The following is a suggestion from George W. Archer (The Archer Association) as to the numbering sequence for the families. There are many numbering systems but this is the Spencer Numbers System (published by Ernst Spencer of New York.) which we feel would be easier to use.

This is taken from the Rowley Genealogy (Judy (..Rowley) Bramlage email: The Rowley surname is replaced by the surname Archer so it will not confuse the reader. 

  If you want to get right down to business, there are a few routes you can take. Click on any of the family names below.  We are working on sixteen (16) branches right now.  We are in the process of gathering source data, such as vital records, census entries, cemetery records, civil war pension abstracts, as they relate to the 'Archer' surname and its variants. Books relating to 'Archer' ancestors appear in the Research Information web page 


Another route you might take is using "The Archer Web Searcher" Click on and it will take you to a search engine that will look at every document contained within this website (there are over 150 pages now online) searching for your designated ancestor, list them, and tell you how big it is. Choose a document and click on it - you will be taken directly to it. To return, use the "BACK" button on your web browser. Try it! You'll like it! 

The idea is to save the researcher time in looking up this data. So many of us are repeating endless steps that others have already taken. Let us put our efforts in finding those facts we do not already know, and share what we have with the world. 

To this end, we use a method we call 'Spencer Numbers' to distinguish Archer's with the same name from each other. 

As we can, we indicate on the vital records the Spencer Number so we can tell which Archer/etc each record represents. Click Here for an explanation of the Spencer Numbers. One more thing. Please share with your fellow researchers! 

The Archer database is growing rapidly, and will only continue to grow with your help. 

The littlest bit of information (which might mean nothing to you)  may be a vital clue for someone else. If you know that a specific vital records refers to an Archer with a Spencer Number, please let me know and I will add that to our records. It can save another researcher hours of work if they know that someone else has identified a specific person. In addition, if and when you find errors herein, do everyone a favor and let me know at



Archer Family Index

Patrick Archer
Family 1

Ireland - Noble Co. Ohio

Joseph W. Archer Sr.
Family 2
Washington Co. TN.

David Archer
Family 3
N. S. W. Australia
Under Construction

Edward C. Archer
Family 4
Mongomery Co, MD

George Archer
Family 5
West Virginia - Ohio
Under Construction





John Archer
Family 6


John Archer
Family 7
Campbell County, TN.


John McQuatty Archer
Family 8
Easterly, Texas


Lester Archer
Family 9
Under Construction


William B. Archer
Family 10
North Carolina





Samuel David Archer
Family 11
NC. - Arkansas.

George W. Archer
Family 12
Lawrence Co. TN.

Joseph Archer
Family 13
Burlington Co., NJ.

Peter Archer
Family 14
Lancashire, Eng.

Thomas T. Archer
Family 15
Archertown, NJ.




John Thomas Archer
Family 16
Devonshire, England -
Yolo, California

Fulbert Archer
Family 17
Umberslade, - Warwickshire, England







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Archer Association Main Site

Archer Family 1  

PATRICK ARCHER  Family 1-1 Born in Ireland


wife unknown
James Archer Family 1-1-1
Born c. 1747 Died c. 1830 James married twice, #1 Sophia McGlelland, #2 Jame Linicome
Joseph Archer Family 1-1-2
Born c. 1755 Died c. 1822 Married Margaret Church
Michael Archer Family 1-1-3
Born c. 1760 Died 1786 Married Elizabeth Wells Killed by Indians abt. age 26
Simon Archer Family 1-1-4
Born c. 1760 Died 1808 Married Nancy Church
Jacob Archer Family 1-1-5
Born c. 1765 Died c. 1825 Wife is unknown at this time
Elizabeth Archer Family 1-1-6
Married William Wells
Mary Archer Family 1-1-7
Not much is known at this time
Nancy Archer Family 1-1-8
Not much is known at this time








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Archer Cousins Main Site

Archer Family 2 

Joseph W. Archer Sr. Family 2-1 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee

CHILDREN OF Joseph W. Archer Sr.

Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Nancy Archer 

Family 2-1-1 

Born 1810 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Benjamin Archer 

Family 2-1-2 

Born 1814 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


William Archer 

Family 2-1-3 

Born 1816 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Susannah Archer 

Family 2-1-4 

Born 1819 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Joseph W. Archer Jr.

