Next is the many lines I found in Chicago,  IL.   The good thing is that these lines are not long.  I found these by SSDI and the Polish Newspaper that was in Chicago,  Dziennik.  I sent for many of the Death's even though they were in Polish for the Information. 
The First  Line Started with me finding the Daughter-Agniska (Wojtalewicz) Nering Memoriam and also her Brothers Frank's Death in the same book-The Study of Obituaries as of Source for Polish Genealogy Research By Thomas E. Golembiewski. 
Here is the line
Generation 1
1.  Jan/John Wojtalewicz
         Born:  October 24, 1843/53 Waldowie, Prussia West.
          Immigrated 1870
        Married:  1872           
        In Chicago, IL-1972
         Died:  May 27, 1902 Chicago, Cook, IL
                            Eleonora Seidl
                                Born: Sept 1858 Bohomia (Aus)
                                Died:  Jan 7, 1928 Chicago, IL
I am not sure on order of children
Generation 2
2.  Frank M. born Nov 11, 1872 IL, died Jan 8, 1952 Hopkins Township,                 Allegan, M. 
3.  Agniszka married Jan Nering, died Nov 2, 1922 Chicago, Cook, IL.  I             think she was Very Good at the Piano for her Obituary in Polish             says that she play all over even Poland.  I have a picture of her             from the Polish Newspaper article on her Death. 
4.  Jozef married Zofia Wojtalewicz-after 1902 and before 1922. 
5.  Helena born Aug 1878 IL, married before 1922 Piotr Suida (born                         1875, died Nov 7, 1931). 
6.  Antonia born Apr 1883, married Simon Sikorski before 1922, died Jan                 20, 1941. 
7.  Anna born 1885, married before 1922 Jan Sikorski (born 1876, died                 Sept 24, 1949), died Feb 25, 1960. 
8.   Berta born Nov 1889, married before 1922 Jozef Lasecki, died Dec                 28, 1971 IL.
This is it on this line. 
I have the following on this line.
1.  I have Jan's Polish Obituary and his wife Eleanore, also Jan & Eleanore's Death Record from LDS Library Microfilm on Deaths in Chicago, Il. 
2.  I have Franks Death Certificate. 
3.  I have Agnieska's Polish Obituary and Death Notice-I think she died young.  I
On 1 to 8 Cemetery Information on Plots on family. 
Picture No. 66-NO. 3 Agnieszka (Wojtalewicz) Nering's.  This picture was in the Newspaper when she died. 
Line 2
I think I got this line by getting the Polish Obituaries in the Dziennik Polish Newspaper.
Generation 1
1.  Jan Wojtalewicz
            Frances Swietek or similar-Married again after Jan-to Mr.                                 Wojcinsk.
Generation 2
2.  Maryanna married Julian Placzek.
3.  Jan born Nov 15, 1864 Poland, Immigrated Chicago-32 years-1883,
    married Salomea Smolek (Parents Jan Smolak born 1845, died                     May    7, 1910, Katarzyna Smolek born Jan 18, 1920) (born                     1872, died May 31, 1961 Chicago, IL.
3.  Jan Wojtalewicz
            Born:  Nov 15, 1864 Poland.
            Immigrated 1883
            Died:  Oct 3, 1915 Chicago, IL
                    Salomea Smolek
                            Born:  1872
                            Died:  May 31, 1961 Chicago, IL
Generation 3
4.  Andrzej
5.  Edmund born 1894, married Frances (born 1897, died Mar 1,                         1960), died Nov 7, 1975.
6.  Piotr born 1900, died July 25, 1921 IL.
7.  Michal born 1898, died Dec 13, 1945.
8.  Jozef born 1901, died Nov 10, 1961.
9.  Stanislaw
10.  Aleksander born 1907, died Aug 30, 1908.
11.  Genewefa born 1908, died Mar 22, 1994.
12.  Francisek born 1911, died Aug 10, 1951.
This is all I have on this line.
3.  I have Jan's Death Certificate and Polish Obituary. 
Also on this line Cemetery Plot sheets on this line from St. Adalbert's Cemetery.
I will go for now-I am quitting for the night.  I have Chicago,  IL lines. 
Will write again tomorrow.
Chicago, IL is the last of the lines that I found.  Next is the Wojtalewicz's that wrote me and gave me their lines.