[The following data were published in "The Archer Quarterly" publication of The Archer Association, PO Box 6233, McLean, VA 22106, edited by George W. Archer, (Simon, Stephen, Stephen, Nathan, James I). The Archer Quarterly was published from the Fall of 1982 to the Summer of 1992. It is no longer published.

The editor's father, Simon Archer, was born in Sandyville, Jackson Co., WV 24 Aug 1884, son of Stephen Archer (Stephen, Nathan, James, Patrick) and Helen Josephine Butcher.

The material below was taken from disk files used to publish "The Archer Quarterly." The comments in parenthesis ( ), such as Editor's note, were in the original publication. The material in square brackets [GWA comment:] was added in June 2000 to update or clarify this material drawing on files I have developed since 1974 based on material submitted by Patrick's descendants, published and archival sources. Time did not permit recopying all the data from hard copy. Instead this material is submitted in hopes that Patrick's descendants will share information to supplement and correct what has been published here to support my on-going project to published "The Descendants of Patrick Archer." This is a multi-generational genealogy beginning with Patrick and following his descendants down to the present generation. Presently I have material on eleven generations. If you want more on anything you find her or on any descendant, including non-Archers,
George Archer,
c/o The Archer Association,
PO Box 6233,
McLean, VA 22106

or email me with your mailing address and a general outline of your descent from Patrick at:

General warning: All of my comments below are based on a 25-year accumulation of ARCHER surname data with an emphasis on the Patrick descendants of which I am one. Data is never complete. Conclusions based on incomplete data are never definitive; there is always room for error of interpretation and of fact (clerical errors, lies, poor memory).

Verify the data and conclusions below with your own research, using original, not published sources. Treat even primary sources with scepticism. Try to get three pieces of evidence for each fact you are trying to prove and compare them to ensure they are not all drawing on the same (flawed) sources. Good luck with your research. Sometimes that's what is needed.
George W. Archer,
former editor, "The Archer Quarterly."



To locate the beginning of a County Section, use a browser Find key and set it to search an exact word, then type the name of the county in upper case letters.

Each of the County Sections pertaining to one county contain information about Archers in other counties as noted below.

ATHENS (Includes Noble Co., OH Archers who moved here.)


FAIRFIELD (Includes Noble Co., OH Archers who moved here.)

GUERNSEY (Includes marriages, deeds, and probate of couples with Noble Co., OH and WV connections. Marriages 1897-1904 may be incomplete due to flawed index.)


HANCOCK (Includes information on Archers in Richland and Wood Cos, OH.)


LAWRENCE (Includes Noble Co. OH Archers who died here.)

Monroe - No Section - scattered references in other Sections

MORGAN (Includes information on Archers in Richland and Wood Cos, OH.)

Muskingum - No Section - scattered references in other Sections

NOBLE (Includes Noble Co. Archers who went to Cloud and Riley Cos, KS.

Includes Catholic Church Parish records from Belmont Co. that pertained to the Archers in Noble. Until the St. Mary's church in Fulda, OH, was built in 1853, there was no resident priest in Noble Co. Records were kept in the parishes whose priests served Noble Co.)

RICHLAND (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

WASHINGTON (Includes references to Noble Co., OH and Wood and Jackson Cos., WV.)

WOOD (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

FEDERAL RECORDS AND FACILITIES (Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, VA)




"Tombstone Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Hancock County, OH, Vol 1," Ft. Findlay Chapt, DAR, Findlay, OH, 1952

p. 143

Ten Mile (Bethel) Cemetery, located in Portage Twp at crossroads of Co. Rd 139 and 203, 1/2 mile south and 2 1/2 mi west of N. Baltimore.


(not paired stones unless noted)

(listed in a row)

Wallace A. 1879-1936

Amy E. 1888-1923

Infant dau 1923

Russell S. 29 Nov 1912-30 Jul 1913

[GWA comment: Wallace Andrew Archer (Franklin, James, Joseph, Patrick) and Amy Lightfoot, his wife, and son Russell S..]

p. 147-148

ARCHER (listed in a row)

Cevenia Rader, mother 1852-1922

Franklin, father 1841-1930 -Civil War

Nancy, wife of James, Sr. d. 22 Aug 1875, ae 77y, 9m, 20d

George W., son of J. & N., d. 8 Feb 1860 ae 7 mo, 2d

[GWA comment: Franklin Archer (James, Joseph, Patrick) and wife, Cevenia Rader. James Archer (Joseph, Patrick) and wife, Nancy Copus and son George W.]

p. 150


Henry C. 1828-1917

Elizabeth, wife of H.C. 1833-1911

Awilda, dau of H.C. & E. d. 9 Jan 1854 ae 5 m.

Martin M. son of H.C. & E., d. 15 Jan 1861, ae 6y

[GWA comment: Elizabeth Archer James Archer (Joseph, Patrick).]

p. 151


Alzadia, wife of James d. 24 Sep 1876, ae 41y, 8m, 9d.

[GWA comment: Alzadia/Alziela Morrow wife of James Archer (Henry, Joseph, Patrick)]


Daniel d. 28 Dec 1870, ae 70

[GWA comment: Daniel Crosser was the husband of Nancy Archer (Joseph, Patrick)]

Ibid. Vol 4, 1955

Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Portage Twp, location: from Findlay, take OH Rt 12 to Liberty School 1.8 mi from city limits; turn north on Co. Rd 139, go north 6.8 mi and turn east on Co. Rd. 109 for .3 mi to cemetery on south side of road.

p. 98


William A. son of I. & M.A., d. 12 Sep 1856

p. 98-99

(The first three names were together)

George 1825-1894

Rebecca 1820-1890

Joseph 1805-1882

[GWA comment: George Archer (Joseph, Patrick) and wife Rebecca and brother Joseph. Joseph was considerably older than his siblings but probate records of his estate clearly establish a sibling relationship, despite the age difference.]

Clement L.V., son of I & M.A., 20 Oct 1863-18 Feb 1879

Susan L. dau of I. & M.A. 1845-1864

Susan L. dau of I. & M.A. d. 25 Jun (Jan?) 1861 ae 19 y [Ed.

[GWA Comment: probably the same child.]

Rebecca wife of George d. 27 Jul 1847 ae 62

p. 119

[GWA comment: Children of Isaac Archer (George, Joseph, Patrick) and probably a probable first wife, Ann Lucretia Fairchild md. 3 Oct 1844, Hancock CO, OH. There was another possible wife, probably the first wife: Mary Ann Kempler b. c. 1824.]

(Together as a group)

John L., father 1848-1920

Elsie M., mother 1851-1915

Della 1871-1931

Rona 1875- 19__

[GWA comment: John Lewis Archer (Isaac, George, Joseph, Patrick) and wife Elsie M. Montgomery and their children.]


Ibid. Vol 6, 1957

p. 66

Bechtel Cemetery in Allen Twp, from Van Buren Village east on St. Rt. 113 l mi.; turn south on Twp Rd. 229; cemetery is on left

p. 67


Wilbur DeWitte, son of W.H.& E.G 1895-1901

[GWA comment: Wilbur DeWitte son of William H. Archer and one of his two wives: 1. Ellie G. Howe md. 2. Etta Hartman. William was born Nov 1864 in Michigan, md. Ellie on 22 Sep 1889 in Hanconck Co, and md. Etta sometime between 1890 and 1902. There is still no evidence to support his connection with the Joseph of Patrick line.]





"History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio" Historical Publishing Co., Wheeling, WV, 1880. Jefferson Co.

p. 426 -Early marriages

July 2, 1799- James Archer to Rebecca Enox, by David Lockwood, J.P.

[GWA comment: James (James, Patrick). The fact that James was this far up river from home in Ohio Co., WV (see below) suggesting there was a lot of movement up and down the Ohio for hunting, fishing and civil affairs like marriages.]

Miscellaneous items from the Commissioner' Books

1802 - July 5

The different listers for the county made their returns, viz:...George Day for Archer (twp).

[GWA comment: According to "History of Carroll and Harrison Counties, Ohio, edited by Judge H.J. Eckley and Judge William T. Perry; Lewis Publi Co, Chicago, 1921, p. 426: "Archer civil township is among the oldest in Harrison County. It was formed in 1799 as one of the sub-divisions in Jefferson County. It then included much of the territory of what is now known as Harrison County. It took on its present boundary March, 1833."

I have no information about how or for whom the township was named. Archer Twp still exists in Harrison Co., today as is due east of Archer Heights in Brooke Co., WV suggesting a family connection if the same family moved westward along what is today US 22. This route is a bit too far north to have been a convenient crossing point from Waynesburg, PA to reach Wheeling, WV and Cambridge, OH, that would have been the probable migration route for two of Patrick's five sons: Joseph, and Jacob.

