Guernsey County
(Includes marriages, deeds, and probate of couples with Noble Co., OH and WV connections.
Marriages 1897-1904 may be incomplete due to flawed index.)



[The following data were published in "The Archer Quarterly" publication of The Archer Association, PO Box 6233, McLean, VA 22106, edited by George W. Archer, (Simon, Stephen, Stephen, Nathan, James I). The Archer Quarterly was published from the Fall of 1982 to the Summer of 1992. It is no longer published.

The editor's father, Simon Archer, was born in Sandyville, Jackson Co., WV 24 Aug 1884, son of Stephen Archer (Stephen, Nathan, James, Patrick) and Helen Josephine Butcher.

The material below was taken from disk files used to publish "The Archer Quarterly." The comments in parenthesis ( ), such as Editor's note, were in the original publication. The material in square brackets [GWA comment:] was added in June 2000 to update or clarify this material drawing on files I have developed since 1974 based on material submitted by Patrick's descendants, published and archival sources. Time did not permit recopying all the data from hard copy. Instead this material is submitted in hopes that Patrick's descendants will share information to supplement and correct what has been published here to support my on-going project to published "The Descendants of Patrick Archer." This is a multi-generational genealogy beginning with Patrick and following his descendants down to the present generation. Presently I have material on eleven generations. If you want more on anything you find her or on any descendant, including non-Archers,
George Archer,
c/o The Archer Association,
PO Box 6233,
McLean, VA 22106

or email me with your mailing address and a general outline of your descent from Patrick at:

General warning: All of my comments below are based on a 25-year accumulation of ARCHER surname data with an emphasis on the Patrick descendants of which I am one. Data is never complete. Conclusions based on incomplete data are never definitive; there is always room for error of interpretation and of fact (clerical errors, lies, poor memory).

Verify the data and conclusions below with your own research, using original, not published sources. Treat even primary sources with scepticism. Try to get three pieces of evidence for each fact you are trying to prove and compare them to ensure they are not all drawing on the same (flawed) sources. Good luck with your research. Sometimes that's what is needed.
George W. Archer,
former editor, "The Archer Quarterly."



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ATHENS (Includes Noble Co., OH Archers who moved here.)


FAIRFIELD (Includes Noble Co., OH Archers who moved here.)

GUERNSEY (Includes marriages, deeds, and probate of couples with Noble Co., OH and WV connections. Marriages 1897-1904 may be incomplete due to flawed index.)

HANCOCK (Includes information on Archers in Richland and Wood Cos, OH.)


LAWRENCE (Includes Noble Co. OH Archers who died here.)

Monroe - No Section - scattered references in other Sections

MORGAN (Includes information on Archers in Richland and Wood Cos, OH.)

Muskingum - No Section - scattered references in other Sections

NOBLE (Includes Noble Co. Archers who went to Cloud and Riley Cos, KS.

Includes Catholic Church Parish records from Belmont Co. that pertained to the Archers in Noble. Until the St. Mary's church in Fulda, OH, was built in 1853, there was no resident priest in Noble Co. Records were kept in the parishes whose priests served Noble Co.)

RICHLAND (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

WASHINGTON (Includes references to Noble Co., OH and Wood and Jackson Cos., WV.)

WOOD (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

FEDERAL RECORDS AND FACILITIES (Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, VA)







"Portrait and Biographical Record of Guernsey Co., Ohio." Chicago: C.O. Owen & Co., 1895, p. 509 (Historical Section)

Military history- The war of 1812-15 had a stagnating effect upon improvements in Guernsey County. All efforts toward advancement were checked. Men flew to arms for the protection of their families and firesides; uncertainty and distrust reigned among those left behind to await the results of arbitrament of arms.

The citizens from Guernsey County who participated in the war 1812 were as follows: ... Michael Archer.


[GWA comment: There are several candidates as Guernsey Co. was formed in 1810 from parts of Muskingum and Belmont and covered a fairly large area including the present-day north half of Noble and an east edge of Monroe. These areas were in 1810 within the boundaries of Muskingum and Belmont Cos., OH.

Those Michael's old enough to have served and were living in this area were (in descending order of probability):

1. Michael (Joseph?, Patrick?) - appeared under Capt Beatty's Co, rolls. He was b. c. 1780 and Married Cynthia Dickerson and owned land in present-day Buffalo Twp, Noble Co., in 1818-1819

2. Michael (Jacob, Patrick) md. 1. Margaret Collins 27 Mar 1811, Guernsey Co, OH and md. 2. Jane Elliot 8 Apr 1827, (Mrs. William Stone) 8 Apr 1827, Muskingum Co., OH. There is no other evidence that he did serve except that he was about the right age and in the area.]



p. 512

Members of the 97th O.V.I. Co., B. - This regiment was organized at Zanesville, Ohio September 2, 1862: John M. Archer

[GWA comment: His father, Jacob C. Archer applied for and got a pension as the survivor of his son. The pension application/certificate file is:

Jacob C. Archer
Application no 421218 dated 28 Apr 1890 ;applied from Ohio
Certificate no 330227
for service of his son, John M. Archer Co. B, 97th Ohio Vol. Inf.

This Jacob and John cannot be identified beyond this record. The pension file should provide more data to make family connections.

If the father was living in 1890 and the son was born about 1842 this would make the father b. c. 1820.

There was a Jacob Archer b. c. 1823 living in Brookfield Twp, Morgan Co., who died 19 Aug 1892 and is buried in Hiramsburg Cem, Noble Co, OH. He had three wives Levenia Marrow, Ursula A. or J. and Jenny Fish but only two of his children are known: Charles b. c. 1860 and William b. c. 1862. Jacob's lineage is unknown but probably a descendant of Jacob of Patrick.]

p. 514

Members of the 88th Rgt O.V.I., Co., E. - Originally composed of a battalion of four companies organized at Ft. Chase, Ohio in September 24- October 27, 1862 and was designated as "First Battalion Governors Guards." Six new companies were subsequently organized July 24- August 3, 1863 and consolidated with this battalion making up the 88th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The Regiment was principally engaged in guarding rebel prisons at Camp Chase, Ohio; also in pursuit of Morgan's raiders and the suppression of Holmes County rebellion in 1863. Co. E. was represented by.... Wilson S. Archer.

[GWA comment: Wilson Shannon Archer (Enoch, Joseph, James, Patrick) b. 3 Jan 1845, Carlisle, Noble Co., OH; d. 26 Feb 1912, Leipsic, OH and md. Margaret Trott.]



p. 540

Cumberland Presbyterian Church "W. G. Archer the present pastor is a popular pulpit orator, a vigorous and apt organizer.

[GWA comment: Not identified. His parents may have been Oliver Archer (Benjamin, Benjamin) and Harriet/Margaret Manning. His wife was Jenny Peters. Their daughter Mary was b. 16 Jun 1893 in Cumberland Twp, Guernsey Co, OH. His father came from Brooke Co., WV but the ancestral line leads back to Washington Co., PA with no connections to Patrick. No one among Patrick's descendants seems to fit this man's description.]

p. 54l (Newspapers)

The Cumberland Echo was established by Rev. W. G. Archer with A.M. Johnson Foreman and printer August 8, 1892 and was published by them up to September 8, 1893 when it passed into the hands of Miss May Stranathan who is still recording the "echoes" of personal, social, commercial and religious life to the satisfaction and pleasure of its many patrons.


