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You can print out these maps, each map will be on a separate page

Map and Directions to Pebble Mountain Campgrounds, Chuckey, Tennessee

Second map below










Off Route 11, Take Route 107 to Horse Creek Park Road    N/|\
Driving East turn Right on 107
Driving West turn Left on 107

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The time is now to get ready for the 2002 reunion.  We need to let all our family members know that we are having these reunions.  The word can only be given around if you yourself pass the information out.  You need to write to your children, cousins, Aunts, Uncles and all other that fall into your list of relatives.

The 2001 reunion went off very good.  We met with lots of new cousins. 
This reunion president would like to thank the work of Dorothy Phillips and Mickey Grey.  Dorothy your input and hard work is greatly appreciated. You will be rewarded.  Mickey you were a great help. Getting the meeting room for us to use was a great happening. Your input will be rewarded

The date of the 2002 reunion is set as   July 20, 2002
The meeting will be at the Pebble Mountain Family Campground in Chuckey, TN. 
From   10:00    a.m. to    ?:?? p.m.  
Directions see enclosed map or  if you have access to a computer go to  click on Archer reunion 2002        
Bring a food dish to be shared with everyone,
Bring your own drinks, re: water, tea, soda, or coffee
You might want to bring a folding chair in case there are more than 36

Try to be at the reunion and to tell as many other family members about it as we would all love to meet with each and every one of you.
We want to share family photographs and information-bring your family history.
Please send us the updated lists of new addresses and phone numbers. We would also like the new listing of NEW BABIES BORN TO THIS FAMILY LIST.

I have four new babies to report to the historian.  We have a Jamie Elise Archer, daughter of Bob & Sherry Archer.   She was born on December 26, 2001. 
We also have Tyler Chadwick Zanotto son of Chad & Carrisa Zanotto, (married June 4, 2001 in Reno, Nevada,) Tyler was born December 31, 2001
Next we have Christian Carlos Andrade, son of Christina Gomez, Christian was born January 16, 2002
Katrina Worley, had her baby, a boy, April 14, 2002 Nathan Lane Worley-Cummings,
Bob Archer is the son of Rex & Glenda Archer.  Carrisa Zanotto is the daughter of Danny & Kristen Worley.  Christina Gomez is the daughter of Richard Gomez husband of Phyllis Ann Archer-Gomez.  Katrina   is the daughter of Ricky Lane & Bessie Worley

Looking forwarded to seeing everyone of you at the 2002 ARCHER REUNION
Other news to the Archer line, I have found out that our cousin Rodney M. Good is married to Jamie O'Neal.  Jamie is a country singer and Rodney is in her band.    

Brzyamzon1 Suzie Brubaker