James of Patrick had already sold his property in Greene Co., PA in 1793. His whereabouts between 1793 and 1798 are not known for sure but both James, Sr. and Jr. appeared in the Ohio Co., (W) VA 1798 tax rolls and continued to appear until 1807. A search of Ohio Co., VA land and survey records showed a James Archer (of James, Jr.?) had moved into what was then Ohio Co., (W) VA. and had at least three pieces of land between Fish Creek (now in Marshall Co. WV) entered in 1802 (Ohio Co., VA Land Book 1785-1813, p. 243; 253) and another piece of property on both sides of Fishing Creek (now Tyler Co., WV) entered in 1808 (Ohio Co., VA Land Survey 1794-1844, p. 147). When the family left for Monroe Co., (now Noble Co.) OH, James and family probably floated down the Ohio a short ways and debarked at Clarington the Ohio River terminus of the westward road (Ohio State Route 78) leading to present-day Stock Twp in Noble Co. If they living on the property in Fishing Creek, farther south, the crossing point probably would have been at Sistersville, (W) VA to connect with the road (Ohio State Route 800) from Fly, OH to Woodsfield, OH.]





Lawrence Co., OH Deaths

Name Marital Status DOD Age at death Place of death Birth Place
Violet single 1 Mar 1937 57y, 5m, 26d Kitts Hill, OH Noble Co, Oh. p. 732
Violet Oneida single 20 Jan 1919 3y, 21d Fayette Twp., Lawrence Co, Oh Ohio p. 733
Wesley - male  widowed 28 Aug 1930 76y, 3m, 2d Aid Twp, Lawrence Co. Noble Co., Oh. p. 734

[GWA comment: Wesley is John Wesley Archer (Martin, Michael, Joseph, James, Patrick) and Violet age 57 years, is his single daughter. John was born in Noble Co., moved to Jackson Co., WV, then to Cabell Co., WV and then to Lawrence Co., OH. Violet Oneida is not identified but may be a daughter of one of John's sons.]





"Cemeteries of Homer - Marion Twps, Morgan Co., OH," publ by Morgan Co. Historical Society, 1982, p. 15

Mountsville Cemetery, Homer Twp located S. 17, Homer Twp, Morgan Co. on Co. Rd. 14 about 200 yds. east of the village of Mountsville. G.W. Archer 1841-1913 sect S.

[GWA comment: George Washington Archer (Henry, James?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]

Ibid. p. 22

Wells Cemetery (also known as Watson Cemetery) located in Frac. 3 Homer Twp, Morgan Co., about 300 yards north of Twp Rt. 64 at a point about 0.3 mi west of its junction with County Road 4.

Amy Archer, wife of George d. 16 Oct 1847 ae 45y.

[GWA comment: A possible son of Jacob of Patrick but without any evidence to support this except that he was in Specer Twp, Guernsey Co., OH ca. 1835-1845, where Jacob lived and died.]

Ibid. p. 23

Wrightstown Cemetery, Homer Twp, located S. 8, Homer Twp. .5 south of the village of Wrightsville on Co. Rd. 22 and about 1/4 mi. south of the junction of Co. Rd. 22 and Co. Rd. 83.

Carrie Archer 1900-1915

John Archer 1836-1904

Henry Archer 1867-1943

[GWA comment: John is a possible son of Henry (Jacob, James, Patrick) md. Susannah Jones. No evidence to support this.]

(joint stone)

Archer, Annie 1872-1952

Archer, Ralph, son of Anthony and Zettie d. 4 Jul 1903, ae 9m,


(joint stone)

Archer, Zettie 1874-1957

Archer, Anthony T. 1870-1953

[GWA comment: Ancestry for these unknown.]

Ibid. p. 81

Westland Cemetery, Marion Twp. located S. 30 Marion Twp, on Co. Rd. 52 about 1/4 mi south of its junction with Co. Rd. 39, very near the Marion - Penn Twp line.

(joint stone)

Samuel Archer 1 May 1836-12 Jun 1904, Co. G. 161 OVI, row 6

Elizabeth Archer, his wife, 14 Jan 1836-30 Apr 1904


"Cemeteries of Penn-Windsor Townships, Morgan County, OH." Morgan Co. Historical Society, 1982, revised 1984 and 1985.

p. 18- Pennsville Cemetery, Penn Twp., located in Sect. 2 Penn Twp, Morgan Co, Oh. in the village of Pennsville on Twp Rd. 146, east of Ohio State Route 377. The readings divided the cemetery into "old" (O), "new" (N), and "main" (M). Row numbers start at the road on the north side of the cemetery; no row numbers were used for the new section.

Archer, Charles H. 1855-1931 O 12

Hannah 1862-1954

Archer, Elinor Russell 1895-193_ M 15

[GWA comment: Charles H. Archer son of Anthony Archer and Rebecca Ware/Vore whose ancestry is unkown. Elinor was Charles' daughter.]



"Cemeteries of Malta-Morgan Townships, Morgan Co., Ohio." Morgan Co. Historical Society, 1982.

p. 9 Malta Union Cemetery, Malta Twp., located in Sect 15, Malta Twp, Morgan Co., OH, about one mile southwest of the village of Malta on County Road 4.

Name Dates Sec Row Stone
Archer, Dwight E 1878-1904 2 19 9
Archer, Florence E. 1897-1948 2 27 18
Maywood H. 1895-1975 3 11 17
Archer, Harvey 1888-1961
Grace L 1894-1970

[GWA comment: Dwight, son of Charles H. Archer and Hannah Carr (above). Maywood H. Archer (Samuel, Vincent, Simon, James, Patrick); Harvey (Sylvanus, Simon, Nathan, James, Patrick.

Although they lived near Malta and were buried in the same cemetery they are of different lines.]

p. 55 McConnelsville Cemetery, Morgan Twp, located in the village of McConnelsville, Morgan Twp, Morgan Co., OH


Name Dates Sec  Row
Archer, ______ (no other data on marker) B 26
Archer, Ada G 1873-1955 B 26
Archer, George B 1896-1951 B 26 (WWI 1917-1918)
Archer, George W 1872-1949 B 26
Archer, Infant 1926 B 22
Archer, Maurice E  1899-1948 B 26

[GWA comment: George Archer b. 1872 (Israel, Enoch, Joseph, James, Patrick) md. Adda Glidden. George Boyd and Maurice Elvin Archer were sons of George and Adda's.]



"Deerfield Cemeteries, Union Twp, Morgan Co., OH," Morgan Co. Genealogical Society, March 1982, p. 49.

Pisgah Cemetery Union Twp, located S. 13, Union Twp, Morgan Co., at intersection of Ohio State Rt. 78 and Union Twp Rd. 101.

Rebecca J. Archer, wife of John d. 17 Jun 1875, ae 32y?, 8m?, 3d.

[GWA comment: Rebecca Jane Headly, wife of John Archer, possible son of Henry (James?,Jacob,? Patrick?)]

Ibid. p. 58

Rosseau Cemetery, Union Twp, located Sect 5. Union Twp, on Co. Rd. 13 near its junction with Twp Rd. 106

(Joint stone)

Archer, Elizabeth, dau of William and R. d. 1 Feb 1866, ae 24y, 6m, 6d. and

Charles B. d. 19 May 1863, ae 17y, 3m, 10 da.

Walraven, George d. 2 May 1871, ae 24, 5m, 24d, veteran war 1861-1865

[GWA comment: The relationships between Archer and Walraven are a bit hard to deduce from this cemetery plot. What is known: Elizabeth Walraven md. as his third wife, Anthony Archer b. 1824 on 31 Jan 1864 in Morgan Co, OH. Unknown is if this Elizabeth is the Elizabeth Archer Walraven, dau of William and R. There could more than one Elizabeth Archers. For instance, if Elizabeth b. c. 1841 was the wife of George Walraven (no proof of this yet available), she probably was still married to him up to his death in 1871 (unless there is an unfound divorce) making her marriage to Anthony in 1864 unlikely. My records have no Elizabeth, dau of William and R. in the southeast Ohio counties. Checking on her father, William, who could have a birth date of 1790-1820, there was insufficient data on wives and children of the many William's of that age to identify her father. Charles B. Archer offers no clues, but his close proximity to Elizabeth on the stone and in age suggest that he was her brother.]


"Cemeteries of Bloom-York Townships, Morgan County, Ohio" Morgan Co. Historical Society, 1982, revised 1983.

p. 26- Deaverton Methodist Church located in Sect 36, York Twp,

Morgan Co., OH in the village of Deaverton on Ohio State Route 669.

Name Date Row Stone
Archer, Alice K 1940-1962 B 11



"Marriages in Morgan County, Ohio- Volume A April 1, 1819-February 4, 1841." Morgan Co. Historical Society, 1983

Archer, Elijah & Levina Mirrow (1838)

Archer, Joseph, Jun'r & Elizabeth Moore, both of Olive 11 Mar 1830 by Jos. L. Clark, Pastor, Harmony church

Archer, Nancy & Martin Bates 1 Dec 1824

Archor, Jacob & Rachel Davis 12 Jun 1837

[GWA comment: These are subject to more proof but possible ancestries: Elijah (Michael?, Jacob?, Patrick?)

