Cemetery Readings Made in the Summers of 1977 and 1978

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No. 43  Staats Cemetery ‑ (aka Klondike Cemetery) (Ravenswood Dist.)
No. 44 ‑ Simpson Church M.E.  1920 (Grant Dist.)
No. 45  Temperance Chapel Cemetery (aka Cavin Fork Church) (Grant Dist.)
No. 46  ‑ Boso Cemetery (aka Cross Cemetery, according to Mrs. Rawson.) (Grant Dist.)
No. 47  ‑ Rawson Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
No. 48  Vanhorn Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
No. 49  Chapel Hill Cemetery  (Grant Dist.)
No. 50  Logston Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
No. 51 ‑ Jordan Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
No. 52 ‑ Willowdale Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
No. 53 ‑  Mt. Zion Church Cemetery. (Grant Dist.)
No. 54 ‑ Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, 1889 (Grant Dist.)
No. 55 ‑ Morehouse Cemetery (aka Blackmore Cemetery) (Grant Dist.)
No. 56 ‑ Staats Cemetery (Grant Dist.)
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*Cemetery No. 43  Staats Cemetery ‑ (aka Klondike Cemetery) (Ravenswood Dist.)

Location: From Wilding go north on WV Rt. 3, 2 miles. Cemetery is on the left side of the road.

Condition: Fenced, slightly overgrown.

(2)  Adam xe "STAATS:Adam" STAATS  February 3, 1853‑January 11, 1931
Mary J. xe "STAATS:Mary J., Mrs." STAATS  March 29, 1857‑January 17, 1931 Wife

(next to Adam and Mary Staats)
(2)  Rosa B., daughter of A. & M. J. xe "STAATS:Rosa B." xe "STAATS:A. (see Adam STAATS)" xe "STAATS:M.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary J. STAATS)" STAATS born August 6, 1891‑September 7, 1912
In Memory of Edward C. xe "STAATS:Edward C." STAATS  1882‑1949

(next to Edward C. Staats)
Nancy C. xe "STAATS:Nancy C., Mrs.?" STAATS  1884‑1933

There are other graves, but they are not marked.











*Cemetery No. 44 ‑ Simpson Church M.E.  1920 (Grant Dist.)

Location: The cemetery is located in Jackson Co., just over the Wood Co. line. From Beattysville on WV Co., Rt. 1 go north .5 mile. The cemetery is on the left side of the road and northeast of the church.

Condition: Fenced, mowed, in good rows.

(2)  Jacob xe "BROWN:Jacob" BROWN  1859‑(no death date)
Mary A. xe "BROWN:Mary A., Mrs." BROWN  1863‑1927 Wife

Lora B. xe "CALTRIDER:Lora B." CALTRIDER  October 12, 1871‑January 14, 1921

Oscar xe "MOORE:Oscar" MOORE  Pvt. Co. G  46th INF  Camp Sheridan, Ala. born August 17, 1894; departed this life April 11, 1925,  age 30 years, 7 months, 24 days

Nancy, wife of Charlie xe "STALLINGS:Nancy, Mrs." STALLINGS  August 6, 1865‑November 4, 1917

Charlie xe "STALLINGS:Charlie" STALLINGS  1867‑1937

George W. xe "STALLINGS:George W." STALLINGS  October 27, 1861‑January 16, 1915

Lena, daughter of W. D. & P. G. xe "SANDS:Lena" xe "SANDS:W.D. (m)" xe "SANDS:P.G., Mrs." SANDS  July 17, 1892

Clyde B. xe "FRANKLIN:Clyde B." FRANKLIN  1913‑1919

Ireta, daughter of J. C. & L. M. xe "HARTLEY:Ireta (f)" xe "HARTLEY:J.C. (m)" xe "HARTLEY:L.M., Mrs." HARTLEY  September 26 ‑ 28, 1913

John H. xe "BEATY:John H." BEATY, born July 6, 1871; Died January 5, 1904

James B. xe "BEATY:James B." BEATY July 2, 1852, aged 39 years, 5 months, 8 days

(2)  William xe "STALLINGS:William" STALLINGS  December 16, 1838‑September 12, 1917
Matilda J. xe "STALLINGS:Matilda J., Mrs." STALLINGS  August 25, 1841‑August 17, 1913  Wife

John M. xe "STALLINGS:John M." STALLINGS,  died February 7, 1888, age 4 years, 5 months, 6 days

Campcedelle, wife of G. W. xe "STALLINGS:G.W. (m)" xe "STALLINGS:Campcedelle, Mrs. (f)" STALLINGS, died September 10, 1889, age 21 years, 9 months, 4 days

Infant Son of Charlie & N. E. xe "STALLINGS:____ (m)" xe "STALLINGS:Charlie" xe "STALLINGS:N.E., Mrs." STALLINGS,  born/died January 8, 1891

Infant Son of G. W. and L. J. xe "FRANKLIN:____(m)" xe "FRANKLIN:G.W. (m)" xe "FRANKLIN:L.J., Mrs." FRANKLIN,  died July 23, 1891

Cpl. William xe "BURDETTE:William" BURDETTE  Co. C  92nd Ohio INF

Lonnie B. xe "BURDETT:Lonnie B." BURDETT  1868‑1940

Mary, wife of William xe "BURDETTE:William" xe "BURDETTE:Mary, Mrs." BURDETTE  November 18, 1826‑April 29, 1895, age 68 years, 5 months, 11 days

William BURDETT  January 17, 1819‑November 30, 1904

(fallen stone)
Eleanor xe "COEN:Eleanor" COEN  February 7, 1828‑July 26, 1904  fallen stone

(next to Eleanor Coen)
Isaiah xe "COEN:Isiah" COEN  born July 25, 1823; died November 9, 1894

(next to Isiah Coen)
W. C. xe "COEN:W.C." COEN, born  April 10, 1849; died August 5, 1896

Alexander xe "COEN:Alexander" COEN  November 13, 1845‑October 17, 1883

Lelah Mae, daughter of I. P. & F. M. xe "HARTLEY:Lelah Mae" HARTLEY January 24, 1908‑March 17, 1908

Elsie O., daughter of I. P. & E. M. xe "HARTLEY:Elsie O." xe "HARTLEY:I.P. (m)" xe "HARTLEY:E.M., Mrs." HARTLEY January 11, 1886‑April 19, 1916

Ary A. xe "HOLLIDAY:Ary A." HOLLIDAY,  born April 2, 1870; died December 25, 1899 age 29 years, 8 months, 23 days

N. E. xe "DILLON:N.E." DILLON,  died December 10, 1897 age 22 years, 6 months, 27 days

(2)  Martin L. xe "DILLON:Martin L." DILLON  1836‑1909
Rebecca J. xe "DILLON:Rebecca J., Mrs." DILLON  1845‑1918 Wife

Raymond E., son of A. & E. A. xe "MORRIS:Raymond E." xe "MORRIS:A. (m)" xe "MORRIS:E.A., Mrs." MORRIS, died December 16, 1907, age 6 years, 4 months, 22 days

Mary, wife of A. xe "SNYDER:Mary, Mrs." SNYDER  June 6, 1857‑April 13, 1905 Married November 25, 1875

Darrel Leslie, son of J. S. & A. E. xe "CALTRIDER:Darrell Leslie" xe "CALTRIDER:J.S. (m)" xe "CALTRIDER:A.E., Mrs." CALTRIDER January 12, 1917‑September 16, 1922

(2)  Elizabeth J. xe "CALTRIDER:Elizabeth J., Mrs.?" CALTRIDER  January 13, 1846‑August 25, 1922
George xe "CALTRIDER:George" CALTRIDER  July 18, 1838‑April 6, 1921

(2)  Evyln xe "THOMPSON:Evelyn, Mrs.?" THOMPSON  1939
Adrian xe "THOMPSON:Adrian" THOMPSON  1940

Everett, son of R. M. & M. J. xe "BURDITT:Everett" xe "BURDITT:R.M. (m)" xe "BURDITT:M.J., Mrs." BURDITT, died July 12, 1885, age 1 month, 4 days

Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan xe "MOORE:Elizabeth, Mrs." MOORE September 3, 1836‑May 7, 1905,  age 68 years, 8 months, 4 days

Jonathan xe "MOORE:Jonathan" MOORE, died October 24, 1885, age 54 years, 8 months

Arminda, daughter of J. & E. xe "MOORE:J. (see Jonathan MOORE)" xe "MOORE:E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Elizabeth MOORE)" xe "MOORE:Arminda" MOORE, died October 28, 1885 age 14 years, 9 months, 27 days

James R., son of P. L. & V. V. xe "MOORE:James R." xe "MOORE:P.L. (m)" xe "MOORE:V.V., Mrs." MOORE, July 7, 1914‑July 10, 1914, age 3 days

Alf'd (Alfred?) xe "PEPPER:Alfred" PEPPER  Co. G. 186th OHIO  INF.

(behind Alfred Pepper)
Alice L. xe "PEPPER:Alice L., Mrs.?" PEPPER  February 14, 1844‑November 23, 1923

(mext to Alice Pepper)
Alfred M. xe "PEPPER:Alfred M." PEPPER,  born July 15, 1841; died April 20, 1900

Nellie Udora wife of H.A. xe "SHUTTS:Nellie Udora, Mrs." SHUTTS, February 7, 1887‑April 8, 1917, age 30 years, 2 months, 1 day

Burhl, son of H. A. & Nellie xe "SHUTTS:Burhl" xe "SHUTTS:H.A. (m)" SHUTTS,  December 17, 1910‑December 18, 1910, age 1 day

Claude, son of I. L. & Icy SHUTTS xe "SHUTTS:Claude" xe "SHUTTS:I.L. (m)" xe "SHUTTS:Icy, Mrs." SHUTTS born January 30, 1904; died June 11, 1915,  age 11 years, 4 months, 11 days

Eliza xe "MILLS:Eliza" MILLS  1877‑1932

(2)  Michael xe "HOLLERON:Michael" HOLLERON,  died December 11, 1898, age 55 years, 7 months, 2 days
Violeta xe "HOLLERON:Violeta, Mrs.?" HOLLERON  1854‑1943

Harry H. xe "SMITH:Harry H." SMITH  1849‑1934  Father

Alma J. xe "SMITH:Alma J." SMITH xe "SEALS:Alma J." SEALS  1892‑1970  Mother

Mary L.?,  daughter of R/ C. or G.  xe "NAR..:R. (m)" xe "NAR..:C. (m)" xe "NAR.. G.:G." xe "NAR..:Mary L." NAR _ _  died (unreadable),  age (unreadable) ________________ (infant death)

