"Noble County Leader" - Newspaper extracts - Noble Co., OH
A Discussion and Demonstration of the value of newspapers for genealogical research.



  "The Noble County Leader" was established by in 1898 by Jess S. Harris and continued until it was merged with the Journal and became the
Journal-Leader. It ceased publication under its masthead on 17 Aug 1961 (Journal-Leader, 24 Aug 1961). A continuous run of issues has been filmed by the Ohio Historical Society as films 24196-24213 (3 May 1899-26 Dec 1946.


  If you have not plunged into the wealth of newspapers that have been filmed by the Ohio Historical Society and that are available on library loan, here is a sampling of some I selected to work on to identify those mentioned as a test of 30 years of Archer data and to "put flesh on the bones" of some of these people. Despite my extensive holdings, I still could not identify some of these people. It is very challenging to match all the names,
nicknames, and vague relationships in these short local news clips to make a few positive identifications.

This sampling of clips also covers a lot of real estate up and down the state and into West Virginia. Notice also the need to track people all the
way to West Virginia up and down the Ohio River. There was a lot of permanent and visitor movement in and out of the county.

These items also suggest leads for further research such as military (GAR) and fraternal organization membership records. The annotations show how it is absolutely necessary to know the extended family, not just a direct descent, if you are to pursue leads in newspaper articles that describe
"cousin" relationships.

These abstracts are limited to an ARCHER surname interest I have for all counties in southeast Ohio but especially Noble Co. They do, however,
illustrate the wealth and the difficulty in using newspapers for genealogical research. Anyone with an interest in these families can contact me. I have a great deal more. All material in brackets [ ] are my comments, not the news clip.

George W. Archer

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  22 Jun 1910
  Ava: Miss Ruth M. Herron of Kansas City, is talking of visiting her mother and sister, Mrs. Henry Archer and Mrs. V. H. Wheeler in the near future.

[Ruth's mother was Clara Ann Hickman who md. 1. James Herron, 7 Aug 1880, Noble Co., OH and md. 2. Henry Archer 1846-1916
(Jacob, George/James?/Jacob, Patrick on 4 Jan 1899, Noble Co., OH. Clara was listed age 22 in 1880 Center Twp Census in household 242/242 of Morgan Hickam 75, PA and Elmira, his wife 66, NY as an adopted daughter. Henry and Clara had one child, Howard b. 28 May 1900; d. 19 May 195, OH. Howard operated the Archer Store at Ava, Oh and worked at the Ava Brick Co. and md. Lena Henerson/Hendrickson.

Note that Henry is NOT of the James Archer I line that is most prevalent in Noble Co., but is of his brother, Jacob. Due to common given names, it is hard to separate these two branches.]

-Cairo: Miss Welta Morrison and sister, Maggie, were calling on Miss Hazel Archer, Sunday...Redman Archer was calling on Delbert Davis, Sunday.

[Redman Gilbert Archer 1892-1977 (Lionel, John, James, James, JamesI) who went to Smith Co., KS in 1916 and then to Norton Co., KS returning to Noble Co. sometime in the 1920's.]

-Peter Run: Miss Tunnie Archer of Zanesville is visiting friends here...
[The name may be Tunis Archer but otherwise not identified.]

No location (p. 1):

Mrs. Aaron Archer visited her sister, Mrs. M. V. Archer at Marietta last week.

[Aaron 1844-1922 (Absalom, Simon, JamesI) md. Dorcas Cordelia Riddle and Martin V. Archer 1840-1907 (Elijah, Michael, JamesI) md. 2. Sarah Jane Riddle who was by now was a widow living in Washington Co., OH.]

For Sale- An eight-room residence with bath and seven fine building plots in Caldwell. Some of these lots are within one square of the court house.  Write to me if interested. E.W. Archer, Lancaster, Ohio.
[Probably Eastman Westman Archer (Stephen, James, James, JamesI) a prosperous businessman, newspaper editor, postmaster, who moved to Lyford, Texas in 1911.]