"Stories of Guernsey Co., Ohio, a History of an Average Ohio County" by William G. Wolfe, publ. by the Author, Cambridge, OH

1943 (reprinted by Unigraphic, Knightstown, IN, 1976)

pp. 246-247

War of 1812- listed under Capt Beatty's Co. - Joseph Archer.

Others who enlisted: Michael Archer

[GWA comment: Probably Joseph and Michael, sons of Joseph (Patrick)]

p. 252

James Copus - Mrs. Copus came to Guernsey Co. - "On account of the danger [from Indians], Mrs. Copus and her nine children could not remain in the cabin. Having relatives or friends in the Westland Twp, Guernsey Co., she expressed a desire to come here.

Joseph Archer and George Carroll, two of the soldiers who accompanied them on the journey which was made with much hardship and danger. Mrs. Copus and her children remained in Westland for a few years and then returned to their old home in Ashland Co."

In 1882 a monument was erected where the Copus cabin stood. Upon it are carved the names of six Guernsey county soldiers who were killed by the Indians.

[GWA comment: This gets complicated and illustrates how much inter-marriage there was on the frontier:

Both Joseph Archer and George E. Carrol were rescuing their maternal aunt:

Anna Church who had md. James Copus (d. 15 Sep 1812, Richland Co., OH).

Anna Church (1 Sep 1775, Greene Co., PA - 8 Dec 1862, Richland CO, OH) was the daughter of George Church 1747-1814 and Jane.]

Also, Joseph Archer and George Carroll were brothers-in-law:

Joseph Archer (Joseph, Patrick) md. Elizabeth Carroll, dau of George Carroll and Isabella Church

George E. Carrol 1791-1846 son of George Carroll and Isabella Church who was dau of George Church and Jane md. Anna Archer (Joseph, Patrick).

p. 507

Cambridge Ladies' Auxiliary No 32 Patriarchs Militant - Hannah Archer, past president.

p. 508 Hannah Archer listed as financial secretary for the Cambridge Olive Rebeccah Lodge no 576.

p. 652

W. D. Archer, member of the board of Directors for the Central National Bank at Cambridge, OH in 1841. He was also President of the bank.

[GWA comment: William D. Archer (Henry, Jacob, James or George?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]

p. 972

Rev. John W. Archer 1840-1842 was pastor of the Senecaville Presbyterian church.

p. 980

John Archer was a miller in Alexander Campbell's mill sometime before 1888.


"History of Guernsey Co." by Col. Cyrus P. B. Sarchet, Vol 1, B.F. Bowen, Indianapolis, IN 1911

p. 354

List of Guernsey Co. Businesses in 1910- 

L. B. Archer, shoemaker;

W. D. Archer, postmaster, in Pleasant City

[GWA comment: Lester Bliss Archer (Joseph, Michael?, Jacob?, Patrick?) 

Probably William D. Archer (Henry, Jacob, James or George? ,Jacob?, Patrick?)]


p. 590

Col. William Jackson Gregg who md. Mary Ellen Ball in 1855. She was the daughter of Jonas Ball and Amy Archer. She was born in Sarahsville, OH. Jonas Ball was born in Wales and her mother was born in Noble Co.

[GWA comment: Amy Archer (James, James, Patrick)]


"Guernsey County, Ohio - A Collection of Historical Sketches and

Family Histories," compiled by Members and Friends of Guernsey County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Cambridge, OH:

The Society, c. 1979.

p. 27

Miss Golden M. Archer served as secretary of The Order of Amaranth of Guernsey Co., Ohio, active organization since April 1947 and as of 1979 serving as Royal Matron of the same organization.

Golden M. Archer

There was a Golden May Archer (William, Henry, James?, Jacob?, Patrick?).

11 Apr 1896, Guernsey Co., d. 1 Dec 1976. The "Golden" name has been used for males and females in this line. Her lineagehanher is uncertain.]


p. 37

Linda Archer appeared in a photograph of students of the Yankee Point school, formerly located on Skull Fork, 2 miles south of Londonderry. The photograph was taken about 1904.

pp. 51-52

Name of the minister authorized to solemnize the marriage: W. G. Archer, a Presbyterian minister. A list marriages of non-Archers appears taken from the original record, Ministers' record of marriages , Vol 2. pp. 241-247.

p. 101

History of the Family of James R. and Maxine D. Douglass

Alice Mercer, dau of Olettea Archer and Walter Mercer of Lower City md Robert J. Douglass b. 21 Oct 1948, attended Londonderry and Glass plant schools, and Cambridge High School, also University of Chicago, Il. Robert J. is one of four children of James Rogers Douglass and Maxine Barber Dunbar. James was b. 28 June 1924 and Maxine, 29 Oct 1926. James Rogers Douglass was the son of Charles M. and Josephine Pearl Hannum Douglas of near Antrim, Guernsey Co. James and Maxine were md. 22 Sept 1945.

Maxine was dau of Eugene Barber and Amanda Elizabeth Tinsmon of Skull Fork near Londonderry. (There is more on the Douglass family and descendants.)

[GWA comment: Oletta Archer (Lucas, Jocephus, Michael, Joseph, James, Patrick). She was b. 28 Apr 1923 in Ravesnwood, Jackson Co,WV and married 2. Paul Golmitz.]


p. 147

Grace Archer md. Paul Lester Kenworthy. Children: Alma Mae 1948-1949; William James md. Lucinda Ballinger and had three sons: Brian, Mike and Jason; Betty Ann md. Stephen Hinson, dau Amanada. Paul Lester was the son of Fred Franklin Kenworthy (born?) 1895 md. Bessie Olive Craig b. 1897. (See p. 188 below.)

They (Fred and Bessie) lived all their 62 years of married life on a farm near Indian Camp, Knox Township. He served in World War I.

He is still a very competitive checker player and had bowled All League in Cambridge. He was recently presented a trophy for being the oldest bowler and never missing a night in five years. They are both active members of Mt. Herman Church at Indian Camp Grange. Other children of Fred and Bessie: Willis Craig, Paul Lester and Pauline Esther (twins).

[GWA comment: Grace's ancestry is uncertain before her grandfather. Her father was Andrew William Archer 1898-1980 and Lula

May Moorehead b. 1907. Andrew's father was William Archer 1858- 1912 and Mary J. Barnett 1860-1935. The family lived and died in Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH.]

p. 153

Ruth Elizabeth Archer, 18, married 12 Jun 1920 Marion Francis Lawrence b. 8 Jun 1898, Back St. Linton Mills, 6 miles down Wills Creek from Kimbolt, OH in Coshocton. Lawrence was the son of John Bradly and Malinda Catherine Johnson.

[GWA comment: Ruth Elizbeth Archer (Elisha, Nathan, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


"Lawrence-Johnson Families

p. 153

Marion Francis Lawrence, son of John Bradley and Milinda Catherine Johnson Lawrence, was born June 8, 1898, on Back Street, Linton Mills, six miles down Wills Creek from Kimbolton, Ohio, in Coshocton County....

The Lawrence family, of English descent, lived near Zanesville.

Marion's grandmother raised her son alone until he married, helping her as he could. She is buried in a family plot on a hill near their home.

Her father worked for farmers; hunted game for food; dug coal from a hill nearby; and helped at a sawmill. Mother sewed their clothes from cloth similar to denim.

There were six living children: Rilla Catherine, Marion Francis, Thomas Stone, and John Wesley, two girls, Vernie and Edna, died in infancy. Two children were still born. Albert was interred in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Guernsey County.

The Johnsons were Pennsylvania Dutch from Germany. The father, Elisha Johnson, was a casket maker and a carpenter. He held a frosty nail in his mouth which stuck to his lip, damaging the lip.

