[The following data were published in "The Archer Quarterly" publication of The Archer Association, PO Box 6233, McLean, VA 22106, edited by George W. Archer, (Simon, Stephen, Stephen, Nathan, James I). The Archer Quarterly was published from the Fall of 1982 to the Summer of 1992. It is no longer published.

The editor's father, Simon Archer, was born in Sandyville, Jackson Co., WV 24 Aug 1884, son of Stephen Archer (Stephen, Nathan, James, Patrick) and Helen Josephine Butcher.

The material below was taken from disk files used to publish "The Archer Quarterly." The comments in parenthesis ( ), such as Editor's note, were in the original publication. The material in square brackets [GWA comment:] was added in June 2000 to update or clarify this material drawing on files I have developed since 1974 based on material submitted by Patrick's descendants, published and archival sources. Time did not permit recopying all the data from hard copy. Instead this material is submitted in hopes that Patrick's descendants will share information to supplement and correct what has been published here to support my on-going project to published "The Descendants of Patrick Archer." This is a multi-generational genealogy beginning with Patrick and following his descendants down to the present generation. Presently I have material on eleven generations. If you want more on anything you find her or on any descendant, including non-Archers,
George Archer,
c/o The Archer Association,
PO Box 6233,
McLean, VA 22106

or email me with your mailing address and a general outline of your descent from Patrick at:

General warning: All of my comments below are based on a 25-year accumulation of ARCHER surname data with an emphasis on the Patrick descendants of which I am one. Data is never complete. Conclusions based on incomplete data are never definitive; there is always room for error of interpretation and of fact (clerical errors, lies, poor memory).

Verify the data and conclusions below with your own research, using original, not published sources. Treat even primary sources with scepticism. Try to get three pieces of evidence for each fact you are trying to prove and compare them to ensure they are not all drawing on the same (flawed) sources. Good luck with your research. Sometimes that's what is needed.
George W. Archer,
former editor, "The Archer Quarterly."



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GUERNSEY (Includes marriages, deeds, and probate of couples with Noble Co., OH and WV connections. Marriages 1897-1904 may be incomplete due to flawed index.)

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Monroe - No Section - scattered references in other Sections

MORGAN (Includes information on Archers in Richland and Wood Cos, OH.)

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NOBLE (Includes Noble Co. Archers who went to Cloud and Riley Cos, KS.

Includes Catholic Church Parish records from Belmont Co. that pertained to the Archers in Noble. Until the St. Mary's church in Fulda, OH, was built in 1853, there was no resident priest in Noble Co. Records were kept in the parishes whose priests served Noble Co.)

RICHLAND (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

WASHINGTON (Includes references to Noble Co., OH and Wood and Jackson Cos., WV.)

WOOD (This is exclusively material on Joseph (of Patrick's line.)

FEDERAL RECORDS AND FACILITIES (Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, VA)




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Located in the Probate Judge's Office, Cambridge, Ohio.

(Death dates taken from the Probate Application)


James S. Archer Case no. 25133 see Deeds: 26/215 (fiche)
Dated: 29 Dec 1951; Died 16 Apr 1952
James S. Archer, Cambridge, Ohio, Guernsey Co. names wife Mamie O. executrix, Names 3 sons and 1 daughter: Charles R.; James F.; Robert T.; Mabel J. Davis who share alike in fee simple with his personal property. Witness: Helen I. Pithtel and Robert K. Pithtel, 321 N. 18th St., Cambridge, OH.
Mamie O. Archer, 439 Dewey Ave, Cambridge, OH, wife
Charles Russel Archer, 1616 Orchard Ave, Compton, CA, son
James Franklin. Archer, 706 N. 9th St., Cambridge, OH, son
Robert Taylor Archer, Rt. 3, Cambridge, OH, son
Mabel Jane Davis, Rt. 4, Cambridge, OH, daughter
Real Estate: Lot no. 11, in Turner's First Addition of W. Cambridge, 60 ft. of front on the National Rd. conveyed by Sarah I. Finley to James S. Archer and Maude O. Archer by Deed, 16 Jan 1923, Vol 136, p. 459.
[GWA comment: James S. Archer (Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


Case No. 31720
James R. Archer, a minor, claim for personal injuries, dated 15 Feb 1967.
James F. Archer is the natural father and sole parent of James R. Archer, a minor, living at 706 N. 9th St., Cambridge, OH. On or about 9 Apr 1966, through a wrongful act of John W. Galloaka of 144 N. Karle, Wayne, MI suffered personal injuries due to being struck by Galloaka and seeks damages for personal injuries $500.
Signed: James F. Archer.
[GWA comment: James Robert Archer (James Franklin, James S., Absalom, Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]