More certain ancestry: 

Jacob (James, Patrick)  Joseph (James, James, Patrick) Nancy (James, Jacob, Patrick)

There is a law suit that contested that James did in fact sell some land that was mis-identified in the deed when James sold it to Isaac Wilson. James Archer d. Mar 1841 in Guernsey Co. The suit names those who appear to be either James' CHILDREN or his SIBLINGS and their spouses, one of which is Nancy whose husband is Martin Bates. The others are: George Archer, Henry Archer, Michael Archer, James Archer and Anthony Jones and Margaret Jones his wife. The land involved was mistakenly described as the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4, S. 23, T., 9, R. 9 in the Lewisville (?) Dist, instead of the NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of S. 23, T. 9, R. 10. (Guernsey Co., OH, Court of Common Pleas, Journal M. , Oct Term

1845 - James Archer administratration vs Alva Buckingham et al - Chancery.)

There were Guernsey Co., marriages that are close enough together in time that they probably are the persons named in the suit:

Book A:

Michael and Margaret Collins 7 Mar 1812, p. 3 Henry and Polly (diminuative of Mary) Walters 13 Nov 1816, p. 47 also: Henry and Susanna Jones 23 Mar 1826, p. 262 Peggy (diminutive for Margaret) and Anthony Jones 2 Oct 1817, p. 6 (Henry and Margaret both married by David Tulles, JP) and much later: Nancy and Martin Bates 1 Dec 1824, Morgan Co, OH, Bk A, p. 167]



Baptismal records published by the Catholic Historical Society's "La Barquia de Santa Maria" -

Baptismal records of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, near Somerset, OH on 29 Nov 1820.

The baptisms were recorded by a circuit riding priest who returned to Somerset to record the baptisms performed somewhere else. But would these baptisms in 1820 have been children or adults? Henry and Margaret were married in 1816/1826 and 1817, respectively, but before they were baptized? Unless there is another James and wife, Ann, with children of the same given names, it is possible these were adult baptisms. Also, I believe that the given for the baptism is a recording date and not the date of actual baptism, as (see below) George and Rebecca Archer and George Carrol and Anna (Archer) were already in Richland Co., OH for the 1820 census.

There were other Catholic Archers whose children were baptized on the same date who do not seem connected to the immediate family of James and Ann and were in the Guernsey Co., area. Because Catholic Archers are a rarity in America for this time period and to the best of my knowledge, Patrick's descendants are the only Catholic Archers, they are probably related, here is an attempt to explore their relationship to Patrick:


Henry Archer , of James and Ann

Margaret Archer, of James and Ann

Sarah Archer of James and Ann

[GWA comment: Are these the children of the James who died in March 1841? If so they cannot be the same Henry and Margaret who married in 1816 and 1817, respectively in Guernsey Co., unless they were baptized as adults.

If they are children who were baptized, they would have married in the 1830's or 1840's and so they could be the heirs of James who d. in March 1841 but could be James' siblings and not his children.

This still leaves open the ancestry of James. There were three Archers, a James, Henry and George, all living in Spencer Twp. Guernsey Co. in 1840, where Jacob of Patrick lived, so there is a circumstantial case that this is Jacob's line. Without more evidence, there is not much more that can be said.]


Ann Archer of Henry and Mary

Joseph Archer of Henry and Mary

[GWA comment: Henry Archer (James?, Jacob?, Patrick?) and Polly Walters. The children would have been ages 1-4, based on Henry and Mary's marriage date. This Henry, his marriage and baptism dates and mention of a Henry in the James Archer land suit above may have revealed a missing son for Jacob, or at least another generation of Archers b. c. 1795-1800 living in Guernsey Co.

There is another Henry Archer b. 1806 in PA who md. 1. Susannah Jones 23 Mar 1826 in Guernsey Co. and md. 2. (Mrs.?) Sarah Lewis 15 Oct 1854 in Morgan Co, OH whose children are well documented by censuses as born 10-30 years after Henry and Mary's children and living in Morgan Co., OH 1840-1860. His ancestry is now open to study. He may well be Jacob's son since the other Henry above has been identified as the probable son of James.]


____ Archer of George and Rebecca

Michael Archer of George and Rebecca


[GWA comment: Probably Michael of George (Joseph, Patrick) and Rebecca ____. However, the 1820 US census for Monroe Twp, Richland Co., OH shows a George, probably this George who md. Rebecca, to be already in Richland Co., OH with his family, raising the question if the baptismal date is the date it was recorded or the actual baptism and the priest simply entered all Archer baptisms performed within the boundary of his parish. I do not know if both Guernsey and Richland Cos, OH fell within the St. Joseph parish in 1820. ]


Elizabeth Carrol of George and Ann

Mary Carrol of George and Ann

Margaret Carrol of George and Ann

[GWA comment: These are the children of George Carrol and Anna Archer (Joseph, Patrick) who md. 19 Mar 1812 in Guernsey Co., OH.

Again, I doubt this baptism took place in Guernsey Co., but rather in Richland where George and family were living in Mifflin Twp, Richland Co. in the 1820 US Census with 3 females under the age of 10.]


Joseph Archer of Michael and Cynthia

Michael Archer of Michael and Cynthia

[GWA comment: Michael Archer and Cynthia Dickerson. His ancestry is not known but by eliminating other Michael's of this age, he may be a son of Joseph (of Patrick), and he may have opted not to accompany the family to Richland Co. ca. 1818-1820. He is much older than the others, above (c. 1787 as his wife, Cynthia b. c. 1787; d. 3 Jul 1851, age 64), and their first child, Matilda was b. 19 Jun 1809. Most of Joseph (of Patrick's) children were born about the time Michael was born.]



DAR- Early Vital Records of the Ohio DAR

Early Marriages of Morgan County, Ohio 1819-1841, Amanda Barker Devin Chapt, DAR, McConnelsville, OH, 1942,

Ann Archer to John Armstrong 7 Oct 1827 (p. 55)

Absolum Archer to Rachel Davis 12 Jun 1837 (p. 62)

Elijah Archer to Levina Merrow (no date) (dates before and after are dated 1 Jul 1838.)

[GWA comment: Elijah (Michael?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]



Early Vital Records of the Ohio DAR

Early Marriages of Morgan County, Ohio 1840-1865, Amanda Barker Devin Chapt, DAR, McConnelsville, OH, 1943, from Books A-D (pages are of published version.)

Archer, Joseph and Nancy Ball 18 Mar 1841 (p. 2)

[GWA comment: Joseph (Joseph, James, Patrick) md Nancy Ball, dau of Jonas Ball and Amy/Ama Archer (James, James, Patrick).]

Archer, Jacob and Lidia Ann Grubb 15 Mar 1842 (p. 8)

[GWA comment: Jacob Archer, possible son of Michael (Jacob, Patrick).]

Archer, Malinda and Bachel Teener 18 Jan 1844 (p. 19)

[GWA comment: Malinda Archer (Michael?, James?, Patrick?)]

Archer, Joseph and Mary Harkens 6 Jan 1848 (p. 51)

[GWA comment: Joseph son of Michael Archer and Jane Elliot, probable son of Jacob of Patrick.]

Archer, Anthony and Rebecca Vore, 16 Dec 1849 (p. 67)

[GWA comment: probably 1st wife of Anthony who is probably of Jacob of Patrick)]

Archer, Nancy and Alfred Davis 6 Jan 1850 (p. 68)

[GWA comment: Mrs. Nancy Archer, daughter of Jonas Ball and Amy Archer (James, James, Patrick); she married 1. Joseph Archer (Joseph, James, Patrick).]

Archer, Elisha and Catherine Weekly 1 Jan 1851 (p. 75)

[GWA comment: Elisha Archer (James, Joseph, James, Patrick)]

Archer, Henry and Sarah Lewis 15 Oct 1854 (p. 101)

[GWA comment: Second wife of Henry (Jacob? Patrick?); she may have been married earlier.]

Archer, Samuel and Elizabeth Henry 14 Aug 1855 (p. 104)

[GWA comment: Samuel's ancestry is unknown. His wife' name was Elizabeth Kinsey, not Henry, dau of Aaron Kinsey and Esther Kennard (Morgan Co., Marriages, Vol C, p. 81 and Samuel's pension file certificate no. 775707).]

Archer, Anthony and Jerusha E. Tryen 6 Sep 1857 (p. 120)

[GWA comment: probably 2nd wife of Anthony who is probably of Jacob of Patrick)]

Archer, Elizabeth and H.J. Beard 3 Mar 1859 (p. 126)

[GWA comment: Elizabeth Archer, dau of Henry (James?, Jacob?, Patrick?) and Susannah Jones md. Harrison J. Beard.]