He developed cancer. He was a very religious man. He died, leaving three small boys and one girl- Lew, Jethro, Charles, and Malinda Catherine (named for her mother who had died). Their parents are buried in Plainfield Cemetery.

In 1911 Marion helped his dad dig coal, when he was out of school. When he was 15, he quit school, and became an engineer hoisting coal from the Harriette Mine, near Buckeyeville.

He met and later married Ruth Elizabeth Archer, 18, on June 12, 1920. They lived near Little Kate, in a mining town called Lucasburg, west of what is now Meadowbrook High School. Two girls were born- Dorothy Louise on July 4, 1921, and Virginia June on January 20, 1923. In the spring of 1925 they moved to Cressep, West Virginia where he mined coal. During a strike a farmer hired him to hoe corn and put up hay. A son, Jack Archer, was born June 18, 1925. the family became ill with typhoid fever. Dorothy died.

They then returned to the old home. He worked as he was able to in mines, the railroad, R. C. A. and odd jobs. His wife, Ruth, died October 22, 1957. Marion was a widower nine years. He loved to square dance. It was there he met M. Helen Ray, a nurse's associate. A year later- November 13, 1966, we were married, and have lived in Lore City, a town near where I was born August 5, 1912. -
Submitted by M. Helen Lawrence.

p. 188

Thomas and Amanda Banker Phillips Family

Bessie Olive Craig, dau of William Criag (1872-1956) and Elma Young (1875-1941) dau of James Young and Jane Priaulx. Bessie was one of nine children. Bessie was born 1897 and married Fred Kenworthy and had four children: Willis Criag md. Mary McMahon; twins, Paul Lester md Grace Archer (see above at p. 144) who had three children.); Pauline Ester md. Harold Nelson (1920-1963) and had two children: Joan Carol and James Robert.



p. 246

Amanda Howell dau of William and Mary Jane Howell md. George Archer. Children: Marian, June, Elizabeth Ann.

William Howell was one of 13 children of Abner Howell and Louisa Rollins who settled in Knox Twp., and owned ll00 acres of land there. His brothers were James, Preston, Edward and Frank.

Sisters; Mary (Addy), Harriet (Guthrie), Elizabeth Ann (Lawyer),

Sarah (Dyer), Eliza (Addy), Amanda (Kennedy) and Margaret (Blair).

[GWA comment: George Boyd Archer (George, Israel, Enoch, Joseph, James, Patrick) who md. 2. Amanda Howell. His first wife was Lelia M. "Billie" Lohman.]


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Mistaken Evidence

Two Guernsey county men once served several months in the Ohio Penitentiary for a crime they did not commit. Their conviction and subsequent sentence to imprisonment resulted from a combination of both direct and circumstantial evidence. Of all the persons connected with their trial only one, the attorney who defended them, seemed to believe in their innocence. Their case was one of the most remarkable ever tried in the courts of Guernsey county.

Jennie Archer Robbed - About sixty years ago Jennie Archer, a woman past middle age, lived as a recluse three or four miles northeast of Cumberland. Her cabin, made of rails and daubed with clay, was located in a hollow surrounded by woods. Her only companions were a cow, a ferocious dog, and some chickens which roosted in the loft of the cabin. People of the country round-about knew her as Jennie Archer, the eccentric old woman. It was reported that she had between two hundred and a thousand dollars which she carried in a belt about her body.

Late one dark, rainy night in February 1877, two men riding horseback approached the cabin, dismounted and knocked. They told Jennie they were officers looking for horse thieves who, they had reason to believe, were concealed in her cabin. Although she tried to assure them no such persons were there, they forced an entrance, after shooting the dog which offered resistance. They then demanded her money. She denied having any, but her movements led to their searching the loft where a sack containing between two and three hundred dollars was found. The men then rode away with the money.

Robbers Tracked - The next morning Jennie reported the robbery and officers came to the cabin. As the ground was soft, the tracks of the robbers' horses could be seen plainly. A shoe was missing from the hoof of one of the horses. The tracks were followed to the main road leading to Cumberland, thence to a place where it forked. One horse had gone straight ahead; the other had turned to the left toward Ava. They followed the tracks of the former, which led to the stable of Everett Heskett. Within was a horse whose feet corresponded to the size of the tracks followed, and with one shoe missing. In appearance Heskett answered the description of one of the robbers, given the officers by Jennie.

Returning to the forks the officers followed the tracks of the other horse. They led to the stable of Thomas Stewart, in which was a horse whose feet showed the same measurements as the tracks.

Stewart answered the description of the other robber. The two men were immediately arrested.

Both, protesting their innocence, gave bond to appear before the court at Cambrdige at its next session. In the meantime Heskett fled the country, forfeiting his bond.

Convincing Evidence - Stewart engaged Colonel John Ferguson, Cambridge attorney, to defend him. His case was tried before Judge Frazier, with J.C. Steele as prosecutor. Jennie Archer told the story of the robbery, as related above, and positively identified Stewart as one of the two men who had taken the money.

The officers testified as to their tracking the horses. Then other witnesses stated that Heskett and Stewart knew Jennie had money; that they had been heard to make some remarks which would indicate their intention to try to get to it. The fact that Heskett had fled, forfeiting his bond, was evidence of guilt.

Only a short deliberation was necessary for the jury to render a verdict of guilty. Judge Frazier sentenced Stewart to two years in the penitentiary. Heskett was subsequently rearrested in Illinois, whence he had fled, and brought back to Cambridge. His trial which was similar to that of Stewart, resulted in his getting a sentence of three years. An additional year was given him because he had forfeited his bond.

In the minds of the judge, prosecutor, jury, and people generally, there seemed to be no question as to the guilt of Heskett and Stewart. One man, however, was not satisfied, although he held no other persons under suspicion. This was Colonel John Ferguson, counsel for the defense.

Remarkable Coincidence - About a year later Orange Pettay and Joseph Odell, of Sarahsville, Noble county, who had been spending money more freely than usual, made some remarks on a certain occasion that led to their arrest for the robbery of Jennie Archer. They were brought to Cambridge and tried for a crime for which two men were then paying the penalty at Columbus.

As in the former case, Judge Frazier was on the bench, and J. C. Steele was the prosecutor. This time, though, Colonel John Ferguson did not serve as counsel for the defense. The jury was composed of J. S. Riddle, John S. Wilkin, J. T. Oldham, James Hutchison, Solomon Hutton, John S. Clark, Charles H. Scott, George S. Nichols, James Bell, Lot P. Hosick, Dennison Tetrick and Peter Longsworth.

When called to the stand, Odell confessed. He declared that Heskett and Stewart were innocent. He and Pettay went to Jennie's house the night of the robbery, he said, and there occurred exactly what she told at the trials of the other men. They then rode together to the Cumberland road, thence to the forks where they separated, one going past Heskett', the other past Stewart's.

This accounted for the tracks leading to the homes of the original suspects. A remarkable coincidence in the case was that the foot measurements of the Heskett and Stewart horses were the same as those of the horses Pettay and dell rode; and more, too, shoes from the same feet were missing. Heskett and Stewart resembled Pettay and Odell in appearance. Odell shaved his beard on the day following the robbery.

Victims of Circumstances - Heskett and Stewart were the victims of the most unfortunate circumstances in the court history of Guernsey county. They would probably have been convicted on circumstantial evidence alone. But to this was added the direct but mistaken evidence of a weak-minded old woman. She had not mingled enough with the outside world to make distinctions as to people. Nobody blamed her, the judge, the prosecutor or the jury.