Case no. 31338
Estate of Ruth E. Archer Application for Letters of Administration by James G. Granitsas of 112 E. 8th St. Cambrdge, dated 3 Feb 1967.
Ruth E. Archer, of Cambridge, died 26 Feb 1966 in Cambridge, having no surviving spouse, the next of kin were:
James R. Archer, 706 N. 9th St., son, 19
Maria D. Archer, 706 N. 9th St., daughter, 15
Stephen N. Archer, 706 N. 9th St, son, 12
Personal property: $1500; real estate $12,000
Property located: lot on Taylor Blvd. at 706 N. 9th St ; Vol 217, p. 572. Ella M. Voit to James F. Archer and Ruth E. Archer; and undivided 1/2 interest in lot 13 now new no. 169 in Peter's Addition in the Village of Byesville in Jackson's Twp., fronts on Spruce St. 66 and 2/3 ft. and extends back 165 ft.
James F. Archer v. Ruth E. Archer, cause no. 21525, Common Pleas property conveyed to Ruth E. Archer in Vol 217, p. 572, Vol 267, p. 599.
James R. Archer listed in 20 Jun 1975 living Bellflower, CA.
[GWA comment: James Franklin Archer (James S., Absalom, Stehen, Jaems, James, Patrick) and wife, Ruth Eileen Yearsley.]


Case no. 34942
Mamie O. Archer - will, dated 2 Jan 1971; died 6 Jul 1973, residence 406 S. 7th St., Cambridge, OH.
Mamie O. Archer of Cambridge, OH names sons and wills all real and personal property to them.
James F. Archer, executor. Witnesses: Mrs. Cora Sunnafrank 2609 Ohio Ave, Cambridge; Mrs. Clif Dyer 400 S. 7th St., Cambridge, OH.
Charles R. Archer, 3109 Lama Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808, son
James F. Archer, 4836 Betsey Dr., Columbus, OH, 43227. son
Robert T. Archer, Rt. 1, Cambridge, OH 43725, son
William R. Davis, Hillview Addition, Rt. 5, Cambridge, OH 34725, grandson.
Real Estate: Lot no. 8 and 9, partition of lands of A.O. Long, deceased, recorded plat book 1, p. 7 and deeds vol 226, p. 246.
Her date of birth given in Ohio estimated tax return: 11 Mar 1886 cause of death: stroke; occupation: housewife.
[GWA comment: Mamie O. Hague, wife of James S. Archer (Absalom, Stehen, James, James, Patrick)]


J.C. Archer Case no. 14215
Dated: 4 Dec 1920; Died: 18 May 1921, resident of Westland Twp, Guernsey Co. OH. Letters of Administration taken out by J.O. Archer, 21 May 1921 and will presented for probate 21 May 1921.
Witness to will, G.F. Henry resident of Woodman, CO. not available.
J.O. Archer appointed administrator 7 Jun 1921. J.C. Archer, will, of Cambridge, Ohio, mentions wife Martha J. Archer; all real estate and property to go to her as long as she remains unmarried; if she remarries, the estate goes to 6 children except that Joseph and Artennis are to receive the last $200 more than the rest. If any of the children have died when Martha dies or remarries and leave no surviving children, the share goes equally to any surviving children. Witnesses: Mrs. J.C. Wilson, Cambridge, OH; G.F. Henry, Cambridge, OH.
Children mentioned in will:
Joseph Archer
Artennis Archer
Nancy A. Hines
Beulah M. Dunlap
James H. Archer
Henry C. Archer
Martha Archer, widow, age 60, resided at Rt. 9, Cambridge on 18 May 1921. Next of kin all of Cambridge, OH:
J.O. Archer, 37, Son, Rt. 9
A.E. Archer, 34, Son, Rt. 9
J.H. Archer, 31, Son, Rt. 9
H.C. Archer, 28, Son, Rt. 9
Mrs. W.W. Hines, 39, Daughter
Mrs. P.A. Dunlap, 22, Daughter
Estate evaluated at $2400 total. Property located NE 1/4 S. 2, T. 1, R. 4, 60 A., evaluated at $700.
[GWA comment: Martha Simmons, wife of Josephus/Joseph C. (Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]


