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Archer Immigrants
to America
before 1750

Archer _______ .  Three brother emigrated from England to America before the American Revolution, one was killed at the battle of Brandywine. After the war, one settled in Virginia, the other in North Carolina, near the foothills of the Blue Ridge. From the latter descended William Archer born near Tyron Mountain, he and his father were saddlers by trade, they moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina abt. 1835, then to "New Purchase" of Indian land in Georgia in 1840. William had 9 children

Archer __________ . From Virginia, A freeman brought to Maryland in 1648 by William Durand of Upper Norfolk, in Virginia.

Archer, Alice;           Brought to Virginia in 1653 by Mr. William Fry, James City Co.

Archer, Ann;     Brought to Virginia in 1653 by John Dehar.

Archer, Gabriel;        A gentleman and attorney of Warwick, England, sailed from Falmouth, England, 26 March 1602 with the expedition under the command of Bartholomew Gosnold and explored the coast of New England, but returned to England 26 April 1607.

Captain Gabriel was fiercely attacked and wounded by Indians at a point of land on the Virginia coast where he had landed with Captain John Smith and others. There were three ships in this expedition. On 29 April 1607, they set up a cross and sailed away. On 12 May 1607, they discovered a point of land on the river James which they named "Archer's Hope" in his honor but did not settle there. Gabriel Archer was one of the "first planters" of Virginia and died there in 1609/10.

Archer, Gabriel;   Born 1750, died 1830 he married Susannah Hunt who was descended from early settlers at Plymouth, Mass. They had children, one of whom was John born 1773 and died 1860. He settled in New Castle, Winchester Co., New York, and had children 

Archer, George;   Brought to Virginia in 1636 by Justinian Cooper, Warrasquinock Co.

Archer, George;   Brought to Virginia in 1642 by Justinian Cooper, Isle of Wight Co.

Archer, Henry;    Arrived Roxbuty Mass, in 1629, later removed to Ipswich, Mass. freeman 2 June 1641.  Married Elizabeth Stow, died Isawich on 11 April 1669 daughter of John Stow of Roxbury, Children named in the will of Rachell Bigg of Dorchester, made 14 November 1646, Rachel, John, Isaac, Theophilus. 

Archer, Captain James;   Enlisted in Colonel Herbert Jeffere's regiment, and was sent over in 1676 to subdue Bacon's Rebellion, he settled in Virginia and was justice of the peace for York Co. He had children, at least, Anne Archer who married William Barber ( born abt. 1675.)  he was justice of the peace of York  Co, Major of Militia.

Archer, Jo;   Born 1614, embarked at the port of London, England on the 31July 1635 to be transported to Virginia on the vessel,  "Merchant's Hope".

Archer, John;   Brought to Virginia in 1645 by Lawrence Ward and John King to Isle of Wight Co.

Archer, John;    In Portsmouth R. I., freeman 1655. probably had son kid   In King Philip's war, 25 June 1675

Archer, John;    First lord of the manor of Forhan, New York, said to have been the son of John Archer, who was the son of Humphrey Archer born 1527 died 1562, of Warwickshire, England. Married Elizabeth Townsend. John probably came from England to Fairfield, Conn. in 1648, thence to Westchester Co. New York abt. 1654/55. He was sheriff of New York City from 1679 to 1682.

He died suddenly in his coach between Fordham and New York City in October 1685. He is buried on Tetard Hill.

His eldest son John Archer Jr. became second lord of the manor. He married, Sarah Odell in 1686, daughter of William Odell of Fordham, and had children. Among others, John Odell married Mary Fowler, Samuel Odell, and Richard Odell, who left numerous descendants

Archer, John;  Born in Ireland abt 1680. He came from Rathmelton near Londonderry, Ireland. In the early part of the 18th century he settled near Brinkley's Mills in Cecil Co., Maryland. He married Esther Irwin,
their Children were;
1. Thomas Archer born 1720 died 1 August 1772, he was a planter in Baltimore Co. Maryland. In 1750 he settled near Churchville, Harford Co. Maryland. He married Elizabeth Stevenson on 22 October 1739, she was born in 1714/15 and died 1774, they had 3 sons, 2 daughters.
2. Nathaniel Archer b 1722.  
3. Esther Archer born 1724 died 1808, married John Hays, they had 3 sons.
4. James Archer
born 1726 married Catherine Mortimer.  

