R.F. & M. J. xe "JOHNSON:B.F. (see Benjamin F. JOHNSON)" xe "JOHNSON:M.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary J. JOHNSON)" JOHNSON, xe "JOHNSON:_eant (f)" born/died October 6, 1821 or 1871

(2)  Benjamin F. xe "JOHNSON:Benjamin F." JOHNSON  January 18, 1838 ‑ April 22, 1906  Father
Mary J. xe "JOHNSON:Mary J., Mrs." JOHNSON  November 27, 1839 ‑ October 1, 1906  Mother

Ezra xe "JOHNSON:Ezra" JOHNSON,  died August 3, 1889, age 83 years, 10 months, 17 days

Catherine, wife of Ezra xe "JOHNSON:Catherine, Mrs." JOHNSON, died May 25, 1879 age 68 years, 9 months, 5 days

William L. xe "MORRISON:William L." MORRISON   1844‑1893  "Our Father"

(2)  Charley E. xe "KALT:Charley E." KALT  1826‑1881
Maria K.  xe "KALT:Maria K., Mrs." KALT  1829‑1903  Wife

Maude E., daughter of  J. A. & J. F. xe "REDDING:Maude E." xe "REDDING:J.A." xe "REDDING:J.F., Mrs" REDDING, died September 8, 1880, aged 10 years, 8 months

xe "____:Lydia E." Lydia E.    _____ of A. (_) ________ died ??(79?),  aged 29 years, ___ 8 days

STANLEY (plot)
(2)  William A. xe "STANLEY:William A." STANLEY  1851‑1926  (Odd Fellow symbol above his name)
Mary A. xe "STANLEY:Mary A., Mrs.?" STANLEY  1857‑1931

Nellie F., xe "STANLEY:Nellie F." xe "STANLEY:W.A. (see William A. STANLEY)" xe "STANLEY:M.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary A. STANLEY)"STANLEY, daughter of  W. A. & M. A.  June 5, 1886‑November 23, 1904

Freddie S., son of W. A. & M. A. xe "STANLEY:Freddie S." STANLEY D(ecember?) 8, 1899‑ December 30, 1899

(2)  Charley,  son of  W. A. & M. A. xe "STANLEY:Charley"STANLEY, died November 29, 1892, aged 2 years, 6 months, 21 days
Infant STANLEY,  daughter of W. A. & M. A. xe "STANLEY:____ (f)"STANLEY, died May 15, or 18, 1885 or 1895, age 4 years?

Harry, son of W. A. and M. A. xe "STANLEY:Harry" STANLEY,  died October 9, 1882, aged 1 day

(2)  George W. xe "CURREY:George W." CURREY  December 30, 1841 ‑ October 30, 1934
Lucinda xe "CURREY:Lucinda, Mrs.?" CURREY  June 19, 1845 ‑ March 5, 1929

In Memory of Mary E. xe "FABRY:Mary E." FABRY 1871‑1954

(2)  John  W. xe "MORGAN:John W." MORGAN  1877‑1961  Father
Clara M. xe "MORGAN:Clara M., Mrs." MORGAN  1884‑1973  Mother

(3)  Charles E. xe "MORGAN:Charles E." MORGAN  1832‑1888  Father
Rebecca A. xe "MORGAN:Rebecca A., Mrs." MORGAN  1839‑1921  Mother
Virginia C. xe "MORGAN:Virginia C." MORGAN  1863‑1874  Daughter

Willie M., son of J. H. & Lottie xe "BROWN:Willie M."xe "BROWN:J.H." xe "BROWN:Lottie, Mrs." BROWN, died April 5, 1882, aged 15 months, 13 days

Florence,  daughter of Alex and M. A. xe "MC CAULEY:Florence" xe "MC CAULEY:Alex" xe "MC CAULEY:M.A., Mrs." MC CAULEY May 6, 1885 ‑ May 7, 1889

Hattie L., daughter of E. M. xe "CAMPBELL:Hattie L." xe "CAMPBELL:E.M." CAMPBELL, died August 2(_), 1898), age 6 months, 23 days

(2)  George W. xe "HAYNES:George W." HAYNES  1855‑1935
Elizabeth xe "HAYNES:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" HAYNES  1863‑1943

(3)  John L. xe "HAYNES:John L. (see also John I. HAYNES)" HAYNES,  died July 13, 1895, aged 75 years, 4 days
James C. xe "HAYNES:James C." HAYNES, died October 16, 1875, aged 21 years, 11 months and 15 days
Mary J., wife of John I. xe "HAYNES:John I. (see also John L. HAYNES)" xe "HAYNES:Mary J., Mrs." HAYNES, died July 5, 1875, aged 46 years, 7 months, 28 days

Oscar S. xe "MOREHEAD:Oscar S." MOREHEAD,  W. Va. Pvt, Company C., 22 Infantry ugust 25, 1880‑ December 6, 1958

Ira Atwood xe "MOREHEAD:Ira Atwood" MOREHEAD  1872‑1918

A. H. xe "MOREHEAD:A.H." MOREHEAD,  born October 10, 1830; died August 17, 1890

Otho Minter xe "MOREHEAD:Otho Minter (m)" MOREHEAD  1876‑1926,  Pvt, 10th Infantry; died at Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Kanzadi xe "MOREHEAD:Kanzadi" MOREHEAD  1835‑1926

Tacy, wife of Armistead xe "MOREHEAD:Armistead" xe "MOREHEAD:Tacy, Mrs." MOREHEAD; died March 24, 1872, aged 73 years, 9 months, 4 days

Armistead MOREHEAD,  died October 17, 1878, age 85 years, 3 days

Huey WILKINSON,  son of R. H. & F. A. xe "WILKINSON:Huey" WILKINSON, born (month unreadable) 9, 1892, died November 19, 1898

(2)  J. H. xe "THORN:J.H." THORN  1825‑1899
Elizabeth xe "THORN:Elizabeth, Mrs." THORN  1827‑1919  Wife

(2)  Everett W. xe "CUSTER:Everett W." CUSTER  1884‑1951
Biddie Gayxe "CUSTER:Biddie Gay, Mrs.?" CUSTER  1888‑1936

(2)  T. Arthur xe "WILCOX:T. Arthur" WILCOX  1862‑1949
Mary I. xe "WILCOX:Mary I., Mrs.?" WILCOX  1862‑1907

(marker ‑ no headstone

Herbert N. xe "WILCOX:Herbert N." WILCOX  1894‑1964

HITE (plot ‑ 3 stones)
Mary M. HITE,  wife of I. H. xe "HITE:Mary M., Mrs." xe "HITE:I.H." HITE,  June 19, 1838 ‑ April 3, 1917

Rufus L. xe "HITE:Rufus L." HITE  1846‑1917

Mary J. xe "WASKEY:Mary J." WASKEY,  died October 26, 1898, age 79 years, 9 months, 15 days

WILCOX (plot ‑ three stones)
Charles S. xe "WILCOX:Charles S." WILCOX  1847‑1921

Susannah J. xe "WILCOX:Susannah J., Mrs." WILCOX  1847‑1921

E..t/i,  daughter of C. S. & S. J. xe "WILCOX:E.... (f)" xe "WILCOX:C.S. (see Charles S. WILCOX)" xe "WILCOX:S.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Susannah J. WILCOX)" WILCOX, died (June?) 6, 1881 or 1891, age 1? year, 7 months, 6 days

xe "BAKER:____" BAKER  (headstone ‑ no dates)

DUER (plot ‑ left to right)
(2)  George A. xe "DUER:George A."DUER  May 28, 1821 ‑ September 17, 1884
Mary G. xe "DUER:Mary G.,. Mrs.?" DUER  August 10, 1820 ‑ July 11, 1874

Margaret xe "DUER:Margaret" DUER  April 10, 1853 ‑ February 18, 1925

Ermina xe "DUER:Ermina" DUER xe "CRUM:Ermina, Mrs. (see Ermina DUER)" CRUM  October 20, 1851 ‑ October 31, 1932

William E., son of G. E. & R. O. xe "DUER:William E." xe "DUER:G.E." xe "DUER:R.O., Mrs." DUER  1881‑1882

John A., son of Solomon and Elizabeth xe "POWELL:John A." xe "POWELL:Solomon" xe "POWELL:Elizabeth" POWELL, died August 19, 1879, age 23 years, 4 months, 12 days

broken stone ‑ unreadable  _____ M. xe "POWELL:____ M." POWELL

BLAKE (plot)
4)  James F. xe "BLAKE:James F." BLAKE  1865 ‑ 1943  Father
Mollie A. xe "BLAKE:Mollie A., Mrs." BLAKE  1870‑1944  Mother
William Lester xe "BLAKE:William Lester" BLAKE  1898‑1955  Son
Charles xe "BLAKE:Charles" BLAKE  1895‑1897  Son

Elsie R., daughter of H. H. & M. E. xe "MOREHEAD:Elsie R." xe "MOREHEAD:H.H." xe "MOREHEAD:M.E., Mrs." MOREHEAD, born January 28, 1900; died November 10, 1900, age 9 months, 13 days

(3)  Grant xe "PALMER:Grant" PALMER  1873‑1959
Ida M. xe "PALMER:Ida M., Mrs.?" PALMER  1878‑1968
Flossie xe "PALMER:Flossie" PALMER  1913‑1973

Virginia xe "ROWLEY:Virginia" ROWLEY  no dates

(2)  Alonzo F. xe "BLAKE:Alonzo F." BLAKE  1858‑1901
xe "BLAKE:Cordelia, Mrs.?" BLAKE  1869‑1938

Carrie E. xe "BLAKE:Carrie E." BLAKE  August 2, 1890 ‑ July 20, 1965

(2)  Charley B. xe "BURDETTE:Charley B." BURDETTE  1868‑1956
Alma xe "BURDETTE:Alma, Mrs.?" BURDETTE  1868‑1938

Eddie P., wife of E. J. xe "ANDERSON:Eddie P., Mrs." xe "ANDERSON:E.J." ANDERSON, born May 6, 1889, Died July 20, 1890
[sic‑ either the dates are wrong or she is not the wife of E.J. Anderson]

James P. xe "PEDEN:James P." PEDEN 1885

Mary E. xe "PEDEN:Mary E., Mrs.?" PEDEN  1881

Edwin Boyd xe "PEDEN:Edwin Boyd" PEDEN 1893

W. _.  xe "ROGERS:W." ROGERS  Company I, 77th Ohio Infantry

Frank KING, son of D. & M. R. xe "KING:Frank" xe "KING:D." xe "KING:M.R., Mrs." KING, died __ 27, 1871, aged __ years

(Two full length stones flush to the ground)

Ziba xe "WEAS:Ziba (m)" WEAS,  died December 19, 1895, age 78 years, 29 days

Phebe O. xe "WEAS:Phebe E., Mrs." WEAS, wife of Ziba WEAS,  died January 4, 1865, aged 47 years

William A. xe "BARNHART:William A." BARNHART,  born October 17, 1856; died December 28, 1891, age 35 years, 2 months, 11 days

Lydia, wife of  J. S. xe "HARVEY:Lydia, Mrs." xe "HARVEY:J.S." HARVEY, July 11, 1847 ‑ March 31, 1891

Sarah V., daughter of J. H. xe "HANNAH:J.H." xe "HANNAH:Sarah V." HANNAH, died November 22, 1899?, aged 5 months, 11 months, 7 days

[NOTE: The data was scrambled on the audio tape; the names are correct, but dates may or may not be correct as birth or death dates.]

(2)  Sarah L., wife of J. W. xe "HARVEY:J.W." xe "HARVEY:Sarah L., Mrs." HARVEY  6‑1903
H. S. xe "HARVEY:H.S." HARVEY  1900‑1901
B. xe "HARVEY:H." HARVEY 1889

(all the following 3 seemed to be the same family)
R. C.,  son of J. H  & M. F. _____ Died  __ 14, 18_0, age __ 4 days
J. D.,  son of E. W. & S. R. W ____ died ______ age 1 year, __, __
E. W.,  son of J. W. & S. C. or O.xe "POWERS:R.C." xe "POWERS:J.D." xe "POWERS:E.D." xe "POWERS:J.H." xe "POWERS:J.W." xe "POWERS:E.W." xe "POWERS:M.F., Mrs." xe "POWERS:S.R., Mrs." xe "POWERS:S.C., Mrs." xe "POWERS:O., Mrs." POWERS,  died ?

Margret xe "HARTSHORN:Margaret" HARTSHORN,  died December 27, 1875, age 8 years, 7 days

Jane xe "POWERS:Jane" POWERS,  died March 11, 1875 age 60 years, 8 months?, 8 days

M. J., wife of J. J. xe "HIGGINS:J.J." xe "HIGGINS:M.J., Mrs." HIGGINS

Margaret L., daughter of J. B. & H. E. xe "BROWN:Margaret" xe "BROWN:J.B." xe "BROWN:H.E., Mrs." BROWN, born June 11, 1876; died November 18, 1882

(part of this stone is buried)
Jacob B., son of  J. B. & H. E. BROWN, born March 15, 1879; died November 20, 1882 

(2)  Sarah A. xe "RANIER:Sarah A., Mrs.?" RANIER  1827‑1872
Anson W. xe "RANIER:Anson W." RANIER  1853‑18...._  (tape skipped)

(2)  Erma xe "BONTO:Erma" BONTO,  born May 10, 1824; died October 10, 1899
Henry xe "BONTO:Henry" BONTO,  born July 4, 1899-(no death date)

Nevada S. xe "CARIENS:Nevada S." CARIENS  1870‑1940

Lucy A. xe "STANSBURY:Lucy A." STANSBURY  1867‑1899

Don E. xe "STANSBURY:Don E." STANSBURY  1896‑1916

Philip J. xe "STANSBURY:Philip J." STANSBURY  1898‑1918

(2) Florence A. xe "WHITECOTTON:Florence A., Mrs.?" WHITECOTTON  June 2, 1895 ‑ December 3, 1920
Lawrence G. xe "WHITECOTTON:Lawrence G." WHITECOTTON  December 11, 1895 ‑ (no death date)

(2)  Samuel T. xe "ATKINS:Samuel T." ATKINS  1865 ‑ 1903 
Luise V. xe "ATKINS:Luise V., Mrs.?" ATKINS  1874 ‑ 1951

A. E., wife of  B. F. xe "BURCH:B.F." xe "BURCH:A.E., Mrs.?" BURCH,  born June 6, 1868; died August 15, 1900

(2)  Solomon xe "HAWK:Solomon (see S.F. HAWK)" HAWK  Company B. 2nd Reg. W. VA. Cav. 1861‑1864
Harriet xe "HAWK:Harriet, Mrs. (see Mrs. Hariett H. HAWK)" HAWK  1849 ‑ 1908

Robert, son of  S. F. & H. HAWK  1884 ‑ 1904

Lucy, daughter of  S. F. & H. xe "HAWK:S.F. (see Solomon HAWK)" xe "HAWK:H., Mrs. (see Mrs. Harriet HAWK)" HAWK  1879‑1902

(2)   S. F. "Frank" xe "ROGERS:S.F. (see Frank ROGERS)" xe "ROGERS:Frank (see S.F. RODGERS)" ROGERS  1876 ‑ 1960
Anna J. xe "ROGERS:Anna J., Mrs.?" ROGERS  1881 ‑ 1967

H. Glenn xe "BLAKE:H. Glenn" BLAKE  February 9, 1901 ‑ March 15, 1960  265 MP CO. 150 INF. WWI

Nellie E. October 17, 1901 ‑ (no death date),  wife of H. Glenn xe "BLAKE:Nellie E., Mrs." BLAKE

(2)  Elmer xe "CURRY:Elmer" CURRY  1876‑1953
Emma xe "CURRY:Emma, Mrs.?" CURRY  1877‑1958

