Tree drawn by Mrs. Bisland McCALEB nee Olivia D. ARCHER in 1908

Transcription of data from tree into descendant outline and indexed


George W. Archer
PO Box 6233
McLean, Virginia 22106

Published: 30 June 2008

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Page 1

Transcribed 30 Jun 2008
by George W. Archer (
The Archer Association, PO Box 6233, McLean, VA 22106


Transcriber notes denoted by square brackets [ ]
Original tree chart comments denoted by ( )

Tree drawn by Mrs. Bisland McCALEB nee Olivia D. ARCHER in 1908.

[Olivia Dunbar ARCHER 3 Jun 1851-1938, md. Dr. Bisland McCALEB.
Daughter of James ARCHER 1811-1899 and Mary Ann HUNT.
Gr dau of Stevenson ARCHER 1786-1848 and Pamelia Barney HAYS
1782?-1863/1865 Gr granddaughter of John ARCHER 1741-1810 and Catherine
HARRIS 1742-1815]

Some cautions and problems in reading or interpreting the data on the tree:

1. The given name, Francis, is used throughout by Olivia ARCHER for both males and females. Where possible I've tried to denote sex by "[m.]" or "[f.]" using the sex of the spouse or other data not on the tree.

2. The listings of children are NOT in birth order as the dates of birth were not always listed on the tree.

3. The image of the tree, probably a second or third generation copy, was copied photographically and put on a CD by a descedant of the John ARCHER line:

Christopher T. Smithson
127 N. Main Street
Port Deposit, MD 21904-1211
(410) 378-2733 (Home)
(410) 690-1299 (Cell)

Page 2

which I used to make the genealogical transcriptions. Even at 800% magnification on a high resolution computer screen, it was not always possible to interpret the incomplete lettering.

4. Some inconsistencies and omissions in Olivia's notations or drawings resulted in confused or incomplete data on the tree. I denote these items in my transcription with "?", "...", or comments by me in angle brackets [ ]. These entries should be compared with the original or a first generation copy of the original to verify the accuracy and completeness of the problematic transcriptions.

5. Several couples, and occasionally children, were not clearly linked in the graphical representations on the chart. To denote a marriage, Olivia ARCHER used the letter "M" in a leaf and then paired that leaf with a
spouse's leaf so they touched or overlapped. Children of that marriage appear as leaves attached to the couple's joined leaves.

To help the reader, Olivia used generational numbering of some branches from the main trunk carrying numbers 3 to 6. However, children branching from the main trunk may be strung together in a horizontal or vertical series of leaves extending away from the trunk, intended to represent a branch of the same generation until the next marriage branching defines a new generation. Do not interpret these strings as parent/child links until there is a marriage pairing of leaves in the string. Check carefully for a number of 3 to 6 to verify what generation you are reading.

6. Multiple marriages are sometimes numbered, but the offspring of those marriages are not always clear as being children of which marriage due to limitations of space and/or lack of data when Olivia made the tree. I have not tried to add or correct data to clarify child/parent relationship or a marriage with incomplete spousal data. I have a 30-year collection of collated ARCHER data from all lines in North America including this line and will be happy to share what I have with ARCHER surname resarchers.

7. There are several several crowded family clusters that without taking extreme care to track all the leaves back to the right parents can cause mis-assignment of a surname. Look first for the surname of the child on the leaf and then track it back to its parents' joined leaf. If you can't find a surname written on a child's leaf, check the stem of the leaf to see what parent it leads to. Sometimes the clusters are so dense a stem disappears along the edge of another leaf, barely visible without extreme
Page 3

magnification, that is not part of the same cluster, potentially leaving a child with no surname listed in genealogical limbo. Graphical trees are fun, but are not always the clearest way to do genealogy unless
supplemented with a printed outline to use as a guide together with sources to validate the data on the tree.

My transcription below is an attempt to clarify the data on the tree, but this should be verified with the data on the tree to be sure.
Many names are open to interpretation and may be correctable using other sources. I made three separate comparisons of the transcriptions against every name on the tree as I did the transcriptions but still may have missed or mis-interpreted some parent/child pairings.

8. In one extreme instance a branch (Thomas ARCHER md. Elizabeth PHILLIPS) from the right branch of the trunk expands left and snakes under a branch of Mary HAYS daughter of Archer HAYS from the left fork branch of the main trunk making interpretation of the two different lines very difficult.
Otherwise the lines are fairly readable. Also in one branch toward the top right among the highest leaves in the tree, there are some stray leaves Olivia marked "mistake", probably meaning she drew too many leaves for that couple. A few couples have named children, but include blank leaves in the
family cluster, suggesting that Olivia knew there were that number of children but did not know their names or if they were infant deaths.




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Text at the base of the tree:

"The ARCHER family of Maryland are descended from Nathaniel ARCHER of Umberslade, Warwickshire, England, whose ancestor, Fulbert L'ARCHER came to England with Willliam the Conqueror from Normandy, whose son - Robert, was tutor to Henry I, for which service he acquired the land of Umberslade. Thence John ARCHER born in 1680, moved to Ireland - - Thence Thomas ARCHER born 1720 moved to Maryland, Harford Co. His son, John - M.D. born 5th of May 1741, graduated at Princeton A.B. 1760 and M.A. 1763 and from Medical College of Philadelphia, 21st of June 1768, having previously tried the Ministry, but losing his voice from quinsy, chose the medicine."