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Archer, John;   Was impressed into the British Navy and came to America during the French and Indian wars in 1757-62. He settled at Cherryfield, Me. He was well educated and was a teacher and surveyor. He served in the American Revolution. He married Elizabeth Gates Tupper, born in Sandwich, Mass. She was the daughter of Peieg Tupper and Deborah Fish who was the daughter of Gov. Mayhew and niece of General Gates. John and Elizabeth had 23 children, most of whom were sons and nearly all grew to maturity.

Archer, Peter;   Perhaps the Archer,_______, freeman, who came from Virginia to Maryland in 1648 and settled with William Durand and other Puritans in Calvert, Co. On 9 February 1664, "Archer's Hays." comprising of 200 acres, was surveyed for him. A Thomas Archer is listed as a private in the Maryland company of foot soldiers raised for the expedition against Canada in 1746

Archer, Samuel;   Born, 1608 died 26 November 1668, married Susanna abt 31 May 1657, arrived in Salem, Mass. in 1630. Samuel was a carpenter, hired with William Allen to build an ammunition house for the town of Salem, on 28 August 1637. On 23 April 1657, he was hired with Nathaniel Pickman to build stocks and whipping posts. Samuel also earned money as marshal of the Salem Quarterly Court. He was admitted to the Salem church prior to reorganization in late 1636. Able to read and write well enough to hold offices of constable and marshal; in the latter capacity, he was called upon frequently to make copies of court documents.

He requested freemanship on 19 October 1630.

Samuel Archer was chosen constable of Salem on 4 December 1637. He was clearly in that office at later dates, although there is no record of his reappointment. On 17 May 1647 it was ordered that "Samuel Archard shall be Marshal of the Court of Salem", and he continued in that office until 1666. ( Although this was an order of the town of Salem, the marshal was an officer of the Salem Quarterly Court, and was the position which would develop into sheriff of the county. Samuel Archer first appeared in the court records as marshal on 6 July 1647, and at the court of 7 April 1649, was again appointed to this office and he appeared in the court records regularly in this capacity until June 1666, when he resigned the office.

The pay for this position was initially 5 pounds per annum, but this was reduced to 4 pounds. His responsibilities were to serve writs issued by the court, to collect fines and fees, and to destrain goods for debt or for other court cases.

Samuel Archer was granted 60 acres at Jeffrey's Creek in the 1636 Salem land grant. He was granted three-quarters of an acres of marsh on 25 December 1637, with a household of five. On 26 November 1638 he was granted 20 acres near Jeffrey Creek Island and 8 acres meadow in Kettle Island Cove.

On 26 June 1651, Samuel Archard of Salem, marshal, for 3 pounds, sold to Henry Bartholomew of Salem "half an acre of land which was sometime the land of Thomas Oliver"

On 9 April 1655, Samuel Archard of Salem, carpenter, sold to John Beckett of Salem, shipwright, "one dwelling house and three acres of land behind it"

On 8 June 1661, Samuel Archard of Salem, carpenter, for 4 pounds, sold to Thomas Pittman of Marblehead, seaman, one acre of marsh in Salem on Marblehead side of Forest River.

On 27 April 1665, Samuel Archard Sr. of Salem, for 9 pounds 5 shillings, sold to James Browne of Salem, merchant, 17 rods of land in Salem.

On 5 July 1669, "Susanna, late wife of Samuel Archard deceased and now wife of Richard Hutchinson", deeded to William Browne Sr. of Salem "all my thirds of housing and lands that my late husband Archard died seized of".

Administration on the estate of Samuel Archard was granted on 26 November 1667 to Susanna Archard, widow, and Samuel Archard. The inventory, taken 17 December 1667 by Edmond Batter and Hillyard Veren, totaled 176 pounds, 3 shillings, of which 117 pounds was in real estate: dwelling house and other buildings with half an acre, 65 pounds; "16 pole of ground lying on the other side of the land". 5 pounds; 8 acres in the south field, 12 pounds; and five acres meadow, 35 pounds. Samuel had debts totaling 195 pounds 14 shillings; which, after various allowances, meant that the creditors could be paid off at the rate of fourteen shilling to the pound.

A lengthly summary of accounts with Mr. William Browne shows that the latter owed Samuel Archer 120 pounds 16 shillings, although this does not seem to have been included in the other accounts of the estate; this account shows the full mix of Samuel Archer's activities as carpenter, marshal and lighterman. On 29 June 1669, Mr William Browne was given control of the estate and instructed to settle with the creditors.





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