Nina Oci, daughter of K. L. & S. M. xe "MOORE:Nina Oci" xe "MOORE:K.L. (m)" xe "MOORE:S.M. Mrs." MOORE October 9, 1917‑February 15, 1919,  age 1 year, 4 months, 7 days

Oliva, wife of James I. xe "CARUTHERS:James I." xe "CARUTHERS:Oliva, Mrs." CARUTHERS,  February 25, 1838‑March 11, 1908, age 69 years, 15 days

John B., son of J. W. xe "CARUTHERS:J.W. (m) (see John W. CARUTHERS)" xe "CARUTHERS:John b." CARUTHERS January 19, 1907‑September 23, 1907 age 8 months, 5 days

John W. CARUTHERS  1873‑1931

Mary C. xe "CARUTHERS:Mary C., Mrs." CARUTHERS  1880‑1928

Edna M. xe "CARUTHERS:Edna M." CARUTHERS  1905‑1971

Delmer C., son of F. E. & S. L. xe "PETERS:Delmer C." xe "PETERS:F.C. (m)" xe "PETERS:S.L., Mrs." PETERS  September 19, 1906‑September 20, 1914

Ethel G., daughter of R. G. & L. B. xe "ROGERS:Ethel G." xe "ROGERS:R.G. (m)" xe "ROGERS:L.B., Mrs." ROGERS, born November 9, 1903; died February 17, 1904,  age 3 months, 8 days

(2) Jacob T. xe "ROGERS:Jacob T." ROGERS  1852‑1934
Rebecca J. xe "ROGERS:Rebecca J., Mrs.?" ROGERS  1855‑1895

L. M. xe "SMITH:L.M." SMITH,  died November 10, 1885, age 19 years, 23 days

William M. xe "SKINNER:William M." SKINNER,  died January 21, 1896. age 31 years, 8 months, 19 days

(2) John S. xe "HARTLEY:John S." HARTLEY  1834‑1910
Ellen S. xe "HARTLEY:Ellen S., Mrs.?" HARTLEY  1836‑1923

Homer xe "MORRIS:Homer" MORRIS  1885‑1915

Joseph xe "ARCHER:Joseph" ARCHER  born August 27, 1830; died April 10, 1907  Father      BACK TO INDEX

Catherine xe "ARCHER:Catherine, Mrs."ARCHER  born November 17, 1834‑(no death date) Mother

(2)  S. K. xe "FRANKLIN:S.K. (m)" FRANKLIN  born 11‑27‑1851 -  died 6‑25‑1939
Eva M. xe "FRANKLIN:Eva M., Mrs." FRANKLIN  born 6‑28‑1862 - died 2‑1‑1940

(next to S.K. and Eva Franklin)
Lena xe "FRANKLIN:Lena" FRANKLIN  1902‑1963

(2)  L. E. xe "BROWN:L.E." BROWN  1900‑1973
W. D. xe "BROWN:H.D." BROWN  1894‑1943

H. A. xe "BROWN:H.A." BROWN  1873‑1941

H. D. xe "BROWN:H.D." BROWN  1918‑1918

(2)  David E. xe "MOORE:David E." MOORE  1866‑1931
Harriet E. xe "MOORE:Harriet E., Mrs." MOORE  1866‑1939

Sarah E., wife of J. H. xe "WILLIAMS:Sarah E., Mrs." xe "WILLIAMS:J.H." WILLIAMS September 3, 1867‑February 3, 1922  age 54 years, 5 months

(2)  Sallie E. xe "SMITH:Sallie E., Mrs." SMITH  1877‑1956  Mother
John M. xe "SMITH:John M." SMITH  1876‑1928  Father

Greathel Corrinne, daughter of J. E. & Ollie A. xe "BEVER:Greathel Corrinne" xe "BEVER:J.E. (m)" xe "BEVER:Ollie, Mrs." BEVER April 15, 1920‑November 20, 1921,  age 1 year, 7 months, 5 days

Infant Sons of J. M. & M. A. xe "SEALS:____ (m)" xe "SEALS:J.M. (m)" xe "SEALS:M.A., Mrs." SEALS Born September 18, 1888 Born May 17, 1896

Naomi Leora, daughter of J. M. & M. A. xe "SEALS:Naomi Leora" xe "SEALS:J.M (see James M. SEALS)" xe "SEALS:M.A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary A. SEALS)" SEALS born February 9, 1894‑February 7, 1919

(2)  James M. xe "SEALS:James M." SEALS  1849‑1935
Mary A. xe "SEALS:Mary A., Mrs." SEALS  1856‑1936

(2)  Peter xe "MIIHLBACH:Peter" MIIHLBACH  1851‑1908  Father
Matilda xe "MIIHLBACH:Matilda, Mrs." MIIHLBACH  1861‑1925  Mother

Ethel MIIHLBACH,  daughter of C. H. & Nellie xe "MIIHLBACH:Ethel" MIIHLBACH Silent Born September 30, 1910

Argel, son of C. H. & Nellie xe "MIIHLBACH:Argel (m)" xe "MIIHLBACH:C.H. (m)" xe "MIIHLBACH:Nellie, Mrs." MIIHLBACH Silent Born May 12, 1917

Mary, daughter of C. H. & N. E. xe "MIIHLBACH:Mary" xe "MIIHLBACH:N.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Nellie MIIHLBACH)" MIIHLBACH  November 20, 1920

(2)  John W. xe "ROBBINS:John W." ROBBINS  1861‑1926  Father
Mary C. xe "ROBBINS:Mary C., Mrs." ROBBINS  1861‑1930  Mother

Lee Harris, son of P. W. & Emma xe "FRANKLIN:Lee Harris" xe "FRANKLIN:P.W. (m)" xe "FRANKLIN:Emma, Mrs." FRANKLIN June 21, 1921‑August 30, 1921

(3)  Malinda E., Wife of D. S. xe "WILLIAMS:D.S. (see Daniel S. WILLILAMS)" xe "WILLIAMS:Malinda E., Mrs." WILLIAMS  August 13, 1835‑October 30, 1900
Junhis (sic) A., son of D. S. & Malinda E. xe "WILLIAMS:Junhis (m)" WILLIAMS July 17, 1869‑January 24, 1902
(other side)
Daniel S. xe "WILLIAMS:Daniel S." WILLIAMS  September 16, 1835‑January 26, 1908
(Added info: (No marker)

Jane xe "WEEKLEY:Jane, Mrs. (see Jane PETERS)" WEEKLEY, c. 1873; died 1912, daughter of Michael & Catherine xe "ARCHER:Catherine" ARCHER xe "PETERS:Michael" xe "PETERS:Jane" xe "PETERS:Catherine, Mrs. (see Catherine ARCHER)" PETERS, wife of Reuben xe "WEEKLEY:Reuben" WEEKLEY
(8) from notes by  Gaynelle xe "SOMERVILLE:Gaynelle" SOMERVILLE xe "DAVIS:Gaynelle, Mrs. (see Gaynelle SOMERVILLE)" DAVIS.)











*Cemetery No. 45  Temperance Chapel Cemetery (aka Cavin Fork Church) (Grant Dist.)
Plaque: "Temperance 1891 Chapel ‑ a white frame church that seems to be inactive.

Location: From Utica go south on 1/2 .6 miles to Temperance Chapel. On left side of 1/2, opposite the chapel is a small trail leading up to the cemetery.

Condition: Small, cleared, fenced.

(2)  Minnie M. xe "ALEXANDER:Minnie M., Mrs.?" ALEXANDER  1891‑1938
Carl H. xe "ALEXANDER:Carl H." ALEXANDER  1888‑(no death date)

(side by side)
George W. xe "CROSS:George W." CROSS  1867‑1950  Father

Cora A., wife of G. xe "CROSS:G.W. (see George W. CROSS)" xe "CROSS:Cora A., Mrs." CROSS  1871‑1923  Mother

(next to George and Cora Cross in same row)
Dora D. xe "CROSS:Dora D., Mrs.?" CROSS  March 4, 1892‑December 21, 1914

William H. xe "CROSS:William H." CROSS  1869‑1942

William T. xe "NOHE:William T." NOHE  1866‑1951

Rose L. xe "NOHE:Rose L." NOHE  1884‑1930

(2)  James xe "GRAY:James" GRAY  1849‑1922
Rebecca xe "GRAY:Rebecca, Mrs.?" GRAY  1852‑1912

LEMLEY (plot)
(2)  Bertha K. xe "LEMLEY:Bertaha K., Mrs.?" LEMLEY  1882‑(no death date)
Charles M. xe "LEMLEY:Charles M." LEMLEY  1880‑1944

Charles Arden, son of C. M. & Bertha K. xe "LEMLEY:Charles Arden" xe "LEMLEY:C.M. (see Charles M. LEMLEY)" LEMLEY September 7, 1919‑September 8, 1919 , age 1 day

Maxine, daughter of C. M. & B. xe "LEMLEY:Maxine" xe "LEMLEY:B., Mrs. (see Mrs. Bertha K. LEMLEY)" LEMLEY  1915‑1927  Sister

Diane xe "ANDERSON:Diane" ANDERSON  April 8‑October 2, 1941

KESTER (plot)
(2)  D. R. xe "KESTER:D.R. (m)" KESTER  1851‑1942
Tabitha E. xe "KESTER:Tabitha E., Mrs." KESTER  1853‑1923  Wife

(2)  Cynthia A. xe "ALEXANDER:Cynthia A., Mrs.?" ALEXANDER  1857‑1934
William M. xe "ALEXANDER:William M." ALEXANDER  1856‑(no death date)

Nellie Delona, Wife of M. R. xe "MC BRIDE:Nellie Delona, Mrs." xe "MC BRIDE:M.R. (m)" MC BRIDE September 16, 1896‑November 16, 1919

Amanda, wife of J. B. xe "MERYDITH:Amanda, Mrs." xe "MERYDITH:J.B. (m)" MERYDITH  born May 9, 1841‑September 20, 1896











*Cemetery No. 46  ‑ Boso Cemetery (aka Cross Cemetery, according to Mrs. Rawson.) (Grant Dist.)

Location: From Utica go north on 1/2 .5 miles to dirt road and house of Lloyd L. RAWSON.  Follow trail behind the garage, opposite the house, walk up the trail, take the left fork. The cemetery is visible at this point.

Condition: Fenced and cleared.