Sentences of five and two years in the penitentiary were given Pettay and Odell, respectively. Petitions for the immediate release of Heskett and Stewart, signed by Judge Frazier, Prosecutor Steele and the members of the jury were forward to Governor Richard M. Bishop. It was a case of mistaken evidence.

"Stories of Guernsey County, Ohio" by William G. Wolfe. Cambridge, OH, 1943, pp. 998-1000

[GWA comment: I cannot with certainty identify Jane Archer. She should be related to the Jacob of Patrick line, as Spencer Twp, Guernsey Co., OH is where Jacob lived and died after he migrated from Greene Co., PA in the early 1800's. However, there have been a large number of movements of the descendants of James (of Patrick) into Guernsey Co. over the years, and she could have been a wife of one of these. Nevertheless here is an attempt to see who she might be.

There was a Jane Archer age 35 (b. c. 1815) OH living with Nancy Archer age 75, b. PA in the 1850 Census for Spencer Twp in household 154/390 as the only two inhabitants of the household.

Let's assume that Nancy b. c. 1775 was a widow (of Jacob of Patrick) and that Jane (Jennie?) was her daughter.

The evidence to support their connection to Jacob is very slim.

Howard Leckey in his "Tenmile Country and Pioneer Ancestors says that Jacob of Patrick Archer's wife was Nancy Church, daughter of George Church (Kirk/Kirche) and Jane. (Was Jane Archer b. c. 1815 named for her?) Leckey elsewhere, citing local oral history, says that Nancy married an Archer and does not name him. This could have been either Jacob or Simon Archer, sons of Patrick, as Simon's wife was Nancy. Jacob's wife's name is not known with certainty.

After Simon's death in Washington Co., OH in 1808, the 1810 US Census for Newport Twp, Washington Co, OH lists a Nancy Archer and she is named "Nancy" as the widow and admistratrix of his estate in 1808. So the case is stronger that a Nancy was Simon's wife whereas there is no paper trail naming Jacob's wife.

Back to Jacob. Jacob was supposed to have been one of the younger sons of Patrick. Jacob and family appear for the first time in Spencer Twp in the 1820 US Census with both of the oldest adults over 45 and with two females 10-16 of age. One of these could have been Jennie. In the Franklin Twp, Greene Co., PA US census he and the oldest female are aged 26-45.

The jury is still out on Jennie's ancestry, but it is probably Jacob of Patrick, possibly by one of his children who died or went to Morgan Co. or by Jacob himself. Jacob's children are not known with certainty but may be uncovered with much more work in Guernsey Co. records. Research is complicated because Jacob's brother, Joseph was also living in Guernsey Co. until Joseph moved to Richland Co., OH ca. 1818-1820.

For more on Jennie's escapades there is a detailed account of her life and living conditions in the Cambridge (OH) "Daily Jeffersonian" 4 Sep 1942. She continued to live as a squatter in a shack that had minimal comforts after the robbery The local people who felt sorry and responsible for her made two attempts to get her moved to the County Infirmary. She left the first time and returned home but died at the home the second time when she jumped from a window to escape. Locals categorized her as eccentric but not insane.]

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The marriage records are located in Probate Judge's Office, Cambridge, OH

Marriage Book Vol A (1811-1832)




3 Michael Archer Margaret Collin(s) 27 Mar 1811
9 Joseph Archer Elizabeth Carrol 20 Dec 1811 Samuel Jackson, J.P.
22  George Carrol Anna Archer 19 Mar 1812 D. K. Patrick, J.P.
30 George Harris Elizabeth Archer 8 Jan 1815 Elisha Enochs, Esq.
39 Simeon Archer Rhoda Enochs 15 Sep 1815 Elisha Enochs, Esq.
49 Henry Archer Polly Walters 13 Nov 1816 David Tullus, J.P.
64 Joseph Archer Elizabeth Johns 14 Aug 1817 David Tullus, J.P.
86 Jacob Archer Sally Grandon 3 Sep 1818 Jacob McCollam
95 Jonas Ball Amy Archer 10 Oct 1818
262 Henry Archer Susannah Jones 23 Mar 1826 William Reese

[GWA comment: lineages listed in same order as marriages
Michael (Joseph, James, Patrick)
Joseph (Joseph, Patrick)
Anna (Joseph?, Patrick?)
Elizabeth (James, Patrick)
Simon (James, Patrick)
Henry (James?, Jacob?, Patrick?)
Joseph (Joseph, Patrick) - second wife: Elizabeth Jones, not Johns
Jacob (James, Patrick)
Amy (James, James, Patrick)
Henry (Jacob?, Patrick?)]


Marriage Book Vol B (1832-1846)

(* Of 21 years of age)

(** of 18 years of age)

(+ Residents of Guernsey Co.)

(Note: Dates of returns are dated later than the dates on spine of the volume)

Page Groom Bride Date Returned By
313 Elijah Archer*+ Sarah Fuleck**+ 24 Apr 1861 Elijah Bifford (x)

[GWA comment: Elijah (Elijah?, Michael?, Jacob?, Patrick?)


Marriage Book Vol C (1832-1844)

Page Groom Bride Date Returned By
249 Daniel McCloud Anne Archer 12 Dec 1828 William A. Claire, J. P

[GWA comment: Anne Archer (Michael?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]


Marriage Book Vol D (1844-1861)

279 Andrew Archer Sarah Smith 1 Aug 1850 Elder Peter Hogen, Baptist Church
443 Soloman Archer Sarah Law 20 May 1855 Joseph John, J. P
611 Elijah Archer Sarah Fulck 2 May 1861 Rev. P. Hogan

[GWA comment: Andrew (Michael, Jacob, Patrick)]

Stephen Solomon (James, Joseph, James, Patrick) - Sarah Law his second wife. His first wife was Ruth Ellen Berry md 11 Jan 1855, Noble Co., OH; md 3. Hannah Davis 11 Feb 1857, according to a 1902 biography when he lived in Franklin Co., KS. I could not find a record of the third marriage there or anywhere in Kansas for him. There is a fairly clear record that he abandoned wives 1 and 2 and survived the Civil War although Sarah Law believed he died in the war and remarried 14 Jun 1862, (Cloud Co., KS?) a medical Dr. S. M. Ransopher. Ruth got a divorce for abandonment on 12 Jun 1858 in Noble Co. and remarried in Noble Co., OH 28 Oct 1858 James Hesson. He went by the name Solomon but got his Civil War pension under the name of Stephen Solomon for service in Co. H., 7th Kansas Infantry. Perhaps his pension file will throw some light on his earlier marriages and parentage of his 9 children, one of which was by Sarah.

Elijah ( (Elijah?, Michael?, Jacob?, Patrick?)


Marriage Book Vol 1 (1861-1870)

(* Of 21 years of age)

(** of 18 years of age)

(+ Residents of Guernsey Co.)

Page Groom Bride Date Returned By
608 W. S. Archer* Margaret Trott** 20 Feb 1870 Richard Cartwright
C. Foster made application for W. S. Archer on 11 Nov 1869

[GWA comment: Wilson S. Archer (Enoch, Joseph, James, Patrick). His marriage license said that they were 2nd cousins.]


Marriage Book Vol 2 (1870-1879)

(* Of 21 years of age)

(** of 18 years of age)

(+ Residents of Guernsey Co.)