Archer, Mary and Adams McElfresh 2 Sep 1860 (p. 135)

Archer, Susannah and Apollo Brown 12 Feb 1863 (p. 150)

[GWA comment: Archer, dau of Henry (James?, Jacob?, Patrick?) and Susannah Jones.]

Archer, Hettie and William Ahle 6 May 1863 (p. 151)

[GWA comment: Hettie Archer, dau of Henry (James,? ,Jacob?, Patrick?) and Susannah Jones.]

Archer, Anthony and Elizabeth Walraven 31 Jan 1864 (p. 155)

[GWA comment: probably 3rd wife of Anthony.]



"Marriages in Morgan County, Ohio- Volume C (and includes Volume D) 22 Nov 1853-28 Apr 1867" Morgan Co. Historical Historical Society, 1985.

Vol C (22 November 1853 - 22 November 1860)

Page No.

202 Archer, Anthony & Jerusha E. A. Tryon 6 Sep 1857

2 Archer, Elizabeth & H.J. Beard by R.R. Danford 3 Mar 1859

54 Archer, Henry & Sarah Lewis 10 Oct 1854 *

311 Archer, Mary & Adam McElfresh by James Davis 2 Sep 1860

81 Archer, Samuel & Elizabeth Kinsey 14 Aug 1855 *

Vol D (6 September 1860 - 28 April 1867)

Page No.

43 Archer, Anthony & Elizabeth Walraven by J. Rogers, MG

31 Jan 1864

51 Archer, Anthony & Josephine Andrews by M.K. Atkinson, JP

12 Apr 1866

15 Archer, Hettie & William Ahle

6 May 1863

8 Archer, Susannah & Apollo Brown

12 Feb 1863

44 Archer, Washington & Hannah Elizabeth Beard by Otho Elliott

1 Mar 1866

* (Note differences in date/names)

"Early Vital Records of Morgan Co, OH - DAR

Deaths July 1867 to March 1895 Book I, Morgan Co., Ohio."

(pages are published version.)

Sequence of items: Entry no.; Name; Year; Mo., Day; (Married/Single/Widowed); Place of Death; Age: Yr/Mo/Da; Place of Birth; Father; Mother; Residence.

948. Jn Archer, Jr 1874 12 - Elliotts Cross Roads 5 yrs, b. Ohio; res: Calvary p. 17

[GWA comment: Probably John N. son of George Washington Archer (Henry, James?, Jacob?, Patrick?) and Hannah Elizabeth Beard.]

1230. Rebecca J. Archer 1874-6-18 Single; Homer Twp. age: 5 yrs, 3 mo, 10 da; b. Homer twp; res: Homer twp, p. 20

[GWA comment: Rebecca J. Archer, the daughter of John (Henry?, James?, Jacob?, Patrick?) and Rebecca Jane Headly. Her mother died 17 Jun 1875.

The dates are so close together there may be an error in one or both of the years as it appears this may have been a childbirth death where both mother and daughter died. The mother's death date is from her tombstone in Pisgah Cem, Union Twp, Morgan Co.]





"Mr. Archer, U.S.A. by Herman Archer, as told to R.H. Platt, Jr." Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page & Co, 1924.

This is the autobiography of Herman Neville Archer b. 8 Jun 1879, Seneca Twp, Noble Co., Ohio, d. 16 Aug 1947, Winter Park, FL md. Laura Hemmingway. He was the son of John P. Archer and Martha Grandon. John P. was the son of Simon who was the son of James who was the son of Patrick, the latter two having been described in The Archer Quarterly series "The Descendants of Patrick Archer." The children of Herman and Laurah (Hemmingway) Archer were Herman Neville, Jr. and Royal Macklin.

Here are some quotes from the review of the book taken from Book

Review Digest for 1924:

Herman Archer enlisted in the Army when he was only sixteen years old and entered upon a life of adventure. Naturally and frankly he tells the whole story of it to Mr. Platt, who in turn tells it to us. Young Archer knowing no fear, constantly sought out adventure, which he found in plenty. He saw service in the Spanish War, in China during the Boxer Rebellion, in the Philippines when Aguinaldo was captured by Funston, and was with the American filibusterers in Honduras at the time of its revolution. It is interesting to know that Richard Harding Davis has used this same Archer for the hero of his "Captain Machlin" as a result of his exploits in the South American revolution.

(Ed. Note: Herman's second son's middle name was "Machlin" probably in reference to the book's character.)

Other reviews:

Bookman June 1924, p. 478-

"Nothing just like it among the current biographies. Though the character himself was not an important figure in this country's development and military performances, Archer stands for the army which has had a big role. His narrative is frank, naive and delightful."

Boston Transcript 23 Apr 1924, p.4.

"The career of Mr. Archer of the United States Army makes a fascinating tale of adventure and we are told that it all happens to be true. The story is set down as it was related to Mr. Platt and it is marked by the easy discursiveness of the natural storyteller."

Greensboro (N.C.) Daily News 15 Jun 1924

"This book is inconceivably rich, colorful and persuasive. From it one gets the best of the old army, the army that was, the army of the days prior to 1914. It is a stirring book, a thriller far more effective than the best efforts of the fictioneers. No lovers of adventure stories can afford to miss it."

New York Tribune 27 Apr 1924, p. 27

"This volume is an interesting recital of adventure, but poorly written. The writer, who apparently has absorbed Mr. Archer's experiences via shorthand, tried his best to, as it were, 'step into his character,' but failed miserably. Mr. Archer, despite Mr. Platt's laborious and illogical attempts to delineate character, manages to emerge as a colorful individual."

Springfield Republican 3 Aug 1924

"Archer's story is told with the ease of a book of adventure and it is truly, as the picture of an army man's life, an adventure story. The realism is carefully surrounded by glamour."



Archers from Noble Co., Ohio Who Settled in Kansas

LDS Microfilm 25117, pt. 49

Pleasant Hill Cem, Concordia, Cloud Co., Ks.

ARCHER, Colombus E. - Father: C.; Mother: M.J. d. 3 Aug 1882, ae 23 yrs, 3 mo, 25 da.

ARCHER, Cornelius 28 Mar 1838-14 Mar 1895 ae 56 yrs, 11 mo. 14 da.

ARCHER, Cornelius G. Father: C; Mother: M.J. d. 27 Dec 1878, ae 2 yrs, 7 mo, 28 da.

ARCHER, Howard 1867-1898

ARCHER, Karen Jay b.d. 12 Dec 1941-Father: V.B. brother: R.R,

ARCHER, Maggie G. d. 29 May 1884, ae 23 yr, 7 mo., 5 da. wife of C.G. Archer

ARCHER, Mahala J. d. 6 Sep 1682, ae 43 yr, 11 mos. wife of C. Archer

[GWA Comment: These are members of the same extended family: Cornelius (Michael, Joseph, James, Patrick) Cornelius G. (Joseph, Michael, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


(Pioneers of the Blue Stream Prairie. Publ. by Riley Genealogical Society, Manhattan, Ks. I p. 358, entry 810)

HOHMAN, John Sebasstian (sic) son of John & Margretha Hohman was born in Germany but came to this country at the age of 12 years, settling in Noble Co. Oh. where he carried on a large business in merchandising and hauling stock. Before railroads were known, he drove large herds of stock over the Allegheny Mountains to Philadelphia and Baltimore.

During the Civil War, John was a Colonel. At the close of the war, he moved west and settled in Clay Co., Kansas in 1877. Later he moved to Riley Co., just across the river from Garrison.

John was born 20 San 1825, died 23 Sept 1899. Buried in Hohman Family Cemetery, Riley Co. He married 25 Nov 1844, Matilda ARCHER, who was born 22 Feb 1826 in Ohio and died 15 Sept 1885.

Buried in the Hohman Cemetery.


Children of Sebastian and Matilda (Archer) Hohman:

John Michael b. 25 Aug 1845; d. 10 May 1909

Maria Barbara b. 15 Jan 1847

Joseph b. 5 Oct 1848

Anna Katharina b. 1850 ; died young

Maria Eva b. 23 Sep 18!;2

John Henry b. 15 Aug 1854

Fernand b. 1.4 May 1856; died young

Regina b. 4 Jul 1857

Maria Anna b. 30 Jan 1859; died young

Francis b. 8 Oct 1861

Charlie b. 13 Sept 1863

Maria Matilda b. Tulda, Oh ; d. 10 June 1933; md. 24 Mar 1887

Michael Manuel Webber, son of Christopher and Margareth (Unker) Webber. Michael Webber was born in Dotseyville, Pa. 2 Oct 1857; died. 17 Apr 1935. He came from Pittsburgh, Pa. to Kansas and worked-on the Hohman farm:. There he met and married Maria. Later he went to work on the railroad. The name Webber was changed to Weaver when a man with a similar name and Michael's paychecks kept getting mixed up. Research from Bible records.

