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Stillman C. Archer and wife Syrena F. Wakefield
with original notes from Fred Hutchins (1883 - 1966)

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The information on the book below was transcribed by:
George W. Archer, December 9, 2013
P. O. Box 6233 McLean, VA. 22106



Symbols, abbreviations and other notations used in transcription:
[ ] GWA transcriber's notes, additions, comments.
m = married in Fred Hutchins notes
? = spelling of word is in question due to poor copy of original record



Left column of image:

John Archer [1752-, married Elizabeth Tupper] and his wife were married at Columbia (Falls?)

The inscription on her tombstone said she was born in Providence, R. I. But the Providence records do not contain her name. She was a relative of Gen. Horatius Gates.

Newspaper (word) from Genealogical Dept. of Hartford Library says she was born in Conn. T. E. H. [sic abbr. for name of paper?]

Sept. 27, 1959 But this item says they were married Nov. 18, 1778 in Machias, ME. and my records...which I obtained from my mother gives first child as born April 6, 1775, Machias. Some mistake somewhere in dates evidently (could?) have been meant for 1773 (now 8 & 3 [sic? no closing parenthesis


  Right column of image:

John Archer [1752-] The founder of our Archer family in America was by trade a brick mason & land surveyor.

John Archer and Elizabeth Tupper m [arried] in Machias Maine by Rev. James Lyons.

Ref [Arce?] Desc(endandants) of Joshua? W. S. Or I....





(Left column) (Right column continues into left column reading left to right) worthen [fragment from 004]

John Archer born Worthen, Slope Co. Wales March 26, 1752
Elizabeth Tupper his wife Apr. 3? 1753 [other sources say 3 Apr. 1758]


Lydia Gates Archer Machias (Maine) Apr. 6, 1775
Wm. Gates "Sep. 7, 1779
Mary Newburyport, Mass. Mar. 15, 1781
James Amesbury, Mass. Aug. 4, 1782
John " "July 22, 1783
Joseph Machias, ME. Oct. 10, 1784
Henry " " Apr. 29, 1787
Anna (twin) Columbia, ME. Dec. 18, 1789
Anselem (twin)
Abigail " June 6, 1791
Robert Gates " Sept. 23, 1792
Elizabeth " Jan. 27, 1794
Eliakim " Apr. 8, 1795
Allen " Nov. 19, 1796
Ruth " Mar. 28. 1798
David Cobb " Sep. 6, 1802
George H. " Mar. 1804

According to Nat. Geographic map, British Isles Oct. 1979. Salop County is in England bordering Wales.




Children of [Thomas & Hannah Tupper]

(Left to right across pages)

Thomas Archer & Hannah Tuppper
Stillman C. lived in Cherryfield and Bangor, Maine
Joel (M. S. ? lived in Lincoln, Corinna & Fairfield)
Albert (Became?) in same. Died in Banmgor)
Mandy [Amanda] m[arried] a Drisco [full surname from other sources]
Mary (m a Kelliher) [William Kelliher/Kelliah from other sources]
Louisa (m Almond. Lived in Cherryfield)
Margaret (m Benj Fiske. Lived in Medway [MA]
Lillian daughter of Benj Fiske and Margaret m L?. C. Plummer of Bath

See special pages TUPPER family later in book.

From genealogical page of the Hartford Times Sept. 26, 1959, partial answer to a question I sent in.

C-33291 - 9(2) P. K. H.
July 1, 1859
Refs: Ancestors and Desc. of Joshua Williams, by Gleason L. Archer 1827

John Archer mar. Machias, Me, Nov 18, 1787 by Rev. James Lyon Elizabeth Tupper b. Conn. 1753, dau of William and Mary (Gates) Tupper

William Tupper was son of Capt. Eliakiam (?) (4) Tupper (Ellakim-3 Thomas 2-1)

Thomas (2) Tupper mar. Dec. 27, 1861 Martha Mayhew, dau. of Gen Thomas Mayhew at Martha's Vinyard. Ans. Forwarded C&H