328 Chalmer Archer* Clarissa A. Tripp** 29 Oct 1874 John Abels
Daniel Master (X) made application for the permit 28 Oct 1874

[GWA comment: Chalmer (Andrew, Michael, Jacob, Patrick)]

430 John Dickinson Maggie A. Archer 16 Feb 1876 A. R. Smith


Marriage Book Vol 4 (1885-1891)- No Archers listed



Marriage Book Vol 5 (1891-1897)

201 William Archer Mary J. Barnett 6 Apr 1893 Rev. W. B. Willingan


Marriage Book Vol 6 (1897-1898)- No Archers listed


Marriage Book Vol 7 (1898-1901)- No Archers listed


Marriage Book Vol 8 (1902-1904)- No Archers listed

[GWA Comment: Only the indexes were checked, but it seems odd that there are no Archer marriages during this time, as numerous as were the Archers in this area. There were no women whose last name began with "A" listed in the indexes, suggesting that the indexing was poorly done.]


Marriage Book Vol 9 (1905-1907)

134 William H. Hines Nancy A. Archer on 18 Oct 1905   by Watson H. Gregg
26, on 27 Jul 1905 23, on 22 Feb 1905
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge
B. Midway, OH B. (blank)
Occ: Machinist Occ: Bookkeeper
Parents: J.C. Hines & Virginia E. Bennett  Parents: J. C. Archer & Martha Simmons

[GWA comment: Nancy (Josephus/Joseph C., Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]

184  William P. Whitlatch Mintie Archer on 27 Dec 1905 by H.K. Rifflen at Ripley, WV
28, on 15 Jul 1905 27, on 11 Sep 1905
Res: Wheeling, WV Res: Cambridge, OH
Occ: Carpenter Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: Jackson Whitlatch & Lucinda Kirby Parents: Weedon Archer & Melissa Smith

[GWA comment: Amenta "Mintie" Archer (Weeden, James, Joseph, James, Patrick)]

255 Oscar Dyer Alta Archer on 19 Jun 1906 by Robert Hammond, J.P.
26, on 26 Apr 1906 24, on 8 Jun 1906
Res: Byesville, OH Res: Byesville, OH
B. Athens Co., OH B. WV
Occ: Miner Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: Henry Dyer & Alice Walter Parents: EA. Archer & Elizabeth Nicholson
Formerly married: Mrs. Alta Schaefer

[GWA comment: Alta Archer (Elisha, Nathan, Joseph, James, Patrick)]

294 James S. Archer Mamie O. Hague on 1 Sep 1906 by Rev. W. S. White
23, on 13 Feb 1906 19, on 11 Mar 1906
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, Oh B. Belmont Co., OH
Occ: Clerk Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: Absom Archer & Sarah Simmons Parents: Taylor Hague & Katie Betts

[GWA comment: James S. Archer (Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]

367 John E. Middleton Lillian C. Archer on 2 Jan 1907 by David E. Carmam, Baptist Minister
21, on 10 Apr 1906 23, on 2 Jan 1907 (1906 marked out)
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Noble Co, OH
Occ: Glassmaker Occ: School teacher
Parents: John R. Middleton & Elizabeth M. Fairley Parents: Simon Archer & Harriet Barnes

[GWA comment: Lillian C. Archer (Simon, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]

445 Edgar Archer Zepha May Harper on 5 Jun 1907 by Richard J. Morris, Pastor, M.E. Church
30, on 8 Jan 1907 19, on 7 Jan 1907
Res: Pleasant City, OH Res: Pleasant City, OH
B. Noble Co., OH B. Athens Co., OH
Occ: Businessman Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: Henry Archer & Viola Gorby Parents: T. J. Harper & Eva Headley

[GWA comment: Edgar Archer (Henry, Jacob, George or James?, Jacob?, Patrick?]

453 Curtis Archer Maribah McDonald on 13 Jun 1907 by Edwin A. Jester, M.E. Minister
30, on 11 Aug 1906 29, on 28 Sep 1906
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Wakakoneta, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Glass worker Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: Joseph E. Archer & Mary C. Johnston Parents: H.F. McDonald & Mary E. Wells

[GWA comment: Curtis (Joseph Edgar, Joseph) of Auglaize and Fayette Cos., OH. There does not seem to be a connection to Patrick Archer's line.]

507 Eastell D. Archer Rosa E. Howell on 22 Sep 1907 by William J. Hamp and William Freeman
(written in pencil: "Don't publish")
24, on 17 Feb 1907 16, on 5 Jul 1907
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
Rt. 7
B. Jackson Co., WV B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Clerk Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: Weeden Archer & Melissa Smith Parents: Hiram Howell & Emily Anderson

[GWA comment: Eastell Archer (Weeden, James, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 10 (1907-1911)

5 John Archer Vivian Dyer on 23 Dec 1907 by Rev. W.H. Wilson at Byesville, OH
21, on 18 Mar 1907 18, on 28 Jan 1907
Res: Byesville, Oh Res: Byesville, OH
B. Millfield, OH B. Byesville, OH
Occ: Miner Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: E. A. Archer (mother not given)
Previously married and divorced
Parents: H. M. Dyer & Alice Walters

[GWA comment: John Archer (Elisha, Nathan, Joseph, James, Patrick). His mother was Elizabeth Nicholson. Elisha moved around a great deal: 15 Feb 1879 married in Jackson Co., WV; 1885-1895 Athens Co., OH; 1910: Marion Twp, Noble Co., OH,]

Marriage Book Vol 11 (1911-1913) - No Archers listed


Marriage Book Vol 12 (1914-1916)

55 Clyde Powell Helen May Archer on 24 Dec 1913 by A.M. Baxter, J.P.
22, on 2 Oct 1913 18, on 10 May 1913
Res: Byesville, OH Res: Derment, Guernsey Co., OH
B. Meigs Co., OH B. Athens Co., OH
Occ: Mining Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: J. J. Powell & Rosa Powell Parents: E. A. Archer & Elizabeth Nicholson

[GWA comment: Helen May Archer (Elisha, Nathan, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


171 James Harrison Archer Iva Alloway Gilcher on 30 Sep 1914 by W. L. McCormick
25, on 12 Apr 1914 27, on 13 Feb 1914
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. E. Union, Noble Co, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Clerk Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: Joseph Archer & Martha J. Simmons Divorced Parents: Joseph Alloway & Nina Voswalt

[GWA comment: James Harrison Archer (Josephus/Joseph C., Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]


365 Earl Willis Archer Mary Celia Kovalycsik (no return-License issued
29 Sep 1915)
22, on 20 Apr 1915 18, on 27 Jun 1915
Res: Ava, OH Res: Jackson Twp, Guernsey Co, OH
B. Hiramsburg, OH B. Robins, OH
Occ: Coal miner Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: Harry Archer & Viola Gorby Parents: John Kovalycsik & Lizzie Senega

[GWA comment: Earl Willis Archer (Henry, Jacob, George or James?, Jacob?, Patrick?]