Leslie A. xe "BARNETTE:Leslie A." BARNETTE  April 24, 1958 ‑ May 6, 1958

(2)  Samuel J. xe "WAGGONER:Samuel J." WAGGONER  February 5, 1880 ‑ (no death date)
Bessie xe "LEE:Bessie" LEE xe "WAGGONER:Bessie, Mrs. (see Bessie LEE)" WAGGONER  April 10, 1883 ‑ November 29, 1970

Andrew Jackson xe "WAGGONER:Andrew Jackson" WAGGONER 1859‑1901

(2)  Albert xe "MURRAY:Albert" MURRAY June 17, 1870 ‑ March 10, 1969
Elizabeth H. xe "MURRAY:Elizabeth H., Mrs.?" MURRAY  _______ 18, 1872 ‑ March 14, 1955 

(2)  Dan T. xe "MURRAY:Dan T." MURRAY  1876‑1956
Addie A. xe "MURRAY:Addie A., Mrs.?" MURRAY  1887‑1966

(2)  John xe "KESTER:John" KESTER, born May 15, 1819; died May 16, 1908, age 89 years
______ E., wife of John xe "KESTER:____ E., Mrs." KESTER born August 19, 1835; died May 21, 1900

John W., son of J. P. and  R. A. xe "ROMINE:John W." xe "ROMINE:J.P." xe "ROMINE:R.A., Mrs." ROMINE, born September 12, 1880; died  July 31, 1899

(2)  Nancy xe "ABELS:Nancy, Mrs." ABELS,  died June 14, 1894, aged 64 years  Mother
W. G. xe "ABELS:W.G." ABELS,  died November 1, 1907, age 81 years  Father

Julia M.?,  daughter of W. & N. xe "ABELS:W. (see William ABLES)" xe "ABELS:N., Mrs. (see Mrs. Nancy ABLES)" ABELS,  ..... 1?, ....... age 20 years, 9 months and 3 days 

Jackson Co., WV Death Records:

Julia A. xe "ABLES:Julia A." ABLES died Aug 13, 1871, age 20 years, 8 months, daughter of William  & Nancy xe "ABLES:William G." xe "ABLES:Nancy, Mrs." ABLES

James J., son of  W. G. & N. xe "ABELS:W.G. (see William G. ABLES)" ABELS, died June 23, 1873 age 20 years, 8 months, 14 days

broken stone ‑ reset stone

xe "____:Rhoda" Rhoda, daughter (unreadable)

James K. xe "SIMPSON:James K." SIMPSON,  died May 2, 1882, age 53 years, 2 or 7 months, 25 days

xe "____:R.C." R. C., son of M. I. & H.  ?

(The letters are written backward, very hard to read.)
N O  C; 
(last two lines - unreadable)

Hicks xe "THOMPSON:Hicks" THOMPSON  November 20, 1900 ‑ May 22, 1970

Clifford xe "ANDERSON:Clifford" ANDERSON  1911‑1969

marker unreadable

Sis xe "SELLERS:Sis (f?)" SELLERS  no dates

(2)  Edmond S. xe "EMERICK:Edmond S." EMERICK,  born October 3, 1834; died May 7, 1908
Bertha D. xe "EMERICK:Bertha D., Mrs.?" EMERICK,  born November 17, 1848, (no death date)

Sarah A. xe "ABELS:Sarah A." ABELS,  born May 10, 1806; died June 2, 1873

Broken stone next to Sarah's ‑ with no name on it.

(2)  Raymond H. xe "FINCH:Raymond H." FINCH  April 1, 1890 ‑ December 5, 1975
Martha Ann xe "WILSON:Martha Ann" WILSON xe "FINCH:Martha Ann, Mrs. (see Martha Ann WILSON)" FINCH  August 29, 1895 ‑ January 5, 1972

(2)  Henry H. xe "FINCH:Henry H." FINCH  1864‑1949
Sarah C. xe "FINCH:Sarah C., Mrs.?" FINCH  1865 ‑ 1959

Flora B.,  wife of A. C. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Flora B., Mrs." xe "CUNNINGHAM:A.C." CUNNINGHAM, born November 16, 1869; died December 24, 1902

Sarah Fay xe "CUNNINGHAM:Sarah Fay" CUNNINGHAM  September 15, 1890 ‑ January 20, 1929

(2)  Thomas J. xe "FINCH:Thomas J." FINCH  August 9, 1859 ‑ December 25, 1918  Father
Rebecca A. xe "FINCH:Rebecca A., Mrs." FINCH  April 20, 1861 ‑ February 25, 1909  Mother

(2)  Lu W. xe "SMITH:Lu S. (m)" SMITH  1863‑1935
Anna L. xe "SMITH:Anna L., Mrs.?" SMITH  1867‑(no death date)

Calena S., daughter of H. E. & Lillie xe "WAGGONER:Calena S. (f)" xe "WAGGONER:H.E. (see Hiram Elmer WAGGONER)" xe "WAGGONER:Lillie, Mrs." WAGGONER  April 25, 1909 ‑ September 1, 1924

Hiram Elmer xe "WAGGONER:Hiram Elmer" WAGGONER  1876 ‑ 1967

Lillie M. xe "WAGGONER:Lillie M., Mrs." WAGGONER  May 25, 1878 ‑ March 30, 1940

John H. xe "SNYDER:John H." SNYDER  1866‑1947 

V. John xe "SNYDER:V. John" SNYDER  FAMILY  ‑ Headstone

Hugh xe "SNYDER:Hugh" SNYDER  1897 ‑ 1943

James xe "SNYDER:James" SNYDER  1905‑1947 

Andrew xe "SNYDER:Andrew" SNYDER  1903‑1949

Montory L. xe "SNYDER:Montory L." SNYDER  1871‑1950

Wilbur E. xe "HISSEY:Wilbur E." HISSEY  1908‑1963 

Nancy xe "MC CORD  :Nancy" MC CORD  1871‑1963

unmarked grave

(2)  Albert xe "LOCKHART:Albert" LOCKHART  December 9, 1840‑ March 6, 1905  Father
Annetta xe "LOCKHART:Anetta, Mrs." LOCKHART  March 1, 1840‑ January 27, 1921  Mother

Albert L. xe "DAWKINS:Albert L." xe "DAWKINS:Catherine I., Mrs.?"DAWKINS  1861‑1943

Catherine I. __________ 1861 ‑ 1935  (DAWKINS ?)

(2)  Frances Lee, daughter of  S. F. & Ida xe "LOCKHART:Frances Lee" xe "LOCKHART:S.F." xe "LOCKHART:Ida, Mrs." LOCKHART, born/died November 6, 1887
Ida, wife of S. F. LOCKHART, died September 29, 1891 age 24 years, 3 months, 7 days

Harmon E. xe "MURREY:Harmon E." MURREY  October 13, 1863 ‑ October 24, 1907

Charles O. xe "BROWN:Charles O." BROWN  W. Va. PFC  302 Ordnance Regt. World War II  May 25, 1907 ‑ August 12, 1960

Johnie xe "BROWN:Johnie" BROWN  1870‑1930  Father

Henry S. xe "VANNOY:Henry S." VANNOY  1856‑1901  Father

Melissa J., wife of Clarence xe "DRAGOO:Clarence" xe "DRAGOO:Melissa J., Mrs." DRAGOO  June 7, 1881 ‑ March 12, 1902

(2)  George W.  xe "MC LAUGHLIN  :George W." MC LAUGHLIN  1869 ‑ 1941
Louie B. xe "MC LAUGHLIN  :Louie B., Mrs." MC LAUGHLIN  1871‑1952

Minnie M., daughter of G. W. & Louie xe "MC LAUGHLIN  :Minnie M." MC LAUGHLIN  1901‑1904

(2)  Blanch xe "DRAGOO:Blanch, Mrs.?" DRAGOO  1894 ‑ (no death date)
James T. xe "DRAGOO:James T." DRAGOO  1889‑1970

(2)  J. W. xe "WAGGONER:J.W." WAGGONER  January 22, 1850 ‑ October 11, 1918  Father
Caroline xe "WAGGONER:Caroline, Mrs." WAGGONER  October 11, 1854 ‑ (no death date)  Mother

(2)  Nathaniel L. xe "WEEKLEY:Nathaniel L." WEEKLEY  1877‑1963
Blanche A. xe "WEEKLEY:Blanche A., Mrs.?" WEEKLEY  1889‑1971

(2)  Cromer xe "WEEKLEY:Cromer (m)" WEEKLEY  1875‑1962
Stella xe "WEEKLEY:Stella, Mrs.?" WEEKLEY  1881‑1908

(2)  Jerome P. xe "CLINE:Jerome P." CLINE  1870‑1951
Lillie M. xe "CLINE:Lillie M., Mrs.?" CLINE  1878‑1966

(2)  Elvin W. xe "WAGGONER:Elvin W." WAGGONER  December 19, 1910 ‑ September 13, 1974
Bessie G. xe "WAGGONER:Bessie G., Mrs.?" WAGGONER  February 26, 1910 ‑ (no death date)

Allen McKinley xe "BARE:Allen McKinley" BARE  L CPL  US Marine Corp. Vietnam  1951‑1976 

(3)  Boyd H. xe "WINTER:Boyd H." WINTER  1893‑1968
Flossie M. xe "WINTER:Flossie M., Mrs.?" WINTER  1896 ‑ (no death date)
Reva F. xe "WINTER:Reva F." WINTER  1919 ‑ (no death date)

Boyd Humphry xe "WINTER:Boyd Humphry" WINTER  West Virginia AS USNRF  World War I  October 8, 1893 ‑ September 6, 1968

(2)  George xe "ANDERSON:George" ANDERSON  1834‑1914  Father
James xe "ANDERSON:James" ANDERSON  1861‑1909  Son

(2)  Florida xe "AYERS:Florida, Mrs.?" AYERS  1863‑1929
Jonathan L. xe "AYERS:Jonathan L." AYERS  1862‑1946

Willie, son of J. L. & F. L. xe "AYERS:Willie" xe "AYERS:J.L. (see Jonathan L. AYERS)" xe "AYERS:F.L. (see Florida AYERS)" AYERS  1896‑1905

Laura Estella AYERS  1890‑1957

Joseph Earl xe "AYERS:Joseph Earl" AYERS  1894‑1972

(2)  John H. xe "CURREY:John H." CURREY  1876‑1948
Nellie V. xe "CURREY:Nellie V., Mrs.?" CURREY  1882‑1972

Andrew Jackson, son of  F. H. & L. F. xe "NUTTER:Andrew Jackson" xe "NUTTER:F.H." xe "NUTTER:L.F., Mrs." NUTTER, died January 8, 1917, age 2 months, 2 days

Mammie xe "BOGGESS:Mammie" BOGGESS?  no dates

(2)  Will xe "PICKENS:Will" PICKENS  1878‑1962
Luisa xe "PICKENS:Luisa, Mrs.?" PICKENS  1879‑1955

Thelma Inez, daughter of E. W. & L. xe "PICKENS:Thelma Lee" xe "PICKENS:E.W. (see Will PICKENS)" xe "PICKENS:L., Mrs. (see Mrs. Luisa PICKENS)" PICKENS,  died December 7, 1907 age 2 years, 5 months and 22 days

Ira B. xe "CURREY:Ira B." CURREY  1873‑1936

Lisette xe "CURREY:Lisette, Mrs.?" CURREY  1874‑1963

(2)  David F. xe "POWELL:David F." POWELL  1880‑1961
Lillie E. xe "POWELL:Lillie E., Mrs.?" POWELL  1876‑1944

(2)  Arthur C. xe "UHL:Arthur C." UHL  1903‑1975
Blanche M. xe "UHL:Blanche M., Mrs.?" UHL  1907 ‑ (no death date)

(Temporary marker)
Gladys F. xe "FREED:Gladys F." FREED  1905‑1975

James F. xe "MURRAY:James F." MURRAY  1904‑1956  "Father" (footstone)

Jas. David, son of J. F. & Ora  xe "MURRAY:J.F. (see James F. MURRAY)" xe "MURRAY:Ora, Mrs." MURRAY  January 3, 1949

xe "TAYLOR:Mary R." xe "TAYLOR:Metta V." TAYLOR‑ xe "SHINN:Mary R." xe "SHINN:Metta V." SHINN

(2) Mary R. 1911‑(no death date)
Metta V.  1877‑1963

Otis M. xe "MILLER:Otis M." MILLER West Virginia  Pvt CO. A. MIL POLICE  11th  DIV. World War I May 31, 1895 ‑ September 29, 1967

Chesley H.  xe "MC GREW  :Chesley H." MC GREW  1905‑1906

Leslie E.  xe "MC GREW  :Leslie E." MC GREW  1906‑1907

William D. xe "MC GREW  :William D." MC GREW  1908‑1911

Chester E. xe "WAGGONER:Chester E." WAGGONER  1907‑1932

(2)  Samuel P. xe "HITE:Samuel P." HITE  1861‑1923
Sallie L. xe "HITE:Sallie L., Mrs.?" HITE  1882‑(no death date)

Samuel W. xe "HITE:Samuel W." HITE  1921  SON

(Temporary marker)
Cecil Ray xe "HITE:Cecil Ray" HITE  1911‑1964

(2)  Addison H. xe "WILKINSON:Addison H." WILKINSON  1866‑1916
Flora M. xe "WILKINSON:Flora M., Mrs.?" WILKINSON  1875‑1960

(2) Winnie Edwin, son of  D. A. & E. L. xe "PRATT:Winnie Edwin (m)" xe "PRATT:D.A. (see David A. PRATT)" xe "PRATT:E.L., Mrs. (see Mrs. Emma L. PRATT)" PRATT  August 25, 1886 ‑ April 30, 1916
J. E., son of D. A. & E. L. xe "PRATT:J.E. (m)" PRATT  July 1, 1895 ‑ June 8, 1919

(2)  David A. xe "PRATT:David A." PRATT  May 22, 1862 ‑ May 11, 1935
Emma L. xe "PRATT:Emma L., Mrs." PRATT  October 11, 1861 ‑ January 13, 1930

(2)  Charles E. xe "CROW:Charles E." CROW  1860‑1941  Father
Emma A. xe "CROW:Emma A., Mrs." CROW  1863‑1943  Mother

Infant Sons of J. W. & Pearl xe "WRIGHT:____ (m)" xe "WRIGHT:J.W." xe "WRIGHT:Pearl, Mrs." WRIGHT  no dates

(2)  Cecil E. xe "CURREY:Cecil E." CURREY  1906‑1976
Freda V. xe "CURREY:Freda V., Mrs." CURREY  1910‑(no death date) Married September 30, 1927

(2)  Emmet H. xe "STANLEY:Emmet H." STANLEY,  died April 19, 1907, age 29 years, 6 months, 18 days

Mary L. xe "STANLEY:Mary L., Mrs.?" STANLEY,  died December 10, 1922, age 48 years, 7 months, 11 days

(2)  Helen M. SAMS,  daughter of M. A. & E. A. xe "SAMS:M.A." xe "SAMS:Helen M." xe "SAMS:E.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Ella A. SAMS)" SAMS  January 26, 1900‑January 26, 1903
Ella  A., wife of  M.? A. xe "SAMS:Ella A., Mrs." SAMS  June 22, 1875‑November 22, 1903

(2)  Monte C. xe "WILSON:Monte C." WILSON  1888‑1961  (Masonic symbol)
Frances C. xe "WILSON:Frances C., Mrs.?" WILSON  1892‑(no death date)

Ralph, son of C. H. & L. A. xe "NEIGHBORGALL:Ralph" xe "NEIGHBORGALL:C.H." xe "NEIGHBORGALL:L.A., Mrs." NEIGHBORGALL, (sic) died February 4, 1905, aged 2 years, 2 months, 21 days

(2)  John Wesley xe "CAMPBELL:John Wesley" CAMPBELL  November 25, 1896 ‑ April 23, 1957
Jean xe "HUNTER:Jean" HUNTER xe "CAMPBELL:Jean, Mrs. (see Jean HUNTER)" CAMPBELL  June 24, 1903 ‑ April 23, 1936