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(Blocks of writing - left to right - in line with trunk)
Page 4
"Pretty Bettie Martin tip toe fine
Couldn't find a husband to suit her mind"

"Elizabeth MARTIN's parents owned large tracts of land in Maryland. She first married Richard DALLAM. There are many descendants Harford Co. from this marriage. Her second husband was Wm. SMITH whose step father was the Bro of the Duke of MARLBOROUGH and who took his step-son Wm. SMITH under his special care and sent him to America, where he remained several years.
He returned to England. After a short sojourn in his Mother Country by a remarkable coincidence took passage for America and in Company with Elizabeth MARTIN and Richard DALLAM.

"The parents of Bettie MARTIN made their new home in Harford Co. Richard DALAM owned "The Cranberry" and William SMITH, "Blenherm" two of the handsomest estates of the New Country. For years Bettie MARTIN was a reigning belle. She had many suitors, both in the Old and New Country. The
above well known Couplet is said to have originated with a disappointed suitor.

"She lived to the advanced age of 110 years - was able to walk about the room the day before her death. To the last retained her brilliancy of eye and freshness of complecton (sic).

"Five generations of her descendants sat at table with her the last week of her life, and the very day upon which she breathed her last, a grandson of the sixth generation was born, Dr. Wm. Middlemore DALLAM.

"Two distinguished grandsons were Gov. PACA of Md and Gov CASWELL of N.C.
She died at "The Cranberry" in 1778. Her great granddaughter, Hannah SMITH, married Archer HAYS. They were parents of Judge Stevenson ARCHER's wife, nee Pamelia B. HAYS."






Page 5

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"Col. H.B. HAYS

"Son of Archer HAYS and Hanna SMITH of Harford Co. Md, lawyer by profession. Came to Ala. in 1820. Married a daughter of Judge DUPREE. Was appointed Col. of Gov's staff - and acted as aide to y [sic - ye - the] Marquis de LAFAYETTE in 1825, when he visited the US. He died with full assurances of a Heavenly Home. His last words were "I know that my Redeemer liveth." He had three sons and two daughters Col. Chas. W. HAYS graduated 3d in his class at Philadelphia Naval Acad'y (Academy). Served with fidelity and honor in the U.S. Navy until his state seceded when he threw up his commission and was appointed Capt in the C.S.A.. and remained loyal to the cause until the Ensign of his his ship was furled - D(ied) in 1886.

"Andrew J. HAYS enl [enlisted?] in U.S.M.C. [U.S. Marine Corps] where he served in the U.S., in Foreign lands, and at home for 20 years. Threw up his commission when the state of Ala. seceded and took up arms for his native South. Was Col. of the 27th Miss. Regiment and was breveted on the field
of Battle for valor. Made a staff officer. D(ied) in 1897. Archer HAYS was Capt. in the 9th Ala Reg't. Went tro' (through) the Civil War and served his country loyally and bravely. Is living in Ala."




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[Text under an engraved image of the church]

"Churchville Presbyterian Church, Harford Co, Maryland

"Dr. John ARCHER was born at Churchville, Harford Md. May 5th. 1741 and was the son of Thomas Archer. He was educated at Nottingham Academy, Cecil Co and received the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Princeton College 1753 (sic). He then studied theology and became a minister of the Presbyterian
Church. He had to give up preaching on account of some throat trouble. He then pursued the study of Medicine under the late Dr. John MORGAN and later attended the University of Pennsylvania and was graduated from there in 1768. He practiced his profession in New Castle Co. The diploma he received was as the first graduate from a Medical School in the New World, is now in possession of the Maryland Medical and Chirurgical Faculty.

"Dr. ARCHER was appointed on the committee of (Observation?) of Harford Co 1774 and in 1775 was made its chairman. He was made Major of Upper Battalion in 1776. Delegate to the MD Convention 1776. Judge in the Orphans Court in 1782. Presidential Elector 1796. Member of Congress 1801-07.

Page 6


"Between 1780 and 1800, Dr. ARCHER trained 50 students in medicine at his home familiarly known as "Medical Hall". He had six sons five of whom studied medicine under their Father. Being a man of strong and well trained mind, it was used in imparting to his Children the necessity of strict obedience to that discipline which is necessary to make great and good men.

"John ARCHER Jr. B(orn) 1779 D(ied) 1815 M.D. of the Univerity of Penn in 1798 was a Surgeon of the Md. Militia in the War of 1812.

"Robert Harris ARCHER B(orn) 1775 D(ied) 1851. He attended the University of Penn and practiced in Baltimore from 1798 to 1805. In Lancastle, Penn from 1805 to 1809 and later in Cecil and Harford Cos. He held the offices of member of the Legislature and of Govs Council and Orphan Court.

"James ARCHER b(orn) 1779 D(ied) 1815. Took(?) M.D. at the University of Penn in 1804. Practiced in Harford Co., Md. removing to Miss in 1810 where he died.

"Geo. Washington ARCHER died at the age of 17 years while a student.

"Thos. ARCHER B(orn) 1768 D(ied) 1821. He? attended lectures at the University of Penn. He was an invalid for many years. He was an incorporator of the Medical and Chirurgical faculty of Md in 1799.


