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The Yacht Idler


Newspaper Articles On The Sinking Of The Yacht "Idler"


Taken from the next day's newspaper


Court Case of Captain Holmes








Services Held Over Remains of Two Victims of Idler Disaster



The Coroner to Begin a Rigid Inquiry early Next Week.



   Funeral services for Mrs. James Corrigan and Mrs. Charles Rieley, her daughter were held yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from Capt. James Corrigan's residence, No. 1340 Willson avenue. The house was filled with sorrowing friends and relatives and the front yard of the corrigan home and the adjoining yards were filled with people who were attracted partly from curiosity but largely through sympathy for the bereaved.

   The two caskets containing the remains of the mother and the daughter, were placed side by side in the parlor of the residence. The walls of the room were covered with pure white tapestry and the rich caskets were embedded in beautiful flowers and floral pieces.

   Rev. Dr. S. P. Sprecher of the Euclid avenue Presbyterian church conducted the services, which opened with a scripture reading by the minister. Then a prayer was offered by Dr. Sprecher followed by words of comfort to the sorrowing husbands and the other members of the family. Nellie Sabin Hyde, contralto and Mr. Howard Yost, baritone sang "Nearer My God to Thee," "Sometime, Sunday," and "Going Home to Die No More," during the services.

   At the close of the service the remains were taken to Lake View cemetery and placed in a vault. They will not be buried until the other bodies are recovered.

   The casket containing the body of Mrs. James Corrigan was borne by Messers, Frank Rockefeller, M. A. Bradley, Harvey D. Goulder, B. A. Taylor, C. E. Benham, George P. McKay, Caleb Gowan and V. A. Taylor.

    The remains of Mrs Rieley were carried by Messers, Edward A. Drake, Ralph Venning, James L. Decgan, William A. Cartan, Clarence M. Brockway, George Allen of Cleveland, Ezekiel Davidson of Canton and Wayne H. Thompson of New Brunswick, N. J.  

    Mrs. John Corrigan of No. 71 Cutler street attended the funeral service but did not go to the cemetery. She stood the sorrowful scene so suggestive of her own bereavement, with remarkable fortitude and was not as depressed as it was feared she would be.                 






The Inquiry Into the Disaster to the Yacht Idler
Will be Begun Early Next Week


     Coroner Simon will begin his inquiry into the disaster to the yacht Idler either Monday or Tuesday.

   The crew of the yacht will be subpoenaed. If Capt. Holmes and Mrs. John Corrigan are in condition to attend th e inquest they will also be examined. The inquest will be a rigid one. Attorney Harvey D. Goulder, counsel for the Corrigans, may assist the coroner. Providing the yacht Idler is towed in shore by Monday or Tuesday the coroner will pay a visit to her and familiarize himself with the construction of the boat.

     Owing to the choppy sea no effort was made yesterday to raise and tow in the yacht. If favorable conditions prevail today the attempt will be resumed. The weather permitting, several of the Great Lakes Towing Co.'s tugs and a lighter will leave at 4 o'clock this morning to resume the work.

     While the condition of Capt. Holmes was somewhat improved yesterday, access to him was still denied. Dr. J. R. Smith of Jennings Avenue, who is attending him, said yesterday that the danger of the captain being stricken with brain fever was now over. His condition is still serious though. Dr. Smith said that an effort would be made today to move Capt. Holmes from his room at the Bethel hotel to the home of a friend on the West Side.

     The physician said that the trying experience the captain had last Saturday had resulted in a severe nervous shock. The captain has been informed of the recovery of he bodies of three of the victims.




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