Artie xe "EMRICK:Artie" EMRICK,  died April 23, 1904, age 10 years, 11 months, 29 days

(broken stone)

(footstone next to broken one)   Ja_e

George H. MOORE, son of J. & E. xe "MOORE:George H." xe "MOORE:J. (m)" xe "MOORE:E., Mrs." MOORE, died September 21, 1878, age 1 year, 8 months, 27 days

(next to George H. Moore)
Lizzie A., daughter of J. W. & M. J. xe "BEARDMORE:Lizzie A." xe "BEARDMORE:J.W. (m)" xe "BEARDMORE:M.J., Mrs." BEARDMORE, died April 25, 1878, age 2 years, 19 days

(fallen stone)

Mary, daughter of H. C. & S. J. xe "MASTERS:Mary" xe "MASTERS:H.C. (m)" xe "MASTERS:S.J., Mrs." MASTERS, died February 09, 1878 age 1 month  that is a fallen stone

(fallen stone)

Clara, daughter of H. C. & S. J. xe "MASTERS:Clara" MASTERS, died March? 29, 1883, age 3 or 8 years, 10 or 16 days ‑  fallen stone
[Jackson Co., WV Death Records: xe "MASTERS:Clora" xe "MASTERS:N.C. (m)" xe "MASTERS:S.A., Mrs." MASTERS, Clora died December 9, 1885, age 2 years, daughter of N.C. & S.A. MASTERS; born/died Pond Creek]

(3 in a row)
W. I. xe "BOSO:W.I." BOSO  born November 27, 1872; died June 16, 1908, age 35 years, 6 months, 18 days

J. W. xe "BOSO:J.W." BOSO  died August 17, 1890, age 24 years, 1 month, 8 days

Lina May, daughter of S. G. & N. xe "BOSO:Linda May" xe "BOSO:S.G. (m)" xe "BOSO:N., Mrs." BOSO, born April 27, 1884; died April 19, 1886

Mary Ellen, wife of G. W. xe "WISE:Mary Ellen, Mrs." xe "WISE:G.W. (m)" WISE, died January 06, 1877,   aged 30 years, 4 months, 24 days

Mary A., wife of Isaac xe "CROSS:Mary A., Mrs." xe "CROSS:Isaac, Sr." CROSS, Sr., died December 15, 1885, aged 73 years, 10 months, 20 days "Our Mother"

Cummings xe "SMITH:Cummings" SMITH  April 29, 1825‑September 10, 1897

Cynthia C., daughter of L. L. & A. xe "GANDEE:Cynthia C." xe "GANDEE:L.L. (m)" xe "GANDEE:A., Mrs." GANDEE, died October 8, 1878 age 22 years, 6 months

Levi W. xe "GANDEE:Levi W." GANDEE died March 12, 1877, aged 16 years, 11 months, 29 days

Alcinda, wife of Riley xe "WILSON:Alcinda, Mrs." xe "WILSON:Riley" WILSON, died September 12, 1877, aged 40 years, 5 months, 24 days

Mary T., daughter of R. & A. xe "WILSON:Mary T." xe "WILSON:R. (see Riley WILSON)" xe "WILSON:A., Mrs. (see Mrs. Alcinda WILSON)" WILSON, died November 26, 1877, age 15 years, 1 month, 29 days

Lora A., daughter of J. & S. xe "LEMLEY:Lora A." xe "LEMLEY:J. (see Jacob LEMLEY)" xe "LEMLEY:S., Mrs." LEMLEY, died December 24, 1877, age 1 year, 2 months, 17 days

xe "LEMLEY:Sarah A." Sarah A., died September 20, 1880 or 1890, age 35 years, 11 months, 15 days

(2)  Jacob xe "LEMLEY:Jacob" LEMLEY,  died April 23, 1923  Father
Lora xe "LEMLEY:Lora " LEMLEY  no dates  "His Daughter"

EMERICK and CROSS (plot)
Charles S. xe "EMERICK:Charles S." EMERICK  April 1, 1882‑March 11, 1904

Miriam M., daughter of J. M. & L. M. xe "CROSS:L.M. Mrs. (see Mrs. Louisa M. CROSS)" xe "CROSS:Miriam M." xe "CROSS:J.M. (see John M. CROSS)" CROSS, born January 16, 1872; died November 15, 1905

Martha E., daughter of J. M. & S. A. xe "CROSS:Martha E." xe "CROSS:S.A., Mrs. (see Sarah A. CROSS)" CROSS, died August 19, 1894 age 16 years, 3 months, 2 days

Charles M., son of John M. & Louisa M. xe "CROSS:Charles M." xe "CROSS:Louisa M., Mrs." CROSS, died September 11, 1888, aged 20 years, 3 months, 8 days

L. M. R., daughter of J. M. & S. A. xe "CROSS:L.M.R. (f)" CROSS, born October 17, 1876; died November 8, 1877

Floyd xe "CROSS:Floyd" CROSS  May 2, 1893‑May 2, 1911

(2)  John M. xe "CROSS:John M." CROSS  September 23, 1840‑August 23, 1927
Sarah A. xe "CROSS:Sarah A., Mrs." CROSS  July 26, 1856‑(no death date)

(new row)
Lola I., daughter of L. & M. xe "CROSS:Lola I." xe "CROSS:L. (m)" xe "CROSS:M., Mrs." CROSS, died February 29, 187_ aged 1 year, 5 months, 8 days

(fallen stone)

Mary V., daughter of I. & A. D. xe "CROSS:Mary V." xe "CROSS:I. (m)" xe "CROSS:A.D., Mrs." CROSS died October 13, 1878, aged 14 years, 1 month, 15 days

Maggie May, daughter of D. I. & M. C. xe "CROSS:Maggie May" xe "CROSS:D.I., (m)" xe "CROSS:M.C., Mrs." CROSS  1901‑1908

(Brown and Gray in one row)
(2)  C. C. born March 11, 1876; died May 3, 1892
G. N. born June 25, 1878; died January 10, 1903
Sons of James & Rebecca xe "GRAY:James" xe "GRAY:Rebecca, Mrs." xe "GRAY:C.C. (m)" xe "GRAY:G.N. (m)" GRAY

Lucy V., daughter of James & Rebecca xe "GRAY:Lucy V." GRAY, born April 4, 1880; died October 1, 1884

Mary, wife of John xe "BROWN:Mary, Mrs." BROWN,  died May 3, 1887, age 53 years, 10 days

(next to Mary Brown)
John xe "BROWN:John" BROWN  born April 28, 1833; died April 10, 1905, aged 71 years, 11 months, 10 days

(fallen stone)

Theodore F. MARKLEY, son of D. & H. MARKLEY,xe "MARKLEY:Theodore F." xe "MARKLEY:D. (m)" xe "MARKLEY:H., Mrs." died January 10, 1878, aged 9 years, 1 month, 26 days

Susan xe "BROWN:Susan" BROWN,  died January 29, 1904, aged 59 years

James D., son of J. A. & M. M. xe "WORLEY:James D." xe "WORLEY:J.A. (m)" xe "WORLEY:M.M., Mrs." WORLEY, died February 8, 1883, age 5 months, 19 days

George J., son of H. J. & G. A. xe "CALDWELL:George J." xe "CALDWELL:H.J. (m)" xe "CALDWELL:G.A., Mrs." CALDWELL  December 4, 1877‑March 2, 1896

(fallen stone)

(3)  Leonard Erwin, son of H. J. & G. A. xe "CALDWELL:Leonard Erwin" CALDWELL born January 14, 1883; died May 13, 1884
Twin Sons of H. J. & G. A. xe "CALDWELL:____ (m)" CALDWELL born September 20, 1886‑September 20, 1886
Infant Son of H. J. & G. A. CALDWELL born September 12, 1880; died September 16,1880

(2)  Nancy B. xe "BOSO:Nancy B., Mrs." BOSO  1849‑1933  Mother
Sylvester G. xe "BOSO:Sylvester G." BOSO  1842‑1917  Father

Cyrus C., son of S. G. & Nancy xe "BOSO:Cyrus C." xe "BOSO:S.G. (see Sylvester G. BOSO)" BOSO  1882‑1931

(2)  Clara E. xe "RAWSON:Clara E., Mrs." RAWSON  December 27, 1887‑February 18, 1920  Mother
Lewis xe "RAWSON:Lewis" RAWSON  January 20, 1885‑May 12, 1929











*Cemetery No. 47  ‑ Rawson Cemetery (Grant Dist.)

Location: From Utica go north on Co. Rt. 1/2 1.2 miles just beyond the intersection of 1/2 and Co. Rt. 6/7. The cemetery is on right side of road; access is through a private drive, chained, posted "No Hunting or Tresspassing" ‑ no dwellings in sight but opposite the drive is a farm house on left. Follow the drive to a trailor, road climbs and swings to cleared area and keep bearing right. At top of rise look down to the right toward trees covered with growth where the cemetery is located.

Condition: Fenced and cleared at one time but will not be cleared now as property is owned by hunters. It is a large cemetery but about half full of stones.

Rosilla KIEFFER, wife of John xe "KIEFFER:Rosilla, Mrs." xe "KIEFFER:John" KIEFFER 1866‑1887

(2)  Margaret xe "RAWSON:Margaret, Mrs." RAWSON 1862‑1929
Ambrose xe "RAWSON:Ambrose" RAWSON 1859‑1934

(2)  Arizona R xe "RAWSON:Arizona, Mrs." AWSON  1864‑1932
Marion xe "RAWSON:Marion" RAWSON  1862‑1944

(next to Marion and Arizona Rawson)
(2)  Lewis xe "RAWSON:Lewis" RAWSON  born July 26, 1829; died January 15, 1902, aged 72 years, 5 months, 20 days
Hannah xe "RAWSON:Hannah, Mrs." RAWSON, wife of Lewis RAWSON  January 11, 1829‑March 17, 1897, age 68 years, 2 months, 6 days
(back side of stone): "In Memory of Father and Mother"

Talitha, daughter of S. H. & M. J. xe "ALLEN:Talitha" xe "ALLEN:S.H. (see Solumn Hardesty ALLEN)" xe "ALLEN:M.J., Mrs. (see Mrs. Martha J. ALLEN)" ALLEN, born Sunday January 12, 1879; died Sunday December 27, 1896

(2)  Martha J. xe "ALLEN:Martha J., Mrs." ALLEN  May 2, 1856‑1929
Solemn Hardesty xe "ALLEN:Solemn Hardesty" ALLEN  November 19, 1850‑March 23, 1917, aged 66 years, 4 months, 4 days

Robert Marion, son of Lewis & Tilitha xe "NOHE:Robert Marion" NOHE born September 123, 1877‑August 6, 1878, aged 10 months, 13 days

(2)  Tillitha xe "NOHE:Tillitha, Mrs." NOHE  June 10, 1852‑March 11, 1923, age 70 years, 9 months, 1 day  Mother
Lewis xe "NOHE:Lewis" NOHE  June 24, 1850‑1929  Father











*Cemetery No. 48  Vanhorn Cemetery (Grant Dist.)