(Ibid. entry 1225-extracts only)

DULL, Peter - Peter Dull born 6 Mar 1849 or 1851? Knox Co, Mo. died 8 Oct 1933, Palmer. Buried Pleasant Hill Cem.,

DULL, Clifton, son of Joseph. He married: 22 May 1872, Washington, Ks. to Nancy M. Lisherb, 15 Feb 18;4, Brahtford d. 22 Sep 1912, Clifton. 2. 23 Feb 1917 "Skidoo Dayl@ in'Concordia, to Ada Olive Archer Children of Peter and A(3a; (sic- Ed. note:I cannot tell if Ada's husband was Peter or Clifton Dull; Peter seems too old to be having children by such a young wife; this seems to be a transcription error Her husband was probably Clifton, not Peter)

Lyla Izella b. 8 Jan 1918

Hazel Olive b. 10 Aug 1921 md. Mr. Rondle (sources given in text:

Hazel Rondle Fontana and Edna Rogge from Clifton, granddaughter)

Peter was a blacksmith and a farmer. He was Catholic and his education was limited to the third-grade. His first home was a log cabin near Strawberry, Washington Co., where he settled in 1861.

[GWA Comment: John Sebastian Hohman married Mary Matilda Archer (Michael, James, Patrick). John was in the Civil War but his rank was exaggerated by the time he got to Kansas. Also he left Noble Co., OH after incurring an enormous debt and in disgrace moved on to Kansas after selling his half of the business to his son in law, Gustave C. Ehrlerman who married his daughter, Maria Eva Hohman. John and the family prospered after settling in Riley Co.

They farmed and acquired a large amount of land and left many descendants in the Riley Co., KS area.



Archers in Noble, Co., Ohio "Noble Co., Ohio Bible Records," compiled by Mrs. Louis Blake (1974?)

p. 79 from Jennings Bible publ. by Jasper Harding & Sons, 1889, owned by Mrs. Vivian Walters Archibald, Box 4, Sharon, Oh.

Mary Archer b. 30 Apr 1833; d. Dec 1873; md. George N. Jennings 11 Nov 1856 b. 23 Dec 1827; d. 17 May 1902 


Isaac b. 26 Jul 1857; d. 14 Jul 1874

William L. b. 28 Nov 1858

Thomas D. b. 29 June 1860

Sarah A. b. 22 Sep 1863

Asbury b. 10 Nov 1866; d. 21 Feb 1867

Etta J. b. 12 Dec 1867

Albert R. b. 7 Sep 1868

R. b. 20 Nov 1871; d. 6 Mar 1872

Clarence T. b. 25 Mar 1877

Ora Edna b. 3 Aug 1879

Harry F. b. 7 Jan 1884

Georgiana b. 17 June 1889 (sic?)

Amos R. b 16 Aug 1889 (sic?)

Susan Rowlands d. 16 Feb 1937

[GWA Comment: Mary Archer (Michael, Jacob, Patrick). Note that this is NOT a descendants of James of Patrick, but rather of his brother Jacob whose descendants were in Morgan Co., OH before Noble Co. was formed in 1851. Some of this line will show up in Brookfield Twp that after 1851 became Noble Twp of Noble Co.

Mary's sister Sarah (or Margaret) A. md. George's brother, Asberry Jennings. Both couples lived in Noble Co. George was in Sharon Twp. and Asberry, in Center Twp. There are no known direct intermarriages between Jacob's and James' Archer-surnamed descendants in the Noble, Morgan, Monroe Cos, OH areas down through 1900.]


p. 75 from a collection of data filed in the Bible of owned by Mrs. Mabel Dovenbarger, Sharon, Oh.

Arthur Archer md. Lydia Smith 20 Oct 1902 she, dau of Henry Smith Baker and Mahala Harmon (more information on Baker family on this page)


p. 33 from obituary clippings kept by Mrs. Josie Smith Spear, Rt. 5, Caldwell , Oh

Samuel U. Archer md. 30 Mar 1880

Susan Haga, b 3 Sep 1854; d. 8 May 1943, dau of Milo and Rebecca (Tilton) Haga.



Mrs. Forrest Stires

Susan Hagals sisters: Matilda, Mrs. (Mary) George Spear

[GWA comment: Samuel U. Archer (Vincent, Simon, James, Patrick). Mrs. Forrest Stires was Florence D. Archer. There was one more daughter, Della F.]


From: Noble Co., Ohio Bible Records- Cont.

p. 30 from obituary clippings kept by Mrs. Josie Smith Spear, Rt. 5, Caldwell, Oh.

William Archer of New York md. _____ Collins, sister of Harry

Collins who d. 27 Mar 1947, ae 75 at Carlisle. The other sister of

Harry was Mrs. Ella Merry of Caldwell, Oh.

[GWA comment: William C. Archer (Belcarus, Simon, Nathan, James, Patrick) md. Monica Collins. He was a native of Noble Co., OH.]


p. 27 from Henry Smith Bible, King James version, owned by Miss Effie Smith, 602 Spruce St., Caldwell, Oh.

(Related to William Harvey Smith) Family of Henry and Eliza Jane Smith (Note: not Mary Jane)


William Harvey b. 16 Oct 1867 ; d. 7 Jan 1914.

Mary Columbia b. 27 Oct 1869; d. 24 Oct 1872

James Nelson b. 28 Feb 1873 ; d. 19 Sep 1954

Martin Christwell b. 13 Apr 1876; d. 6 Aug 1956

Henry Thurman b. 2 Oct 1877 ; d. 7 Oct 1956

Harry Willard b. 2 May 1882; d. 24 Jan 1959

Sarah Effie b. 28 May 1885; (living 1973)

[GWA comment: William Harvey Smith b. 1867 md Effie C. Archer (Belcarus, Simon, Nathan, James, Patrick). William Smith was an attorney in Noble Co.]




"Bible Records of Noble Co., OH"

Mrs. Lois Blake, Comp. Chairman, Genealogical Records Committee, Marietta Chapt, Ohio Society, DAR, Marietta, l973.

(This copy is located in the DAR Headquarters, Washington, D.C.)

Obituaries of Mrs. Josie Smith Spear, Rt. 5, Caldwell, OH.

p. 30.

Collins, Harry, d. March 26, 1947, ae 75y; b. Carlisle, OH. Spanish American War Veteran; enlisted 30 Sept 1896; md. 4 Jan 1902 Mary Barnhouse. Ch: John Ostego, OH; George, Columbus OH; Oscar; Mrs. Beulah Adams; Mrs. Ruth Schwarten; Mrs. Avis Dunn; Mrs. Albert Pfiefer; Mrs. Lois Hill; Mrs. Ella Kirkbride; Miss Betty Collins. Sisters: Mrs. William Archer, New York; Mrs. Ella Merry, Caldwell, OH.

[GWA comment: Mrs. William C. Archer (Belcarus, Simon, Nathan, James, Patrick) md. Monica Collins.]


p. 33

Archer, Mrs. Susan d. 8 May 1943; b. 3 Sept 1954. Father: Milo Haga; mother: Rebecca Tilton. Md. Samuel U. Archer 30 Mar 1880; ch: Maywood, Mrs. Forrest Stiers. Sisters: Miss Matilda Haga; Mrs. George Spear.

[GWA comment: Susan Haga married Samuel U. Archer (Vincent, Simon, James, Patrick). Mrs. Forrest Stires was Florence D. Archer. There was one more daughter, Della F.]


p. 75

Bible of _______

Mrs. Mabel Dovenbarger, Sharon, OH Arthur Archer md. Lydia Smith 20 Oct 1902; Lydia dau of Henry Smith & Matilda Harmon

[GWA comment: William Arthur Archer (Abraham, Jacob, James, Patrick).]



Obituaries- Publ by Marietta Chapt, DAR

Noble Co., OH- Mrs. Josie Spear, RFD 5, Caldwell, OH 43724

p. 1-2

Archer, Emil b. 14 Aug 1904, near Berne, OH; d. 19 Jan 1968; F. Sylvester Archer; M. Elizabeth; md. Alta Orr; Daus: Mrs. Betty Love, Mrs. Loretta Jo Swartz; Sister: Mrs. Homer Treadway; Bur: Olive Cemetery, Caldwell, OH

[GWA comment: Emile (William Sylvester, Robert, Elijah, Michael, James, Patrick). From: "Caldwell Journal-Leader" 20 Jan 1968.]

p. 2

Archer, Lydia b. 20 Oct 1902; d. 12 Mar 1972; F. Henry Baker; M. Mahala Harmon; md. Arthur Archer; Son: Dean; Sister: Mrs. Mabel Dovenbarger: Brother: Ira Baker; Bur: Sharon Cem., Sharon, OH.