Joseph O. Archer Case no. 31615 residing Cambridge, Rt. 2, Westland Twp; Died: 20 Nov 1966.
Will of Joseph O. Archer, dated 9 Dec 1960.
Joseph O. Archer, gives all rights and entitlements to his 40 A. in Westland Twp to Artennis Archer, if still living, if not, then to Beulah Dunlap, and Pearley A. Dunlap and gives real, personal and mixed property to Artennis Archer, if still living, if not, then to Beulah Dunlap. Executor- Artennis Archer. Witnesses: John C. Sheppard (Sic), V. Jean Shephard (Sic) Died leaving no spouse. Kinsmen:
Beulah M. Dunlap, sister, Rt. 2, Cambridge, OH
James H. Archer, brother, 2815 3rd Ave., NW, Canton, OH
Nancy Hines, sister, 422 McDowell St., Nashville, NC
[GWA comment: Joseph O. Archer son of Josephus/Joseph C. (Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]

Case continued. Case no. 29071
Last will and testament of Artennis Archer, dated 2 Dec 1960
Gives all property in Westland Twp, Guernsey Co. to Joseph O. Archer, living, if not living, to Beulah Dunlap and Pearley A. Dunlap. Gives residential property on south side of Cambridge and all other property to Joseph O. Archer, if living, if not living, to Beulah Dunlap and Pearley A. Dunlap. Executor: Joseph O. Archer, if living; if not, then Beulah Dunlap.
Witnesses: V. Jean Sheperd, Cambridge, OH; Mary M. Beazek, Cambridge, OH.
Application for probate 17 Mar 1961 by Joseph O. Archer of 372 Spring St, Cambridge, OH.
Artennis lived at 372 Spring St. died on 3 Mar 1961, leaving no spouse.
Joseph O. Archer, 372 Spring St., Cambridge, OH, brother
Beulah Dunlap, Rt 2, Cambridge, OH, sister
Nancy Hines, Nashville, NC, sister
Clarence Archer, 372 Spring St., Cambridge, OH, brother
James H. Archer, 2815 3rd St. NW, Canton, OH, (brother?)
Property located in Westland Twp, Guernsey Co. was portion of NE 1/4, S. 2, T. 1, R. 4, 40 A. sold to Joseph Archer and Artennis Archer recorded 2 Jun 1921 in Vol 132, p. 444, evaluated at $1000. Property in Cambridge was part of 3rd quarter of 2nd township of 3rd Range (sic), U.S. Military District being in metes and bounds, conveyed to Artennis by sheriff's deed, recorded 24 Sep 1935, vol 168, p. 101. Value $2050.
[GWA comment: Artennis Archer, son of Josephus/Joseph C. (Enoch, James, James, Patrick)]


Sarah C. Archer Case no. 18457 petition to determine amount of tax, Journal Entry dated 7 May 1935.
Petition by James S. Archer son of Sarah C. Archer, died intestate 20 Nov 1934, personal property - none; real estate Lot no. 9, Cosgrove's First Addition, City of Cambridge, $700;
Heirs (all of Cambridge, OH):

Absalom Archer Widower 1/3 all
James S. Archer 51 Son 1/9 all
Angie Duffey 49 Daughter 1/9 all
Rose Wilkens 44 Daughter 1/9 all
Cora Jackman 46 Daughter 1/9 all
Foletta Patterson 42 Daughter 1/9 all
Dewey Archer 35 Son 1/9 all

[GWA comment: Sarah Simmons, wife of Absalom (Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


Absalom Archer Case no. 18457, petition to determine amount of tax, filed 7 May 1935; Journal entry dated 7 May 1935.

Inheritance tax on Estate of Absalom Archer, deceased, interstate on 2 Jan 1935, being a resident of Cambridge, OH; no personal property; undivided 1/3 interest in Lot no. 9 in Cosgrove's First Addition, city of Cambridge, OH, value $250.
Gross value of estate: $250. Petitioner: James S. Archer.
Heirs (all of Cambridge, OH):

James S. Archer 51 Son 1/6 all
Angie Duffey 49 Daughter 1/6 all
Rose Wilkins 48 Daughter 1/6 all
Cora Jackman 46 Daughter 1/6 all
Foletta Patterson 48 Daughter 1/6 all
Dewey Archer 35 Son 1/6 all

[GWA comment: Absalom (Stephen, James, James, Patrick)]


Clyde Archer Case no. 9541, Mental illness.
Clyde Archer, age 10, was admitted 15 Jun 1903, by Probate Judge to the Hospital for Epileptics. At the time of admittance he lived with his parents W. D. and Nora Archer at Pleasant City, Guernsey Co. The medical examination listed him as male, white, in fair mental condition; good physical condition; under the care of his parents; his epileptic condition was caused by his mother being frightened during pregnancy; he had seizures two or three times a year during 6-8 hours at a time; he had chronic convulsions, otherwise his physical condition is good. He was given a trial home visit on 21 Dec 1904 and discharged from the Hospital for Epileptics in Gallapolis, OH on 15 Aug 1905.