Location: From Tompkins Grove. Go east on Co. Rt. 6/3, cross over Co. Rt. 2/1 and continue .9 mile on 6/3 just before reaching Co. Rt. 1/2. Cemetery is on a hill to the right of 6/3.

Condition: Cleared, fenced.

(left to right)
Charles Milton xe "VANHORN:Charles Milton" VANHORN  March 7, 1905‑September 22, 1926

John Edwin xe "VANHORN:John Edwin" VANHORN  September 3, 1897‑March 14, 1921

Sarah Victoria xe "VANHORN:Sarah Victoria" VANHORN  June 26, 1891‑October 3, 1911

Edna Francis (sic) VANHORN,  daughter of P. B. & Kate T. xe "VANHORN:P.B. (see Preston Brooks VANHORN)" xe "VANHORN:Kate T., Mrs. (see Mrs. Katie VANHORN)" xe "VANHORN:Edna Frances" VANHORN born June 28, 1893‑December 16, 1905, aged 12 years, 4 months, 18 days

Katie, wife of P. V. xe "VANHORN:Katie, Mrs. (see Katie ROMINE)" VANHORN and daughter of G. R. & E. xe "ROMINE:Katie" xe "ROMINE:G.R. (m)" xe "ROMINE:E., Mrs." xe "ROMINE:V., Mrs." ROMINE, October 7, 1873‑June 24, 1907

Preston Brooks xe "VANHORN:Preston Brooks" VANHORN  December 9, 1862‑March 24, 1923  Father

Lucy A. C., daughter of G. R. & V. xe "ROMINE:Lucy A.C." ROMINE died September 1, 1891, aged 4 years, 3 months, 15 days











*Cemetery No. 49  Chapel Hill Cemetery  (Grant Dist.)

Location: From Willowdale go south on WV CO. Rt. 6 .5 mile to Co. Rt. 6/7 (left fork in road) and follow it north .8 mile where road from left 2/1 appears. Follow 2/1 northwest for .2 mile and cemetery is on right of the road, but not visible from the road. The entrance to the cemetery is through an opening in a fence with two old rusty gates set off to the side.

Condition: Unfenced; extremely overgrown, very hard to find fallen stones. The hill rolls off to backside, and there is really only one row of stones visible but there may be more graves not seen due to heavy brush.

Lendy xe "SMITH:Lendy" SMITH  born August 23, 1839‑February 17, 1897

John W. xe "SMITH:John W." SMITH  February 25, 1865‑February 4, 1897

WISE (plot)
(2)  Mary E. Ann, wife of Amos xe "WISE:Mary E., Mrs." xe "WISE:Amos" WISE  April 24, 1859‑August 10, 1890
Infant son of A. & M. E. xe "WISE:____ (m)" xe "WISE:A. (see Amos WISE)" xe "WISE:M.E., Mrs." WISE  July 14, 1890‑July 25, 1890

Mary J., daughter of F. S. & V.xe "LOCKHART:Mary J." xe "LOCKHART:F.S. (m)" xe "LOCKHART:V., Mrs." LOCKHART born February 27, 1909; died  February 15, 1910

Amos xe "WISE:Amos" WISE  born July 6, 1837; died October 16, 1910

(2)  M. B., wife of J. E. xe "PARKS:M.B., M.B." xe "PARKS:J.E. (m)" PARKS,  born August 22, 1881; died November 13, 1907
J. E. PARKS  February 27, 1877‑February 13, 1904

xe "____:C. L. W." C. L. W. footstone in same plot; no headstone.

(2)  Lewis xe "PARKS:Lewis" xe "PARKS:Ida" PARKS and daughter, Ida,  killed September 19, 1891 age 37 years and 16 years.

(In Lewis Parks plot)
Footstone: "Mother" but could not find the headstone.











*Cemetery No. 50  Logston Cemetery (Grant Dist.)

Location: On private property; .5 mile east of Tompkins Grove on Co, Rt. 6/1 on hill on right, on a knoll, not visible from the road.

Condition; Cleared, not fenced.
According to the owner, there is only one stone.

Pvt. John E. xe "LOGSTON:John E." xe "LOGSTON:Rosie, Mrs." xe "LOGSTON:Anna" LOGSTON  Pvt. Co. C, 10th Reg. WV INF.  1845‑1923
In Memory of his Wife Rosie, his Daughter Anna.











*Cemetery No. 51 ‑ Jordan Cemetery (Grant Dist.)

Location: From Tompkins Grove on hill to north of Tompkins Grove at intersection of WV Rt. 6 and Co. Rt. 6/1.

Condition: Fenced, but totally overgrown, and very difficult to find. One stone, but there may be more not found due to brush. It needs to be thoroughly cleared before attempting stone readings.

Mary xe "JORDAN:Mary" xe "JORDON:Mary, Mrs." JORDON  1869‑1910 & Children.
[Jackson Co, WV Death Records: JORDAN, Mary M., died November 13, 1910, age 41 years.]

[From: Carolyn Miihlbach, "Grant District Cemeteries, Jackson County West Virginia - Tombstone Inscriptions and Genealogical Information, April 1984, p. 46]
J.F. xe "JORDON:J.F." JORDON 1876-1903

Lydia xe "JORDON:Lydia" JORDON - no stone, d. 23 Jun 1910 age 16 years [from obituary]
[Jackson Co, WV Death Records: xe "JORDAN:Lydia E." JORDAN, Lydia E., died May 23, 1910, age 14 yearsJORDAN, Lydia, died May 22, 1910, aged 17 years]

Margaret T. JORDON November 20, 1907-February 15, 1909 [possibly buried here; from Jackson Co., WV court records]
[Jackson Co, WV Death Records: xe "JORDAN:Margaret T." JORDAN, Margaret T. died February 15, 1909, aged 1 year, 5 months, 18 days]











*Cemetery No. 52 ‑ Willowdale Cemetery (Grant Dist.)

Location: In Willowdale, on a hill, just opposite the Willowdale Baptist Church 1892, which is active.

Condition: Fenced, cleared, mowed, good interal roads.

(2)  Beverly W. xe "MAUPIN:Beverly W. (m)" MAUPIN  January 7, 1809‑July 31, 1889  Father
Julia A. xe "MAUPIN:Julia A., Mrs." MAUPIN  April 26, 1826‑July 01, 1903  Mother

David L. xe "HORNER:David L." HORNER, died May 4, 1891, aged 21 years, 6 months, 25 days

Jacob xe "HORNER:Jacob" HORNER, born 1826‑May 13, 1904 age 78 years

(fallen stone, next to Jacob Horner)
Rachel xe "HORNER:Rachel, Mrs." HORNER  born May 22, 1828; died February 22, 1907  age 78 years, 9 months

Louise, wife of John xe "HORNER:John" xe "HORNER:Louise, Mrs." HORNER, died January 2, 1907, aged 38 years, 4 months, 17 days

Mary xe "MEEKER:Mary" MEEKER  1848‑1932

(2)  Sarah L. xe "POWELL:Sarah L., Mrs.?" POWELL  1874‑1955
Harvey J. xe "POWELL:Harvey J." POWELL  1871‑1941

(2)  Elizabeth xe "POWELL:Elizabeth, Mrs." POWELL  June 4, 1846‑September 7, 1912  Mother
Jacob W. xe "POWELL:Jacob W." POWELL  February 28, 1840‑December 5, 1918  Father

Katie A. xe "CONNER:Katie A." CONNER  1875‑1950

Bertha L., daughter of J. M. & L. E. xe "POWELL:J.M. (see John M. POWELL)" xe "POWELL:L.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Livinia E. POWELL)" xe "POWELL:Bertha L." POWELL and wife of H. E. xe "BENNETT:H.E. (m)" xe "BENNETT:Bertha, Mrs. (see Bertha L. POWELL)" BENNETT, January 6, 1892‑January 15, 1920, age 28 years, 9 days

(2)  John M. xe "POWELL:John M." POWELL  1868‑1935
Livinia E. xe "POWELL:Livinia E., Mrs." POWELL  1870‑1959

(2)  William xe "LAMBERT:William" LAMBERT  1874‑1956
Alice xe "LAMBERT:Alice, Mrs.?" LAMBERT  1874‑1955

Martha, wife of Alonzo xe "JARRETT:Martha, Mrs." xe "JARRETT:Alonzo" JARRETT, died January 23, 1908, aged 32 years, 11 months, 11 days

KING (plot)
Virginia R., wife of C. A. xe "KING:Virginia R., Mrs." xe "KING:C.A. (m)" KING, died February 29, 1904, aged 49 years, 7 months, 8 days

Donald Leon, son of Mr. and Mrs. William xe "KING:Donald Leon" xe "KING:William, Jr." KING Jr. born January 4, 1919; died November 11, 1920, age 2 years, 10 months, 7 days

C. C. xe "KING:C.C." KING  April 11, 1872‑August 3, 1914

(4) Elizabeth, wife of William xe "KING:Elizabeth, Mrs." xe "KING:William" KING, died March 3, 1909 age 61 years, 5 months, 26 days
William KING June 26, 1847‑(no death date)
Scott xe "KING:Scott" KING  born July 23, 1877; died September 16, 1906

Albert Austin xe "KING:Albert Austin" KING  died July 3, 1897, age 28 years, 10 months, 13 days

(2)  Walty L. xe "FARNSWORTH:Walty L." FARNSWORTH  1877‑1879
David xe "FARNSWORTH:Grace A." xe "FARNSWORTH:David" FARNSWORTH  1850‑1896
"Erected by Grace A."