[GWA comment: Lydia Smith, wife of William Arthur Archer (Abraham, Jacob, James, Patrick). Arthur committed suicide 4 days later, on 16 Mar 1972. From: "Caldwell Journal-Leader" 14 Mar and 17 Mar 1972.]

p. 2

Archer, Mrs. Susan b. Noble Co., 3 Sept 1854; d. 8 May 1943, near Beverly, Morgan Co., Oh.; F. Milo Haga; M. Rebeccah Tilton; md. Samuel U. Archer 30 Mar 1880; Son: Maywood; Dau: Mrs. Florence Stiers, Sisters: Miss Matilda Haga, Mrs. George Spear; Bur: Beverly, OH

[GWA comment: Susan Haga, wife of Samuel U. Archer (Vincent, Simon, James, Patrick). Mrs. Forrest Stires was Florence D. Archer. There was one more daughter, Della F.]

p. 2

Archer, Willard Vernon b. 2 May 1902; d. 17 Jul 1964; Bur: Olive Cem, Caldwell

[GWA comment: Willard Vernon (Benjamin Oscar, Thomas, Joseph, Michael, Jacob, Patrick.) He died in Zanesville, OH but is buried in Olive Cem, Noble Co., OH. Note this is NOT a descendant of James of Patrick. See comments above about Jacob's descendants being in Morgan Co., OH and Brookfield Twp, Noble Co., OH.]

p. 13

Craig, Albert b. 22 Jul 1874; d. 9 Feb 1954; F. William Craig; M. Jerusha Tople; md. Lola Covert; Son: Clyde; Bros: Frank, William; Sisters: Mrs. Kathryn Merry, Mrs. Estella Archer, Mrs. E.W. Archer: Bur: Eastern Cem. Summerfield, OH.

[GWA comment: Estella Craig md. Ambrose Archer (William, Jacob, James, Patrick) and Mary Elizbeth Craig md. Eastman Westman Archer (Stephen, James, James, James, Patrick).]

p. 22.

Gillespie, Lillian M. - b. 3 Sept 1886; d. 4 Mar 1963; md. 2d. Wade Gillespie; she was dau of Mr. & Mrs. Asbury Archer: step-sons: William and Richard Gillespie; Son: Bernard McCune, deceased; Sisters: Mrs. Homer Buchanan, Mrs. George Everett, Mrs. Stanley Jones; Bur: Hoskinsville Cem, Hoskinsvile, OH.

[GWA comment: Lillian M. (Asbury, Ananias, Michael, James, Patrick)]


p. 58

Stiers, Forrest Chapman b. 10 Oct 1895, Morgan Co, Oh; d. 24 May 1966; F. Calvin Steirs; M. Maude Chapman: md. Florence Archer 12 Dec 1916; Son: Robert A.; Daus: Mrs. H. Fred Beyer, Mrs. Glen A. Spung, Mrs. Walter Kania; Son: William; Brother: Charles; Sister: Madge (son, brother, and sister are deceased); Bur: Beverly Cem, Beverly, OH

[GWA comment: Family members say that Georgianna Archer (Edward Purcell, Sebastian, Elijah, Michael, James, Patrick) md. Forrest Stiers. Perhaps this is a middle name? She was b. 8 Nov 1903 making her only 13 when she married? She died 15 Apr 1966, just over a month before Forrest died. Whoever wrote the obituary is confused or my family record sources are in error. Check Morgan Co., OH her marriage license for possible listing of the parents.]

Obituaries of Mrs. Mabel Dovenbarger, Sharon, OH 43724

p. 67

Archer, Judge Willard Vernon b. 2 May 1902, Mountain Lake Park, Md.; d. Caldwell, OH 23 Jul 1964; F. Benjamin Archer; M. Louie (sic) Johnson

[GWA comment: Willard Vernon (Benjamin Oscar, Thomas, Joseph, Michael, Jacob, Patrick.)]

Archer, Jesse b. Spencer Twp., Guernsey Co, OH 23 Apr 1837; d. Enoch Twp, Noble Co, OH, 30 Mar 1906; F. George Archer: M. Nancy G. Wickham; Daus: Annie (Deceased), Esther Stewart; Son: Asbury G.; Civil War Veteran; Bur: Archer's Ridge Cem, Noble Co., OH.

[GWA comment: Jesse (George) but this is probably a Jacob, Patrick line, as there are no other candidates in James' line; however, naming a child Asbury suggests James' line as the name does not appear anywhere in Jacob's line. Despite the wording, it was Jesse who served in the Civil War: Co. I 1st OH Heavy Artillery.]

p. 67

Archer, Allie b. 7 June 1879; d. 13 May 1969; F. Charles Dowell: M. Mary md. Amos Archer who d. 1931; Dau: Mrs. Gladys Scott: Sisters: Mrs. Leota Curtis, Mrs. Madge Davis: Daus: Mrs. Opel McElfresh, d. in 1958; Bur: Olive Cem, Caldwell, OH

[GWA comment: second wife of Amos W. Archer (Milberry, Jacob, James, James, Patrick). His first wife was Chloe Magdalane Tuttle.]

p. 67

Archer, Cassil W. b. 17 Nov 1903, Summerville, OH,; d. 22 Oct 1967, Zanesville, OH; F. Ambrose Archer; M. Stella Criag; md. Ann Son: William; Brother: Fred; Sisters: Mrs. Freda Hague, Mrs. Pearl Hall, Mrs. Virginia McFerren; Bur: Memorial Park, Zanesville, OH.

[GWA comment: Cassell Archer (Ambrose, William, Jacob, James, Patrick). He married Freda Moore, so it is not clear if Ann is a second wife or Freda's other name.]

p. 69

Kanavel, Mrs. Blanche b. 6 Jan 1895, East Union , OH; d. 14 Mar 1971, Zanesvile, OH; F. Sylvanus Archer: M. Jennie McCune; Son: Richard; Sister: Mrs. Bernice Mercer.

[GWA comment: Blanche (Sylvanus, Francis, James, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


p. 71

Rutherford, Hiram b. 12 Aug 1872; d. 18 Nov 1958; F. Joseph Rutherford; M. Caroline Brown; md. 2nd Mrs. Woodie Ray; Son: Donald Lee; Dau: Mrs. Helen Treux; Ch: by #1: Mrs. Chloe Bozman Parsons, Mrs. Blanche Devoe, Mrs. Mrs. Clara Mae Racey, Chester; two step-daus: Mrs. Leone Garrett, Mrs. Ella Lee Lutz: Sisters: Mrs. Arabella Archer, Mrs. Ethel Archer; Bur: Olive Cem, Caldwell, OH

[GWA comment: Arabella Rutherford, wife of Martin B. Archer (Stephen, James, James, James). Ethel Rutherford, third wife of Roderick (John, James, James, James, Patrick)]


Obituaries of Mrs. Laura Ramsey, 528 1/2 Main St., Caldwell, OH.

p. 78

Brown, Harley b. 20 Jan 1887; d. 2 May 1968; F. John Brown; M. Eliza Jane Hupp; md Sarah Jane Archer; Son: Glenn W.; Three brothers and one sister, deceased; Bur: Zion Cem., Claysville, OH.

[GWA comment: Sarah Jane Archer (William, Joseph, Michael, Jacob, Patrick). Again, this is not James of Patrick's line. It is James' brother, Jacob's line.]

p. 77

Merry, Columbia Archer b. 26 Oct 1870; d. 21 May 1952; Bur: Olive Cem, Caldwell, OH

[GWA comment: Columbia A. Archer (Aaron, Absalom, Simon, James, Patrick) md. Marshall E. Merry.]


Obituaries of Mrs. Ethel Wiley Iams, Rt.5, Caldwell, OH

p. 83

Archer, Earl C. b. 23 May 1888; d. 12 Jun 1974; F. William Archer; M. Dianthia Closer; md. Ruth Trenner; Sons: Harley, Charles, Donald, Gene; Brother: Alan; Sister: Mrs. Harley (Sarah) Brown; Bur: Halley's Ridge Cem, Noble Co, OH

[GWA Comment: Earl Carpenter Archer (William, Joseph, Michael, Jacob, James, Patrick)]

p. 83

Archer, Harold L. b. 22 Oct 1918 Summerfield, OH; d. 17 Dec 1972; md. Delores Schott; F. Lewis Archer: M. Emma Warner; Daus; Mrs. James (Judy) Dennis, Mrs. Norman (Janice) Chambers, Joyce, Jeanne, Julie, Jill; Sons: Jerry, Jack, James, Joseph; Sister: Mrs Roy (Helen) Bradison, Mrs. Donald (Mabel) Oliver, Mrs. Paul (Geneva) Schott; Brother: James Everett; Brother: George, deceased; Bur: Mt. Olivet Cem., Caldwell.