Clyde Archer Case no. 10360, age 12, readmitted in 19 May 1906 to Ohio Hospital for Epileptics and died there on 17 Dec 1918.
[GWA comment: Clyde Archer (William, Henry, Jacob, James or George?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]


Chalmers Archer Case no. 15151, Mental illness.
Affadavidt of Lunacy of Carl Frost, citizen of Guernsey Co., OH.
Frost said that he believes that Chalmers Archer is insane and as a consequence of his being insane and at large is dangerous to the community and that Chalmers lives in Guernsey Co. dated 9 Sep 1924.
Relatives of Chalmers Archer:
Alice Archer, wife, Rt. 2, Cambridge, OH
Chalmers lived in Ohio his entire life, became a resident of Guernsey Co. in 1895.
Chalmers Archer, white, male, age 72, occ: mason, Protestant, his parents were born in OH.; paralyzed 2 years ago; Carl Frost applied for Chalmers to be admitted to Columbus State Hospital; Court order dated 9 Sep 1924 for Sheriff R. E. Willis to bring him as an insane person; had a hearing by E. E. Vorhies, MD. and W.W. Lawrence on 9 Sep 1924. Chalmers, aged 72, lived at Rt 2, Cambridge, OH, was not previously institutionalized, and declared not violent or homicidical, had no insane, feeble minded or epileptic relatives and was declared not epileptic, feeble minded or insane; affidavit dismissed, and Chalmers was discharged on 9 Sep 1924. His wife was Alice Archer of Rt. 2, Cambridge, OH. A comment attached to the proceedings said: "No facts to support and the patent's behavior is reasonable."
[GWA comment: Chalmers (Andrew, Michael, Jacob, Patrick)]


Guernsey County, OH Probate
Case no. 22068
Carl Frost, executor of estate of Alice Archer, deceased, vs. Clara V. Hake, Wilmer Arbuckle, Myrtle Ann Clancy, Clarence Roy Arbuckle and the Division of the Aged, Dept of Public Welfare.
Clarence Roy Arbuckle had a 1/6 undivided interest in real estate but could not be located at the time of the case. There was no surviving spouse. Amount of estate $375. Debts $ 2,558.64.
Real estate located in Guernsey Co., Jackson Twp, SW 1/4, NW 1/4, S. 13, T. 1, R. 3, 40 A .
Petition by W. C. Hurrel, attorney, to partition the property for sale. Alice Archer's will submitted to probate 18 Dec 1944.
Carl Frost appointed executor. Her part of the estate was 1/2 interest in the above 40 A. value $375. On 10 Oct 1945 executor asked that the entire tract of land be sold. All other heirs and parties to the estate were apprised and approved of the sale.
Land purchased by W. C. Archer for $850 on 15 Mar 1946.
[GWA comment: Clarisa Alice Tripp, wife of Chalmers (Andrew, Michel, Jacob, Patrick)]


Case 10040, dated 21 Feb 1925
Application for appointment of guardianship of Maggie Archer, imbecile by William Archer, of PO 2, Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH Granted 25 Feb 1925. Bond: William Archer, John Baughman, Dennis O'Brien for $200.


Maggie Archer, 49, resident of Cambridge Twp, Guernsey Co. is an imbecile who has no personal property, has a pension claim in probable value of $100, no real estate.
[GWA comment: The case number does not correspond to the date frame these numbers were assigned. Given the differences in ages of the Maggie's described, the women in cases 10040 and 14282 could be different.