(2)  Inez V., daughter of D. C. & M. C. xe "EMRICK:Inez V." EMRICK, died December 26, 1900, aged 3 months, 14 days
Nellie O., daughter of D. C. & M. C. xe "EMRICK:Nellie O." xe "EMRICK:D.C. (m)" xe "EMRICK:M.C., Mrs." EMRICK, died February 22, 1895, aged 8 days

Mary, wife of William xe "RAWSON:Mary, Mrs." xe "RAWSON:William" RAWSON  born November 3, 1821‑January 1, 1889, aged 68 years, 11 months, 28 days

(2)  Milton xe "RAWSON:Milton" RAWSON  May 13, 1850‑(no death date)
Mary V. xe "RAWSON:Mary V., Mrs.?" RAWSON July 8, 1855‑April 29, 1917

Claude & Maude RAWSON,  son and daughter of Rosa & W. S. xe "RAWSON:Claude" xe "RAWSON:Maude" xe "RAWSON:W.S. (see William S. RAWSON)" xe "RAWSON:Rosa, Mrs. (see Mrs. Rossanna RAWSON)" RAWSON born/died August 20, 1891

(2)  Rossanna xe "RAWSON:Rossanna, Mrs." RAWSON  1857‑1925
William S. xe "RAWSON:William S." RAWSON  1848‑1930

(2)  Rosa A. xe "RAWSON:Rosa A., Mrs.?" RAWSON  1886‑(no death date)
Floyd xe "RAWSON:Floyd" RAWSON  1884‑1935

(to left of Floyd and Rosa Rawson)
Terrissa N. xe "TUMLIN:Terrissa N." TUMLIN  1878‑1951

Rosa, wife of W. H. MOREHOUSE  born July 13, 1890; died May 18, 1911

(2)  George xe "MOREHOUSE:George" MOREHOUSE  1876‑1950
Carrell xe "MOREHOUSE:Carrell, Mrs.?" MOREHOUSE  1877‑1966

Kenness D. xe "MOREHOUSE:Kenness" MOREHOUSE  no dates

William H. xe "MOREHOUSE:William H." MOREHOUSE  West Virginia Pfc  983 Ambulance Co. WW II July 30, 1907‑December 25, 1966

(2)  Adam xe "NOHE:Adam" NOHE, died May 28, 1901, age 76 years, 6 months, 3 days
Christina xe "NOHE:Christian, Mrs.?" NOHE,  October 19, 1826‑March 9, 1907

(2)  Terrisa/Teresa xe "NOHE:Teresa, Mrs.?" NOHE  1853‑1948
John H. xe "NOHE:John H." NOHE  1852‑1938

(2)  Edna Mae xe "NOHE:Edna Mae, Mrs." NOHE  1884‑1958 Wife of Marion M.
xe "NOHE:Marion M. (m)" NOHE  1883‑1960
(in same plot)
Evyleen xe "NOHE:Evyleen" NOHE  1923‑1931

Dale W. xe "NOHE:Dale W." NOHE  1917‑1941

Paul H. xe "NOHE:Paul H." NOHE  1915‑1947

LIDDLE (plot)
Ludy Belle LIDDLE  1892‑‑1927

Evelyn A. LIDDLE  born/died February 12, 1919

Clarice Marie (no last name) July 28, 1926

Etta xe "MOREHOUSE:Etta, Mrs.?" MOREHOUSE  1870‑1954

Dexster xe "MOREHOUSE:Dexster" MOREHOUSE  1869‑1955

(2)  Clyde xe "NELSON:Clyde" NELSON  1874‑1965
Ada xe "MELSON:Ada, Mrs.?" MELSON  1885‑(no death date)

(2)  Emmett xe "RAWSON:Emmett" RAWSON  1900‑1968
Jessie xe "RAWSON:Jessie" RAWSON  1908‑(no death date)

(2)  Lora B. xe "RAWSON:Lora B., Mrs." RAWSON  1873‑1925
Wife of William xe "RAWSON:William" RAWSON  1873‑1942

Lillie xe "BOSO:Lillie" BOSO  1888‑1925

(2)  Sarah xe "DUNHAM:Sarah, Mrs.?" DUNHAM  born September 12, 1852; died September 17, 1909
Edgar xe "DUNHAM:Edgar" DUNHAM  July 17, 1840‑April 14, 1923

(2)  H. C. xe "LAMBERT:H.C., Mrs." LAMBERT  1850‑1927  Mother
J. W. xe "LAMBERT:J.W. (m)" LAMBERT  1845‑1927  Father

(2)  Harmon T. xe "REED:Harmon T." REED  1894‑1969
Nellie M. xe "REED:Nellie M., Mrs.?" REED  1896‑(no death date)

(in same plot)
Ruth E. xe "REED:Ruth E." REED  December 21, 1934

Gary xe "KING:Gary" KING  December 25‑26, 1943

(next to Gary King)
Harold L. BALL  1948‑1952,  son of Hurbert & Vivian BALL or Harlet xe "BALL:Harlet" BALL March 7, 1962 (died 1952?)
[Miihlbach, "Grant District Cemeteries", p. 49: xe "BALL:Harold L." BALL, Harold L., son of Hubert and Vivian xe "JOY:Vivian" JOY xe "BALL:Hubert" xe "BALL:Vivian, Mrs. (see Vivian JOY)" BALL 1948-1952]

Iris xe "JOY:Iris" JOY  October 6‑12, 1934

(2)  Ella xe "KIMES:Ella, Mrs.?" KIMES  1872‑1949
William W. xe "KIMES:William W." KIMES  1871‑(no death date)

Orpha xe "KIMES:Orpha" KIMES  1907‑1943

(2)  Grace E. xe "JOY:Grace E., Mrs.?" JOY  1901‑1975
Fred D. xe "JOY:Fred D." JOY  1892‑1958
Fred JOY  West Virginia Pfc  US ARMY  WW I  November 25, 1892‑July 20, 1958

(Temporary marker) (plot)
Lillie xe "BOSO:Lillie" BOSO xe "MIL_ORN:Lillie, Mrs. (see Lillie BOSO)" MIL_ORN,  died May 7, 1957, age 74 years, 3 months, 25 days

(next to Lillie Mil_orn)
grave ‑ no marker











*Cemetery No. 53 ‑  Mt. Zion Church Cemetery. (Grant Dist.)
Church is active.

Location: From Toppins Grove, go east .8 mile on Co., Rt. 6/3 to Co. Rt. 2/1; turn left (north on 2/1 and go 1.6 miles to church and cemetery on right side of the road.

Condition: Fenced, very well manicured, in orderly rows.

Bessie L. xe "SMITH:Bessie L." SMITH  November 21, 1898‑February 26, 1959

(in a row)
Angeline xe "BOSO:Angeline" BOSO xe "SMITH:Angeline, Mrs. (see Angeline BOSO)" SMITH  1869‑1945  Mother

Clara xe "KIMES:Clara" KIMES xe "WILSON:Clara, Mrs. (see Clara KIMES)" WILSON  1881‑1965

(in a row)
Floyd N. xe "BOSO:Floyd" BOSO  1898‑1919

Carol E. xe "PETTY:Carol E., Mrs.?" PETTY  1943‑1977

Denzil D. xe "PETTY:Denzil D." PETTY  1947‑1957

(2)  James xe "SMITH:James" SMITH  1859‑1928
Jennie B. xe "SMITH:Jennie B., Mrs.?" SMITH  1860‑1936

(2)  Kinsman D. xe "BOSO:Kinsman D." BOSO  1913‑(no death date)
Lora A. xe "BOSO:Lora A., Mrs.?" BOSO  1916‑1971

Betty Lou xe "CARDER:Betty Lou" CARDER  December 7, 1930‑January 15, 1931

(next to Betty Lou Carder)
(2)  William E. xe "CARDER:William E." CARDER  1908‑1971
Lizzie xe "BOSO:Lizzie" BOSO xe "CARDER:Lizzie, Mrs. (see Lizzie BOSO)" CARDER  1911‑(no death date)

(behind William and Lizzie Carder, left to right)

(2)  Violetta xe "BOSO:Violetta, Mrs." BOSO  1878‑1955  Mother
George N. xe "BOSO:George N." BOSO  1871‑1948  Father

Janie xe "BOSO:Janie" BOSO  1919‑1920  Daughter

Leroy xe "BOSO:Leroy" BOSO  1910‑1919  Son

Nile Wayne xe "MILLS:Nile Wayne" MILLS  West Virginia  SGT  80th AAF Repair Sq.  WW II April 25, 1921‑January 28, 1947

(2)  Robert R. xe "MOREHOUSE:Robert R." MOREHOUSE  1885‑1948
Anna R. xe "MOREHOUSE:Anna R., Mrs.?" MOREHOUSE  1879‑1959

(2)  James M. xe "ALEXANDER:James M." ALEXANDER  1861‑1931
Sarah C. xe "ALEXANDER:Sarah C., Mrs.?" ALEXANDER  1861‑1920

(behind James and Sarah Alexander are footstones with dates)
May 18, 1861‑December 14, 1931

November 8, 1861‑March 31, 1920

Margaret, wife of Francis M. xe "WATKINS:Margaret, Mrs." WATKINS  November 24, 1850‑May 20, 1917

Francis M. xe "WATKINS:Francis M." WATKINS,  Co. I  11th West Virginia INF.  1842‑1927
(Odd Fellows symbol in front)

(next to Margaret and Francis Watikins)
Charles xe "WATKINS:Charles" WATKINS  1930‑1930

(2)  Julia F. xe "PICKERING:Julia F., Mrs.?" PICKERING  1866‑1961
Andrew B. xe "PICKERING:Andrew B." PICKERING  1862‑1932

Herman J. xe "DAWSON:Herman J." DAWSON  1918‑1946

(2)  L. Blanche xe "NORRIS:L. Blanche, Mrs." NORRIS  1872‑1964
John A. xe "NORRIS:John A." xe "NORRIS:William" xe "NORRIS:Bessie" NORRIS  1868‑1926
"Parents of William and Bessie"

Baby of J. A. & Bessie xe "NORRIS:____" xe "NORRIS:J.A. (see John A. NORRIS)" xe "NORRIS:Bessie, Mrs. (see L. Blanche NORRIS)" NORRIS, died February 5, 1913

(2)  P. A. xe "BURDETT:P.A. (see Peter A. BURDETT)" BURDETT  1843‑1918
Olive J. xe "BURDETT:Olive J., Mrs.?" BURDETT  1845‑1915

(behind P.A. and Olive Burdett)
Peter A. xe "BURDETT:Peter A." BURDETT  Co. D, 17th West Virginia INF

SWAIN (plot, left to right)
(2)  Mollie B. xe "SWAIN:Mollie B., Mrs.?" SWAIN  1870‑1958
Hezekiah xe "SWAIN:Hezekiah" SWAIN  1867‑1948

(2)  Floyd xe "SWAIN:Floyd" SWAIN  1894‑1897
Lucretia xe "SWAIN:Lucretia, Mrs.?" SWAIN  1905‑1906