[Text to the far right of the picture next to the photo of the church and above the photo of the house]


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"Stevenson ARCHER the youngest child was born the 11th Oct 1785. His early education was received at Slate Ridge school in Baltimore. He entered the Sophomore Class at Princeton and graduated A.B. in 1805. He read law first with John MONTGOMARY at Bel Air Md. and later with Chancellor John JOHNSON at Annapolis. He was elected a delegate to the Gen. Assembly of Md. as an independent candidate in 1809 and again as a Democrat in 1810. He was Pay Master to the 40th Reg Md Militia during the War of 1812. Was elected to U.S. House of Representatives in 1811 and reelected in 1813 and 1815. While there he was a supporter of the War. In 1817 he was appointed by Res(iding?) Madison Judge of Miss Ter. [Territory] with powers of Gov(ernor). Holding court at St. Stephens Ala. Rivers and Washington which was the capital of Miss Ter. This position he resigned in less than a year returning to Md where he practiced his profession and was elected again to Congress as a Dem in 1819. He continued to practice law in the Courts of Harford and Cecil and Kent Cos until 1823 when we was appointed Chief Judge of the Judicial Circuit Court comprising Balt. and Harford Cos and city of

Page 7

Baltimore. In 1844 he was appointed by Gov Pratt to be Chief Justice of Court of appeals of Md. This office he held until his death which took place at "Medical Hall" 23rd Jun 1848. He was buried at Churchville where his Father, Mother and two Bros. lie.

"It may be well to say he had a peculiar fondness for agriculture. His improvement of the old worn out home place was a making the "Wilderness to blossom as the rose." Could it not be said with Truth that he gave an impulse to agriculture which has extended thro [through] the Co. and promises to make Harford one of the finest Cos of the state. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. He was brought to think of more serious matter - by having as Judge to preside in a case which required a deep study of the confession of Faith. He was so much impressed by the study of it he soon after united with the Church at the same time his young daughter Laura became a member."

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Page 8

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[The outline of genealogical descent below is derived from data on the left fork of the main trunk. The descent portrayed on the tree is from the ground upward.]


I. Richard DALLAM, a lawyer from England
md. Elizabeth "Bettie" MARTIN died 1778
She md. 2. William SMITH
Elizabeth DALLAM md. Samuel WEBSTER
Child: Elizabeth WEBSTER
md. Nathan SMITH (not related to William)
1. Nathan SMITH
2. William SMITH
3. Mary SMITH md. Benj. HERSEY
4. Elizabeth SMITH md. Jno. BARNEY
5. Hannah SMITH md. Archer HAYS (see below)
6. Alice SMITH md. ____ WOOLSEY


I. William SLAUGHTER md. Harriet HAYS 1846 (below)
1. William SLAUGHTER
3. Dupree SLAUGHTER [m.] md. Georgie HENDERSON (below)
a. Arabella Dupree SLAUGHTER
b. Ashton Beauregard SLAUGHTER
c. Ida Julien SLAUGHTER
4. Hallie SLAUGHTER md. G. W. KNOWLES [m.]
Child: Ellen KNOWLES
5. Georgie SLAUGHTER md. Charles KIRKLAND
a. Charles KIRKLAND md. Mable
b. W.S. KIRKLAND md. Pearl
Page 9

6. Howard SLAUGHTER md Elizabeth
a. Henry Hays SLAUGHTER
b. Pendleton SLAUGHTER
d. William SLAUGHTER
e. Wright B. SLAUGHTER
g. Howell W. SLAUGHTER

7. Ada Belle SLAUGHTER md. Jack HAYS (see below)

Page 10

[The outline of genealogical descent below is derived from data on the tree from the main trunk reading upward into the several branches comprising the upper limits of the tree itself.]


I. Robert ARCHER md. (Unknown)
Child: John ARCHER md. Esther IRWIN

II. John ARCHER md. Esther IRWIN
1. James ARCHER b. 1726 md. Catherine MORTIMER 1752,
removed to North Caorlina
2. Nathaniel ARCHER b. 1722; died young
3. Thomas ARCHER b. 1720 ; d. 1772 [below - see right fork of
main tree trunk]
md. Elizabeth STEVENSON b. 1775; d. 1774
4. Esther Irwin ARCHER md. John HAYS
a. James HAYS
1) John HAYS
b. John HAYS
c. Esther HAYS md. ___ McCANDLES
1) Ruth McCANDLES md. ___ BAY
3) John McCANDLES md. ___
(a) Richard McKENDLES [sic]
d. Joseph HAYS
e. Mary HAYS md.
1. Alex. YOUNG
2. Charles O'BRIEN
1) Charles J. O'BRIEN
a) Mary O'BRIEN md. ___MATTES(?)
2) Esther [YOUNG or O'BRIEN?] md. ____ WATTERS
Page 11

a) Mary WATTERS md. Mr. RIGDON
(1) George RIGDON
b) Walter WATTERS
c) Robert WATTERS
d) Alexander WATTERS md. Miss AMOS
(1) Miss WATTERS md. Dr. DICKEY - Kansas City
e) Dorsey WATTERS - went west
f) Esther WATTERS
3) John Yonny (last name unknown)
4) Mary md. ___ GOUGH
Children :
a) Octavia GOUGH md. ___ DALLAM
(1) son
b) Matilda GOUGH md. ___ HENNESSEE
(1) dau.
c) William T. GOUGH md. (?) - 2 children who had no children
d) Martha GOUGH md. ____ BOWLDIN
(1) Nora BOWLDIN
(2) Corinne BOWLDIN
(3) Helen BOWLDIN md. John EVANS
(a) Helen EVANS
(b) Martha EVANS
(c) John EVANS

f. Archer HAYS, d. 70 yrs md. Hannah SMITH, d. 90 yrs
1) Harry B. HAYS md.
moved to Alabma in 1820
1. Sarah FISHER
2. Arabella DUPREE
Children [by 2?]:
a) Charles W. HAYS md.
1. Leah GRAY 1830?
2. Sallie W. ( ) 1850
Page 12