Case no. 14282
Maggie J. Archer, mental illness, warrant to arrest for epilepsy.
Maggie Archer, citizen of Guernsey Co., OH. B. U. Davids probation officer filed a petition alleging that Maggie J. Archer was an epileptic. Examined on 6 Sep 1921 by W.W. Lawrence and W. D. Forsythe who determined that had lived in OH for one year, lives Rt 2, Cambridge, age 65, born in U.S., female, white, housekeeper, Protestant, always lived in Ohio, parents born Ohio.
Epileptic attacks have been continuous and began in 1891, current attack was gradual, general physical condition is good, is depressed, caused by finding father dead in barn, is epileptic with frequent attacks. She stated: "I have not been well a good many years. My appetite is failing and was very sleepy." Her behavior typified as "quiet and depressed"; general appearance: "tidy, orderly and cleanly"; other facts: "more depressed, apathetic, prefers to remain alone; bad bodily health and spirit";
Mrs. Mary Archer, a resident of Adams Twp. filed application for admission of Maggie J. Archer into the Ohio State Hospital for Epileptics on 6 Sep 1921. Nearest relations:
Chll (Sic) Archer, brother, Cambridge OH, Rt 2
Mrs. Mary Archer, sister in law, Cambridge OH, Rt 2
According to a telegram in same file addressed to the Probate Judge dated 2 Nov 1926 notifying them of death of Maggie Archer and requesting funds to transport the remains and have them buried. If money not received, she would be buried at the Hospital.
[GWA comment: Without knowing her brother's correct name, she cannot be identified. A 1920 U.S. Census should show her living with her brother and sister-in-law.]


Case no. [GWA comment: Either I missed this or it was not recorded]
Application for Appointment of Guardian, dated 26 Jan 1920, of Charles P. Archer, in the matter of minor heir of William Archer, deceased. Andrew W. Archer, of Guernsey Co., Rt. 9 , Cambridge, OH is the brother of Charles P. Archer, aged 17 on 21 Aug 1919 minor and made application for the guardianship of his brother. Real estate in the estate was in Cambridge Twp, Guernsey Co., OH, value $800 annual rents. Sureties: Mary J. Archer, S. M. Barnett.
Signed Andrew W. Archer, PO Rt. Cambridge. Letters of Guardianship issued 27 Jan 1920. Guardian's bondsmen: Mary J. Archer, S. M. Barnett for $1600, dated 27 Jan 1920.
Choice of guardian: Charles P. Archer chose Andrew W. Archer of Cambridge, OH as guardian and Mary J. Archer, the mother of Charles P. Archer joins in the choice of the petition. Signed Mary J. Archer, parent.
[GWA comment: Charles P. and Andrew are sons of William S. Archer and Mary J. Barnett.]


Case no. 20733, petition to determine amount of tax
Resident decedent in the case of Mary J. Archer, died interstate, 9 May 1935, Cambridge, OH, Rt 6. Real Estate 109 A. in Adams Twp, Guernsey Co. value $2000.
Andrew Archer, son, Cambridge, Rt. 6
Charles Archer, son, Cambridge, Rt. 6
[GWA comment: Mary J. Barnett, wife of of Willilam S. Archer.]


Case no. 24750 and 24781
Blaine Archer, estate of, deceased
Blaine Archer of Cambridge OH, died 2 May 1951 in Cambridge. His wife was Ida L. Archer, age 62, residing 508 Foster Ave, Cambridge, appointed administrator. Next of kin:
Marie Hague, Graysville, OH Rt, 1, daughter
Lucy Archer, 160 Lalla Ave, Columbus, OH, daughter
Estate: no personal property; real estate $3000
Real estate located in Cambridge, Lot 12 Broome's First Addition, undivided half, appraised at $3250.


Case continued. Case no 24781
Ida L. Archer vs Lucy Archer, Mary Hague and National Bank of Cambridge in petition to sell Lot 12 free from dower. It was sold to William H. Shawyer for $6500 on 17 Jul 1951.
[GWA comment: Blaine (James, Enoch, James, James, Patrick). Ida L. Leasure was his second wife.]


Case no. 29649
Intestate estate of- Benjamin Oscar Archer,Application for Letters of Administration by W. Vernon Archer
Benjamin Oscar Archer resident of Derwent Twp, Guernsey Co., OH died 24 May 1962 in Canton, OH leaving a widow, Louie, age 80, PO Box Derwent, OH.
Next of Kin:
W. Vernon Archer, son, Caldwell, OH.
Valuation of personal property: $20,000; real estate $1,000
Benjamin lived in Valley Twp.
Property was in Derwent Twp, lot no. 3, of Dickerson's Second Addition to the town of Derwent.
Deed reference Vol. 228, p. 106.
[GWA comment: Benjamin Oscar Archer (Thomas, Joseph, Michael, Jacob?, Patrick?)]