We are in receipt of a card announcing the marriage of S. M. Archer, Jr. whose home is at East Union and Miss Sadie Mae Fitzgerald of Oak Hill, W. Va.  The marriage was solemnized at the Bride's home on Tuesday [June? hole in paper] 14.  Mr. Archer is.... [holes]..nians and [holes] county friends?.  The Leader joins in extending congratulations and best wishes for a happily wedded life.  Miss Kate Archer, a neice of the groom, was present at the wedding.

[Stephen Mills Archer 1880-1937 (Stephen, James, James, JamesI) who was a school teacher living and teaching in Oak Hll, WV but later returned to Ohio be superintendent of schools in Cadiz and Woodsfield. The bride was Sallie Mae Fitzgerald dau of Rev. T. H. Fitzgerald 1854-1952 and Blanton Anderson 1853-1915. Sallie died 16 Apr 1924 in Woodsfield, Monroe Co., OH and Stephen remarried Isolene  "Lena" Young 1883-c.1973-1975 in Marion, OH 23 Aug 1926. I have interviewed his daughter Mary Anderson Archer and have excerpts from letters he wrote to relatives. Kate Archer was Alta Katheryn 1889-1972? who md. in 1912, G. Stephen Wilson. She was dau of Martin B. Archer, Stephen's brother and former Noble Co. Probate Judge, Farmers & Merchants Bank founder, and Ohio State Senator and an avid genealogist, author of "The Genealogical History of the Archer Family, F. J. Heer, Columbus, OH 1919.]


  27 Apr 1910.
  -Sarahsville: Miss Grace Archer, of near Whigville, is visiting her grandparents, Robert Bates and wife.

No location (p. 1)

Clyde Archer and wife spent Sunday with relatives and friends at their former home at Marieetta.

[Cyde C. Archer 1886-1956 (John, Daniel, Simon, Michael, JamesI) md. Frances B. Scott in Washington CO, OH 8 Jan 1908 and evidentially lived there until 1910 when he and his wife moved back to Caldwell. He md. Frances B. Scott 1887-1974 and also lived in Parkersburg, WV in the 1920's until his death in 1956 but was buried with his wife in St. Mary's Cathlic Cem, Marietta, OH.]


  4 May 1910
  M. B. Archer and Misses Jessie, Bertie, Kate and Grace Archer were at the wedding shower on Wednesday evening of last week.

[Martin B. Archer (above) and daughters.]

Sarahsville and Caldwell GAR Post met at Caldwell 2 May  to make arrangements to have decorations services at Caldwell, June 1st...Aaron
Archer and J. W. Smith selected as a committee on music.

[Aaron, mentioned above, served in Co. G, 176th OVI, including a very large number of Noble Co. men. J.W. Smith could be either James W. or John W. Smith. The Noble Co. Chapt of the Ohio Genealogical Society has published, "Fraternal and Patriotic Societies of Noble County, Ohio 1859-1909," edited by Lois Blake, June 1986 with an every-name index by Jane Radcliff that includes the 1909 members of the Sarahsville Center Post No 312 and the Noble Post no 491 in Caldwell. J. W. Smith was adjutant in 1909 with Aaron Archer as a member. Muster Rosters of these units also appear in Watkins' History of Noble Co., Chicago, 1887 and "The County of Noble by Frank M. Martin, Madison, WI, 1904, both available as reprints.]

East Union: Cassie Archer and sister, Tredie, of Egypt, were calling on their cousin, Miss Mamie Harris, Saturday.

[Probably Cassel William Archer 1903-1967 and Freda 1906-2000, brother and sister, children of Ambrose Archer (William, Jacob, JamesI), but the Harris cousin connection is unknown. Normally Cassie is a short form for Cassandra, but there are no known girls of that name in this location or
age group. "Tredie" is not a common nickname so I'm guessing as to which of Cassel's sisters it might have applied. "Egypt" may have been a local name for Summerfield, Marion Twp or East Union.  East Union that was also known as "Docio," being the short form of braggadocio, a label given as reward to its denizens for all the tall tales they could tell, according to Mary Anderson Archer (Stephen, James, James, JamesI).]