Howard T. xe "SWAIN:Howard T." SWAIN  1908‑1920

Garnett E. xe "SWAIN:Garnett E., Mrs.?" SWAIN  1906‑1920

(in a SWAIN plot)
Lenora Anice xe "SWAIN:Lenora Anice" SWAIN, wife of H. R. xe "FLINN:H.R. (m)" xe "FLINN:Lenora Anice, Mrs. (see Lenora Anice SWAIN)" FLINN  1900‑1924

(2)  Emily C. xe "PETTY:Emily C., Mrs." PETTY  1853‑1941 Mother
Ervin C. xe "PETTY:Ervin C." PETTY  1852‑1942 Father

Kendal I. xe "PETTY:Kendal I." PETTY  February 19, 1896‑December 19, 1974

Charles W. xe "PETTY:Charles W." PETTY  November 3, 1879‑April 12, 1961

George William xe "LOGSTON:George William" LOGSTON  1889‑1963  Father

Myrtle xe "MILLS:Myrtle" MILLS xe "LOGSTON:Myrtle, Mrs. (see Myrtle MILLS)" LOGSTON  1893‑1919  Mother

Aubrey L. xe "LOGSTON:Aubrey L." LOGSTON  1911‑1913  Son

Howard W. xe "LOGSTON:Howard W." LOGSTON  1913‑1914  Son

Mona xe "DAILEY:Mona" DAILEY xe "MILHOAN:Mona, Mrs. (see Mona DAILEY)" MILHOAN  1898‑1924

(2)  Thomas J. xe "MILLS:Thomas J." MILLS  June 1, 1863‑September 26, 1914
Luella J. xe "MILLS:Luella J., Mrs.?" MILLS  March 12, 1866‑June 25, 1932

(2)  Joseph A. xe "SMITH:Joseph A." SMITH  1865‑1918
Indianola xe "SMITH:Indianola, Mrs." SMITH  1866‑(no death date)  Wife

(2)  Mayme xe "SMITH:Mayme, Mrs.?" SMITH  1900‑1938
George W. xe "SMITH:George W." SMITH  1898‑1955

Carl Francis xe "ANDERSON:Carl Francis" ANDERSON  1923

Fletcher xe "BOSO:Fletcher" BOSO  1888‑1950

SWAIN (plot)
(2)  Talitha xe "SWAIN:Talitha, Mrs.?" SWAIN  1859‑1943
John xe "SWAIN:John" SWAIN  1855‑1940

(2)  Bernard O. xe "SWAIN:Bernard O." SWAIN  1894‑1972
Margaret M. xe "SWAIN:Margaret M., Mrs.?" SWAIN  1900‑(no death date)

(2)  Lora A. xe "CLARK:Lora A., Mrs." CLARK  1851‑1925  Mother
James W. xe "CLARK:James W." CLARK  1840‑1921 Father Co. D  12th West Virginia INF.

(2)  James xe "BOSO:James" BOSO  1863‑1942
Mary C. xe "BOSO:Mary C., Mrs." BOSO  1867‑1923 Wife

Deborah BOSO,  wife of John A. xe "BOSO:Deborah, Mrs." xe "BOSO:John A." BOSO  September 6, 1831‑December 9, 1910

John A. BOSO  December 17, 1824‑January 15, 1900, age 76 years, 29 days

Infant Son of Glen & Ada xe "NOHE:____ (m)" xe "NOHE:Glen" xe "NOHE:Ada, Mrs." NOHE  May 25‑25, 1934


(2)  Luella xe "PICKERING:Luella, Mrs.?" PICKERING  1872‑1961
C. Henry xe "PICKERING:C. Henry" PICKERING  1869‑1940

William R. xe "PICKERING:William R." PICKERING  May 23, 1891‑January 2, 1967  Veteran of World War I

In Memory of George R. xe "PICKERING:George R." PICKERING  1864‑1927

(2)  Mary E. xe "FULTON:Mary E., Mrs.?" FULTON  1867‑1938
John C. xe "FULTON:John C." FULTON  1867‑1949

(Temporary marker)
Sarah Marie xe "SCHICK:Sarah Marie" SCHICK  1908‑1972

Lara C. PICKERING,  wife of Charles R. xe "PICKERING:Charles R." xe "PICKERING:Lara C., Mrs." PICKERING  1893‑1936

(2)  Sarah F. xe "MOORE:Sarah F., Mrs.?" MOORE  1861‑1931
T. A. xe "MOORE:T.A. (m)" MOORE  1862‑1917

(2)  J. A. xe "MOORE:J.A. (m)" MOORE  October 20, 1889‑October 26, 1913
Delma xe "MOORE:Delma, Mrs." MOORE  1889‑1915  Wife

Joseph A. xe "LOGSTON:Joseph A." LOGSTON  1846‑1912

Eliza L. xe "LOGSTON:Eliza L., Mrs.?" LOGSTON  1856‑1945

(2)  Mary J. xe "FERGUSON:Mary J., Mrs." xe "FERGUSON:Deborah A." FERGUSON  1838‑1914  Mother
Deborah A. xe "FLINN:Deborah A., Mrs. (see Deborah A. FERGUSON)" FLINN  1880‑1909  Daughter

John xe "JORDAN:John" JORDAN  August 25, 1820‑January 25, 1912

(2)  Llewllyn xe "NOHE:Llewllyn" NOHE  1873‑1939
Lula xe "NOHE:Lula, Mrs.?" NOHE  1877‑1961

(2)  Edith M. xe "KIMES:Edith M., Mrs.?" KIMES  1896‑1974
James I. xe "KIMES:James I." KIMES  1885‑1977

(2)  St. Clair xe "PETTY:St. Clair (m)" PETTY  1912‑1934  Son
Belle xe "KING:Anna Belle" KING 1882‑1936  Mother

Anna Belle, wife of B. H. xe "PETTY:B.H. (m)" xe "PETTY:Anna Bell, Mrs. (see Anna Belle KING)" PETTY  1884‑1909

(2)  Inez L. xe "KING:Inez L., Mrs.?" KING  1900‑1973
Richard W. xe "KING:Richard W." KING  1894‑(no death date) Pvt. US ARMY  1894‑1975

(2)  Sarah E. xe "KING:Sarah E., Mrs." KING  1857‑1939  Mother
Winfield S. xe "KING:Winfield S." KING  1847‑1926  Father Co. E  10th REG. West Virginia INF

Isa Doris, daughter of W. S. & S. E. xe "KING" xe "KING:Isa Doris" xe "KING:W.S. (see Winfield S. KING)" xe "KING:S.E., Mrs. (see Mrs. Sarah E. KING)" KING  April 8, 1886‑April 20, 1915

Ethel D., daughter of W. S. & S. E. xe "KING:Ethel D." KING  August 23, 1882‑February 7, 1933

Winfield S. KING, Jr., son of W. S. and S. E. xe "KING:Winfield S., Jr." KING June 29, 1879‑March 4, 1950

MILLS (plot)
Jennie Belle xe "MILLS:Jennie Belle" MILLS, born May 28, 1889; died January 13, 1912, age 22 years, 7 months, 15 days

(2)  James N. xe "MILLS:James N." MILLS  1835‑1918
Margaret I. xe "MILLS:Margaret I., Mrs." MILLS  1846‑1921  Wife

(2)  Alice xe "MILLS:Alice" MILLS xe "PETTY:Alice, Mrs. (see Alice MILLS)" PETTY  1882‑(no death date)
Birchard H. xe "PETTY:Birchard H." PETTY  1877‑1963

(2)  Ethel xe "MILLS:Ethel, Mrs.?" MILLS  1884‑1966
Macom xe "MILLS:Macom (m)" MILLS  1877‑1961

Ira xe "MILLS:Ira" MILLS  May 18, 1904

(2)  Jennie B. xe "SMITH:Jennie B., Mrs.?" SMITH  1891‑1968
Caleb Alonzo xe "SMITH:Caleb Alonzo" SMITH  1881‑1953

In Memory of Pfc Ralph Swain xe "SMITH:Ralph Swain" SMITH Co. A, 504th Military Police Batt. July 22, 1914‑ killed in action March 25, 1944 at Anzio Beach, Italy. Buried in US Cemetery, Nettune, Italy.

(2)  Thaddeus xe "FARNSWORTH:Thaddeus" xe "FARNSWORTH:Emma Grace, Mrs." FARNSWORTH  1875‑1956
His First Wife Emma Grace 1877‑1910
Gracexe "FARNSWORTH:Grace, Mrs." FARNSWORTH  1885‑1930

(2)  Samuel R. xe "KIMES:Samuel R." KIMES  1841‑1921
Phoebe A. xe "KIMES:Pheobe A., Mrs.?" KIMES  1850‑1936

(2)  Frances L. xe "SMITH:Frances L., Mrs.?" SMITH  1889‑1962
Charles T.xe "SMITH:Charles T." SMITH  1883‑1934

(2 stones together)
Walter A. xe "LANE:Walter A." LANE  1885‑1957  Father

Mae xe "LANE:Mae, Mrs." LANE  1881‑1956  Mother

(next to Walter and Mae Lane)
(American Legion marker)
William D., son of W. H. & C. D. xe "LANE:William D." xe "LANE:W.H. (m)" xe "LANE:C.D., Mrs." LANE  April 17, 1890‑October 9, 1918 Pvt. Co. B 125th INF Killed at Verdun, France.

