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Edward C. Archer Family


1. Edward Clark Archer Birth: 26 Nov 1772, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, MD

Death: 29 Dec 1850, Grandview Twp, Edgar Co. IL

Burial: Hinds Cemetery,  Grandview Twp, Edgar Co, IL

Spouse: Elizabeth Cheshire Allison Birth: 11 Nov 1777, Montgomery Co, MD

Death: 22 Aug 1845, Grandview Twp, Edgar Co. IL

Burial: Hinds Cem. Grandview Twp, Edgar Co, IL

Father: Richard Allison (~1732-1808)

Mother: Sarah Elinor Cheshire (~1735-~1801)

Marr: 27 Nov 1796, by Rev. Thomas Reed


John Clark (1798-1885)

William Wilson (1800-)

Mary Ann Clark (1802-)

James Milton (1803-1863)

Sarah W H (1806-1889)

Martha Rebecca (1808-)

Elizabeth (1810-1828)

Enoch Allison (1811-1835)

Katherine Clark (1813-1834)

Matilda E (1814-)

Edward Montgomery (1816-)

Louisa Jane (1818-)

Alfred George (1820-1845)

Carolina America (1823-)

  2. John Clark Archer Birth: 18 Sep 1798, Mongomery Co, MD

Death: 8 Nov 1885, Chistman, IL

Burial: Scottland, Edgar Co. IL

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann Zink Birth: 5 Feb 1807

Death: 25 Jan 1896, Edgar Co, IL

Father: Daniel Zink

Mother: Elizabeth Shelley

Marr: 19 Jul 1822, Monroe Co, IN


Elizabeth Ann (1826-1909)

Daniel Edward (1834-1884)

John Wesley (1823-1848)

Catherine (1828-)

3. Elizabeth Ann Archer Birth: 5 Feb 1826, Edgar Co, IL

Death: 3 Dec 1909

Burial: Hunt Cemetery

Spouse: James Martin Birth: 20 Mar 1822, Miami, OH

Death: 15 May 1854, Jasper, IL

Marr: 28 Dec 1843, Jasper, IL1

3. Daniel Edward Archer Birth: 8 Jul 1834, Edgar Co, IL

Death: 1884, Allerton, IL

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Mc Coy Birth: 30 Jun 1836, Breckenridge Co, KY

Death: 22 Jun 1922, Francesville, Pulaski Co. IN

Marr: 22 Feb 1856, Jasper, IL


Elsworth (1869-1932)

  4. Elsworth Archer Birth: 30 Mar 1869, Westfield, Clark Co, IL

Death: 6 Apr 1932, Allerton, Vermillion Co, IL

Spouse: Louella Davis Birth: 19 Mar 1874, Scottland, Edgar Co, IL

Death: 18 Apr 1961, Allerton, Vermillion Co, IL

Marr: 1892, Allerton, Vermillion Co, IL


William (1900-1974)

  5. William Archer Birth: 21 Nov 1900, Allerton, Vermillion Co, IL

Death: 28 Jun 1974, Allerton, Vermillion Co, IL

3. John Wesley Archer Birth: 23 May 1823

Death: 24 Sep 1848, Yale, Jasper City, IN

3. Catherine Archer Birth: 15 Feb 1828, Monroe, IN
  2. William Wilson Archer Birth: 24 Mar 1800

Spouse: Statiras Elkins

Marr: 17 Feb 1824, Monroe Co, IN

  2. Mary Ann Clark Archer Birth: 29 Apr 1802, Mongomery Co, MD or Frederick Co MD

Death: Lyn Co OR

Spouse: Benjamin Freeland , Jr. Birth: 5 May 1794, Calvert Co, MD or Talbot Co. MD

Death: Seattle WA

Marr: 15 Feb 1820, Monroe Co, IN


Samuel Hamilton (1821-)

Elizabeth Tenyson (1822-1894)

Sarah Richardson (1824-)

Mary (1826-)

Mahala Becraft (1828-1908)

Edward Archer (1830-)

Benjamin Richardson (1832-)

Jane Hebb (1833-1838)

Enoch Georg (1835-)

Mary Ann Clark (1836-)

Lulana Jane (1838-)

Martha Angeline (1840-)