James M. xe "CAMPBELL:James M." CAMPBELL  March 20, 1925 ‑ November 5, 1974

Joe Frederick xe "HUNTER:Joe Frederick" HUNTER  June 12, 1917 ‑ June 3, 1937

Edith Hope, daughter of W. H. & M. L. xe "HUNTER:Edith Hope" xe "HUNTER:W.H. (see William Henry HUNTER)" xe "HUNTER:M.L., Mrs. (see Minnie STANLEY HUNTER)" HUNTER,  died March 29, 1905, age 6 days

Minnie xe "STANLEY:Minnie" STANLEY xe "HUNTER:Minnie, Mrs. (see Minnie STANLEY)" HUNTER  January 22, 1880 ‑ October  14, 1957

William Henry xe "HUNTER:William Henry" HUNTER  September 14, 1871 ‑ March 5, 1963

Iva xe "HAWK:Iva" HAWK xe "TOMER:Iva, Mrs. (see Iva HAWK)" TOMER  1878‑1967

(2)  George R. xe "LOCKHART:George R." LOCKHART  1889‑1943
Lucy M. xe "LOCKHART:Lucy M., Mrs.?" LOCKHART  1890‑(no death date)

Elmus Ware xe "LOCKHART:Elmus Ware" LOCKHART  January 14 ‑ February ?, 1913

(2)  Delbert L. xe "KITTLE:Delbert L." KITTLE  1906‑1965
Velma E. xe "KITTLE:Velma E., Mrs.?" KITTLE  1906 ‑ (no death date)

(2)  Henry M. xe "KITTLE:Henry M." KITTLE  1872‑1957  footstone with  Dad  (Masonic symbol)
Alice A. xe "KITTLE:Alice A., Mrs.?" KITTLE  1880‑1961  footstone  Mom

(2)  E. Foley xe "GANDEE:E. Foley (m)" GANDEE  1925‑1960
Betty J. xe "GANDEE:Betty J., Mrs.?" GANDEE  1930 ‑ (no death date)

Timmy & Jimmy xe "GANDEE:Timmy" xe "GANDEE:Jimmy" GANDEE infants

(2)  William "Kenna" xe "WEEKLEY:William Kenna" xe "WEEKLEY:Kenna (m)" WEEKLEY  1894‑1974
Emma Frances WEEKLEY  1902‑ (no death date)

William WEEKLEY  West Virginia  PVT US ARMY  World War 1 September 18, 1894‑ March 29, 1974

(2)  George xe "DUNHAM:George" DUNHAM  1882‑1962
Eva xe "DUNHAM:Eva, Mrs.?" DUNHAM  1894‑1968

Charles L. xe "DUNHAM:Charles L." DUNHAM  1884‑1958

(2)  E. JEROME xe "MORGAN:E. Jerome" MORGAN  1852‑1928
Luisa F. xe "MORGAN:Luisa F., Mrs.?" MORGAN  1853‑1930

(3)  Charles E. xe "MORGAN:Charles E." MORGAN  1877‑1954
Grace S. xe "MORGAN:Grace S., Mrs.?" MORGAN  1881‑1970
Bernice xe "MORGAN:Bernice" MORGAN  1900‑1910

(2)  Elymas W. xe "DRAGOO:Elymas W. (m)" DRAGOO  1842‑1908
Dora xe "DRAGOO:Dora, Mrs.?" DRAGOO  1856‑1935

(Temporary marker)
Frank xe "OVERBAUGH:Frank" OVERBAUGH  1856‑1927

(2)  Okey xe "RICHARD:Okey" RICHARD  1873‑1961
Susan xe "RICHARD:Susan, Mrs.?" RICHARD  1873‑1954

(3)  Mary F. xe "CURREY:Mary F., Mrs.?" CURREY  1860‑1909
David O. xe "CURREY:David O." CURREY  1872‑1963
Leora S. xe "CURREY:Leora S." CURREY  1887‑1962

Rebecca A., wife of W. S. xe "ARCHER:Rebecca A., Mrs." xe "ARCHER:W.S." ARCHER  1872‑1913       BACK TO INDEX

(2)  Eva A. xe "BUCHANAN:Eva A., Mrs.?" BUCHANAN  1877‑1916
Lafe xe "BUCHANAN:Lafe (m)" BUCHANAN  1867‑1946

George R. xe "MC GREW:George R." MC GREW   January 26, 1889‑July 18, 1928

Chloa A. MC GREW  April 19, 1889‑ (no death date)

Chloa Agnes xe "MC GREW:Chloa Agnes, Mrs.?" MC GREW  1889‑1977

Mary J. xe "DILLON:Mary J." DILLON  1867‑1956

Margareate xe "MC GREW:Margareate" MC GREW  August 18, 1910 ‑ March 5, 1916

(2)  Dearmond xe "MC GREW:Dearmond, Mrs.?" MC GREW  1888‑1948
Forest xe "MC GREW:Forest" MC GREW  1898‑ (no death date)

Charles B. xe "MC GREW:Charles B." MC GREW  West Virginia  SGT 10 INF 5 Div  World War II  January 14, 1920‑October 7, 1944

Chester D. xe "MC GREW:Chester D." MC GREW  September 1, 1915‑July 3, 1916

(2)  Benjamin William xe "SOMERVILLE:Benjamin William" SOMERVILLE  1871‑1938
Christina xe "LOCKHART:Christina" LOCKHART xe "SOMERVILLE:Christina, Mrs. (see Christina LOCKHART)" xe "SOMERVILLE:Christina, Mrs. (see Tena SOMERVILLE)" SOMERVILLE  1872‑1972

Karl C. SOMERVILLE, son of B. W. & Tena xe "SOMERVILLE:Karl C." xe "SOMERVILLE:B.W. (see Benjamin William SOMERVILLE)" xe "SOMERVILLE:Tena, Mrs. (see Mrs. Christina SOMERVILLE)" SOMERVILLE January 5, 1900‑July 22, 1921,  age 21 years, 6 months, 17 days

(2)  Harold D. xe "SOMERVILLE:Harold D." SOMERVILLE  1895‑1973
Inez L. xe "SOMERVILLE:Inez L., Mrs.?" SOMERVILLE  1899‑ (no death date)

Helen C. xe "SOMERVILLE:Helen C." SOMERVILLE  October 8, 1922‑August 8, 1924

(2)  William A. xe "STANLEY:William A." STANLEY  1870‑1945
Ardelia B. xe "STANLEY:Ardellia B., Mrs.?" STANLEY  1873‑1949

(2)  Ottis xe "MILLER:Ottis" MILLER  1895‑1967 Wed xe "MILLER:Jessie E., Mrs." MILLER  February 22, 1919
Jessie E. MILLER  1897 ‑ (no death date)

Ottis MILLER  West Virginia PVT  CO A MIL Police  11 Div  World War I  May 31, 1895 ‑ September 29, 1967

Hazel A. xe "STAATS:Hazel A." STAATS  1939‑1948  Daughter

(Temporary marker)
Jimmy Lee xe "PRICE:Jimmy Lee" PRICE  1973‑1973

(Temporary marker)
Ruth xe "WILSON:Ruth" WILSON  1885‑1968

R. Ferguson xe "CARMICHAEL:R., Ferguson" CARMICHAEL  1907‑ (no death date)

(2)  John L. xe "STANLEY:John L." STANLEY  1911‑1944
Ada M. xe "STANLEY:Ada M., Mrs.?" STANLEY  1904‑(no death date)

(2)  Lemuel B. xe "MC GREW:Lemuel B." MC GREW  June 30, 1846 ‑ November 19, 1921  Father
Mary M. xe "MC GREW:Mary M., Mrs.?" MC GREW  July 10, 1852‑June 6, 1929  Mother

Mary R. xe "MC GREW:Mary R." MC GREW  March 12, 1894 ‑ July 1, 1919

(2)  Albert F. xe "MC PHERSON  :Albert F." MC PHERSON  December 18, 1885 ‑ October 31, 1918
Mary C. xe "MC PHERSON  :Mary C., Mrs.?" MC PHERSON  March 16, 1890‑ no death date

(2)  Halda M. xe "MC PHERSON  :Halda M., Mrs.?"MC PHERSON  1864‑1916
John W. xe "MC PHERSON:John W." MC PHERSON  1858‑1930

(2)  Charles A. xe "SPEARS:Charles A." SPEARS  1875‑1944
Rosie M. xe "SPEARS:Rosie M., Mrs.?" SPEARS  1875‑1935

(2)  Hilda V. xe "SPEARS:Hilda V." SPEARS  1900‑1910
Thelma R. xe "SPEARS:Thelma R." SPEARS  1914‑1926

(2)  B. Darrel xe "SAYRE:B. Derrel" SAYRE  1911‑1975
Velma A. xe "SAYRE:Velma A., Mrs.?" SAYRE  1908‑ no death date

(2)  Della C., wife of E. E. xe "HIGGINS:Della C., Mrs." xe "HIGGINS:E.E." HIGGINS  1866‑1911

Ralph L. xe "HARDESTY:Ralph L." HARDESTY?

Ralph Edward xe "HARDESTY:Ralph Edward" HARDESTY  1940‑1965

Infant xe "HARDESTY:____" HARDESTY  April 26, 1911  Son

(2) Elmer O. xe "FINCH:Elmer O."xe "FINCH:Grace D., Mrs.?" FINCH  1883‑1969
Grace D.  1879‑1939

Elizabeth xe "HAWK:Elizabeth" HAWK, born March 5, 1819; died February 18, 1910, age 90 years, 11 months, 13 days

Bruce E. xe "ABELS:Bruce E." ABELS  1926‑1959  World War II Veteran

Roger Dean xe "ABELS:Roger Dean" ABELS  1951‑1970

(2)  Samuel M. xe "KITTLE:Samuel M." KITTLE  June 16, 1881‑ July 31, 1970
Lucy M. xe "KITTLE:Lucy M., Mrs.?" KITTLE  May 23, 1882 ‑ April 21, 1955

Earnest B. xe "KITTLE:Earnest B." KITTLE  1905‑1926

(3)  Genevieve xe "KITTLE:Genevieve" KITTLE  January 17, 1910‑June 16, 1910
Geraldine xe "KITTLE:Geraldine" KITTLE  January 17, 1910
Infant xe "KITTLE:____" KITTLE  May 1, 1915  Son

CURRY (plot)
William Lionel xe "CURRY:William Lionel" CURRY  September 28, 1892 ‑ February 21, 1958

(2)  Elisha F. xe "MORRISON:Elisha F." MORRISON  1867‑1959
Melissa J. xe "MORRISON:Melissa J., Mrs.?" MORRISON  1873 ‑ 1950

Thomas B. xe "KITTLE:Thomas B." KITTLE  1875‑1965  (Masonic symbol)

S. Ellen xe "STANLEY:S. Ellen" STANLEY  1869 ‑ 1948,  wife of William xe "THOMAS:William" xe "THOMAS:S. Ellen, Mrs. (see S. Ellen STANLEY)" THOMAS 1861‑1949

(2)  Roy Ernest xe "STANLEY:Roy Ernest" STANLEY,  February 19, 1918 ‑ May 23, 1969
Gladys xe "MILLER:Gladys" MILLER xe "STANLEY:Gladys, Mrs. (see Gladys MILLER)" STANLEY  December 26, 1919 ‑ (no death date)

(2)  William xe "STANLEY:William" STANLEY  1830‑1915
Malinda xe "STANLEY:Malinda, Mrs.?" STANLEY  1837‑1915

(2)  Isaac N. xe "STANLEY:Isaac N." STANLEY  1870‑1960
Ida C. xe "STANLEY:Ida C., Mrs.?" STANLEY  1886 ‑ (no death date)

Lawrence O. xe "STANLEY:Lawrence O." STANLEY  1924, son of Squire and Corda STANLEY

WASKEY (plot)
(2)  Robert C. xe "WASKEY:Robert C." WASKEY  1842‑1913
Agnes J. xe "WASKEY:Agnes J., Mrs.?" WASKEY  1856‑1951

(2) John H. xe "WASKEY:John H." WASKEY  1891‑1971  Father
Rose H. xe "WASKEY:Rose H., Mrs." WASKEY  1888‑1973  Mother

KNOTTS (plot)
Lee Camden xe "KNOTTS:Lee Camden (m)" KNOTTS  West Virginia, Captain  USA World War I  March 1, 1874 ‑ August 21, 1947

Della M. xe "KNOTTS:Della M., Mrs.?" KNOTTS  October 18, 1874 ‑ October 6, 1961

(2)  Dallas M. xe "BAKER:Dallas M." BAKER  September 19, 1846 ‑ November 12, 1911  Father
Mary E. xe "BAKER:Mary E., Mrs." BAKER  September 17, 1846 ‑ May 6, 1934  Mother

Ida xe "BAKER:Ida" BAKER xe "JOHNSON:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida BAKER)" JOHNSON  July 13, 1883 ‑ February 15, 1920

Ruth E. xe "LE BLANC:Ruth E." LE BLANC  August 14, 1913 ‑ September 2, 1929

Nan O. xe "LE BLANC:Nan O." LE BLANC  December 26, 1876 ‑ March 12, 1958

(Temporary marker)
Seabolt xe "BROWN:Seabolt" BROWN  May 19, 1974

FORD (plot)
Lulu B. xe "CROW:Lulu B." CROW,  wife of E. L. xe "FORD:E.L." xe "FORD:Lulu B., Mrs. (see Lulu B. CROW)" FORD  1889‑1931

Evelyn P., daughter of E. L. & Lulu xe "FORD:Evelyn P."FORD  1918‑1918

Holly O. xe "DAWKINS:Holly O." DAWKINS  1886‑1972

(2)  Charles xe "GOLDEN:Charles" GOLDEN 1876 ‑ 1928
Anna B. xe "GOLDEN:Anna B., Mrs." GOLDEN  1876 ‑ (no death date)  Wife

(2)  Harold C. xe "BOWERS:Harold C." BOWERS  1900 ‑ 1956
Alice E. xe "BOWERS:Alice E., Mrs.?" BOWERS  1908 ‑ (no death date)

Gladis xe "BOWERS:Gladis" BOWERS 1932 ‑ 1932  Daughter

Wanda xe "BOWERS:Wanda" BOWERS  1939 ‑ 1939

(Temporary marker)
Asa John xe "PORTER:Asa John" PORTER  1901‑1961

Johnnie xe "PORTER:Johnnie" PORTER  1937‑1932 (error in reading?)

