Here is the Second Milwaukee, WI.  I  told you my Translator found these two lines in 1985. 
In tracing my family I found an ad on Surnames in Poland and Germany and put in Wojtalewicz.  I was given some names and wrote them and they wrote and gave me their.  Included in this line is also Stanislawa Wojtalewicz's line( From Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland) and Zdzislaw Sabiniarz's line (from Witoldow, Bydgoszcz,Poland).
Also someone over here saw my ad in and through writing me hooked up with their line.  
Also Stanislawa Wojtalewicz sent me birth records on Wojtalewicz's from 1822 to 1906. 
I also went to the LDS Library and looked up Births, Marriages & Deaths on Salno, Poland going back in the 1700's
I will go far enough to see how each person from above connects.
Generation 1
1.  Joannis Wojtalewicz
             Married Jan 16, 1774 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                              Catherine Grudzionka
Children All born in Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Generation 2
2.  David born Jan 8, 1775, married 1816, died Oct 27, 1842 Salno,                     Bydgoszcz, Poland.
3.  Jonnes born Jan 8, 1775
4.  Paul born Dec 1776
5.  Anete born Jan 24, 1779
2.  David Wojtalewicz
          Born:  Jan 8, 17
          Married 1816
          Died:  Oct 27, 1842 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Children     All born in Salno, Poland
Generation 3
6.  Michael born Sept 1818, married Jan 23, 1843 Eva Pakonine, died Jan         26, 1858.
6.  Michael Wojtalewicz
            Born:  Sep 1818 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
            Married:  Jan 23, 1843 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
            Died:  Jan 26, 1858 Salno, Bydgoszcz,  Poland
                        Eva Pakonine
                            Born:  Dec 10, 1823
                            Parents-Jakub Pankanin/Urszula Junkowska
children  All born in Poland
Generation 4
7.  Aleksander born Mar 28, 1873, married Elzbieta Nieczewska.
8.  Katarzyna born Jan 1, 1848.
9.  Jan born Jan 1, 1848.
10.  Jakub (James) born July 17, 1850, married Michelle Mackowska.                 (This is Stanislawa Wojtalewicz's Line)
11.  Andrzej born Nov 27, 1852.
12.  Jozef born May 27, 1855.
13.  Francisek born Jan 27, 1858.
14.  Marianne born Mar 31, 1859.
15.  Gertrude born Mar 14, 1862.
16.  Piotr born June 7, 1863, married Konstance Michalska. (This is                 Zdzislaw Sabiniarz's  Line)
17.  Stanislaw born Nov 22, 1866, married Eva Plotka, died Jan 21, 1944                 Milwaukee, WI.  Second Wojtalewicz line in Milwaukee, WI.
18.  Francisek born May 20, 1869. 
7.  Aleksander Wojtalewicz 
         Born:  Mar 28, 1844 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
                       Elzbieta Niemczewska
Generation 5
children all born in Salno, Poland
19.  Marianna born Nov 15, 1873.
20.  Anna born July 19, 1875.
21.  Waleria born Sept 7, 1877.
22.  Jozef born Oct 8, 1880.
23.  Natalia born July 15, 1882.
10.  Jakub James Wojtalewicz
          Born:  July 17, 1850 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
          Died:  1918 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                         Michella Mackowska
                                Born:  March 11,  1858 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                                Died:  Nov 20, 1943 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Children all born in Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
24.  Stanislaw born July 17, 1888, married Franceska Latos, died May                 20, 1963 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
25.  Boleslaw
26.  Apolinary
27.  Alojzy
28.  Apolonia married Wolinskiej went to Milwaukee, WI, USA.
29.  Teodozja
16.  Piotr Wojtalewicz
            Born:  June 7, 1863 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                                    Konstance Michalska
30.  Jozef
31.  Wladyslaw Felix
32.  Hilary (Hilarego) has a son & Daughter in Milwaukee, WI.
33.  Waleria born December 23, 1898, married Ignacego Sabiniarz-1921,                 died Jan 10, 1985. This is Zdzislaw Sabiniarz's Parents-He                         wrote me from Witoldowo, Bydgoszcz, Poland and gave me                         his line.