(2)  Bessil xe "LANE:Bessil, Mrs.?" LANE  1886‑1951
C. D. xe "LANE:C.D. (m)" LANE  1883‑(no death date)

(Temporary Marker)
Howard xe "LANE:Howard" LANE  1914‑1971

Jess xe "SWAIN:Jess" SWAIN  1874‑1943

(below Jess Swain)
Lora C. xe "SWAIN:Lora C., Mrs." SWAIN  & Infant  1905‑1924

(2)  Ethel xe "MOORE:Ethel, Mrs.?" MOORE  1910‑(no death date)
Richard W. xe "MOORE:Richard W." MOORE  1906‑1973

(next to Richard and Ethel Moore)
Fay xe "MOORE:Fay" MOORE  1930

Earl xe "GREENLEE:Earl" GREENLEE  1892‑1976

(next to Earl Greenlee)
Lucy xe "BOSO:Lucy" BOSO  1887‑1977

William D. xe "BAILEY:William D." xe "BAILEY" BAILEY  1893‑1922

(2) Hiram xe "WRIGHT:Hiram" WRIGHT  1867‑1947
Dora xe "WRIGHT:Dora, Mrs.?" WRIGHT  1870‑1953

(next to Hiram and Dora Wright)
Francis M. xe "WRIGHT:Francis M." WRIGHT  West Virginia Pvt  ICL  318th INF  80th DIV. June 26, 1942

Minnie xe "OREM:Minnie, Mrs." OREM  1871‑1945  Mother

xe "OREM:John, Jr." OREM, Jr.  1863‑1936  Father

(2)  Mary xe "BELL:Mary" BELL xe "PILCHARD:Mary, Mrs. (see Mary BELL)" PILCHARD  1877‑1928
Wife of Charles T. xe "PILCHARD:Charles T." PILCHARD  1872‑1958

(in same plot)
A. Darrell xe "PILCHARD:D. Darrell" PILCHARD  1910‑1928

(2)  Mollie D. xe "KIMES:Mollie D., Mrs.?" KIMES  1872‑1946
Cass B. xe "KIMES:Cass B." KIMES  1869‑1963

Eva xe "KIMES:Eva" KIMES  1884‑1970

(Temporary marker for Nora with same dates right in front of Eva Kimes' stone)
 Nora  xe "KIMES:Nora" 1884-1970

Charles W. xe "KIMES:Paul H." KIMES  1878‑1961

Paul H. DELANEY  June 16, 1942‑December 07, 1969

(Temporary marker)
Ronnie xe "MILHOAN:Ronnie" MILHOAN  no dates

Arthur R. xe "MORRIS:Arthur R., Jr." MORRIS, Jr.  West Virginia CPL  Corps of Engineer  Korea July 22, 1928‑September 1, 1967

(Temporary marker)
Edward L. xe "MARTIN:Edward L." MARTIN  1898‑1967 

Don xe "PARSONS:Don" PARSONS,  died February 24, 1972, age (unreadable)

James M. xe "SWAIN:James M." SWAIN  West Virginia Pvt  Hq. TRP 6  Army Corp. WW I February 7, 1897‑March 6, 1967

Gene C. xe "KIEFFER:Gene C." KIEFFER, April 25, 1925‑February 08, 1937

Walter Rodney xe "KIEFFER:Walter Rodney" KIEFFER,  March 14, 1899‑October 20, 1940  Husband

(2)  William G. xe "KIEFFER:William G." KIEFFER  September 5, 1861‑May 12, 1931
Elizabeth C. xe "KEIFFER:Elizabeth C., Mrs." KEIFFER  December 31, 1857‑April 14, 1926

(2)  William E. xe "MILLS:William E." MILLS  1861‑1943
Mary E. xe "MILLS:Mary E., Mrs.?" MILLS  1877‑1961

(Temporary marker in front of William and Mary Mills)
Mary xe "BRANNO_:Mary" BRANNO_, died February 24, 1958, age 83 years, 13 months? or days?

(2)  Sarah Ellen xe "BOSO:Sarah Ellen, Mrs.?" BOSO  1906‑1957  Mother
Theodore R. xe "BOSO:Theodore R." BOSO  1904‑1953  Father

(Temporary marker)
Samuel xe "SWAIN:Samuel" SWAIN  no dates

Harry M. xe "SMITH:Harry M." SMITH  1900‑1942

(2)  Ethel xe "BOSO:Ethel, Mrs.?" BOSO  1905‑(no death date)
Ferrell xe "BOSO:Ferrell" BOSO  1902‑1973

Robert C. xe "PIERCE:Robert C." PIERCE  1901‑1956

Catherine M. xe "PIERCE:Catherine M." PIERCE xe "NUNN:Catherine M., Mrs. (see Catherine M. PIERCE)" NUNN  1932‑1962

(Temporary marker)
Eliza xe "LAWSON:Eliza" LAWSON  1890‑1968 











*Cemetery No. 54 ‑ Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery, 1889 (Grant Dist.)

Location:  From Topins Grove south on WV Rt. 6 3.7 miles to cemetery on the right of the road on the hill north of the church.

Condition: Cleared and fenced on 3 sides.

Martha Bell, wife of Peter MILHOAN, Sr.  1873‑1933  Mother

(2)  Zeri xe "KIRKHART:Zeri (m)" KIRKHART  1844‑1925
Mary xe "KIRKHART:Mary, Mrs." KIRKHART  1855‑1930  Mother

(2)  George xe "KIRKHART:George" KIRKHART  1898‑1921
Foster xe "KIRKHART:Foster" KIRKHART  1875‑1898

(2)  Roy xe "KIRKHART:Roy, Sr." KIRKHART, Sr.  October 18, 1873‑June 10, 1954
Lenona M., wife of Roy xe "KIRKHART:Leona M., Mrs." KIRKHART March 1, 1923

Roy R., Jr.  son of Roy & Leona xe "KIRKHART:Roy R., Jr." KIRKHART July 3, 1908‑February 21, 1923

(2) Oliver xe "PIFER:Oliver" PIFER  February 10, 1871‑March 10, 1943
Martha xe "PIFER:Martha, Mrs.?" PIFER  December 26, 1879‑September 28, 1972

Edith L. xe "STAATS:Edith L." STAATS xe "TALBOTT:Edith L., Mrs. (see Edith L. STAATS)" TALBOTT  August 27, 1907‑June 26, 1923

(2)  Ila B., daughter of A. L. & Thelma xe "TALBOTT:Ida B." xe "TALBOTT:A.L. (m)" xe "TALBOTT:Thelma, Mrs." TALBOTT, died July 22, 1923, aged 6 months, 10 days
Arthur F., son of I. M. & Naomi xe "TALBOTT:Arthur F." xe "TALBOTT:I.M. (see Isaac M. TALBOTT)" TALBOTT  1895‑1923

(same plot)
Sophia xe "TALBOTT:Sophia" TALBOTT  1897‑1927

Ernest M. xe "TALBOTT:Ernest M." TALBOTT  1912‑1932

Minerva J. xe "TALBOTT:Minerva J." TALBOTT  1910‑1935

(2)  Isaac M. xe "TALBOTT:Isaac M." TALBOTT  1869‑1957  Father
Naomi A. xe "TALBOTT:Naomi A., Mrs." TALBOTT  1872‑1943  Mother

(2)  America xe "HOSELTON:America (f)" HOSELTON  1866‑1933
Peter xe "HOSELTON:Peter" HOSELTON  1860‑1935

Early xe "HOSELTON:Early" HOSELTON  1895‑1944

Fannie B. xe "HOSELTON:Fannie B." HOSELTON  1887‑1951

Verneda J. xe "SLAVEN:Verneda J." SLAVEN  1947

Lois Marie xe "SLAVEN:Lois Marie" SLAVEN  1938

Audra xe "SLAVEN:Audra" SLAVEN  1915

(2)  Lloyd G. xe "BURDETTE:Lloyd G." BURDETTE  1900‑(no death date)
Cora B. xe "BURDETTE:Cora B., Mrs. (see Cora MILHOAN)" BURDETTE  1900‑1969

(Temporary marker)
Cora xe "MILHOAN:Cora B." MILHOAN BURDETTE,died June 19, 1969, age 68 years, 7 months, 3 days

Margaret xe "PARSONS:Margaret" PARSONS  September 9, 1882‑November 6, 1937

(2)  David xe "GORRELL:David" GORRELL  1847‑(no death date)
(footstone, but no death date)
Mary xe "GORRELL:Mary, Mrs.?" GORRELL  1854‑1905  Wife

Thomas Erwin xe "GORRELL:Thomas Erwin" GORRELL  1881‑1930

(Temporary marker)
Donald E. xe "GORRELL:Donald E." GORRELL  1915‑1932

(Temporary marker)
Violet I. xe "GORRELL:Violet I., Mrs.?" GORRELL  1920‑1936

(Temporary marker)
Alonzo C. xe "GORRELL:Alonzo C." GORRELL  1910‑1936

(Temporary marker)
Michael xe "GORRELL:Michael" GORRELL  June 25, 1951‑October 1, 1951

(2)  Peter xe "MILHOAN:Peter" MILHOAN  1862‑1916
Gennie xe "MILHOAN:Gennie, Mrs.?" MILHOAN  1863‑1943

Oakal, wife of Charles xe "STAATS:Oakal, Mrs." xe "STAATS:Charles" STAATS  April 1898‑April 1921

(2)  Thomas E. xe "MILHOAN:Thomas E." MILHOAN 1858‑1937
Josephine xe "MILHOAN:Josephine" MILHOAN 1878‑1932

B. F. "Frank" xe "TALBOTT:B.F. (see Frank TALBOTT)" xe "TALBOTT:Frank" TALBOTT  1840‑1932

Minerva J., wife of B. F. xe "TALBOTT:Minerva J., Mrs." TALBOTT  December 31, 1845‑September 18, 1917

(2)  John Aston xe "WILKES:John Aston" WILKES  February 15, 1871‑July 6, 1935
Laura Lucinda xe "WILKES:Laura Lucinda, Mrs.?" WILKES  October 16, 1880‑March 3, 1954

Mary M. xe "RHODES:Mary M." RHODES  February 23, 1908‑November 6, 1932

Wade D., son of T. H. & V. B. xe "REED:Wade D." xe "REED:T.H. (m)" xe "REED:V.B., Mrs." REED, died August 31, 1921, aged 21 years, 8 months

(2)  Harman T. xe "REED:Harman T." REED  March 28, 1835‑August 5, 1905
Julian xe "REED:Julian" REED  November 15, 1834‑January 18, 1902

Henson xe "REED:Henson" REED  October 10, 1867‑January 5, 1918

(next to Henson Reed)
Alice, wife of Henson xe "REED:Alice, Mrs." REED  December 26, 1877‑May 6, 1915

Jacob xe "BATES:Jacob" BATES,  died December 28, 1894, age 51 years, 7 months, 8 days

Nora B., wife of H. xe "WALKER:Mora B., Mrs." xe "WALKER:H. (m)" WALKER  1890‑1919

(2)  George xe "LOGSTON:George" LOGSTON  1851‑1930
Virginia xe "LOGSTON:Virginia, Mrs." LOGSTON  1854‑1941  Wife

John xe "BOYD:John" BOYD  August 26, 1855‑September 12, 1915  Father

Charlotte xe "BOYD:Charlotte, Mrs." BOYD  September 20, 1853‑(no death date)  Mother

(2)  Clark A. xe "WHITE:Clark A." WHITE  1861‑(no death date)
Ida S. xe "WHITE:Ida S., Mrs." WHITE  1866‑1944

Elmer, son of C. A. & Ida F. xe "WHITE:Elmer" xe "WHITE:C.A. (see Clark A. WHITE)" WHITE, died November 26, 1913 age 15 years, 7 months, 12 days