HINZMAN (plot)
Doloras Jean xe "HINZMAN:Doloras Jean" HINZMAN  1944‑1944

Ronald Eugene xe "HINZMAN:Ronald Eugene" HINZMAN  1951‑1958

(temporary marker)
Infant xe "CAUDILL:____" CAUDILL  1964‑1964

SEABOLT (plot)
(2)  Jerry xe "SEABOLT:Jerry" SEABOLT  1902 ‑ no death date  Father
Hazel R. xe "SEABOLT:Hazel R., Mrs." SEABOLT  1908 ‑ (no death date)  Mother

Larry David Allen xe "SEABOLT:Larry David" SEABOLT,  Pvt., US ARMY,  Vietnam December 4, 1949 ‑ October 30, 1976

(Temporary marker)
Jean Ann xe "SEABOLT:Jean Ann" SEABOLT  1937‑1937

(Temporary marker)
Larry David Allen SEABOLT  1949‑1976

Julia xe "NUZUM:Julia" NUZUM xe "CAYTON:Julia, Mrs. (see Julia NUZUM)" CAYTON  1883 ‑1961

(2)  Willis D. xe "SULLIVAN:Willis D." SULLIVAN  1906‑1971
Orpha  SULLIVAN  1908 ‑ (no death date)

Lawrence D. xe "SULLIVAN:Lawrence D." SULLIVAN,  son of W. D. & Orpha xe "SULLIVAN:Orpha, Mrs." xe "SULLIVAN:W.D. (see Willis D. SULLIVAN)" SULLIVAN  1929‑1932

(2)  Hugh xe "MC GREW:Hugh" MC GREW  1887 ‑ 1960
Clara xe "MC GREW:Clara, Mrs.?" MC GREW  1889 ‑ 1969

Their daughters: (no dates)
Lula xe "DENNIS:Lula, Mrs. (see Lula MC GREW)"DENNIS
Wava xe "GARRETT:Wava, Mrs. (see Wava MC GREW)" GARRETT

Freddie xe "MORRIS:Freddie, Mrs. (see Freddie MC GREW)" MORRIS

Maybell xe "WILLIAMS:Maybell, Mrs. (see Maybell MC GREW)" WILLIAMS

Isaac B. xe "MC GREW:Isaac B." xe "MC GREW:Lula" xe "MC GREW:Wava" xe "MC GREW:Freddie (f)" xe "MC GREW:Maybell" MC GREW  Infant son of H. B. & C. M. xe "MC GREW:H.B. (see Hugh MC GREW)" xe "MC GREW:C.M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Clara MC GREW)" MC GREW  no dates

(2)  Peter B. xe "BONTO:Peter B." BONTO  1861‑1919
Fannie B. xe "BONTO:Fannie B., Mrs.?" BONTO  1864 ‑ 1923

(2)  Sarah V. xe "BURCH:Sarah V., Mrs." BURCH  December 13, 1841 ‑ June 10, 1932  Mother
Joseph M. xe "BURCH:Joseph M." BURCH  March 5, 1840 ‑ September 1, 1917  Father

HUPP (plot)
(2)  W. Edward xe "HUPP:W. Edward" HUPP  1875 ‑ 1960
Mary L. xe "HUPP:Mary L., Mrs.?" HUPP  1884 ‑ 1953

Virgil E., son of W. E. & M. L. HUPP  1911‑1916

Willard S. xe "BURDETTE:Willard S." BURDETTE  1889 ‑ 1941  World War Veteran

Verna xe "BURDETTE:Verna, Mrs.?" BURDETTE  1887‑1945

(2)  Henry H. xe "BURDETTE:Henry H." BURDETTE  1855‑1929  Father
Louise F. xe "BURDETTE:Louise F., Mrs." BURDETTE  1863 ‑ 1959  Mother December 6, 1863 ‑ September 5, 1959

ASH (plot)
xe "ASH:____" ASH  1918  no name

Omer F. xe "ASH:Omer F." ASH  1885 ‑ 1947

Blanche xe "ASH:Blanche, Mrs.?" ASH  1887 ‑ 1966

(2)  Edna C. xe "ASH:Edna C., Mrs.?" ASH  March 4, 1915 ‑ (no death date)
Loman E. xe "ASH:Loman E.," ASH   June 15, 1911 ‑ August 25, 1973

Bobbie C. KITTLE  March 4 ‑ March 8, 1928

(Temporary Marker ‑ metal plaque )
Reva xe "CHANCEY:Reva" CHANCEY xe "KITTLE:Reva, Mrs. (see Reva CHANCEY)" KITTLE  1908 ‑ 1976

(2)  Clarence xe "BATES:Clarence" BATES  1902‑1947
Ruth xe "BATES:Ruth, Mrs.?" BATES   1912 ‑ (no death date)

(2)  Harley L. xe "MORRISON:Harley L." MORRISON  1897 ‑ 1949
Nolia I. xe "MORRISON:Nolla I., Mrs.?" MORRISON  1906 ‑ (no death date)

(2)  Findley P. xe "CURREY:Findley P." CURREY  1884 ‑ 1955
Anna K. xe "CURREY:Anna K., Mrs.?" CURREY  1887 ‑ 1972

(Temporary marker)
Dale Leffon xe "CURREY:Dale Leffon" CURREY 1926‑ 1965
(separate inscription at base of stone)
Dale L. CURREY  West Virginia Pvt., Seal, Co. A  67 Tank Bn. World War II August 22, 1926 ‑ December 8, 1965

(2)  Jasper W. xe "BOSTON:Jasper W." BOSTON  1888 ‑ 1970
Maggie M. xe "BOSTON:Maggie M., Mrs.?" BOSTON  1892 ‑ 1965

(Under Jasper separate  stone)
Jasper W. BOSTON   West Virginia, Cook, US Army, World War I March 24, 1888 ‑ February 16, 1970

(2)  Elmer F. xe "HARDESTY:Elmer F." HARDESTY  1881‑1949
Erma D. xe "HARDESTY:Erma D., Mrs.?" HARDESTY  1894 ‑ (no death date)

(2)  Everett L. xe "WILLIAMS:Everett L." WILLIAMS  1885‑1962
Lillie M. xe "WILLIAMS:Lillie M., Mrs.?" WILLIAMS  1883‑1959

(Temporary marker)
xe "WILLIAMS:____" WILLIAMS Infants ‑  (no names or dates)

William xe "DRAGOO:William" DRAGOO  1889 ‑ 1931

Harry L. xe "BOSO:Harry L." BOSO  1882 ‑1971

(2)  Martin J. xe "POST:Martin J." POST  1846 ‑ 1936
Margaret S. xe "POST:Margaret S., Mrs.?" POST  1851 ‑ 1922

(3)  Chloravictory xe "COEN:Chloravictory, Mrs." COEN  1892 ‑ 1918
Emory Doile xe "COEN:Emory Doile" COEN  1918
Buford Ray xe "COEN:Buford Ray" COEN  1910‑1920
Wife and sons of Roy A. COEN

(2)  James G. xe "BEYMER:James G." BEYMER  1881‑1955
Jeanette xe "BEYMER:Jeanette, Mrs.?" BEYMER  1883‑1973

Russell xe "BEYMER:Russell" BEYMER  1910‑1917  Son

KALT (plot)
(2)  Charlie L. xe "KALT:Charlie L." KALT  1865‑1960
Lucy J. xe "KALT:Lucy J., Mrs.?" KALT  1864‑1955

Letitia Lea  xe "KALT:Letitia Lea" KALT 1901‑1960  Daughter

(2)  Johnathan J. xe "HIGGINS:Johnathan, J." HIGGINS  1838‑1918
Lydia xe "FLESHER:Lydia" FLESHER xe "HIGGINS:Lydia, Mrs. (see Lydia FLESHER)" HIGGINS  1852‑1921  Wife

(2)  Ernest xe "HAYNES:Ernest" HAYNES  1899 ‑ (no death date)
Helen xe "HAYNES:Helen, Mrs.?" HAYNES  1902‑1963

Infant son of Ernest and Helen xe "HAYNES:____ (m)" HAYNES  1920

David Gerald, son of Gerald & Lilith xe "CUNNINGHAM:David Gerald" xe "CUNNINGHAM:Gerald" xe "CUNNINGHAM:Lilith, Mrs." CUNNINGHAM, June 13‑27, 1954

Junior RIGGS, son of J. M. & Goldie xe "RIGGS:Junior" xe "RIGGS:J.M." xe "RIGGS:Goldie, Mrs." RIGGS  November 30, 1930

(Temporary marker ‑ plaque has a Gallipolis, Ohio location)
Lisa Dawn xe "ALLEN:Lisa Dawn" ALLEN  1966‑1968

(2)  Nancy I. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Nancy I., Mrs." CUNNINGHAM  1921‑1966  Mother
Dennis W. xe "CUNNINGHAM:Dennis W." CUNNINGHAM  1944‑1945  Son

(2)  Evert T.  xe "SULLIVAN:Everet T." SULLIVAN  1880‑1974
Ida N. xe "SULLIVAN:Ida N., Mrs.?" SULLIVAN 1881‑1950

(2) Francis F. xe "RIGGS:Francis F." RIGGS  1907‑1948
Montoria L. xe "RIGGS:Montoria L., Mrs.?" RIGGS  1912‑1945

Joseph M. xe "BENNETT:Joseph M." BENNETT  West Virginia,  Pfc. Base Hospital 117,  World War I September 8, 1896‑May 13, 1964.

Iva Leota xe "BENNETT:Iva Leota, Mrs." BENNETT  1901‑1938  Mother

(2) Milton C. xe "CARMICHAEL:Milton C." CARMICHAEL  1861‑1938  Father
Sarah Belle xe "CARMICHAEL:Sarah Belle, Mrs." CARMICHAEL  1864‑1957  Mother

(2)  James S. xe "SNYDER:James S." SNYDER  1876‑1932
Addie xe "SNYDER:Addie, Mrs." SNYDER  1881‑1974

Pearl, daughter of J. S. & Addie xe "SNYDER:Pearl"SNYDER, July 14, 1906 ‑ October 12, 1918

Our Twin
Audry Jestin, daughter of J. S. & Addie xe "SNYDER:J.S. (see James S. SNYDER)" SNYDER, xe April 24, 1922 ‑January 11, 1924

Troy xe "SNYDER:Troy" SNYDER  1908‑1963

Dr. W. L. Y.  xe "CURREY:W.L.Y., Dr." CURREY  1867‑1925  (Odd Fellows symbol)

Lucy L. xe "CURREY:Lucy L., Mrs.?" CURREY  1869‑1928

Bernice xe "CURREY:Bernice" CURREY xe "SURFACE:Bernice, Mrs. (see Bernice CURREY)" SURFACE  1906‑1941

BAKER (plot)
James E. xe "BAKER:James E." BAKER  1881‑1947

Anita M. xe "BAKER:Anita M., Mrs.?" BAKER  1894‑1935

Robert L., Son of J. E. & A. M. xe "BAKER:Robert L." xe "BAKER:J.E. (see James E. BAKER)" xe "BAKER:A.M., Mrs. (see Anita M. BAKER)" BAKER  1916‑1917

Infant Son of J. E. & A. M. xe "BAKER:____ (m)" BAKER  November 5, 1918

Infant Son of J. E. & A. M. BAKER  June 8, 1920

(2)  Charles E. xe "BAKER:Charles E." BAKER  1866‑ (no death date) Married March 26, 1912
Nina  xe "DAWKINS:Nina" DAWKINS xe "BAKER:Nina, Mrs. (see Nina DAWKINS)" BAKER  1886‑1977

Charles J. xe "BAKER:Charles J." BAKER  2nd Lt. US ARMY  World War II September 3, 1918 ‑ November 23, 1976

Clarence xe "RICHARDS:Clarence" RICHARDS,  West Virginia Pvt. Base Hospital 125, World War I October 12, 1893‑November 17, 1968

Oda xe "RICHARDS:Oda (m)" RICHARDS  West Virginia Cpl. Co. B. 26th Infantry World War I April 21, 1875‑January 22, 1922

Rex R. xe "RICHARDS:Rex R." RICHARDS  1917‑1919

Joseph F. xe "LATSTETTER:Joseph F." LATSTETTER,  West Virginia Pfc. Co. C. 707 MP Bn. World War II November 30, 1918‑May 21, 1966

(2)  Clinton O. xe "LEONARD:Clinton O." LEONARD  1876‑1958
S. Josie xe "LEONARD:S. Josie, Mrs.?" LEONARD  1878‑1964

(2)  Fred C. xe "LAWSON:Fred C." LAWSON  1888‑1970
Oma Mae xe "LAWSON:Oma Mae, Mrs.?" LAWSON  1892‑1972

Robert Owen xe "SNIDER:Robert Owen"SNIDER,  Ohio  Cpl. Co. D. 1 Infantry World War II,  Korea October 15, 1925 ‑ April 17, 1960

(2)  Charles E. xe "ANTHONY:Charles E." ANTHONY  1877‑1953
Josie M. xe "ANTHONY:Josie M., Mrs.?" ANTHONY  1881‑1959

(2)  Joseph Franklin xe "CAREZ:Joseph Franklin" CAREZ 1875‑1954  Father
Della M. xe "GANT:Della M." GANT xe "CAREZ:Della M., Mrs. (see Della M. GANT)" CAREZ  1883‑1963  Mother

(2)  Lloyd W. xe "CUSTER:Lloyd W." CUSTER  1908‑ (no death date)
Eula G. xe "CUSTER:Eula G., Mrs.?" CUSTER  1909‑ (no death date)

Marvin xe "LAUGHLIN:Marvin" LAUGHLIN  1900‑1958

FORD (plot ‑ 3 stones)
In Memory of Rallo Brooks xe "FORD:Rallo Brooks" FORD,  March 30, 1916‑July 1, 1951

Lawrence M. xe "FORD:Lawrence M." FORD  December 25, 1889‑May 12, 1956

Jessie xe "CROW:Jessie" CROW xe "FORD:Jessie, Mrs. (see Jessie CROW)" FORD  March 4, 1892‑ (no death date)

(2)  Robert H. xe "CLEM:Robert H." CLEM  1893‑1974
Themla V. xe "CLEM:Thelma V., Mrs.?" CLEM  1905‑1973

Robert H. CLEM   LDSCMA,  US NAVY, March 17, 1893‑July 19, 1974

(2)  Otho L. xe "CLEM:Otho L. (m)" CLEM  1904‑(no death date)  Father
Ethel M. xe "CLEM:Ethel M., Mrs." CLEM  1904‑1975  Mother

John W. xe "CLEM:John W." CLEM  1868‑1943  Father

Ida xe "SYKES:Ida" SYKES xe "CLEM:Ida, Mrs. (see Ida SYKES)" CLEM  1867‑1960  Mother

(2)  Joseph F. xe "LATSTETTER:Joseph F." LATSTETTER  1918‑1966
Betty M. xe "LATSTETTER:Betty M., Mrs.?" LATSTETTER  1923‑1967

(2)  John A. xe "LATSTETTER:John A." LATSTETTER  1886‑1946
Hazel L. xe "LATSTETTER:Hazel L., Mrs.?" LATSTETTER  1889‑ (no death date)

(2)  Hobart M.  xe "ARCHER:Hobart M." ARCHER  1899‑1972
Marian M. xe "ARCHER:Marian M., Mrs.?"ARCHER  1908‑(no death date)

Virginia xe "BROTHERTON:Virginia" BROTHERTON  1920‑1944

(2)  William H. xe "THOMAS:William H." THOMAS  1852‑1926
Alcinda xe "FINCH:Alcinda" FINCH xe "THOMAS:Alcinda, Mrs. (see Alcinda FINCH)"THOMAS  1854‑1935

(2) Earl Clement xe "CURREY:Earl Clement" CURREY  1901‑1965
Martha Samantha xe "CURREY:Martha Samantha, Mrs.?" CURREY  1909‑ (no death date)

Survilla Margaret xe "FINCH:Survilla Margaret" FINCH born November 23, 1867 ‑ died April 15, 1922, age 54 years, 4 months, 23 days

(2)  J. Henry xe "BALSER:J. Henry" BALSER  1892‑(no death date)
Rosa L. xe "BALSER:Rosa L., Mrs.?" BALSER  1892‑1964

(2)  John H. xe "COMBS:John H." COMBS  1911‑1976
Florence L. xe "COMBS:Florence L., Mrs.?" COMBS  1915‑(no death date)

(2)  Otis H. xe "COAST:Otis H." COAST  July 3, 1893‑June 14, 1976
Katie S. xe "COAST:Katie S., Mrs.?" COAST  March 22, 1904‑July 16, 1974

(2)  John F. xe "COAST:John F." COAST  1852‑1931
Florence xe "COAST:Florence, Mrs.?" COAST  1865‑1924

(2)  Charlie xe "COAST:Charlie" COAST  1875‑1944
Georgia xe "COAST:Georgia, Mrs.?" COAST  1883‑1964

(2)  Thurman A. xe "LOCKHART:Thurman A." LOCKHART  1887‑1968
Erna xe "JARVIN:Erna (f)" JARVIN xe "LOCKHART:Erna, Mrs. (see Erna JARVIN)" LOCKHART  1896‑1963