Case no. 32638 - Application for Appointment of Guardian for incompetent, Louie Archer, by reason of mental disability by Fred Fox, dated 20 Feb 1969.
He is not an administrator but asks to be appointed guardian.
Fred Fox of Cambridge, lawyer, appointed guardian.
Louie Archer, 87, residing at Derwent Twp, Guernsey Co., OH.
Personal property $7000; Real Estate $200
Carol Horning, granddaughter, 1511 Lorraine Ave, Bellevue, NE 68005
[GWA comment: Probably widow of Benjamin Oscar Archer (Thomas, Joseph, Michael, Jacob?, Patrick?), Lucy/Louise/Lois/"Lorrie" Johnson. I may have misread "Lorrie" for "Louie."]

Case no. 31368
Intestate estate of Charles Paul Archer, Application for Letters of Administration by Emma E. Archer
Charles Paul Archer, Adams Twp, Guernsey Co. died 13 Apr 1966 at Cambridge, OH leaving Emme E. Archer, age 57, his spouse, of Rt. 6, Cambridge. Other survivors:
Paul W. Archer, Westgate Manor, Columbus, OH, son
Mary J. Mahon, 1374 Wheeling Ave, Zanesville, OH, daughter
Personal property: $2000, evaluated $3175; real estate $4000; 1/2 interest in real estate $3250
Charles Paul Archer was a farmer.
Property: undivided 1/2 interest in Adams Twp, part of south side of SW 1/4 of S. 24, T. 2, R. 4, 109 12/100 A. recorded in Vol. 173, p. 241.
[GWA comment: Charles Paul Archer son of William Archer and Mary J. Barnett.]

Case no. 33404
Edgar Archer -Will dated 14 Sep 1946
Edgar Archer of Cambridge, OH, gives all property to daughter Evelyn Viola Archer, executrix. Witness: Margaret J. Enos, Cambridge, and B.F. Enos, Cambridge, OH.
Residence: 166 N. Dithridge St., Pittsburg, PA 15213
His residence: 817 Highland Ave, Cambridge, OH
Died 24 Jul 1970, aged 94 years
Occ: livestock feed business
Real estate: Lot 504 in Oakland Place plat of the Cambridge Land & Development Co. of Cambridge, OH, in Plat Book 9, pp. 45-46 conveyed to him by warrantee deed by John W. Little and Inglish W. Little, 30 Aug 1931, Vol 134, p. 79.
Appraised valued: $27,500
[GWA comment: Edgar Archer (Henry, James or George?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]


Case no. 34444
Earl W. Archer intestate estate of- Application for Letters of Administration by Mary Archer.
Earl W. Archer of Cambridge, OH died intestate 17 Feb 1969, leaving Mary Archer, his wife living at 608 S. 10th St. Cambridge, OH 43725 and other survivors:

Andrew Ronald Robbie, grandson, Renoldsburg, OH
Carolyn Thompson, granddaughter, Cambridge, OH
Lloyd Roberts Thompson, grandson, Cambridge, OH
Mary Archer had 1/2 interest and the grandchildren had 1/6 interest each in the estate.
Real estate: undivided 1/2 interest in Cambridge, lot 24, Carson's Addition, Vol 139, p. 95.
[GWA comment: Earl Willis Archer (Henry, Jacob, James or  George?, Jacob, Patrick)]


Case no. 32213, Docket 16, p. 479
Testate estate of Charles Warren Archer, resident Jackson Twp, Guernsey Co., died 24 Feb 1968.
Will dated 4 Oct 1966, Cambridge, OH
Charles Warren Archer, of Rt. 6, Cambridge, OH devises all property to wife, Kathryn, if she does not survive at time of hisdeath, property to go to his children equally:
Betty Gilliam
Charles E. Archer
Mary Williams
Executrix: Kathryn Archer. Witnesses: Norman S. Kahn, Cambridge, OH; Shirley Jones, Rt. 2 Pleasant City, OH.
Charles Warren Archer died 24 Feb 1968 in Jackson Twp, Rt. 6, Guernsey Co., OH.
Kathryn, wife, Rt. 6 Cambridge, OH
Charles E. Archer, son, 2115 17th St. SE, Canton, OH 44707
Betty Gilliam, daughter, 17 Garraux St., Greenville, SC 29609
Mary Williams, daughter, 920 W. Lee Rd., Taylors, SC 29867
Property: 1/2 interest in Jackson Twp, Guernsey Co., E 1/2, SE 1/4, NE 1/4 S. 14, T. 1, R. 3, 20 A. Vol 246, p. 188 and 329.
Other property: SW 1/4, NW 1/4 of S. 13, T. 1, R. 3, 40 A. Vol 198, p. 5.
Property- undivided 1/2 interest in 20 A. S. 14, T. 1, R. 3, Jackson Twp, Vol. 246, pp. 188 and 329 also 40 A. in S. 13, T. 1., R. 3, Jackson Twp., Vol. 195, p. 8. Value respectively, $200 and $2500.


