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Red Brush Cemetery

Location: Leave Interstate 77 at Medina Exit; South on County Road #1, 1.7 miles from Medina; turn Right and cross Nessel road creek over bridge; at first fork bear Right and follow road .3 mile until you reach next fork; bear Left on County Road #10, which follows Red Brush Run on left of road. The cemetery is .7 mile from second fork, on the Right. The cemetery tombstones are visible in clearing from the road. The road is impassable if wet.


The cemetery readings below are a cumulation of four sources, as described below, covering the period 1977 to 1980 by three researchers. Because the cemetery was never cleared of brush before the readings, there is no guarantee that the readings are complete. The cemetery was not associated with any church and so has suffered from neglect complicated by the fact the dirt road makes access difficult.


(by George W. Archer)

Surnames in upper case: No stone

y = year   m = month   d = days


Material NOT in parenthesis was on the stone itself.

Data in parenthesis ("added info:") is provided by the sources cited at the end of each each piece of data.

Because the stones were read by two or three different people, I've added all the codes of the editors who provided the data. Where there was conflicting or different data read from the stone, that information is listed on a separate line or separate entry with the editor's code appended to the line. Readings can vary due to light conditions, weathering of stones over the years, typographical errors or errors in interpretation of script on stones, and degree of access afforded by vegetation.

Tombstone reading is hard work, and these are some of the conditions that affect the accuracy of tombstone reading. To be sure, go read the stone yourself. Good luck. This cemetery is very challenging, almost daring a would-be visitor to risk the perils of muddy roads, snakes, chiggers, and ticks. Go in April. Mud is preferable to the other perils, and the underbrush will be manageable, dead from the winter frost. Park in the flat land before crossing the bridge where the County Road 10 starts climbing up and out of sight into the woods. Hike in; it's only .7 mile. Four-wheel drive vehicles recommended after a Spring rain.

Sources: (Those reading the stones)

1. George W. Archer (Simon, Stephen, Stephen, Nathan, James, Patrick) Reading: July 4, 1977

2. "Jackson County Cemeteries," Vol 1, publ by the Jackson Co., (WV) Historical Society, 1981, pp. 210-211. Reading: date unknown.

3. Grant District Cemeteries - "Tombstone Inscriptions and Genealogical Information, Jackson County, WV," compiled by Carolyn Thomas Miihlbach, Rt 3, Box 152, Ravenswood, WV, 26164, 1984 (Reading: Fall, 1980)

4. Ross Love Lincicome surname researcher
5636 Longrifle Rd
Westerville, OH 43081-5213

Violating my own advice , I am listing the stones listed below in alphabetical order by surname to aid finding the names in this list and because the four sources followed different styles in publishing their original data. The added data will help establish relationships that are lost by listing in alphabetical order.




Henry ARCHER (Joseph, James, Patrick)

22 Jul 1824 Monroe Co, OH

27 Dec 1905 (4)

(added info: No Stone. Dates and burial from Ira Fletcher Archer, son of Henry and Hulda and quoted by Catherine Fedorchak in her "Monroe Co. Ohio Records," Vol 6, p. 104.) (1)


Hulda Archer

3 Jan 1826

10 Sep 1904

(Added info: No stone; Wife of Henry Archer (4) Maiden name: Hulda Harris, daughter of Stephen Harris and Mary Headley. (1) from Mary (Swann) Archer from her father, Cornelius (Michael, Joseph, James, Patrick) and from Ira Fletcher Archer. Dates and burial from Ira Fletcher Archer, son of Henry and Hulda and quoted by Catherine Fedorchak in her "Monroe Co. Ohio Records," Vol 6, p. 104) (1)


Albert Archer (Henry, Joseph, James, Patrick)

Died Dec 9, 1892

age 36 y, 4 mo. (1)

(added info: 

9 Aug 1856, East Union, Noble Co., OH 

9 Dec 1892 Red Brush Cem, Jackson Co, WV) 

(4) md. Cynthia Ann Archer (Martin, Michael, Joseph, James, Patrick).) 

(1)Elsie ARCHER

(added info: No stone; daughter of Albert Archer and Cynthia Ann Archer.

(3) from Glen Van Fossen.)