Durward P. xe "CURREY:Durward P." CURREY,  West Virginia,  Cpl MTR TRANS CORP 1  World War I December 10, 1896‑June 6, 1971

(2)  George Neave xe "LOCKHART:George Neave" LOCKHART  1865‑1949
Linna Leota xe "LOCKHART:Linna Leota, Mrs.?" LOCKHART  1867‑1921

(2)  Carl B. xe "LOCKHART:Carl B." LOCKHART  1896‑(no death date)
Callie A. xe "LOCKHART:Callie A., Mrs.?" LOCKHART  1902‑1959

CURREY (plot)
(2)  Kirby S. xe "CURREY:Kirby S." CURREY  1868‑1926
Anna O. xe "CURREY:Anna O., Mrs." CURREY  1873‑1964, wife

(4)  Wilma Mae xe "LOCKHART:Wilma Mae" LOCKHART 1937‑(no death date)  Daughter
Ned Enoch xe "LOCKHART:Ned Enoch" LOCKHART  1898‑1970  Father
Bertha Cara xe "LOCKHART:Bertha Cara, Mrs." LOCKHART  1900‑1972  Mother
Sidney Allen xe "LOCKHART:Sidney Allen"LOCKHART  1941‑(no death date)  Son

(2)  Hamilton E. xe "BLAIR:Hamilton E." BLAIR  1846‑1927
Jane xe "BLAIR:Jane, Mrs.?" BLAIR  1857‑1956

(2)  Donald W. xe "ENOCH:Donald W." ENOCH  1916‑1954
Lora M. xe "ENOCH:Lora M., Mrs.?" ENOCH  1915‑(no death date)

(2)  Charles S. xe "BURTON:Charles S." BURTON  1908‑(no death date)
Zona F. xe "BURTON:Zona F., Mrs.?" BURTON  1909‑1971

(2)  William O. xe "COLE:William O." COLE  1914‑1970
Dorothy R. xe "COLE:Dorothy R., Mrs.?" COLE  1917‑ (no death date)

Austin C. xe "NEVILLE:Austin C., Jr." NEVILLE  JR., West Virginia Pvt., US ARMY VIETNAM January 1, 1948‑April 18, 1972

Austin C. xe "NEVILLE:Austin C., Sr." NEVILLE SR.  Pvt., US ARMY  1928‑1974

(2)  Riley H. xe "ROBBINS:Riley H." ROBBINS  1888‑1947
Ruth xe "ROBBINS:Ruth, Mrs.?" ROBBINS  1909‑(no death date)

Christopher xe "EARLEY:Christopher" EARLEY  1976‑1976

Wilbur R. xe "CURREY:Wilbur R." CURREY  1897‑1945

(next to Wilbur Currey stone)
James Philip xe "CURREY:James Philip" CURREY   1934‑1967

Frankie xe "MOREHEAD:Frankie (f)"MOREHEAD xe "CURREY:Frankie, Mrs. (see Frankie MOREHEAD)" CURREY  1904‑1929

(next to Frankie Currey)
Barbara E. xe "CURREY:Barbara E." CURREY  1925‑1927

(2)  William H. xe "BEYMER:William H." BEYMER,  Co. I., 25th  O. V. V. I. November 28, 1842‑December 19, 1928
Amanda M. xe "BEYMER:Amanda M., Mrs." BEYMER  November 14, 1847‑June 28, 1923  Wife

(2)  Enoch xe "BLACK:Enoch" BLACK  1869‑1923
Mary R. xe "BLACK:Mary R., Mrs.?" BLACK  1872‑1962

(2)  Elizabeth C. xe "DAWKINS:Elizabeth C., Mrs.?" DAWKINS  1870‑1962
Daniel B. xe "DAWKINS:Daniel B." DAWKINS  1858‑1939

Rufus L. xe "DAWKINS:Rufus L." DAWKINS  1891‑1911

Alvaro xe "MOREHEAD:Alvaro" MOREHEAD  1879‑1958

(2)  Charles H. xe "MOREHEAD:Charles H." MOREHEAD  1846‑1925
Susan V. xe "MOREHEAD:Susan V., Mrs." MOREHEAD  1848‑1919, wife

Uncle Bent xe "MOREHEAD:Bent (m)" MOREHEAD  1876‑1963

(2)  Augustus G. xe "WIEGEL:Augustus G." WIEGEL,  March 30, 1840‑September 7, 1926 Sgt. COMPANY K,. 62nd Ohio Regt
Catherine xe "WEIGEL:Catherine, Mrs.?" WEIGEL  May 12, 1842‑December 24, 1919

(2)  Wilmer Clyde xe "DAWKINS:Wilmer Clyde" DAWKINS  1885‑1938
Gertrude xe "CUSTER:Gertrude" CUSTER xe "DAWKINS:Gertrude, Mrs. (see Gertrude CUSTER)" DAWKINS  1885‑1970

(2)  Lawrence D. xe "DAWKINS:Lawrence D." DAWKINS  November 6, 1890‑(no death date)
Mary T. xe "DAWKINS:Mary T., Mrs." DAWKINS   June 28, 1895‑December 25, 1975 Marriage March 15, 1922

(Three temporary markers)
Lida xe "WAITMAN:Lida" WAITMAN xe "STALNAKER:Lida, Mrs. (see Lida WAITMAN)"STALNAKER  1900‑1960
Darline Marie xe "KERNS:Darline Marie" KERNS  1960‑1960
Tammie L. xe "KERNS:Tammie L." KERNS  1966‑1966

(2)  R. Guyer xe "ENOCH:Edward A." ENOCH  1873‑1957
Rosa E. xe "ENOCH:Rosa E., Mrs." ENOCH 1894‑1951  Wife

(2)  Edward A. HARVEY  1883‑(no death date)
Sarah A. xe "HARVEY:Sarah A., Mrs.?" HARVEY  1885‑1964

(2) Virgil A. xe "CRAWFORD:Virgil A." CRAWFORD  1888‑1953
Mary E. xe "CRAWFORD:Mary E., Mrs.?" CRAWFORD  1894‑(no death date)

(2)  F. Lee xe "HINZMAN:F. Lee" HINZMAN  1888‑(no death date)
M. Maude xe "HINZMAN:M. Maude, Mrs.?" HINZMAN  1888‑1953

(Two temporary CONLEY markers)
Brenda Lee xe "CONLEY:Brenda Lee, Mrs.?" CONLEY  1963‑1963
David Ray xe "CONLEY:David Ray" CONLEY  1965‑1965

(2)  Thurman A. xe "BALDERSON:Thurman A." BALDERSON  1898‑1975
Elsie C. xe "BALDERSON:Elsie C., Mrs.?" BALDERSON  1899‑1966

(2)  Charlie FISCHER  1917‑1973  (Masonic symbol) April 27, 1940  [probably marriage date]
Midge xe "FISCHER:Midge, Mrs." FISCHER  1919‑(no death date)

Charles M. xe "FISCHER:Charles M." FISCHER  West Virginia Pfc ARMY FORCE World War II November 3, 1917‑October 16, 1973

Mary LEE xe "FISCHER:Mary Lee" FISCHER  1907‑1943  Daughter

McKendre F. xe "FISCHER:McKendre F. (m)" FISCHER  1880‑1970  Father

Mamie xe "OTIS:Mamie" OTIS xe "FISCHER:Maimie, Mrs. (see Mamie OTIS)"FISCHER  1887‑1960  Mother

(2)  Richard L. xe "LAWSON:Richard L." LAWSON  1933‑1970
Albuta M. xe "LAWSON:Albuta M., Mrs.?" LAWSON 1932‑(no death date)

(2)  Sherman xe "BUCKBEE:Sherman" BUCKBEE  August 5, 1898‑November 14, 1968
Chartie xe "BUCKBEE:Chartie, Mrs.?" BUCKBEE  January 28, 1900‑October 10, 1970

(2)  William L. xe "FISHER:William L." FISHER  1888‑1965
Loretta xe "FISHER:Loretta, Mrs.?" FISHER  1895‑(no death date)

Thomas Jefferson Pay.... (xe "PAYNE:Thomas Jefferson" PAYNE ?) died May 31, 1872, age 3 years, 3 months, 3 days

Louise xe "REED:Louise" REED  1877‑1965

Emmett P. xe "FULL:Emmett P." FULL  February 14, 1899‑April 30, 1967

(2)  Harold J. xe "FULL:Harold J." FULL  December 26, 1907‑(no death date)
Zora V. xe "FULL:Zora V., Mrs.?" FULL  February 25, 1916‑(no death date)

Rex W. xe "KITTLE:Rex W." KITTLE  February 25, 1916‑(no death date)

(2)  Elzie xe "PALMER:Elzie" PALMER  1911‑(no death date)
Pearl J. xe "PALMER:Pearl J." PALMER  1911‑no death date

(2)  George R. xe "PATTERSON:George R." PATTERSON  1900‑1968
Lola M. xe "PATTERSON:Lola M., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1903‑1971

(Temporary marker)
Fred C. xe "WYERS:Fred C." WYERS  1913‑1977

(Temporary marker)
Frances E. xe "MC CUNE:Frances E." MC CUNE  1944‑1968

(Temporary marker)
Lenora Lea xe "ALLEN:Lenora Lea" ALLEN  1962‑1968

(Temporary marker)
____ xe "ALLEN:____" ALLEN  1963‑1968

Despert xe "STARCHER:Despert" STARCHER  1909‑1971  Husband

Sarah E. xe "STARCHER:Sarah E." STARCHER  1890‑1964

Abraham xe "STARCHER:Abraham" STARCHER  1874‑1968

xe "____:Myrtle" Myrtle (unreadable).....................  Mother

(2)  J. Elsworth xe "SWEEZY:J. Elsworth" SWEEZY 1872‑1961
Myrta M. xe "SWEEZY:Myrta M., Mrs.?" SWEEZY  1875‑1959

Addie xe "MOREHEAD:Addie" MOREHEAD xe "WEEKLEY:Addie, Mrs. (see MOREHEAD)" WEEKLEY  1868‑1936

David Burr xe "MOREHEAD:David Burr" MOREHEAD  1866‑1923

Hattie xe "THOMAS:Hattie" THOMAS xe "MOREHEAD:Hattie, Mrs. (see Hattie THOMAS)" MOREHEAD  1873‑1957

(2)  Gay L. xe "KNAPP:Gay L., (m)" KNAPP January 18, 1871‑May 30, 1922  (I.O.O.F symbol)  Father
Emma xe "KNAPP:Emma, Mrs." KNAPP  March 4, 1878‑ February 2, 1966  Mother

Lucia Fay xe "KNAPP:Lucia Fay" KNAPP  October 2, 1916‑May 27, 1935  Daughter

(2)  J. Franklin xe "LEEP:J. Franklin" LEEP  1879‑1958 Marriage July 7, 1906
Lilla F. xe "LOCKHART:Lilla F." LOCKHART xe "LEEP:Lilla F., Mrs. (see Lilla F. LOCKHART)" LEEP  1885‑1966

Rammer V. xe "HIGGINS:Rammer V. (m)" HIGGINS  1861‑1948

Jennie M. xe "HIGGINS:Jennie M., Mrs.?" HIGGINS  1864‑1954

Helen F. xe "WEEKLEY:Helen F." WEEKLEY xe "SMITH:Helen F., Mrs. (see Helen F. WEEKLY)" SMITH  1929‑1960  Mother

Virgil T. xe "WILLIAMS:Virgil T." WILLIAMS  West Virginia Pvt US ARMY World War II  December 10, 1910‑July 3, 1973

Grace Faye xe "HOUGHTON:Grace Faye" HOUGHTON  1942‑1965

(2) Dwight M. xe "ARCHER:Dwight M." ARCHER  1905‑1944 Dwight M. ARCHER  West Virginia Pvt MED DEPT ‑ World War II July 31, 1905‑June 23, 1944
Homer O. xe "ARCHER:Homer O." ARCHER  1898‑1975

(3)  William H. xe "ARCHER:William H." ARCHER 1871‑1944  Father         BACK TO INDEX
Winonia xe "ARCHER:Winonia, Mrs." ARCHER  1876‑1943  Mother
Dwight M. xe "ARCHER:Dwight M." ARCHER  1905‑1944  Son

Mary Lee xe "KNAPP:Mary Lee" KNAPP 1907‑1943 ‑ Daughter

McKendre F. xe "KNAPP:McKendre F., (m)" KNAPP  1880‑1970  Father

Mamie xe "OTIS:Mamie" OTIS xe "KNAPP:Mamie, Mrs. (see Mamie OTIS)" KNAPP 1887‑1960  Mother

(3)  Juanita xe "CROW:Juanita" CROW  1911‑1961
Edgar E. xe "CROW:Edgar E." CROW  1888‑1975
Gladys xe "CROW:Gladys" CROW  1890‑1944

(2)  C. D. "Dave" xe "COOPER:C.D."xe "COOPER:Dave" COOPER  1869‑1954
Martha E. xe "COOPER:Martha E., Mrs.?" COOPER  1879‑1970

Addie L. xe "COOPER:Addie L." COOPER  1901‑1969

(2)  W. H. "Ted" xe "SHEPHERD:W.H." xe "SHEPHERD:Ted" SHEPHERD  1887‑1953
Georgia A. xe "SHEPHERD:Georgia A., Mrs.?" SHEPHERD  1888‑1960

(3)  Walter G. xe "CASTO:Walter G." CASTO 1897‑1966
Virginia A. xe "CASTO:Virginia A., Mrs.?" CASTO  1906‑
Ralph W. xe "CASTO:Ralph W." CASTO  1938‑1958
(Three photographs on the headstone)

(2)  J. Smith xe "TAYLOR:J. Smith (m)" TAYLOR  1891‑1954
Alice F. xe "TAYLOR:Alice F., Mrs.?" TAYLOR  1893‑1951
At a distance from the above stone is:
Helen L. xe "SMITH:Helen L." SMITH 1925‑1946

Ruth xe "SMITH:Ruth" SMITH  infant

(2)  Bernard C. xe "MC GREW:Bernard C." MC GREW  1891‑1953  Father
A. Louella xe "MC GREW:A. Louella, Mrs." MC GREW  1894‑1969  Mother

Dorothy E., March 28, 1942‑June 4, 1943,  daughter of H. C. and E. B. xe "MC GREW:Dorothy E." xe "MC GREW:H.C." xe "MC GREW:E.B., Mrs." MC GREW

(2)  Virgil T. xe "WILLIAMS:Virgil T." WILLIAMS  December 10, 1910‑July 3, 1973
Golda A. xe "WILLIAMS:Golda A., Mrs.?" WILLIAMS  March 8, 1908 ‑(no death date)

Wilma & Velma xe "WILLIAMS:Wilma" xe "WILLIAMS:Velma" WILLIAMS  May 10, 1940

Betty Lue xe "WILLIAMS:Betty Lue" WILLIAMS  June 22, 1939, age 27 days

Barbara Sue xe "WILLIAMS:Barbara Sue" WILLIAMS  June 22, 1939, age 23 days

Stone, lying flat, has "F";  beyond that is "Papa" and beyond that is "Granny" ‑

little stones ‑ no names; no headstones.