17.  Stanislaw Wojtalewicz
                Born:  Nov 22, 1866 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                Immigrated:  April 24, 1892 and settled in Milwaukee, WI-From                     Antwerp Belgium on Vessel Westland.
                Died:  Jan 21, 1944 Milwaukee, WI.
                            Eva Plotka
                                Born:  Mar 31, 1871 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                                Died:  Sept 8, 1949 Milwaukee,  WI
                               I have  enclosed a picture of Stanislaw Wojtalewicz                                 and his wife Eva (Plotka) Wojtalewicz-Sent to me by                                 Barbara Gaines.  This is her connection
children all born in Milwaukee, WI
34.  Ignatz born July 28, 1893, married Helen (died Sept 16, 1970), died                 Dec 24, 1970.
35.  Martha born April 24, 1895, married John Jamrozy (born 1898, died             Feb 14, 1939).
36.  John born November 7, 1897, married Regina (born 1898, died                     May  30, 1943), died April 11, 1973.  I have enclosed a picture of                 Joseph and his daughter Dorothy-Sent to me by Barbara                             Gains-it is her Grandfather.
37. Joseph Jacob born July 25, 1899, married Dorothy, died Apr 19,                     1981. 
38.  Anna born Aug 22, 1900, married Clarence Wessel (born 1899, died                 Jan 23, 1989).
39.  Julian born Aug 10, 1903.
24.  Stanislaw Wojtalewicz
                Born:  Jan 2, 1888 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                Died:  May 20, 1963 Salno, Bydgoszcz, Poland
                           Franciszka Latos
Generation 6
40.  Czeslaw  (Chester) died May 4, 1996 Salno, Poland, married                         Stanislawa.  Stanislawa Wojtalewicz from Salno Poland has                     been writing me for a while now.  Enclosed is a picture of                     Stanislawa and her children and brother.
41.  Stanislawa
42.  Tadeusz
33.  Waleria Wojtalewicz
                Born:  Dec 23, 1898
                Married:  1921
                Died:  Jan 10, 1985
                            Ignacego Sabiniarz
43.  Zdzislaw Sabiniarz married Jadwiga.  Zdzislaw Sabiniarz has been                 writing me for a while now.   Enclosed is a picture of                             Zdzislaw Sabiniarz and his wife Jadwiga from Witoldowo,                         Bydgoszcz, Poland. 
Information I have on his line.  It is going to be hard because I have information from different people. 
     1-5 I would have to say from the LDS Library Microfilm sheets on Salno Births, Marriages & Deaths.
6-18 I would have to say from Sheets that Stanislawa Wojtalewicz sent from Salno, Poland and
10.  From Stanislawa Wojtalewicz (from Salno, Poland) letters and line                 on family.
16.  From Zdzislaw Sabiniarz (Witoldowo, Poland)  letters on his line.
17.  34 to 39.  From Naturalization on Stanislaw Wojtalewicz, I also have             his  Death Certificate, Obituary on him and wife.  Cemetery                     Plots on his family.
I think that is everything on this line. I am enclosing pictures to this line.  
The first is Picture No. 62- No. 17 Stanislaw & Eva (Plotka) Wojtalewicz.  The picture was sent to me by Barbara Gains.
Second Picture No. 63-No. 37 Joseph Jacob Wojtalewicz  (he is the Man on right) with Daughter-Dorothy.  The Man on left is unknown.  This picture was supplied by Barbara Gains.  It is her Grandfather.
Third Picture No. 64-No. 43.  Zdzislaw & Jadwiga Sabiniarz.  Zdzislaw sent me the picture. 
Fourth Picture No. 65-No. 40.  This is Stanislawa Wojtalewicz with her family.  From Left to Right-Daughter Anna Wojtalewicz, Stanislawa Wojtalewicz, Son Ebigniewem, Stanislawa's Brother. 
I hope I didn't goof up on this line.   If I did let me know.