Esau Archer (Henry, Joseph, James, Patrick)

Co. G. 176th Ohio Inf. (1)

(added info:

1 Sep 1843


(Added info:

Son of Henry and Hulda Archer (1)

1 Sep 1843-Feb 21, 1883, md. Jane Morris) (3)

R. F. Archer (Henry, Joseph, James, Patrick)

Died Aug 9, 1890

Aged 31 y, 10 m, 7 da. (1)

(added info:

Richmond F. Archer

9 Oct 1859 Noble Co, OH

9 Aug 1890 Jackson Co, WV

Son of Henry and Hulda Archer) (4)

Harry, son of R .F. and M. C. Archer (Richmond, Henry, Joseph, James, Patrick)

Born May 26, 1890

Died Mar 30, 1900 (1)


Peter Archer (James, Joseph, James, Patrick)

16 May 1838

Co. G. 176th Ohio Reg. Inf. (1)

(Added info on Peter: d. by 22 March 1920. (1) from Jackson Co., WV Wills.)


Jane Archer (Jacob, James, James, Patrick)

17 Aug 1840

1 Jan 1916

(Wife of Peter Archer) (4)

Columbia Archer (Peter, James, Joseph, James, Patrick)

Dau. of P & J. Archer

Died Sep 13, 1882

Age 10 y, 1 mo, 3 da. (1)


(added info: No stone; infant son of James Willlard Archer and Sarah Margaret Lockhart. (3) from "The Derenberger Family" p. 176 by Wes Cochran and from Jackson Co., birth Records)


Stephen ARCHER (Stephen, Nathan, James, Patrick)

(added info: No stone. He is probably buried here according to his grandchildren, but there is no hard evidence. He was born in Noble Co., OH c. 1854; died ca. Jan 1884 in Jackson. Two of his three children Margaret and Simon were born in Meadowdale and Sandyville. (1) Martha Barnhart Baker (added info: Probably buried here; wife of Sylvanus Baker. (3) from H. D. Somerville, deceased.)


(added info: No stone; died Aug 2, 1941, aged 100 y, 1 m, 27 d. Son of Sylvanus and Martah (Barnhart) Baker. (3) from Mary (Williams) McBride and Jackson Co., Court Records.)



(added info: No stone. Daughter of Alfred and Miranda (Archer) Archer, wife of Sylvanus Baker; d. c. 1935. (3) from Pearl (Thompson) Alexander.)


William E. Barnhart

died April 20, 1884

aged 21 y, 8 m., 16 d

(Added info: son of S. Rezin and Sarah E. (Powers) Barnhart (2) or son of Recyrus or Reeson Barnhart. (3)) Kisziar Angline Barnhart Dec 30, 1862- mar 30, 1900 wife of H .L. Barnhart (Stone buried under several inches of dirt. (3))



(added info: No stone. d. 1886. daughter of William Zane and Mary (Hayward) Powers; wife of Recyrus Barnhart. (3) from H.D. Somerville, deceased)


Freeland BARNART

(added info: No stone. d. 1889. son of William Zane and Mary (Hayward) Powers. (3) from H. D. Somerville, deceased)


George M. Black

May 14, 1855 - 21 Mar 1916

son of Robert A and Catharine Black (2)

(added info: he md. Elizabeth J. Lemaster - from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)


Elizabeth Jane BLACK

(added info: No stone; 1859-1929, daughter of Septamus and Mary

(Thompson) Lemaster, wife of George Black.(3) from Walter Leamaster.


William A. Blair

d. May 14, 1891,

aged 19 y, 10 m., 13 d. (2)

Lillian A. Blair

died May 11, 1891

aged 19 7, 10 m, 16 d

(added info daughter of Milton Y and Mollie Blair. (3) from Leonard Naylor)


Gussie C. Britton

Mar 2, 1906- Dec 4, 1915

son of J.W. and K.F. Britton (3)

Valentine Cooper

Feb 11, 1847 - (2)

(added info: d. Sep 1, 1940,aged94 y, 7 m (son of Joseph and Kathryn (Simons) Cooper - from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)


Jane Ellen Cooper

Sep 12, 1845-July 17, 1917

Wife of Valentine Cooper (2)

(added info: daughter of Thomas Hart - (3) from death certificate.)


Infant CORNS

(added info: No stone; infant child of James and Ruth (Miller) Corns. (3) from Richard Corns.)