441 Charles L. Archer Ollie Gertrude Spear on 11 Jan 1916 by R.A. Elliott, Pastor, Second Euphany Church
38, on 30 Dec 1916 28, on 14 Jul 1916
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Noble Co., OH B. Caldwell, OH
Occ: Barber Occ: Dress making
Parents: L. B. Archer & Mary B. Hall Parents: George M. Spear & Sally M. Walter

[GWA comment: Charles L. Archer (Lester Bliss, Joseph, Michael?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]

448 Wilfed Ray Patterson Foletta Archer on 29 Jan 1916 by Rev. W. S. White, U. B. Pastor
25, on 29 Apr 1915 19, on 13 Jun 1916
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Center Twp, Guernsey Co B. Caldwell, OH
Occ: Employee - pottery Occ: Employee- pottery
Parents: James R. Patterson & Martha A. Patterson Parents: Absalam Archer & Sarah C. Simons

[GWA comment: Foletta Archer (Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 13 (1916-1919)

231 Perley A. Dunlap Beulah May Archer on 27 Nov 1917 by Edwin Kirby, Pastor, First M. E. Church, Cambridge, OH
25, on 23 May 1917 20, on 5 Oct 1917
Res: 543 Madison Ave., Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Center Twp, Guernsey Co. B. Noble Co., OH
Occ: Mill worker Occ: Housework
Parents: David M. Dunlap & Caroline Warne (sic) Parents: J. C. Archer & Martha Simons

[GWA comment: Beulah May (Josephus/Joseph C., Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]


272 Ottie Hughey Mabel Archer on 9 Feb 1918 by Edwin Kirby, Pastor, First M.E. Church, Cambridge, OH
19, on 10 Sep 1917 19, on 12 Oct 1917
Res: Elba, OH Res: Pleasant City, OH
B. Ritchey Co., WV B. Pleasant City, OH
Occ: Carpenter Occ: Office work
Parents: David Hughey & Frances Hughey Parent: W. D. Archer & Nora Stewart

[GWA comment: Mabel Archer (William D., Henry, Jacob, James or George?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]


426 William Black Ola Archer on 1 Feb 1919 by J. H. Longsworth, Minister, Byesville, OH
35, on 3 Dec 1918 23, on 11 Dec 1918
Res: Byesville, OH Res: Byesville, OH
B. Berlin, OH B. Zanesville, OH
Occ: Mining Occ: Clerk
Parents: Henry Black & Belle Roberts Parents: Ulysses Archer & Elizabeth Moore
Previously married: Ola Hall

[GWA comment: Ola Archer, probably dau of Ulysses S. Grant Archer (James, Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]

Marriage Book Vol 14 (1919-1922)

109  Marion Francis Lawrence Ruth Elizabeth Archer on 12 Jun 1920 by J.H. Longsworth, Minister
22, on 8 Jun 1920 18, on 19 Feb 1920
Res: Byesville, OH Rt 1 Res: Byesville, OH
B. Linton Mills B. Hartford
Occ: Miner Occ: Domestic
Parents: John Lawrence & Malinda C. Johnson Parents: Elisha Archer & Elizabeth Nicholson

[GWA comment Ruth Elizabeth Archer (Elisha, Nathan, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


442 Herbert M. Withington Norene L. Archer on 14 Feb 1922 by F.W. Luce, Minister
21, on 3 Jan 1922 19, on 4 Dec 1921
Res: Crafton, PA Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Crafton, PA B. Wolf Summit, WV
Occ: Laborer Occ: Housework
Parents: G.N. Withington & Margaret I. McGihik..y? Parents: John W. Archer & Mary I. Heckman

[GWA comment: Dorothy Lucille Archer (John Webster, David McGarry, Jacob, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 15 (1922-1926)

180 James Daniel Sickles Verna May Archer on 27 Oct 1923 by William Criag, J.P.
21, on 26 Oct 1923 15, on 5 Feb 1923
Res: Byesville, OH Res: Byesville, OH
B. Byesville, OH B. Byesville, OH
Occ: Miner Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: William L. Sickles, deceased: Catherine Baker  Parents: Estel Archer Rosa Howell
Mother signed for Verna as Rosa Archer Ross: "father deceased; mother remarried")

[GWA comment: Verna May Archer (Eastell D., Weeden, James, Jospeh, James, Patrick)]


194 Frank Nosker Elizabeth Archer on 28 Nov 1923 by Archie Bowen, minister
57, on 21 Dec 1923  49, on 26 Jan 1923
Res: Zanesville, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Zanesville, OH B. Noble Co., OH
Occ: Machinist Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: Samuel Nosker & Elizabeth Tidball Parents: Robert Moore & Alice Davis
formerly married; wife deceased  formerly married; Mrs. Elizabeth Archer

[GWA comment: Elizabeth Moore widow of Ulysses S. Grant Archer probable son of James (Enoch, James, James, Patrick) who d. 8 Dec 1920.]


393 Andrew William Archer Lula May Moorehead on 11 Feb 1925 by T.J. Wallace, Ministera
26, on 29 May 1924 17, on 5 May 1924
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH Rt 9
B. Cambridge, OH B. Belmont Co., OH
Occ: Farming Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: William Archer & Mary J. Barnett Parents: Henry Moorehead & Minnie Stubbs

[GWA comment: Andrew's father was William Archer 1858-1912 and Mary J. Barnett 1860-1935. The family lived and died in Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH. Before this the ancestry is unknown.]


449 Cassil Archer Freda Moore on 2 Jul 1925 by M. Danford, Minister, Caldwell, OH
21, on 17 Nov 1924 17, on 10 Jun 1925
Res: Pleasant City, OH Res: Putnam City, OH
B. Noble Co, OH B. Noble Co, OH
Occ: Farmer Occ: Housework
Parents: Ambrose Archer & Stella Craig Parents: Lem Moore & Lucy Lyser

[GWA comment: Cassil son of Estella Craig md. Ambrose Archer (William, Jacob, James, Patrick).]


Marriage Book Vol 16 (1926-1930)

129 W.R. Archer Elizabeth Simmons on 1 Apr 1927 by Anthony Teague at Berne, OH
18, 6 Aug 1926 17, on 11 Feb 1927
Res: Summerfield, OH Res: Robbins, Guernsey Co
B. Noble Co., OH B. Guernsey Co., OH
Occ: Farmer Occ: Housework
Parents: Riley Archer  & Martha A. White Parents: Samuel Simmons & Jane Fairhurst

[GWA comment: William R. Archer (William Riley, Simon, Simon, James, Patrick)].


215 Byron Ira Davis Mabel Jane Archer on 25 Oct 1927 by Rev. George H. Miller at Cambridge, OH
23, on 10 Jan 1927 20, on 25 Oct 1927
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Derwent, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Clerk Occ: House wife
Parents: John L. Davis & Clara E. Johnson Parents: James Archer & Mamie O. Hague

[GWA comment: Mabel Jane Archer (James S., Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


515 Joseph R. Hickman Zella B. Archer on 9 Nov 1929 by Rev. George H. Miller, Cambridge, OH
34, on 20 Apr 1929 30, on 19 Mar 1929
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, Oh
B. Zanesville, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Glassmaker Occ: Fore lady
Parents: John Hickman & Jennie Mason Father: Grant Archer & Lizzie Moore

[GWA comment: Ola Archer, probably dau of Ulysses S. Grant Archer (James, Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]


571 William Edward Archer Lucy Barbara Perone on 4 Jun 1930 by Rev. Asa Jerome at S. Shoop, Cambridge, OH
25, on 28 Mar 1930 27, on 22 Apr 1930
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Pleasant City, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Bookkeeper Occ: Bookkeeper
Parents: W.D. Archer & Nora Stewart Parents: Charles J. Perone & Theodosia Addison

[GWA comment: Mabel Archer (William D., Henry, Jacob, James or George?, Jacob?, Patrick?)


