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Enoch Archer married Susanna Bolton

John or William Archer married Sarah Diedama Claxton

I'm connected to two Archer lines:
My 3rd G Grandparents:  Enoch Archer (b. Abt. 1800) and Susanna Bolton (b. 1820) 
My G G Grandparents: Hale Archer (b 1845) and Susan Walden (b. 1851) 
My G Grandparents: Susan Jane Archer (b. 1879) and Thomas Josiah Douglas (b. 1876)
My Grandparents:  Alma Annie Douglas (b. 1898) and Dolphus Reynolds (b. 1896)
My Parents:  Mary Lee Reynolds (b. 1930) and Edward Huebner (b. 1910)

The second line I'm connected to:
My 5th G Grandparents:  John (William ?) Archer (b. Abt. 1774) and Sarah Diedama Claxton (b. 1787) 
My 4th G Grandparents:  James L.A. Archer (b. 1809) and Nancy Stanfield (b. 1812)
My 3rd G Grandparents:  Nancy Archer (b. 1833) and Thomas Marion Douglas (b. 1828)
My G G Grandparents:  John Jackson Douglas (b. 1852) and Elizabeth Smith (b. 1854)   
My Grandparents:  Thomas Josiah Douglas (b. 1876) and Susan Jane Archer (b. 1879)
and so on as mentioned above....

These Archer and Douglas families have several marriages.

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