[GWA Comment: Harold Lewis Archer (Lewis, William, Simon, Simon, James, Patrick)]

p. 99

Gorrell, Mrs. Fannie D. b 26 Sept 1880, Cumberland, OH; d. 24 Nov 1973, Westerville, OH; F. Jesse Grandstaff; M. Samanatha DeLong; Dau: Mrs. Mary C. Archer; one son and one daughter deceased; Bur: Bristol Cem., Morgan Co, OH.

p. 104

Hupp, Mrs. O. Tillie b. 12 Oct 1895, Noble Co, OH; d. 22 Oct 1970; F. Frank Nau; M. Margaret Miller; md. John Hupp; Sons: Albert, Edward, Arthur, Howard, Norbert (Bill); Daus: Mrs. Walter (Luella) Crum, Mrs. Mary Hill, Mrs. Thelma Johnson, Mr. Vincent (Agatha) Schafer, Mrs. Paul (Leoba) Archer, Mrs. Ronald (Rosetta) Schell; Bros: Urban, Raymond; Sister, Mrs. Frances Schafer; a son, deceased; Bur: Mt. Olivet Cem., Caldwell, OH.

p. 105

Johnson, Mrs. Blanche b. 30 Aug 1892, Olive, OH; d. 23 Dec 1972; F. Taylor Cunningham; M. Dora Johnson; md. Mack Johnson; Son: Richard; Dau: Geneva, Mrs. Betty Rossiter, Mrs. Ruth King, Mrs. Joanne Bonar; Brother: Homer Cunnngham; Sisters: Mrs. Bertha Archer, Mrs. Sarah Camden; Bur: Olive Cem., Caldwelll, OH.

p. 116

Ralph, Mrs. Rosa Belle b. 19 Jul 1890; d. 21 June 1970; F. John Noble Parrish; M. Laverna Marquis; md. Willis Ralph; Dau: Mrs. Leah Krebbs, Mrs. Glenna Briggs, Mrs. Margaret Archer; Sons: Dean, Rex; Sister: Mrs. Martin Reed; Bros: Pearly, Lloyd (Cash); Bur: Sharon, OH.

p. 117

Ralph, Willis b. 9 June 1885 Olive Green, OH; d. 28 Oct 1971, Caldwell, OH; F. Andrew Ralph; M. Jane Harmon; md. Belle Parrish, who d. 1970; Dau: Mrs. Glenna Briggs, Mrs. Leah Krebbs, Mrs. Margaret Archer: Son: Dean, Rex; Sister: Mrs. Ora Berry; Brother: George; Bur: Sharon Cem., Sharon, OH.

[GWA Comment: Margaret Ralph md. Arthur Leighton Aracher (Ford, Allen, James, Joseh, James, Patrick)]



Church Record of the Dexter City Charge, Cambridge Dist. Methodist Episcopal Church, East Ohio Conference; NY: Hunt & Eaton; Cincinnati; Cranston & Stone, l871

p. 37 Naaman Archer- Member in full connection

p. 61 Naaman Archer- Dexter City 12 Sept 1895

[GWA comment: Naaman Archer (Nathan, Joseph, James, Patrick) md. Eliza Stottsberry. No Children according to Martin B. Archer's "Genealogical History of the Archer Family," F. J. Heer, Columbus, OH 1919, p. 33.]

Record of Baptisms, p. 150

1 Sept 1900 Mrs. Mand Archer-

[GWA comment: This is proably "Mandy" or Amanda. Of the two known Amanda's who were Archer wives one was not Noble Co. in 1900 and the other had not yet married.]


Ohio Church Records-DAR Methodist Episcopal Church Richmond, OH 1869-1900 and Noble Co., Oh Church Records:

Olive-Green Christian Church, Bell's United Methodist Church,

Sharon Presbyterian Church, p. 9


Olive-Green Christian Church Records known as "Turkey" Church - organized in 1871, disbanded Oct 1961 and buildings were sold to a congregation in Byesvile, Oh and removed from the site. The original records in are in the Library of the First Church of Christ, Caldwell, Noble Co, OH.

Mildred Archer, baptized 28 Sep 1921; dis. by letter.

[GWA comment: Possibly Mildred Helen Archer, daughter of Henry C. Archer (Joseph?, Enoch?, James?, James? Patrick?) and Ora Boggess, b. 6 Jul 1921, Parkersburg, WV]

"Comprehensive Church Record of the Methodist Episcopal Church, East Ohio Conference 1893-1905 and Historical Record 1871-1890" Dexter City, Noble Co., OH by Susan Kellar Ratcliff, Delaware, OH


Alphabetical Record of Members in Full Connection :

(M- Married; S- Single)

Archer, Naaman - status in life: M (p. 37)

Archer, Vincent status: S; no. class 5 (p. 57)

Archer, Naaman, M no. 1 residence Dexter City; when received 1895 May 9 from Pro. ; by whom received M.S. Raiosoberrger; removed to Caldwell O.; year when first received in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1895. (p. 61)

[GWA comment: Naaman Archer (Nathan, Joseph, James, Patrick) - possible lineage.]

Record of Baptisms

p. 146

13 May 1894 - Vincen (sic-Vincent) Archer - adult

1 Sep 1900 Mrs. Mand (sic-Manda? ) Archer - Adult

[GWA comment: Possibly Amanda "Mandy" wife of Nathaniel "Mood" Archer (Simon P., Stephen W., James, James, Patrick)]

Athens Co.

"Marriage Records Athens Co., OH 1805-1866" by Marvin Fletcher & Beverly Schumacher- Athens Co. Historical

Society, Athens, OH 1985

p. 13

Archer, Mathew and Atwood, Nancy I/J 29 Sep 1865, Vol 4, p. 377.

"Marriage Records Athens Co., OH 1865-1880" by Marvin Fletcher & Beverly Schumacher- Athens Co. Historical Society, Athens, OH 1985

p. 9

Archer, Ada M. and Pearse, Danvers 3 Apr 1876 Vol 6, p. 179

Archer, Jacob and Dowler, Mary E. 20 Jul 1871 , Vol 5 , p. 273

Fairfield Co.

"Cemeteries of Berne Township," publ by Fairfield Co, Chapt of OGS, 1983

p. 274

St. Mary Cemetery - Gate of Heaven- Row 4 -

Archer, Monica 1877-1968

William C. 1876-1950

Carolyn 1903-1912




"Centennial Biographical History of Richland Co., Ohio" by A.J. Baughman, ed. Lewis Publ Co, Chicago, 1901, Reprinted by Unigraphic Inc. 1979

p. 694

Martin L. Culler - deals with John Ernsberger maternal grandfather of Martin L. Culler, whose father was Michael L. and Mary A. (Ernsberger) Culler both of Maryland. John Ernsberger emigrated to Ohio from Maryland about 1818 and settled in Mifflin Twp, Richland Co., buying 160 acres of land. His first wife whose maiden name was Mary Smith died when Mrs. Culler was only 12 years old and later married Polly Archer. Sometime during the 1830's they moved to Iowa where he died.

[GWA comment: Polly (Mary) Archer md. John Ernsberger 1827 in Richland Co., OH according to an IGI record. I did not find this record after searching this marriage in Richland Co., OH.]


"Commemorative Historical Biographical Record of Wood Co., Ohio -Its Past and Present," J.H. Beers & Co., Chicago, 1897, vol 1,

(Ed. note: I have included citations on the collateral lines of Copus, Crosser, and Carroll who intermarried with the children of Joseph Archer of Patrick described in The Archer Quarterly Vol. 2, No. 4. Lewis Lambert was a close family friend of the Archers and their in-laws. This series will continue in Vol. 6.)

p. 234 (Bloom Twp - First Land Buyers): James Archer, W of SW 1/4, S. 30, 27 Aug 1831.

Henry Copus SW 1/4 S. 31, 27 Aug 1831.

p. 235 Male Residents in April 1839 - Within six years of the day on which the pioneers located here there were over 150 inhabitants including the following named males who in April 1839 were 21 years of age or over: James Archer, Henry Archer, Henry Copus.

Chapt 38 - Bloom Twp History

"The history of this Township begins in 1831 when the first lands were purchased by Henry Copus and James Archer while yet it formed a part of the Indian hunting ground. Within two years the pioneers came into the wilderness, cleared a few small tracts in the forest and made a nucleus round which civilization made a rude beginnings here. The exterior lines were surveyed in 1819 by Alex. and Samuel Holmes and the sections, in 1821, by S. Bourne."

[GWA comment: James Archer who arrived about 1831 from Richland Co., OH is James (Joseph, Patrick).]

p. 109- "J.R. Archer is a native of this county. He taught school for five years and at the end of that time took up the study of medicine. He was graduated from Starling Medical College at Columbus, Ohio in 1887 and located in the practice at Holgate in Henry Co. He remained there one year then came to North Baltimore."