Mary Deloris xe "CATHER:Mary Deloris" CATHER  August 13, 1936  Daughter

Mary Temp. xe "HUFF:Mary Temp." HUFF  1870‑1901

(2)  Olga Gertrude xe "HUFF:Olga Gertrude" HUFF  1898‑1901
Ira Loman xe "HUFF:Ira Loman" HUFF  1909‑1913

Jennie xe "LAMP:Jennie" LAMP  1854‑1971

(stone turned over; not read)

Paul F. xe "TOLSON:Paul F." TOLSON  West Virginia Pvt  Co. B  162nd INF  41st DIV  WW I October 29, 1892‑September 28, 1958

Iva xe "TOLSON:Iva, Mrs.?" TOLSON  July 9, 1902

"Mother" (no name or dates)

Owen xe "FLINN:Owen" FLINN  1870‑1920

(4)  John W. xe "FLYNN:John W." FLYNN  February 19, 1832‑January 4, 1906
Catherine S. xe "FLYNN:Catherine S., Mrs." FLYNN  August 27, 1837‑November 4, 1908  Mother
Mahlop xe "FLYNN:Mahlop" FLYNN, died July 31, 1900, age 32 years, 9 months, 4 days
Harvey xe "FLYNN:Harvey" FLYNN,  died September 10, 1900, age 23 years, 9 days

Lillie xe "FLYNN:Lillie" FLYNN, wife of J. M. xe "ROSS:J.M. (m)" xe "ROSS:Lillie, Mrs. (see Lillie FLYNN)" ROSS  1859‑1913

(2)  Henson E. xe "OREM:Henson E."OREM June 14, 1845‑July 1, 1913  Co. E.  10th Reg. West Virginia INF. VOL.  Father
Ida xe "OREM:Ida, Mrs." OREM,  June 9, 1850‑July 1, 1936  Mother

(next to Henson and Ida Orem)
Sarah K. xe "OREM:Sarah K." OREM 1867‑1911

(2)  John xe "DAVIS:John" DAVIS  1865‑1911
Alice xe "DAVIS:Alice, Mrs." DAVIS  1872‑(no death date)  Wife

Claire E., son of E. S. & L. xe "SMITH:Claire E. (m)" xe "SMITH:E.S. (m)" xe "SMITH:L., Mrs." SMITH  December 15, 1905‑March 30, 1917

(2)  Belle xe "STAATS:Belle" STAATS  1884‑1948
Clayton xe "STAATS:Clayton" STAATS  1879‑1929

(in row together)
Ada R. xe "OREM:Ada R." OREM  April 12, 1910‑July 17, 1930

Georgia V. xe "OREM:Georgia V." OREM  April 29, 1919‑May 23, 1931

Dale E. xe "OREM:Dale E." OREM  November 25, 1914‑November 16, 1933

Gladys L. xe "OREM:Gladys L." OREM  February 10, 1917‑January 25, 1935

(2)  Cora A. xe "BURDETTE:Cora A., Mrs.?" BURDETTE  1874‑1951
Charlie xe "BURDETTE:Charlie" BURDETTE  1874‑1944

(2)  Mildred xe "BURDETTE:Mildred, Mrs.?" BURDETTE  1905‑1930
Leonard xe "BURDETTE:Leonard" BURDETTE  1906‑1961

E. Ondean, daughter of E. W. & Mildred xe "BURDETTE:E. Odean (f)" xe "BURDETTE:E.W. (m)" xe "BURDETTE:Mildred, Mrs." BURDETTE June 12, 1932‑November 22, 1933

Clara Belle xe "PIFER:Clara Belle" PIFER  1902‑1976

Paul W. xe "DELONG:Paul W." DELONG  1923

Mary C., daughter of W. H. & B. xe "SLAVEN:March C." xe "SLAVEN:W.H. (m)" SLAVEN  October 25, 1913‑May 1, 1920

(2)  Wade xe "SLAVEN:Wade" xe "SLAVEN:Bertha, Mrs.?" SLAVEN  1866‑1947
Bertha SLAVEN  1880‑1955

(2)  William Henry xe "SLAVEN:William Henry" SLAVEN  May 31, 1904‑(no death date) (Masonic symbol)
Berneda xe "PEGG:Berneda" PEGG xe "SLAVEN:Berneda, Mrs. (see Berneda PEGG)" SLAVEN  February 8, 1920‑February 24, 1972

(2)  Mattia A. xe "MILHOAN:Mattia A., Mrs.?" MILHOAN  1867‑1943
Arthur xe "MILHOAN:Arthur" MILHOAN  1866‑1940











*Cemetery No. 55 ‑ Morehouse Cemetery (aka Blackmore Cemetery) (Grant Dist.)

Location: Half a mile south of  Staats Cemetery No. 56 on left (east) side of the Road. The cemetery was not on the USGS map.

Sarah A., wife of Benjamin xe "DURNBURGER:Sarah A., Mrs." xe "DURNBURGER:Benjamin" DURNBURGER born October 06, 1821; died April 27, 1856

Benjamin DURNBURGER,  died April 2, 1857, age 38 years, 11 months, 28 days

Mary, wife of Stephen or Steven xe "ALEXANDER:Stephen" xe "ALEXANDER:Mary, Mrs." ALEXANDER,  died August 1, 1852, age 53 years

Stephen or Steven ALEXANDER,  died July 28, 1852, age 56 years

George, son of S. & M. xe "ALEXANDER:George" xe "ALEXANDER:S. (see Stephen ALEXANDER)" xe "ALEXANDER:M., Mrs. (see Mrs. Mary ALEXANDER)" ALEXANDER,  died 1841, age 4 months

John L., son of H. & S. xe "BLACKMORE:John L." xe "BLACKMORE:H. (m)" xe "BLACKMORE:S., Mrs." BLACKMORE died October 08, 1852, age 19 months, 16 days

Stephen or Steven A., son of G. & S. xe "PRICE:Stephen" xe "PRICE:G. (m)" xe "PRICE:S., Mrs." PRICE,  died Janaury 5, 1855, age 1 year

(2)  Samuel xe "BLACKMORE:Samuel" BLACKMORE  Died July 2, 1895, age 77 years, 23 days
Mary xe "BLACKMORE:Mary, Mrs.?" BLACKMORE  October 8, 1822‑(no death date)

Elizabeth, wife of J. J. xe "WHITE:Elizabeth, Mrs." xe "WHITE:J.J. (m)" WHITE, died November 10, 1858, age 29 years, 10 months, 20 days

Wilmer H. xe "WHITE:Wilmer H." WHITE,  died September 26, 1879, age 23 years, 5 months, 6 days

Warren F., son of W. & B. xe "MOREHOUSE:Warren F." xe "MOREHOUSE:W. (m)" xe "MOREHOUSE:B., Mrs." MOREHOUSE,  died June 24, 1858, age 16 years, 15 days











*Cemetery No. 56 ‑ Staats Cemetery (Grant Dist.)

Location:  From Low Gap go south on WV Rt. 6 1.4 miles to cemetery on the left. The cemetery is visible from the road.

Condition: The cemetery is in fairly good condition, cleared and fenced.

Gordon xe "JACKSON:Gordon" JACKSON,  died February 8, 1901, age 1 year, 11 months, 9 days

Arkie xe "STAATS:Arkie, Mrs." STAATS  born January 30, 1856; died March 10, 1912, age 56 years, 1 month, 10 days

(3)  Emmett xe "STAATS:Emmett" STAATS  June 23, 1874‑November 24, 1890
Myrta xe "STAATS:Myrta" STAATS  November 12, 1890‑Januray 17, 1894
Wesley xe "STAATS:Welsey" STAATS  May 28, 1899‑May 30, 1920
Children of Guy and Arkie xe "STAATS:Guy" STAATS

Nellie L., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. U. G. xe "TALBOTT:Nellie L." xe "TALBOTT:U.G. (m)" TALBOTT born July 11, 1821; died July 17, 192(1)

Vada xe "CROSS:Vada" CROSS,  born August 29, 1898; died December 27, 1899

Oleva xe "DELANEY:Oleva" DELANEY  1879‑1903

David STAATS,  died November 14, 1880, aged 73 years, 3 months, 1 day

Luella Bell xe "STAATS:Luella Bell, Mrs." STAATS  1871‑1915  Mother

Everett, son of R. & S. F. xe "STAATS:Everett" xe "STAATS:R. (m)" xe "STAATS:S.F., Mrs." STAATS  born May 20, 1880; died April 22, 1900

Herschel Blain xe "STAATS:Herschel Blain" STAATS,  died August 8, 1886, aged 2 years, 1 month, 24 days.

Sarah F. xe "STAATS:Sarah F., Mrs.?" STAATS  December 8, 1845‑August 5, 1917

Rudolph xe "STAATS:Rudolph" STAATS  June 13, 1836‑September 3, 1902

Rosie Ann, daughter of J. & M. xe "STAATS:Rosie Ann" xe "STAATS:J. (m)" xe "STAATS:M., Mrs." STAATS  July 31, 1872‑October 29, 1874

Mamie H., daughter of J. & S. N. xe "STAATS:Mamie H." xe "STAATS:S.N., Mrs." STAATS  August 19, 1900‑August 30, 1900

Jennie Bell xe "STAATS:Jennie Bell" STAATS, wife of T. H. xe "REED:T.H. (m)" xe "REED:Jennie Bell, Mrs. (see Jennie Bell STAATS)" REED,  died March 24, 1904, age 29 years

Mabel, daughter of Otie & B. xe "STAATS:Mabel" xe "STAATS:Otie (m)" xe "STAATS:B., Mrs." STAATS born December 11, 1906; died January 30, 1907

Marshall, son of Otie & D. xe "STAATS:Marshall" STAATS, born November 11, 1893; died; January 19, 1894

Thomas H. xe "BUFFINGTON:Thomas H." BUFFINGTON  August 14, 1881‑September 16, 1900

Lenie, daughter of Otie & D. xe "STAATS:Lenie (f)" xe "STAATS:D., Mrs." STAATS  born May 20, 1909; died March 29, 1910

Mary F., daughter of William & Rosa xe "STAATS:Mary F." xe "STAATS:William" STAATS,  July 25, 1866‑February 10, 1899

Amanda A., daughter of William & Rosa xe "STAATS:Amanda A." STAATS March 18, 1869‑February 17, 1888

(2)  William STAATS,  born August 8, 1844‑June 2, 1919
Rosa Ann, wife of William xe "STAATS:Rosa Ann, Mrs." STAATS, born January 5, 1844; died November 15, 1916

Adaline KIDDER  June 10, 1821‑September 26, 1895