J. B. Archer who has been confined to his home on account of sickness, is again able to be on our streets.

[Out of several hundred men's names and with a sub-search for those in Noble Co., OH in 1910, only one entry appeared: "Fraternal and Patriotic Societies of Noble County, Ohio 1859-1909," p. 14 Noble Co., OH - J.B. Archer, member of Reliance Lodge no 966, IOOF (International Order of Odd Fellows), Summerfield, p. 4; Knights of Pythias Autumn Lodge 646.]

George Smith and wife, Edward Archer and wife, and Mrs. Rose Hague were the guests of Mrs. Susan Harris, Sunday.

[Too tough to deduce. I can't assume a family relationship as this may only be friends meeting for diner. There are too many Edwards to sort this one
out without a middle initial or his wife's name. A preliminary search of the other surnames did not lead to a connection with any Edward's spouse or


  15 Jun 1910
Hiram Davis and wife were calling on Clarence Archer and Wife, Sunday.
On the sick list- Miss Hazel Archer.

[Hazel is still unidentified.
Clarence is probably Lawrence C. Archer with an assumption that the visitor is a relative and that he used Clarence although both marriage records list him as "Lawrence C."

Hiram Davis was listed as Lawrence C. Archer's father in law on the marriage license and return for his marriage to Lawrence's second wife, Emma L. Davis b. 1887 whom he married 3 Sep 1904.
He is also Lawrence and Lawrence C. on the 1910 and 1920 US Censes, Noble Co., Marion Twp.]


  8 Jun 1910
Summerfield RFD 2
Robert Archer sold a fine horse recently...Clara and Loretta Crum called on Robert Archer and folks, Sunday...Archer brothers have finished sawing at Crumtown and are moving their mill to William McClintock's farm near Summerfield this week...Ernest and R.J. Archer attended the Stock Township Boxwell commencement at East Union, Saturday evening and report a fine time...Sylvester Archer lost a fine heifer recently....Harley and Francis Archer were visiting at Lewis Ritterback's Sunday...Earl Archer and Edward Sorg attended the dance at Henry Ritterback's last Saturday night....

[Although the dateline is Summerfield in Marion Twp, most of the people mentioned in the items were from Stock Twp except the Sorgs and William
McClintock who were in Marion Twp.

Clara and Loretta Crum were daughters of John and Matilda Crum of Stock Twp (1910 Census 29/29) and Robert Archer was probably Robert Joseph 1882-1934 the single son of Robert Archer 1847-1920 (Elijah, Michael, JamesI) and Mary Moore 1845-1918. Loretta Crum 1899-1989 md. Adam Albert Blake 1897- whose daughter Florence M. Blake md. Bernard Michael Archer 1914-2001 (Edward, Charles, Elijah, Michael, JamesI).

The Archer brothers with a portable sawmill are not positively identifiable.

Reprinted in the "Journal-Leader," 5 Jul 1979, p. 3, here is a photograph of Redmond Archer (Lionel, John, James, James, JamesI) Roderich Archer b. 1873 (John, James, James, JamesI), Joseph Wickham, James Wickham, Nathan Wickham, Garfield Wickham, Mark Wickham and Jess McDonald, and Nelson Smith standing in front of a plaining saw driven by a belt attached to a steam engine in the background. Several boards lie on top of a log in the foreground. The caption of the photo supplied by James Wickham says that this was the Wickham sawmilll located on the Archer farm about 1913-1914, north of East Union, just off SR 78

Ernest was probably Ernest H. Archer  b. c. 1891 in Summerfield who was discharged from the Army 5 Jul 1919 as a Sgt. (WW I draft registrations) and R.J. Archer was Robert Joseph Archer 1882-1934, above.

Sylvester W. Archer was (Robert, Elijah, Michael, JamesI).