Children: [by Leah or Sallie?]
(1) Marion HAYS [m. or f.?]
(2) Jessie HAYS
(3) Charles HAYS
(4) Harry B. HAYS
(5) Barney HAYS
b) Jack HAYS md. Laura KIRKLAND 1880
(1) Harry HAYS md. Adele RUDENGNER 1889
(a) Lillian Adele ( )
(2) Jack HAYS md. Ada Belle SLAUGHTER 1890?
(a) Jack HAYS
(b) Dupree HAYS
(c) William S. HAYS
c) James HAYS
d) Col. Andrew J. HAYS d. 1897
e) Hariette HAYS md William SLAUGHTER 1846
f) Arabella HAYS md. Charles HENDERSON 1861
(1) Barney HENDERSON
(2) Julien HENDERSON (dead by 1908)
(3) Claude HENDERSON
(4) Samuel HENDERSON
(5) Ida HENDERSON md. Matsene PARKER
(6) William HENDERSON (dead by 1908)
(7) Georgie HENDERSON md. Dupree SLAUGHTER
(see above- HAYS/SLAUGHTER)
(a) Arabella SLAUGHTER
(b) Ashton Beauregard SLAUGHTER
(c) Ida Julien SLAUGHTER

2) Harry HAYS
3) Col. William HAYS md Sallie McBE..(?)
4) Mary A. HAYS md. Rev. R.H. DAVIS
a) Ellen DAVIS md. Robert H. ARCHER
Page 13

(1) Henry W. ARCHER b. 1854
(2) Howe D. ARCHER b. 1855

5) Thomas A. HAYS md. Elizabeth JONES
a) Harrett HAYS md. Mr. WHALAND
(1) John WHALAND
(2) Fannie WHALAND
b) Eliza HAYS
c) George A. HAYS
d) Thomas HAYS md. Sallie FULFORD
(1) John HAYS md. Lucy GARROTT
(a) ( )
(2) Nat HAYS md.
1. Miss HANSON
(a) (dead)
2. Miss Pyia(?)
(a) Urban HAYS
(3) William HAYS
(4) Alexander HAYS
(5) Thomas HAYS md. (Mary?) AKEN?
(a) Elizabeth HAYS
(b) Donald HAYS
(c) Allen HAYS
(d) Thomas HAYS
(e) Mary HAYS md. Dr. SAPPINGTON (see below) [1st/2nd?]
e) Mary S. HAYS md. Charles GILES
f) Elizabeth HAYS md. ____ JACOBS
(1) Lucy B. JACOBS
(2) Eva JACOBS
(3) Rosa JACOBS md. Dr. SAPPINGTON [1st or 2nd wife?]
Page 14

(4) Georgia JACOBS
(5) Alice JACOBS md. Ned QUARLES
(a) John QUARLES md. ( )
(6) Frank H. JACOBS md Elizabeth STREET
(a) Stevenson Williams JACOBS
(b) Frank Hays JACOBS
(c) Joseph Bruel(?) JACOBS
g) Sarah HAYS md. Sam GALLAND(?)/GALLOW..(?)
(1) Elizabeth GALLOW md. Alex. FULFORD/FALFORD
h) Francis HAYS (f) md. ____ FULFORD/FALFORD
[The children of sisters g) Sarah and h) Francis HAYS, married.]

6) Elizabeth HAYS md. Mr. JARRETT
a) Archer H. JARRETT md. Fannie SHEPPARD
b) Elizabeth JARRETT
7) Harriett HAYS
8) Pamelia B. HAYS md. Stevenson ARCHER
(see below - Stevenson ARCHER)
9) Nat W.S. HAYS md.
1. Mary FULLERD?
2. Mrs. Mame? FULLERD
a) Archer HAYS md. Charlotte FARLEY? 1865
(1) Benna Viske/Visle HAYS b. 1869-1901
md. Mike? MULLALLY 1866-1902
(2) Archer Porterfield HAYS 1866-1901
Page 15

(3) John Albert Dunn HAYS b. 1866
md. 1888 Mary Lorman HA(..) B. 1868
(a) Mame Lorman HAYS b. 1891
(b) Le Forest HAYS b. 1896
Page 16

[Begin right fork of tree from main trunk; see above - son of John Archer and Esther Irwin]

3. Thomas ARCHER b. 1720 ; d. 1772
md. Elizabeth STEVENSON b. 1775; d. 1774
He with his brother-in-law, John HAYS, migrated from Ireland shortly before his marriage and settled in Harford Co, Md. They were elders of the Presbyterian Church. Their ancestors lived in the vicinity of Londonderry, Ireland.
a. Elizabeth ARCHER 1747-1747
b. Esther ARCHER 1745-1747
c. Stevenson ARCHER Sep 4, 1742 - Oct 2,1747
d. Robert ARCHER 1744-1747
e. John M.B. ARCHER 1741-1810 md Catherine HARRIS d. 1815
Is well known as the first medical graduate of the first medical school in the United States, viz that of Philadelphia. A native of Harford Co, Md. A master of-arts of Princeton. A patriot and statesman of the Revolution. A practitioner and teacher of Medicine of high repute. A founder of the Medicaland Chirurgical
Faculty of Maryland and a member of Congress. He left the world full of years and full of honors. His life was truly devoted to the service of his fellows creatures and to the glory of the Great Redeemer. His remains lie in the Churchville burying ground, Harford Co, Md where many of his descendants lie.