Case no. 21678 petition to determine amount of tax, filed 4 Nov 1944 by Anna Archer.
Lanta Z. Archer, died intestate 19 Sep 1936, Cambridge, OH
Real Estate: 1/4 interest in (description not given).
Anna Archer, Cambridge, OH, widow
Claude Archer, Pittsburg, PA, son, 1/3
Robert Archer, U.S. Navy, son, 1/3
[GWA comment: Lanta Z. Archer (Weeden, James, Joseh, James, Patrick)]

Case no. 28262- Personal Injury
Lanta Lee Archer, a minor, personal injuries filed 1 May 1959, mother of Lanta Lee Archer, living 139 N. 10th St. Cambridge. That on 18 Jan 1955, Lanta suffered personal injuries by colliding with a car driven by James W. Keith of 121 Marietta Ave, Cambridge. Damages sought $578.25. Asks that money be paid to the natural guardians of Lanta Lee - Edith Archer and Robert Archer. Edith Archer will sign a release.
[GWA comment: Lanta Lee Archer (Robert, Lanta, Weeden, James, Joseph, James, Patrick)]


Case no. 22152, petition to determine amount of tax
Maurice C. Archer, intestate estate of Maurice C. Archer, deceased, died 9 Jun 1945, Cambridge, OH
Personal property: vehicle (No other property listed)
Pauline C. Archer, wife, Cambridge, OH
John R. Archer, 15, son, Cambridge, OH


Case no. 22924
Will of William D. Archer, dated 19 Feb 1944; d. 19 Apr 1947.
William D. Archer
Wills to wife (not named) property at 914 Clark St., mentions daughter, Golden May Archer, living at home with them; daughter Mabel C. Hughey; wills his residential property at Edgeworth Ave. and on death of wife, Clark St. property to go to Golden; to other children in equal shares the residue of property; Golden May Archer 1/4, Mabel C. Hughey 1/4; William E. Archer 1/4 and Roy B. Archer 1/4. Names his brother Edgar Archer an undivided 1/2 of the estate and they will run the United States Food Co. together with the four children: son, William E. Archer, executor; daughter, Golden May Archer, joint executrix.
Witnesses: Charles D. Sheppard and Margaret Kirkwood, both of Cambridge, OH.
Survivors (as of 16 Jun 1947):
Sadie R. Archer, 65, widow, 914 Clark St., Cambridge, OH
Golden Archer, daughter, 914 Clark St., Cambridge, OH
William E. Archer, son, 820 Oakland Blvd, Cambridge, OH
Mabel Hughey, daughter, 826 Clark St., Cambridge, OH
Roy B. Archer, son, 821 N. 16th St., Cambridge, OH
Real Estate: Lot 78, Cambridge Twp, Oakland Place Addition to City of Cambridge Vol 143, p. 477; lot 205 in Cambridge. Also south half of lot no. 206 of Oakland Place Addition to City of Cambridge; Vol. 111, p. 198 and vol. 109, p.2 and Vol 135, p. 353; tract in Wills Twp, lot no 3 in first 1/4 of second Twp, first Range, sold at Zanesville, 100 A.; also 38 A off E. side of S. half of lot no. 8, Twp 2, R 1, recorded; also Oxford Twp, lot nos 1-4, recorded Vol 152, p. 186; also undivided interest in a tract in Dally? Twp being SW 1/4, S. 8, T. 8, R. 9, 35/100 A. recorded Vol 116, p. 238; lot no 9 in Cambridge in Gaston's Addition, Vol 160, p. 36; tract in Valley Twp, SE 1/4 S. 8, T. 8, R. 9, 4 A. in Vol 107, p. 364.
The widow also known as Sarah R. Archer.
[GWA comment: William D. Archer (Henry, Jacob, James or George?, Jacob?, Patrick?)]