(In a group, left to right)

William Grandon Melissa Grandon

Died June 29, 1897 Born Oct 7, 1822

aged 74 y, 6 m. 9 d. (1) Died Apr 11, 1901 (1)


Stephen HARRIS

(added info: No stone; d. aged 90 y.

(3) from Catherine Fedorchak "Monroe Co. Ohio Records.")

Joseph A. Hayward

1788-1853 (2) (3)

Ann D. Haywayrd

1791-1869 (3)

Wife of Joseph A. Hayward (2)

Susan Hill

1816- Oct __1890

wife of Holmes Hiill

(added info: maiden name: McDonald (3) from H.D. Somerville, deceased.)

James E. Howell

1854-1912 (2) (3)

Margaret JOHNS

(added info: No stone; born c. 1835; maiden name: Nesselroad; md. 1. Ellis Corns; 2. Kinsey Johns. (3) from Richard Corns and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Wilbur G. Lemaster

d. June 19, 1901

aged 28 y, 4 d. (2)


Levi Lincicome

1840-1912 (1)

(added info:

26 JAN 1840 Union Twp, Monroe Co, OH

25 DEC 1912 Marietta, Washington Co, OH

27 DEC 1912 Medina, Jackson Co, WV (4))

Geraldine Lincicome

1843-1912 (1)

(Added info:

1 JUN 1843 Seneca Twp, Monroe Co, OH

24 MAR 1912 Jackson Co, WV (4)

(Wife of Levi Lincicome; maiden name: Geraldine Amelia McKee) (4)

Albert F. Lincicome

son of L. & J. Linciome

died Dec 7, 1881

age 21 y, 10 d. (1)

(Added info:

27 Nov 1860 Noble Co, OH

7 Dec 1881 (4)

(Son of Levi and Geraldine Lincicome))

William H. Lincicome

1864-1917 (3)

(added info:

14 Jun 1864 Noble Co, OH

5 Dec 1917 Belle Plaine, IA

William Henry Lincicome, son of Levi and Geraldine Lincicome) (4)

Ettie J. Lincicome


and infant daughter

(added info:

8 Dec 1867 Camp Point, IL

30 Jun 1902 childbirth

(Etta Jane Conner, wife of William Henry Lincicome) (4)

Ormand D. Lincicome


Son of W.H. and E. Lincicome (3)

Martin Lincicome

Jan. 15, 1969 -June 1 1885 (3)

(added info:

15 Jan 1869 Noble Co, OH

1 Jun 1885

Son of Levi and Geraldine Lincicome) (4)

Laura B. Lincicome

(daughter of) L. &. J. Lincicome

Died Oct 29, 1880

Age 5 mo, 18 d. (1)

(Added info:

11 May 1880 Jackson Co, WV

29 Oct 1880

Daughter of Levi and Geraldine Lincicome) (4)

James Swazy Lincicome

(added info:

18 Nov 1862, Noble Co., OH

25 Dec 1925, Ravenswood, Jackson Co. WV

Originally buried in Red Brush Cem, Jackson CO., but moved to Ravenswood Cem, Ravenswood, WV

Son of Levi and Geraldine Lincicome) (1)


(added info: No stone; July 3, 1894- July 30, 1922, daughter of James Swazy Lincicome and Amanda Keenan. She never married.

(3) from death certificate.

Jackson Co., WV deaths, p. 89, recorded her death as Jul 30, 1921,

age 28 y, 27 d in Grant District) (1).

Levi Y. Lincicome

Aug 13, 1896

14 Feb 1901

son of W.F. and M.M. Lincicome (2)

(added info: son of Winfield Lincicome and Mary Weekley; grandson of Levi and Geraldine Lincicome.)


(added info: No stone. Died Dec 13, 1916, aged 21 y. Daughter of

Nathan and Effie (Logston) McBride, wife of Ira Lincicome.

(3) from Mary (Williams) McBride.)