1) Mary ARCHER 1771-1777
2) Stevenson ARCHER 1774-1779
3) George Washington ARCHER died age 17
4) James ARCHER md. Margaret MOSS
a) Child: died as infant
5) Elizabeth ARCHER 1772-1775
6) Thomas ARCHER md. Elizabeth PHILLIPS
a) John ARCHER
b) Cordelia ARCHER
c) James P. ARCHER md Ellen BROWN
d) Robert H. ARCHER 1812-1876 md.
1. Elizabeth ARCHER d. 1852
[dau of Stevenson ARCHER 1786-1848]
Page 17

(1) Roberta H. ARCHER b. [and d.?] 1835
(2) Mary ARCHER md
1. Thomas BROWN 1874
2. Robert WILSON
(a) Robert Archer WILSON
(b) Francis Howard WILSON
(c) Victor WILSON d. infant
(3) William Harris ARCHER md.
[children by which wife not shown]
1. Fanny Van Wyck GOLDBOROUGH 1869
2. Margaret NASH 1872
3. Lucy BANKS 1880
(a) Elizabeth Fanny ARCHER md. Rev. Peter SEARS
Francis G. SEARS
Alice Gay SEARS
Claud Wish.. SEARS
(b) Laura Banks ARCHER md. Courtney Parham CABELL
Charles Archer CABELL
Roberta CABELL

(c) Robert Harris ARCHER
(d) Mary ARCHER
(e) Lucy ARCHER
(f) Anna ARCHER
(g) Roberta ARCHER
(h) Edward Garland ARCHER
(i) William H. ARCHER
(4) J. Ringold ARCHER

7) Robert H. ARCHER 1775-1857 md. Mary STUMP d. 1860
a) Robert H. ARCHER 1813-1883 md. Deborah Ann JACKSON
Hannah S. ARCHER
Robert Harris ARCHER
James ARCHER d.? 1878
Page 18

Mary I. ARCHER b. 1848
b) Stevenson ARCHER
c) Hannah S. ARCHER
d) Thomas ARCHER 1808-1870 md. Susanna GLASGOW
(1) James Glasgow ARCHER 1842-1869 ; Presby. Preacher
md 1865 Julia Norman BRANCH
(a) Ellen G. ARCHER b. 1866
md James (?). DORRILE(E?)
Janette DORRILE(E?)
Hannah DORRILE(E?)
(2) Delia L. ARCHER b. 1849
md Henry C. WILSON
(a) Alice H. WILSON b. 1879
(b) Thomas A. WILSON 1883
(c) Harris F. WILSON md. Katherine GARRY

(3) Mary E. G. ARCHER b. 1846 md. George S. HARLAN
(a) Susanna HARLAN b. 1871
(b) Elizabeth HARLAN b. 1877
(c) George S. HARLAN b. 1875 md
Ruth Mc(intyre?) HARLAN
Mary HARLAN 1881
Margaret D. HARLAN
Elenor (K?) HARLAN
(4) George ARCHER
(5) R. Harris ARCHER b. 1844 [Robert Harris]
md. 1. Elizabeth LEE 1871
(a) James ARCHER md.
1. Elizabeth REID 1874
James Glasgow ARCHER
Cornelia ARCHER

Page 19

md. Mr. WASSON
James Lee WASSON
2. C.G. LEE 1880
(a) Robert H. ARCHER
(b) William L. ARCHER
e) George W. ARCHER
f) Henry S. ARCHER b. 1811 md. Jane Elizabeth HART
(1) Flora A. ARCHER md Edward C. DEAMS 1880
(a) Horace Archer DEAMS
(b) Mable DEAMS
(2) Mary Alice ARCHER md John I. MITCHELL 1871
(a) Louise?/Svonise? MITCHELL
(b) Robert A. MITCHELL
(c) Richard MITCHELL
(d) Thomas Hart MITCHELL
(e) Edward Roe MITCHELL
(3) Robert H. ARCHER
(4) Clara A. ARCHER md. Charles O. THOMPSON 1870
(a) Harry H? THOMPSON
(b) Grace Lilla THOMPSON
(c) Flora Blanche THOMPSON
(5) Hannah ARCHER
g) John ARCHER born 1805 md. 1819 Ann SAVIN
(1) Eugene ARCHER
md. 1. Ann PASCHAL IN 1870
(a) John ARCHER
(b) Florence ARCHER
(c) ( )
md. 2. Mary E. TAYLOR IN 1877
(a) Robert ARCHER
(b) Georgianna ARCHER

Page 20

(c) Lillian May ARCHER
(d) Eugene ARCHER

(2) Georgia P. ARCHER md. 1870 Langdon C. TOBIN
(a) Lucia Ann TOBIN
(b) Lee TOBIN
(c) Eugene Allen TOBIN
(d) John Franklin TOBIN
(e) Augusta TOBIN
(f) Archer Duncan TOBIN

