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The native county of William Shakespeare.
With its mediaeval castles, historic towns of Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon,
Leamington Spa, Rugby and Kenilworth and its delightful countryside.
Stratford-upon-Avon is the provincial home of the Royal Shakespeare Company
who perform in the three theatres near the River Avon.
There are many half-timbered buildings in the town, several of which have
associations with the great bard and the shopping center satisfies the most
discerning shopper.
A few miles up the River Avon lies the town of Warwick with its magnificent
mediaeval castle brought to life by Madame Tussaud's vignettes.
At Kenilworth, the Castle can be seen.
Close by is the Royal Showground which hosts the Royal Show every July and
is a year-round agricultural centre.
Royal Leamington Spa is an elegant Regency town with wide streets,
crescents and fine gardens and famous for its healing waters.
There are also many pretty villages throughout the county and stately homes such
as Packwood blouse, Ragley Hall, Charlecote Park, Baddesicy Clinton
and Coughton Court.

Warwickshire is a Heart of England county.
It features the city of Stratford-upon-Avon, where William Shakespeare
was born in 1564 and died in 1616. Stratford is filled with monuments to
The Bard, but none of the town's 21,000 residents has been able to dig up dirt on him,
since history's most renowned playwright left behind no personal papers of any kind.
Shakespeare didnít have to look far for ideas, either. The subject of one of his
plays, Richard III, was slain in nearby Market Bosworth.
That historically preserved town radiates out from a central square
where market has been held each Wednesday since the year 1285.
Warwickshire is also home to a world famous medieval castle.
Kenilworth Castle is linked to the legend of King Arthur. Pomp and
circumstance surrounding a 16th century visit by Queen Elizabeth I to
Kenilworth is thought to have inspired scenes in ďA Midsummer Nightís Dream,Ē
as a certain 11-year-old Billy was most likely on hand to witness the event.
But lest Shakespeare get all the literary credit, we should remember the
Warwickshire village of Nuneaton was home to Evans, better known by her pen name,
George Eliot. Splendid countryside and such history make Warwickshire one
of the most visited regions of the UK

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Parishes & Towns of Warwickshire

[ Alderminster ] [ Armscott ] [ Ascott (Large Hamlet) ] [ Atherstone on Stour ]

[ Barcheston ] [ Binton ] [ Blackwell ] [ Brailes ] [ Burmington ] [ Butlers Marston ]

[ Chelmscott ] [ Cherrington ] [ Clifford Chambers ] [ Compton Wynyates ] [ Crimscott ]

[ Darlingscott & Longdon ] [ Dorsington ] [ Ettington (Eatington) ] [ Great Wolford ]

[ Halford ] [ Honington ] [ Idlicote ] [ Ilmington ] [ Kineton ] [ Little Wolford ] [ Lower Brailes ]

[ Loxley ] [ Luddington ] [ Marston Sicca ] [ Moreton ] [  Morrell ] [ Newbold ] [ Old Stratford ]

[ Oxhill ] [ Pillerton Hersey ] [ Pillerton Priors ] [ Preston on Stour ] [ Quinton ]

[ Shipston on Stour ] [ Shottery ] [ South Warwickshire ] [ Stourton ] [ Stratford on Avon ]

[ Stretton on Fosse ] [ Sutton under Brailes ] [ Temple Grafton ] [ Tidmington ] [ Tredington ]

[ Tysoe ] [ Welford ] [ Wellsbourne Hastings ] [ Wellsbourne Mountford ] [ Weston on Avon ]

[ Whatcott ] [ Whichford ] [ Willington ] [ Wimpstone ] [ Winderton ]

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