Marriage Book Vol 17 (1930-1936)

169 Archie Nelson Dorothy Lucille Archer on 30 Jan 1932 by Rev. Ora Jerome at Shoop, Cambridge, OH
25, on 24 Nov 1931 20, on 5 Apr 1932
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Hoboken, NJ B. Dexter City, OH
Occ: Dist. Rep- RCA Photophone, Inc Occ: Cashier
Parents: John Webster & Mary Heckman Parents: Charles E. Nelson Archer & Margaret Hanson

[GWA comment: Dorothy Lucille Archer (John Webster, David McGarry, Jacob, James, Patrick)]


466 William D. Murdock Blanche Archer on 22 Jun 1935 by Clarence S. Gee, Minister, Delaware, OH
25, on 16 Dec 1934 31, on 1 Sep 1934
Res: Cadiz, OH Res: Pleasant City, OH
B. Ramsey, OH B. Pleaseant City, OH
Occ: Teacher Occ: Teacher
Parents: L.L. Murdock & Della Watson Eleanor Parents: H.C. Johnson & Lucetta Archer (Never married previously)


Marriage Book Vol 18

138 William D. Archer Sarah Rebecca Davis on 8 Aug 1937 by C.W. Cooper, Minister, Cambridge, OH
66, on 13 Jul 1937 55, on 23 Feb 1937
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Pleasant City, OH
B. Noble Co, OH B. Guernsey Co., OH
Occ: Manufacturer Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: Henry Archer & Viola Gorby
Married once before
Parents: Adam Davis & Anne Waller
Not previously married

[GWA comment: William D. Archer (Henry, Jacob, George or James?, Jacob?, Patrick?]


Marriage Book Vol 19

399 Charles Russell Archer Betty Eileen Cunningham on 24 Apr 1943 by Lester S. Adams, Minister, at Cambridge, OH
29, on 9 Jan 1943 24, on 30 May 1942
Res: Wyandott, MI Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Plant protection serviceman Occ: Secretary
Parents: James S. Archer & Mamie Hague Parents: Joseph Cunningham & Anna Lucas

[GWA comment: Charles Russell Archer (James S., Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 20 (1945-1947)

152 James Franklin Archer Ruth Eileen Yearsley on 6 Oct 1940 by Owen Olynf. Hull, Minister, Cambridge, OH
29, on 31 Jul 1945 29, on 22 Apr 1945
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Byesville, OH
Occ: Accountant Occ: Stenographer
Parents: James S. Archer & Mamie O. Hague Parents: Charles Yearsley & Orpha Deavers

[GWA comment: James Franklin Archer (James S., Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


148 John Moylen Gilliam Betty Louise Archer on 22 Sep 1945
26, on 1 Mar 1945 25, on 20 Jul 1945
Res: St. Petersburg, FL Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Newark, OH B. Byesville, OH
Occ: Post photographer F.G. Hospital Occ: typist
Parents: William Gilliam Alice Mitchell Once previously married; Divorced: Mrs. William Hitchcock Parents: Charles Archer Kathryn Noble Divorced


462 Paul Lester Kenworthy Grace Ann Archer on 17 Jan 1947 by A. Donald Harkler, Minister, New Concord, OH
23, 31 Jan 1946 21, on 12 Sep 1946
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH, Rt 6
B. Knox Twp, Guernsey Co B. Adams Twp. Guernsey Co.
Occ: Farming Occ: Bookkeeping
Parents: Fred Kenworthy & Bessie Craig Parents: Andrew Archer & Lula Moorehead

[GWA comment: Grace Ann Archer (Andrew, William?, Ananias?, Michael? James?, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 21

120 Robert Taylor Archer Madeline V. Bezek on 30 Jun 1948 by Father John Jackson, Pastor, Lore City, OH
29, on 29 Oct 1947 26, on 30 Jun 1947
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Lore City, OH
B. Guernsey Co., OH B. Guernsey Co., OH
Occ: Glasswork Occ: Clerk
Parents: James Archer & Mamie Hague Parents: Andrew Bazek & Ann Bakos

[GWA comment: Robert Taylor Archer (James S., Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


491 William Stanley Archer Eileen Alice Sharratt on 20 Jan 1951 by Rev. Stephen A. Laca, Roman Catholic Priest, Byesville, OH
24, on 31 Oct 1950 20, on 12 Jul 1950
Res: Caldwell, OH Res: Byesville, OH
B. Noble Co., OH B. Byesville, OH
Occ: Factory Worker Occ: Factory clerical
Parents: Joseph Archer & Minnie Johnson Parents: David Sharratt & Carolena Yunk

[GWA comment: William Stanley Archer (Joseph Stephen, Patrick, Isaac, Simon, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 22

174 Ralph Raymond Neff Mrs. Pauline Catherine Archer on 17 Oct 1952 by Rev. J.W. Semrau, Minister, Cambridge, OH
29, on 11 Sep 1952 41, on 19 Apr 1952
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Machinist Occ: Taxi business
Parents: Lawrence Neff & May Durben Once married; divorced on 11/20/51, case 20090, Guernsey Co.; No minor children; former wife: Betty Wareheim Parents: Edward Barthalow & Carrie Able Widow; nee Pauline Catherine Barthalow; No minor children.


[GWA comment: Pauline Catherine Barthalow, widow of Maurice C. Archer d. 9 Jun 1945, Cambridge, OH.]


481 Jimmie Francis Mahon Mary Jane Archer on 23 Jan 1955 by Rev. Chester L. Demint, Minister, Zanesville, OH
17, on 29 Mar 1954 17, on 31 Mar 1954
Res: Zanesville, OH Res: Cambridge, OH, Rt. 6
B. Zanesville, OH B. Adams Twp, Guernsey Co., OH
Occ: Mechanic Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: Wilfred Mahon & Ruby Mathews Parents: Charles Archer & Emma Wharton

[GWA comment: Mary Jane Archer dau of Charles Paul Archer son of William Archer and Mary Barnett.]


601 Robert Phillip Archer Edith Lucille Haines on 28 Jan 1956 by Rev. Joseph T. Brownlee, Minister, Second U.P. Church
34, on 24 Mar 1955 42, on 20 Oct 1955
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Kimbolton, OH
Occ: State Hosp. attendant Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: Lanta Archer & Anna Byers Parents: Albert Gibson & Grace McConkey
Divorced; nee Edith Lucille Gibson Minor Children: Chantlee Haines, age 15
Jerry Wayne Haines, age 11;
Carrol Lynn, 9
Former Husband: Charles R. Haines.

[GWA comment: Robert Phillip Archer (Lanta, Weeden, James, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 23

47 David Lee Blackwood Rose Etta Archer on 10 Sep 1956 Ray Blackwood, Jr, Mininster, Bloomington, IN
21, on 28 Jan 1956 22, on 23 Jun 1956
Res: Quacker City, OH Rt 3 Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Londonderry Twp, Guernsey Co B. East Union, OH
Occ: Farming Occ: Teacher
Parents: Thomas Earl Blackwood &  Meta Cox Parents: Richard Archer & Gertrude McBride

[GWA comment: Rose Etta Archer Richard Simon, Forest, Allen, James, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


269 Kenneth LeRoy Bishard Evelyn Irene Archer on 10 May 1958 by E. B. Welsh, Pastor, Presbyterian Church
21, on 30 Nov 1957 20, on 12 Jul 1957
Res: Cambridge, OH


Res: Cambridge, OH Rt. 6 New Concord, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Laborer Occ: Factory employee
Parents: Howard Bishard & Ada Donley Parents: Andrew Archer & Lulu Moorehead

[GWA comment: Evelyn Irene Archer (Andrew, William?, Ananias?, Michael? James?, Patrick)]


279 Frederick Milton Oliver Patricia Ann Archer on 1 Jun 1958 by Rev. A.G. Riggle, Lutheran Pastor, Baltic, OH
22, on 18 Nov 1957 21, on 19 Jan 1958
Res: Buffalo, OH Res: Buffalo, OH
B. Buffalo, OH B. Bridgeport, OH
Occ: State Hiway employee Occ: Factory employee
Parents: George Hershall Oliver & Delia Jane Hashman Parents: Ernest C. Archer & Nancy L. Shaw

[GWA comment: Patricia Ann (Ernest C., Albert R., William?, Elijah?, Michael?, James?, Patrick?)]


