Maksymilian Wojtalewicz / Lucy Budzban


Zalesie, Bydgoszcz, Poland




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1. Maksymilian Wojtalewicz Born: 1824 Died: Oct 11, 1897 Chicago, Cook, IL.
Immigrated: April 26, 1869
Wife Lucy Budzban Born: Dec 6, 1830 Poland
Died: Sept 6, 1888 Chicago, Cook, IL.
Seven Years in Chicago from Death
2. Makymilian Wojtalewicz born 1850, died Oct 14, 1917 Chicago, IL.
2. Szymon Wojtalewicz died May 1, 1927 Chicago, IL.
Married Paulina
2. Paulina Wojtalewicz born 1858, died Apr 27, 1901
Married Kaz Backzowski,
2. Reverend Francis M. Wojtalewicz Born: Dec 2, 1861 Zalesie, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Died: April 17, 1942 Dade, FL.
Buried: Resurrection Cemetery In Chicago, IL.             See Photo

1. Immaculate Conception 1890
2. Angel Guardian Orphanage, 8 months
3. Mission, East Grove IL, 1892 and Sobieski, IL 1892
4. Founded Our Lady of Gostyn, Downers Grove IL.
He was appointed pastor of Immaculate Conception B.V.M. Church  and stayed their till his death.
He was thoroughly dedicated to the welfare of his parish, the Polish Roman Catholic Union, and independent Poland, and the civic and social progress of Poles in America.

Fr. Wojtalewicz had helped thousands of workers as emigrants, to adjust themselves to American life and had been their mediator in industrial disputes.

The Polish Daily News in reporting his death said, "The venerable priest did not  limit his work to the spiritual care of his people, but was a leader in social and national affairs for the Polish people, who placed complete trust in him. His vigorous and active patriotism, his sacrifices and unending work for the Polish resulted in the fact that the name of Wojtalewicz became a synonym in Chicago for the love of Poland and Polish People".

2. Rozalia Wojtalewicz died Feb 10, 1945 Chicago, IL.

Theodor Wojtalewicz told me about the Priest.
I wrote the Archdiocese of Chicago to get information on Fr. Francis Wojtalewicz and the picture is from the Archdiocese on Father.
SSDI and Index on Dzeinnik Polish Newspaper.
I also have Maksymilian Polish Obituary.
Reverend Francis M. Wojtalewicz Cemetery Plot. Information from Resurrection Cemetery.


Maksymilian Wojtalewicz family information submitted by: Nancy Hoffman through Theodore Wojtalewicz from Ratingen, Germany



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