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Joseph Archer
Michael Archer
Simon Archer
Jacob Archer
Elizabeth Archer
Mary Archer
Nancy Archer
From 1861 to 1934
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Patrick Archer born c. 1717, Ireland
died c. 1793, Greene or Washington County, Pennsylvania
Married (unknown)

Patrick's Irish origins and ancestry remain unknown.

Oral tradition records Patrick's arrival in America with a brother (name unknown) who settled in the Baltimore, Maryland area. 

Patrick first appears in America in 1759 in Frederick County, Maryland court records as a debtor and last appears in 1793 as a witness to a deed by his son James in 1793 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Patrick was a staunch Irish Catholic, and his children married German or Irish Catholics. This makes this family unique in being the only pre-Revolutionary Archer family that was Catholic there by making it easier to identify them and to differentiate them from the two other Archer lines who were "Scotch-Irish" Protestants living in the same area of Greene/Washington Counties, Pennsylvania.

Patrick's children began marrying Protestants fairly early in the Second Generation, the earliest being about 1806.

The Catholic Archers today are concentrated mostly in Noble County, Ohio being descendants of James (of Patrick) whereas the other descendants lines of Patrick are mostly Protestant.


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