A.D. McElfresh

19 Sep, 1876-Dec 6, 1901

(added info: he md. Gertrude Rollif - from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)

Cyrus McElfresh

Apr 24, 1899-Jan 28, 1900

son of A.D. and A. McElfresh (3)

Joseph N. McKee

May 22, 1866-Dec 13, 1878

son of H. and M.A. McKee (2) (3)


June 18, 1890

Infant of H.H. and M.A. McKee (3)

George F. McKee

Oct 11, 1853- Mar 1, 1875 (3)

(added info: Son of Henry and Mary Ann (Redin) McKee) (3)

Mary A. McKee

Apr 11, 1824- Mar 8, 1882 (3)

(added info: daughter of Joseph and Sarah Redin; md. 1. Samuel Furnice; md. 2. Henry Martin McKee) (3)

Martha E. McKee

Aug 4, 1859 - Dec 12, 1875

dau of H. and M.A. McKee (2)

Henry McKee

died April 18, 1901

aged 83 y, 9 m., 27 d. (2) (3)

(added info: son of Jabish and Alcena McKee.) (3)

Gertrude McKEE

(added info: No stone. Feb 27, 1891-Mar 1, 1920, daughter of William and Laura (Read) Hickes; wife of Dempsey McKee. (3) from Marie (McKee) Taylor and from Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Ernest C. Miller

Nov 7, 1903- May 5, 1927 (2)

(added info: son of Albert and R. Miller from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)

George Miller

May 22, 1827- July 6, 1907

Co. G. 18th Ohio Vol. Inf Civil War (2) (3)

Infant Murrey

born and died Aug 3, 1895 (2)

born and died Aug 2, 1895 (3)

(child of) Grant and Louisa Murrey (2)

M.H. Murrey

died Feb. 22, 1906

aged 45 y, 2 m, 3 d

(added info: son of James L. and Margaret (Sill) Murrey. He md. Martha Mallet. (3) from Emma (Walters) Murrey.)

Isaac Morrison

died May 29, 1901

aged 35 years (2) (3)

(added info: son of Joseph A. and Margaret Morrison. He md. Anna Archer - from Jackson Co., Court and US Census Records.) (3).

Anna Archer, possibly Rebecca Anna, dau of George and Lucinda E. (Johns) Archer (Elisha, James, Joseph, James, Patrick).) (1)

J. A. Morrison

died July 19, 1890,

aged 57 y, 11 m, 7 d. (2) (3)

Margaret Morrison

Nov 22, 1831 - May 5, 1912

Wife of J.A. Morrison (2) (3)

(added info: maiden name: Bates - from Jackson Co., Court Records.) (3)

Hannah S. Morrison

died July 2, 1884 (2) (Jul 21 (3))

aged 17 y, 4 m., 24 d. (2)

aged 18 y, 4 m., 24 d. (3)

(added info: daughter of Joseph A. and Margaret Morrison. (3) from US censuses, Jackson Co, WV 1850-1910.)

Winnie L. Naylor

died Nov 19, 1900

aged 2 y, 5 m, 17 d.

daughter of George C. and Rebeca Naylor (2)


Willie Naylor

died Nov 19, 1900

aged 21 y, 5 m, 17 d.

daughter of G.G. and R.J. Naylor (3)

George Naylor (or George G. Naylor (3)

Aug 16, 1849- June 29, 1914 (2)

Mollie Naylor

died Jan 18, 1888

aged 39 y, 3 m, 7y d

first wife of G.C. Naylor (2)


Mollie I. Naylor

died Jan 18, 1888

aged 39 y, 7 m, 3 d,

(2nd wife of G. G. Naylor; she md. 1. Milton Y Blair; 2. Thomas McGuigan. (3) from Leonard Naylor.)


Rebecca J. Naylor

died Sept. 3, 1903 (?)

aged 33y, 3 m

second wife of G. C. Naylor (2)


Rebecca J. Naylor

died Dec 3, 1883

aged 31 y, 3 m

wife of G.G. Naylor

(added info: maiden name: Thomas. (3) from Leonard Naylor.)

Helen Naylor

Feb 12, 1856- Dec. 9, 1891

(added info:

or Feb 12, 1836-Dec 9, 1881 (3).

Daughter of James M. Ward; wife of D.E. Naylor (2)

Thomas Naylor


son of David E. Naylor

(added info: his mother was Caroline Derenbeger. (3) from "The Derenberger Family" by Wes Cochran.)


(added info: No Stone; d. Oct 22, 1904, aged 65 y. (3) from Pearl (Thompson) Alexander and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Caroline NAYLOR

(added info: No stone; daughter of Hannibal and Rebecca Susanna

(Full) Derenberger.

(3) from Pearl (Thompson) Alexander and "The Derenberger Family" by Wes Cochran.)