(2)  Sheppard xe "KIBBLE:Sheppard" KIBBLE  February 15, 1871‑March 7, 1924
Ida M. xe "KIBBLE:Ida M., Mrs.?" KIBBLE  June 26, 1869‑September 23, 1952

Ruby Helen xe "KIBBLE:Ruby Helen" KIBBLE  January 2, 1930‑April 23, 1951

(2)  Harry C. xe "KIBBLE:Harry C." KIBBLE  September 6, 1900‑January 23, 1972
Mary A. xe "KIBBLE:Mary A., Mrs.?" KIBBLE  August 17, 1908‑(no death date)

(2)  John M. xe "CAMPBELL:John M." CAMPBELL  January 1, 1863‑August 9, 1923
Georgia xe "CAMPBELL:Georgia, Mrs.?" CAMPBELL  March 30, 1866‑August 30, 1945

Charles E. xe "CAMPBELL:Charles E." CAMPBELL  November 27, 1889‑February 28, 1930

Anna xe "CAMPBELL:Anna" CAMPBELL xe "STALNAKER:Anna, Mrs. (see Anna CAMPBELL)" STALNAKER  1895‑1958

(2)  William D. xe "CROW:William D." CROW  August 8, 1864‑November 24, 1950
Mary V. xe "CROW:Mary V., Mrs.?" CROW  February 14, 1890‑January 19, 1971

(2 Temporary markers ‑ paper inserts unreadable and in the same plot:

Gennie or Jenny xe "HUNTER:Jenny" HUNTER  1859‑1925

(2)  Homer D. xe "BEYMER:Homer D." BEYMER  1888‑1968
Ada xe "THOMPSON:Ada" THOMPSON xe "BEYMER:Ada, Mrs. (see Ada THOMPSON)" BEYMER  1889‑(no death date)

Doris Jean xe "BEYMER:Doris Jean" BEYMER 1932‑1932

(2)  Monroe xe "BOWMAN:Monroe" BOWMAN  1867‑1935
Della xe "BOWMAN:Della, Mrs.?" BOWMAN  1876‑1965

(Temporary marker)
Cale xe "MC CUNE:Cale" MC CUNE 1896‑1971

Virginia E. xe "DARLING:Virginia E." DARLING, wife of Romeo xe "GARRISON:Virginia E., Mrs. (see Virginia E. DARLING)" xe "GARRISON:Romeo" GARRISON December 5, 1915‑March 1, 1961

(Temporary plaque)
Romeo GARRISON  1889‑1964

(2)  Benjamin D. xe "BOWER:Benjamin D." BOWER  October 3, 1910‑June 2, 1975
Lydia A. xe "BOWER:Lydia A., Mrs." BOWER  April 8, 1916‑(no death date) Married February 1, 1936

(2)  Roscoe C. xe "SMITH:Roscoe C." SMITH  1890‑1975
Helen M. xe "SMITH:Helen M., Mrs.?" SMITH  1890‑1964

Roscoe C. SMITH   Pvt. US ARMY  WW I, August 27, 1890‑April 1, 1975

(2)  Paul C. xe "SMITH:Paul C." SMITH  1921‑1968  Husband
Jessie L. xe "SMITH:Jessie L., Mrs." SMITH  1919‑1969  Wife

Paul C. SMITH West Virginia Pvt. 1550  SVC Comb Unit  World War II December 6, 1921‑June 25, 1968

Ira J. xe "PRICE:Ira J." PRICE  1905‑1967  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  Irvin xe "CASTO:Irvin" CASTO  1889‑1968
Dola xe "CASTO:Dola, Mrs.?" CASTO  1898‑(unreadable)

(2) Clyde F. xe "FINCH:Clyde F." FINCH  1918‑1972
Erma G. xe "FINCH:Erma G., Mrs.?" FINCH  1936‑(no death date)

Emma C. xe "FINCH:Emma C." FINCH  1910‑1946

Elmer H. xe "FINCH:Elmer H." FINCH  1880‑1952

Elsie F. xe "FINCH:Elsie F." FINCH  1887‑1962

(2)  Amos E. xe "CAMPBELL:Amos E." CAMPBELL  1915‑(no death date)
Hazel xe "SALLAZ:Hazel" SALLAZ xe "CAMPBELL:Hazel, Mrs. (see Hazel SALLAZ)" CAMPBELL 1920‑1960

(Center stone with HUPP with no names or dates, and all around it are stones.
Directly behind it are the following three stones):
Thomas O. xe "HUPP:Thomas O." HUPP  1875‑1956
Laura E. xe "HUPP:Laura E., Mrs.?" HUPP  1886‑(no death date)
Olan D. xe "HUPP:Olan D." HUPP  1923‑1947  World War II

(below the above 3 are the following):
Donald H. xe "HUPP:Donald H." HUPP  West Virginia Pfc. 99 INF DIV  World War II
(next ‑ no last names - HUPP?)
xe "HUPP:James A." James A. 1880‑1948
xe "HUPP:Lena M., Mrs.?" Lena M. 1885‑1923
(next - no last names)
xe "HUPP:Edmond O." Edmond O.  1923‑1924
xe "HUPP:Nona G., Mrs.?" Nona G. 1921‑1921

CURREY (plot)
(The stones with no last names seem to be under CURREY. There is a headstone xe "CURREY:Paul L." xe "CURREY:Ruth W., Mrs.?" xe "CURREY:James T." xe "CURREY:Dee O., Mrs.?" CURREY, with no names or dates, and below that in the plot about 6 or 8 feet are the following in a row ‑ left to right):
Paul L. 1912‑1952
Ruth W. 1917‑1956
James T. 1890‑1965
Dee O. 1895‑1969

Harvey H. xe "CARMICHAEL:Harvey H." CARMICHAEL  1898‑1961

Addie B. xe "CARMICHAEL:Addie B." CARMICHAEL  1885‑1965

Emmet L. xe "CARMICHAEL:Emmet L." CARMICHAEL 1883‑ 1952

(Temporary plaque)
Jay Roy xe "HUNTER:Jay Roy" HUNTER  1927‑1976

(Unreadable plot marker?) - no names or dates with two stones below it in the same plot:
(Thompson? plot)
xe "THOMPSON:Clara M." Clara M.   March 1, 1891‑February 21, 1973
(separate stone)
xe "THOMPSON:Thurman L." Thurman L.  December 30, 1916‑February 22, 1917
(in the same row):
Thurman L. THOMPSON   1860‑1943

Benjamin H. xe "NAYLOR:Benjamin H." NAYLOR  1885‑1971

FINCH (plot ‑ headstone; no names or dates and below two separate stones)
Elmer H. xe "FINCH:Elmer H." FINCH  1880‑1952

Elsie F. xe "FINCH:Elsie F., Mrs.?" FINCH  1887‑1952

(in the corner of the plot):
Emma C. xe "FINCH:Emma C." FINCH  1910‑1946  Daughter

Cecil C. xe "FINCH:Cecil C." FINCH, Jr.  1937‑1939  Son

DUER (plot)
(2)  John H. xe "DUER:John H." DUER  1859‑1928
Amanda L. xe "DUER:Amanda L., Mrs.?" DUER  1862‑1946

Florence xe "DUER:Florence" DUER  1891‑1963

Leslie xe "DUER:Leslie" DUER xe "PETERSON:Leslie, Mrs. (see Leslie DUER)" PETERSON  1888‑1970

(2)  Obadiah xe "BOTT:Obadiah" BOTT  1845‑1926
Barbara xe "BOTT:Barbara, Mrs.?"BOTT  1846‑1936

(2)  Charles L. xe "KITTLE:Charles L." KITTLE  1883‑1938  (Masonic symbol)
Ada xe "BOTT:Ada" BOTT xe "KITTLE:Ada, Mrs. (see Ada BOTT)" KITTLE  1883‑1963

KITTLE  (plot)
(stone) no names or dates
(below above stone in the same plot):
C. CLaude xe "KITTLE:C. Claude" KITTLE  West Virginia  MOMM 3  USNR World War II  October 3, 1907‑November 20, 1965

(2)  Lindsey xe "THOMPSON:Lindsey" THOMPSON  1851‑1937  Father
Cemilda xe "THOMPSON:Cemilda, Mrs." THOMPSON  1855‑1933  Mother

(Temporary marker)
Harry A. xe "MILLER:Harry A." MILLER  1927‑1941 

(2)  Stansbury J. xe "BOWER:Stanbury J." BOWER  1873‑1948
Dollie xe "COLLINS:Dollie" COLLINS xe "BOWER:Dollie, Mrs. (see Dollie COLLINS)" BOWER  1876‑1967

(2)  Rebecca xe "CAMPBELL:Rebecca, Mrs.?" CAMPBELL  1888‑1958
Wilmer G. xe "CAMPBELL:Wilmer G." CAMPBELL  1870‑1948

RHODES (plot)
(2)  Marie L. xe "RHODES:Marie L., Mrs." RHODES  1922‑(no death date)
Guy D. xe "RHODES:Guy D." RHODES 1917‑1965

Dale Lee,  Infant son of Guy and Marie xe "RHODES:Dale Lee" RHODES  January 28, 1947

HILL (plot)
(2)  Etta F. HILL  1889‑1932
Martin R. HILL  1892‑1951

Georgia R. xe "HILL:Georgia R." HILL  February 22 ‑July 26, 1929

Eula O. xe "HILL:Eula O. (f)" HILL  1914‑1948

(2)  James G.  xe "CORNS:James G." CORNS  1875‑1947
Ruth A. xe "CORNS:Ruth A., Mrs.?" CORNS  1884‑1962

(2)  James G. xe "PRATT:James G." PRATT  1848‑1928  Father
Mary J. xe "PRATT:Mary J., Mrs." PRATT  1844‑1926

(2)  B. Hoyt xe "ARMSTRONG:B. Hoyt" ARMSTRONG  1856‑1925
Ellen xe "ARMSTRONG:Ellen, Mrs.?" ARMSTRONG  1870‑1961

Ernest G. xe "ARMSTRONG:Ernest G." ARMSTRONG  1900‑1947

JOHNSON (plot)
(3) Mary E. xe "BOGGESS:Mary E." BOGGESS xe "JOHNSON:Mary E., Mrs. (see Mary E. BOGGESS)" JOHNSON 1870-1925
William I. xe "JOHNSON:William I." JOHNSON  1869‑1958
Howard xe "JOHNSON:Howard" JOHNSON 1901‑1963  (Masonic symbol)

(2)  John H. xe "JOHNSON:John H." JOHNSON  1866‑1938
Grace M. xe "JOHNSON:Grace M., Mrs.?" JOHNSON  1870‑(no death date)

(2)  Howard E. xe "DYE:Howard E." DYE  1909‑1970
Nina Eora xe "DYE:Nina Eora, Mrs.?" DYE  1909‑1950

(2)  William W. xe "CUSTER:William W." CUSTER  1883‑1947
Nora B. xe "CUSTER:Nora B., Mrs.?" CUSTER  1888‑(no death date)

Thomas O. xe "SMITH:Thomas O." SMITH  1875‑1956

Lora E. xe "SMITH:Lora E." SMITH  1886‑(no death date)

Orland D. xe "SMITH:Orland D." SMITH  1929‑1947  World War II

Caroline, daughter  of Ray and Locie xe "MULLINS:Caroline" xe "MULLINS:Ray" xe "MULLINS:Locie, Mrs." MULLINS  July 15‑16,1950

Michael, son of David and Ilona xe "MULLINS:Michael" xe "MULLINS:David" xe "MULLINS:Ilona, Mrs,." MULLINS  June 18‑19, 1968

William L. xe "CURREY:William L." CURREY  1899‑1965 

(may be in the  Wilcox plot below)

WILCOX (plot)
Lena L. xe "WILCOX:Lena L., Mrs." WILCOX  1894‑1953  Mother
(same stone)
Gerald V. xe "WILCOX:Gerald V." WILCOX  1925‑1972 

Gerald V. WILCOX  West Virginia  EMP2 US NAVY  World War II ‑ Korea November 8, 1925‑May 6, 1972

(Temporary marker; in pencil is written:
Janie Rae xe "FLINN:Janeie Rae" FLINN,  died January 29, 1967 at birth

Carol xe "MULLINS:Carol, Mrs." MULLINS  March 18, 1947‑November 10, 1976  Mother

(2)  Oliver xe "SMITH:Oliver" SMITH  1909‑(no death date)
Vera xe "SMITH:Vera, Mrs.?" SMITH  1909‑1964

Eugene xe "MILLER:Eugene" MILLER  1881‑1959

Emma Alcena xe "ROBBINS:Emma Alcena" ROBBINS xe "MILLER:Emma Alcena, Mrs. (see Emma Alcena ROBBINS)" MILLER  1889‑1957

Homer R. xe "ROBBINS:Homer R." ROBBINS  1893‑1960

(2)  Dale xe "BALDERSON:Dale" BALDERSON  1921‑1975
Clara xe "BALDERSON:Clara, Mrs.?" BALDERSON  1927‑(no death date)

(2)  Clinton R.  1910‑(no death date)
Lillie J. 1909‑1968

["Jackson County Cemeteries" Vol 1 published by Jackson Co., WV Historical Society, 1981, p. 160:
xe "BOGGESS:Lillie J., Mrs.?" xe "BOGGESS:Clinton R." BOGGESS, Clinton R. 1910-1978
Lillie J. 1909-1968]

(no names or dates but down below is):
LANE -  MURRAY (plot - left to right)

Ronald H. xe "LANE:Ronald H." LANE  December 4, 1942‑September 19, 1948

Thomas B. xe "MURRAY:Thomas b." MURRAY  West Virginia Pvt. CO M 128 Infantry World War I January 2, 1887‑August 1, 1964

in a corner of the plot:

Timothy Ray xe "MURRAY:Timothy Ray" MURRAY  1959‑1961

Harley L. xe "CULVER:Harley L." CULVER  1906‑1962
at the base of the stone:
Harley L. CULVER California Pvt. US ARMY World War II  August 6, 1906‑December 21, 1962

(2)  H. Nester xe "RHODES:H. Nester" RHODES  1883‑1964
H. Louisa xe "RHODES:H. Louisa, Mrs.?" RHODES   1884‑1964

(Temporary marker)
Margaret F. xe "POOR:Margaret F." POOR  1924‑1974

Randal Allen xe "MOORE:Randal Allen" MOORE  1963‑1963

(2)  Luther C. xe "MC CAULEY:Luther C." MC CAULEY  1900‑1972
Mary F. xe "MC CAULEY:Mary F., Mrs.?" MC CAULEY  1915‑1964

(Temporary marker0
Mandy xe "ANDERSON:Mandy" ANDERSON 1886‑1961

(Temporary marker)
Albert xe "ANDERSON:Albert" ANDERSON 1875‑1963

MADEAN xe "MC CAULEY:Madean" MC CAULEY 1936‑1936

(behind the Murray‑Lane monument)
(3)  Charles G. xe "MURRAY:Charles G." MURRAY  1865‑1953  Father
Catherine xe "ATKINS:Catherine" ATKINS xe "MURRAY:Catherine, Mrs. (see Catherine ATKINS)" MURRAY  1869‑1926
Frank A. xe "MURRAY:Frank A." MURRAY  1900‑1937

(2)  P. F. "Pete" xe "BONTO:P.F. (see Pete BONTO)" xe "BONTO:Pete" BONTO  1874‑1959
Fanny J. xe "BONTO:Fanny J., Mrs.?" BONTO  1886‑1958

(next to above stone)
Catherine xe "BONTO:Catherine" BONTO  December 10, 1916‑January 1, 1929

(2)  Infant June 5, 1935
Virginia Rose  Jan 11, 1934 Daughters of Kenna and Emma xe "WEEKLEY:____ (f)" xe "WEEKLEY:Virginia Rose" xe "WEEKLEY:Kenna" xe "WEEKLEY:Emma, Mrs." WEEKLEY

(2)  Thomas L. xe "FARLEY:Thomas L." FARLEY  July 12, 1874‑October 18, 1941
Sarah C. xe "FARLEY:Sarah C., Mrs.?" FARLEY January 18, 1879‑August 1, 1957

ROBBINS  (plot)
(stone with no names or dates; next to that stone and to the left is MILLER)
(left to right)
Eugene xe "MILLER:Eugene" MILLER  1881‑1959
Emma Alcena xe "ROBBINS:Emma Alcena" ROBBINS xe "MILLER:Emma Alcena, Mrs. (see EMma Alcena ROBBINS)" MILLER 1889‑1957
Homer R. xe "ROBBINS:Homer R." ROBBINS  1893‑1960

(2)  William Arthur xe "SALLAZ:William Arthur" SALLAZ 1877‑1955  (Masonic symbol)
Rosa H. xe "SALLAZ:Rosa H., Mrs.?" SALLAZ  1879‑1971  (a star) [Eastern Star?]

