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Waldowie, Prussia West




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1. Jan/John Wojtalewicz Born:  October 24, 1843/53 Waldowie, Prussia West.
Died:  May 27, 1902 Chicago, Cook, IL
Immigrated 1870
Married: Eleonora Seidl 1872 In Chicago, IL-1972
Born: Sept 1858 Bohomia (Aus)
Died:  Jan 7, 1928 Chicago, IL
Children I am not sure on order of children
2. Frank M. Wojtalewicz born Nov 11, 1872 IL, died Jan 8, 1952 Hopkins Township,;  Allegan, M.
2. Agniszka Wojtalewicz married Jan Nering, died Nov 2, 1922 Chicago, Cook, IL.  I think she was Very Good at the Piano for her Obituary in Polish says that she play all over even Poland.
I have a picture of her from the Polish Newspaper article on her Death.
2. Jozef Wojtalewicz married Zofia Wojtalewicz-after 1902 and before 1922.
2. Helena Wojtalewicz born Aug 1878 IL.
married before 1922 Piotr Suida (born 1875, died Nov 7, 1931).
  2. Antonia Wojtalewicz born Apr 1883 died Jan 20, 1941.
Married Simon Sikorski before 1922,
  2. Anna Wojtalewicz born 1885, died Feb 25, 1960
Married Jan Sikorski before 1922 (born 1876, died Sept 24, 1949)
2. Berta Wojtalewicz born Nov 1889, died Dec 28, 1971 IL.
Married Jozef Lasecki before 1922

  I have the following on this line.
I have Jan's Polish Obituary and his wife Eleanore, also Jan & Eleanore's Death Record from LDS Library Microfilm on Deaths in Chicago, Il.
I have Franks Death Certificate.
I have Agnieska's Polish Obituary and Death Notice-I think she died young.
Cemetery Information on Plots on family.

I also found these Buried at Rusurrection Cemetery, in Argo, IL
Kazimierz Wojtalewicz Born:  1862
Died:  May 22, 1912 Chicago, Cook, IL
Buried:  Rusurrection Cemetery


Chester Wojtalewicz Date of Death Feb 13, 1917
Died at St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital
Single Grave 5766 Letter A. Block III Section NN
Information on this is from Letter from Rusurrection Cemetery.


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