(added info: No stone; 1853-May 2, 1920, born. PA, son of John and Sarah (Cope) Naylor. He never married.

(3) from Norene (Beymer) Moore and Leonard Naylor.)

William C. Powers

Cpl., Co., I, 11th W. Va. Inf, Civil War

(Added info:

Born ca. 1820; md. Mary A. Hayward 16 Apr 1840. (2)

W.Z. Powers born c. 1819-May 1877; md. Mary Adeline Hayward.

(3) from H.D. Somerville, deceased).

Martha ann Bell POWERS

(added info: No stone; May 1852-1903; third wife of Bloomfield Powers. (3) from Jackson Co, Census 1850-1910 and H.D. Somville, deceased).

Clara M. (Naylor) Sallaz


daughter of George C. and Mollie Naylor

wife of W.M. Sallaz (2) (3)

Charles Spear

1867-1936 (2)

(added info: son of Nehemiah and Lucinda Spear. (3) from Jackson Co., WV US Census 1850-1910.)

Flora Spear

1875- (2)

(added info: died Nov 23, 1954, daughter of Frank and Sarah (McGrail)

Stanley. (3) from obituaries.)

Rosie M. Spear

Juen 1, 1872- Sept. 10, 1895

daughter of G.C. Naylor

wife of Charles Spear (2)

Marie Belle Smith

June 10, 1913- March 5, 1915

daughter of H. and E.R. Smith (2) (3)


(added info: No stone;

daughter of Recyrus and Sarah (Powers) Barnhart; wife of Alexander Starr. She killed two of her children with a knife and then took her own life. Died June 16, 1908, aged 40 y, 2 m, 15 d. (3) from H.D. Somerville and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Infant STARR

(added info: No stone;

daughter of Alexander and and Allie (Barnhart) Starr; died June 16, 1908. (3) from H.D. Somerville and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Gustie STAR

(added info: No stone; daughter of Alexander and and Allie (Barnhart) Starr; died June 16, 1908, age 3 y, 2 m. (3) from H.D. Somerville and Jackson Co., Court Records.)

Joseph A. Summerville

died May 1835

aged 3 y, 9 m

son of James Summerville (2)


Joseph A. Summerville

died Mar 5, 1855

aged 3 y, 6 m

(added info: son of John and Eliza Jane (Hayward) Summerville; he died of diptheria. (3) from H.D. Somerville (deceased).)

Henry F. Summerville

died March 5, 1855

aged 1 y, 7 m

(added info: son of James Summerville. (2)

Son of John and Eliza Jane (Hayward) Summerville; he died of diptheria. (3) from H.D. Somerville (deceased).)

Maude M. Thompson


wife of Oscar L. Thompson (2) (3)

(added info: daugther of Charles and Flora (Stanley) Spear).

(3) from Mary (Williams) McBride.)

Charles L. Thompson

July 19, 1924- (2)

(added info: son of Oscar and Maude (Spear) Thompson.) (3)

Herbert L. Thompson

July 16, 1896-23 May 1913 (2) (3)

(added info:

son of Lindsey and Cemilda (Sill) Thompson.) (3)

George Parker Thompson

died Oct 12, 1895

aged 17 y, 3 m, 26 d

son of Lindsey and Cemilda (Sill) Thompson) (2) (3)

Eva Thompson

Feb 26, 1885-Feb 5, 1886

daughter of Lindsey and Cemilda (Sill) Thompson) (2) (3)

Phrone L. Thompson

Feb 18,1899- June 3, 1920

(added inf: daughter of Bob and Sereptic Stewart. (3) from Mary (Williams) McBride.)

Jessie Thompson

June 3, 1920-June 20, 1920

(added info: daughter of Bert and Phrona (Stewart) Thompson.) (3)

Josephine Thompson

June 3, 1920

(added info: daughter of Bert and Phrona (Stewart) Thompson.) (3)

A. Walters

1829-1899 (2) (3)

Lucinda Walters


wife of A. Walters (2) (3)

Bertha Weekley

Dau of A. & L. Weekley

Died Oct 9, 1892

Age 1 y, 5 m, 13 d. (1) (3)

Wyoma Young

May 20, 1912 - April 30, 1913

daughter of G. P and B.A. Young (2) (3)

Ada Young

May 7, 1908- April 20, 1909

daughter of G. P. and B. A. Young (2) (3)












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