Margarett (1842-1842)

Emma Louisa (1845-)

3. Samuel Hamilton Freeland Birth: 13 Jun 1821, Owen Co, In

Spouse: Harriet Holiby Ross

Marr: 29 Feb 1848, Edgar Co, IL

3. Elizabeth Tenyson Freeland Birth: 27 Sep 1822, Monroe Co, IN

Death: 18 Jun 1894, WV

Spouse: Thomas Mann Birth: 19 Jan 1821

Death: 19 Mar 1872, WV

Marr: 18 Aug 1846, Grandview Twp, Edgar Co, IL


Mary Ann (1848-)

William Thomas (1849-)

Margaret (1851-)

Calvin Alexander (1853-)

Benjamin Franklin (1854-)

James Edward (1856-)

Samual (1858-)

Walter (1860-)

Luther Bell (1862-)

Robert (1865-)

  4. Mary Ann Mann Birth: 20 Jan 1848
  4. William Thomas Mann Birth: 7 Mar 1849
  4. Margaret Mann Birth: 4 Feb 1851
  4. Calvin Alexander Mann Birth: 14 May 1853
  4. Benjamin Franklin Mann Birth: Aug 1854
  4. James Edward Mann Birth: 20 Jul 1856
  4. Samual Mann Birth: 24 Feb 1858
  4. Walter Mann Birth: 29 Mar 1860
  4. Luther Bell Mann Birth: 1 Jan 1862
  4. Robert Mann Birth: 28 Feb 1865
3. Sarah Richardson Freeland Birth: 24 Apr 1824, Owen Co, In
3. Mary Freeland Birth: 13 Apr 1826, Owen Co, In
3. Mahala Becraft Freeland Birth: 26 Jun 1828, Owen Co, In

Death: 26 Jan 1908

Spouse: James Harvey Payne Birth: 5 May 1823, Shelby Co, KY

Death: 3 Aug 1906, Washington

Marr: 26 Oct 1848, Coles Co, IL

3. Edward Archer Freeland Birth: 12 Sep 1830, 9/12/1830
3. Benjamin Richardson Freeland Birth: 1 Apr 1832, Owen Co, In
3. Jane Hebb Freeland Birth: 6 Oct 1833, Owen Co, In

Death: 19 Aug 1838, Owen Co, In

3. Enoch George Freeland Birth: 25 Mar 1835, Owen Co, In
3. Mary Ann Clark Freeland Birth: 31 Dec 1836, Owen Co, In
3. Lulana Jane Freeland Birth: 27 Apr 1838, Owen Co, In
3. Martha Angeline Freeland Birth: 9 Jun 1840, Owen Co, In
3. Margarett Freeland Birth: 29 Sep 1842, Owen Co, In

Death: 3 Oct 1842, Owen Co, In

3. Emma Louisa Freeland Birth: 24 May 1845, Edgar Co, IL
  2. James Milton Archer Birth: 16 Oct 1803, Montgomery, MD

Death: 4 Oct 1863, Spencer, Owen Co. In

Burial: Spencer, Indiana

NOTE: Moved to Indiana - Green County about 1840 In 1850 and 1860 Census was in Owen county. Wrote a book, History of Owen County in 1862.

Spouse: Margaret Karr Dunn Birth: 23 Aug 1811, Mouth of Kumberland, KY

Death: 7 May 1899, Salinas, Monterey, CA

Father: John Dunn (1779-)

Mother: Margaret Karr (~1780-)

Marr: 31 May 1827, Owen Co. Indiana by Dan'l Anderson, M. G.


James Williamson (1828-1908)

Margarett Elizabeth (1831-)

Mary Elinor (1833-1833)

Sarah Jane (1835-1835)

John Edward (1836-1863)

Sarah Elinor (1838-~1904)

Samuel Milton (1842-1902)

Martha Julia (1844-1918)

Mary Emma (1848-)

Cynthelia Matilda (1853-1876)

3.  James Williamson Archer Birth: 6 Sep 1828, Grandview Twp., Edgar County IL

Death: 26 Jan 1908, Washington DC4

NOTE: 2 Aug 1897, Received Congressional Medal of Honor 10/4/1862 Citation "Voluntarily took command of another regiment with the consent of one or more of his seniors, who were present, rallied the command. 