Beulah xe "SALLAZ:Beulah" SALLAZ xe "MAHERS:Beulah, Mrs. (see Beulah SALLAZ)" MAHERS  1913‑1946

(2)  Maple J. xe "PERRY:Maple J., Mrs." PERRY  1909‑1949  Mother
Everett M. xe "PERRY:Everett M." PERRY  1902‑1974  Father

Carolyn Jean, daughter of John & Ollie xe "STONE:Carolyn Jean" xe "STONE:John" xe "STONE:Ollie, Mrs." STONE  1953, age 4 months

Deborah Kay xe "STONE:Deborah Kay" STONE  1957‑1959

(2)  J. Willard xe "ARCHER:J. Willard" ARCHER  May 10, 1872‑August 11, 1946
Sarah M. xe "ARCHER:Sarah M., Mrs." ARCHER  September  2, 1874‑December 23, 1961        BACK TO INDEX

(2)  G. Frank xe "STANLEY:G. Frank" STANLEY  1880‑1950
Lora L. xe "STANLEY:Lora L., Mrs.?" STANLEY  1881‑1945

(2)  Ferrel D. xe "CULVER:Ferrel, D. (m)" CULVER  1882‑1975
Amy M. xe "CULVER:Amy M., Mrs.?" CULVER  1884‑1943

(2)  Albert xe "SNYDER:Albert" SNYDER  1901‑1975
Sylvia G. xe "SNYDER:Sylvia G., Mrs.?" SNYDER 1903‑1941

(Temporary marker)
Baby xe "HUDSON:____" HUDSON 1967

Michael H. xe "ARCHER:Michael H." ARCHER  1869‑1952  Father

Sadie J. xe "ARCHER:Sadie J., Mrs.," ARCHER  1870‑1937  Mother        BACK TO INDEX

(2)  Frank xe "BALSER:Frank" BALSER  1855‑1929
Sarah E. xe "BALSER:Sarah E., Mrs.?" BALSER  1859‑1849

Iona xe "BALSER:Iona" BALSER xe "CASTO:Iona, Mrs. (see Iona BALSER)" CASTO  1878‑1945

(2)  Albert xe "MORRIS:Albert" MORRIS  1862‑1934
Elizabeth xe "MORRIS:Elizabeth, Mrs.?" MORRIS  1862‑1928

(2)  Lulu xe "BURKE:Lulu, Mrs." BURKE  1885‑(no death date)  Wife
Walter xe "BURKE:Walter" BURKE  1877‑1929

Esther Jane xe "WILSON:Esther Jane, Mrs." WILSON  1848‑1936  Mother

(2)  Pvt.  Oscar W. xe "MILLER:Oscar W." MILLER  1888‑1938
Cora A. xe "MILLER:Cora A., Mrs.?" MILLER  1900‑(no death date)

John W. xe "GIBBS:John W." GIBBS  Bm2 US Navy,  March 13, 1915‑March 18, 1975

(2)  Thomas W. xe "BARNHART:Thomas W." BARNHART  1879‑1943
Edna xe "BRADEN:Edna" BRADEN xe "BARNHART:Edna, Mrs. (see Edna BRADEN)" BARNHART  1876‑1965

(2)  John W. xe "BRADEN:John W." BRADEN  1889‑1960
Pearl xe "BRADEN:Pearl, Mrs.?" BRADEN  1900‑1941

John W. BRADEN, West Virginia Pfc. Base Hospital 214 World War I October 26, 1889‑April 7, 1960

(2)  George H. xe "BRADEN:George H." BRADEN  1895‑1957
Clara A. xe "BRADEN:Clara A., Mrs.?" BRADEN  1900‑(no death date)

George H. BRADEN  West Virginia  Pfc 3 Co. Coast Artillery World War I July 21, 1895‑March 19, 1957

Loretta A. xe "WATKINS:Loretta A., Mrs." WATKINS  1861‑1941  Mother

(2)  Ralph E. xe "NESSELROAD:Ralph E." NESSELROAD  March 19, 1907‑August 13, 1968
Delia F. xe "NESSELROAD:Della F., Mrs.?" NESSELROAD  April 5, 1904‑(no death date)
Doris Jane xe "NESSELROAD:Doris Jane" NESSELROAD  November 6, 1933  Daughter

(2)  Earnest C. xe "BENNETT:Earnest C." BENNETT  1906‑1973
Ora K. xe "BENNETT:Ora K., Mrs.?" BENNETT  1910‑(no death date)

(2)  Floyd xe "HAYNES:Floyd" HAYNES  1869‑1934
Flora xe "HAYNES:Flora, Mrs.?" HAYNES  1875‑1966

(2)  J. P. xe "HAYNES:J.P." HAYNES  1860‑1934
Margaret xe "HAYNES:Margaret, Mrs.?" HAYNES  1883‑1930

William M. xe "WEEKLEY:William M." WEEKLEY  1866‑1929

Lena xe "REBEL:Lena" REBEL xe "WEEKLEY:Lena, Mrs. (see Lena REBEL)" WEEKLEY  1867‑1935

(2)  Ross xe "RIGGS:Ross" RIGGS  1885‑1963
Mattie xe "RIGGS:Mattie, Mrs.?" RIGGS  1888‑1973

(to right of Ross and Mattie Riggs)
Hazel E. xe "GRIFFITH:Hazel E." GRIFFITH  1931‑1933

(2)  Jacob T. xe "MOREHEAD:Jacob T." MOREHEAD  1858‑1939
Amanda J. xe "MOREHEAD:Amanda J., Mrs.?" MOREHEAD  1861‑1944

Caroline Joyce xe "CORNS:Caroline Joyce" CORNS  1943‑1943 "Our baby"

(2)  Charles A. xe "MC PHERSON:Charles A." MC PHERSON  1869‑1942
Mary B. xe "MC PHERSON:Mary B." MC PHERSON  1882‑1957

Nellie xe "MC PHERSON:Nellie, Mrs." MC PHERSON  1903‑1946  Mother

Joan xe "BRANIFF:Joan" BRANIFF  1949

Annis A., daughter of Oren and Imogene xe "SMITH:Annis A. (f)" xe "SMITH:Oren" xe "SMITH:Imogene, Mrs,." SMITH 1941

(2)  Fred G. xe "LATSTETTER:Fred G." LATSTETTER  1898‑1972
Hazel G. xe "LATSTETTER:Hazel, Mrs.?" LATSTETTER  1907‑(no death date)

Billy F. xe "LATSTETTER:Billy F." LATSTETTER  August 29, 1942

(2)  Alden B. xe "STALNAKER:Alden B." STALNAKER  1869‑1945
Mary J. xe "STALNAKER:Mary J., Mrs.?" STALNAKER  1870‑1942

Ruby C. xe "STALNAKER:Ruby C." STALNAKER  1912‑1939

(Temproary marker)
Harley E. xe "STALNAKER:Harley E." STALNAKER  1903‑1972

(2)  James E. xe "WELLS:James E." WELLS   1858‑1939
Iva A. xe "WELLS:Iva A., Mrs.?" WELLS  1869‑1934

In Memory of Osa Jo. xe "WELLS:Osa Jo." WELLS  1905‑1963

(2)  Albert J. xe "CARMICHAEL:Albert J." CARMICHAEL  1887‑1969
Grace M. xe "CARMICHAEL:Grace M., Mrs.?" CARMICHAEL  1898‑ (no death date)

Hazel L. xe "CARMICHAEL:Hazel L." CARMICHAEL  1923‑1933  Daughter

Charles E. xe "CARMICHAEL:Charles E." CARMICHAEL  1930‑1932 ‑ "Baby"

HOWES (plot)
Charles L. S. xe "HOWES:Charles L.S." HOWES West Virginia Pfc., 141 INF, 36 INF DIVISION World War II March 23, 1925‑November 3, 1944

in the corner of the plot:
Thomas Franklin 1948 ‑ "Our Baby"

(2)  James L. xe "O'DELL:James L." O'DELL  1884‑1977
Mable  xe "O'DELL:Mabel, Mrs.?" O'DELL   1889‑1952

(2)  Charles R. xe "TRIBETT:Charles R." TRIBETT  1937‑(no death date)
Caroline F. xe "TRIBETT:Caroline F., Mrs." TRIBETT  1941‑1962 Married August 3, 1957

Stephen Ray xe "TRIBETT:Stephen Ray" TRIBETT  1959  Son

(2)  William E. xe "BOWER:William E." BOWER  July 4, 1906‑November 18, 1976
Arah E. xe "BOWER:Arah E., Mrs.?" BOWER  March 11, 1908‑(no death date)

(2)  William J. xe "PARRISH:William J." PARRISH  1874‑1963
Sarah B. xe "PARRISH:Sarah B., Mrs.?" PARRISH  1884‑(no death date)

(metal marker)
xe "____:Robert C." Robert C. ______ 1911‑1976 (PARISH?)

STAATS (plot)
J. Marshall xe "STAATS:J. Marshall" STAATS  1916‑1960

Lois Roberta xe "STAATS:Lois Roberta, Mrs.?" STAATS  1920‑(no death date)

MORRIS (plot)
Robert A. xe "MORRIS:Robert A." MORRIS  1924‑(no death date)

Edythe E. xe "MORRIS:Edythe E., Mrs.?" MORRIS  1917‑(no death date)

Judith Kay xe "MORRIS:Judith Kay" MORRIS  1947‑1960

(2)  Pearl W. xe "FRANKLIN:Pearl W." FRANKLIN  November 15, 1886‑March 2, 1971
Emma M. xe "FRANKLIN:Emma M." FRANKLIN  February 9, 1894‑July 27, 1970

THOMAS (plot)
(2)  Raymond N. xe "THOMAS:Raymond N." THOMAS  1902‑(no death date)
Alma B. xe "THOMAS:Alma B., Mrs.?" THOMAS  1902‑(no death date)

Clarence xe "THOMAS:Clarence" THOMAS,  January 31, 1929‑June 25, 1929

(Temporary metal marker)
Paul D. xe "BRANIFF:Paul D." BRANIFF  1939‑1963

(2)  Lee V. xe "SCOTT:Lee V." SCOTT  1894‑1962
Gatha xe "SCOTT:Gatha, Mrs.?" SCOTT  1905‑(no death date)

Lee V. SCOTT,  West Virginia Pfc., General Hospital 8  World War I February 6, 1894‑March 14, 1962

(2)  Charles S. xe "FRIEDLANDER:Charles S." FRIEDLANDER  April 5, 1887‑April 30, 1969
Carrie M. xe "FRIEDLANDER:Carrie M., Mrs.?" FRIEDLANDER  September 10, 1892‑(no death date)

Lowell Eugene xe "FINLEY:Lowell Hugene" FINLEY  1961‑1961

(2)  John Henry xe "MORRISON:John Henry" MORRISON  1900‑1966
Carrie Rebecca xe "MORRISON:Carrie Rebecca, Mrs.?" MORRISON  1901‑1975

(2)  Thomas xe "WELLS:Thomas" WELLS 1880‑1962
Della xe "WELLS:Della, Mrs.?" WELLS  1885‑1959

Lynda Gayle xe "THOMPSON:Lynda Gayle" THOMPSON  October 9, 1946‑September 12, 1960

Glen A. xe "SULLIVAN:Glen A." SULLIVAN  December 10, 1934‑March 6, 1962

(2)  Robert R. xe "CARMICHAEL:Robert R." CARMICHAEL  May 18, 1919‑December 29, 1970
Mary V. xe "CARMICHAEL:Mary V., Mrs.?" CARMICHAEL February 28, 1925

Robert R. CARMICHAEL,  West Virginia, Sgt. 9 Arty. Div. Korea May 18, 1919‑December 29, 1970

John F. xe "FOLDEN:John F." FOLDEN,  West Virginia Pfc., Medical Dept. World War I July 6, 1886‑March 7, 1963

Gary Dean xe "FOLDEN:Gary Dean" FOLDEN  March 25, 1962 ‑ "Our Baby"

(Temporary metal marker)
Virginia F. xe "BUCKNER:Virginia F." BUCKNER  1920‑1967

(2)  Glen C. xe "WELLS:Glen C." WELLS  1919‑1976  Father
Wilma L. xe "WELLS:Wilma L., Mrs.?" WELLS  1929‑(no death date) Mother

Glen C. WELLS  Tec 4,  US Army World War II,  July 3, 1919‑February 5, 1976

(Temporary marker)
Glen C. Wells,  died February 5, 1976, aged 56 years

(2)  John W. xe "GIBBS:John W." GIBBS  1915‑1975
Mary I. xe "GIBBS:Mary I., Mrs.?" GIBBS  1927‑(no death date)

John W. GIBBS  Bm 2 US Navy,  March 13, 1915‑March 18, 1975

(Temporary marker)
xe "CROW:____ (m)" CROW  infant boy  October 31, 1971

(temporary marker)
Audrey xe "DRAGOO:Audrey" DRAGOO xe "CARMICHAEL:Audrey, Mrs. (see Audrey DRAGOO)" CARMICHAEL  1896‑1977

Cindy Lea, daughter of W. F. and Carolyn xe "CARMICHAEL:Cindy Lea" xe "CARMICHAEL:W.F." xe "CARMICHAEL:Carolyn, Mrs." CARMICHAEL  Jan 8‑14, 1959

(2)  John B. xe "GORRELL:John B." GORRELL  1884‑1964
Maude M. xe "GORRELL:Maude M., Mrs.?" GORRELL  1884‑(no death date)

Stephen Arnold xe "GORRELL:Stephen Arnold" GORRELL  1912‑1936

James Granville xe "GORRELL:James Granville" GORRELL  1909‑1937
(buried next to the Gorrell's)
Ronald C. xe "DILLON:Ronald C." DILLON  1950

(2)  Squire xe "STANLEY:Squire" STANLEY  1866‑1941
Corda xe "STANLEY:Corda, Mrs.?" STANLEY  1886‑1936

PATTERSON (plot ‑ left to right)
Fernando N. xe "PATTERSON:Fernando N." PATTERSON  1879‑1935

Nancy E. xe "PATTERSON:Nancy E., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1883‑(no death date)

Lawrence J. xe "PATTERSON:Lawrence J." PATTERSON  1927‑1976

Lt. Charles F. xe "PATTERSON:Charles F." PATTERSON  1917‑1943

(2)  Romie Orville xe "STALNAKER:Romie Orville" STALNAKER  1894‑1972
Martha Jane xe "STALNAKER:Martha Jane, Mrs.?" STALNAKER  1895‑1935

Frona xe "ROLLINS:Frona" ROLLINS xe "STALNAKER:Frona, Mrs. (see Frona ROLLINS)" STALNAKER  1910‑1972

James Eugene xe "STALNAKER:James Eugene" STALNAKER  1918‑1940

(2)  James W. xe "ARCHER:James W." ARCHER  1861‑1939
Hester xe "ARCHER:Hester, Mrs." ARCHER 1869‑1955

Frederick R. xe "ARCHER:Frederick R." ARCHER  1908‑1952       BACK TO INDEX

(2)  Albert xe "GORRELL:Albert" GORRELL  1886‑1942
Lora xe "GORRELL:Lora, Mrs.?" GORRELL  1896‑(no death date)

Lora xe "GORRELL:Lora" GORRELL xe "WILLIAMS:Lora, Mrs. (see Lora GORRELL)" WILLIAMS  1895‑1976

xe "____:Van" Van (no last name) 1878‑1947
(to the right of Van):
(temporary marker)
Oma xe "DAWKINS:Oma" DAWKINS xe "BOGGESS:Oma, Mrs. (see Oma DAWKINS)" BOGGESS 1889‑1976

