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Archer Family Site


George Archer of McLean, Virginia, initially started and maintained this website. until he passed away in September of 2023. I reached out to him in 2003 when my father passed away to obtain additional information about the family, and he was a very kind man passionate about genealogy and the Archer family lineage. During my one phone conversation with him, he shared that he was concerned that one day, all of his life's work and research about the family would fall to the wayside when he died. I searched for the site, prompted by the fact that this is the month anniversary of my Dad's death, and I found that it had been taken down. I found George's obituary and thought about that initial conversation when he said all the research would stop with him. I decided to pick up the torch and continue the work. 

If you are an Archer and want to share an update about a birth, death, or family news, please get in touch with me at

Thank you for visiting,

Christina Archer