Burial: Spencer, Owen Co. In

NOTE: James W Archer enlisted into A Company of the Indiana 59th Infantry Regiment on December 26, 1861 as a 1st Lieutenant at 33 years old. Promoted to full Adjutant on February 11, 1862 and transferred to C company. Mustered out at Louisville KY on July 17, 1865. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1897. Died on 1/28/1908. Virginia Archer (Olson) received the CMoH from his son Charles William in 1940.

I have finally found the details of the battle for which James Williamson Archer was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. I have not seen the source material but I will list it here in case any one wants to see it. This quote comes from The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Published under the Direction of the Hon. Elihu Root, Secretary of War. By Brig. Gen. Fred C Ainsworth, Chief of the Record and Pension Office, War Department and Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley, Washington, D. C.: United States Printing Office 1882, Series 1, Vol. 17, part 1, Chapter 29 - Operations in West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi, June 10, 1862 to January 20, 1863. Page 218.

"October 3-12, 1862 Battle of Corinth, MS and the pursuit of the Confederate forces.

Report no. 23 - Report of Lt. James W Archer, 59th Indiana, commanding 48th Indiana Infantry. To Capt. J.P. Assistant Adjutant General from Lt. James W Archer, Adjutant 59th Infantry, 59th Indiana Volunteers. Datelined: Camp, near Corinth, Mississippi, October 12, 1862

Sir: I have the honor to report that on Saturday, October 4, after battle had commenced, Lt. .Col. D. E. W .C. Rugg commanding the 48th Regiment Indiana Volunteers was severely wounded in the foot and was carried from the field. I was placed in command. At that time the regiment was on the right of Sands' 11th Ohio Battery on the ridge, the second position the battery had taken during the fight. The enemy were advancing rapidly and in great force upon the position, it being one of great importance. We kept up a steady fire upon the enemy, pouring volley after volley upon them with great effect. Their colors and their main body had advanced to within probably 75 yards, when the commanding officer fell from his horse killed or wounded; their line wavered, and, at a heavy volley from my regiment, in connection with the fire from the regiment, they broke and fled. We followed at a run, firing as we went, and halted in line with the regiments right and left, when the enemy were driven entirely from the field. Our ammunition being nearly spent, the men picked up the enemy's cartridge boxes which were partially full, and fired them at the retreating foe. By My personal application General Rosecrans sent me, by one of his officers, a supply of ammunition, from which I got 60 rounds per man, and was again in readiness for the conflict.

I take pleasure in bearing testimony to the gallantry of the officers of the regiment and the steady and unflinching bravery of the men.

The loss of the regiment was: killed 4; wounded 22, which two have since died. The loss of the regiment in killed and wounded, compared to the entire loss of the brigade, sufficiently proved the character of our share of the engagement. Among the wounded is a Lieutenant Colonel and one Captain. On the morning of the 5th instant, I asked to be relieved from the command, and, the major being under arrest, Lt. Col. J. K. Scott was placed in command.

. your obedient servant,

James W. Archer, 1st Lt. and Adjt. 59th Indiana Volunteers.

Spouse: Elizabeth Chambers Birth: 1 Jan 1834, Indiana

Death: 27 Oct 1921

Father: James Chambers (~1807-)

Mother: Margaret (~1812-)

Marr: 13 Jul 1854, Owen Co. Indiana book 27-3905


Charles Williamson (1869-1948)

Dora Bell

James Chambers


Nellie Almira

John Buford (~1866-)

  4. Charles Williamson Archer Birth: 25 Feb 1869, Spencer, Indiana/Spencer, Owen Co., IN

Death: 1948

Burial: Pine Village Cemetery, Adams Twp, Warren Co, IN

NOTE: Became a dentist. Lived in Lincoln Nebraska at some point and his wife's mother came and took the wife and daughter away because she didn't think that Charles was good enough. Charles developed a dental product "Edent". Lived in Chicago in 1940 when Virginia Archer visited him.