Case no. 27619 Application for Appointment of Guardian for incompetent person, Roy Blaine Archer by Blanche Archer
Roy Blaine Archer, 48 as of 28 May 1958, residing Cambridge State Hospital is a habitual drunkard and incapable of taking care of himself.
His estate is worth $500 personal property and $8000 in real estate. Bondsmen: W.E. Archer, Golden Archer, and Mabel Hughey.
Blanche Archer, wife, Cambridge, OH
Edgar E. Archer, son 18, AF 1559112
4061ABG Malmastrom AFF, Great Falls MT, Box 63
Real Estate: Lot no 198, Oakland Place, Cambridge Land & Development Co, plat book vol 9, p. 45-46, conveyed to Roy A. Archer by warrantee deed, 30 Apr 1931 in Vol 160, p. 31.
[GWA comment: Roy Blaine (William, Henry, James or Henry,? Jacob,? Patrick?)]

Application for appointment for guardianship of Edward E. Archer by W. E. Archer, dated 14 Sep 1958. On 19 May 1958, Edgar Archer residing in Montana.
Petition dated 19 Jan 1959
W. E. Archer appointed qualified and acting guardian of Roy Archer, because W. E. Archer said that Roy and his wife Blanche Archer have separated and that there was a large sum owed by the parties at the time of separation and petitions to sell real estate to pay debts. W. E. Archer said that in a future separation agreement, Blanche would cease to be the guardian of Roy Archer. From 21 Jun 1958 to 26 Jan 1959, Roy Archer was living with Golden Archer as shown by a record of payments by Roy Archer to Golden.
By Aug 1958, Blanche had moved to 1312 2nd Ave. West, Bradenton, FL. Roy Archer was living at 914 Clark St., Cambridge.
[GWA comment: Roy Blaine, William Edward, and Golden May were children of Wiliam D. Archer (Henry, James or Henry?, Jacob, Patrick) and Nora Stewart.]

Case no. 29805
Roy Blaine Archer- estate of
Application for Letters of Administration by Edgar E. Archer.
Roy Blaine Archer, late of 914 Clark St., Cambridge, died on 19 Oct 1962, Guernsey Memorial Hospital, Cambridge, OH, leaving no spouse. Only next of kin was Edgar E. Archer, 452 N. 4th St., son. Appointed administrator by the court.
Real Estate: Lot no. 9 Gaston's Addition of Cambridge, OH; 35/100 A. in Valley Twp, Guernsey Co. being part of SE 1/4, S. 8, T. 8, R. 9; plot of 4 A. in Valley Twp, Pleasant City, being SE 1/4., S. 8, T. 8, R. 9.
[GWA comment: Roy Blaine (William, Henry, James or Henry,? Jacob,? Patrick?)]

Guernsey Co., OH Probate Court Cases
Case no. 25477
Lucy D. Archer, estate of
Application for Letters of Administration by William E. Archer
Lucy D. Archer, resident of Cambridge, died 8 Jan 1953, in Cambridge. William E. Archer is her husband, living at 1201 Scott Ave., Cambridge. His son William C. Archer, same address, age 20. Sureties for administration: Roy B. Archer and Golden Archer.
Property: undivided 1/2 interest in Cambridge, part of E. part of outlot no. 4 East, designated as Lot no. 32 of an unrecorded plat, 1/6 A. Vol 138, p. 585. Conveyed to William E. Archer and Lucy B. Archer by warrantee deed, dated 8 Mar 1948 in Vol 204, p. 542.
[GWA comment: Lucy Barbara Perone wife of William Edward Archer (William, Henry, James or Henry,? Jacob,? Patrick?)]


Case no. 29881
Will of William E. Archer, dated 2 Mar 1953; died 8 Jan 1963.
William C. Archer filed application for Letters of Administration.
Names son, William C. Archer and gives all his interest in the United States Food Co.; sister Golden M. Archer, executrix, unless William C. Archer has reached 21 when he rather than Golden is to be Executor of the will.
Witnesses: V. Jean Sheppard, Cambridge, OH, and John C. Sheppard
Survivors: William C. Archer, 391 Pineview Dr., Columbus, OH
Real Estate: Lot 27 containing 13/100 A. being part of outlot no. 4 east , recorded Plat Book 10, p. 21 in McFarland's Fourth Addition, recorded Vol. 242, p. 271 on a warrantee deed dated 28 May 1958.
[GWA comment: William Edward Archer (William, Henry, James or Henry,? Jacob,? Patrick?)]





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