Family 2-1-5 

Born 1821 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Silas Archer

Family 2-1-6 

Born 1824 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Jonathan M. Archer

Family 2-1-7 

Born 1825 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Juriel D. Archer 

Family 2-1-8 

Born 1826 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Elizabeth Archer 

Family 2-1-9 

Born 1830 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Elijah W. Archer 

Family 2-1-10 

July 1832 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Leuranna " Looamy " Archer Family 2-1-11
Born Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Thomas Archer 

Family 2-1-12

Born 1835 Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee


Jesse Archer

Family 2-1-13

Married Rebecca Spears - Washington County, Tennessee
At the present time, Jesse has not been proven as a son of Joseph W. Archer Sr. but the location and stories indicate a 90% probability.











Archer Family 3  

David Archer N. S. W. Australia

David Archer

Family 3-1

Married Margaret Thompson N. S. W. Australia










Archer Family 4  

Edward Clark Archer Mongomery Co, MD

Edward Clark Archer Family 4-1

Born 1722 Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Maryland Married Elizabeth Allison       

Children of Edward Clark Archer and Elizabeth Allison



John Clark Archer

Family 4-1-1

Born 18 Sep 1798, Mongomery Co, MD Married: Elizabeth Ann Zink


William Wilson Archer

 Family 4-1-2

Born 24 Mar 1800 Married: Statiras Elkins


Mary Ann Clark Archer

Family 4-1-3

Born 29 Apr 1802, Mongomery Co, MD Married: Benjamin Freeland , Jr. 


James Milton Archer

Family 4-1-4

Born 16 Oct 1803, Montgomery, MD Married: Margaret Karr Dunn


Sarah W H Archer

Family 4-1-5

Born 20 Oct 1806, Mongomery Co, MD Married: William Batterton


Martha Rebecca Archer

Family 4-1-6

Born 4 Mar 1808, Mongomery Co, MD Married: Jobe Warner Brown


Elizabeth Archer

Family 4-1-7

Born 13 Apr 1810, Kentucky Married: Vincent Goodwin


Enoch Allison Archer

Family 4-1-8

Born 22 Sep 1811


Katherine Clark Archer

Family 4-1-9


Matilda E Archer


Born 20 Sep 1814, Kentucky Married: #1 James Whitesel
Married: #2 John J Sedwick


Edward Montgomery Archer

Family 4-1-11

Born 22 Jul 1816, Nicholas Co, KY Married: Nancy J Campbell


Louisa Jane Archer

Family 4-1-12

Born: 22 Apr 1818, Monroe, IN Married: Orland Everitt Foster


Alfred George Archer

Family 4-1-13

Born: 4 Nov 1820, Nicholas Co, KY   Died age 25


Carolina America Archer

Family 4-1-14

Born: 11 Apr 1823, Nicholas Co, KY Married: Jackson Milburn










Archer Family 5  


George Archer Family 5-1 West Virginia, Summit County, Ohio










Archer Family 6  


John Archer

Family 6-1

Born abt 1690 Married Marie - England



Wife Marie



Mary Archer 

Family 6-1-1

Born 6 July 1707 in Ivinghoe, Bucks No Information


Matthew Archer

Family 6-1-2

Born 1716 in Ivinghoe, Bucks


William Archer

Family 6-1-3

Born 23 August 1719 No Information


William Archer

Family 6-1-4

Born 22 April 1722  No Information









Archer Family 7  

John ARCHER born 1 January 1803 in Campbell County, Tennessee


John Archer     Family 7-1 Born 1803 in Campbell County, TN. Married Martha Bridgmon


Wife Martha Bridgmon



Mary Elizabeth ARCHER

Family 7-1-1

Born 23 November 1832 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee
Married Jesse A. JEFFRIES Sr. Born Abt. 1832 



Sarah Anne ARCHER

Family 7-1-2

Born 19 March 1834 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee
Married Archer HAMON on 22 December 1852 in Holt County, Missouri



William ARCHER

Family 7-1-3

Born 1835/1836 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee
Married #1 Martha Jane EARLEY Born Abt. 1836
Married #2 Sarah Elizabeth ROSS
Married #3 Mary Elizabeth HAUSH



Eliza Jane ARCHER

Family 7-1-4

Born 8 April 1838 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee
Married James T. HUGHES on 9 August 1856 in Holt County, Missouri




Family 7-1-5

Born 11 October 1839 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee
Married John L. CHUNING 