Spouse: #1 Josephine Major Birth: 29 Aug 1874, Cairo, IL

Death: 9 Sep 1951, Sandoval, IL

Burial: Mounds, IL

Father: John Major (~1842-<1891)

Mother: Mary Francis Douthitt (1846-1918)

Marr: 20 May 1891, Alexander Co. IL by S. P. Groves


John Major (1892-1958)

Francis (1893-1966)

Spouse: #2 Leila Pearl Metsker

Birth: 10 Mar 1887

Burial: Pine Village Cemetery, Adams Twp, Warren Co, IN

Father: Isaac William Metsker (1859-1896)

Mother: Metta Barnes (-1941)

Marr: 8 Feb 1911, Shelby Co, IN

  5. John Major Archer Birth: 24 Apr 1892, Lincoln, NE/Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE

Death: 28 Nov 1958

NOTE: Spent the last few years at the VA hospital in Danville Illinois. Spent some time about a year before his death living with daughter Virginia Olson in Hoopeston. Had a drinking problem most of his later years.

Spouse: Frieda Fern Richard Birth: 9 Jan 1894, Sandoval, IL

Death: 14 Nov 1956, St. Johns Hospital, St Louis MO

Burial: Sandoval, IL

Father: Joseph Franklin Richard (1851-1928)

Mother: Susan Mariam Smith (1855-1936)

Marr: 5 Jul 1919, Tulsa OK

Children: Private

  5. Francis Archer Birth: 23 May 1893, Lincoln, NE/Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE

Death: 17 Dec 1966, Kansas City, MO

Spouse: #1 John Taylor

Spouse: #2 Charles Hayes

Spouse: #3 Bonnie Calvet

Children: Private

  4. Dora Bell Archer

Spouse: Jethro C Culmer

Marr: 29 Jun 1875, Owen Co. Indiana book 30-462


Hugh (1883-)

Unknown  (1888-)

Ruth E (1898-)

  5. Hugh Culmer Birth: 23 Jan 1883 Owen Co, In
  5. Culmer Birth: 19 May 1888 Owen Co, In 
  5. Ruth E Culmer Birth: 22 Jul 1898 Owen Co, In 
  4. James Chambers Archer
  4. Luretta Archer

Spouse: Alexander McNight

Marr: 11 Oct 1875, Owen Co. Indiana book 30-481

  4. Nellie Almira Archer

Spouse: Robert J Aley

Marr: 28 Aug 1884, Owen Co. Indiana book 32-43

  4. John Buford Archer Doctor Birth: abt 1866
3. Margarett Elizabeth Archer Birth: 25 Mar 1831, Grandview Twp, Edgar Co. IL

Spouse: Isaac B Johnson

Marr: 21 Dec 1847, Owen Co. Indiana

3. Mary Elinor Archer Birth: 13 Mar 1833, Grandview Twp, Edgar Co. IL

Death: 30 Mar 1833, Grandview Twp, Edgar Co. IL

3. Sarah Jane Archer Birth: 2 Feb 1835, Paris, Edgar Co, IL

Death: 10 Feb 1835, Paris, Edgar Co, IL

3. John Edward Archer Birth: 2 Apr 1836, Paris, Edgar Co, IL

Death: 7 Nov 1863, Worthington, Greene Co, In

Spouse: Luoinda C Harner

Marr: 6 Aug 1861, Owen Co. Indiana book 28-538

3. Sarah Elinor Archer Birth: 26 Nov 1838, Paris, Edgar Co, IL

Death: abt 1904

Spouse: #1 Jasper J Byers

Marr: September 19, 186?

Spouse: #2 James L Walden

Marr: 28 May 1877, Owen Co. Indiana book 31-22

3. Samuel Milton Archer Doctor Birth: 7 Jan 1842, Spencer, Owen Co. In

Death: 19 Jan 1902, San Francisco, CA

Spouse: #1 Louisa R

Spouse: #2 Alma Miranda Lee

Birth: abt 1842

Marr: Feb 1864, Vigo Co, Indiana


Aretas Allen

Spouse: #3 Sarah A Maynard

Birth: abt 1851

Marr: 14 Jul 1868, Clark Co, IN

Spouse: #4 Louisa Robertson

Birth: abt 1854, California

Death: 27 Mar 1923

Marr: 12 May 1882, Monterey, CA

  4. Aretas Allen Archer
3. Martha Julia Archer Birth: 28 Aug 1844, Spencer, Owen Co. In

Death: 29 Dec 1918, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA

Spouse: Alpheus Odell

Birth: 7 Feb 1836, Near Thorntown, Boone Co, IN

Death: 21 Jan 1922, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA

Burial: Oakland, Alameda, CA Sunset

Marr: 29 Nov 1862, Spencer, Owen Co, IN book 28-618A


Lola Jean (1863-1934)