(3) Osceola ARCHER [m] md. 1871 Amanda E. WILDY
(a) Mignon ARCHER md. John LOWE, New York
(b) Osceola ARCHER md Howard Martha Donnul(?)
(d) Bessie Lee ARCHER md. 190_ J. Wilson EMORE
Child: Margaret Graham EMORE
(e) Nethie ARCHER md. Harry J. WINSLEN(?)
Child: Osceola Archer WINSLEN(?)
(f) James Irwin ARCHER
(g) Ann E. ARCHER
(h) Ida May ARCHER md. Fideliu Sharp HENRY
Child: Elizabeth Archer HENRY

(4) Angnsla?/Augusta? ARCHER
md. James C. WILSON
(a) Anna Amelia WILSON md. Phil TOM
Children :
Phil TOM
Jas.? Claude TOM
Willis (?) Augusta TOM
Phil. Archer TOM
(b) Oscola WILSON
(c) Eugene WILSON
(d) Emma Augusta WILSON
(e) George WILSON
(f) James Charles WILSON md. Lida BRIGHTWELL
James Charles WILSON

Page 21

Florence H. WILSON
Mabel Lucille WILSON
(g) Harry Thomas WILSON md. Bessie HENDERSON
Jane Archer WILSON b. Oct 190_

(h) Archer K. WILSON
md Josiphine CARSON
George Archer WILSON
John Carson WILSON

(5) Clara P. ARCHER - died young
(6) Thomas S. ARCHER
(7) Ann Mary ARCHER
(8) Sarah Florence ARCHER

8) John ARCHER 1777-1830 , M.D. md. Ann STUMP d. 1867
a) John S. ARCHER - d. age 20
b) Robert H. ARCHER md. 1853 Ellen H. DAVIS
(1) Henry W. ARCHER
(2) Howe D. ARCHER
(3) Catherine ARCHER - died as infant
c) Catherine ARCHER d. infant
d) Hannah B. ARCHER 1805-1871 md. on 1829 Albert CONSTABLE
d. 1855
(1) Alice M. CONSTABLE md. 1862 J.C. GITTING
(2) John Ahrn(?) CONSTABLE
(3) Albert CONSTABLE md. 1866 Elizabeth B. GROOME
Children :
(a) Blanche CONSTABLE
(c) Arline CONSTABLE
(e) Reginold CONSTABLE
(f) Claire CONSTABLE

Page 22

(h) Henry Lyttleton CONSTABLE
(i) William P. CONSTABLE
(j) Albert CONSTABLE
(k) Kathriney CONSTABLE
(l) John Groome CONSTABLE
(4) Isobel Stevenson CONSTABLE md Samuel E. GITTINGS 1861
(a) Albert C. GITTINGS
(b) Thomas E. GITTINGS
(c) Johan E. GITTINGS
(d) Mary Archer GITTINGS
(e) Pinkney GITTINGS
(f) John Constable GITTINGS
(g) Alice C. GITTINGS

e) Mary ARCHER
f) Catherine C. ARCHER 1810 md. 1836 Henry D. SMITHSON
(1) Ann Archer SMITHSON b. 1838
(2) William SMITHSON b. 1840 md.
1. Mary GONON
Child: Frederica SMITHSON
2. Ann SAYMONOSKY [Wife or daughter?]
(3) Mary Archer SMITHSON 1847-1884
(4) Herman SMITHSON b. 1850 md.
1. Josephine KNIGHT
(a) Maud SMITHSON - died young
(a) Fannie SMITHSON
(b) ( )
(c) ( )
(5) Catherine Archer SMITHSON b. 1852
(6) Mary SMITHSON - died as infant
(7) Georgiann SMITHSON - died as infant

g) Ann H. ARCHER
md 1868 Oliver M. THOMAS
i) Marion ARCHER d. age 2
j) Gen. James J. ARCHER C.S.A., age 47 yrs

Page 23

k) Henry W. ARCHER
md 1849 Mary E. WALKER
(1) John ARCHER 1853-1855
(2) Elizabeth ARCHER b. 1851
(3) Henry Wilson ARCHER b. 1854
(4) James J. ARCHER 1861
(5) John S. ARCHER b. 1859
(6) William Stevenson ARCHER b. 1855
(7) Mary Angela ARCHER
(8) Ann S. ARCHER b. 1859
(9) Robert Stevenson ARCHER 1862-1879
(10) Rosalie ARCHER d. infant
(11) Christian Graham ARCHER
(12) Robert ARCHER b. 1858
l) George Washington ARCHER

9) Stevenson ARCHER 1786-1848 md. Pamelia B. HAYS in 1811
She was his first cousin (see Archer HAYS above). He was a large man of magnificent physique. "Was amiable, bland and courteous in his manners, yet firm and decided in his purpose- He emminently dignified the seat which he occupied.
His legal learning was only surpassed by his moral worth. Maryland and the Country! We mourn his loss The bench has lost an (? ) The state a good citizen and Son! I fear we shall not look upon the like again."

a) Elizabeth ARCHER md. Robert H. ARCHER [son of Thomas
ARCHER 1768-1821]
(1) Mary B. ARCHER
(2) William Harris ARCHER
(3) Roberta ARCHER

b) William Robert ARCHER 1830-1832
c) John George ARCHER, M.D. 1819-1884 md. Sarah E. WATSON
(1) Stevenson ARCHER b. 1850 md.
1. Bettie B. GOVER 1875