308 Edgar Ellis Archer Marloyn Kay Headley on 19 Jul 1958 by Rev. Fred H. LeMasters, Minister, Cambridge, OH
19, on 25 Mar 1958 16, on 17 Sep 1957
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH Rt 4
B. Cambridge, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: U.S. Air Force Occ: Student
Parents: Roy Archer & Blanche Ellis Parents: George F. Headley & Catherine Jenkens

("Got Consent of Blanche on File; Roy Archer unavailable.")

[GWA comment: Edgar (Roy Blaine, William, Henry)]


483 James Earl Archer Margaret Jean Howell on 22 Aug 1959 Rev. Floyd R. Gaugler, Methodist Minister, Cambridge, OH
24, on 6 Mar 1959 16, on 22 Aug 1959
Res: Cambridge, OH Rt 6 Res: Cambridge, OH Rt.6
B. Adams Twp, Guernsey, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Stone Quarry Employee Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: William Andrew Archer & Lulu Emma Moorehead Parents: Sherman J. Howell & Lois Alexander

(Consent of Lois Howell Salados, legal custodian)

[GWA comment: James Earl Archer (Andrew, William?, Ananias?, Michael? James?, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 24

149 Hoy Weldon Archer Wilma Nadine Shepherd on 25 Nov 1961 Rev. Kenneth F. Evans, Tallmadge, OH
58, on 4 Sep 1961 44, on 5 Feb 1961
Res: Akron, OH Res: Lower City, OH, Rt. 1
B. Sandy Run, WV B. Akron, OH
Occ: Factory Employee Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: John Archer & Maggie Harbin Parents: William Shepherd & Maude Weaver
Once married to Stella Howell, deceased Once married, now divorced; Nee: Wilma Nadine Shepherd

divorced: 2/20/1961; case no. 223475, Summit Co., OH Minor children: none; former husband: Orven Ruckman.

[GWA comment: Hoy (John, Michael, Jacob, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 25




Dale Lee Harding



Bobbie Jean Archer



on 10 Nov 1967



by Rev. Irvin Allen Teter, Pastor, E. Cambridge Methodist Church, Cambridge, OH


27, on 12 Nov 1966 18, on 9 Nov 1966
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Tool & Die maker Occ: Housekeeper
Parents: Eldred Dennis Harding & Arlene Elizabeth Anderson Parents: Robert Phillip Archer & Edith Lucille Gibson - custodian

(Consent of parents: Mrs. Edith Lucille Archer)


[GWA comment: Bobbie Jean Archer (Robert, Lanta, Weeden, James, Joseh, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 26

283 Lanta Lee Archer Elizabeth May Miller on 21 Jun 1970 Rev. Evelyn Cook, Pastor, Cambridge, OH
20, on 2 Jun 1970 17, on 29 Sep 1969
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Truck Driver Occ: Housekeeping
Parents: Robert Phillip Archer & Gladys Ann Graham Parents: Donald Cecil Miller & Edith Lucille Gibson
(Consent of Edith Lucille Archer, legal custodian of Lanta Lee)

[GWA comment: Bobbie Jean Archer (Robert, Lanta, Weeden, James, Joseh, James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 27- No Archers listed


Marriage Book Vol 28



Jay Steven Archer


Kathryn Louise Kuhn


on 22 Feb 1975


by Rev. Jack Leather, Rector, St. John's Church, Cambridge, OH


21, on 17 Jul 1974 20, on 21 Apr 1974
Res: Cambridge, OH Res: Cambridge, OH
B. Cambridge, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Salesman Occ: Sales Clerk
Parents: James Franklin Archer &  Ruth Eileen


Parents: Robert Sterling Kuhn & Patricia Louise Cooper Yearsley, deceased

[GWA comment: Jay Steven Archer (James, James, Absalom, Stephen, James James, Patrick)]


Marriage Book Vol 29- No Archers listed


Marriage Book Vol 30

507 Earl Vernon Gulliams Eva Jean Archer on 26 Jun 1982 by Daniel Moody, Mayor of Coshocton, OH
50, on 12 Sep 1981 40, on 2 Jul 1981
Res: 8115 Wesley, Greenville, TX Res: Byesville, OH Rt.1
B. Coshocton, OH B. Cleveland, OH
Occ: Carpenter Occ: Unemployed
Parents: Earl Russell Gulliams & Ruth Philomena Swigart Parents: William H. Staneck & Virginia J. Summers 
Divorced 1-17-78, case 77-70 Wife: Barbara J. Miller. case 28213, Guernsey Co


Married twice; divorced 8-24-1974, Charlotte, FL; Divorced: 1-17-78, 1st husband: Richard Daniel Archer 2nd James Stiteler

[GWA comment: Eva Jean Staneck md. 1. Richard Daniel Archer, ancestry unknown.]


Marriage Book Vol 31

44 Brent Alan Archer Nancy Sue Brennan on 16 Apr 1983 by Rev. Wiliam G. Graham, Minister, Church of the Nazareen, Woodsfield, OH
25, on 27 Nov 1982 25, on 26 Sept 1982
Res: Caldwell, OH, Rt 6 Res: 183 1/2 S. 2nd St., Byesville, OH
B. Zanesville, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Rig Hand Occ: Cashier
Parents: Paul Franklin Archer & Gail Louise King Parents: Robert Dean Larrison & Mary Ruth Stiers 
Divorced 10-10-80; Case D-114021 in Cuyahoga, OH Husband: John Thomas Brennan; no minor children.

[GWA comment: Brent Alan (Paul, John Franklin, Lester, Joseph, Michael, Jacob, Patrick]

54 Bruce Lynn Archer Tamara Sue Miller on 29 Apr 1983 by Donald Glass, Pastor, Cambridge, OH
19, on 5 Feb 1983 18, on 27 Apr 1983
Res: 62195 Sampson Rd Cambridge, OH Res: Rt. 1, Old 21 Rd Kimbolton, Guernsey Co., OH
B. Bethesda, OH B. Guernsey Co, OH
Occ: Main St. Smorgesboard Occ: Main St. Smorgesboard
Parents: James Archer & Margaret Howell Parents: Robert Cecil Miller & Alice Jane Fife

[GWA comment: Bruce Lynn Archer, son of James Earl Archer (Andrew, William?, Ananias?, Michael? James?, Patrick?)]


197 Mack Bentley III Anna M. Archer on 10 Dec 1983 by Mayor Ross Milligan
23, on 30 Mar 1983 27, on 17 Sep 1983
Res: Glenn Hiway Rd Cambridge, OH Res: 64095 Larrick Ridge Rd. Cambridge, OH
B. Cleveland, OH B. Cambridge, OH
Occ: Oil field worker Occ: Travel counselor
Parents: Mack Bentley Jr & Peggy Hall  Parents: Robert T. Archer & Madeline Bezek
[GWA comment: Anna M. Archer (Robert, James,, Absalom, Stepen, James, James, Patrick)]

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