Harley was Harley Leon Archer (Michael, Robert, Elijah, Michael, JamesI) b. 1892, and Francis was probably Francis R. Archer 1875-1952
(Robert, Elijah, Michael, JamesI).

Earl Archer was Edward Earl Archer 1890-1971 (Charles, Elijah, Michael, JamesI). Edward Sorg b. c. 1900 (US Census 1910, Stock Twp) was son of Cain Sorg, probably the brother of Peter Sorg, father of Ida M. Sorg 1801-1994 who md. Edward Earl Archer in 1913. I interviewed Ida Sorg in 1978.

Harry Ritterback 1877-1948 was the father of Loretta M. Ritterback b. 1899 who md. Harley Leon Archer b. 1892 (above).]

(p. 1 - no place)

S.M. Archer, Jr. attended the commencement  exercises at Ada college and listened to the class address delivered by President William H. Taft. He
speaks in glowing terms of the president's address.

[S.M. Archer is [Stephen Mills Archer 1880-1937 (Stephen, James, James, JamesI).]


  20 Apr 1910
  East Union

Hesson & Archer broke their record Saturday by receiving 850 dozen of eggs in one day.

Mrs. William Archer is visiting her son, Ambrose, of Egypt

[Ambrose Archer (William,Jacob,JamesI). HIs mother was Estella Craig 1879-1954.]

Mrs. Susan Harris was calling on Mrs. J. E. Archer, Sunday.

Otter Run

Bill Archer, the assessor was on the Run looking after his business.

(no location- p. 1)

M. B. Archer has commenced with the erection of a modern residence on his lot on North West street.

[Probably Martin B. Archer, (Stephen, James, James, JamesI)]

For Rent - a house near the public square at $5 per month. Call on Aaron Archer.

[Probably Aaron Archer 1844-1922 (Absalom, Simon, JamesI).]

The Lancaster Eagle says:  E.W. Archer of the real estate firm of Archer & Archer has just received from the factory a fine Stearns seven passenger
touring car.  It is said to be the finest machine in the county.

[Probably Eastman Westman Archer (Stephen, James, James, JamesI) a prosperous businessman who installed Noble Co's first telephone system and moved to Lyford, Texas in 1911, maybe in this car as five of his 8 children survived until 1910.]



  11 May 1910

A. W. Archer set 15 Plymouth Rock eggs and his 15 fine little chicks. What has Dog Run to say now?

[Ananias (Jacob, Michael, JamesI) who was a Sarahsville grocer.]

Mrs. Lizzie Lincicome has returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Grimes of Akron, O.

[Elizabeth Devoll/DeVolld 1864-1945 who md. Naaman Lincicome 1861-1902.
Their daughter Martha B. 1887 or 1889-1981 md. Wilbert Grimes 2 Jul 1902, Noble Co., OH.]

Mrs. Kate Friday and son, Claremont, of Sidney, Ohio, spent Tuesday here, the guests of M. B. Archer and family.

[Probably Martin B. Archer, (Stephen, James, James, JamesI). He had a daughter who was not known to have married a ____ Friday, so this may not be a Stephen Mills Archer relative.]


  p. 1
C. L. Archer and wife, of Ava, were in Caldwell on business last Thursday and while here the former was a pleasant caller at this office.

Summerfield RFD 3

Riley Archer and wife spent Saturday with friends at Belle Valley.

[William Riley Archer 1868-1938 (Simon, Simon, JamesI) and wife, Martha A. White 1869-1963.]

Samuel Grandon and wife of West Virginia spent a few days last week with the latter's brother [in-law], William House and family.

[Samuel 1860-1950 md. Luverne House 1861-1939 dau of Charles House and Sarah Jones. They lived in Ravenswood Dist, Jackson Co., WV]


  25 May 1910
  p. 1
Mrs. Aaron Archer and daughter, Mrs. M.E. Merry , visited with I.E. Archer and sister, Miss Rilla, at Cleveland, last week.