Martha N. ARCHER

Family 7-1-6

Born 20 August 1841 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee



Richmond L. ARCHER

Family 7-1-7

Born Abt. 1843 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee




Family 7-1-8

Born Abt. 1846 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee
Married #1 Marietta UNKNOWN
Married #2 Permilia J. UPTON



Isabella ARCHER 

Family 7-1-9

Born Abt. 1848 in Jacksboro, Campbell County, Tennessee
Married Marion DRYDEN



David Samuel ARCHER

Family 7-1-10

Born Abt. 1851 in Bigelow, Holt County, Missouri










Archer Family 8  

John McQuatty Archer Born 1812 Married Martha Ann Monk Send for the book written by Coleman J. Archer

Includes Alexander, Job and William Eldridge Archer Families










Archer Family 9  


Lester Archer

Family 9-1 

Born 1911 Married Gladys Mae Hope


Wife Gladys Mae Hope


Joan Hope Archer

Family 9-1-1 

Born 1932 Married Otto Eckner Viehweg


James "Jim" Lester Archer Family 9-1-2 
Born 1933 Married Betty Jean McDonald


Barbara Ann Archer Family 9-1-3 
Born 1935 Married William Dean Ruyle b 1935


Linda Rue Archer Family 9-1-4 
Born 1939 Married Gary Lee Langley


Mary Jo Archer Family 9-1-5 
Born 1943 Married Ronald Richard "Rick" Neimann













Archer Family 10  


William B. Archer Family 10-1 Born: 1796, near Tryon Mountains in North Carolina Married: Atalanta (Atlanta) Fowler
Mary Martha Parthenia Archer Family 10-1-1 Born: 6 Dec 1819, South Carolina Married: John Terrell Ponder













Archer Family 11  

Samuel David Archer Family 11-1
Married Sarah Ann Blaylock North Carolina, Yell County, Arkansas.
Children of Samuel David Archer and Sarah Ann Blaylock


Clarence A. Archer Family 11-1-1
Born 1878 in Mississippi 


Mary Eunia Archer Family 11-1-2
Born 1879 Tennessee or Arkansas.


Jessie Anna Archer Family 11-1-3
Born 1880 in Tennessee or Arkansas 


Mack Wilson Archer Family 11-1-4
Born 1883 in Alpha, Yell County, Arkansas


Cora Mae Archer Family 11-1-5
Born in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas


Violet F. Archer Family 11-1-6
Born 1889 in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas


Minnie F. Archer Family 11-1-7
Born 1892 in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas


Rena Lessie Archer Family 11-1-8
Born 1893 in Arkansas 


Alice Elizabeth Archer Family 11-1-9
Born in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas


 Fields Archer Family 11-1-10
Born 1900 in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas


Oma Ophelia Archer Family 11-1-11
Born 1901 in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas 


Fannie Mae Archer Family 11-1-12
Born 1902 in Dardanelle, Yell County, Arkansas

Submitted by:

R. D. Williamson









Archer Family 12  

George W. Archer  Family 12 Lawrence County, Tennessee














Archer Family 13  


Joseph Archer

Family 13-1

Born 1730, Burlington Co., New Jersey. Married #1 Sarah Shreve Married #2 Martha Tully.


Mary Archer Family 13-1-1
Born 1756 Burlington Co., New Jersey Married Aaron NUTT


Benjamin Archer Family 13-1-2
Born Abt. 1759 Burlington Co

Elizabeth Archer Family 13-1-3
Born Abt. 1762

John Archer Family 13-1-4
Born 1764 Burlington Co., New Jersey Married Sarah Rockhill

David Archer Family 13-1-5
Born Abt. 1768 Burlington Co., New Jersey Married Mary Unknown












Archer Family 14  

Peter Archer Family 14 Born 1636 in Cartnel, Lancashire, Eng. Married Elizabeth Roberts


Wife Elizabeth Roberts


They had one child: William Archer  (1669-)












Archer Family 15  



Thomas T. Archer

Family 15-1

Born 1824 Archertown, NJ Married Emeline Ivens (Worth) Miller


Wife Emeline Worth  - Miller


Ambrose Ulysses Archer Family 15-1-1


Benjamin Abbott Archer Family 15-1-2


Harriet Archer Family 15-1-3


Winfield Archer Family 15-1-4


Sarah E. Archer Family 15-1-5


Edmund Colwell Archer Family 15-1-6


Rebecca Ann Archer Family 15-1-7


Peter W. Archer Family 15-1-8


Hannah Archer Family 15-1-9


Mary Moriah "Marie" Archer Family 15-1-10


Ulysses Grant Archer Family 15-1-11


















Archer Family 16  


John Thomas Archer Family 16-1
Born 1849 in Devonshire, England. Married Sarah Caroline Carrie Lippincott


