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 The Archer Gang

  Archer Brothers (1880's) -Much like the Reno Brothers has operated two decades earlier, the Archer brothers - Thomas, Mort, John, and Sam, raided Orange and Marion Counties in Indiana for several years. Though to the outside community, they were seen as respectable farmers and shopkeepers, when their funds ran low they turned "bandit." Regularly robbing stagecoaches, trains, and road travelers, their friends and family often protected them against arrest. However, their gig was finally up in March, 1886 when the law found out about their outlaw activities, chased them down, and arrested them, However, before Thomas, Mort, and John could go to trial, vigilantes hanged them. The youngest brother, Sam Archer did go to trial and was found guilty of robbery and murder. He was legally hanged on July 10, 1886



Danville, Ill,. March 13, - Samuel Archer, another member of the notorious outlaw family of Archers, three of whom were lynched at Shoals, Ind., Tuesday night, was arrested late last night near Covington, Ind. The prisoner was brought to this city, and will be taken to Shoals to-day. There are three indictments against him for murder in the first degree. He had been in hiding for some months, and when arrested was working in the timber. He was heavily armed, but the officer took him unawares. He is a son of Tom Archer, one of the brothers hanged, and is 25 years of age.

Taken from The New York Times, March 14, 1886




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