Page 24

(a) George Presby... ARCHER
2. Sibyl MIGALE 1887
(a) John W. ARCHER
(2) John Watson ARCHER
(3) Jessie D. [m] ARCHER - died infant
(4) William Bisland ARCHER, M.D. 1853-1878
d) James ARCHER 1811-1898 md. Mary Ann HUNT 1817-1884 in 1836
Graduated A.B. at Yale 1830. He migrated to Miss. 1835
(1) Stevenson ARCHER b. 1832, Pres[byterian]. Preacher
md. Annie P. FINLAY 1864
(a) Annie Mary Ave? ARCHER b. 1873 md. William McCOY
(b) James Finley ARCHER 1864-1900
(c) Alice ARCHER 1867-1899 md. Sam BULL
Annie P. BULL
Alice Archer BULL md. Tom AHERN?/ATHERN?
Alice Archer AHERN?/ATHERN?
(d) John Pellham ARCHER md. Mary WORTHINGTON 1906
Bettie Stone ARCHER
Garland ARCHER
(e) Helen ARCHER d. age 16
(f) Blanche ARCHER b. 1885 md. Mowrey Fountain TERG..?
Anna Mary TERG..?
Maury , Jr. TERG..?
Lucy Maurey TERG..?
(g) Stevenson ARCHER b. 1866 md. Nat Lou JACKSON
Robert Ferguson ARCHER
Annie P. ARCHER d. infant
Esther Irwin ARCHER
Harry /Louk/ [uke?] ARCHER
(h) William Hayer(a?) ARCHER b. 1870?
(i) Dunbar ARCHER b. 1878 md. Bessie POPE
(2) Jane Ferguson ARCHER 1840-1845

Page 25

(3) James ARCHER 1843-1884 C.S.A.
md. Elizabeth C. McCUIBB [McCALEB]
(4) Margaret Ferguson ARCHER 1846-1847
(5) Mary ARCHER 1850-1851
(6) Abijah Hunt ARCHER 1853-1861
(7) Andrew ARCHER 1856-1861
(8) David Hunt ARCHER 1831-1841
(9) Pamelia Barney ARCHER 1841-1843
(10) Ann Hunt ARCHER b. 1845
md. James Chambers BRANDON C.S.A 1858 [sic]
(a) James Archer BRANDON
(b) Pauline BRANDON b. 1873 md. Henry Ward LEMMON
Henry Brandon LEMMON
(c) Gerard P. BRANDON b. 1906? md. Caroline M. SLANLON
(d) Charlotte Smith BRANDON md. John L. GRAFTON
(e) Gerard BRANDON

(11) Alice ARCHER 1849 md. John Pelham FINLAY 1872
(a) Mary Pelham FINLAY
(b) William H. FINLAY
(c) Stevenson Archer FINLAY md. Ethel WE.H..I.Y
(d) Infant FINLAY
(e) Joell? Lewis FINLAY
(f) Blanche Archer FINLAY d. infant
(g) A(nn?) Archer FINLAY
(h) John Pelham FINLAY md. Effie MARTIN
(i) Tom FINLAY
John Pelham FINLAY
Price/Rice? Archer FINLAY

(12) Olivia Dunbar ARCHER md Bisland McCALEB 1899
(13) George Ferguson ARCHER b. 1854 md. Mrs. Kate Collier
(14) John George ARCHER md. Priscilla W. FINLAY 1882
John George ARCHER
George Ferguson ARCHER

Page 26

James Hunt ARCHER - d. infant
Betttie Finlay ARCHER

e) Pamelia H. ARCHER b. 1821 md. Charles Thomas CHAMBERLAIN,
M.D. 1843
(1) Mary ()ire(i?)er Archer CHAMBERLAIN 1844-1853
(2) Josephine CHAMBERLAIN md. William H. KER 1871
Charles Thom. KER
Pamelia KER age 17 yrs
William H. KER d.infant
John KER md. Laura G. DUNN 1908
(3) Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN - died infant
(4) George Earl CHAMBERLAIN, Gov of Oregon
md. Sarah N. WELCH
Carrrie de(?) CHAMBERLAIN
Lucil A. CHAMBERLAIN md George F. BLAIR 1905
Lucy? C. BLAIR
Marguerette CHAMBERLAIN md. H. Rowan GUITHER? 1901
Charles T. CHAMBERLAIN md. Debora Spencer BOATNE(?)
(5) Lucy Stone CHAMBERLAIN
(6) Charles T. CHAMBERLAIN
md. Mary FLEMING 1871
Children :
(a) Charles Thomson CHAMBERLAIN, M.D.
md. E.H. Elise JONES
Charles Thompson CHAMBERLAIN
(b) Jennie Buck CHAMBERLAIN
md. Will JONES
(d) Josephine CHAMBERLAIN

Page 27

md. John RANLE
(e) Charlotte T. CHAMBERLAIN md. John JONES
(f) John Fleming CHAMBERLAIN, M.D.