Wife Sarah Caroline Carrie Lippincott


Daniel Archer Family 16-1-1
No Further Information


Sarah Ethel Archer Family 16-1-2
(1882-1913)  No Further Information


Edna Mae Archer Family 16-1-3
(1883-1937)  No Further Information


Etoil E. Archer Family 16-1-4
(1884-1965)  No Further Information


John Byron Archer Family 16-1-5
(1886-)  No Further Information


Elwood J. Archer Family 16-1-6
(1888-1937)  No Further Information


Clayton L. Archer Family 16-1-7
(1889-1926)  No Further Information


Lowell Lippincott Archer Family 16-1-8
(1891-1965)  No Further Information


Frank Edward Archer Family 16-1-9
(1895-1955)  No Further Information


Ruth Archer Family 16-1-10
(1899-1963)  No Further Information


Venus Archer Family 16-1-11
(1902-1973)  No Further Information











Fulbert Archer Family 17-1
Born Abt. 1124 in Normandy - - Kilkenny, Ireland.


Robert Fulbert Archer Family 17-1-2
Born Abt. 1159 in Umberslade, Warwickshire, England.
Married Sebit DeVilliers


















Explanation of Spencer Numbers

Any suggestions for improvements on this explanation would be appreciated. I had real trouble with this and feel it still goes in circles. (Judy (..Rowley) Bramlage)

This Rowley data collection started first from the collection of material collected and published by Ernst Spencer of New York. To differentiate between the many individuals with the same name and to keep track of who had which child, Ernie established a number scheme we call the Spencer Numbers. (He is a little modest on this issue, but we find it useful to use this term. If anyone objects enough, we can change it to the Archer Numbering System.) 


Each SPENCER number is composed of four parts: the Family(12-) (since there are seventeen different families) the branch hyphen ( 1-) the generation number dot (3.) a sequence number. This might be 12-1-3.005 which would be branch 12, generation 3, and the fifth identified individual of the 3rd generation. 

In combination, this is associated with a specific individual. One and only one person in our database and on our web site will have that number. This is not to say that an Archer  may have only one Spencer number. They will have only one Spencer number at a time, but that number may change if the branches change or if the individual is found to belong to a different family. We will make every attempt to record any time this happens.

Branch Number

In practice, we find that we sometimes cannot identify the immigrant ancestor (at least at this time), so we will assign them their own branch number. When we find that we can combine two branches, usually one into another, then one branch number will be retired (to be reassigned later) or both will be retired and a totally new branch number will be assigned. So an index of branch and numbers will be posted and may change periodically. 

In some instances, a numbering system already exists in a published genealogy, such as that of Branch 2. If the system is expandable, then a new system isn't needed. Branch 1, on the other hand, isn't so fortunate. So an expansion of the branch system is used. This is explained below. 

In general, numbers are assigned based on wanting to trace those with the surname Archer (and its variants). Thus, in general, only the males who lived to maturity are assigned numbers. The exception to this is when a child used the mother's Archer name. Then the mother (e.g., Archer daughter) would be assigned a number and the child would be tracked from there.

Generation Number

The generation number, usually, identifies how removed the individual is from the immigrant with the first generation being the immigrant. So the second generation, even if they immigrated with their father, are still considered generation 2. 


Sequence Number 

The sequence number is a unique number that in combination with the branch and generation numbers should identify one and only one individual. These numbers are not directly sequential. Just because you see a 11-6-4.017 and a 11-6-4.026, that doesn't mean there are necessarily any between. 

We also have not attempted to assign the numbers by order of birth. This often occurs, but is not intentional. And no attempt will be made to re-number if we find that the order of birth is different than what we thought when we numbered them. 

Ernie used these numbers to make some sense of the Branch 1 descendancy. 

1st Echelon 

1st 1   5th 216
2nd 1   6th 1296
3rd 6   7th 7776
4th 36      

2nd Echelon 

8th 6   12th 648
9th 24   13th 1944
10th 72   14th 5832
11th 216   15th 17496



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