Grub Hill Church Cemetery

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Some Burials in Grub Hill Church Cemetery

Information on John Archer Chesterfield County

Archer Places in Amelia County
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St. John's Episcopal Church, known as Grub Hill Church, was constructed around 1760 amid great plantations. The old frame building, located just south of Flat Creek, was frequented by an aristocratic congregation of Tabbs, Banisters, Archers, Bookers, and Egglestons.

Old descriptions of the building state that it was  in the shape of a cross, containing high-backed pews and small galleries "built up under the roof." When this old building was dismantled in 1850, the present brick structure was erected. With the re-routing of "Archer's Church Road." the churchyard is now entered from the rear.

Many of the most prominent figures in the history of Amelia County are at rest within the walls of the old cemetery. The property is now a Virginia Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic places.
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Some Burials in Grub Hill Church Cemetery
Name Date on Headstone Remarks
Anna Maria Archer September 30, 1906 Same Headstone
Irving Potts January 2, 2001  Same Headstone
Richard Archer Irving May 31, 1869 - June 2,1913
Richard Archer Feb. 21,1911 - May 23, 1913 Son of Richard Archer and Olivia Irving
Infant Daughter Sept 8, 1912 Daughter of Richard Archer and Olivia Irving
Anna Maria Archer Feb. 9, 1840 - June 20, 1901 Wife of Charles Robert Irving
Charles Robert Irving MD Feb. 25, 1835 - May 4, 1911
Judith Archer Feb. 8, 1775 - March 14, 1844
William Archer Eggleston 3/20/1831 - 4/25/1902 Same Headstone
Martha Judith Eggleston Old 2/9/1835 - 8/31/1904 Same Headstone


Information on John Archer Chesterfield County
August  1772 John Archer appointed tobacco picker at Osbornes
September 1773 John Archer ordered to provide proper weights and scales for inspection use at Osbornes
April 1779 John Archer ordered to let the repairing of the Osborne warehouses The proprietors of the warehouses refused to repair them
May 1770 John Archer ordered to examine the Pilots on James River and Appomattox River as the law directs
June 1777 John Archer ordered to let the building of a prison for county use
August 1781 John Archer ordered to apply to the court of Amelia to join in the rebuilding of a bridge over Appomattox near Forreis


  Archer Places in Amelia County/Or Archer Affiliation  

Archer's Church Road Alternate destination for Grub Hill Church Road
Archer's Creek Tributary of the Appomattox River between Giles Mill and Fighting Creek, designated on the 1820 map
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Located on SR632, Congregation was formed in 1879. Archer was one of the founding families. There is a cemetery on the premises
Locust Drive 19th century Archer Plantation near Scott's Fork
Rivalet 18th century Archer Plantation near the Appomattox River
Cocke - Archer- Hindle House This building is included in the Historic American Buildings, a survey of American Architecture sponsored by the US Dept of the Interior. The drawings are on file in the Library of Congress. The house was moved to Goochland County in 1967.




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