(7) Laura Archer CHAMBERLAIN md. James JONES
Child: Mazie JONES
(8) Lucy Slone CHAMBERLAIN
(9) Julia Devereux CHAMBERLAIN - died infant
(10) Charles Thomson CHAMBERLAIN
(11) John Thomson CHAMBERLAIN b.-d. 1846
(12) Frank Coleman CHAMBERLAIN
(13) Katharine Archer CHAMBERLAIN md. Alfred V. DAVIS 1885
(a) Laura A. DAVIS
(b) Lillie Vidal DAVIS
(c) Josephine DAVIS
(d) Charles C. DAVIS
(e) Mildred Vidal DAVIS

f) Laura Stevenson ARCHER md. Joseph Alexander TURPIN 1836
(1) Stevenson White TURPIN
(2) Laura Archer TURPIN md Ovide LE JEUNE
(a) John Archer LE JEUNE md. Elinor MERDAUGH
Eugenia LE JEUNE
Laura Turpin LE JEUNE
Ellie Murdaugh LE JEUNE
(b) Augustine Le Moin LE JEUNE
(3) White TURPIN 1843-1865 C.S.A
(4) James Archer TURPIN
(5) Ellen Davis TURPIN b. 1846
md Elijah Steele DRAKE 1869
(a) Joseph H. DRAKE
(b) Jane Ruth DRAKE
(b) Katherine Archer DRAKE
(c) Ellen D. DRAKE
(d) Henry Will(b) on..? DRAKE

Page 28

md Mildred MEYERS
Evilyn Nelson DRAKE
Mary Nelson DRAKE
(e) Laura Stevenson DRAKE md. Milling SATTERFIELD
John Creighton? SATTERFIELD

(6) Emily Mason TURPIN b. 1840
md. Israel S. SCOTT
(a) John Archer SCOTT
(b) Dunbar Hunt SCOTT
(c) Horatio Ogden SCOTT
Herman Dee.. SCOTT
(d) Laura Turpin SCOTT md. Richard HARRIS
Children: [the original was not readable]
Mildred ...... HARRIS
Ogden Dumb.. HARRIS
Eugenie Mason? HARRIS
Kale Archer Drake HARRIS
Richard ?r.son HARRIS

(7) Pamelia Levinia TURPIN 1842-1880
(8) Rebehah Hutton TURPIN b. 1846
(9) Mary Hunt TURPIN

(10) Joseph A. TURPIN b. 1845
md. Francis Elizabeth NAWSAN [NEWSOM?] 1870
(a) Joseph Alexander TURPIN
(b) Laura LeJeune TURPIN
(c) Mary Hunt TURPIN
(d) James Archer TURPIN
(e) Rebehah Hutton TURPIN
(f) Bettie Martin TURPIN
(g) Roberta Archer TURPIN
(h) White TURPIN
Page 29

(i) Albert TURPIN
(j) Henry Hutton TURPIN md.
1. Cora Bell PIERSON
Child: James Gatame? TURPIN
2. Mrs. Mame SNYDER
Blair Archer TURPIN
Ovide Lejeune TURPIN
Henry Hutton TURPIN
(k) Stanley Archer TURPIN md.
1. E. Floretta SMITH
Lewis William TURPIN
Stanley TURPIN md
Harriet TURPIN
Francis Elizabeth TURPIN
Stevenson White TURPIN - died young
John Lejeune TURPIN
David TURPIN [May 18..?]

2. Mrs. Salome SEGHARS
Stevenson White TURPIN - died young
Ellen Stella TURPIN
Laura Josephine TURPIN

g) Stevenson ARCHER b. 1827 md. Blanche FRANKLIN
(1) Elise ARCHER d. infant
(2) James Armfield? ARCHER d. infant
(3) Fannie Howard ARCHER md.
2. .... HSLRESBA. (?)
(a) Blanche Franklin HSLRESBA. (?)
(4) Blanche Franklin ARCHER b. 1872
(5) Estelle ARCHER b. 1861

Page 30

(6) Stevenson White ARCHER d. 19 yrs
(7) Percy Franklin ARCHER, U.S.N.
(a) ...rcy Franklin ARCHER
(8) May ARCHER d. infant

h) Hannah Katherine ARCHER 1815-1907
md. George Lindenberger VAN BIBBER 1839
(1) George L. VAN BIBBER b. 1845
md. Adele FRANKLIN 1871
(a) Stevenson VAN BIBBER - died in infancy
(b) Lucretia Emory VAN BIBBER
md Frank M. DOAN
Job Parker DOAN b. 1866 md Maude DEWEY
Children :
Francis M. DOAN
Infant - died
Anna Dewey DOAN
(c) Claude VAN BIBBER - died infant
(d) Harriet Lewis VAN BIBBER md ____ SHRIVER
John Van Bibber SHRIVER
Infant Van Bibber SHRIVER
George L. Van Bibber SHRIVER
(e) Adele ? md. (?) VAN BIBBER
(f) Lena Cherd? VAN BIBBER
(g) Armfield F. VAN BIBBER, M.D.
md Rebecca Mich(a...)
Edwin Michael VAN BIBBER
Katherine VAN BIBBER
i) Harriet Hays ARCHER 1824-18??
md. Lewis J. WILLIAMS U.S.N., M.D.
(3) Frederick Rodgers WILLIAMS
Page 31

(4) Stevenson A. WILLIAMS b. 1851 md. Ariel STREET 1875
(a) Lewis J. WILLIAMS

(5) Harriett WILLIAMS md. Harry WEBSTER
(a) William WEBSTER
(b) Stevenson WEBSTER
(c) Urial WEBSTER

(6) Elise WILLIAMS md. Phillip CLOSE
(a) Phillip CLOSE
(b) Ariel St. Clair(?) CLOSE