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List of Roanoke Colonists (1587):
White, John -- governor,  "Cittie of Ralegh"; [returned to England, Aug 1587;
when White finally returned to the colony, arriving Roanoke in August 1590,
the colonists he had left behind in 1587 were gone.]
Allen, Mauris
Archard, Arnold
Archard, Joyce - [female]
Archard, Thomas - [child]
Arthur, Richard
Baily, Roger - [asst. to Gov. White]
Bennett, Marke
Berde, William
Berry, Henry
Berry, Richard
Bishop, Michael
Borden, John
Bridger, John
Bright, John
Brooke, John
Browne, Henry
Brown, William
Burden, John
Butler, Thomas
Cage, Anthony
Chapman, Alis - [female]
Chapman, John
Cheven, John
Clement, William
Colman, ____(?) - [female]
Colman, Thomas,
Cooper, Christopher - [asst. to Gov. White]
Cotsmur, John
Dare, Ananias - [asst. to Gov. White]
Dare, Elynor - [daur of Gov. John White; wife of Ananias; mother of Virginia]
Dare, Virginia - [b. 18 Aug 1587 on Roanoke Isl.]
Darige, Richard
Dorrell, Henry
Dutton, William
Earnest, John
Ellis, Robert - [child]
Ellis, Thomas
English, Edmond
Farre, John
Fernandez, Simon [asst. to Gov. White- ret. to Engl, Aug 1587]
Florrie, Charles
Gibbes, John
Glane, Elizabeth - [female]
Gramme, Thomas
Harris, Thomas
Harris, Thomas --[possibly represents two diff people of same name]
Harvie, Dionis - [asst. to Gov. White]
Harvie, Margery - [female]
Harvie, ____(?) - [b. on Roanoke]
Hemmington, John
Hewet, Thomas
Howe, George [asst. to Gov. White; killed on Roanoke Island, Aug 1587]
Howe, George - [child]
Humfrey, Thomas - [child]
Hynde, James
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Nicholas
Jones, Griffen
Jones, Jane - [female]
Jones, John
Kemme, Richard
Lasie, James
Lawrence, Margaret - [female]
Little, Peter
Little, Robert
Lucas, William
Mannering, Jane - [female]
Martyn, George
Merrimoth, Emme - [female]
Myllet, Michael
Mylton, Henry
Newton, Humfrey
Nichols, William
Paine, Henry
Pattenson, Hugh [yes, PatteNson]
Payne, Rose - [female]
Phevens, Thomas
Pierce, Jane - [female]
Powell, Edward
Powell, Wenefrid - [female]
Prat, John - [child]
Prat, Roger - [asst. to Gov. White]
Rufoote, Henry
Sampson, John - [asst. to Gov. White]
Sampson, John - [child]
Scot, Thomas
Shabedge, Richard
Smart, Thomas -[child]
Smith, Thomas
Sole, William
Spendlove, John
Starte, John
Stevens, Thomas - [asst. to Gov. White]
Stilman, John
Sutton, Martin
Tappan, Audry - [female]
Taverner, Richard
Tayler, Clement
Tayler, Hugh
Tomkins, Richard
Topan, Thomas
Tydway, John
Viccars, Ambrose
Viccars, Ambrose - [child]
Viccars, Elizabeth - [female]
Warner, Thomas
Warren, Joan - [female]
Waters, William
White, Cuthbert
Wildye, Richard
Wilkinson, Robert
Willes, William
Wood, Agnes - [female]
Wotton, Lewes
Wright, John
Wyles, Brian
Wyles, John
Wythers, William - [child]

Indians who were in England and returned home to Roanoke with the colonists:







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