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Archer Family Genealogy / with some loose branches
Many Archer and family related genealogies for Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, Washington St, Virginia, Kentucky, Idaho, including many genealogy links.
Major Surnames: Archer, Bacon, Bailes, Bails, Boyle, Carmichael, Corrigan, Dodson, Gilliam, Hodges, Merritt, Overfelt, Payne, Potter, Purpura, Sherfey, Smith, Spang.


Dylan Armstrong's Home Page
These family lines are from MI, OH, CT, PA mainly.
Major Surnames: Archer, Armstrong, Beecher, Brill, Cooper, Heddleston, Hupp, Kinnaird, Kolb, Marrs, Maurer, Sperry, Stemm, Stover, Whetstone.



Eccles/Lee Family History
A collection of families indexed by surname. Most of these families have roots in the southern states, primarily North and South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee.
Major Surnames: Abercrombie, Archer, Barton, Bennett, Bryant, Cook, Cox, Davis, Duncan, Eccles, Ellis, Furnis, Green, Hamor, Hooper, Kelly, Lee, Norris/Noreys, Ponder, Shepherd, Smith, Stringer, Warren, Westbrook.



Mark & Iman's Home On The Net
Includes several surnames from Southern Middle Tennessee. Also lots of pictures and information.
Major Surnames: Archer, Bass, Brewer, Chappell, Goodlett, Goodwin, Harris, Hart, Hicks, Holt, Huckaba, Jordan, McIntyre, Morgan, Motlow, Wade, Watson.






Archer Family Genealogy Forum
Post and answer surname specific queries.


Aquila's Orchard



John Ward's Home Page
It contains a suname index to my family tree generated by GED2HTML plus a series of McGregor family trees collected over many years in plain text.
Major Surnames: Anderson, Archer, Cameron, Dryden, Holcroft, Hotson, Lockie, Lord, McGregor, Redman, Tweedale, Ward, Willan, Witton.



Another Hensley Homepage
Provides Picture of HENSLEY Coat of Arms, links and information on several of the above mentioned names back to 1583. More names and info will be added as I find it!!
Major Surnames: Archer, Ball, Bowling, Brewer, Fields, Hellard, Hensley, Lockhart, Simmons, Sizemore, Spurlock, Watson, Willis, Young.





Researching Anthony Archer & Hester Stone-Archer FAMILY Ewell, Surrey, England


BENJAMIN ARCHER DESCENDANTS From Vermont, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, ETC.




ARCHER GENEALOGY by Norma Nielson, Canada
Includes 7,677 Individuals and 2,693 Families -ARCHER, EDWARDS, BUCKNER, ETC.



Archer Families of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois
EMAIL: posum@vzinet.com

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