(3)  Elda xe "GRADY:Elda" GRADY  1887‑1958
Clair E. xe "GRADY:Clair E." GRADY  1929‑1948
Fannie E. xe "GRADY:Fannie E." GRADY  1891‑1950

Clair E. GRADY  1929‑1948

(2)  Charles M. xe "PARRISH:Charles M." PARRISH  1892‑(no death date)
Nancy Belle xe "PARRISH:Nancy Belle, Mrs.?" PARRISH  1901‑(no death date)

Morris D., 1950,  son of Noble and Corrine xe "NEELEY:Morris D.," xe "NEELEY:Noble" xe "NEELEY:Corrine, Mrs." NEELEY

(2)  L. Dean xe "WILSON:L. Dean" WILSON 1916‑1952
Betty M. xe "WILSON:Betty M., Mrs.?" WILSON  1923‑(no death date)

(2)  Charles O. xe "WILSON:Charles O." WILSON  1884‑1952
Dollie E. xe "WILSON:Dollie E., Mrs.?" WILSON  1879‑1971

(Temporary marker)
Willard G. xe "MC CAULEY:Willard G." MC CAULEY  1934‑1977

Charles C. xe "BURDETTE:Charles C." BURDETTE,  Tec 5 US ARMY,  World War II August 3, 1906‑June 22, 1976
Also temporary marker with same data

(2)  Charles C. BURDETTE  1906‑1976
Marian J. xe "BURDETTE:Marian J., Mrs.?" BURDETTE  1917‑ (no death date)

(2)  Denzil xe "WESTFALL:Denzil" WESTFALL  1913‑1975 Married July 8, 1933
Mildred xe "WESTFALL:Mildred, Mrs." WESTFALL  1915‑(no death date)

(Child's marker)
Roger Leon xe "WESTFALL:Roger Leon" WESTFALL  1938

(2)  Russell V. xe "MILLER:Russell V." MILLER  1912‑(no death date)
Erma F. xe "MILLER:Erma F., Mrs.?" MILLER  1923‑1969

Phyllis Jo xe "MILLER:Phyllis Jo" MILLER  July 14, 1947‑September 12, 1960

Claude W. xe "PICKRELL:Claude W." PICKRELL  1910‑1954  Father

Ilia May xe "PICKRELL:Ilia May, Mrs." PICKRELL  1915‑(no death date)  Mother

Wallace L. xe "HUPP:Wallace L." HUPP  Arizona A 2c, 3601 Fl Maint Sq AF June 23, 1929‑July 14, 1969

Johnny G. xe "THOMPSON:Johnny G." THOMPSON 7‑14‑1948 ‑ 10‑5‑1948

(Temporary metal marker)
Clarence Don xe "BLACK:Clarence Don" BLACK  1880‑1950

Georgia xe "BLACK:Georgia" BLACK  1931‑1947

(Temporary marker)
Florence Ann xe "BURGESS:Florence Ann" BURGESS  1905‑1976

Evelena Ann BURGESS  December 7, 1938‑December 2, 1939 ‑ "Baby"

(2)  John Wesley xe "CARDER:John Wesley" CARDER 1856‑1936
Amanda Florence xe "CARDER:Amanda Florence, Mrs.?" CARDER  1858‑(no death date)

(2)  Jacob xe "BEATY:Jacob" BEATY  1878‑1938

Stella M. xe "BEATY:Stella M., Mrs." BEATY  1884‑1975

DUER (plot)
Bruce xe "DUER:Bruce" DUER  1885‑1967  Father

Tessie F. xe "DUER:Tessie F., Mrs." DUER  1887‑1951  Mother

Catherine xe "DUER:Catherine" DUER  1918‑1976  Daughter

(2)  John M. xe "PATTERSON:John M." PATTERSON  1874‑1936
Nannie A. xe "PATTERSON:Nannie A., Mrs.?" PATTERSON  1875‑1961

(2)  Orville E. xe "WEEKLEY:Orville E." WEEKLEY  1901‑1970  Father
Orva F. xe "WEEKLEY:Orva F., Mrs." WEEKLEY 1906‑____  Mother

(2)  M. B.  "Bert"  xe "SHENEFIELD:M.B." xe "SHENEFIELD:Bert (see M.B. SHENFIELD)" SHENEFIELD  1871‑1946
Edna E. SHENEFIELD  1885‑1940

Bert L. xe "HARDESTY:Bert L." HARDESTY  1915‑1975

Evelyn xe "HARDESTY:Evelyn L, Mrs.?" HARDESTY  1915‑(no death date)

(2)  Fred C. xe "CARMICHAEL:Fred C." CARMICHAEL  1891‑1947
Beulah M. xe "CARMICHAEL:Beulah M., Mrs.,?" CARMICHAEL  1895‑(no death date)

Fred CARMICHAEL West Virginia Pfc. 314 Field Arty, 80 Div. World War I August 13, 1891‑October 30, 1947

(2)  George xe "WISEMAN:George" WISEMAN  1901‑1976
Mary H. xe "WISEMAN:Mary H., Mrs.?" WISEMAN  1906‑1957

(2)  Charles R. xe "BOSO:Charles R." BOSO  1897‑(no death date)
Dessie E. xe "CARMICHAEL:Dessie E." CARMICHAEL xe "BOSO:Dessie E., Mrs. (see Dessie E. CARMICHAEL)" BOSO 1896‑1973

(Temporary metal marker)
Doris E. xe "WELLS:Doris E." WELLS  1920‑1975

(2)  Clarence xe "SULLIVAN:Clarence" SULLIVAN  1891‑(no death date)
Vicy L. xe "SULLIVAN:Vicy L, Mrs.?" SULLIVAN  1900‑1951

(2)  Charles N. xe "STARR:Charles N." STARR  1918‑1957  Father
Olive T. xe "STARR:Olive T., Mrs.?" STARR  1922‑(no death date)

Lela Belle xe "THOMAS:Lela Belle" THOMAS  September 27, 1925‑March 26, 1941

(2)  Dewey A. xe "THOMAS:Dewey A." THOMAS  1899‑1955
Addie B. xe "THOMAS:Addie B., Mrs.?" THOMAS  1900‑(no death date)

Ethel M. xe "CURREY:Ethel M." CURREY  1895‑1945

Elizabeth K. xe "CURREY:Elizabeth K." CURREY  1922‑1937

Clinton xe "MITCHELL:Clinton" MITCHELL  West Virginia  Pfc.  General Hospital 14,  World War I April 25, 1897‑ November 22, 1957

Frederick xe "MITCHELL:Frederick" MITCHELL  1882‑1953

Mary E. xe "MITCHELL:Mary E." MITCHELL xe "MORGAN:Mary E., Mrs. (see Mary E. MITCHELL)" MORGAN  1861‑1951

(2)  Curtis Eugene xe "VANNOY:Curtis Eugene" VANNOY  1912‑1938
Faye A. xe "VANNOY:Faye A., Mrs." VANNOY  1914‑(no death date)

(2)  J. M. "Matt" xe "PICKENS:J.M." xe "PICKENS:J.M. (see Matt PICKENS)" xe "PICKENS:Matt (see J.M. PICKENS)" PICKENS  1848‑1928
Cynthia A. xe "PICKENS:Cynthia A., Mrs.?" PICKENS  1865‑1941

In Memory of Russell B. xe "PICKENS:Russell B." PICKENS  1932‑1950  Cpl. 63rd INF. 24th Army

(Temporary marker)
Blair xe "PICKENS:Blair" PICKENS, died April 29, 1974, age 73 years, 10 months, 14 days

(4)  Yancy xe "THOMAS:Yancy (m)" THOMAS  1900‑1953  Father
Grace xe "THOMAS:Grace, Mrs." THOMAS  1901‑(no death date) Mother
Dale xe "THOMAS:Dale" THOMAS  1923‑1944 Son

(at the base of the stone):
Lester D. xe "THOMAS:Lester D." THOMAS  West Virginia Pvt.,  7 INF,  3 Div May 22, 1923‑February 16, 1944

(2)  Vincent M. xe "HOUCHEN:Vincent M." HOUCHEN  1892‑1949
Rose C. xe "HOUCHEN:Rose C., Mrs.?" HOUCHEN  1889‑(no death date)

Genny or Jennie xe "GARLAND:Jennie" GARLAND,  November 11, 1849‑March 18, 1931

Clair C. xe "STANSBURY:Clair C. (m)" STANSBURY  1880‑1954

Clara Grace xe "STANSBURY:Clara Grace, Mrs.?" STANSBURY  1884‑1956

HAYNES (plot)
(3)  Stephen or Steven D. xe "HAYNES:Stephen D." HAYNES  1957
Darlene xe "HAYNES:Darlene" HAYNES  1956
Randal L. xe "JONES:Randal L." JONES  1955

(2)  Clyde F. xe "HAYNES:Clyde F." HAYNES  1898‑1973
Cozie A. xe "HAYNES:Cozie A., Mrs.?" HAYNES  1907‑1957

(3)  Oscar L. xe "THOMPSON:Oscar L." THOMPSON  1887‑1970
Maude M. xe "THOMPSON:Maude M., Mrs.?" THOMPSON  1900‑1929
Charles L. xe "THOMPSON:Charles L." THOMPSON  1924

Helen Margaret xe "HUPP:Helen Margaret" HUPP  1906‑1962

(2)  Bevan O. xe "WILCOX:Bevan O." WILCOX  1916‑1976
Trella M. xe "WILCOX:Trella M., Mrs.?" WILCOX  1919‑(no death date)

(2)  J. Spurgeon xe "WILCOX:J. Spurgeon" WILCOX  June 27, 1877‑June 1, 1958
Clara Belle xe "WILCOX:Clara Belle, Mrs.?" WILCOX  April 17, 1878‑October 29, 1963

John William xe "HALL:John William" HALL, West Virginia Pvt., 159 Railway Co. TC  World War I February 12, 1893‑September 17, 1953

(Temporary marker)
Timothy Jo xe "HOUCHEN:Timothy Jo" HOUCHEN,  Died November 16, 1964, age (cracked‑unreadable) years, (unreadable) months, 1 day

(2)  Delbert R. xe "SNYDER:Delbert R." SNYDER  January 26, 1900‑October 26, 1966
Pluma N. xe "SNYDER:Pluma N., Mrs.?" SNYDER  March 14, 1905 ‑ November 25, 1967

Wade xe "SNYDER:Wade"SNYDER,  West Virginia Pvt., Co. I 23 INF  World War II  PH November 22, 1925‑August 25, 1944

RIGGS (plot)
(2)  Charles xe "RIGGS:Charles" RIGGS  1879‑1967
Mamie xe "RIGGS:Mamie, Mrs.,?" RIGGS  1890‑1974

Clyde A. xe "RIGGS:Clyde A." RIGGS  1913‑1944

Clarence E. xe "RIGGS:Clarence E." RIGGS  1911‑1952

Luther C. xe "RIGGS:Luther C." RIGGS,  West Virginia, TEC 4,  Co. E, 150 INF,  World War II January 22, 1916‑March 21, 1970

E. Darrell xe "ARMSTRONG:E. Darrell" ARMSTRONG  1941‑1942 ‑ "Baby"

Judith Ann, daughter of O. H.& F. P. xe "HAWK:Judith Ann" xe "HAWK:O.H. (m)" xe "HAWK:F.P., Mrs." HAWK  August 23, 1938

(2)  Charles E. xe "MOREHEAD:Charles E." MOREHEAD  1869‑1961
Margaret Ann xe "MOREHEAD:Margaret Ann, Mrs.?" MOREHEAD  1872‑1940

Oby xe "MOREHEAD:Oby" MOREHEAD  1891‑1964

Gracie xe "SMITH:Gracie" SMITH  1901‑1949

(2)  Thomas xe "GIBBONS:Thomas" GIBBONS  1877‑1967
Nettie xe "GIBBONS:Nettie, Mrs.?" GIBBONS  1880‑(no death date)

(Temporary metal marker)
(2) James R. xe "BLAKE:James R." BLAKE  1953‑1956
(behind and scratched into the metal marker):
Timmy xe "BLAKE:Timmy" BLAKE

(2)  Stewart C. xe "PICKENS:Stewart C." PICKENS 1897‑1955
Golda K. xe "PICKENS:Golda K., Mrs.?" PICKENS  1915‑1975

Walter H. xe "MOREHEAD:Walter H." MOREHEAD  West Virginia Cpl., 1082 Sp  Rept  Sq. AF September 23, 1930‑October 30, 1953

(Temporary Marker)
Mattie xe "MADDOX:Mattie" MADDOX xe "MOREHEAD:Mattie, Mrs. (see Mattie MADDOX)" MOREHEAD,died January 2, 1976, age 76 years, 4 months, 1 day

(Temporary marker ‑ not readable)
Mae E. xe "LOTT:Mae E." LOTT  1933‑1949

(2)  Thomas L. xe "BENSON:Thomas L." BENSON  May 16, 1880‑October 28, 1955
Emma F. xe "BENSON:Emma F., Mrs.?" BENSON June 20, 1880‑April 13, 1956

Michael Ray xe "PICKENS:Michael Ray" PICKENS February 23, 1955‑December 19, 1972 (photo of Michael on stone)

Carlos M. xe "JONES:Carlos M." JONES,  Pvt., US ARMY,  World War II 1919‑1975

(a plaque or screw holes for the names, but they are not in yet)

SHAMBLIN  no names or dates.

(3)  William A. xe "RIGGS:William A." RIGGS  1902‑(no death date)
Wilma xe "RIGGS:Wilma, Mrs.?" RIGGS  1912‑(no death date)
William O. xe "RIGGS:William O." RIGGS  1931‑1959

(Temporary metal marker)
Deborah Ann xe "THOMPSON:Deborah Ann" THOMPSON  1958‑1959

Owens Okey  xe "WINTER:Owens Okey" WINTER  Pvt., US ARMY, World War I  1897‑1975

Patricia Ann xe "BURNEM:Patricia Ann" BURNEM  May 17‑June 13, 1971

Denny Lee xe "WILCOX:Denny Lee" WILCOX,  West Virginia Pvt., US Army, March 31, 1942‑September 12, 1973

Denver C. xe "WILCOX:Denver C." WILCOX 1910‑(no death date)

Delma P.  xe "WILCOX:Delma P., Mrs.?" WILCOX  1921‑1973

Rosa Lee xe "BURROUGHS:Rosa Lee" BURROUGHS  February 18, 1891‑March 24, 1975  "Mom"

(2)  Howard xe "HAYNES:Howard" HAYNES  1900‑1975
Sybel xe "HAYNES:Sybel, Mrs." HAYNES 1909‑(no death date) United [i.e. married] November 9, 1929

Jermin B. xe "PICKENS:Jermin B." PICKENS  1898‑1965

P. Ethel xe "PICKENS:P. Ethel, Mrs.?" PICKENS  1900‑(no death date)

(2)  Noel H. xe "LOCKHART:Noel H." LOCKHART  March 8, 1900‑(no death date)
Ida May xe "LOCKHART:Ida May, Mrs.?" LOCKHART  April 28, 1910‑(no death date)

James Darrell xe "LOCKHART:James Darrell" LOCKHART  December 15, 1971‑April 25, 1972

Carol xe "MC KINNEY:Carol, Mrs." MC KINNEY  1942‑1975 ‑ "Wife and Mother"

(2)  Carl W. xe "HARBIN:Carl W." HARBIN  1917‑(no death date)
Gertrude M. xe "HARBIN:Gertrude M., Mrs.?" HARBIN  1921‑(no death date)

Delbert F. "Bud"  xe "RIFFLE:Delbert F., Jr." xe "RIFFLE:Bud (see Delbert F. RIFFLE, Jr.)" RIFFLE, Jr.  April 27, 1939‑June  7, 1975

(2)  Rev. Lawrence C. xe "MORRIS:Lawrence C., Rev." MORRIS  1898‑(no death date)
Lillian Ruth  xe "MORRIS:Lillian Ruth, Mrs.?" MORRIS 1898‑1975