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Lipki, Poland




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1. Nicholas Wojtalewicz Lipki, Poland (map)

Josephine Kutich

  2. Peter Wojtalewicz born July 2, 1860 Lipki, Poland died Jan 1, 1940 Milwaukee, WI.
Married Rosie 1887 or before
    Immigrated Jan 13, 1904 to Milwaukee,WI, from Antwerp Belgium.
    I have Peter's Naturalization Papers, Obituary & Death Certificate.
  Children   All born in Lipki, Poland except the last
  3. John Wojtalewicz  born Aug 30, 1888, Lipki, Poland died 1971 Chicago, IL
Married Frances
NOTE:   John was a fugitive of the German Army and came to the US at a young age and brought his parents and family with him to get away from the German Army.
    John resided in Chicago, IL, the rest stayed in Milwaukee, MI.

4. Peter Wojtalewicz died at age 17 years
4. Frank Wojtalewicz born April 19, 1912
Married Bernadine
4. Eleanor Wojtalewicz died Mar 1995
Married Arthur Moller
4. George Wojtalewicz born Nov 29, 1915, died July 1979
Married Lottie Szwala
4. Delones Wojtalewicz
Married James Gray and is Divorced
4. John Wojtalewicz born October 1927 died Oct 1983
Married Angela Kicheos
  3. Eva Wojtalewicz born Dec 24, 1890 Lipki, Poland
Married Frank Gapinski.
3. Male Wojtalewicz Died in Epidemic in Poland
  3. Mary Wojtalewicz born Apr 3, 1895 Lipki, Poland
Married Joe Kupen
3. Male Wojtalewicz Died in Epidemic in Poland
  3. Blanche Wojtalewicz born Sep 4, 1900 Lipki, Poland
Married Mr. Bednareh.
  3. Stella Wojtalewicz born Dec 24, 1902 Lipki, Poland
Married Roman Gapinski
  3. Pearl Wojtalewicz born Dec 17, 1906 in Milwaukee, WI.
Married James Byrnes.


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