[Dorcas Cordelia Riddle 1870-1927 wife of Aaron 1844-1922 (Absalom, Simon, JamesI), visiting her children Isaac E., Marilla, and
Columbia A. who md. Marshall E. Merry.]

Mrs. Bell Archer, of Elba, was agreeably surprised by her numerous friend, on her birthday, May 19th by a post card shower. She received in all one hundred and seven beautiful tokens of remembrances, and gratefully returns thanks for the friendly sentiments carried by those little messages of love and affection.

[Clara Jane Thompson 1850-1924 md. Belcarus Archer (Simon, Nathan, JamesI).]

South Olive RFD 1

Mrs. Mary Lincicome was over to see her daughter, Mrs. John Wells and family last Friday.

[John W. Wells and Minnie J. wife in 1910 US Census Olive Twp household


  1 Jun 1910
  p. 1
Arthur O. Archer, of Muskogee, Okla., visited his parents, Aaron Archer and wife, and friends at this place over Sunday and Decoration Day.  He will spend this summer at Columbus, Mrs. Archer and child will arrive in a short time to visit friends here.

[Arthur O. Archer son of Dorcas Cordelia Riddle 1870-1927 and Aaron 1844-1922 md. Florence McFarland.]

C. M. Archer of Zanesville visited his mother, Mrs. M. P. Bevan (sic) and Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Lowe, of this place and attended Decoration Day services, He returned home Tuesday.

[Charles M. Archer 1860-1922 (Isaac, Absolom, Simon, JamesI) son of Isaac Archer 1840-1865 and Maria Smith 1843-1917.]


  13 Apr 1910

Eastman Archer has been assisting in the Pennsylvania depot at Macksburg during the past week.

[Probably Eastman Westman Archer (Stephen, James, James, JamesI)]

R. W. Archer of St. Clairsville, treasurer of Belmont county, spent last Thursday night and Friday in Caldwell.  Mr. Archer is seeking the Republican
nomination for state treasurer this year, and while in Caldwell made a most favorable impression among those Republicans whom he had the pleasure of meeting. The Leader acknowledges a pleasant call from him.

[Rudolf W. Archer 1889-1932 (Orlando, Rudolf, John) - not related to any Archers in Noble Co.]


  6 Apr 1910
  East Union
A. F. Archer was at Sumerfield, Saturday on business
[Probably Allen Floyd Archer 1856-1944 (James, Joseph, JamesI).]

S. M. Archer is giving his home a new coat of paint.
[Probably Stephen Morris Archer  (1838-1911) (James, James, JamesI).]

Mrs. Ellis Archer of Egypt was calling on her friend, Mrs. William Archer, Friday.

[Martha Enochs c. 1869-1919 md. Ellis W. Archer 1866-1949 (Ananias, Jacob, JamesI). She committed suicide 4 Mar 1919 (Noble Co., OH
Coroner's Inquest, filed 12 Mar 1919).]


  30 Mar 1910
  p. 1

Miss Grace Archer is visiting her grandfather, S. M. Archer of East Union.
[Grace Archer (Martin, Stephen, James, James, JamesI) dau of Martin B. Archer, and granddaughter of Stephen Morris Archer, above.]

East Union

Mrs. William Archer was visiting Edward Archer and son, Ambrose, of Egypt, last week. [Ambrose Archer (William, Jacob, JamesI)
Edward Earl Archer 1890-1971 (Charles, Elijah, Michael, JamesI).]

Mrs. William Archer takes this means of thanking her many friends and relatives for the many beautiful post cards she received on her birthday.
Mrs. Archer was 58 years old last Tuesday.
[Mary Rachael Yoho b. 29 Mar 1852 md. William Archer (Jacob, JamesI).]

E.W. Archer of Lancaster was the guest of his father-in-law one day last week.

Ambrose Archer was a business caller in town, Monday.
[Ambrose Archer (William, Jacob, JamesI)


Master Ray and Harry Kirk helped grandpa A. W. Archer make garden last Saturday
Miss Freeda Archer, of Egypt was calling on her cousin, Mamie Harris, Sunday.