[GWA comment: This is an error. He is James Dallas Archer (Joseph, James, Joseph, Patrick). He is described elsewhere in the "History of Henry and Fulton Counties, Ohio, edited by Lewis Cass Aldric, publ by D. Mason & Co, Syracuse, NY, 1888, p. 165 (Henry County): "J. Dall Archer was born Oct 30, 1858 in Wood Co., He read medicine with Dr. W.F. Thomas of North Baltimore for three years when he entered the Starling Medical College. After receiving the first degree, he went to Dundee, Michigan for practice and remained there until 1885 when he went to Holgate."]


p. 282 Henry Twp History

First purchases of government land in Henry Twp located their cabins in this county are as follows:

James Copus E. SE 1/4 S. 25, 27 Aug 1831

Wesley Copus NW of SE 1/4 of S. 25, 14 Jun 1834

George Carroll SE of SE S. 33, 21 Sep 1832

Lewis S. Lambert NE of SW 1/4 S. 34, 26 Apr 1833

Simon Archer W. SW S. 35, 2 May 1833

Nelson Copus NE, NW 1/4 S. 36, 14 Jun 1834

[GWA comment: Simon Archer (Joseph, Patrick)]

p. 282

Voters 1839- Male Inhabitants over 21 Years of Age in 1839 (selective names)

Daniel Crosser (husband of Nancy of Joseph, Patrick)

John Crosser (husband of Margaret of Joseph, Patrick)

Adam Crosser

George Carroll (George E.? md. Hannah)

Nelson Copus

Lewis Lambert

The first death was that of a child of George Carrel in 1833.

p. 538

Daniel Crosser and Nancy Archer both born in Richland Co., OH the former in 1806, the latter in 1816.

[GWA comment: Nancy Archer (Henry?, Joseph? Patrick?). She was b. c. 1819 making her too young to be Joseph and Margaret Church's child, since Margaret was b. c. 1760. This leaves Henry as the most eligible father.]


Richland Co., Oh - Deeds Index. and Abstracts (From: LDS microfilm)


[GWA comment: All of these Archers are descendants of Joseph (Patrick). Most of them sold out after Joseph's death in 1822 and moved to Wood Co., OH or Indiana.]

James Archer

18 Nov 1825 James Archer and Nancy, his wife to George Archer of Richland Co. a part of NW 1/4 Sect. 1, T. 22, R. 17, 100 A. Signed by James Archer and Nancy (her mark) Archer. Witnesses: W. Gardner and Henry Copus. 


25 Feb 1834 James Archer to James Hartman $400 a part of NW 1/4 of S. 1, T 2 (sic?), R. 17 in Dist of Wooster, Ohio, 60 A.

Signed: James Archer and Nancy (her mark) Archer. Witnesses:

James M. Gilkinson, Jos. Taylor. 11/201 Patent dtd 1 June 1825 from United States to James Archer deposited in the General Land Office a Certificate of Register of the land in the General Land Office at Wooster, Ohio for NW 1/4, S.1, T. 22, R. 17. in the Dist. of Wooster, state of Ohio, 158 A. and 58/100. 


James Archer to George Hartman 6O A. 1834 NW 1/4 S. 1,T. 22, R. 17 


Joseph Archer

9 Jul 1836 Joseph Archer and wife Esther Archer both of Richland Co. to Thomas M. Cain $144, part of NE 1/4 S.36, T.23, R.17, 18 A.

Signed : Joseph (his mark ) Archer, Esther (her mark) Archer

Witnesses: Jarol (sic) Hoffsinger, Robert Cowen. 16/133

Joseph Archer to Philip Coller 142 A. 1840 NE 1/4 S. 36, T. 28, R. 17 21/439

Joseph Archer from Ellzey Hedges 1840 Lot 17 in Mansfield 27/52

A.W. Trimble to Joseph Archer 1 A. 1851 NW S. 20 T. 21, R. 18


A.W. Trimble to Joseph Archer 26 3/4A. 1851 NW S.20, T. 20, R. 18


Thomas Barnes to Joseph Archer 1855 Lot 31 in Mansfield


Joseph Archer to Jane Haufman 1855 Lot 15 in Mansfield


Joseph Archer to Thomas Barnes 1855 Lot 11,21,31 in Mansfield 41/135

Simon Archer

Lewis F. Lampert to Simon Archer 106 A. 1826 SW 1/4 S.30, T.21, R.16


23 June 1831 - Simon Archer and Margaret, his wife, of Richland Co. to Jacob Culler 8/30

Simon Archer to Lewis F. Lamphert 60 A. 826 SW 1/4 S.36, T.23, R.17


Simon Archer

Lewis F. Lampert to Simon Archer 58 A. 1832 SW 1/4 S.36, T.23, R.17


Simon Archer to John J. Gutbrod 1832 SW 1/4 S.34, T.23, R.17


5 Nov 1835 George Archer and wife, Rebecca, both of Richland Co. to Michael Culler $725 for NW 1/4 S. 1, T.22, R.17, 100 A. Signed: George Archer, Rebecca (her mark) Archer,

Witnesses: James Doty, John Stauffer. 14/153

Moses C. Archer to John Everett 4 A 1844 SE 1/4 S.31, T.23 R.19




Richland Co. Ohio - Marriages 1815-1919 - Male & Females


Simon Archer and Margaret Ann Bayer on 15 Aug 1822 by W. Gardner, J.P. 1/105

Joseph Archer and Ester Jones on 17 June 1823 by Michael Cullen(?) J.P. 1/123

Joseph Archer and Pheby Ann Myers on 11 Jul 1840 by Mathew Lind, J.P. 3/16

Eliza A. Archer and S.M. Coulter on 19 May 1853 by Richard Gailey (?) minister 6/166



"History of Richland County, Ohio - Its Past and Present."

A.A. Graham, Comp.; Mansfield, OH: A.A. Graham & Co, 1880, (Reprinted by Unigraphic, Inc.)

p. 833

Monroe Twp -(chapter heading)

Eliza Archer married 19 May 1853 to Lecenius Milton Coulter. He was born 19 Mar 1831 son of Meltzer Coulter and Eliza Azdit. They were married 20 Nov 1823. Meltzer came to Richland Co., Oh with his father when he was 13 years old. Meltzer was the son of Meltzer Coulter who was the son of Thomas Coulter and Nancy Tannahill.

Thomas Coulter b. 8 Aug 1766 ; d. 28 Oct 1844 and Nancy Tannahill b. 28 Jan 1761, md. 17 Nov 1789. Came to Richland Co, OH 1811.

Entered a farm about 3/4 of a mile of the present site of the village of Perryville being the one on which the Stringer mill now stands which he cultivated and improved on which he continued to reside as long as he lived. He married : 1. Nancy Tannahil d. 30 Jul 1825; 2. md. Mrs. Martha Rice 1 Nov 1825 ; d. 17 Sep 1875; 3. md. Jane Perry 13 Sep 1836. All buried in Perrysville Cem.

History of Richland County- General Section

p. 642

M.C. Archer, was one of the first trustees of Jackson Twp. in or around Crestline.

[GWA comment: Moses C. Archer - ancestry uncertain but probably descends from Joseph of Patrick.]


Cemetery Records- Richland County, Ohio , Vol V,. Richland Co., OH Genealogical Society, 1972, p. 15.

Mt. Bethel Cemetery- NW 1/4 S. 26, Jackson Twp., Richland Co., OH, located on Township road 201 and west of County road 191.

Archer, Caroline, dau of Moses and Mary , d 27 Jul 1842, ae 8 mo, 27 da

Thomas, son of Moses and Mary, d 6 Feb 1850, ae 1 yrs, 7 mo, 21 da

[GWA comment: Children of Moses C. Archer and Mary Ann Hill (above).]


Cemetery Records- Richland County, Ohio Richland Co., OH Genealogical Society, 1971, Vol I, p. 70

Mt. Bethel Cemetery- NW 1/4, S. 26, Jackson Twp, on S. CH #201 (Myers Rd.) W. of CH #191 (Plymouth-Springmill Rd)

Archer, Caroline d. 27 Jul 1842, 0-8-27, daughter of Moses and Mary

[GWA comment: Caroline of Moses C. Archer and Mary Ann Hill (above).]

p. 221

Plymouth-Greenlawn Cemetery - NE 1/4, S. 6, SH #98 at TH #11 in Plymouth at the border of Huron Co. Copied July 1980. Each section of the reading was begun at the north end of the row, taking the rows from east to west.

Row ll, Sect 9

Archer, Harley R. 1900-1974

Eva E. 1915-

p. 260

Crestline Greenlawn Cemetery- NW 1/4 S 14, in Crestline south of the railroad tracks on the east side of State rout #181. Copied 1980 in rows running from north to south beginning on the east side of the cemetery. Row 45

Archer, Mary Ann 1821-1903

Moses C. 1820-1899

Oakland Cemetery- State route 61 on s. side of Shelby, Sharon Twp.

Dates listed are dates of burial except in some cases where information was added from other sources. The numbers given are the lot numbers.


Emma single grave alltmt. sect B East No. 24 1914

Emma R. No. C-108 1950

Gail Archer No. C-108 1958

Kate A. No. C-108 1925

Margaret G. No. C-108 1954

William Kenneth No. LQ-21 1958

William M. No. C-108 1918




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