Julia Winifred (1865-1945)

John Alfeus (1866-1866)

Clarence Archer (1868-1937)

Stella Williamette (1872-1939)

Alfa Margarette (1879-1880)

  4. Lola Jean Odell Birth: 12 Sep 1863, Greencastle, Putnam Co, IN

Death: 14 Nov 1934

  4. Julia Winifred Odell Birth: 19 Jul 1865, Anderson, Madison, IN

Death: 19 Jan 1945

  4. John Alfeus Odell Birth: 14 Dec 1866, Bloomfield, Greene Co, IN

Death: 19 Dec 1866, Bloomfield, Greene Co, IN

  4. Clarence Archer Odell Birth: 4 Nov 1868, Thorntown, Boone Co, IN

Death: 16 Oct 1937, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA

Burial: Richmond, Contra Costa, CA Sunset

  4. Stella Williamette Odell Birth: 23 Mar 1872, Danville, Hendricks, IN

Death: 24 Dec 1939

  4. Alfa Margarette Odell Birth: 24 Jan 1879, Terre Haute, IN

Death: 11 Nov 1880

3. Mary Emma Archer Birth: 19 Aug 1848, Spencer, Owen Co. In
3. Cynthelia Matilda Archer Birth: 26 Jun 1853, Spencer, Owen Co. In

Death: 25 Sep 1876

  2. Sarah W H Archer Birth: 20 Oct 1806, Mongomery Co, MD

Death: 20 Feb 1889

Spouse: William Batterton

Marr: 12 Aug 1824, Monroe Co, IN

  2. Martha Rebeca Archer Birth: 4 Mar 1808, Mongomery Co, MD

Spouse: Jobe Warner Brown Birth: 15 Jul 1809, Chatham, Middlesex Co, MA

Father: Jonathan Brown (1788-1867)

Mother: Elizabeth Atken


Warren E (~1833-)

Mary E (~1835-)

Elizabeth J (~1836-)

George A (~1837-)

Jerome A (~1838-)

Ann (~1840-)

Sarah (~1844-)

Caroline A (~1846-)

Melissa E (~1849-)

3. Warren E Brown Birth: abt 1833
3. Mary E Brown Birth: abt 1835
3. Elizabeth J Brown Birth: abt 1836
3. George A Brown Birth: abt 1837
3. Jerome A Brown Birth: abt 1838
3. Ann Brown Birth: abt 1840
3. Sarah Brown Birth: abt 1844
3. Caroline A Brown Birth: abt 1846
3. Melissa E Brown Birth: abt 1849
  2. Elizabeth Archer Birth: 13 Apr 1810, Kentucky

Death: 29 Jun 1828

Spouse: Vincent Goodwin

Marr: 13 Nov 1827, Owen Co. Indiana

  2. Enoch Allison Archer Birth: 22 Sep 1811

Death: 5 Mar 1835

  2. Katherine Clark Archer Birth: 30 Mar 1813, Kentucky

Death: 19 Sep 1834

  2. Matilda E Archer Birth: 20 Sep 1814, Kentucky

Spouse: #1 James Whitesel

Spouse: #2 John J Sedwick

Marr: 19 Nov 1833, Monroe Co, IN

  2. Edward Montgomery Archer Birth: 22 Jul 1816, Nicholas Co, KY

Spouse: Nancy J Campbell

Marr: 13 Dec 1834, Monroe Co, IN

  2. Louisa Jane Archer Birth: 22 Apr 1818, Monroe, IN or Nicolas Co, KY

Spouse: Orland Everitt Foster

Marr: 14 Aug 1839, Monroe Co, IN

  2. Alfred George Archer Birth: 4 Nov 1820, Nicholas Co, KY

Death: 22 Aug 1845

  2. Carolina America Archer Birth: 11 Apr 1823, Nicholas Co, KY

Spouse: Jackson Milburn

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