[Ananias (Jacob, Michael, JamesI) who was a Sarahsville grocer.]
[Freda Opal Archer 1906-2000 (Ambrose, William, Jacob, JamesI) and Mamie Harris b. c. 1898, dau of Ann Archer (William, Jacob, JamesI) and Ira B. Harris).]


  23 Mar 1910
  p. 1
Peter Archer, chief engineer at the Athens insane asylum, spent Monday with friends at his former home at this place .

[The Athens Asylum was a dumping ground for those who had no family or means of support who would not be admissible to the the Noble Co.
Infirmary. These admission records have been filmed by the Ohio Historical Society. This was Peter b. 1867 (Daniel, Simon, Michael, James). Family records say that Peter's family was living in Bern while he was employed at the Athens Asylum.]


  16 Mar 1910
  p. 1
Prof. Bell Archer, of Elba, and son, W. C., of Athens, Ohio, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives and friends at this place.

[Belcarus Archer (Simon, Nathan, JamesI) and son William C. Archer.]

Summerfield RFD 1

Edgar Archer, of Pleasant City, was in this vicinity one day last week buying horses.

[Edgar Archer (Henry, Jacob, George or James, Jacob, Patrick). Note this is a descendant of Jacob of Patrick not of JamesI of Patrick. He was a feed stock merchant.]


  2 Mar 1910

Marriages Licenses:
Swazey Archer, harness maker and Elizabeth McElfresh, both of Summrfield.

[Mrs. Elizabeth McElfresh dau of John Palmer and Sarah Stratberg, widow of Charles W. McElfresh 1872-1908 who md. Swazy Archer ws
(Francis, James, Joseph, JamesI) on 26 Feb 1910, Noble Co., Marriages Vol. 10, p. 247.

Summerfield RFD 3

Miss Effie Archer of Berne spent the past week with her sister, Mrs. Homer Mallett.

[Effie b. 1888 and Emily Jane 1886-1973 (Ananias, Jacob, JamesI) who md. Homer Mallet.]


Steve Archer of Caldwell, spent Sunday with friends of this place.

[Probably Stephen Archer (Milton, Stephen?, James, James, JamesI?)

East Union

Master Fred Archer, of Egypt, was the guest of his cousin, Miss Mamie Harris, over Sunday.

[Frederick H. Archer 1899-1988  (Ambrose, William, Jacob, JamesI) and Mamie Harris b. c. 1898, dau of Ann Archer (William, Jacob, JamesI) and Ira B. Harris).]

Joseph Archer, of Olive, and A. J. Johnson of Columbus were the guests of J. B. Johnson last Monday.

[By 1910, James B. Johnson 1859-1932, a blacksmith, was both the father-in-law and step-brother-in law of Joseph Stephen Archer 1876-1960
(Patrick, Isaac\Simon, JamesI) who md. Minnie Florence Johnson  1881-1979 on 8 Apr 1905, Noble Co., OH. James Johnson md. 2. Belle Archer b. 17 Feb 1879, Joseph's sister. A. J. Johnson may have been Joseph A. Johnson, James' son by his first wife, Mary Hamilton  1859-1903 on 6 Feb 1879, only 11 days before his second wife was born! James Johnson had 8 children by Mary and 4 by Belle who was 40 years younger than he was!]

Amos W. Archer who was visiting his little daughter, Mabel, who is living with her grandparents, William Tuttle and wife, over Sunday.

[Amos W. Archer (Milberry, Jacob, James, JamesI) whose first wife, Chloe Magdalene Tuttle b. 9 Mar 1883 had just died 12 Nov 1909 before Amos remarried Allie Dowell 1879-1960-69, widow of Herman Barnes on 8 Dec 1910.

Robert Archer, of Berne, was a pleasant caller in town, Friday probably Robert Joseph 1882-1934 the single son of Robert Archer 1847-1920
(Elijah, Michael, JamesI)