(Left to right across pages)

Children of

Stillman C. Archer & Syrena F. Wakefield b. Aug. 13, 1818 b. Mar. 7, 1823 d. Apr. 2, 1899 d. [blank]
married Nov. 29, 1840


Orphelia L. Archer b. Apr. 19, 1844 - infant? May 1. 1922
Henry Echford b. June 28, 1846, died at Fort Summers [sic Sumpter?] md. Jan. 24, 1864
Fred D. b. Nov. 11, 1848, d. Apr. 19, 1869
Daniel W. b. Apt. 18, 1850 d. Apr. 20, 1851
Herbert S.? [sic-L.] Dec. 30, 1852
[bracket and arrows from Daniel and Herbert]: (one son Arthur W.)
[GWA comment: Herbert had Arthur W. who was b. 1881]
Celia A. [b?] Nov. 23, 1854
m Wm. A. Pierson (one son Ralph A.)
[GWA comment: also spelled Pearson by other researchers]
Martha E. July 5, 1859
m Charles P. Hutchins
Martha Ellen Archer born in Cherryfield Me. July 5, 1859
Married in Lowell, Mass. Oct. 2, [second digit of the day unreadable] 1852
Died at the City Hospital, Waterville, ME. July 2, 1814
(at bottom right hand corner at 90 degrees to rest of text)
Celia A. died in Bangor, ME. Nov. 7, 1915
[Mrs.] Ophelia A. Bragg died in Bangor, Maine may 1, 1922



Left column:

Aurerus? & Sally Archer
[GWA comment: According to other sources, this should be Ansel/Ansele/Anseal/Anchel Archer b. 18 Apr. 1789 or 1791, Columbia, ME. d. 1866, Amherst ME;
md. Sally Fabyan Foster 30 Jun. 1797 Bridgton, Cumb. ME. d. 29 Oct. 1865 Amhert, ME.
There were 8 children according to the source:
1/91 Albert E. Myers re John Archer of Salop Co. Wales and Cherryfield, ME.
1217 Limerick Court
Hummelstone, PA. 17036-9152

5231 Windsor Rd.
Harrisburg, PA. 17112-3425
1705 Junonia Court
Fort Myers, FL. 33908-1603


Asaahel d. infancy
Louisa m Dyer Smith
Lucy B. m Haynes [Isiah Putnam Haines/Haynes]
Mary W. m John D. Rankin
Mehitable died young
George Fabyan m Emily A. Deane
Judson md Louisa Young, half sister to Emily A. Deane

Right column:

George Fabyan [Sally Foster's middle name]
Archer & Emily A. Deane
George m Gahel [Gail?] Stewart
Augustus J. m. Avilda Archer
Winfield D. m Anna Watts
Carrie A. m C. W. Campbell
Mary E.? m Frank Harden
Nelly J.



Left column:

I am under the impression that another of my grandmother's sisters m. an Emerson and was the mother of Fulton Emerson.
Orphella Archer, dau. of S. C. [Stillman C.] & Syrena Archer
m. Greenfeaf Bragg of their children:
Kate [I know nothing about]
Irving [these two]
Herbert m Kate
Who lived on Oflies? Road, east side near old place
I was there in '36 or 37
Herbert & Kate Bragg were parents of Herbert - these livid in Orange, NJ.
Marion - last I knew.

Right column:

Syrena Wakefield wife of Capt. S. C. Archer
There were several sisters in this family, six,
I have been told.
One married a Wallace.

[GWA comment: of the 8 children in my records of Stillman Archer, four were daughters, non of whom married a Wallace.]
m daughter Laura Wallace [born?] 1845
married J. W. Brown 1856 a sea Capt. who lived in China, Maine after retirement
Their children
Annie Brown
Lucy Brown Reynolds who wrote "Drops of Spray from Southern Seas"
Capt. Brown m second Katherine Moore also related to us


Sidney 1882-
Florence 1884-




Family Information submitted by:  Clayton Hutchins

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